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Tokyo Happenings


Hi all, this is a story based on true events in my life. It
may sound a little fantastic and over the top but I can assure
you it all happened to me. This is my first attempt at writing
such a story so go easy on me ‒ I hope you enjoy.
It was a cool Thursday evening in early February and I was
sitting in my shoebox apartment hacking away at my computer,
trying desperately to get the proposal finished before
the 9pm deadline. However, my mind was elsewhere ‒ approximately
three feet south to be exact. I was horny. The project figures
and timelines weren’t exactly stimulating stuff, but
notwithstanding that fact I had a raging hard-on that wouldn’t
I forced myself to think of un-sexy thoughts: my 50 year
old, balding client; the thin but prickly moustache on
my grandmothers’ top lip; shoveling manure on my uncles’
dairy farm. Needless to say I was able to abate my sexual
urges enough to soften the persistent tent pole in my pants,
complete the proposal and send it to the translator by the
Now I was free to follow my sexual urge, but where to follow
it too? I opened up my Internet browser and entered the search
terms ‘tokyo’, ‘sex’ and ‘fun’. According to Google there
were approximately 16, 000 sites that matched my query,
but the one that got my attention was about halfway down
the second results page entitled ‘Shinjuku Happening
Bar’. I think what attracted me to the title was that I had
never heard of a ‘Happening Bar’ before. I had heard of swinging
clubs, SM bars and even couple coffee shops (were it is swapping
on the menu not coffee), but what the heck was a happening
bar? My interest had been peaked.
After a quickly browsing the website I decided to give it
a try, showered, dressed then entered the chilly Tokyo
night. It was tough trying to hold conversation with the
Taxi driver on the way there ‒ my thoughts were on the images
and explanation given on the website I had just viewed.
To compound my frustration, once I gave him the address
of the place he seemed intent on warning me of the dangers
for a foreigner in the Kabuki-cho area of Shinjuku ‒ even
one that could speak Japanese as well as I could. I ended
up just humoring him in the usual polite Japanese way of
nodding my head and interspersing his monologue with the
occasional “hai” (yes) or “sou desuka”(“is that right?”.

We finally arrived at my destination, a modest six-story
building in the middle of Shinjuku’s red-light area. I
rode the elevator to the fourth floor and rang the bell,
noticing the sign on the door that said in English and Japanese
‘Members Only Club’. A young Japanese man, mid to early
twenties, answered the door and as he did the sweet scent
of incense and tobacco smoke wafted out to greet me. From
behind the curtain that separated the front desk from the
rest of the club I could hear modern pop music playing and
the unmistakable sound of a Japanese girl reaching climax
(a pretty unique sound). I new instantly that I had come
to the right place.
He seemed a little taken aback at seeing a foreigner standing
in the doorway. I was quick to introduce myself and explain
that I wanted to join the club. He relaxed as he listened
to my Japanese and introduced himself as Jazz, the manager
of the place. I was invited in and asked to fill in the membership
form. While I was writing my name, address and other information
on the form he briefly explained the rules and asked me for
a photo ID to copy. He explained that they are required to
do this when single men join to ensure the safety of all members.
After making the copy he handed my ID back to me and issued
me with a membership card and a locker key. I then paid ‒ 10, 000
yen (about US$90) as a one time membership fee plus 7, 000
yen (about US$60) for the evening which included all I could
drink. He parted the curtain and led me into the club. He
showed me to the locker room where he said I should change
into a robe and then join the other members in the communication
lounge. With that he took my drink order and left me to get
Upon entering the communication lounge I was excited to
see that of the 10 people lounging around on the bean bags
and sofas strewn around the room six of them were cute Japanese
girls. Two of them were stark naked and the other four were
in various stages of undress. Some were talking, others
were playing together. Again, I had the feeling that I had
chosen the right place to visit tonight.
As I sat down in an unoccupied bean bag in the far corner of
the hazy lounge room Jazz appeared with my whiskey and soda.
I took a long draught on the drink and sat back starting to
relax. To my right I was being treated to a finger fuck show,
a middle aged guy had his fingers knuckle deep into his partner,
her legs spread wide for the whole room to see. She was gyrating
her hips and moaning with every thrust of his fingers. To
my left a small television screen was showing a typical
censored Japanese porn movie ‒ it is illegal to show genitals
in porn in Japan. Straight across the room from me a beautiful
Asian princess was smiling at me. I smiled back and raised
my drink in her direction.
Finger fuck guy extricated his fingers and wiped them on
a moist towel, the white flannel type so common in Japan,
then turned in my direction and introduced himself. We
talked for a few minutes, surprisingly normal stuff, where
we were from, how long I had been in Japan, his struggles
in trying to learn English, etc. As we were talking I noticed
that a few of the others had moved closer to us, apparently
I was a bit of a novelty. This was the first time a gaijin (foreigner)
had been to this club. I felt very welcome.
Smiley princess had moved to my immediate left and was still
looking at me smiling intently with a look I interpreted
as sexual longing. We talked as a group for about 15 to 20
minutes and as we did, smiley princess laid her head in my
lap and proceeded to fall asleep (despite my stroking of
her back, legs and ass). Finger fuck guy explained that
she had been drinking on and off since late afternoon and
was a bit wiped out ‒ so much for my for my irresistible charm
I thought.
Several times during the conversation the doorbell had
chimed and several more people had arrived, changed and
entered the communication room some of them showering
first. Most of the members I had been speaking to went back
to their original positions talking with the new arrivals
or went to the private room in twos or threes or became engrossed
in the porno flick on the television. About this time smiley
princess awoke and looked up at me. She asked me what my name
was and that hers was Momo. I told her my nickname was ‘K’
(everyone uses aliases in these clubs, similar to AdultFriendFinder).
I told her that she was very pretty and that I liked how she
smiled at me. I enquired as to whether she was alone or had
come with someone ‒ she told me that although she sometimes
comes with a partner she was single and had come alone tonight.
At this point she reached up with her right hand and pulled
my head down so she could kiss me.
Her lips were soft and tasted of peach schnapps. Using my
tongue I gently parted her lips and explored the interior
of her mouth, she reciprocated and we enjoyed a very long
very sensuous kiss. As we kissed I could hear sweet moans
emanating from the private room next door ‒ evidently there
were several people fucking like rabbits and enjoying
every second of it. I was immensely enjoying this erotic
experience ‒ a beautiful girl on my lips with the sound of
sex rising in cascades above the music. My body was humming
and my tent pole had returned with vigor.
We broke for air and stared into each others eyes, her still
laying in my lap looking directly up at me. She told me she
was thirsty but when I offered her my glass she refused and
asked me to take a sip and feed it to her when we kissed. So
I took a mouthful of the whiskey and soda, bent down and ever
so slowly allowed her to drink from my mouth. As she partook
she maneuvered around so that she was now sitting on my lap
facing me, our lips never parting. Momo had finished the
mouthful but we continued to kiss, our hands running over
each others bodies exploring one another for the first
time. It was electric!
Momo was wearing very little ‒ a gorgeous black lace bra
and g-string set with matching stockings and garter belt.
As we kissed and embraced I felt her left hand opening up
the belt of my robe, exploring my chest and abs area while
her right hand stroked my face, hair and neck. Her legs were
wrapped around my hips and I could feel her panties growing
increasingly damp on my right thigh as she rubbed herself
against me with escalating desire and need. For my part,
my hands were kept busy rubbing her back, ass and thighs
and unhitching her bra.
As first the right, and then the left strap fell from her
flawlessly shaped shoulders the bra dropped down revealing
the most perfect set of perky C cups I had ever seen. I pulled
away a little to further take in the beauty of this girl’s
body. The smooth white skin of her breasts tapered to slightly
oval dark brown aureole with her hard nipples extending
like large pencil erasers waiting to be sucked. Her midriff
long, flat and smooth with an impeccably shaped navel in
the center was so inviting. Her long black shiny hair slightly
covering a face that would not look amiss on the cover of
a fashion magazine ‒ perfect almond eyes, button nose and
a curvy mouth with just a hint of sex red lipstick. My eyes
followed my left hand as it traced a lined from her head to
her ass and then down her toned right leg to her knee. Her
skin was supple and smooth but had started to become moist
with passion and the heat generated by our bodies touching
each other.
With my right hand I reached out and gently cupped her left
breast, rubbing my thumb over her erect nipple, a low guttural
moan escaped her parted lips and her head snapped back with
pleasure, simultaneously grinding her wet pussy against
my crotch. Keeping my hand and thumb where they were, alternating
between rubbing and squeezing, I pulled her close and kissed
her on the neck, below the ear, her cheek ‒ following the
line of her jaw, moving closer to her mouth. We found each
others lips and kissed again passionately, tongues intertwining
and exploring at the same time.
While we were kissing she managed to open the flies of my
underpants and had extricated my fully erect dick, gently
running her fingers up and down the shaft and teasing the
head deliciously. I felt the blood engorge my cock and grow
even harder ‒ I was a rock. She seemed pleased at the throbbing
member in her hand and let out a sexy little giggle. I noticed
that several of the others in the room were looking at us
so I took this opportunity to whisper in her ear and ask her
if I could take her into the private room next door. She looked
deeply into my eyes and grinning, nodded her head in agreement.
I positioned her so that I could pick her up and carry her
‒ one hand under her knees, the other under her arm. Carrying
her like a bride and groom crossing the threshold I maneuvered
across the room, making sure not to step on the other members
engaged in conversation or erotic play of their own.
As we entered the private room the smell of lubricant, candles
and sex juices filled my nostrils. My dick throbbed again.
The private room was sparsely furnished with only three
futons (thin mattresses laid on the floor) and bedside
lamps. In between each futon was a curtain on a track that
reminded me of a hospital ward. The first two futons were
occupied; however the curtain between them had not been
The futon closest to the door accommodated five people
‒ one girl and four guys. The girl looked to be in her late
twenties or early thirties, was fully nude and lying on
her back, had her legs open wide showing her dripping shaved
pussy, fully engorged clit and slightly parted labia.
She had a dick in each hand, stroking and squeezing, and
judging by the look on the guys faces giving them one of the
best hand jobs they had ever received. Another guy had his
dick in her mouth and was leaning forward to play with her
ample breasts. The fourth guy was lying on his stomach between
her legs and was licking her into ecstasy, muffled moans
and screams of pleasure escaping her occupied mouth.
As we moved further into the room we could clearly see the
couple on the second futon engaged in rough doggy-style
coitus. The man, in his late thirties, was banging a beautiful
tiny 19 old, pulling her head back hard by her hair, her small
tits swaying to the beat of their sex. Her high pitched moans
and screams keeping time to every thrust of his dick. As
we passed them the man turned and looked at us with a great
big smile on his face ‒ it was finger fuck man. At this point
I noticed that his partner ‒ finger fuckee ‒ was also on the
futon back against the side wall watching him fuck the beautiful
teenager. She had put on her robe but had her legs spread
wide, slowly masturbating to the show she was watching.
As we approached the empty third futon I lowered Momo to
the ground then drew the curtain. I was new to this and didn’t
want an audience ‒ the last thing I needed was to lose confidence
or feel pressure.
When I turned around, Momo had positioned herself with
her head on the pillow and was looking up at me with longing
in her eyes. I disrobed and removed my underpants ‒ my dick
standing to swollen attention pointing directly at my
navel. Seeing this, Momo stood up on her knees, grasped
my cock with her right hand and started to lick and suck me.
With her left hand she alternated between cupping and squeezing
my shaved balls and rubbing her hand along my ass crack and
squeezing my buttocks. Her tongue slid up and down my shaft
and darted across the head of my cock. I could feel bubbles
of pre-cum escaping from my dick, hungrily gobbled up by
her vacuum action mouth. Every now and then she would look
up at me, her eyes wide and smiling, watching me watching
Looking down at this dark haired beauty, her red lips encircling
my cock head and shaft, her head bobbing up and down ‒ I could
not help but feel entirely absorbed in this moment of absolute
erotica. I reached above and behind me, grabbing onto the
brace of the curtain track for stability. Closing my eyes
I arched my head back and focused on the excellent blow job
I was receiving.
Her pace quickened and every eight to ten strokes she would
take me all the way into her mouth so I could feel the back
of her throat tighten around my bloated cock head as she
gagged slightly. All the while her left hand were still
rubbing and squeezing my balls and ass. We were both moaning
‒ me from intense enjoyment and her because it was turning
her on so much. After about ten minutes of this I was getting
close, sensing this she withdrew my dick from her mouth,
but continued to slowly stroke me, looked up at me and asked
me to do her a favor. Still holding the curtain track brace
I straightened up and looked down into her beautiful black
eyes. She asked me if I would cum in her mouth. WOW! I almost
blew my load there and then. I somehow managed to control
myself and told her of course I would.
She laughed and then continued to administer the blow job
from heaven. After a couple of minutes she had me feeling
so good I was starting to lose the power in my legs. My legs
started to shake ‒ seeing this she increased her pace even
more. Sliding her tongue and mouth greedily up and down
the full length of my dick and driving me wild in the process.
I couldn’t last any longer and with a deep, long ecstatic
groan I exploded in awesome pleasure right into her waiting
As I slowly softened she kept hold of my dick and kissed and
caressed it. I opened my eyes and looked down at her. I expected
her to spit out my cum into a tissue or something but she hungrily
swallowed it all. She made sure she got every drop too. When
I was finally completely soft we lay down together on the
futon and kissed deeply. I could taste myself on her lips
and tongue which turned me on immensely and even elicited
a slight response from my spent member.
As we kissed I ran my right hand all over her body. Tweaking
her nipples, scratching lightly down her back, squeezing
her tiny buttocks and smooth thighs. I drew away from her
mouth and started to kiss her cheeks, her closed eyelids,
moving down to her ear lobes and spending about five minutes
on her throat, chin and collarbone area, all the while my
right hand staying busy. I could tell she was getting hot
as she was arching her back and grinding her hips. I kissed
her again and she pulled me on top of her, embracing me tightly,
my full weight now resting on her tiny frame. She moaned
with delight and whispered in my ear that I was driving her
While we kissed a little longer I positioned my right knee
between her thighs and gently rubbed her love mound making
her moan and arch her back even more. The material of her
thong was soaking wet, yet warm against my flesh ‒ sending
electricity throughout my entire body. Slowly but surely
I disengaged my lips from hers and worked my way down her
throat, to her breasts. I paused to suck each nipple, holding
each breast in turn with my right hand. Flicking my tongue
around the areole and across the tip of each nipple before
opening wide and sucking as much of the breast as possible
into my mouth, applying pressure to the nipple with my tongue
and the roof of my mouth. She continued to moan and scream
with new vigor, her hands clawing lightly at my back, her
hips grinding her hot wet cunt against my knee.
I continued my slow decent south, caressing and kissing
the areas just beneath the breasts, licking and kissing
my way down her upper mid section in a crisscross pattern,
but always keeping a hand on one breast or the other. She
continued writhing in pleasure, grinding herself into
me. After about five minutes of this I had made my way across
her flat stomach to her bellybutton. Inserting my tongue
I probed her navel which for some reason captivated me with
its elongated oval shape. From there I moved down to the
thin elastic band of her thong, kissing and licking across
and under the line of it.
At this point I noticed that I had become erect again, I reached
down and jerked myself a couple of times ‒ her body really
was amazing and was making me hot. Reminding myself that
I should focus on her for a while before fucking her I used
both hands to remove her panties as she raised her hips to
make the job easier. She was absolutely beautiful. Her
pubic hair had been allowed to grow long and wispy but was
trimmed to a neat and tidy upside down triangle and she and
shaved her lips and ass area. Her cunt lips were engorged
and parted revealing a beautiful pink hole dripping with
her love juice. I noticed that she had a very tiny snatch
‒ even by Japanese standards, I was getting more excited
by the minute and just new I had to have a taste.
She had started to rub her tits and was occasionally squeezing
her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Her eyes
were closed in anticipation of my next move and her tongue
was running along her lips ‒ the moisture making them shine
in the dully lit room. Still watching her face I positioned
myself between her legs and running my hands across her
belly and down her thighs, slowly lowered my head to tongue
her dripping pussy. My first point of contact was her clit
‒ as my tongue traced a circle around it she let out her longest
sexiest moan yet. Her hips rose off the futon and she pushed
herself into my face, her right hand reaching down to hold
my head into her. My hands cupped her beautiful tiny ass
and pulled her even harder onto my tongue which was now flicking
and licking at her love bud. I started alternating between
her clit and her swollen pussy ‒ darting and circling my
tongue around and inside, tasting her juice, making her
even wetter.
After a few minutes her breathing become shallow and slightly
pitched ‒ I could tell she was getting close. I lay her butt
back down on the futon and using my right hand inserted the
forefinger into her waiting pussy. She screamed with pleasure
and her left hand joined her right hand holding my head to
her snatch. I could feel her tight vaginal walls squeeze
around my finger as I rammed it in and out and imagined what
it was going to feel like to fuck this beauty ‒ I could hardly
wait. Keeping my tongue on her clit, I withdrew my finger
and then inserted it again together with the middle finger.
This time instead of just ramming in and out I curled my fingers
and found her G-spot stroking her into frenzy. She was now
in the throes of an entire body orgasm. Her legs pulled back
and up in the air, toes scrunched, her back arching, her
hands pulling my face even harder and harder into her cunt,
her head tossing back and forth, her moans getting higher
and higher in pitch. I kept fingering and tonguing her,
driving her wild. Her orgasm lasted at least a couple of
minutes ‒ I found out later that she had peaked several times.

She slowly released her grip on my head and lowered her legs
which were shaking slightly. I removed my fingers and gently
kissed her thighs and pubic area. I quickly kissed my way
up her body to her mouth and kissed her deeply, her tongue
savoring the taste of her own pussy juice on my mouth. We
embraced and I rolled over on to my back pulling her on top
of me. I could feel her pussy juice running onto my balls.
We kissed like that for several minutes before she reached
down and grabbed my cock. I was still reasonably hard so
Momo started to rub the head of my dick on her clit ‒ I could
feel her love bud start to stir and I noticed her nipples
harden against my chest ‒ man was her recovery time quick.
She looked me intently in the eyes and said, “I want you inside”.
Who was I to argue?
I reached for a small stainless steel can next to the futon
and took out a condom and passed it to her. She sat up on me
and turned around, positioning her ass and still dripping
pussy centimeters away from my face. She leaned forward,
resting her weight on one hand and stroked my dick a couple
of times with the other then commenced licking and sucking
me to full rigidity before dressing my dick with the condom.
While she was arranging the rubber on my pole I massaged
her butt and licked her clit, pussy and asshole which made
her squirm with delight. She spent a couple more minutes
in this position sucking me with the condom on (it so happened
that I had selected a banana flavored one) and allowing
me more time to lick and suck her now fully aroused cunt and
When she couldn’t wait any longer she turned around again
to face me and while kissing me deeply, ever so slowly positioned
her pussy over my straining rod. Reaching between her legs
she maneuvered the head of my dick into the opening of her
vagina. Gently I raised my hips and began the process of
entering her all the way. Simultaneously, we both groaned
with the pleasure this provoked. I could feel the resistance
immediately, her tight pussy straining to taking me all
the way in, the vaginal walls pumping my cock, feeling even
better than I had imagined. After entering her all the way
I started to slowly but surely fuck her in and out, in and
out, kissing her and stroking her back and ass all the while.

After a few minutes she sat up by bringing her knees forward
on the futon, pushing her hands onto my chest and locking
her arms. She started to move her hips in a circular pattern
creating a very pleasing sensation for the both of us. I
could see her perfect tits, nipples hard as rock, swaying
as she moved ‒ after moistening my fingers with her love
juice I reached up with my left hand and tweaked her right
nipple between thumb and forefinger. She arched her neck
backward with pleasure while continuing to fuck me. As
I continued to play with her boobs I felt several gushes
of pussy juice run down my cock shaft, onto my balls and down
my inner thigh onto the futon. Obviously she was enjoying
herself immensely ‒ and I must admit so was I. I am also sure
the people next to us and in the communication lounge also
knew how good it was ‒ we were making a racket.
We continued in this position for a while before she shifted
slightly, getting off her knees and on to her feet ‒ half
standing, half sitting ‒ taking some of her weight onto
her hands which were now resting just below my knees. This
afforded me a perfect view of my dick sliding in and out of
her cunt, her perfect labia surrounding my shaft, her clit
touching me every now and then as we fucked each other in
concert. With her eyes closed and her back arched slightly
she was a vision of Japanese erotica.
After several minutes, I sat up, reached forward and pulled
her arms around my neck, as I did so I laid her down gently
so that she was lying on her back, legs in the air ‒ making
sure not to withdraw from her pussy. Now with me on top I started
to pound her with force, make her moan deliriously with
each stroke. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled
me in even harder and harder. This girl was amazing! I could
feel her pussy stretch and then tighten with each pump and
withdrawl, her fingernails lightly digging into my back,
her mouth kissing mine, her hands tousling my hair.
Shortly, both of us were close to orgasm ‒ we were sweating
and breathing heavily ‒ moaning to the ecstatic symphony
of our sex, each moan higher in pitch than the one before.
At this point, I stood up on my knees, raised her legs onto
my shoulders and leaned forward as far as she could handle
(which was pretty much all the way to her own shoulders),
taking some of my weight onto my hands which were positioned
in line with her shoulders ‒ never missing a fuck beat in
the process. I pumped even harder and harder ‒ her screams
becoming louder and louder. Again her head tossed to and
fro as she was enveloped in the first wave of her cum. The
relentless squeezing of her orgasmic vaginal walls quickly
brought me to climax, sending shivers of electric ecstasy
through my body. She peaked several more times as I continued
to pump into her as my rod gradually deflated.
We collapsed into a warm pile of flesh, chests heaving,
bodies trembling, sensuously hugging and kissing as our
heart rates slowly returned to normal. We lay there for
10 to 15 more minutes just stroking each other and talking
lazily about everything and nothing, both contemplating
the extremely satisfying sex that had just taken place.
We then took a shower together in the locker room, hugged
and kissed a bit more and helped each other dress (a kind
member had brought in a couple of new bathrobes).
Walking back into the communication lounge we returned
to the bean bag where we had been sitting earlier. I looked
at the clock on the wall and noticed it was two o’clock in
the morning ‒ we had been going a while. We both had a cigarette
and ordered new drinks from Jazz while we continued talking
and getting to know each other a bit more. We promised to
meet regularly at the happening bar and have done so several
times since ‒ each time fucking our brains out.
I thought that was going to be the only happening of the night
for me ‒ but boy was I wrong. Between getting to know some
of the other members better in the communication lounge
and having a few drinks, I let go of my inhibitions and was
able to participate in my first orgy and also a rather lovely
threesome with Momo and the teenager we saw being fucked
earlier by finger fuck man. And all this before 5am when
the bar closes. I will probably write another story about
those experiences and more another time.
I have been back many, many times and now have a bit of a reputation
as the ‘erotic gaijin’. Sometimes there is no sex at all,
just fun conversation with interesting people. Sometimes
there is a lot of sex. And sometimes there is so much sex I
can’t walk straight the next day.
Almost everyone I meet there, both female and male, are
friendly interesting people. I can thoroughly recommend
happening bars in Japan to anyone who has an open mind to
sex and meeting people. If you can’t speak Japanese I suggest
you go with someone who can as there are not many foreigners
and many Japanese people at these places cannot speak English.

Ladies if you want a partner to go with please email me here
at AdultFriendFinder ‒ profile name is “captainai”. Gents ‒ feel free to
email me to ask for advice,

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Beautiful story with lots of fine images. A goodly amount
of ideas passed on for my future trips to Asia. Thanks.