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To Finally Meet


It was several years ago when he was looking through the
personal ads on a common web sight. He came across an ad that
simply stated that a younger woman was looking for erotic
stories. He saw that a woman that lived relatively close
to him placed the advertisement. He marked the ad and continued
to look at others. He had never responded to an ad before
he just enjoyed looking through them. He had recently begun
to write stories for people he knew from his real life as
well as people he had met in chat rooms. Each story was written
just for the recipient based on the kind of thing he knew
they liked. Knowing his real life friends that part was
easy but with people from chat he would often ask them all
kinds of questions some sexual and some about things they
liked in general. The thought of doing one for this woman
that placed the ad began to intrigue him. After a day or so
he went back to the ad he had marked and typed out an introduction
and told her that he would write her a story if she liked but
would need some information from her so he could try and
make it special for her. After only a day or two he checked
his e-mail, she had replied to him wanting him to write one
for her. He e-mailed her back asking her some questions
of what she liked in a guy and sexual things she enjoyed.
He also told her that he was on messenger and would like to
talk too her on there if it would be possible. When he received
her reply he was surprised at some of the answers she had
given him. One of his questions to her in the e-mail was about
masturbating and she told him that she didn’t masturbate.
He was a little puzzled to why she wanted erotic stories
when did not masturbate but wanted to write it for her anyway.
She had also given him her messenger ID so he could talk to
her on that if he had more questions. When he saw here on line
he PM’ed her and began to talk to her. As they talked he asked
some questions and before long she had told him a lot of information
about her self and more things she liked in a guy. He thought
about the information she had provided him and began to
start a story line for her. He talked to her as often as he
could as he wrote her story asking her additional questions
to make the story fit her the best that he could. During their
conversations she reviled to him that she was still a virgin.
This was a little shocking to him and almost unbelievable.
After all she was in her late twenty’s. It took him a few months
to finish the story for her and he didn’t know if she would
care for it or not but hoped she would. He had got to know her
pretty well over the time it took to write the story and realized
that her upbringing and her wanting to be pure for the man
she married gave validity to her comment of being a virgin.
After sending her the story he had asked her if it would be
ok if he posted it in a club he belonged to. She told him that
it would be fine with her to post it. Shortly after he gave
her the story he got a new job and rarely saw her on line and
when he did sometimes he would say hi and ask if she had read
her story again lately. A good bit of time went by before
he had the chance to start talking to her again on a more regular
bases, but when they began talking, he felt is if he never
wanted to stop. Most of their conversations centered on
sexual things. She let him know a lot more about her and even
went into some details about the limited sexual experiences
she had with old boyfriends and even told him about the guys
she had been with and reasons for their breakups. He was
very intrigued with her and her thoughts on sex, as she was
a virgin and had been able to hold out from doing it even thou
she was very curious about it all. She also told him that
she had started to play with herself too but had never let
go all the way. His mind was beginning to fill with thoughts
of her playing and it got him excited, but not really horny
just that she was doing something new and she felt ok with
telling him about it and being so open with him. He felt privileged
and honored that she was telling him these things and confiding
in him. He also felt that she was being honest with him due
to the many conversations that they had and the way she put
things in words when they talked. He knew that there were
a lot of fakes on the net and those that just tell you what
they think you want to hear but she was different in some
was that made him feeling that she was very real. At times
after they had talked he found himself wishing he was still
talking to her or thought of something he wanted to say to
her and she felt the same way at times. He had never met anyone
from the net and she really had not either other than a guy
she watched play baseball because one of her old professors
was his coach. They both had their reservations for meeting
people from the net and understood the way each other felt
but at the same time thought it may be cool to meet possibly
some time down the road if she was ok with it. They drove some
of the same roads home from work sometimes but she did not
always go home the same way if the traffic was bad towards
the way he drove home. He always took the parkway to the highway
then to another highway to his home. She would also take
the parkway from the other direction coming out of the city
to the same highway but when she got to the other highway
she went the other direction from him. Thou sometimes she
would go towards the city and take another rout home. After
finding out that for part of their trip home was on the same
road he would usually try and spot her car but knew that it
was not vary likely that he would ever see her. They talked
each day at lunch and sometime when he was home in the evenings
and had the change to get on line without his wife looking
over his shoulder. He felt ok with meeting her because he
knew if he ever did that things would not go too far. He had
no desire to cheat on his wife other than some looking and
talking and he knew she would not do anything because he
was an older man and he was married and she wanted to stay
a virgin till she was with the right guy. He was talking to
her one day just before he left work and told her he was going
to head home. She told him she was going to leave too as soon
as she shut down her computer. He drove down the parkway
to the highway heading for home. He started looked for her
as he did almost every day as soon as he merged onto the highway.
He was moving along pretty good listening to the radio and
looked over at the cars in the slower lane. He spotted a car
that looked like the car she had described to him and he slowed
a little to see if it was her. He looked over and saw a woman
that could be her but he was not sure until she looked over
at him and gave him a big smile. He smiled back and gave her
a wave, which she waved back. He pulled in front of her as
he saw the rest stop coming up. He thought he would pull into
the rest stop and see if she would follow him. He put on his
turn signal and looked back to see she had put her signal
on too. He pulled into a parking space and she pulled in next
to him. They were both feeling a bit tense as they got out
of their cars. As they walked to great each other she had
butterflies in her tummy and he was feeling that he should
not have pulled over. He walked up to her slowly and said
hello and said his name. She smiled again and told him “it’s
me” trying to laugh off some of the tension. He finally got
to hear the voice of the woman he had been talk to so long.
He really liked the sound of it. He wanted to give her a hug
but was too fearful to ask her if he could. They walked to
a picnic table and sat down so they could talk. Their conversation
started out slow and awkward at first but quickly picked
up pace and was soon like they had known each other in real
life for a long time. They talked about all kinds of things
ever a little about sexual things as they had online so many
times. He looked at his watch and told her he could not stay
and that he needed to get home but wished he could stay and
talk more. She told him that she wished they could talk more
to but understood he needed to get home. As they got up and
walked the there vehicles he told her he would try to talk
to her later online. Just before he was ready to get in his
truck he got the nerve to ask her if he could give her a hug
and she opened her arms and smiled in acceptance. He gave
her a nice big hug with his arms wrapped around her back in
a comforting embrace. He rubbed her back gently as their
hug slightly extended. As he rubbed her back he seemed to
notice that he didn’t feel any hook and the thought of her
possibly wearing her new front closure bra quickly ran
through his mind but he didn’t say anything and just enjoyed
the hug. He had always liked front closure bras and had mentioned
it to her in one of their many conversations. This inspired
her to go bye one and send him a picture of it half opened at
one time. As they got into their vehicles they smiled at
each other and both said talk to you later at the same time.
They pulled back onto the highway and he followed her till
they got to the place they needed to go their different way
towards home. He didn’t get the chance to get online that
night but knew he would talk to her tomorrow at work. A million
things ran through his mind that night and into the next
day waiting to talk with her again. The next day at work when
he started up his messenger an offline message popped up
from her. A smile graced his face as he read it realizing
that their meeting and the hug after didn’t scare her off
or make her have second thoughts about talking to him. The
message just said, “I guess you didn’t get online tonight.
I am going to bed hope to talk tomorrow” with a smiley face
after it. Her ID lit up on his messenger just as he finished
reading her offline. He quickly opened up a window and typed
in hi with a smiley behind it. A hi popped up in reply quickly
in the window letting him know she was there. He told her
sorry about last night and him not being online but didn’t
have the chance. She typed that’s ok. He then let her know
that it was really nice to have met her and how much he enjoyed
the chance to talk to her face to face finally. She told him
that she also enjoyed their meeting even thou she was very
nervous about it at first when she pulled off to the rest
stop but after a few minuets talking to him she was cool with
it. They talked for a few about the guy she met online that
she liked that she had told him about before and they talked
about often. All of the sudden he popped out one of his odd
questions to her. He asked by the way did you have on your
front fasten bra yesterday? She typed back yes with a little
face that looked like it was blushing in reply. He typed
back as I rubbed your back I didn’t feel the hooks and thought
you may have had it on with a smiley face after it. He then
asked her if she would feel ok with meeting him again some
time when they could have more time to talk and discuss even
more things. She told him that she would be ok with meeting
him again some time in the near future if he wanted. They
talked about when they could get together and he told her
of a day he had off or even the possibility of taking a vacation
day to meet her. She told him that she would meet him on one
of the days they had talked about. They continued to talk
and he continued to ask his strange questions of her over
the next few weeks at lunch every day and some times on the
week ends or evenings as he could. The day before they were
going to meet again he asked here if she was ok with it and
she told him she was and if she were not ok with it she would
have told him. She got up in the morning and got dressed to
go meet him she made it a point to put the front hook bra on
just incase he gave her another hug and just to tease him
a little. He got ready in the morning as well and checked
the net to make sure he could find the place she picked out
for them to meet. As he left his house he felt a little odd
and happy at the same time. He wanted to ask her some more
questions of a somewhat personal nature and just to talk
in general. He drove to the place were they were going to
meet but did not see her car. He waited to see if he had the
correct place and then saw her pull up. A large smile came
across his face as he got out to meet her once again. They
said hello and she went over to give him a hug again. He hugged
her and she told him to follow her to a park that was close
by where they could talk more privately but not to private
so she would not worry about him getting to aggressive just
incase she really didn’t know him as well as she thought
she did. He followed her to the park and pulled in by a table
by the main road of the park. The park was not real busy and
a car would pass by them every ten or fifteen minuets so she
felt safe with it. As they talked he asked her if she had seen
a cock in real life yet. She told him that she still had not
and was still waiting for that to happen. He was nervous
and planned to ask her if she would like to see his but didn’t
want to freak her out so he waited on saying anything. He
wanted to show her it but only if she wanted to see it. After
they had talked for a couple of hours he decided to ask her.
He just blurted out would you like to see a cock? And she said
yes rather quickly with a grin on her face. Then he said,
“ I was meaning would you like to see mine”. He would not even
attempt to show her unless she let him know with that she
really did. She looked a little shocked after he asked but
really thought it would be cool to see it. She looked at him
and said yes somewhat hesitantly with a little smile on
her face. He asked her if she was sure and didn’t want make
her feel like she was being pressured into it or something.
She told him no, I think it would be cool to see yours really.
He watched her as he reached down to unzip his fly to make
sure she was ok with it. She didn’t look as if she were upset
but also didn’t look as if she was overly excited about seeing
it either. He told her not to laugh as he was not very big like
some of the pictures she had looked at on the net. Then he
joked about he forgot the magnifying glass so she could
see it. She just laughed and told him that she didn’t think
he would be that small. Just as he was ready to expose himself
to her another car drove by causing him to wait till it drove
on by. Once the car had passed he asked her once more if she
was sure before he showed her. She told him “yes I am sure,
I want to see it”. He slowly parted the fly of his pants and
pulled his blue underwear to the side so she could see his
soft cock just inside the opening. She looked it with a blank
look on her face and was thinking to herself that she wanted
to face her fear and just reach out and touch it but didn’t
want to because she didn’t want to offend him and was to shy
to ask him if she could. She noticed that his shaft and balls
were hairless and she could see a small amount his pubic
hair just above his cock. Just then another car was coming
up the road and he quickly let the fly of his pants close so
it would not be apparent what he was doing. As the car passed
he asked her if she was ok with what he had just shown her.
She said it was cool and liked the sight of it. Then she added
it looked different than she thought it would. He jokingly
said that because it’s so small. She said, “no that’s not
it but I just can’t explain why.” He told her that he was going
to ask her if she wanted to touch it but thought she was getting
freaked out. She giggled a little and told him, “ I almost
reached over to touch it to face my fears but thought it would
freak you out. Another car drove past and she told him, “
maybe we should go to a place with less traffic if you meant
what you said”. He looked at her and said, “ are you sure you
want to explore this farther”. She said she did but was felling
a little odd but she wanted to overcome her fear so if she
ever met the guy she had been talking to on the net she could
handle it, no pun intended. He pulled his zipper up and they
stood to walk down in the park and try to find a place they
could be more alone. They walked to a ball filed and saw a
dugout that was facing away from the road. They looked around
as they headed to the dugout making sure there were no other
people around. Once they got in the dugout they looked around
and could see there was no way that anyone would be able to
see them with out them seeing them approach first. He asked
her again, “ are you sure you want to go on with this”. She
told him, “ I am a little nervous but also sure I want to see
it again and to touch you”. He unzipped his paints and sat
down next to her on the bench kind of facing her and pulling
open the paints again. She slowly reached over almost trembling
with her fear. He told her, “ don’t get nervous and if I started
to grow hard due to your tough don’t freak out. She touched
the limp shaft feeling a cock for the first time and was surprised
at how soft the skin felt. She told him that it didn’t feel
like she thought it would as she let her finger move to the
head of his cock. She looked at him and asked if he was ok.
He told her he was but thought he was going to get hard with
her almost caressing him with her finger as she explored
this new experience. She told him she was still nervous
but liked the feel of his cock. She let a few more of her finger
touch his cock and held it in her hand lifting it from lying
on his balls. She then looked at his balls a bit being the
first time she had ever had the chance to see some of them
in real life as well. She asked if she could touch them as
well. He told her, “ if you want to you can but don’t squeeze
them to hard “ to avoid causing him any pain. She let her hand
slide down to his balls and cradle them gently feeling the
soft pliable shaven skin holding his balls they felt more
oval than round as she thought they would be. He said, “ that
feels good maybe too good “as he could feel himself getting
hard as he had feared he would. He then said, “ I can feel I
am going to get hard so you may want to stop for a bit”. She
didn’t want to push him to far either so she let her hand lightly
slip back up his shaft that was now a little thicker and longer
that before she had first touched him. As she pulled her
hand back the tip of his cock was sticking slightly out side
of the opening in his pants. He said, “ I didn’t want to freak
you out if I became hard and your soft touch was getting me
that way.” She said, “ I wouldn’t freak out and I am starting
to work through my fears mostly due to you continually asking
if I am ok and keeping me calm”. She looked as him and told
him, “ close your eyes.” All kinds of things ran through
his head in a few seconds about things they talked about
before. One thing that popped in to his head was her wondering
about is oral sex and if it was considered to be premarital
sex. That was one thing that he was still in the gray area
about. Weather it would be cheating or not and he didn’t
know if he could let her do that if that was her plan even if
he did really like oral. He then said, “what” in a strong
questionable way. She looked at him with a slight grin and
said, “just close your eyes, it will be ok” trying to put
him at ease. He slowly closed his eyes feeling a little unsure
of what was to happen next. She waited for him to close his
eyes then lifted her shirt. She then told him, “open your
eyes” in a sharp tone. As his eyes opened he then smiled and
let out a sigh of relief seeing her holding her shirt up showing
off her front closure bra. She said to him, “ see what I wore
today” with a big grin on her face. He said, “the I.G.B.”(Instant
Gratification Bra) feeling relived that he now knew why
she wanted him to close his eyes. She then asked him, “Would
you like to see my tits?” in a slightly shy voice. She kind
of wanted to see him hard and thought the sight of her large
breasts may accomplish it for her as she had read some stories
that the guy seeing a woman’s boobs was all it would take.
He said, ”I would love to, but only if you really feel like
showing me them.” She reached up and unhooked the six hooks
to the front of her bra. She teased him slightly by pealing
back the bra slowly partly due to her feeling a little uncomfortable
showing her breasts to a man she was not really sexually
interested in. A silence seem to envelop them as her breasts
were totally exposed to him and she had a warm feeling as
she lightly began to blush. He quietly spoke telling her,
“very nice, I had told you before I prefer smaller breasts
but yours are very nice for bigger ones”. He looked for a
few moments at her areolas, they were symmetric and had
a reddish tan color to them her deep pink nipples seemed
to sit upon them like little round buttons. Her full breasts
hung from her upper chest with a soft flowing valley between
them. The skin on her upper body looked to be very soft and
smooth. He almost wanted to reach out and caress her breasts
and nipples. She looked down to see that he was still not
hard and began to think that he really didn’t care for the
look of her breasts. She looked at his face and softly said,
“they don’t really turn you on do they?” in a slightly depressed
sounding voice. He quickly replied on the contrary I find
them most delightful and erotic to look at. She then said,
“but your not hard!” as she thought maybe he was just lying
to her so she would not feel bad. She lowered her T-shirt
covering up her breasts letting her hands rest in her lap.
Her self esteem was at a low as she felt that she would not
be able to have a man really want her in a sexual way as well
as a relational way. Her shoulders sank a little and her
head looked down. She almost wanted to cry. He took one of
her hands and held it softly. Then he told her, “its not that
I don’t find them sexy I just don’t get erect unless I am playing
or being played with. He then said, “ if I am making you uncomfortable
we can stop and just go on our way” feeling as he may be making
her too uncomfortable with all of these things he felt he
was pushing her to do. She quickly responded, “ NO! That’s
not that at all it is just that I have so many fears. Like I
will never find the guy that is right for me and if I ever do
I will be afraid to show him my body because I don’t like the
way I look. I will be afraid to be this open with him and that
it may scare him away” as she felt a tear began to trickle
down her cheek. She then said, “ why are all the nice and understanding
guys married or gay”. He jokingly said, “ or married and
old “ trying to lift her spirits referring to himself as
he reached up and wiped away her tear. He reached over and
wrapped his arm around her to comfort her. He told her I know
you will find your guy soon, what about the guy online you
have told me so much about, he likes you for you. And I am sure
once you meet you will have no problems. I think it is just
me being too old and too married that is making you feel odd.
She said, “being with a guy I really liked sexual would help
but I also knew that you would only go so far because you told
me before that you had guidelines that you tried to maintain
of what you considered to be cheating and what was acceptable.
She also said, “ I know that I will not go beyond a cretin point
as well. He looked at her and said, “ are you sure you are ok
with all of this” not want to push her into something she
was not ready for or wanting. She said, “ I am fine honest”
as she smiled at him and began to feel more at ease. He wanted
to show her his erect cock and even ask her what she thought
about it but was getting a little shy again. But he knew that
there might never be another chance for him to show her and
for him to get an honest opinion of a woman to what she thought
about it. He also knew she would tell him the truth about
it weather it was good or bad and he really wanted to know.
He mustered up the courage and said, ” did you want to see
me erect”. She timidly replied, “ well I was kind of wanting
to” as she blushed a little. Then told her, “ if you would
like to see me erect I would play with myself enough to get
that way, but only if you are really sure you wanted to see
that. She had butterflies in her stomach but was determined
to get through her fears of being there with this man and
learning what he had to teach her about the male body. She
said to him, “ I do want to see you hard I am just a little scared”
in a nervous voice. She really did want to see a hard cock
and more. She also knew that she didn’t want to be so uncomfortable
when she was with a guy she really liked because she would
not want him to think she was to shy or fearful of him. She
then told him, “ I do want to see you hard, I need to overcome
this darn fear of it all” as her glance almost looked of desperation.
He said ok and undid the belt, unfastened his paints and
just slid his underwear down to the top of his legs. He slowly
began to play looking at her to make sure she was not getting
upset or frightened. As his cock began to grow she looked
in amazement never seeing anything like this happen before.
She wanted to touch it again now that it was hard and started
to reach out towards it. All of the sudden she thought what
am I doing, and some of her fear quickly returned to her mind.
He noticed that she was starting to reach for him then became
afraid once again. He said, “ don’t be afraid if you want
to feel it now that it is hard its ok and it won’t bite either”
as he laughed hoping to help her calm down a little. She wanted
to touch him and feel what a hard cock would feel like for
the first time. Her fear wanted her to back away but she knew
she wanted to go on and over come the fear that may have held
her back in the past. She reached down and lightly touched
it with her thumb and index finger. The head was bigger than
before and the skin was now tighter around the shaft. The
skin was still very soft to the touch but just under the skin
she could feel a rigid structure that almost felt like a
bone but not as hard. She let her fingers slid down the shaft
all the way to the base. She could feel the veins just under
the skin making it feel like little bumps and ridges as she
moved down the length of the shaft. She looked and could
see the veins just under the skin dark in color and slightly
raising the skin up ware ever they ran. She never knew the
detail that could be seen on a hard cock. This was really
fascinating her and making her feel a little turned on.
She wrapped her fingers around him and slowly started to
stroke his cock. He felt her hand begin to stroke his cock
and a warm sensation filled his body. She saw a droplet of
pre-cum forming on the tip of his cock from the small hole.
He was now not just hard, he was starting to get horny due
to her gentle stroking. He knew he was starting to enjoy
her touch way to much so he told her to stop for a moment so
he could show her something. She stopped but kept a lose
hold on his cock. Her reached down and went to move his cock
so she could see the underside of it. As he did she let her
hand slip away and to his leg. He then put his finger just
below the head and told her that this spot on a guy’s cock
is one of the most sensitive points on his entire body. She
took her finger and slowly slid it over the spot feeling
the texture of it. It sent a chill through his body when she
did that. He then showed her a few more places that were more
sensitive than normal on a guy’s cock. She was less scared
and more into the learning aspect of what he was telling
her at this point. He told her things about ways she might
turn a guy on, places on a guy’s body that were more erotic
than others and many other thing he thought would help her
out when she was with mister right. She was a little hot and
bothered from all of the looking and touching of his body
parts as well as all the sexual talk and he was feeling excited
too. He wanted to show her and tell her everything he could.
He remembered asking her if she would like to see a man masturbate
and cum and that she had told him she thought she would like
to see that. He then said to her, “ a while ago I asked you if
you would like to see a guy jack off and cum and you told me
that you thought you would like to see that”. She said, ”
I remember you asking me that’. He then asked, “Would you
like to see me cum?” worrying she may think he was weird for
asking. She said to him, “I would like to see you cum, if you
want to that is” as she felt herself getting more turned
on. He stood up and looked around making sure there was no
one around and slid his paints and underwear down to his
ankles. She looked at his cock sticking out and slightly
curved upwards and his smooth balls hanging down below
it. She was getting real wet and wanted to touch herself
just from the thought of what he was about to do. He sat back
on the bench and unbuttoned his shirt to make sure he did
not make a mess on it when he came. He leaned back sitting
diagonally on the bench so he was kind of facing her. He slowly
began to stroke himself witch was exciting her tremendously.
She went to slip her hand into her jeans but she knew that
would just not work. She quickly stood up and looked around
as she unhooked the button and pulled her zipper down. She
started to slip her jeans down over her hips and he saw a spot
on her panties that her wetness had begun to soak through.
She then turned her back towards him to look around the side
of the dugout making sure that there was no one in sight of
what she was about to do. As she did she pulled her jeans and
panties down to her knees exposing her naked ass to him as
she took a final peek around. He could not help but say something
that she had told him about when she would get out or in the
shower when her mom was around. He said, “ I see a bare butt”
in a baby talk kind of way. She turned towards him dropping
her jeans and panties to her ankles and said, “what are you
taking lessons from my mom on how to humiliate me now” with
a grin on her face. He was at aw at the sight of her pussy as
she sat on the bench and spread her legs. She was so caught
up in an adrenalin rush and the sexual excitement the last
of her fears and inhabitations were far from her mind. As
he continued to slowly stroke himself he watched as she
started to play. Her pussy was covered in dark hair and he
could see the wetness glimmering from her lower lips. She
drew a quick breath as she let her finger touch the opening
to her pussy and her hand other hand slipped up under her
shirt lifting it enough for him to see one of her breasts.
She was so hot and her finger slowly sliding between her
wet lips felt really good to her. He watched as she started
to lightly pinch her already hard nipple. She let out a slight
sigh as her finger slipped into her pussy. He was so overwhelmed
at what he was seeing and so was she. He had to slow himself
down a little because he didn’t want to cum to quickly due
to seeing her play like she was. He was never really turned
on by big women before but seeing her like this was really
turning him on and he was afraid he would cum in no time. She
to was really excited at watching him stroke his cock and
could feel herself getting to that point where she had stopped
when she played very quickly. She could feel her heart pounding
like she had just run a fifty yard dash in record time and
her entire body was starting to heat up like never before.
Her breath was getting very heavy as she said, ” I think I
am getting close” then took a deep breath. Hearing this
made him want to see her cum and also made him really hold
back so he didn’t. He quickly said, “ don’t cum unless you
really want to” not wanting her to cum just for him. He saw
her finger continue to slide in and out of her pussy as she
said, “ I want to!!!, I need to!!!” in two quick breaths.
Her eyes closed tightly and he saw her body begin to tense
up and lightly shake. She let out a loud moan as she felt her
first orgasm shot through her body. It took every thing
he had not to shoot his load right at that moment. Her legs
shook as she felt the powerful orgasm race through her body
and she moaned loudly again. She could feel her warm juices
flowing inside her pussy and around her finger. It was electric
as each and every nerve ending came to life. She could not
believe how wonderful and satisfying this felt to her.
He saw her juices start to drip from her pussy and heard the
sounds of her finger sloshing in and out as she let out another
moan. She felt her hand brush against her clit and it was
so sensitive she screamed out. Her clit had never been so
sensitive to touch before and when she brushed it a prickly
tingling feeling set her on fire with delight. She was so
ticklish as her orgasm began to subside she had to stop her
hand in mid stroke. Her eyes opened and she looked at him
with a huge smile and a bright glow on her face. He looked
at her and said, “are you ready to watch me cum for you now”
with a big smile of his own no his face. As she sat up all the
way she said, “ please let me see you cum now” as her breathing
started to return to normal and her ticklishness calmed.
He started to stroke a little faster and could feel his nuts
start to tighten and pull in towards his body. She slowly
started to slide her finger in and out again. He knew he was
going to cum hard. She looked at his face to see his eyes closing
tight, then she looked at his cock and balls again. His cock
was all reddish in color now due to the blood that filled
it making it hard. He stroked faster than before and she
could hear his breathing quicken. His body tensed up and
she heard him groan deep within his throat. She was getting
more excited by the second waiting to see him cum. He moaned
deeply as he felt his groin tighten and the first load of
his cum race through his throbbing cock. She watched as
she saw his thick white cum spurt from the tip of his cock
and land on his stomach. She heard him moan deeply and watched
his legs tremble as another glob of his cum came out of the
tip of his cock. Then another and another was seeping over
the head of his cock. She was really excited to be watching
this happen as she played with herself and rubbing her hard
nipples. He continued to stroke himself milking the last
of his cum from his tight balls. She could hear the sounds
of the cum slipping up and down with his shaft as he stroked
it with his hand. She could see the glistening cum coating
his cock as he let out one more smaller moan as his cum covered
hand gently released his cock. She thought his cock looked
slightly thicker than it did before he came but was not sure.
She felt another orgasm building inside her. She quickly
pulled her finger out of herself and tried to stop it but
she was to late. That wonderful feeling inundated her body
once again. She let out several moans of pure pleasure as
her back arched up slightly and her legs trembled. She took
a few deep breaths as this one quickly ended due to her pulling
her finger out just as it started. He looked at her with a
huge smile on his face. He never even expected to see her
even partly nude that day even thou he really hoped he would
and to see her have an orgasm was almost beyond his wildest
dreams but she had two of them. He looked at her dripping
wet pussy and wanted so bad to lick it and taste her but knew
that would be going just a little to far to be almost giving
her oral. He asked, “can I taste your finger” in a bit of a
shy voice hoping she would not feel offended. She lifted
her hand to his mouth as he opened it taking her finger in.
He gently closed his lips around her finger and savored
the taste of her juices. His tongue encircled her finger
licking it as clean as he could before he opened his mouth
again letting it go. He said, “ You taste so good if I were
not married I would lick you pussy totally clean for you
in a heart beat. Then he added, “ and even at that a am almost
tempted to“ but knew he would not with a slight grin on his
face. She was wondering what he tasted like as well and asked
him, “ can I taste your cum?” with a little hesitance residing
in her voice. He was shocked that this girl that had seemed
so innocent and inexperienced just only two years ago wanted
to taste cum for the first time and that it was his. He took
a finger and wiped some of the warm cum from his stomach.
As he lifted it to her mouth he told her that not all men would
taste the same just as all women have their own taste. She
opened her mouth and let her tongue meet his finger licking
the thick white cum off. The taste was not as she expected
at all. She didn’t think it was that bad just different it
would be something she would need to get use to for the guy
she would want to be with. He wiped up the cum on his stomach
with his hand the best he could then wiped it into the grass.
He then rubbed what was left into his skin. As she stood up
to pull her panties and jeans back up there was a rather large
wet spot on the bench and he pointed it out to her so she didn’t
sit in it. He stood up and pulled his underwear and pants
up. He then asked, “ I didn’t freak you out to much did I?”
She looked at him and said, “ no, you really helped me out
with my fears of being nude with a guy other than not liking
the way I look but I have to work on that.” He just told her,
“ you don’t look as bad as you think and you are extremely
sexual once you let go a little” with a big grin on his face.
He then added, “ and if you do that with your guy around I am
sure you will really turn him on”. She looked at him and just
said, “ I hope so “. and he replied, “ I know so” as he reached
over and gave her a soothing hug. His comments made her feel
good and the hug took a little of her worries away for the
moment. They walked back to their vehicles talking the
whole way and holding hands. He gave her another hug and
told her that he truly hopped that this would not change
their talks on line or make her not want to talk to him anymore.
She told him, “ I don’t think that will happen, I like to talk
to you to much.” He smiled at her and got in his truck as she
got in her car. They waved to each other as they went their
separate ways. Over the next few months they talk as much
as they could and even seemed to get closer. She met up with
the guy from the net that she liked and things went ok for
her and she set it up so that he was close by just incase she
need her best guy friend to help her out but it was not needed.
They still go and talk to each other now and then and even
some show and tell from time to time. She was so happy she
took the chance and followed him into the rest stop that
day and so was he.

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