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Tish and here adopted sister Keesha joins us


I slept like a rock after our incredible passion the night
before. Tish had totally drained my fifty year old body
of both energy and semen. I stretched a bit as I drifted from
sleep and smiled thinking about her 26 year old body connected
so intimately to mine. My hand slid to my side to hold her
to me. I fully woke as I felt she was not next to me.
Looking around the room, I saw her bra on the chair and called
out “Tish?” I could hear some noises from the other room
and smelled coffee. Feeding my evil habit I grabbed a cigarette
and lit up. My bladder was calling to me hard now and I sat
and rolled to hit the bathroom. About this time Tish came
in naked and carrying a cup of coffee.
In the early morning light she was spectacular looking.
Her dark skin shone sweetly in the glow of the morning sun
just peaking in the window. I watched her full breasts sway
as she approached me with the wake up juice I so badly needed.
“Hey baby, slept in huh? She chided me. I looked at the clock
and saw it was after nine. That was very late for me to get
“Yeah, you really tore me up lately. Thanks for the coffee.”
I said with a smile. Tish sat beside me and handed me my mug.
She kissed my cheek gently. “I may tear you up today too.
I don’t have to work.” She said and explained her boss had
called and said the store was covered and she had today and
tomorrow off. “The snow has let up outside, I may be able
to get home for some fresh clothes.” She finished.
I smiled and said. “Help me dig the car out and I will run you
home.” She said that would be fun and we enjoyed our coffee
after I relieved myself. “Let me cook you breakfast while
you shower. I got up at around seven and grabbed one already.”
Tish said. “Okay.” I said with a smile. “Let me ask you something?
You let me do something last night very intimate. I hope
I did not hurt you.” I said.
“No I wanted to feel what it was like to have your hand inside
me. I have done it to Keesha and she loves it, so I had to try
it, but with a man, not her. There just seemed to be something
about it with a woman doing it to me that just did not click
for me.” She said gently. I hugged her and said, “Good, I
was a bit worried.”
“Go take you shower! I already have.” she said sounding
like my mother a bit. I smiled and kissed her. The water felt
good and woke me fully. Soon I was dried and grabbed a robe.
My cock was half hard from thinking about Tish and our time
so far in this storm. My heart sank a bit thinking she was
might go home today. I hoped we could keep our meetings up
in the future.
As I entered the kitchen I smelled the eggs and bacon cooking.
Tish was still naked but wearing my apron as she stirred
the hash browns in the pan. I kissed her forehead. “Go sit
down, it is nearly done.” She sweetly ordered. I happily
complied and soon we were enjoying a nice breakfast together.

As we ate, our feet played under the table. My cock was getting
hard again. Tish was glancing at me seductively as we played
this little game. “This is a great meal, just I want some
dessert afterwards.” I said laughing. “Dessert after
breakfast?” she said. “Yeah, maybe some hot coffee with
cream.” I joked. Tish looked at me funny for a second. “I
thought you drank it black” she quizzed me. I do, but your
beautiful complexion is the color of rich coffee and I was
wondering if I could put some cream into it.” I said straight
faced not looking at her.
Tish cracked up and said, “Anytime. I like cream in my coffee.”
She joked back getting the humor. “You are bad Marty, but
I really like your sense of humor. Besides, I had planned
that already, so there!” she responded. I looked at Tish
and smiled as I sipped my coffee. My cock was fully erect
by now. “Just let me know when you want to cream your hot coffee.”
She injected.
We both laughed hard. “Ya know, I think I will nick name her
coffee from now on.” Tish said pointing to her pussy. “That
works for me.” I said. We soon moved to the couch and had one
more cup as she watched the late morning news with me. Tish
and I softly toyed with each others bodies as we chatted
and grew hotter together. I intentionally was sexually
teasing her. Tish finally was so worked up she grabbed me
and kissed me hard.
“Marty, I need it now and in the bed, not here!” she gushed.
Her pussy was soaking wet. Tish grabbed my hand and pulled
me back to bed. She laid back and spread her thighs wide.
Her hand beckoned me to her. I knelt between her thighs and
pressed a finger into her pussy. Tish grunted and I saw her
stomach tense. As I worked a second finger into her and stroked
her G spot she gasped. “Make love to me, please.” She whimpered.
I had other plans first.
My body bent between her thighs and I gently sucked her sweet
protruding clit hard. Tish jumped and clawed my head. I
sucked the tender bud as I worked her pink pussy with my fingers
gently. Tish’s hips bucked a bit from the sensations I was
giving her. I broke contact and bit her thigh gently and
licked around my probing fingers. Tish was breathing harder
by now.
“Marty, please….” She started to say as I took her clit between
my lips again and gently sucked it. Tish stiffened and howled
as she unexpectedly came hard. “Oh shit, oh shit!” she yelped
as she twisted before me. Her dark thighs had a death grip
on my head by now. I kept my sensual attack on her pussy going.
Soon Tish tensed again and clawed me. “You are killing me!”
she groaned hard as she came again.
I could see my fingers coated with her white juices of arousal.
“Please, go inside me.” Tish pleaded. Her body was soaked
and jerking in my hands. I leaned back slowly and pulled
my fingers from her body. I licked her juices off a finger
as I leaned over her. Tish was grabbing for my cock as I did.
“Go inside me please.” She moaned looking hard to my eyes
as I positioned over her.
Tish saw my wet hand and smiled. I offered her my fingers
and she sucked them into her mouth as my cock found her vagina.
I firmly, but gently pushed into her body. Tish’s eyes rolled
back and she jerked as I slid deep into her. I could feel her
muscles gripping me sporadically as I fully entered her
love channel. I held my hips hard to hers and she suddenly
jerked and rolled here heard. “Oh fuck, oh shit!” she said.
Then she went stiff momentarily and started shaking under
me. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! She wailed long as she came again.
This girl was a multiple cummer for sure, I loved it. I held
her tight as she rode it out and roughly kissed me devouring
my mouth and tongue. I just stayed far inside her and held
on. She jerked a few more times and clung to me. I could see
tears of passion well in her eyes from her pleasure.
Soon I started a slow rhythm into her. I wanted to cum, but
I wanted this slow and pleasurable for us both. Tish locked
her legs around me tight as she rolled her hips and pumped
gently to me. She grunted softly as I fully entered her and
pulled back. We kissed deep as we did our love dance together.
Her body clenched me inside and out as we joined.
The room filled with the scent of sex and the soft sucking
and slapping noises of our bodies colliding against each
other. Tish began to tense again. Soon I saw her eyes open
wide and stared at me. Our kiss broke and she said moaning.
“Oh God, again.” And jerked under me as her eyes clamped
shut and she bit her lip. I enjoyed seeing her pleasure and
was glad I had held out this long.
We had been making love for nearly 30 minutes by now and I
could not hold out much longer. My balls were getting tight.
Tish sensed it and looked at me. “Cream my coffee hun, I want
it.” She said gasping. I began to stroke her body harder
and concentrated on my building climax. Tish knew it. “Yes,
make him fill me with cream.” She gasped.
I felt my body growing warmer and the sweat begin to cover
me from our passion. My breathing was hard as I closed my
eyes and thrust harder into her. Tish kissed and licked
my face as I began to ready for release. “Cum for me baby.
Give me your cream. Your hot coffee wants it.” She said softly
as I slaked her body harder.
“Unngh!” I groaned loud as my orgasm hit hard. I felt my body
lose rhythm and I slammed hard to her. My hips jerked hard
as I felt my cock cascade cum into her pussy. “Yes baby, give
it to me.” She moaned as I felt her tense and begin to shake.
Tish and I both seized together as she again came, but with
me this time. My heart raced with hers as we enjoyed the plateau
of completion together.
Our bodies jerked together and slowly calmed as we began
to relax. I felt Tish softly message my sides and back as
she pulled me to her face. We gazed at each others eyes and
kissed deeply. We clung hard and finally fully relaxed.
“I think you creamed your coffee hun.” Tish said smiling
softly still breathing hard. Even as exhausted as I was
I managed to laugh weakly.
We lay joined for a long while and finally got enough energy
to move. I leaned up and kissed her forehead. “Lady, I have
no clue why you are here with me, but I am glad and love it.”
I said. “Me too. I kinda knew a bit after we met that we would
be in this position. I don’t want to call it fuck buddies,
but I do want to keep making love to you when we can.” Tish
said softly brushing my face. I was very flattered by that.
“Me too, when I first saw you I was attracted. I just never
thought with our age difference it would happen.” I said
and kissed her. “Screw age Marty, it is the person you want
to be with, not the description of them.” Tish said boldly.
I agreed. “Let’s grab a quick rinse and have another coffee.
We have a car to dig out.” She said.
Our bodies parted wetly and we soiled the sheets of the guest
room again. “I will wash your sheets for you later. I did
mess up the other bed yesterday.” Tish said seriously as
we sat up. I didn’t care about it. Hey shit happens. We hit
the shower and dressed.
It was about eleven by now and we had another coffee before
heading out to dig out my car to drive to her place. We had
a blast clearing the snow and spent more time throwing snowballs
at each other than digging. By noon we had it ready and climbed
in. I had it running and we relished the warmth of the car.
As I pulled out Tish pulled her gloves off and rubbed her
hands to warm them. “That was fun. We can have a hot Toddy
at my place to warm up. Keesha is at work, so we will be alone.”
She said. Her hand gripped my thigh and she kissed me on my
cheek as I drove. I felt her squeeze my cock and lean over.
“Not now dear, I know what you are up to.” I said laughing.
“You are no fun.” She said feigning rejection.
The roads were pretty good and in about 20 minutes we reached
Tish’s house. Keesha was not home and we went inside. Tish
asked me what I wanted and I said a beer was fine. They had
a fireplace and we got a nice fire going. Soon we were stretched
out on a gym mat they had for exercising in front to the fire.
“You know I am off tomorrow, do you want to spend the night
here or at your place? I really want to be with you.” she asked
“I would like it, but I do have some things at home I need to
get done. Let’s go back to my place. Okay?” Tish hugged me
and said that was great. She also said she remembered she
had to clean up a few things at my place. I hugged her and said
it was not a big deal. Looking at her, I kissed her hard.
Soon we were both half naked again in front of the fire. My
cock defied my age and was hard again as she stroked it. Tish
gently licked the shaft and started to suck me off. I laid
back and enjoyed the feeling. She pumped my shaft into her
mouth with eagerness. Tish was a born cock sucker I thought
After a few minutes of pleasuring me with her mouth, Tish
straddled me and impaled herself on my cock. She slowly
pumped her hips up and down on me as I held her hips and gently
squeezed her breasts as they bounced to her moving over
me. Tish had her hands on my chest and gently dug her nails
into me. Our dance slowly continued as she leaned to me and
kissed me gently.
“Cum for me Marty.” She said freeing her mouth from mine.
I just let my body relax and enjoy my feelings. Tish worked
my cock hard and gentle with her pussy. I felt my body ready
and was surprised at how quick I had revitalized. “I am going
to cum Tish.” I said as she sucked me. Then it hit. My hips
rose off the mat to her as I groaned hard. I could feel my cock
jerking deep inside her body and my seed flood her again
this day.
Midway through my climax I thought I heard a noise in the
background. Tish was lost in the moment and fingering her
clit as I came. We rode the cum out and began to settle as we
both sensed someone else in the room. Opening my eyes I looked
up. There was Keesha smiling at us. “Sorry I missed the previews.
The end was great.” She laughed as Tish and I pulled apart
abruptly letting some cum drip from her pussy.
“Sis, let me know if you need an understudy, I think I would
like the part.” Keesha said. We relaxed a bit and laughed
as Tish wiped my cum off her thighs. Tish looked at me worried
if I was upset. “Sorry, I thought she was working.” She said
plaintively. I was a bit embarrassed, but okay with the
“It’s okay.” I said pulling my sweats back on. “Hi Keesha,
I guess you are either playing hooky or off today.” I said.
“No off, the pipes burst in our office. I am off tomorrow
too. Hey it is paid.” She said laughing. “Tish, sorry about
not picking you up. It was terrible out there.” She added.
Tish said it was not a biggie, and that I had taken good care
of her. “I bet!” Keesha joked as she unconsciously rubbed
her crotch.
Tish said, “I’ll be right back.” and headed to her bathroom.
“I’m coming too Sis.” Keesha said as she scurried behind
Tish. I could hear light chatter come down the hall, but
could not understand what they were saying. A little while
later I heard Tish’s familiar gasps she made as she came.
She squealed loud and then I heard Keesha laugh a bit.
I sipped my beer and soon the two came down the hall. Tish
looked a bit shaken and smiled a bit embarrassed at me. “Keesha
is really bad.” She said loudly. “You love it and I know it.
Besides he does taste pretty good!” Keesha said with a wicked
grin and glanced at me. I could feel my ears get hot as I realized
what they had done. Keesha smiled more and licked her lips
at me.
Tish and I were now clothed again and we all sat at the kitchen
table. It was around two by this time and we enjoyed a drink
and some sandwiches Keesha made. “So what are you two planning?
You staying here Marty or going home tonight? It is supposed
to snow again.” Keesha asked. Tish chimed in and said we
were going back to my place.
“Do you mind if Keesha comes along with us? She is off tomorrow
too.” Tish asked me and winked. I said it was fine. I had a
feeling I knew what she had planned. Keesha said it was fine
with her too and she wanted to ‘cum’ along with us. They both
soon were packing small bags and ready to go. I hugged Tish
as we headed back out into a new snow fall beginning.
“Marty, can I grab a shower at you place, I need one. We have
lousy hot water here.” Keesha called from the back seat
as we drove. Tish jumped in. “You have to see his huge tub!
Screw the shower, take a bubble bath.” She said. I got images
in my mind at her comment. Tish squeezed my leg and pecked
my cheek softly as I drove. “Oh boy!” was all I could think.
Keesha is a tall woman. She was 24 with a lean figure and caramel
colored skin. Her hair was cut close, but not real short.
It was just a small page boy style that hugged her face. Her
face is long and she had fuller lips than Tish. I could definitely
tell they were not related now. Keesha’s butt was a nice
bubble atop long lender legs, and her breasts jutted well
from her chest, but were not as large as Tish’s. I anxiously
hoped I would get to see her naked body and knew I would. Keesha
was built for speed, not comfort to quote an old adage.
We got back to my place soon and took the bags upstairs. Tish
said we needed to hit the store for a few things and Keesha
piped in she needed some Vodka from the liquor store. Soon
we headed out into the newly falling snow. Tish held my hand
and Keesha almost nervously my other arm as we walked. Keesha
headed to the liquor store and we hit the grocery. All Tish’s
coworkers stared as we walked in. I could imagine the back
room chatter about us.
As we picked up the basics for the new storm Tish said. “You
know what we did in the bathroom, don’t you?” I laughed a
bit and said, “I Kind of figured what you were doing in there.
I have learned the sounds you make cumming.” I answered
quietly. Tish punched me in the shoulder embarrassed.
and said hushed, “Yeah, we had some fun. Oh, she thinks your
cum tastes good and wants more. Let me warn you she likes
it rough and is nasty having sex.” I blushed hard as she got
me back.
As we shopped, Tish told me if I wanted to have sex with Keesha,
she was fine with it. She said Keesha was actually wanting
me to fuck her later or at least let her suck me off. My cock
was stirring again and I was amazed. My mind held an image
of Keesha’s long slender legs and great ass. Yeah, I did
want to fuck her. “You sure?” I asked Tish. She laughed and
said. “Yes, I want to see it. Then I want to suck your cum out
of her pussy like she did to me today.” She said a bit nervous
and hushed.
I was a bit stunned. This sounded like a fantasy, but this
was real and I felt was going to happen. My cock was pretty
hard again by now as we got in the check out line. Keesha appeared
next to us with her vodka in a small bag. “I got orange juice
for you.” Tish told her. Keesha smiled and looked at me.
I saw her eyes drop to my waist and widen a bit. “Hmm, this
may be a good night.” Keesha whispered to me as she gently
squeezed my hardening dick though my jeans.
“What?” Tish asked hearing her talk to me. “Nothing Sis,
just rambling a bit.” She said. “God you always do that.”
Tish muttered sternly as we were rang out. I paid the bill
and we headed back to my place. It was snowing almost as hard
as two nights ago by now. I knew these two were not going anywhere
until maybe late tomorrow, if then.
Back at my condo, we unpacked the good, fixed drinks. Tish
headed to the bedrooms to clean up as she had promised. She
refused my help. I sat on a barstool and watched Keesha prepare
a light meal for us. Once she had it going she walked over
to me and smiled. Lightly she kissed my cheek. “I want you
to fuck my brains out later and maybe tear my ass up. I need
to use your bathroom and check out this tub.” She said boldly
as she wickedly smiled and walked away.
“Shit!” I thought. I hoped I could do this. I wanted to screw
her for sure, but still wanted Tish too. “Damn!” I heard
Keesha call out from the bathroom. “This is fucking huge.
We will all fit in it!” she added. Tish had told me that Keesha
did not mince words and cursed a lot at home. I kinda found
it exciting. Now I knew where Tish got the language last
night when we rough fucked after she got off work. My cock
was near ready for some fun now.
In around an hour the meal was done and Tish and I made the
beds up. I had her use my silk sheets I had in the closet. “Oooo,
these are soft. You know Marty, we probably will have to
wash these things tomorrow.” She said laughing and kissed
me. Keesha was fixing drinks for us at my small bar. Soon
we settled on the couch. “Okay, let’s get this bath going.
I assume you two will join me?” Keesha said.
I stayed quiet. “Let’s go, besides I have seen Marty look
at you Keesha, he is dying to see you naked.” Tish said bluntly.
“Well, let’s get this show on the road.” She said laughing.
They two grabbed my arms and we headed to the bath. Tish had
the heat lamps on and I sat on the closed toilet. Nervously
I sipped my beer and lit a smoke as Keesha and Tish began to
undress each other. Tish was naked first to be nude and Keesha
was in her bra and panties. I could see her crotch was damp.
Keesha turned to me and pulled her bra free. Her perky firm
breasts sprang free and bounced slightly on her chest.
Staring at me like a stripper, she slowly pulled her panties
from her waist and down over her long legs.
I was mesmerized looking at her. Tish began to fill the tub
as Keesha gave me a small show. Her pussy was shaved, but
had a small trimmed patch over it of hair. Hear stomach was
very flat and hard. Keesha’s pussy lips were small, but
puffy and she looked at me spreading her legs a bit. She pulled
her outer lips open teasing me and I could see she was wet.
Her depths were a bright pink and ready for play.
This was too much and I grabbed her hips pulling her to me.
My head leaned down and I licked her pussy lightly. Keesha
hissed. “Kiss that black pussy boy! Taste my cream.” She
said hard as he pulled me head to her. Tish sat on the edge
of the tub and smiled at me. She winked and giggled. “She
is a handful Marty, I am warning you.” She said. I had started
to sense that she was a handful.
Keesha’s pussy was musky and soft. I inhaled the sex scent
and my cock was hard as a rock. As I held her hip with one hand
I pushed one finger in her pussy. Keesha was hot and tight.
Her pussy was much deeper than Tish’s and I had to push deep,
as I licked, to feel her depth. Keesha gripped my head hard.
“That’s it boy. Kiss it and fuck me with you finger!” she
said firmly.
Keesha rolled her hips for a bit and pushed away. Then both
women came to me stripping my clothes off. I cupped Tish’s
crotch gently as Keesha jerked my pants off making me naked.
As I looked at Tish I felt Keesha grip my cock and suck it into
her mouth. She squeezed my balls and fully swallowed me.
I jerked and groaned. Damn, this woman was an animal.
She blew me intensely as I softly fingered Tish. It had been
years since I was with two women, I hoped to enjoy this. “Let’s
hit the tub.” Tish said after a bit of our play. Keesha quickly
pulled her moth and throat off my shaft and the two of them
grabbed me and pulled me to the tub. The water was nice and
hot. Tish and I were leaning on one side with Keesha facing
us. We talked a bit and tipped our drinks as we all playfully
touched each other.
I looked at Keesha with lust and wanted to fuck her bad by
now. She knew it and so did Tish. We bathed and washed each
other. The sexual tension continued to grow with intensity.
Keesha jerked me with her hand under the water and at one
point put her head under the warm sudsy water and sucked
me a bit. Tish kissed me as she did. I moved my hands with confusion
feeling Tish’s full breasts and Keesha’s firm ones.
Keesha sat up and wiped her eyes free of the water and bubbles.
I felt her slide over my legs. “I got to have this inside me.”
She said gripping my cock. As Tish kissed me deeply I felt
Keesha guide me to her vagina. She immediately slammed
down on my cock and I felt it penetrate her tight pussy. “Oh,
damn, I need a fuck so bad. I have not had cock in so long.”
She said groaning as she began to pump my body with hers.

I looked at her contorted face as Tish sucked one of my nipples.
Keesha stared at me as she jammed hard to me. “Don’t you cum
yet boy! Your prick feels nice and I want a lot of it. You can
fill it with your shit later all you want. I want you to do
it. I want you to bite my cunt and jam your small ass hand inside
me too! For now, just let me fuck you a bit!” Keesha said in
Tish kissed me deep and then whispered to me as Keesha jammed
her body to mine in the tub lost in her world fucking me. “Hun,
I told you she was a bit wild. Just enjoy it.” Tish said softly.
I kissed her. “I hope I live through this.” I groaned as I
felt Keesha’s tight pussy sucking my cock deep into her
body. Suddenly Keesha froze. I felt her pussy clamp hard
on my shaft. “Fuck, here it is, here it is!” she yelped load
as she gripped my sides hard.
Keesha jerked and rolled her head back hard. I could see
her face contort and knew she was having a huge orgasm. I
had not cum yet, probably from Tish and I earlier making
love. I was kind of happy over that and the fact I was hard
as a rock again. Keesha jerked more and finally fell back
releasing my cock from her pussy grip. As she relaxed against
the tub I kissed Tish hard. She gently jerked my cock as we
“I want you too.” I said to Tish. “Of course, I want you too,
but please Keesha first. I want to eat your cum from her pussy
later.” she said boldly kissing me deep. “Shit.” Was all
my mind could say at this point in time. As we cooled a bit
from the passion we sipped our drinks. I was still harder
than hell, but not worried. I knew that would get fixed sooner
or later.
“Damn, I need a fresh drink and a smoke, anyone else?” Keesha
finally said breaking the silence. Tish and I were cuddled
on the tub and said yes. “Well let’s get out of here and check
out those satin sheets I saw.” Keesha said as she stood.
The three of us got out and with a bit of sucking and playing
we dried each other off. “Let’s stay naked. I will fix the
drinks and we can sit on the couch for a bit. My puss needs
some rest before we go to bed.” Keesha said as we left the
Tish and I laughed. “Damn, she is a nymph!” I said to Tish.
“Yep, she loves to get the freak on.” She said back. Tish
and I sat on the couch and I kissed her sweetly. “I hope you
and I can keep seeing each other.” I said. “We will.” She
said as she patted my cheek. “I hope you don’t mind Keesha
being here. Even though she is not blood, she is my sister.
I want her to have some enjoyment I know is safe for her.”
Tish said sounding like a mom again. I understood completely.
Keesha appeared with our drinks. “Good, you are not screwing
yet? I cannot miss that.” She said with a lustful laugh.
I looked at her tight golden body again and knew I wanted
her bad. Keesha was bold and knew what she wanted. I admired
that. So did Tish for that matter. “Okay guys, here I come.”
Keesha said as she sprawled her body over us. She lay down
on our laps and put her head on the couch arm near me and smiled.
She smiled at me and then said something that shocked me
a bit. “Marty, I am not a slut. Tish told me I can trust you
and I do. I am acting a fantasy out and hope you and Tish will
help. I want to be a fuck whore and let you fuck me hard filling
me with cum wherever you want. I want you to bite my tits and
maybe fist me. Then fuck my ass. I am not like this everyday.”
Keesha said softly and way out of her earlier demeanor.

I gently stoked her face as I comprehended her actions.
“Keesha, I am not sure what to say. I do not want to hurt you.
Yeah, I want to make love to you, Tish knows that and wants
me to do it with you. Just let’s keep this a pleasure.” She
smiled at me softly and for the first time pulled my lips
awkwardly to hers and kissed me hard. I felt her hands now
gently stoke my chest as we kissed. Tish leaned over and
kissed my ear.
Keesha fell back and opened her legs wide. She took a sip
of her screwdriver and smoked a cigarette as she stared
at me and Tish. Her body was sweet and tight as she lay naked
and spread over us. I gently squeezed her breast and lowered
a hand to her wet pussy. Tish and I played with her pussy together
gently as Keesha gently rolled on our laps.
“Do it to me Sis.” She said softly with her eyes closed. I
watched as Tish fingered Keesha slowly. Slowly Tish pressed
more fingers into Keesha’s pussy. Tish reached for her
bag and got some KY out. She had me open it and spread it on
her hand and Keesha’s near bald pussy. I knew what was coming.
I watched as Tish gently worked her hand into her pussy.
Keesha groaned as I watched Tish’s hand slip into her body.

“Fuck me Sis! Keesha groaned as she held her stomach. “I
feel his hard cock against my back and want your hand in me.”
She groaned as Tish moved her arm deeper into Keesha’s sex.
Tish began to fuck Keesha’s body with her hand. I could see
her flat tummy swelling from Tish’s hand inside her. Keesha
groaned and rolled on our laps. “Oh yes, that’s it. Fuck
me!” she chanted with labor from sensations. I was stunned
a bit watching, but extremely turned on now.
I gripped her breasts as Tish kept her pace. “Pull my nipples
hard, please.” Keesha groaned. I gripped on and twisted
it. “Harder.” She urged. I relaxed as best I could and twisted
hard on it. I pulled her right nipple hard upwards and Keesha
groaned in pleasure. Her hips were starting to shake before
us. I could see he pussy oozing lube hard on Tish’s wrist.
Tish and I worked her body and soon Keesha stiffened. “Oh
fuck that pussy, tear my tits off. I am cumming, harder dammit!”
Keesha yowled to the room as she came hard, very hard.
Her body jerked and I could hear her choking to breathe.
For a full minute she twisted and gasped and suddenly went
totally limp. I became worried. “She’s okay hun. She really
cums hard. Give her a minute.” Tish said as she gently pulled
her hand from Keesha’s pussy. I could smell the scent of
Keesha’s pussy on Tish’s hand. I had to taste it.
Tish sensed it and brought her hand to my mouth. I sucked
her fingers and tasted the pungent, yet arousing taste
of a women’s orgasm. Tish and I kissed as Keesha slowly regained
her composure. “Oh my goodness, that was intense!” Keesha
moaned softly and looked at me. “Thanks guys, I loved that.
I owe you both.” She said weakly.
Keesha hugged my lower body and kissed my stomach. This
girl was an erotic dream and in control overall. She liked
hard raw sex, yet had the emotions to care. She would make
some guy a very happy mate one day, but I knew she would make
me one later. Selfishly I could not wait to make love to her.
Tish sensed my thoughts.
Tish and I chatted softly as Keesha rested in her twilight
glow on out laps. Ten or so minutes passed and Keesha sat
up in my lap. My cock was still rock hard. She smiled at Tish
and lifter her body. Tish almost on cue gripped my cock and
pushed it to Keesha body. Keesha slammed down and my cock
filled her deep. “Let me refresh our drinks.” Tish said
as she freed herself from out tangle bodies. “You two have
fun for a bit.”
Keesha smiled at me and shifted her body. Soon we were facing
each other again as she rode my cock sitting on my lap. I sucked
her small nipples as she bounced on me. Now I wanted to cum.
Tish returned and winked at me. She sat on the coffee table
and sipped her wine as Keesha and I fucked in front of her.
I began to get lost in the moment as Keesha wrapped her arms
around my neck as she jammed her body to mine.
I felt Tish in the distance rubbing my balls and thighs as
Keesha’s ass slapped my thighs. Tish slowly pushed her
finger in my ass as we fucked. That action made the sensations
get very intense. Keesha rode me for five minutes as Tish
teased my ass. I looked at Tish as I held Keesha to me. “Give
it to her.” Tish mouthed to me. Then I saw her take her other
hand and push a finger into Keesha’s ass.
Keesha had been grunting loud and gently biting my shoulder
and neck as we mated. As Tish pushed her finger into her she
sucked her breath hard. “Oh fuck yes. I am gong to cum now!”
Keesha wailed loud I felt her grip me hard inside and jam
to me. She leaned back and stared intensely into my eyes.
“Please shoot in me now. I want to feel your hard cock jerk
and spray inside me.” Keesha moaned to me. She sucked my
mouth a bit and pushed her head back to my shoulder and neck.
Keesha hips were flying against me now.
Tish moved her finger in my ass and set me off. I felt my cock
swell and begin to shoot into Keesha. She felt it and gripped
me hard. “Yes, cum in me, fill my nasty little pussy full!”
she moaned loud into my neck as I felt her tensed and jerk.
Our bodies tensed together and we jerked holding each other
as we came together. Keesha was whimpering hard as I finally
thrust my hips hard to her butt.
We wrung each other out in climax and finally collapsed
hard together. I was totally out of breath and gasping.
“Let’s go to bed now.” Keesha moaned in my neck. I could feel
our juices dripping between us. I opened my eyes and Tish
was smiling at me. “Yes, let’s go to bed.” She said with a
smile. I managed a small smile as I worked to get my strength
How and why, I had no idea, but my cock was still hard inside
Keesha. I wanted more, but Tish was who I wanted. I gripped
Keesha and slowly stood up. She locked her legs around me
as I carried her still joined to me the bed. Gently I laid
Keesha’s almost limp body back on the cool sheets as Tish
helped me. Keesha relaxed and her legs feel wide open.
I pulled my still hard cock from her slowly as she moaned
softly. I could see a small bit of my cum on her pussy lips
as I sat back and admired her trim body. Tish leaned over
and kissed me. “Let me in here. I want to taste your cum inside
her.” She said in lust. I could tell that watching us had
made her very excited. As I sat back Tish leaned and sucked
my cock into her mouth. I felt her suck very hard on me and
rub my balls.
“Fuck me as I eat her if you can.” She said as she stretched
out between Keesha’s legs and started sucking her pussy.
I moved behind Tish and spread her ass cheeks. Gently I probed
her ass and pussy with my fingers. I could her gasp as she
sucked Keesha’s pussy hard. Keesha was holding Tish’s
head and rolling her hips groaning unintelligibly.
Firmly I pushed into Tish’s familiar pussy hard. She grunted
hard. “Yeah, fuck me hun, fuck me.” I held her hips as I began
to pump her from behind. I was amazed I was still hard and
working at my age. But fuck it, I was doing it and planned
to enjoy it. The room was bright and I watched my cock penetrate
Tish. Her pussy lips held my cock hard as I thrust in and out
of her.
Tish was gasping now as she ate Keesha’s pussy. Keesha was
lost in the moment again and jerked under us moaning loud.
I knew the neighbors could hear this fucking. I cared less
as I moved to Tish’s ass cheeks and heard the sharp slap as
I bottomed inside her pussy. We were all soaked in sweat
as we each pursued and enjoyed our own carnal pleasures.

I was amazed as I felt my balls tighten again. I was going
to cum one more time. “Tish, I am going to cum.” I groaned.
She said, “Give me it honey. I want it.” she said slurred
as she ate Keesha’s pussy. The whole scene had me very aroused
and I jammed hard to Tish. My balls tensed and I felt my cock
swell inside her again. My fingers dug into Tish’s hips
as I felt my cock jerk again.
She groaned and I could feel her tense. A domino effect happened,
because Keesha must have sensed us coming and she cried
out hard in orgasm again. The three of us gripped each other
and rode the crest to our orgasms. I became dizzy and leaned
over Tish’s soaked body. I could feel us all jerk as we savored
the releases we had. “Oh Marty, that was so good.” I heard
Tish manage to groan as I fell hard to her, weak from the exertions
I just had.
We all fell in a pile still connected in some way. I kissed
Tish’s neck and she reached back and stroked my face. “This
was incredible.” She whispered. “It sure the hell was!”
Keesha said in the distance still gasping. Our tangled
bodies relaxed and soon we were all hard asleep. Morning
was another time, we had another day. As I drifted off feeling
like the luckiest guy, I smiled to myself.

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