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Tied and Bound For Women's Private Party


This past month I attended a party for some very sexy women
as the main attraction, something I had never, ever done

I had recently posted my first video on AdultFriendFinder -- a short video
where I cum very hard twice in a row -- and started getting
invitations to meet almost immediately. One invitation
was from two women hosting a private party for a friend who
had just gotten out of a bad marriage and was turning 45 that
week. They had enjoyed my video and asked if I would be willing
to do something like that for a small group of women in person.
They attached a picture of four very attractive and classy
women having drinks by the pool, smiling.

I can't tell you how turned on I was by the idea. I had
never done anything like this before and had often fantasized
about something just like this.

We traded emails and agreed to meet at Starbucks mid-afternoon
two days later.

The place was mostly empty. Both women were sitting at a
table in a back corner, clearly recognizable from their
photo. I waved and walked towards their table. There is
a certain exhillerating feeling knowing you are going
to meet someone with the idea of performing some sort of
sexual act already established and the main point of discussion.
I was breathing hard and couldn't help but be aroused.
I was wearing loose jeans and had neglected to wear underwear,
which was clearly evident, even more so when I attempted
to sit down. Both ladies were laughing, clearing enjoying
the effect they were having on me, as they introduced themselves
as Suzy and Jennifer.

Suzy had short brown hair in a bod cut pinned back with sun
glasses and the warmest sexiest smile. She was of average
build, guessing 5' 4'' with suggestive curves
under a navy blue sleeveless top and white shorts both of
which seemed a little tight. She had pretty face that seemed
to smile a lot and didn't appear to be wearing much makeup
other than light lipstick. Jennifer was a little taller,
about 5' 7'', with a slim build . She was wearing
a light print summer dress draped over a pair of trim tan
legs. She had bleach blond hair, light brown eyes under
rectangular black glasses, and despite the smile, a look
that said she was used to getting her way. Both seemed to
be in their early 40's.

Suzy patted me on the leg after introducing herself, saying
"Baby, we are gonna have so much fun with you",
letting her hand ride up just a little bit before laughing
again and releasing to go get me an iced coffee. "You
look like you could use something cool."

Jennifer, still smiling, got right down to business. She
had prepared a bunch of questions covering my background,
whether or not I do drugs (I don't), type of work I did,
etc. Her smile seemed to widen when I mentioned being a firefighter.
She asked if I had ever done anything like this before. "No".
She asked about the video, what it was that turned me on so
much, how often I liked to have sex, etc. Suzy added a few
choice comments about the video at this point. My answers
seemed to coincide with what the were looking for. "Would
I mind performing for a group of women?" I mentioned
I had never done that and but it was a huge fantasy. I was so
hard I thought I was going to rip my jeans. Suzy patted my
knee again and laughed as she could clearly see how turned
on I was. "Have you ever been tied up?" When I
mentioned this was another fantasy, Jennifer exhanged
a quick look with Suzy, and closed her notepad. "So
did I pass?" Suzy smiled. "Oh yeah, baby, you
passed all right. We just have one last box to check off if
you're up to it?"

She patted my leg again a little higher and asked if I would
follow them to their car so they could "inspect the
goods". I nodded, still hard and straining at my jeans,
trying unsuccessfully to nudge it down with the heal of
my palm when I stood up. This again got smiles from both women
as they led me outside their SUV, a large luxury Lexus, parked
further out away from the main building. Suzy opened the
back door and asked me to step in placing herself sideways
so I had to squeeze past to get in. She leaned in, ensuring
I got a nice view down her blouse, placed her hand on my leg
just below my erection, and asked if I was comfortable,
then squeezed hard "You are so cute". She dug
her nails in which made me gasp, then released, closed the
door behind me, and took a seat up front across from Jennifer.

Jennifer described what they wanted to do. They wanted
me to make a short introductory video for their friend which
included me getting naked in the back of their SUV. Put on
a little show, but not cum, Suzy said. "We want you
to save it all for the party baby."

Suzy showed me pictures of their friend, Melissa, on her
smart phone. Melissa was a petite brunette with a pretty
face, medium frame, and deep brown eyes. She was turning
45 in two days. Suzy flashed several photos showing Melissa
in jeans holding glass of wine smiling, in bikini by the
pool, out on the town laughing with her friends. She looked
very classy and not what I expected at all. I was excited
and said yes. Suzy clapped her hands and Jennifer pulled
out a video camera. They mentioned a few things they wanted
me to say then asked if I was ready. I leaned back and nodded.

I was already hard and rubbing myself and so turned on. I
described how beautiful Melissa was, how much I wanted
her, how turned on I was looking at her photos. I was so hard,
you could clearly see the outline of my cock through my jeans.
Jennifer continued filming as I unzipped my jeans and slid
them down, my cock getting caught for a brief moment, then
springing up into full view. Jennifer smiled and gave me
the thumbs up that I was doing good, zooming in for a close
up. Suzy stared wided eyed and covered her mouth. I was so
swolen, and turned on, and dripping precum, and moaning
as I stroked. I continued telling Melissa how much I wanted
her -- squeezing, stroking, squeezing, cupping my balls
which were swollen with my other hand. Suzy was staring
with such as serious look while Jennifer continued to film.
I could feel it building. If I didn't stop soon, I was
going to explode. I squeezed my cock with both hands, as
Jennifer zoomed in, and told Melissa all the things I was
going do when we met, closing my eyes and arching up as if
about to cum. Jennifer killed the camera at that point,
looked at Suzy, and smiled.

Suzy leaned back and placed her hand on my leg. "Baby,
you are so cute. You are gonna be just perfect." I lauhed.
"OMG. I am so ready to cum. Can't believe I'm
doing this." "Oh no, not yet baby. We have a whole
night planned out for you. Going to pump that beautiful
cock of every last drop of cum before we're done. Just
hold tight for one more day." She ran her finger across
the top my cock which made me jump, it was so sensative. She
laughed and licked her finger. "Mmmmm. Just one more
day and you can cum all you want." I let go of my cock,
leaned back, closed my eyes, let out a deep breath, and waited
for my erection to go down.

Jennifer had snapped a few shots on her cell phone while
this was going on. Suzy passed me my jeans and I slipped them
on, still somewhat hard. It seemed like an hour had passed,
but it was only a few minutes. "Baby, are you like this
all the time?" When I nodded, she just smiled and shook
her head, "Mmmmmm hmmmm, naughty boy".

Once I was fully dressed, Suzy handed me a slip of paper with
an address and told me to be there tomorrow at 8:00. She and
Jennifer had rented a house at the beach and were hosting
a party the next night. Suzy ran a catering business and
said I could help pass out drinks and food during the first
couple of hours to help familiarize myself with the group.
It was an outdoor party by the pool for Melissa and a dozen
or more women. I was to wear light cotton slacks and button
shirt. Suzy laughed and said "make sure it's
easy to get off off baby".

When I mentioned some concerns about stripping outside,
Suzy got mock serious and said "oh no, we don't
want you to catch cold. We've got a nice room set up just
for you." They hinted there might be other "entertainment"
but not to worry as it wouldn't involve me. They wouldn't
elaborate further other than to say "Baby, you are
going to have so much fun."

Suzy jumped out and opened the door for me. Jennifer said
goodbye and watched as I got out before turning back to the
video she had just shot. Suzy looked down at my jeans and
could see I was still hard. She cupped me hard with one hand
as she leaned in and whispered, "Remember baby, no
cumming until tomorrow night. I want you to save plenty
just for me." She stepped back and looked me over once,
got back in the car, and pulled away. She made a circle around
me, the two of them both laughing as Suzy blew me a kiss and
they drove away.

I can tell you I didn't sleep at all that night or the
next day. I was both nervous and highly arroused having
never done anything like I was about to do, not knowing what
to expect or what exactly was planned, thinking about some
of the specific questions Jennifer had asked, and fantasizing
about putting it all out there for a dozen or more horny women.
Got that horny tingling sensation all over like I was 17
again. Working at the station the next day, waiting for
my shift to end, was pure torture.

Work finally ended (I had the next two days off). I shot home,
showered, threw on silk black boxers I had never warn before,
a pair of loose cotten trowsers, button down casual beach
shirt of similar color and material, and sandals and headed
to the address Jennifer had given me.

I arrived a little after 8:00 PM. The house was huge, a modern
two story stucco in the Spanish style with several windows,
electronic gate, and a massive entry way with two midevil
looking doors. There were several expensive cars parked
in the drive, a police cruiser and two officers directing
traffic, and a kid in a red vest serving as a valet. I grabbed
a couple a bottle of wine I had brought for the occasion and
a small gym overnight bag before handing the valet the keys
and rang the doorbell.

Suzy met me at the door wearing a dark blue bikini underneath
under a white beach dress that tied in the middle and ended
mid thigh. She had smooth olive skin, soft round breasts
spilling out of her bikini which seemed just a tad small,
nicely proportioned tan legs, and again the prettiest
smile. Suzy has the sort of healthy natural good looks that
I find so attractive: the mom next door type in her sexual

Suzy could tell I was checking her out and gave me a little
pose turning slightly and lifting her dress just a bit to
give me a full view of those sexy legs. I gave a little whistle
and Suzy laughed, and invited me in. She thanked me for the
wine, giving me a light kiss and pressing herself against
me briefly, smiling as I was hard once again, and disappeared
briefly to stash my bag "in a safe place". Before
leaving with my bag, she asked if I had anything else like
a cell phone or wallet, placing her hands in my pockets and
squeezing. When I said no, just what I'm wearing, she
smiled and said we'd be taking care of that soon, and

My heart was beating hard when Suzy returned a few seconds
later. And she could tell I was hard, again, which I was having
difficulting surpressing.

"Baby, you're gonna scare our guests."
She reached down and squeezed me through my pants and whispered
"need you to hold it just another hour or so and then
we can let him out to play." This didn't help my
erection which only got larger.

Suzy pulled me into the kitchen and had me gulp down a large
glass of amber green liquor, Absinthe I learned later,
and a couple jello shots to calm me down. She handed some
more Absinthe on ice and took me on a brief tour, showing
me the downstairs which were enormous and the outdoor pool
area where there were looked to be about a dozen and half
women ranging in ages from early to late 40's. Most
of the women were dressed in light summer dresses similar
to Suzy, others slightly more conservative. Jessica and
one other woman, who I learned was Melissa, were in one piece
cocktail dresses looking very classy. The party had apparently
been a surprise and Jessica had arrived with Melissa in
tow two hours earlier.

Two other waiters, dressed similarly to me and much younger,
were walking around with flutes of sparkline wine, jello
shots, and houre derves. Music was playing and everyone
seemed to be having a good time. Suzy explained that most
of the women would be leaving within the next hour or so,
and that a half dozen would be staying as part of an "additional
surprise" for Melissa.

Melissa was laughing and having a good time, looking a little
typsy. She was slightly taller than Suzy, but thinner and
more petite, and much more done up. Suzy whispered that
Melissa "was in need of a good fuck" and pinched
my ass, making me almost spill my drink. She laughed, "Baby,
we need to get you a few more shots to calm you down until later."

She guided me back to the kitchen where two women were preparing
platters of food and drinks. She handed me a platter, told
me what to do, and pointed me to the pool, not before forcing
two more jello shots into my mouth and whispering in my ear,
"Are you still up for this?" I was starting to
feel the effects of the first shots and Suzy's warm
breath on my neck, her smile, and the inviting view of her
body, had me quite turned on. I moved her hand to the front
of my pants "tell for yourself". She squeezed,
holding on for a good couple seconds, before releasing.
"We are gonna have so much fun with you. mmmmmm."

I spent the next hour moving about the crowd, serving drinks
and food, and cycling back and forth to the kitchen. Jennifer
smiled at me when she first saw me, but otherwise seemed
to forget I was there. Melissa smiled readily whenever
I passed by and gave me warm looks, whether she knew who I
was which I didn't she did, or just liked that I kept
her glass full as Suzy had requested I do.

Suzy was everywhere talking to guests, organizing trays
in the kitchen, and plying me with plenty absinthe which
she described as a sort of aphrodisiac. I was getting as
much as I was giving, if not more, and beginning to feel warm
all over.

I noticed a couple of women staring at me. I thought it was
my imagination until one of the women, broke away and approached.
She appeared to be in her late 40's, reddish brown hair
in a fly-away cut, slim body, small breasts, wearing a thin
summer dress off the shoulders to mid thigh, and a bit of
the seductress look about her. She grabbed a glass of wine
from my tray, smiled, asked if I was enjoying the party and
whether I did this sort of thing often. When I mentioned
I was just helping Suzy and Jessica serve, she said "that's
not what I was talking about honey", and looked me
over as if sizing me up. I didn't know how to respond
and before I could say anything, she gave me a serious look,
downed her wine, ran a finger around the rim and then sucked
on it for a brief second as she grabbed a second glass from
my tray. "Thanks baby. You're doing a nice job
of keeping me wet" and returned to her two friends

The crowd starting thinning out at around 9:30 and moving
indoors where the music picked up. There were about a half
dozen women and the two waiters out on a makeshift dance
floor. Jennifer and Melissa had joined them after seeing
off the last guests and the tempo picked up. someone grabbed
me and pulled me into the crowd. It was the seductress inviting
me in and pulling me close, our bodies pressed together,
one of her hands unbuttoning my shirt. All I could do was
smile and keep up. The room was spinning and my head was on
fire. She was pressing herself against me once more and
I could feel myself getting hard. "Mmmmm, baby, yeah"
as she spun, pressing her back against me, butt hard against
my growing erection, eyes lookng back at me, her hands grabbing
mine and sliding down and up her legs, dress riding up...

Suzy showed up just then. "I see you've met Kristy",
who gave me a wide smile before dancing back to the main group
and pressing herself against one of the other waiters.

My head was swimming as I heard Suzy yelling in my ear. "How
you doing stud? Are you ready?"

I had almost forgotten why I was there. OMG. I couldn't
believe I was going to go through with this.

I nodded and Suzy gave me the biggest smile as she led me from
the dance floor. My heart was pounding a mile a minute. She
handed me a flask which I downed in one gulp. "Easy
baby, we want you alert." But she didn't stop

Suzy led me upstairs, placing a blindfold over my eyes when
we got to the top, "It's okay, we'll remove
it before the action starts".

She led me into a dark room and onto a large bed. She unbuttoned
and removed my shirt, running her nails over my skin. My
body felt like it was on fire. Pillows were placed behind
my back.

Suzy took my left hand, sucking on one of the fingers. I let
out a small moan as something was tied tight around my wrist
and quickly secured to one of the bed posts leaving little

I asked what she was doing as slid on top of me pinning me down,
and grabbing my other wrist. I could feel her hair on my neck
as she whispered in my ear, "Don't want you going
anywhere before we're ready."

I was so buzzed and aroused, I offered little resistance.
Both arms were firmly secured at this point with little
slack to move. Suzy tugged on each arm, still straddling
me, her lips now inches from mine, and asked if I was confortable.
I simply nodded, barely able to breath as Suzy gave me a brief
kiss, grabbed something by the bedside table, and sat back
next to me, our bodies touching.

She said she had a few rules to go over and some questions
to ask which she would be recording. "Was this okay?"
This took only a few minutes and I apparently passed.

Suzy continued to sit next to me, lightly massaging my arms,
my legs, running her hands across my chest, kissing my neck...

I lose inhibitions when I drink and can get very horny, especially
in the situation I found myself. The effect of the absinthe,
lying spread eagle and trussed on the bed, Suzy running
her hands over my body, and the mystery and excitement over
what was about to happen was all having its effect.

Suzy sensed all of this as she brushed her finger over the
growing bulge in my pants. I tried to press myself into her.
She laughed and pulled slightly away, watching me strain
at the bonds, smiling, then leaned back, running her finger
nails over the bulge in my pants, "You are so cute.
Just a little bit longer."

I could hear growing cheering and clapping and laughter
from downstairs. Suzy explained that the other two "waiters"
were a warm-up act, as she continued to tease me with her
hands. I could only imagine what was taking place as the
cheering increased. "Don't worry baby, they're
just boys. You're our main course." With that
she squeezed me hard. I gasped and moaned. She pumped for
a second or two laughing. "That's it baby, you
stay just like that. I'll be back in just a minute.

The alcohol was in full effect. I was burning up, my head
swimming, my body on fire. Suzy sooned returned, flipping
on several lights. The room seemed very bright as light
leaked in through the blindfold. "They're done
baby, you're next. Have to get you ready. Melissa's
all worked up. You're a lucky boy".

She gave me another swig of Absinthe, removed the pillows,
and laid me flat on the bed, pulling me by the ankles until
my arms were stretched tight. A small pillow was placed
under by head so I could see forward, the blindfold still
in place, fingers caressing me once again, my hard-on quickly
returning. "Mmmmmm baby, that's it. Time to
get you naked.

She undid my pants and yanked them down and then off. I had
only my boxers on, my erection straining the silk. Suzy
rubbed me through the boxers. "That's it baby,
good boy. I bet he wants out, doesn't he?"

She squeezed once more and then pulled my boxers down. The
waistband got caught temporarily on my cock, until Suzy
it up and over and yanked the boxers completely off. I lay
there fully exposed.

Suzy wrapped something around each ankle and pulled tight.
I was now fully naked, spread eagled tightly bound, and
hard as a rock. Suzy rested her hand on my thigh, "You
look just perfect."

I started hearing voices in the next room which steadily
grew. "Jennifer is showing Melissa your video from
the car and on your profile. We showed her some pictures
a little while ago and she really wants you."

My cock was throbbing. I was so turned on. Couldn't
believe this was happening. Ropes were cutting into my
circulation as I strained, trying to press myself against

She laughed and then reached for something next to the bed.
She grabbed my cock and stroked for a second before sliding
something tight over, and down on to the base. I let out a
large moan. "It's a cock ring designed to keep
you nice and hard and stop you cumming too soon. We don't
want that."

She stroked me some more. a little at a time, switching her
hands to my legs, my chest, my balls, back to my cock, lightly
slapping it several times, stroking, and repeating. I
moaned. "That's it. We want you just right for
Melissa. Promise me you won't cum until she's
ready." I didn't know what they had planned,
but nodded anyway, relaxing and feeling warm all over as
Suzy lightly flicked my cock a few more times, and then stopped.

The blindfold was removed. I blinked several times, before
focusing on Suzy smiling down at me, breasts poking out
from under her top, nipples clearly hard through the material.

She pulled out red crepe paper folded into a few layers and
shaped like an hour glass. She asked me to arch up and slipped
the top half under me, then folded the bottom half over my
cock and secured both sides with some tape. She then place
a bow and a small card and continued stroking lightly under
the paper to ensure I stayed hard and also to get me over the
initial desire to cum.

I heard loud laughter and clapping several times and Jennifer's
voice describing some of the action.

Suzy gave me one more squeeze and stepped away from the bed
as the door opened. Four women walked in including Kristy
who gave me a smouldering look as she looked me over and wet
her lips, and three other women including one of Kristy's
friends from earlier carrying a large magnum of Champagne
and almost falling over the other two.

They were all attractive ranging from Kristy lithe and
seductive, Suzy with her beautiful sensual body and luscious
good looks, to the two remaining women who looked like soccer
moms out on the town, champagne sloshing from their glasses,
laughing and tripping over each other as they fought for
the best spot, and looking me over with hungry expressions
waiting for the next act to begin.

They crowded the bed on both sides, hands pushing in, fingers
caressing, hands touching me all over, Kristy whispering
all kinds of dirty things in my ear as she continued raking
her nails across my chest, and several of the women snapping
photos as they stroked my legs and explored along the paper,
being careful not to touch my cock, and all enjoying the
turmoil they were creating.

I was so turned on, straining at my bonds, my hard-on evident
through the paper, throbbing and almost hurting, moaning,
and almost choking once or twice as women took turns offering
me sips of champagnge from glasses or the tips of their fingers
presented to suck.

This lasted a few minutes until Jennifer entered leading
a blindfolded Melissa to the foot of the bed. She was smiling
and having a tough time keeping her balance, one of the women
having to prop her up so she didn't fall over -- clearly
as buzzed as I was and smiling fully. Jennifer stepped away
and asked if she was ready for her final surprise of the night.
She nodded, swaying a little bit. The blindfold was removed.

She stumbled forward, placing her hands on the bed so as
not to fall. Her eyes went wide when she saw me. "NO!
OMG!" and covered her mouth laughing and attempting
to pull away, but only half fighting as the other women took
hold of her, and guided her back, everyone laughing, and

The noise level grew immensely as they guided her onto the
bed, shoes off but still wearing her dress, on hands and
knees. I was staring at her, and hadn't said a word until
now. "You are gorgeous." She started to turn
away blushing and saying "no, I can't",
as more hands guided her back, some caressing her, Suzy
guiding Melissa's hands to my crotch. Someone tilted
my head back and poured a long measure of something strong
that burned going down. I coughed and leaned my head back.

Melissa was feeling my hard cock through the paper as women
chanted, "Take it off, take it off". She suddenly
ripped through and grabbed it as everyone clapped and cheered.
I looked over the see Kristy starng wide eyed and laughing
with one of the soccer moms. Melissa sat up as Jennifer gave
her an open mouthed kiss, photos snapping. They released,
Melissa beat red, as hands unzipped and removed her dress.

She had small breasts under a black lace bra which came off
next, and black panties. She crawled up and pressed herself
onto my cock. I again told her how beautiful she was as she
leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue pressing hard
into mine, tasting of wine and sweet lipstick. Hands pulled
at her panties which she clutched onto for a second before
they yanked from her hands and down off her legs exposing
a dark tangle of pubic hair atop soft perky thighs and hot
pink lips that began to part, as hands guided her onto me,
another pair of hands holding me ready.

She was so wet I slid right in, about half way as I hit the top
of her. She gasped and held there for a second, her pussy
small and tight, nails biting into my chest, as I looked
up at her, feeling her warmth and wetness as she pushed against
me, breathing hard, taking me in inch by inch until I was
all the way in. She kissed me, sitting there for a minute,
holding me, her eyes open and looking right into me, a hungry
intensity as she pressed herself hard against me and rocking,
soft at first, but growing quickly in intensity.

Her eyes closed and she seemed to lose herself, pumping
harder and harder, arching her back and hands pushing hard
against my chest. The women cheered her on. She was so wet,
I felt almost no friction at first, but soon I could feel
contractions and Melissa tightening up. I closed my eyes
and gave myself over to Melissa. I had never experienced
anything like this. I was breathing hard, moaning, biting
my lips, straining against the restraints. I could feel
mini orgasms, my cock throbbing, body on fire.

Melissa suddenly let out a loud scream. Nails dug in, legs
clamped around me, body arched back, and Melissa came so
hard I could feel it all the way down to my toes. "Don't
stop baby, don't stop." She continued pumping,
leaning forward now, kissing me full on the lips, tongue
pressing hard, nails gripping me. "Cum! Cum! CUM!
CUM!" Women were chanting. "Fuck him hard baby, make him

"Oh yeah, oh yeah baby. I want you to cum. Cum for me
baby." She kissed me hard and I exploded. Melissa
yelped and kissed me harder as I continued to pump inside
her, almost smothering me as the last drop squeezed out,
crowd cheering and clapping. She pumped harder and harder.
"I'm cumming. Oh god, I'm cumming again.
YES!" She let out a small yell as she clamped down on
my body, cumming hard, pushing down into the mattress,
whole body shuddering, before she fell forward panting.

I slipped out still somewhat hard. Women were clapping
and laughing. Some one yelled "Eat her out!"
and Melissa was guided onto my face, still in the throws
of ectasy from her second orgasm, hands on the head board
looking down at me as I closed my eyes and tasted her for the
first time. She was wet all over, so much of my cum still inside
her, dripping down into my mouth, mixed with her juices,
my face soaked in it.

She shuddered and made a small sound when myh tongue brushed
her clit for the first time. I kissed and licked and moved
my tongue in and out and around her clit, almost passing
out several times as Melissa ground herself onto me, panting
hard, holding the headboard for support, my spasms for
air turning her on more. Other hands were stroking me and
I had a glimpse of the two soccer moms pumping my cock, one
of them laughing as she kissed put her mouth over it to taste
me, her teeth brushing the tip, making me jump and arch my
back. This seemed to turn Melissa on who was panting heavily,
grabbing my hair, and pulling me into her.

Suzy leaned in with a camera to get a close shot, squeezing
my hand at the same time and letting my fingers brush her
breasts, before panning back a little, still holding my
hand against her left nipple, erect and poking out of her
top. I realized she must have been been filming the whole
time. She closed her eyes and squeezed my hand harder, edging
onto the bed on both knees, and guided my hand between her
legs where she held it tight. My finger slid under her bikini
bottom and I could feel how wet she was. She held my hand there
for a moment, squeezing my hand hard, before pulling away
and continuing to film.

Kristy friend getting into the action with the other two
women taking turns palying with my cock. Jennifer, Kristy,
and Kristy's friend were molesting Melissa, squeezing
her erect nipples, taking turns kissing her, Melissa kissing
back, sweat glistening on her face, a blush blosseming
down her front, goosebumps on her legs and stomach, her
clit swollen in my mouth.

The noise level was intense. A frenzy had taken over.

The two women began pouring champagne on my cock, making
me buck and arch as they licked the cold liquid from my skin.

Kristy and her friend were now kissing hard, her friends
hands under her dress. Kristy stepped back and lifted it
up and off, completely naked. She had a tan lithe body with
tiny breast, hard nipples, flat stomach, and a small shaved
brown triangle, that her friend, now on her knees, was kissing
vigorously. Kristy leaned over, her friend still on her
knees kissing, and grabbed the underside of her dress and
yanked in up, revealing a large but smooth round ass, black
thong, and two large breasts that hung down over a full but
nonetheless sexy body.

Kristy pulled her friend up and onto the bed, the two of them
kissing. She straddled my legs facing Melissa's back,
and pulled her friend in between us, the two of them kissing
and stroking one another, Kristy's hands finding
Melissa and cupping her from behind.

The three were entwined, pushing me further down into the
mattress, kissing, moaning, stroking.

Hands were squeezing my cock. I could feel Kristy moving
forward, the tip of my cock pressing against her, and slowly
she eased onto me. She was so tight. She was gripping me with
her pussy, slowly contracting and releasing, and gyrating
her hips in small tight movements, making small sounds
as her friend continued sucking her nipples and stroking
her from the front..

Melissa was breathing harder, her body beginning to tense.
I could feel it building. She was pressing herself into
me, my tongue hard on her clit, making tight fast circles,
increasing in tempo. Without warning, she screamed and
came, juices pouring over my face, pumping up and down,
my head pressed all the way into the mattress.

I felt Kristy clamp down and heard her gasp seconds later.
She began pumping furiously, her friend holding on to me
to keep her balance as Melissa slid off, laying on her back
next to me, staring up. Kristy's friend slid off me
and positioned herself on her knees over Melissa's
face and stretched forward, running her hands up and down
Melissa's body.

Kristy dismounted and began untying my hands and legs.
I was pulled onto my feet, dizzy, two of the women holding
me steady and stroking my cock, wet and slippery from Kristy's

Kristy and her friend rotated Melissa ninety degrees,
Kristy crawling onto the bed between Melissa's knees,
her face pressed into her mound, ass up in the air.

Hands guided me forward until I was flush againsts Kristy's
ass, my cock slipping back into her tight pussy. I began
fucking her standing up as she licked Melissa and Melissa
licked her friend.

Suzy continued filming. The two women were fondling me
from behind. Jennifer was kissing and stroking Kristy's
friend, one of her hands under her own dress.

I began pumping harder and harder. Kristy was looking back
at me, sweat on her face. I let out a scream and came. Kristy
tightened up and then fell forward, releasing me. Cum was
still pumping out of my cock as one of the women continued
stroking me, the other on her knees, catching some of it
on her fingers and licking them.

I fell back on the bed and let the two women lick me clean,
as Melissa, Kristy, and her friend continued their three
way action, Kristy's friend cumming loudly a few moments

I had closed my eyes and must have passed out. I woke later,
naked and sticky, alone in the bed, lights still on.

I stumbled to the bathroom, turned the shower on, and let
the water run over me for a good while. I toweled off, drank
about a gallon of water, made my way back to bed, and slept.

I woke up to the sound of lawn equipment. It was midday. The
maintenance crews were hard at work edging and trimming
outside. I must have slept right through the entire morning.

I showered again. There was a complimentary basket of toiletries
including disposable razor, toothbrush, aftershave,
etc. I soon felt right again, draped a towel over me, and
went back to lay down.

I woke a few hours later. The towel had fallen off and I was
lying naked on the bed. There was a folded robe on the chair
near the door. I slipped it on and headed downstairs. The
house was quiet except for some jazz music coming from a
sun room off to the side.

I found Suzy lounging on a sofa, sipping ice tea, and reading
a magazine. She was wearing a white robe similar to mine,
her legs curled under her, smiling when she saw me. Her hair
was tassled like she had just rolled out of bed. I thought
she looked gorgeous.

"Hi sport. Did you sleep well?" I sat down in
the chair across from her and said I was still a little groggy
but yes.

I asked where everyone was as we seemed to be the only two
in the house. Suzy confirmed this telling me the party cleared
out around 2:00 AM and that Jennifer and Melissa had left
about an hour ago for a day at the spa.

"Melissa was smiling from ear-to-ear this morning.
She absolutely loved her gift. You were quite the hit. You
must be exhausted." Her smile widened.

I told her I had never done anything like that before. She
laughed. "You mean you've never been tied to
a bed and gang by a bunch of sexed up women?" She
laughed again. "You're a port star baby. Would
you like to see?"

She hit the remote and the large screen TV across the room
came to life, the shot from the foot of the bed, Melissa on
top me, her small butt bouncing up and down, women drinking
and cheering and feeling us up.

Suzy drew her legs up against her chest and watched my reaction,
smiling. "Melissa's very pretty. That must
have been fun."

It was my turn to laugh. I could feel myself getting aroused
again. "Yes, but I really wish it was with you. You
are so gorgeous. Haven't been able to get you out of
my mind since the first time we met."

"Well aren't you the little charmer."
She pivoted slightly, facing me a little more directly,
her robe parting just a bit, giving me a tantalizing view
of her bare legs, still bent to her chest, and a little bit
of that gorgeous ass. Didn't appear she had anything
on underneath.

I had taken my eyes off the TV and was looking directly at
Suzy, my erection evident by the tent in my robe. Suzy laughed,
"My god baby, you can't still be horny"
but continued to stare at the bulge in my robe as she parted
her legs bit more, giving me a glimpse of that heavenly area
between her legs, her pubic hair jet black, pink lips swolen.

I stood up and moved towards her, my hard cock pressing against
the inside of my robe. I was so turned on.

Suzy sat up and stopped me, her hands on my legs. "I'm
not sure I can do this. I have to tell you something first."

She told me she was married. Her husband travelled a lot
and they rarely had sex any more. She believed he might be
seeing someone. She had started playing on AdultFriendFinder about six
months back, chatting, watching guys, that sort of stuff.
She went out a lot with her friends like Jennifer and Kristy
who were both bi (Suzy was not bi) and loved to party. They
had had some girl-only parties and guy strippers, but never
anything like last night. It was a first for them as well
as me. Suzy also told me she had never slept with another
guy and wasn't sure she was ready.

I had sat back down while Suzy was telling me all of this.
Suzy had clicked off the TV and now stood facing me, her robe
parting a little bit giving me a nice view of her legs. My
erection that had faded moments earlier was returning
again. She looked down and pulled on my robe tie, undoing
it. "Maybe we can just play a bit, but no intercourse

I nodded and placed my hands on her legs running up and cupping
her ass. She leaned in and kissed me as her hands opened my
robe the rest of the way, my cock large and swollen and sticking
straight up. "God you have a gorgeous cock."
She continued kissing me while reaching down and squeezing
my cock which she began lightly stroking.

I opened her robe exposing a luscious body like Venus. She
wasn't thin or lithe like Kristy, or petite like Melissa,
but full bodied, smooth, and olive skinned with beautiful
well proportioned curves. I cupped her breasts and softly
squeezed her nipples, swollen and hard, and placed my face
over her soft plush mound, elicting a gasp as I kissed and
maneuvered my tongue around the edges of her pussy, the
tip of my tongue lightly brushing her clit. She was holding
my head and rocking.

I picked her up and laid her back on the sofa, her legs spread,
and kneeled before her, kissing her mouth, her nipples,
and down between her legs. She was moaning and raking her
nails back and forth over the back of my neck and scalp. I
massaged her thighs with my hands as I continued lightly
sucking and circling her clit in little figure eights with
my tongue, building tempo and pressure ever so slightly,
feeling it build in Suzy, her body beginning to tense, her
nails digging in, pressing me down, and until suddenly
she yelled out, "Don't stop, don't stop!"
She came again and again.

I was drenched in her juices and moved to suck her breasts
and kiss her neck, my hand squeezing my cock which was hard
and engorged and throbbing. Suzy looked me right in the
eyes and then down as I placed my cock right over her mound,
showing her an idea of how far it would penetrate once inside
her. She continued looking as I slid down and played the
tip on the edge of her pussing, red hot and so wet.

She pushed down and suddenly I was inside her. "OH
MY GOD!" she yelled, clenching her teeth and biting
her lower lip, looking right into my eyes, breathing hard,
her legs up in the air. I braced myself and started fucking
her, my cock penetrating to the hilt, all nine inches, up
and down, Suzy beginning to cum again. I pumped harder feeling
the pressure build. Suzy came and I exploded into her moments
later, my whole back arched, her hands grabbing my ass,
pulling me in. I stayed like that for several minutes, both of us catching
our breath.

Suzy then took me by the hand and led me back upstairs to her
bedroom. We made love two more times, much more slowly,
exploring each other's bodies, finding the sweet
spots, and fully enjoying each other.

I left before Jennifer and Melissa returned, kissing Suzy
passionately, dressed and showered (showering with Suzy
was incredidly sexy), and feeling warm all over as I drove

Suzy sent me an email the next day. There were some very nice
sentiments I won't share here. I received another
email a few days later telling me I might not hear from her
for some time, but that she would be thinking about me.

That was a month ago and I have not heard from her since. Her
profile on AdultFriendFinder has been turned off.

I think about her often. If close my eyes, I can still picture
her, smiling, looking up at me, her robe spilled open...
I'm getting hard again just writing this.


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Thank you. Was the first doing something like that. It's led to some exciting adventures since. Quite a thill to be the object of attention and let yourself go. Get a rush just thinking about it.

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