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Thw Sweet Tatse of.....


The Sweet Taste of…
I do not know what makes me crave dick so much, there are times
when I absolutely ache for. I can see it, I can smell it, and
I can taste it. I want to know everything about it. I remember
all of the good dick that I have received and remember it
well. How a certain someone who had the best size cock would
fuck the shit out of me. How another one knew exactly how
to thrust his hips at the right moment to make my sweet pussy
quiver all over his cock. And last but not lease is the best
blowjob I have ever given to the most beautiful cock on this
planet. But that was then, tonight, there is some thing
different on the menu, there is something else that I crave
and need to try... that's right pussy.
Mmmmmm, the sweet taste of pussy that makes your heart beat
faster, that smell of hot and juicy pussy so pink and sweet
on the inside. The kind that melts in your mouth pussy, so
good you want to eat it forever and ever. Just to feel it hot
and slick with juice, juice so sweet to the tongue. The feel
of a hot swollen clit as you gently touch it with your fingers,
slightly rubbing it until it get stiffer and stiffer. Then
move your finger a little lower to the dripping wet pussy,
make your way to the center of her and insert your finger
deep inside her, feel how tight it is, feel how hot it is,
feel how wet it is. See how it tightens around your fingers
as you move them in and out of her. That is how our evening
began, ....
My best friend Carlyn and I went to a new club on Friday, we
knew it was a gay club, but decided to go anyway since her
co-worker Jessica was going to be there. We drove up to Hollywood,
blasting our music loud. We drove by several cute guys in
SUV’s, but we paid them no mind, we would pull up look over
and then drive off. It was a blast. Some would even try to
catch up to us, but with Carlyn behind the wheel of her new
BMW 730i, they couldn’t tell us shit. We looked too good.

Know that we were heading of into unknown territory; we
still decided to dress the way we usually do, funky fresh
and clean. I wore my new Michael Kors café au late colored
dress; it was sleeveless, with small ivory buttons down
the front. It rested about mid thigh, to show off lots of
legs and I matched that with a sexy strappy crème colored
MK shoe. From the new Spring/Summer 2002 collection. My
compadres’ decided to try and out do a nigga with a full Celine
ensemble. (Didn’t she know that MK designed that line too…jeesh)
She looked marvelous she wore a Celine fitted white skirt,
stopping at the knee, with a low-slung belt of coral sea
shells. Her top was a deep v-neck vest like halter-top.
It was turquoise in color and I call it a halter because when
she turns around her soft glowing tan skin was exposed to
all. It buttoned down the front also. Her shoe of choice
was a white colored open toe mule with high heel. We made
a great pair, we wearing the latest fashion, and we did not
care if anyone knew what it was or not. Shit we looked good!!!
I remember walking in the door and the music was blaring,
just loud and hard. It was hip just the way we liked it. Upon
entering Jay Z was spinning on the turntables, so we bobbed
out heads to it as we walking down the step to the dance floor.
There was nothing but women there, all gay I presume or if
not then we are all pretending. I looked about to see if we
could find Jessica, but did not. So we headed in the direction
to the bar. We walked a few step and to our left was the bar
about 100 feet long, in an oval shape and all kinds of women
sitting around it.
I noticed the women sitting about. One chick was giving
me the eye but she was too hard core, I mean short hair rough
looking, plaid shirt and baggy jeans, that was not my type
or at least not tonight. She gave me a heads up and I nodded
in her direction. I then looked about to check out some of
snatch for this evening. I saw this cute girl sitting by
herself, but did not think to approach just in case her dyked
out girlfriend was about. So I just admired from afar. She
was about 5 feet 5 inches tall, and was of a slim build. I could
see she had long black wavy hair with unruly curls, and a
nice maybe 34 in C up on top.
I could not see anything else because she was at the far end
of the bar, and sitting down. But she smiled and I smiled
back at her. At that precise moment Jessica popped up and
ran over to us. We gave her a big hug and started to chat it
up a bit. She asked us if we liked the place and we told her
yeah it was real cool, and we loved the music. She smiled
because she wanted us to have a good time. We walked with
her over to another par of the club, marched up 4 steps to
a VIP section, (you know nothing less would do for me and
Carlyn.) Jessica was sitting with several chicklets and
they were laughing and smiling when we introduced ourselves.
We sat at the far end of the couch and looked about and drank
our drinks.
After a while I leaned into Carlyn and told her it is kind
of strange here with all of these girls about, you keep looking
around to see if there is a guy here. She looked at me and we
laughed. There were 3 bartenders and one of them was gay,
he was so gay it was ridiculous, but we just laughed.
As the evening went on and the drinks kept flowing we were
on our 4th round of apple martini’s and cranberry cape cods
and the music was hot. We decided to take a spin on the dance
floor. We walked down the steps to the floor and jump in with
the hot crowd. There we bodies everywhere, and only women.
It was almost like a video the way the women were scantily
clad, and all the dykes were portraying the guys.
We danced together and got a shimmy here and a shimmy there.
Did the two-step with a handclap and a snap. Very suggestively
though, we looked about smiling and laughing with everyone
else. The Jessica came out to the floor and joined we then
gave her the sandwich as she was between Carlyn and I was
we danced. It was slow moving to a great groove, with hips
moving seductively with the tempo of the music. I could
see the ladies with there partners, some would dance on
the floor by themselves as another looked at them form their
I t was an evening of seduction, to make one bend to your will,
To capture make her want like she has never wanted it before.
To make her beg for it, to leave her wanting it again and again.
Then you will have her just where you want her.
Everyone on the dance floor glistened with sweat from the
heat of all the bodies. I looked to my right to see two black
girls dancing, one in front and on behind. The one in the
back had her hand all over the other girl, feeling her breasts
and moving them slowly down to her slim waist and then hot
pussy. The black girl in front moved her phat ass against
the other girls rotating pussy; they humped each other
happily on the dance floor. Hot, wet and sweaty bodies surround
me. Our reverse Oreo sandwich made quite an impact on the
floor too.
Carlyn and I had Jessica in between us and we all just smashed
up next to each other and danced, we slightly touched each
other bodies too, with the lights dim and colored red, everything
was burning fire. I reached out to hold Carlyn’s hand and
Jessica held her about the waist. Jessica was nudging her
face between Carlyn’s breasts, making Carlyn nipples
hard, poking through her shirt, Jess’s hand then snaked
up slowly to tweak a pert nipple between thumb and forefinger,
twisting ever so slightly. Carlyn’s eyes closed and her
head fell back gently, still moving with the music.
I was getting parched and made a move to the bar. I ordered
my drink and stood looking about. Everyone was dancing
or trying to get on the crowded floor. I looked to my left
and I saw the young lady that was there earlier. I smiled
and she smiled back. I walked over to her and said hello.
She bashfully smiled.
“Are you having a good time?” I asked over the loud music.
“Oh yes, wonderful time.” She said.
“Why are you not dancing?” I asked her.
“No one asked me, ” she returned.
“There are lot of women here dancing by themselves” I brought
to her attention.
“ I was waiting for someone special to ask me” she shyly said
and looked away.
Smiling down at her, I asked her if she wanted to dance. Yes
jumped up and said yes. As she moved form the bar stool I could
see that she was indeed about he height I had mentioned earlier,
and to be small she had a killer set of tits, I mean they were
not big, but they were big enough for her body and damn her
nipple poked right threw the front of her tight white shirt,
I could even see she wore not bra. She had on a white short
sleeve top with and simple denim skirt, but damn that was
way short too, I mean if she put her hands over her head I could
almost see that sweet pussy of hers. She had a cure little
round ass, just perfect for spanking I thought to myself.

We made it to the floor and I noticed that Carlyn had changed
partners, she was dancing with a tall blonde woman, the
lady was really into C so I did not barge in, plus I had my own
pussy here to think about, right in front of me. As we dance
I could tell this little lady was a spite fire, I looked down
into her deep blue eyes, her black hair moving about sexily
across her shoulders, her face was the shape of a oval her
deep blue eyes slanted at the ends, small pert little nose
and the fullest pink glossy lips I have ever seen. She moved
all about wiggling here and then jiggling there. She raised
her hand over her head and moved her hips in small semi circles,
then turning her back to me. I was caught off guard.
I could see her round cheeks poking out from under her skirt,
when she turned back around I caught a glimpse of her pussy
and it was just the way I like it. I was nicely shaved save
but a little strip down the center, dark and curly hairs
greeted my vision. Her lips were thick and puffy. I caught
my breath and smiled at her. I was going to eat that pussy
tonight I thought to myself. Eat the shit out of it. Eat it
until she begs me to stop. Fuck, I was so turned on by the little
bitch. She had me hotter than hell.
She moved next to me and I turned her around with her back
to me. I held her by the waist as her sweet little ass wiggled
against my pussy. I held her hips as she moved, my hands slowly
creeping up to her tits, full tits with large dark pink nipples,
so hard and so taut. I touched on slightly and she shivered
in my hands. I gently glided the pad of my thumb over her nipple
and she let out a big sigh. I could felt every ridge on her
hardened aureole. Her tits were made for sucking I thought.
Just how perfect they would fit in my mouth as I wanted to
lay her down spread her legs and suck on those hot melons
of hers, just milking her, as she squirmed beneath me.
But right now I will just tease her with my heated touch on
and across her sweet body. Her full lips parted slightly
to beg me to stop. Her body twisting in agony in need of release.
I watched my little spite fire as she danced for me, as she
showed me all she had to offer. I saw her hips move slowly,
I watched her hot thighs rub together in anticipation,
I also noticed her breast looking slightly fuller with
her arousal. She turned me on.
As she got tired we went to the bar and I bought her a drink,
she was drinking martinis. We then made time to take to one
another. She told me a lot about herself and that her name
was Jill and I told her mine. Then she mentioned what her
likes and dislikes were, we both found out that we shared
some of the same things. Shyly she told me that she had never
been with s woman before. I was surprised.
She said she always wanted to but never had the opportunity.
She then told me that she likes men, but has a deep down urge
to be with a lady. I smiled at her knowing her dilemma.
I then told her that I also love hard cock as much as I can get
it, but in reality a little pussy never hurt anybody. She
asked me if I had ever been with a woman and I told her. “ You
see that lady over there? The tall one with big tits and long
auburn hair?” I said. She stood on the bar stool to see who
I was talking about, stretching her neck.
“Oh yeah, she is beautiful” she sighed.
“Well that is the only woman I had ever been with” I told her.
“What happened?” she asked
I laughed out loud. “ Well that girl over thee is my best friend.
I would hurt anyone who tried to harm her. We took a vacation,
one year ago and after a night of drinking and smoking, we
went back to the hotel and it just kind of happened.” I paused.
“Oh” Jill stated.
“No, No, you have it all wrong” I smiled.
“We went out to a club and got wasted, brought home 2 guys.
Her guys just left. We were in the hotel room sitting about
and talking and he just got up and left. We never really figured
that out. Then I went and took a shower because my guy and
me were about to set it off.
So we are standing around and smoking and all and Carlyn
asks if she can watch us while we have sex. So I look to my guy
and he said sure, so we go into the bedroom and I lay on the
bed and my guy is over my. Carlyn on the other hand is sitting
in a chair and smoking cigs watching us. Now I have to get
an eye close because I feel that I am going to start laughing.
So then my guy is going downtown on me eatin’ pussy, but then
someone is also sucking my tits. So in my mind I am trying
to figure this all out. So I get a quick eye open and it is her,
but she was doing a fucking good job, so I shut up. After a
while I reach out to play with her pussy, and Damn she was
so wet. My fingers sliding over and around her hot cunt.
Then I thought enough of this, I may never have another chance,
so I told her that I wanted to eat her pussy. If I remember
right it was about a millisecond before she hopped up on
my face. And it was heaven after that.” I paused.
“ I can still remember, she was so hot and so wet, she skin
perfectly smooth. My tongue just slid over and over her
clit, so thick and juicy until she came, screaming out her
orgasm and banging on the wall. I still think she wants me
to tighten her up from now and then. She knows how good it
Finished, I turn to Jill and looked at her staring into deep
blue eyes, she had a questioning look.
“So back to your dilemma, have you thought about what to
do about it.”? I said to her.
“Well I actually thought I could come here tonight and find
someone to pop my cherry. I know that sounds so crude, but
this is what I want. I feel this fire burning inside me, and
all I can think about is women. I mean I love dick, but there
is some mystery bout pussy that I have to find out what it
is.” She said in a gush of words.
“You know what stop worrying, it will all work out in the
end. Hey and cherries are on the top of the list as my favorite
fruit.” I told her and laughed.
I turned my head to look for Carlyn and she was back in the
VIP section. Waving to me. I gave her a nod.
Facing Jill I told her to come and sit at my table. She gathered
her things and walked in front of me as we tried to make our
way threw the heated dancing crowd.
Several girls dancing getting caught up in the music vibration
bumped into us. We even got caught in a thicket of girls and
almost could not get out. I held her about the waist as we
made our way through, she stopped a couple of times to let
people pass. I took the opportunity to touch her as much
as I could, my hands on her hips holding her next to me then
moving lower to her ass and resting there.
Once I even lifted her skirt and rubbed my hand across her
ass, feeling each cheek, soft yet still firm too. I could
feel her relax against me, I squeezed gently and even moving
my hand lower to try and reach her drenched pussy from behind.
She shuddered slightly, I continued my efforts to finger
her on the dance floor as we moved very slowly to our table.
I looked up to see Carlyn in deep conversation with the blonde
lady. They were laughing and drinking and such… Having
a good time from where I stood. I then saw the blonde lean
over to Carlyn and caress her thigh, she were looking at
each other passionately, as blondie leaned over and kissed
Carlyn unsuspectedly. With surprise in her eyes she kissed
blondie back. They kissed like old lovers, soft and tenderly,
lips touching each other’s, so and pink and wet. Tongue
gilding around each other’s, mouths slightly open, breathing
deeply, exciting each other to no end.
I on the other hand had my hands full of pussy creamy pussy.
In the back of my mind I knew that I was going to fuck this hot
little piece tonight and it was going to be a night that she
would never forget. She leaned into my hands and my fingers
rubbed her pussy from behind, her hips moving wildly with
the rhythm of the music. She was hot.
We made it to our table and I introduced her to Carlyn and
Carlyn introduced us to her new gal pal, Linda. We sat and
chatted and had more drinks. I then leaned to carlyn to cask
her if she was having a good time, and she looked at me with
half lidded eyes and smiled a big yes. She then told me that
Linda had came up to her and told her that she thought she
was the most beautiful lady there and she wanted to get to
know her better. Then she told her that her boyfriend was
the bartender, and then pointed him out to C.
“My boyfriend and I were looking for a lady to join us tonight,
we want to have a threesome with you.” She asked Carlyn timidly.

“We saw you when you came in and we knew it had to be you. Tall
and sexy and a body like no other.” She stammered quickly.
Caught off guard carlyn could not resist temptation. She
was overwhelmed with surprise and very flattered. She
would never have guess someone would ask her to join a threesome.
She then agrees and they made their plans. They would have
a good time at the club and then she would follow them home
and all would be heaven form there on end.
I them told her of my predicament that I met this gorgeous
little thing and was very taken with her. She told me that
she had never been with a chick before so, I gave Carlyn the
look and she knew I was the one to pop that cherry. So we both
had plans and very happy and the turn of events for the evening.

As the evening progress, everyone seemed to be getting
very antsy.
We all new there was sex in the air and everybody was going
to get some tonight, we all say around very pleased with
ourselves. I noticed that there was small room off to the
side of the bar, I wonder what was in there, all night I saw
ladies coming in and out of there, maybe it is secret room.
Curiosity won out.
I stood up and took Jill by the hand. I wanted to be close with
her but did not think she was ready to be so public about it.
We went thru the black velvet curtains and to our surprise
it was another room, with lighted incense, soft glowing
red lights, several black leather couches scattered about
the room, big comphy overstuffed chairs, and several ladies
making out.
I led Jill to a black sofa located at the back far wall. I sat
down and pull her onto my lap. Jill was surprised but knew
deep down this was what she wanted, she wanted to be possessed,
she wanted someone to take control of her and I was the perfect
She leaned her head back a little to me and I asked her if she
was still having a good time, sheepishly she shook her head.
She turned her head to look about the room at the other women
going at it. I think it was a turn on for her to witness women
going at with it with no shame, just joy and sex and passion.
She wiggled her hips on my lap; I knew the scene turning her
on, making her wet. I turned my head slightly and as my mouth
came in line with her ear I stuck out my tongue and licked
the rim of her ear. She shivered. I moved lower to her neck,
licking and sucking her gently as her head fell back. I even
marked her so she will always remember, her hands clutched
into tiny little fists. My other hand crept up to touch the
swell of her perky tits, I was dying to see them, dying to
get one in my hands and in my mouth.
I squeezed them with hands, pinched and tortured her nipples
with my fingers, pulled her nipples and twisted them a little.
I had her shirt up then and saw them, they were perfect like
ripe little melons, I saw how hard her nipples were and how
it made my own pussy so fucking wet just looking at her. Her
dark rose-colored nipples begged me to taste them and I
I lowered my head and popped on in my mouth. She out her arm
about my neck and sighed as I sucked her little nipple hard.
Sucked them and nibbled at what she had to offer me. Her tits
were so soft and round in my hands, I then moved to the other
tits squeezing it and tasting it also. As I had this hot little
bitches tit in my mouth my other hand reach down between
her legs, I slightly spread her white thighs as she sat on
top of my to expose her sweet little pussy to me. I wanted
to see it also; I no longer wanted it hidden from me. If this
is what she came for them this is what she will get.
I ran my fingers down her pink slit, barely touching her
and that drove her mad. Our lips locked together in a hot
kiss, my tongue deep in her mouth, tasting her fully. I touched
her hot lips and proceeded to part them as my finger slowly
slid inside her tight pussy. I do not know who she has been
fucking or if she has been fucking at all, her pussy was so
tight, I could not see any dick getting up in here. She wiggled
wildly on my lap, as my fingers explored her deeply.
“Is this what you came here for tonight” I asked her.
“Y…y….y…yes” she sighed with her head thrown back.
“ You wanted someone to control you, to take over you and
this hot little cunt of yours, ” I said into her ear as my
fingers played with her pussy, slowly moving over her hot
clit. That poked out and stood out at attention. She was
so hot and so wet.
“Yes, Lisa.. yes”. Jill said.
I had her sitting on my lap, with her legs spread wide open
for anyone to walk in and see her that way. I had her white
shirt rolled up and her tits exposed, nipples still hard.
I took my hand and moved it to her lips, I wanted her to taste
her pussy, I wanted her to see what it tasted like and what
it smelled like, I wanted her to be intoxicated by her own
creamy pussy.
She licked at my fingers like a man starved. She took them
in her mouth and sucked each digit dry. Her pussy grinding
into my hips. She was hot and on fire. I was watching her and
I was so turned on by all of her little antics, her movements,
her moaning and groaning, just everything about her was
I could feel the moisture of her wet cunt dripping on my thighs
as she squirmed about. I new my own pussy was hot as well,
dripping with heat juice. I had to have her there was no waiting.
As she sucked my fingers dry, and plunged in again, on m re
time to feel her tighten around them again, to see her throw
her head back on my shoulder and then her hands fondle her
tits pulling on the nipples, making them stand out firm
and proud. You could see just in the back as the whole room
permeated with the smell of hot pussy, of erotic sensations,
of rising heated passions.
And we all seem to be after the same thing…PUSSY, sweet,
hot, wet, tight the greatest thing on earth. It is what men
fight over, it is what all men and now it seems ladies want.
It can make you happy it can make you sad, but sometime once
or another in your life you have to have it.
I told Jill to stand up, in front of me, She stood between
my legs her pussy just inches form my face, I stuck my nose
in first and just rubbed her, her hips moved wildly. I told
her to put her foot up on the couch so I can see and eat her fat
pussy; she lifted her leg and opened her thighs wide. I lowered
my head to see the cutest little puss, no hair at all except
for down the middle, and a straight line of black curls glistening
with juice. I stuck out my tongue and lick at her, her body
jerked, I then placed my fingers on the outer rim of her pussy
and pulled her wide open for me to get better access, I then
put my face in and sat down for a meal. She tasted to good,
of sweet honey melting in my mouth, I could feel her claw
at my shoulders, She had to hold on to me for fear she might
fall backwards. My thick pink tongue glided across her
clit several times. Flicking with over and over, then swiping
along her lower lips, sucking them in my mouth. With her
hole wide open I stuck my tongue deep inside her as she rode
my face, and she moved her hips back and forth trying to get
every heated moment burned into her brain.
Her body was on fire, so much so she took her top off. I abruptly
stopped lifting my head from her, I then pulled her down
to kiss her full pink lips again. I reached up to play with
her heaving breast, hanging over into my hands, nipples
distended, and ripe.
“Doggie style” I told. With in an instant she hopped up on
the couch and bent low to give me her ass. I smiled at her giddiness,
I looked to her firm white ass and ran my hand across each
cheek, them sliding them down the middle to spread her ass
for my view. Her ass wiggled with pleasure.
“ You are a bad little girl, running off into this room to
get satisfaction” I told her.
“Is this something you do all the time?” asking her also.
“No, no it is not, it is just that I was so hot and so wet for
you” she stammered.
I was not happy with that answer.
“No little girls who run off like you do need to be spanked”
I told her still running my hands over her ass, and fingers
lightly playing and spreading her hot cunt for me. Her sweet
little ass puckered at me, and I lubed up a finger and slowly
placed it there, rubbing it a little and adding some pressure.
Then I stuck it inside her, she tightened, but did not whine.
I moved it deeper in her ass, loving the look it gave me. I
could hear her moans of pleasure, I knew she liked it and
I knew how bad she needed it.
Her ass gave some and she relaxed and my finger moved still
deeper all the way as a matter of fact, my other hand deep
with in her pussy, moving both fingers at different times,
giving her the ultimate penetration. Her hips bucked wildly,
back and forth. I leaned lower removing all fingers and
licked her pussy until she came in my mouth with a loud scream
calling out my name. I rimmed her sweet hot little ass, spanking
her a few good times on the in between. She loved it all (they
all do), her cream wetness dripped into my mouth as I lapped
it up, tasting her and loving her. I reached around to grab
her tits as she came squeezing them harder and pinching
her nipples ruthlessly. She screamed but she loved it.
She never came so hard.
She was draped across the sofa, exhausted, breathing out
of control, trying to catch her breath, her pussy just been
violated by me and she knew she may not be able to get enough,
she wanted more. But she had to wait.
I sat on the sofa and leaned my head, back tired as heel, Jill
scooted over and curled up right next to me as I put my arms
around her. Her breathing quieted down and she looked up
at me and I leaned down to kiss her on the forehead.
She moved as kissed me on the mouth, I sucked in her tongue
as she tasted of herself in my mouth, her small hands were
upon my legs and she was deeply finger my hot black pussy.
I spread my legs for her and her hands touched my clit, thick
and swollen and wet with juice, she inserted two fingers
deep inside me, moving the slowly and then harder and harder,
she was like a little demon, out of control, something that
when you give someone something new they do not know how
to act with it. That is how Jill was she could not get enough.
She climbed down off the couch and crept between my legs,
I watched the other couple who seemed to be getting off themselves,
and I have to admit that watching the other couple was very
exciting too. You could hear all the other moans and groans,
you could hear the slaps on someone’s ass, you could hear
the screams of ecstasy, watching tow girls across from
me fuck it each other was almost better that Jill on her knees
between my legs eating my wet pussy. Jill was good, for someone
who had never eaten pussy before, but hey aren’t we all in
Jill had her face buried deep in me licking and sucking me,
I looked down to see her pink mouth attacking my hot black
puss, and she loved it, She licked my clit and suck my hole,
I could feel the wild pressure building inside me like a
tornado about to take off, she lick a I could feel all the
walls falling down and I came so hard, my breath deeper and
faster, I grabbed her head and kept her there, I made her
eat my pussy until I told her to stop. She licked me everywhere;
there was not a place on my pussy she did not touch with her
We lay in the sofa for a while trying to gather our wits before
we headed out for the room.
Carlyn on the other hand was busy her self, Blondie was so
into Carlyn that she was taken by surprise. Linda told carlyn
that she could not wait to taste her, and that her boyfriend
David thought he same thing. That she was hot and beautiful.
Carlyn blushed, but deep down she liked it.
Little did Carlyn know Linda and David ran the club and right
above them on the second floor there was small bedroom where
she was about to be led to? Linda stood up and told Carlyn
to come with her. She sat her drink down and got her things
and went with her. They walked to the bar and Linda leaned
over to tell David where she would be, then she leaned over
to C and told her that David wanted to kiss her. She leaned
over the rail of the bar and David ate at her mouth, almost
devouring her. His stuck his thick tongue in her mouth and
just took over, she was loosing control, her head moved
to the left and he kissed her deeper as his hands reached
up and over the bar to fell her huge tits, almost popping
out of her top, her nipples hard and inviting. He pinched
them quickly and she yelled into his mouth. He ended the
kiss and told her he would meet them upstairs in a few.
“Save some for me” Linda teased them both. They both smiled.
Linda took Carlyn’s hand as they walked to a darkened stairway.
Carlyn went up first and Linda walked behind her looking
as her sweet ass. Linda reached out to spank Carlyn on her
ass, and carlyn slowly turned around to her and smiled,
she then ran her hand under Carlyn’s skirt feeling her pussy,
freshly waxed, neatly trimmed, and wetter than ever.
Linda came up behind carlyn and took her by the waist, she
pushed her against the wall and kissed her, telling Carlyn
she wanted to have what she gave David.
They kissed a more delicate kiss but nonetheless erotic,
it was hot and smoldering too. Linda grinded her pussy against
Carlyn’s and they stood next to the great wall. They both
out of breath made it to the room at the end of the hall.
Carlyn was surprised it was so nice, and huge bed at the far
corner of the room, with various table and chairs scattered
about, Linda led carlyn to the bed and laid her down, she
took off C’s clothes piece by piece, until Carlyn lay naked
in front of her. She leaned over Carlyn and kissed her again,
deeper this time. Tongue in her mouth tasting every bit
of her. Linda’s clothes seemed to disappear also as Carlyn
felt Linda’s hot skin on hers, smooth like silk.
Linda rubbed her nipples on carlyn huge pink ones, they
both felt like little lava rocks on fire and burning into
each other. Linda leaned down to suck Carlyn’s nipple into
her mouth as carlyn hands went around Linda neck and pulled
her down close on top of her. Linda rubbed her pussy on Carlyn’s,
Linda’s slightly hairy and carlyn cleaned shaved, so wet
and juicy. They stayed in that position turning each other
one, touching each other and feeling each other.
Kissing deeply and tasting of each other mouth and tongues,
they sucked on each others nipples carlyn had Linda tight
little buds in her mouth, sucking hard and strong, until
Linda began to cry out. Linda reaching down to play with
Carlyn’s drenched pussy was great with hot cream as she
touched her.
The play became hot and dangerous; Linda Moved lower and
with her hands placed them on Carlyn’s thighs and spread
them wide. Carlyn moaned, the next feeling she had was Linda
tonguing her pussy, licking her and sucking her.
Pulling her lips apart and tonguing carlyn pink pussy hole.
Linda tongue moved deep in and out of C as she squirmed on
the bed, her orgasm on the rise. Linda moved her fingers
in and out of Carlyn as she move her legs high in the air, Linda
took the opportunity to move still lower and licked Carlyn’s
hot ass, her puckered sweet ass beg to be lick and Linda could
not get enough, she licked and drove her tongue home in Carlyn’s
ass like a cock would.
Her finger played with her pussy while Linda tongue fucked
her tight ass, Carlyn’s fingers moved deeply in and out
of her pussy, feeling her own juices flow and drip out. She
screamed as her orgasm came and her body shook violently.
Linda hard at work with Carlyn’s ass would not let up.
In the back of the room she heard clapping.
“Good show you too. Mind if I join in?” David said from the
far end of the bed where, he had been there watching them,
fuck the whole time.
Jill let up and smiled at her man, not bothered at all that
she was going to share him tonight. He leaned low and kissed
her as Carlyn watched them both.
“Oh I did not forget about you, sexy.” He said to carlyn.
She smiled slowly.
“Open your mouth” he told her. She then watched as he unzipped
his pants and pulled out the most beautiful cock she had
ever seen, long and thick and perfect in size, smooth rounded
head like a mushroom, long veined stem. Her mouth salivated
at the thought of what he was going to do with it.
He held his cock out to her as her mouth opened, and placed
the tip on her lips as she licked it slow, he moved it lower
to go deeper in to her mouth and she opened and took, She licked
and sucked him with her mouth, she sucked on the head and
swirled her tongue around the rim, his body shivered. He
almost came for the joy of it all.
His hands went to her tits and massaged them, her nipples
begged to be touched but he ignored them, Linda had moved
up on top of carlyn and help her self to some dick too. He looked
down as they both licked and sucked his fat cock in Unisom
both stopping at times to kiss each other. Linda took a turn
at swallowing him deep in her throat, and carlyn specialized
in licking him from top to bottom. It was a sight her would
never forget.
He was about to cum and he held on to it, he did not want to let
it go right now. As Linda’s body was on top of carlyn he was
able to move both of there legs wide apart, and rub one hand
on Linda’s ass and pussy and the other hand down into Carlyn’s
pussy. Both girls wiggled together on the bed, Linda’s
hairy pussy causing havoc with Carlyn’s, a kind of friction
that made fire burn in her body. As Linda’s orgasm was on
the way, David had a whip that he held up in one hand and gave
her several lashed across her tight ass. With each blow
carlyn felt as if she could feel Linda’s orgasm too, her
body shook and quaked into hers.
David could see that Linda was on fire, her hot ass grinding
into Carlyn hot cunt; he could tell that Linda was about
to blow. So he gave her a few more whips and she blew. Her body
jolting on top of Carlyn’s her hot sticky creamed oozing
out her body. David had his fingers still buried in Carlyn’s
pussy as her hips rotated back and forth. He looked at her
while Linda moved to the side.
He climbed between her legs spreading them and he drove
his hard cock home, filled her to over brimming. Carlyn
could feel him so long and so hard deep inside her, that she
screamed, she called out his name, Linda patted her tits
in the aftermath of her orgasm too sated to assist. David’s
hips moved in and out of Carlyn’s pussy, holding her thighs
wide apart, spreading her open for better access, her wanted
to claim her, her wanted to posses her, he would not stop
until her could feel her cum on his bog dick, until she begged
him to stop.
He kept going fucking like there was no tomorrow. He quickly
pulled her up and turned her over, doggie style, she poked
her white ass in the ass and he climbed behind her ready to
penetrate her sweet pussy some more. Her tits dangling
down as Linda’s reach under her and grabbed one and milked
Carlyn’s tits, pulling and tugging at her nipples.
She backed her ass into David and met each thrust he gave
her. He pounded her pussy harder and harder; he could feel
the pressure building in his balls, that familiar bubbling
feeling of a tidal wave, coming to sweep him up. She could
feel that cock in the back of her throat. Linda then lay with
her pussy under Carlyn’s mouth and pushed her head down
to eat her. Carlyn was not shy and she ate her pussy. She lick
with smooth strong strokes, licking and sucking Linda,
tasting her juices as the flowed out of her, she inserted
a finger into Linda’s pussy fingering her very fast and
hard, Lind was on the verge of another one and she let it go,
because she could not hold it any longer and she let go. Her
head whipped across the pillow back and forth like an animal
in heat.
Meanwhile David continued to fuck Carlyn, he could feel
her pussy tighten up, and he felt it begin to thump around
his cock. She was almost there, she told David to fuck her
and he did. Hips moving in and out. His fingers quickly slipped
into her well-lubricated ass, after Linda had eaten and
licked her clean earlier and finger fucker her tight asshole.
Carlyn could not take it she had so many things going on and
emotions running across her body that she let it go and she
came, he whole body jolted as she gave in to her orgasm. It
like an earthquake, tremor after tremor. David was wild
as he fucked her in and out in and out. Linda quickly moved
around to David watching his cock move inside out Carlyn’s
pussy, he was at wits end and he could hold back no longer.
He felt the first jolt as he pulled out and Linda took him
deep into her mouth and sucked him dry, She swallowed every
bit of his cum, drinking it down her throat at each shudder
she could feel the cum splash against the back of her throat
and she loved it.
Everybody exhausted, they lay in a heap upon the bed, breathing
hard and both girls cuddling around David. Then all was
done for this evening, there was enough sex in the air to
last a week, and very few get to conquer it so much in one day…but
we tried.

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Very Hott Missy! You left me exhausted from just reading
this...can only imagine the energy it took for you to write
it! Thanks!