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Three's Company


Chapter 1 The First Kiss
Having decided to finally meet this interesting on-line
lover, Trish followed Debbie’s directions to a place she
had chosen for a first meeting over drinks; in the hopes
of meeting a friend, or maybe finding a lover. She followed
each step of the directions she had stared at over the last
week, memorized word for word with the anticipation of
Christmas as a little girl; and with a visualization of
the turns and landmarks in her mind, merging with her fantasies
and desires. The trip goes fast. Much too fast. What should
have been an hour of travel now feels like minutes. As she
pulls into the shopping plaza Debbie describes in her directions,
Trish sees the restaurant with a deck overlooking a peaceful
pond. Getting out of the car and walking toward the restaurant,
she has a sudden urge to turn and run back to her car, climb
in and go back home. The urge passes quickly with a deep longing
desire replacing this urge to flee and she moves toward
the door with measured steps. Walking into the restaurant,
Trish feels like every person in the room knows why she is
there, self conscious in her gate and manner. Her mind is
reeling. How could these people know? But what felt like
knowing stares were only long glances by men admiring her
beautiful body, dressed in a short black skirt and high
heeled shoes; and their own women, jealous of the attention
being given to this interloper.
Walking faster now, she makes her way toward the veranda,
moving between an old couple sipping a deep red burgundy
with a glint of love in their old and wrinkled eyes. Love
is in the air. She feels it around her, with in her. She has
never felt so very alive as this moment. The anticipation
is tremendous. She feels the tightening in her loins and
a bead of sweat rolling down her back as she openes the door
leading to her waiting date. And there she is, sitting facing
the door with her arm draped over the back of her chair, and
her legs crossed, revealing her milky thighs and her high
healed shoes. Their eyes meet, locked and a smile draws
across Debbie's reddened lips as she begins to motion
for Trish to join her.
The small talk moves along at the speed of light, too fast
to capture with the racing of two hearts, longing to touch
for the first time, yet constrained by the roving eyes of
the men and women, glancing at these two beauties, captured
in each other's eyes and obviously more than mere friends.
Not being able to wait any longer, Debbie motions for Trish
to walk with her as she drops some cash on the table for the
waiter for their drinks, a waiter who is all too attentive
with more on his mind than serving drinks. As they walk across
the floor, eyes turn to view the movement of hips and legs
and breasts, exuding a sexual energy which could light
up the bar.
Moving toward the path around the pond, Debbie reaches
to Trish and gently grasps her hand, a small static spark
seeming to jump at the touch. Her hand feels cool and soft;
caressing and inviting as the two women make their way to
the shadows near the water. Debbie, spotting a bench, smiles
and tugs Trish's hand as she playfully moves to sit,
turning her body so that their knees touch. Now with a more
mischievous grin, Debbie whispers that the waiter has
followed them to the edge of the path, watching their every
move. Wanting to give him a show, Debbie reaches for Trish's
face and moves her mouth to Trish's waiting lips, placing
the most gentle and sweet kiss, and mingling their shades
of lipstick. Trish, feeling the tightening in her thighs
and wetness growing between her legs moves closer, pressing
her lips tighter to Debbie's, letting her cares of
the world fade and losing herself in this first and most
passionate kiss.
Chapter 2 The Awakening
The feelings were indescribable. Trish felt exposed,
naked in one instant and completely protected and cocooned
in Debbie's arms the next. It didn't matter if
the waiter or the whole restaurant was standing right there
beside her as her whole being was focused only on her own
lips crushed against Debbie's full mouth, their tongues
mingling and her hands feeling the fullness of Debbie's
ample breasts. Debbie pulls away gently, smiling into
Trish's eyes as she caresses her face, returning to
place a gentle butterfly kiss on her lips. Flustered beyond
any words, Trish just lookes longingly at Debbie, prepared
to delve into the warmth of her lips, wanting nothing more
than to lose herself in that deep passionate kiss. Debbie
takes Trish's hand and begin leading her back up the
path and toward the restaurant with their waiter still
watching from the corner of the building. Without even
a glance, Debbie askes him if he enjoyed the show as she continued
on, not waiting for an answer. Now at her van, Debbie openes
the passenger door and assists Trish to her seat, helping
her maintain her balance on shaking knees. Before closing
the door, Trish touches Debbie's hand, lookes her
in the eyes and tells her that she wants her, more than anything
she has ever wanted before. Debbie leans forward; planting
another gentle kiss on her lips as her hand gently brushes
Trish's knee sending shivers up her spine. Debbie
climbes in the driver's side and tells her it is time
to go home.
The ride seems to last forever with anticipation their
passenger, every second seeming to last a lifetime. Trish
wants to climb back into Debbie's arms and lose herself
again in that passionate kiss, but instead satisfies herself
to rub Debbie's leg using the tips of her fingers and
painted nails. Debbie, smiling slyly, gently touches
Trish’s hand, moving it closer toward the warm space between
her legs, and making an audible moan as Trish's hand
finds the smooth, most folds of flesh unencumbered by panties
or hose. Feeling this new sensation, Trish's hand
begins to move with a life of it's own, pressing between
the folds and into the wetness, her finger slipping deep
into the hot slippery hole, her thumb finding the clit and
moving the skin gently and rubbing the engorged button.
Debbie moans louder, the van starting to drift into the
oncoming lane as she corrects it. Thankfully, they are
now just making the final turn into a driveway.
Not able to even move, Debbie grasps Trish's hand,
bringing it up to her lips and slowly sucking the length
of her fingers as she smiles into Trish’s eyes with a mischievous
glint as she tastes her own juices coating her well manicured
fingers. Finally, the two ladies walk toward the in-law
apartment near the driveway, lit by a single candle to guide
their way. Debbie lites other candles giving the room an
eerie glow with the scent of cinnamon and lavender permeating
the air. Turning back her attention to Trish, she moves
closer, grasping her and pulling her body closer, planting
a kiss on her lips as she expertly begins unzipping the sexy
black dress, quickly tossed aside, crumpled on the floor
in a pile. She reaches behind Trish; grasping the hooks
on the lacy bra, freeing her shaply breasts from their confines,
and slipping the straps off of her shoulders and letting
it fall to the floor with the dress. Trish's heart is
racing faster with each passing moment, feeling completely
exposed, nude yet secure with a kindred soul also longing
for female fulfillment. Turned on as never before with
this woman gently touching her, Trish anticipates Debbie’s
hot tongue moving across her body and finding her hot wet
spot so needing of attention. All at once, Trish begins
to feel her legs buckle as Debbie's arms guide her to
the bed. She lays there, watching Debbie’s full lips move
to her heaving chest, her nipple hard and waiting for the
feel of that hot tongue. Trish moves her hand behind Debbie’s
shoulders as she begins drawing her down on the bed next
to her, planting a gentle kiss on her lips.
Trish, with new found strength and a burning desire, then
begins to remove Debbie's clothing starting with
her shoes and moving to her stockings and garter belt, then
her dress zipper, letting Debbie slip her dress down and
pulling it off of her sexy body. Moving to her breasts, Trish
cups them in the bra, moving it up over the her head, not wanting
to take the time to unhook the straps; and bringing those
glorious nipples to her own lips. Debbie, freeing the strap,
lets the bra slip off as Trish moves her hands and lips across
her nipples and breasts. All at once, her desire takes over
and she begins kneading each breast, making oral love to
the nipple of one and then the other, moving faster as she
begins pressing them together and tonguing between them
and grasping both nipples into her mouth. She tastes something
sweet and feels a warm liquid on her chin as she realizes
that Debbie's breasts are leaking mother’s milk.
All the more excited with this new found gift, Trish begins
squeezing the ample breasts, letting the milk spurt and
catching the gush in her lips, allowing some to run down
her chin and onto her own chest. Debbie is breathing hard
now, grabbing her own breasts and squeezing more milk into
Trish's waiting mouth. Trish, smelling the musky
scent of woman emanating from between the hot wet spot between
Debbie's legs, moves her head down, kissing and nibbling
as her lips travel to this special destination. The scent
makes her more excited as her fingers find Debbie's
cunt, spreading the lips as her mouth closes on her target,
taking Debbie's clit into her mouth and slipping her
tongue between the wet folds of flesh and onto the button.
Debbie's back arches, an even louder moan emanating
from deep in her throat as her hands find the back of Trish's
head, pressing it harder and harder, grinding it between
her legs, moving her hips slightly in a circular motion,
with a life of their own. Sensing Debbie's impending
climax, Trish slips another finger into Debbie’s now drenched
pussy and a finger into her slippery ass as she bucks and
trashes, grinding Trish's face against her burning
pussy. With a final push, Trish tightens her mouth around
Debbie’s clitoris, pressing her tongue into the hood as
Debbie screams and moans as orgasm after orgasm washs through
her body and juices flow, drenching Trish's hands
and lips. Finally settling into the afterglow of a mind
blowing full body orgasm, Debbie pulls Trish's face
up to her lips, kissing gently, moving her tongue in Trish's
mouth and tasting her own juices. Just then, the door opens
quietly, a dark shadow standing near the door. Debbie smiles
at Trish and whispers that now it was her turn....
Chapter 3 The Stranger
Debbie, turning to the shadows and reaching out her hand,
whispers toward the darkness that it was time for Trish
to meet another new lover. Dan steps forward, taking Debbie’s
outstretched hand, moving into the flickering light and
showing his tanned, bare and smooth chest and silk boxer’s,
obviously straining under the stress of a confined erection.
Seeing his predicament, Debbie reaches down, placing
her fingers into his waistband and expertly draws the shorts
over the erection and to the floor. “You look much more comfortable, ”
she says, noticing the growing smile on his lips. “I want
you to meet my new lover, Trish.” Dan takes Trish’s hand
in both of his and gently kisses them. Trish, her mind reeling
from the evening so far, smiles back as her eyes keep moving
down to the erection almost at eye level. The urge to move
forward and take this hard cock into her mouth is immense,
as she felt her body moving toward Dan’s straining appendage.
Noticing Trish’s desire, Debbie grabs Dan’s cock with
her hand and points it toward Trish’s lips, urging her to
take a taste. Taste she does, first placing her lips gently
on the head, tasting the slightly salty pre-cum coating
the surface, and pressing her face forward, to engulf Dan’s
now pulsating cock deep into her mouth and throat. As she
moves her mouth deeper on his hard cock, she feels the tip
touch the back of her throat as her lips gently kissed Debbie’s
hand, still gently holding his engorged appendage. She
moves her lips back along the length of his cock, lingering
with the head between her lips and swirling her tongue across
his glans and tasting more of that slightly salty and very
pleasurable taste. She now moves her hand to the base of
Dan’s cock, wrapping her hand around Debbie’s hand and
pushing her face deeper onto his pole, now slick with saliva
and seminal fluid and moving across her tongue and throat.
Not wanting to bogart this joint, Trish pulls her face away
from Dan’s cock, keeping her lips closed and sucking away
the excess saliva and seminal fluid, parting her lips from
the head of the cock and moving her hand to point the cock
head toward Debbie, her benefactor for this treat. Debbie,
not waiting for an invitation, moves her head forward,
engulfing Dan’s hard cock deep into her mouth, sucking
and swirling her tongue as his cock moves through her mouth
and into her throat. Moving her head faster now, she moves
her mouth off of Dan’s cock, pursing her lips and running
them and her hot tongue across the length of his cock, moving
her mouth down to Dan’s balls, flicking her tongue and moving
back up toward the cock head. Seeing this opportunity,
Trish moves her mouth back to Dan’s cock, sucking along
the length, matching Debbie’s stroke and kissing Debbie’s
sweet lips as they both pleasure Dan’s cock. Debbie, realizing
the pleasure of moving with Trish’s lips, lets her tongue
flick at her lips while licking Dan’s cock as she grips the
back of Trish’s head to better time her strokes. Dan’s cock
pulsates between their lips, his face contorting with
the pleasure of these two beautiful women making mad and
passionate love to his raging cock. With a moan starting
deep in his throat, he starts to pull back as his climax begins,
now past the point of no return; but Trish quickly moves
her mouth over the head of his cock, taking the first hot
eruption of jism as she grips the base of his cock to maintain
the flow. She moves the now spurting cock back to Debbie’s
lips as a spurt flys, landing across Debbie’s lips before
she could move her mouth over the head and accept the next
spurt. Trish moves her hand up the shaft, milking every
last drop of cum from Dan’s throbbing organ into Debbie’s
waiting mouth as Debbie moves her tongue across the cock
head, smearing the cum across his cock and on Trish’s hand.
Trish moves her lips back over the smeared cum, flicking
her tongue across it and into Debbie’s waiting mouth, sharing
the taste of cum with her lover.
Dan’s moaning increases as the two sets of lips continued
to move across the head of his cock, now ultra sensitive
and creating a mixture of pleasure and pain almost difficult
to stand; yet not wanting to stop these mouths working up
and down, creating this most erotic sensation. The girls,
having cleaned the cum from Dan’s cock, moved to clean the
cum from each other’s lips and face, pushing hair away and
kissing the droplets of cum from each other’s face.
Dan, his hormones raging with these two beautiful women
kissing each other, moves between Trish’s legs as he begins
planting small kisses from her knee up to her thigh and into
the fold near her pussy; smelling the musky fragrance of
desire emanating from those wet lips, now opening up as
Trish moves her knees apart to allow better access. Seeing
this opening, Debbie gently moves her kisses down Trish’s
neck, nibbling at her ear as she moves her head down to her
breasts, now beginning to heave with the pleasure building
between her legs. Taking Trish’s breasts in her hands,
Debbie flicks her tongue across the nipples gently at first,
wetting them and mixing her saliva with the beads of sweat
and sweet smell of perfume emanating from Trish’s pores.
Feeling this new sensation, Trish’s head falls back and
a gasp leaves her lips and she begins to moan with the feeling
of a hot tongue now deep in her pussy; and lips and teeth on
her hard nipples. She raises her leg onto Dan’s shoulder
to give him more access, which he willingly takes by sticking
two fingers deep into Trish’s pussy, causing her to buck
slightly and to audibly moan. Continuing to tongue her
clit and flick his tongue deep into her pussy, Trish’s climax
begins to build, starting deep with in her pussy and emanating
through her loins and up her body. Her whole being is now
one erogenous zone, every nerve ending alive with tongues
and teeth and fingers bringing her closer and closer to
Feeling this change, Debbie moves her mouth down to Trish’s
now drenched pussy to taste the flow now causing a growing
wet spot on the side of the bed. Bringing her hands down to
Trish’s ass and pussy, Debbie inserts two fingers into
Trish’s hot and pulsating pussy and a finger into her waiting
ass. Trish bucks again and gasps, feeling an orgasm shooting
through her and starting a chain of orgasms pulsating through
her pussy and across her entire pubic region. Debbie moves
her lips over Trish’s clit, sucking in the little bead and
moving her tongue across and under the hood, causing Trish
to buck faster and moan, thrashing her legs and hips. Dan
moves his mouth to Trish’s lips, placing a deep passionate
kiss and mixing his saliva, her own pussy juice and her own
saliva together in this ultra erotic cocktail. Tasting
her own musky scent, her orgasm overpowers her, sending
shock waves through her body. Her eyes clenched tightly
shut, a white light flashs behind her eye lids as her orgasm
almost causes her to faint, coursing across her body in
wave after wave. This intense sensation quickly subsides
as her pulsating pussy begins to slow, the orgasms coming
less intense and less frequent.
Debbie moves lower to lick the juices from around Trish’s
thighs and pussy, purposely missing her clit, knowing
how sensitive even the slightest touch would be. Trish
was now laying deep into the mattress as Debbie crawls over
her now almost lifeless body, drenched in sweat yet tingling
at every nerve ending. Smiling, Debbie asks how she feels
as she moves some matted hairs away from Trish’s eyes. Trish
only smiles, the sensations almost overloading her brain
and not allowing her mouth to move or words to come out. Debbie,
still smiling, simply tells her that the best was yet to
Chapter 4 Pounding Waves
She must have nodded off for just a moment because Trish
suddenly awakens thinking she was having the most beautiful
dream. That is until she sees her dream gazing back at her,
moving her lips toward her own to plant a gentle kiss on them.
It wasn’t a dream at all. It was as real as the two beautiful
milk engorged breasts her lips were just recently suckling.
But where was Dan? And where was his recently hard cock,
which exploded so much cum in her mouth? She could still
taste the salty and slightly musky taste mixed in with her
own pussy juices; and Debbie’s sweet mother’s milk mixed
in as well. This one sense was almost overloaded although
wasn’t it sensory overload which had almost caused her
to faint? She is still thinking of the intense pleasure
of her orgasm and the sensations engulfing her body.
Debbie askes her if she is able to get up. Nodding yes but
not really sure if she could, Trish props herself up on one
elbow and moves her feet to the floor, testing it’s stability
and her ability to stop the room from moving. A cool gust
of air from the open door helps clear her head and she now
feels able to comply with Debbie’s request. Trish is about
to grab her clothing when Debbie tells her not to worry about
them since she wouldn’t need that where they were going.
Confused although not able to question this, Trish holds
Debbie by the waist and walks out the back door leading to
a walkway, now lit with candles causing an eerie glow against
the almost pitch black night. Then she sees it. An oval shape,
obviously a pool with a human shape swimming across the
almost still water, partially lit by the flickering candles
near the edge of the water.
The night air perks her up and her nipples became erect again
with the soft, cool hand of the breeze caressing them. Trish
begins to get her own wind back now, her energy level rising
along with her libido.
Debbie leads Trish to a table with a wine bottle and two glasses,
cold and freshly poured. She takes both glasses and hands
one to Trish, and raises her own glass in a toast to friends
and lovers. Trish drink her wine in a larger than normal
gulp, not waiting to test the bouquet. Her second sip gives
her a better taste, and she enjoys the delicate fruity flavor,
which compliments the other tastes of herself and her lovers
still lingering in her pallet.
Debbie leads Trish to the edge of the pool where they watch
as Dan swims back from the other end, doing a backstroke
with his flaccid cock and balls peaking out of the dark water
Debbie climbs into the pool first, setting her glass down
on the side of the deck and holds her hand to Trish to help
her down. Trish follows Debbie’s lead and climbs down the
ladder and into the cool and inviting pool, now reawakening
her mind and clearing her head. Debbie, her hands still
outstretched, guides Trish’s lovely soft ass into the
water, caressing it as she moves, longing to kiss and nibble
it as well. Instead, Debbie moves Trish to her, taking her
now empty wineglass and placing it on the pool deck. She
then turns and kissesTrish’s lips, encircling her waist
and rubbing the small of her back as their breasts press
together, nipples touching.
Dan, having moved behind Trish, grabs her hips and moves
her ass slightly outward as he places his now hard cock between
her legs, probing for that warm, wet spot now hungry for
a hot cock. Quickly finding it’s target, Dan gently thrusts
his hips forward, plunging his cock deep into Trish’s warm
and wet pussy, picking her buoyant body out of the water.
Debbie holds fast to keep her from slipping under the water,
continuing to kiss her sweet lips and caress her breasts.
Trish is now pushing her ass back to meet Dan’s thrusts,
movement for movement, trying to continue kissing Debbie’s
lips but needing to bite her own to keep from crying out in
pleasure. Debbie moves her lips down to those beautiful
breasts, holding both in her hands and moving her lips,
teeth and tongue between them. Trish moans, pushing her
head back as Dan’s thrusts became deeper and stronger,
causing water to splash on her back and shoulders; causing
her hips to move away, forcing her to push her ass back to
meet Dan’s next thrust.
Dan is now moving his hips in a steady cadence pressing his
hips hard against Trish’s soft and supple ass, causing
waves of pleasure along with those in the water. Debbie
moves her hand to Trish’s pussy and began stroking her clit,
slippery under the water, with Dan’s cock still pounding
deep into her waiting pussy.
Trish begins to feel the tingling in her pussy with the beginning
of an orgasm with a hard cock pounding deep with in her, and
Debbie’s talented fingers pressed hard against her pubic
bone, fingers working her clit in a circular motion. The
pressure builds and she feels Dan’s hands tighten on her
hips and feels the pulsating of his cock, now ready to burst
deep inside her. The sensations are too much and her orgasm
explods, causing her to push her ass back harder than before,
almost knocking Dan back, although he holds on tight with
his fingers digging into Trish’s hips, pushing his strokes
faster and deeper as Trish’s pussy pulsates in orgasm.
He makes one last push, grabbing Trish’s hips hard and moaned
loudly in a primeval guttural groan and his hot cock spurts
it’s load deep into Trish’s waiting pussy. Trish feels
the explosion, triggering another orgasm as she continues
to grind her ass into Dan’s thigh, forcing that hot cock
and spurting cum deeper into her.
Dan’s strokes slow although he continues to stroke long
strokes as his erection continues but the pulsating fades.
Dan’s hands continued to grip her hips but are not digging
into them, although leaving marks. Finally, Dan pulls
his cock out as he moves his lips onto her neck and shoulder,
caressing them with his hands and kissing and nibbling
them. His flaccid cock is now lodged between Trish's
ass cheeks, moving up and down, warming her flesh and gently
probing her asshole. Debbie stops rubbing Trish’s pussy
but continues with slow and gently strokes of her breasts,
stomach and thighs.
This must have been what heaven was like. That was the thought
going through Trish’s mind as her two lovers caress her
body, now tingling again with nerve endings alive with
energy never before felt. She could have stayed between
her two lovers forever, never needing nourishment or clothing
as long as they continued to touch, kiss and nibble. The
afterglow was tremendous; almost lighting the blackness
of the night as the warmth built up in her body dissipated
into the cool water. She felt like slipping away under the
water, not even trying to move her arms or legs to stop herself.
But her lovers kept her standing there, still wanting more
in spite of the pleasure experienced far beyond what would
ever be expected on a normal night. But this was no normal
night. This was her awakening.
Chapter 5
How much pleasure can the human body withstand? Has anyone
ever asked that question? Even more important, has anyone
ever found the answer? Trish thought she was well on her
way to finding out. If it wasn’t for the cool water flowing
gently around her still warm vagina and bringing down her
body temperature from the physical exertion of raw, animalistic
sex, Trish knew she would never be able to continue having
sex tonight. She would either be asleep, exhausted to the
point of dreamless unconsciousness or well on her way there.
It was only the combination of her lovers slowly building
her excitement from the afterglow of orgasm and the cool
air and water lapping against her well-stimulated body.

Trish moved to the pool ladder, grasped the handles and
pulled herself up to the deck, letting the water drip from
her body as the air caressed her skin, bringing to life the
very same nerve endings just recently causing almost impossible
pleasure. The breeze was gentle and cool. Trish noticed
Dan looking into her eyes and she held his gaze, noticing
his cock just under the water beginning to inflate and bob
to the surface. This was impossible. It couldn’t be. Trish
never knew she had the power to turn someone on with just
a gaze; but here was proof. This growing cock, now having
cum twice this evening, and now building for a third showing.
A smile grew on her lips as her tongue licked the edges of
her lips, moving across her lips and causing her nipples
to harden even more with the sensation of her own tongue
against her lips. She held her hand out toward Dan, longing
to hold him, caress him and to take that wonderful cock into
her mouth and feel it with her tongue. Dan saw this invitation
and moved toward the ladder, leaving the pool in one step.
She watched as that hardening cock protruded from his body,
swinging as he moved toward her. He grabbed her hand and
pulled her to him, moving his body to hers and feeling the
warmth emanating from each other, their lust growing.
Trish felt his hard cock against her pussy as she moved her
hips closer to feel the stiffness against her clit. Dan
began a slow dance as he moved his hips down and back up again,
slowly stroking his how rigid pole against Trish’s now
wet pussy lips, causing her to quietly moan against his
So caught up in this mating dance, neither Dan nor Trish
noticed Debbie leave the pool, grab a towel and go into the
house. Continuing their humping and grinding in the flickering
candle lit night, both were lost in their own prurient desire.
Trish moved her hips higher to improve the angle to Dan’s
cock as she moved her hand down to guide his cock head into
her waiting pussy. On his next upstroke, Dan’s cock plunged
deep into Trish’s waiting pussy as she raised herself on
her toes to keep him from slipping out.
Unnoticed, Debbie opened the door to the deck and moved
behind Trish as she guided a new protrusion toward Trish’s
ass. Startled, Trish gasped at the feeling of something
hard against her asshole. She turned her head to see her
other lover smiling and holding one hand around the base
of her new strap on cock, rigid and standing at attention.
Trish let out a laugh at the look at her feminine lover sporting
a raging hard on and aiming it at her. Debbie moved her hand
up and down the rigid cock as if masturbating it and making
it harder. Trish could see some glistening fluid making
the cock slick and allowing Debbie’s hand to slide. Still
plunging his hard cock deep into Trish’s pussy, Dan now
placed one foot on a chair and hiked Trish’s left leg onto
his own, now baring her asshole to Debbie, intent on fucking
Trish’s ass. Debbie dropped to one knee, holding one hand
on each ass cheek as she moved her tongue from Trish’s lower
thigh up her ass and across her asshole. Trish shivered
at the feeling which caused her to gush some liquid from
her now raging hot pussy and onto Dan’s cock and balls. Debbie
continued to lick up and down Trish’s ass, lingering across
her asshole. Then she plunged her rigid tongue into Trish’s
waiting ass, burying her face deep into Trish’s ass cheeks.
Trish gasped audibly at the sensation as she ground her
hips harder against Dan’s, still plunging his cock deep
into her pussy.
Debbie moved up again, caressed Trish’s ass and aimed her
cock at that waiting button as she moved forward. At first,
the cock was stopped by the sphincter muscle holding it
at bay, but Debbie’s warming exercise won over with the
muscle loosening as the cock head plunged into Trish’s
waiting ass. Trish moaned louder as the rigid cock stretched
her ass and Dan’s cock stretched her pussy. She ground her
hips harder into Dan’s on one stroke and pushed her ass toward
Debbie’s new cock on the backstroke plunging that new cock
deeper into her ass. The feeling was incredible with two
hard cocks buried deep with in her as she moved, impaled
between them. Debbie gripped Trish’s hips, pulling them
against her cock as it plunged into Trish’s ass, now slick
with lubricant and body fluid. Trish felt another orgasm
building deep with in her as she lost herself in the sensation,
sandwiched between two hard cocks, and the two lovers attached
to them.
Dan began to breathe heavier, his orgasm building. Trish,
sensing this moved herself so that Dan would lose his angle,
causing him to slip out of her hot, slick pussy. She whispered
to Dan that she wanted him to fuck Debbie hard and fast while
Debbie was fucking her. Dan smiled as he moved around the
back of Debbie, who was still fucking Trish; now bent over
and holding the chair to steady herself. One of Trish’s
hands moved to her own clit which she began rubbing as Debbie’s
hard cock plunged deeper into her waiting asshole.
Dan moved his rigid pole against Debbie’s soaking pussy
lips and slid it in deeply in one stroke. Debbie moaned,
not losing a stroke as she continued to ream Trish’s ass.
Dan continued long strokes matching Debbie’s strokes
as he clutched her thighs, pulling them harder and harder
against himself. Debbie, now turned on beyond all belief
at her first experience fucking a woman’s ass, began to
build her own climax as Dan pushed his cock harder and harder
against her pussy. Debbie’s strap on pushed against her
own clit, causing her to plunge the cock harder and harder
against Trish'’ ass to continue the sensation. Trish,
quickly building herself to a climax, began to moan louder
and louder, pushing her ass harder against Debbie’s thighs.
Debbie began moaning as well at the building orgasm quickly
spreading across her pubis as her entire body began to convulse.
Her moan grew louder and more guttural as she pushed her
new cock harder still into Trish; also moaning as her own
orgasm plunged herself into a bright light, as she almost
lost consciousness at the shear force of the contractions
deep with in her pussy. Dan gasped, moaned and grunted as
his cock exploded deep with in Debbie’s pussy, plunging
his seed as far in as it would go..
Trish’s orgasm began to subside as she slumped forward,
resting her body against the chair, now holding her from
collapsing on the deck. Debbie, now spent herself, slowly
moved her hard cock from Trish’s now well fucked asshole
as she rested her face against Trish’s back, kissing up
her spine and nibbling at her neck. Dan, still rigid, continued
to stroke slowly, enjoying the afterglow erection, continuing
after his wad was spent.
Pulling his cock out of Debbie’s pussy, he moved to embrace
her and kiss her back while moving his hand to caress Trish’s
breast. Trish, now almost completely spent, moved around
to kiss Debbie’s lips as her arms moved to steady herself
with in her embrace. Debbie asked her if she wanted to jump
into the pool to cool off but she said no, there was something
else she wanted to do first. Trish moved away from Debbie,
taking her hand and leading her to a lounge chair. Debbie,
unsure what was expected of her, sat back into the chair,
moving her legs up in the reclining position. Trish moved
one leg off of the chair as she placed her body onto Debbie’s
with her face at about thigh level. Trish used her fingers
to spread Debbie’s pussy lips as she moved her mouth to her
still hot pussy to taste her juices and Dan’s cum. Debbie
spread her legs further apart, giving Trish more access
to her cunt, now dripping with fluid. Trish plunged her
tongue deep into Debbie’s pussy, tasting her musky taste
mixed with Dan’s salty cum. She licked up from the bottom
of her slit, lapping up the juices now flowing from Debbie’s
pussy. She moved her tongue into Debbie’s pussy and began
to fuck her with it, pressing her nose against Debbie’s
pubic bone with each stroke as she lapped up the pussy juices.
Debbie, feeling an orgasm building again, grasped Trish’s
head, grinding it harder into her pussy, hiking her legs
up more to allow Trish’s tongue to plunge deeper. She moved
Trish’s head with each stroke as her climax began to build,
until it was unleashed in a flow from deep with in, gushing
juices into Trish’s face causing her to lap faster and faster
to keep up. Trish, moving her hand to her own pussy, rubbed
her clit, causing her to go over the edge again, falling
into another deep seated orgasm; causing her to see a white
light as the intense pressure released.
Both women, now completely satisfied, looked over to see
what Dan was doing. He was sitting in a lawn chair, not more
than five feet away, with his legs up on the arm of another
chair as he stroke his now hard cock in his hands with a wry
smile on his lips. He looked at each woman lying there together
and asked them who was next. Debbie and Trish looked at each
other and said in unison, “I am!” as they broke out laughing.
Dan just smiled as he stroked his member, waiting for his
next time up at bat.
Note to the Reader:
If you do like the story, leave me a comment. If it gets you
wet or hard, it would be nice to know. If it doesn't,
let me know why and what would make it better. I hope you do
enjoy this story and am looking forward to your comments...

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your story was very good it made me so horny i had to play with
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