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The very unexpected twist in our marriage


It was finally Thursday and the day each week when I stopped
for a beer or two with some of the guys I work with. It always
felt like a mini kickoff to my weekend since all I had left
to work was Friday and Friday's were always an easy
day. In other words my mood was good and my sprits soaring
when the afternoon finally came to a close.

And just before five, I called my wife Pam to say hi, see how
her day went and also remind her I was stopping for a few beers,
so not to wait for me for dinner. Pam and I had been married
for a little over twenty years and I might add, shared a really
good marriage together. I always thought one of the secrets
to our good marriage was that we always gave each other a
little space to balance out all our togetherness.

So I guess my Thursday night beer night was just one of those
times when I had some space for me that didn't include
my wife or family. "Hi honey, how was your day?"
Pam asked me as soon as she answered the phone. I told her
it was hectic but now it was over before I reminded her that
I was stopping at the bar. "Oh that is fine. Cindy is
coming over for dinner tonight. I want to try this new recipe
I found last week in a magazine, " Pam said sounded
very upbeat and her usual happy self. So like we always did,
we told each of we loved one another before we hung up.

I got to the bar around five thirty or so and Ken and Rick were
already there at the bar enjoying a cold one. I ordered a
beer and like most other Thursday nights, the three of us
kicked back, relaxed and talked about guy things. And if
you wondering what guy things we talked about, I would say
sports first and then sex. Depending on the time of year
some weeks the sports took up most of our conversations
and at other times the sex did.

On that particular week not much was going on in the world
of sports so our conversation quickly shifted to sex. And
the other reason it turned to sex quicker than usual was
because two attractive women, about our age, had just walked
into the bar minutes earlier. We were all in our forties
at the time and the ladies appeared to also be.

Thinking we were three charming, worldly men, we called
for the cocktail waitress to give each of the women a drink
on us. That then turned into the two women walking over to
our table and joining us after they had gotten their drinks.
It was a first for sure but then both ladies had wedding rings
on and so did all three of us, so it may have felt odd but everyone
was still well behaved.

They introduced themselves as Ashley and Barbara and I
have to admit, right from the start I felt a little connection
with Barbara. We exchanged a bit of eye contact as they explained
they had been shopping all afternoon and had decided to
stop for a drink. "Well, we are sure glad you did, "
Rick told them as all five of us laughed.

Ashley was the more forward of the two and was the one asked
us what we were doing in the bar. We explained that we all
worked together and we stopped every Thursday for a drink
or two. "And your wives don't mind?" Barbara
asked. Ken explained that our wives knew and approved of
letting us guys let off a little steam.

Immediately Ashley giggled and asked Ken what he meant
by letting off a little steam. Yes, there were definitely
some strong sexual undertones flowing at the table by then.
I remember at one point Barbara looked at me and smiled as
if she was coming on to me. But I realized she wasn't
and this was all in my imagination although it did wonders
for my ego. The two women hung around at the table with the
three of us for about an hour before they thanked us for the
drinks and said they needed to head home.

My night went a bit later than usual, due to the two ladies,
so I didn't get home until around seven thirty. Pam
was still in a good mood and asked me if I had fun. And I asked
her how her new recipe tasted. We both then just settled
in for another normal night of TV before it was time for bed.

But my mind had been thinking about Ashley and especially
Barbara, a little more than it should have so when Pam and
I crawled into bed after the late news, I reached for my wife,
hoping she was also in the mood. Pam was always so soft and
I loved holding her against me while we kissed. And luckily
Pam quickly moved over to my side of the bed and let her soft
breasts crush up against my chest as our lips met.

Pam and I had been making love for so long we just knew what
each other liked and what each other needed. So it didn't
take Pam very long to get me hard as she ground her panties
against my crotch while we made out. "You got hard
pretty fast tonight, " Pam whispered at one point
as we embraced each other as part of our slow build up.

Maybe I wasn't thinking straight because of my erection
or maybe I was just plain stupid because I then mentioned
Ashley and Barbara to my wife. Immediately Pam pulled back
for a second and just looked at me very strangely. "So
what exactly as you saying?" She asked. I told Pam
I wasn't saying anything except two women sat at our
table and we all talked in the bar.

"No one did anything wrong. We were all happily married"
I added as my wife held back for a few more seconds. "But
one or both of them turned you on, " She said. I explained
they really didn't turn me on but talking with two attractive
women did get me in the mood and that is why I was so horny next
to her in our bed.

My wife then came back even tighter to me as our lips met and
the party was on. Pam's panties came off shortly after
a brief chat and I found her pussy to be nice the juicy, just
the way I like it. It has always been one hell of an experience
for both of us when Pam and I make love. Of course there is
the incredible physical pleasure we share but it goes even
deeper than that.

At one point I was lying on my back with Pam straddling my
body as she rode up and down on my throbbing hard shaft. I
love to watch Pam get so much into it, she lets her nostrils
flare as she struggled to breath. My wife's slippery
tunnel was clinging to my hard cock like she was never going
to let it go as she whimpered softly so our kids wouldn't
hear her.

There is simply nothing more personal or complete than
when Pam and I have our bodies joined together during sex.
I love my wife's breasts and held them as she rocked
herself back and forth on top of me. Pam's breasts are
average in size but she has super large pink areola's
around each of her nipples that make her look even sexier.
So as she kept rocking, I would occasionally pinch her nipples
or play with the tiny bumps on her areola's.

When I rolled her onto her back for the big finish my wife
was ready and so was I. We were both gasping as we built up
steam until that magical moment when I release my seeds
into her hot, juicy pussy. And boy oh boy, did I cum really
hard on that particular night.

Things returned to normal and Friday passed quickly before
it was the weekend and Pam, our kids and I went off on a two
night, camping ( cabin not tent) trip we had planned for
some time. We had always tried to do things as a family as
long as our money allowed, and this was just one of those
things Pam and I did as a family outing.

And then it was back to the office on Monday morning and back
to the grind stone until Thursday finally rolled around.
Unfortunately Ken was on a weeklong vacation with his family
so it was just Rick and I who stopped for beers on Thursday
night. I only said unfortunately about Ken because he is
the one who keeps the jokes going when the three of us go out
for a few beers.

Rick and I had been in the bar about an hour talking mostly
sports, when I looked at and saw Barbara, of all people,
walked in the front door. At first I was shocked of course
but waited to see if her girl friend Ashley would walk in
behind her. But apparently Barbara was alone as she spotted
Rick and I and walked up to our table with a big smile on her

"Do you two remember me?" She said smiling as
she looked down at us. Rick and I told her that of course we
remembered her and asked her where Ashley was. "Oh
she couldn't make it tonight, " was all Barbara
said as we offered her a chair to join us and quickly bought
her a drink.

The first thing that affected me was her perfume as Barbara
sat between Rick and I, while it drifted into my nose. She
asked where Ken was and Rick explained he was on a week's
vacation with his wife and kids. "Well I was doing
some shopping and just took a chance and came here to see
if you three would be here again, " Barbara said.
I just smiled as Barbara added that her and Ashley had such
a fun time last week, it was all they talked about ever since.

Barbara was a pretty woman, early forties, dressed nicely
and had a very pleasant sort of softness to her. Her hair
was curly brown and her eyes looked even better in her designer
frames. One drink led to two and then Rick called it a night
and headed out for his house.

And that is when it got rather uncomfortable for me being
there alone with just Barbara although the bar was full
so we weren't really alone. She took a sip from her drink
before she told me the real reason she stopped in again was
to hopefully talk to me alone.

So I asked her what was on her mind but never expected to hear
what I heard. Apparently Barbara and her husband had decided
to start experimenting a bit with other people at this point
in their marriage. The more she said the more nervous I became.
"So would you be even be interested?" Barbara
finally said looking into my eyes. "When I saw you
I felt like something clicked, " She added as I stared
her dumbfounded.

It was a chance of a lifetime and one I never expected to come
my way. The idea of being intimate with Barbara was insanely
appealing but I hesitated to say yes because I also didn't
want to wreck my marriage by cheating on Pam. "You
do realize I am married. My wife, Pam and I have never cheated
on one another" I explained to Barbara.

Barbara smiled and said she figured that out when she first
met me and then added that her and Ross, her husband have
never cheated either. "So why now?"I asked
her. She explained that they were at a point where both of
them felt restless and wanted to try something daring and

I never felt like my wife and I ever thought that way but then
Pam and I had never talked about these sort of things before
either. I just always assumed my wife was satisfied with
her sex life just like I was. But now sitting in front of me
was this classy lady offering me the chance of a life time.
"Let me get this straight. We are talking about you
and I being together, right?" Barbara immediately
blushed a little bit as she nodded her head yes. I could already
feel the blood rushing into my dick.

She then reached in her purse, handed me her phone number
and told me she hoped to hear from me before she got up and
left. Barbara had worn a skirt that night and my eyes stared
at her firm little ass as she walked out. I just sat there
stunned down to my core. Was this really happening to me
of all people?

I always knew how close Pam and I were but it really hit home
when I walked in our backdoor a few minutes later. I saw my
wife's expression changed as soon as she looked into
my eyes. "What's wrong?" Pam said first
as she stared at me. I grabbed my wife's hand and told
her to go for a walk with me so our kids wouldn't hear
what we said.

There was just no easy way to explain it, so I decided just
to tell Pam everything that Barbara had said. And the more
I said, the tighter she squeezed my hand as we walked a few
blocks away from our house. "So tell me how you truly
feel?" Pam finally asked after I had told her how Barbara
had propositioned me. I wanted to be honest but was afraid
to admit to my own wife that of course making love with a woman
like Barbara would be a dream come true. I realize as a man
I saw sex differently than my wife did.

"I don't know. Of course it sounds exciting on
some level, but I don't think it would be right, "
I said to her instead. My wife giggled for a second before
she turned to me and told me I was not be honest. "What
do you want me to say?"I asked Pam. My wife took a deep
breath and remained silent for a few more seconds before
she said, she knew I was tempted but was probably just too
afraid to admit it.

Our conversation then took the most unexpected turn. Pam
and I held hands and continued to walk in silence for another
full block before my wife shocked me when she said, "
Maybe we need a little excitement too." I immediately
looked at her and asked her what in the world she was talking

Pam giggled for a moment before she said, " I know
it's super crazy. But maybe we might want to at least
talk about doing the same thing in our marriage."
I can tell you that the idea of my wife being with another
man had absolutely no room in my mind at that point. We turned
to walk back towards our house and I then realized Pam and
I had actually walked for six full blocks.

"I can't believe I said that, " Pam said
a few seconds later. I told her I couldn't believe she
said it either. "It's crazy to even think about
that, " She added as she squeezed my hand even tighter.
A week later I called Barbara and asked to meet with her again
on a Saturday afternoon so we could talk more. My wife was
as nervous as I was before I left the house to meet with Barbara
and talk about setting this up. Yes, my wife and I had decided
to try it too.

It is fair to say Barbara and I were both extremely nervous
when we met each other again. I explained to her that I had
spoken with Pam and we had agreed to trying this too. And
Barbara said her and Ross, her husband and talked too and
decided if I said yes, she would then say yes too. So it then
began as we picked a night and a time to meet for our one night
affair that both of our spouses approved of.

Driving over to meet Ross and see Barbara again was rattling
to say the least. It was almost more rattling than when I
kissed Pam good bye before I was about to leave and I heard
her tell me to have fun. During the ten minute drive to their
home, I kept telling myself over and over this was not really
happening. Yet my dick was tingling like crazy even if my
mind was spinning out of control.

Apparently Ross had wanted it to happen in their home so
he could be nearby his wife. But he also promised not just
stand in their bedroom and stare at his wife and I when we
were on their bed. Their home was a lot like ours with a few
differences but basically another two story, three or
four bedroom home in the suburbs.

I made sure my shirt and slacks were not wrinkled before
I walked up to their front door and rang the bell. That was
probably the longest ten seconds of my entire life as I waited
on their front step. It was not like I could just say hi when
I finally met Ross and then tell him I was there to fuck his
wife even though that is why was there.

And then without warning their front door opened and I saw
Ross, for the first time standing there right in front of
me. We shook hands but it was awkward for both of us as he invited
me inside. "Barb will be down in a minute. She is getting
ready, " he said as I followed them into their living
room where he made me a drink. It was very uncomfortable
looking at Ross and he felt the same way when he looked at
me. We had never seen each other before and might never see
each other again but we were together for the most insane
of ideas.

I first heard Barbara's footsteps on the stairs, then
I smelled her perfume before she walked in wearing a very
sexy silk robe and heels. "You made it" she said
also nervously forcing a smile on her face. It was by far
the most insane thing any of us had ever tried and we simply
didn't know what to do to make it feel more comfortable.

"I like your robe, " I told her since I couldn't
think of anything else to say to Barbara. "Thank you"
was all she said in return as her husband quickly mixed her
a drink too. Thankfully after Ross had handed his wife her
drink he told us he was going to give us some time to be alone
and left the room.

Her hair was done up and her makeup made her look even better
but the fact she was standing a few feet in front of me wearing
a short silk robe, was still totally insane. "Should
we sit on the sofa, " Barbara finally suggested as
I nodded my head yes and followed her. I was hoping the cocktail
would help calm me but it didn't.

And at one point when I glanced down Barbara's robe
and noticed it had rode half way up her thigh as she sat next
to me in her tall heels. And she noticed me looking at her
legs and made no attempt to cover herself either. We were
still just two strangers who had put ourselves in this crazy
situation. So at one point I needed to try and break the ice
so I leaned towards her and we finally shared our first tender

Barbara was about a hundred and twenty five pounds, a lot
like Pam so when I began to hold her during our kissing, she
felt familiar to me. And Barbara was a great kisser and seemed
to really get into it with me. We were definitely heating
each other up and before long Barbara whispered to me, "
This is feeling like I hoped it would."

And even though I knew Ross was peeking at us from time to
time, his wife and I remained on the sofa, making out like
teenagers. The kissing part was easy but the rest of what
we were going to do together, was going to be a lot more serious.
I was afraid to reach up and touch her robe on her chest so
I just continued kissing Barbara while she kept kissing
me back.

She was going to have to take the lead if we were going to do
anything more than kiss each other. We had both gotten aroused
but not the point it had taken our breath away. I wasn't
tearing her clothes off of her and Barbara wasn't throwing
herself at me with abandonment. We were just two middle
class, middle aged people stuck in first gear.

Finally Barbara pulled back for a moment and apologized
to me by saying, " "I'm sorry. This is harder
than I hoped it would be." 'No it's not your
fault. It's a difficult situation we put ourselves
in, " I said back to her. I then asked Barbara if she
wanted me to leave. I remember she reached out her hand and
gentle took hold of mine while she smiled and shook her head

We were real people trying to do something very unnatural
as far as the kind of people we really were. So Barbara and
I held hands, sipped our drinks and would occasionally
share a kiss or two. And that part was actually more fun and
sexier than just making out. We both seemed to relax and
we both smiled a bit more now that some of the pressure had
been taken away.

"You do look very nice tonight, " I told Barbara
as she smiled next to me. "You look very sexy too, "
She said back to me with a big smile on her face. We both laughed
after I told her for the second time I really did like her
robe. "I thought you might, " Barbara said with
a twinkle in her eyes. We had just shared another kiss, rather
warm, with more real feeling one when Barbara joked and
said she had struggled for a half hour concerning what to
wear under her robe.

"Can I see?"I remember asking her. Barbara's
face turned a little reddish in color before she nodded
her head yes and slowly untied the silk belt holding it on.
Her fingers trembled a little as I tensed up and stared at
her front until her robe finally came open. Barbara had
on a lacy light purple bra and panties as my eyes watered
as soon as I saw her womanly form.

Her breasts looked to be the same size as my wife's but
different enough to immediately arouse me. Her tummy was
flat and her hips wide enough to offer that certain appeal
men find in sexy ladies. I then decided to make a bold move
and lifted my hands and pushed her robe off her shoulders,
as Barbara sat next to me getting very tense, very quickly.

We were both feeling something very special and very powerful
as we stared into each other's eyes without speaking
any longer. Barbara then reached for my hand before she
stood up and led me up their stairs and into their bedroom.
Our kisses had changed and from then on as we embraced, it
was real. Barbara had light candles in their bedroom and
had already turned down the bed.

I guess you could say Barbara and I had to figure out how to
become a real couple together, even if it was only going
to last for a few hours. As we stood facing each other and
embracing both our hearts and our minds had to become one
before this going to work with our bodies and not feel forced.

Once I had unhooked her bra, Barbara began to melt even more
as I held her soft wonderful breasts in my hands for the first
time. Her nipples were much smaller than my wife's
but I adored them just the same. I was sitting on the edge
of the bed when I began to softly suckle each of her nipples
causing Barbara to whimper for the first time.

And I noticed her husband Ross peeking in when I finally
removed his wife's panties before we climbed onto
the bed together. Barbara had a dark patch she kept trimmed
very short so her outer vaginal lips were puffy, pink and
easy to spot. At first it felt like Barbara was fighting
her orgasm but later I figured out it just took her longer
than it took my wife to get the pressure packed, burst of

And when she began to repay the favor by teasing my hard cock
with her mouth and tongue, it sent me over the edge. I remember
positioning myself on top of Barbara and looking into her
eyes, knowing at that very moment, she needed me as much
as I needed her. The act of joining our bodies together was
quick, easy and incredible for both of us. It then felt like
Barbara and I were always meant to make love together even
if it wasn't true. Because as I moved in and out of her
tight slippery pussy, we both felt it brought us even closer
together as a couple.

Neither of us needed an hour long fuck nor did we want that.
What we had was perfect, slow, tender and expressed some
sort of real love we both felt at that moment. "Can
you believe we are together?" Barbara asked me very
softly at one point. My cock was so hard and so warm inside
of her womb, I could hardly speak at that point, so I shook
my head that it was as over whelming for me as it was for her.

Her husband was by the side of the bed by the time I began to
slam his wife with more force right near the end. It was Barbara
and I making love together, but she still belong to another
man before and after we were finished with each other. My
cock was so hard and so sensitive every thrust I made deep
into her only made it tingle more.

Barbara was quite excited under me as she clung to me and
whispered to me calling me "Honey, " over and
over until my cock expanded one more time and began to shoot
my load into her depths. It felt like the most intense orgasm
of my entire life even if that wasn't true. But I pumped
and pumped as Barbara laid under me thrusting her hips upward
as if she needed my cock as much as I needed her pussy.

I left some time later feeling on top of the world yet sort
of guilty for what I had done. I remember Ross not really
saying much to me before I left but I did enjoy Barbara's
last kiss at their front door. I knew they had a lot of talking
to do alone just like Pam and I needed once I got home. Any
couple can step out and take a chance by doing something
like this but when it's over, they are still the same
couple with new issues to figure out.

Of course Pam was waiting up for me in our kitchen having
already drank a half a bottle of wine by the time I walked
in. And the moment my eyes met hers, all the love we had for
each other was still alive. Pam and I embraced and shared
a wonderful kiss before either of us said a single word.
Of course after a kiss or two we spent the next two hours talking
about everything that had happened and how we both felt.

The result of the experience was that it really gave Pam
and I a spark, the likes we had never felt before. Sex had
always been great between us but now my wife and I both had
an edge that had been missing. Whether that is a good thing
or a bad thing, I will leave that up to each of you to decide.
But I will admit it was like playing with fire even if neither
Pam or I had gotten burnt yet.

Our marriage and I life went back to our usual routine for
a few months and yes I continued stopping for drinks on Thursday
nights with Rick and Ken who never suspected what I had done.
And I also nervously waited for my wife to pick a man she wanted
to be with which was constantly on my mind, even if I never
talked about it.

I knew I would never like whomever Pam selected but I told
myself I had to be fair and keep an open mind since she had
given me the chance with Barbara. And then one Thursday
night after I had gotten home from my weekly stop with my
friends, Pam told me she had decided on a man named Dustin.
I was shocked, hurt and scared but tried to appear calm,
cool and collected when she told me about him.

As it turned out Dustin was the father of one of our kids friends,
divorced, about our age and apparently looked appealing
to my wife. "So are you ok if I sort of mention this to
him?" Pam said bursting with excitement at our kitchen
table. My wife was a good person and a good wife but she was
also a very sexual creature who had needs. I told her if she
truly felt enough chemistry with Dustin, she should talk
to him. "God how do even bring something like this
up?" Pam asked giggling like a school girl.

I now knew how Ross truly felt when his wife and I shared our
moment in the sun. It was a few weeks later that Pam and I met
Dustin for drinks at a local bar and I did my best to stay out
of the way just like Ross had done for me. Yet I didn't
like what might happen but decided I had to figure it out
because it was my issue not Pam's. My wife can be a emotional,
active lover if she is into it and Dustin just might get Pam
at her very best, if he was lucky.

And when Pam and I followed him back to his place, my wife
was a nervous wreck filled with doubts. I told her I felt
the same way and so did Barbara but she had to fight through
it and let herself form a real connection with Dustin in
order for it to work. And then I told her we could just turn
around and go home, if she truly wanted us to.

Pam and I kissed one last time in the car before she got out
and walked inside of his home holding Dustin's hand.
My original plan was to simply wait in our car but Pam told
me if I changed my mind and wanted to come in, that would maybe
help her even more.

This was another huge step for Pam and I even though I was
not really involved and she would be totally involved in
every way possible as a woman. I don' t know how long
I waited in our car but it was a considerable amount of time.
I guess I got tired or worrying about my wife so I decided
to go inside still not sure I was prepared for what I might
walk in on.

I found my wife and Dustin on the sofa, kissing each other
just like Barbara and I had done in the beginning. I could
instantly tell Pam was aroused but she was also feeling
what I had felt when I first began to kiss Barbara. Part of
you wants to let go and let it happen while another part of
you holds yourself back fearing it even more.

Obviously Dustin and my wife knew I was in the house but I
tried to be invisible and give them the same chance Barbara
and I were given by her husband. For some curious reason
I hoped they could figure it out, just like we did. I stood
alone in his kitchen while he and my wife remained on his
sofa in the other room. Just describing that sounds weird.

My wife of twenty years was now kissing some man she hardly
knew while I waited in the other room, wondering how far
she would take it. It tends to scramble your thoughts a lot
more than you think it would. So I waited, heard her giggle
at times and heard Dustin say something to her but couldn't
make out what he said. Every nerve in my body was tense and
then I heard Pam said, "Ok, I think I am ready, "
to him and my legs buckled slightly.

I knew it would be just a physical act between her and Dustin
but if that is all it was, I also knew it would leave Pam feeling
empty inside and I didn't want her to feel that way.
I heard them leave his living room and assumed they had gone
into his bedroom because I couldn't hear anything
any longer.

As quietly as I could I went in search of his bedroom where
I knew I would find the two of them. And the closer I got the
more it sounded like Pam found her groove because her whimpers
soon turned into moans and then into desperate cries of
passion. My wife tends to become very vocal during an orgasm
and Pam was definitely vocal by the I finally looked in and
saw the two of them naked on his bed.

Her legs wrapped around her new lover as they ground their
reproductive organs together with a lot of lust and passion.
And this odd feeling came over me and I no longer was worried
or felt jealous. Watching my wife hugging, kissing and
clinging to Dustin while his thick cock squeezed in out
of her needy pussy, began to turn me on in a very unexpected
way. I guess because I could also hear her moans and whimpers
and knew it was more than just sex she was sharing with him.

"Oh yes, Oh yes, " Pam kept telling him while
they made love together for the first time. I looked in on
them again and saw my wife under Dustin with arms thrashing
around like a crazy woman while he fucked her even harder.
And then Dustin arched his back and began to grunt and I knew
my wife was being filled with his cum. They performed intercourse
together but just like Barbara and I, it was more than just
sex. Is there such a thing as a thirty minute bonding full
of real love?

Pam and I have talked about our two experiences many times
over and neither of us regret what we did. We just accepted
it as something we each did one time during our long, rewarding
marriage . And the truly craziest thing that happened was
that Pam and Barbara became very close friends and remained
that way to this day.

Pam and I were of course tempting to do this more but decided
it would not be good for a our marriage because it could get
out of hand very easily. It was two years later that we finally
tried it for the second time and it was just as good as the
first time. Pam and I are now in our sixties and past those
days of lust, but those experiences are part of what made
us a terrific couple who remained together and remained
in love for life.

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great story, my wife and I have also experimented in this
way, and it has been a positive experience for both of us....


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Again an excellent piece of writing, as usual. Please keep


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Very sensitively presented.

"Change is the only constant I know."


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Again you take it to the top very exciting as well as sexy
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Great story with an excellent outcome.