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The rest of the Travelling Folk. Part 2.


"Jim understands."

"See you later Chris." John said and, slipping
under the counter, walked beside Lucy towards the Wall
of Death.

"Don't go too high." Chris called after

John looked embarrassed. Lucy linked her arm through his
and looked back over her shoulder at Chris.

Why didn't he push her away? Chris thought. Ah. He did.

They disappeared from view behind the crowd gathered in
front of the Burger bar. She could smell the frying onions.
Her stomach growled. She was hungry.

"Roll up. Roll up." She heard Joe call. "Win
a kiss from the pretty girls."

Business was slow at first then picked up as darkness began
to fall and the adults, who worked during the daytime, came
to the fair.

"You hungry?" Pat called to her from her position
next to Joe.

"Starving." She called back.

"I'm going to get some Burgers and Coffees. Be
back in ten minutes."

Chris watched Joe's place his hand on Pat's ass
cheek as she ducked under the counter flap. Pat was smiling
when she stood up on the far side.

Strange what a difference a day can make. Chris thought
to herself as she bent from the waist to give the young men
a quick sight of her knickers as she collected some pellets
for the air rifles from the bucket on the lower shelf of prizes.

"Miss Adams? Is that you?"

Oh fuck. She almost thought.

She stood upright, automatically pulling her knickers
from the crack between her ass cheeks.

"Yes it is, Mr Petigrew." She replied, to the
owner of the Insurance agency where she worked.

"I didn't believe it when they said that you had
taken time from work to parade half naked in front of strangers.
That's not what I expect from my staff. I don't
care that you are not in the office. Everything you do in
public reflects upon my company. I also hear you had to go
to the Police Station today."

"I'm sorry. Mr Petigrew." She stammered
eyes on the ground. No, she wasn't sorry. "I think
I'll do as I please when I'm not in the office, if
you don't mind."

There was a smattering of a round of applause at this.

"Miss Adams." Petigrew said, looking around
and colouring rapidly. "If you value your position
in my Company."

"Sod your company."

"I think you had better visit personnel in the morning
and collect your P45."

"A pleasure."

A rumble went up from the crowd around him. Petigrew looked
around him and stormed off. A cheer went up.

"What's going on?" Joe asked, waiting
for some firers to finish at his end of the range before striding
up to Chris.

"That was my Boss." Chris sniffed, she wanted
Pat. No, she wanted John. "I've been fired."

"What's wrong?" Pat asked, returning
from the Burger bar accompanied by John, who carried a cardboard
box containing their food and drinks.

"What's wrong?" He echoed.

"My boss just fired me."

"Mr Petigrew?" Pat's asked, looking about
her. "Was he here?"

"Yes." Chris sniffed. "I've lost
my job."

"Come here." John said, stopping under the
counter flap and holding out his arms to her.

Chris ran to him, finding security and comfort in his arms.


"I've lost my job." She sobbed into his
chest as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"There. There." He murmured. "Jim and
Harry are back. They found the Jag and the two men outside

"Take me away. Please." Chris lifted her tear
stained face to John. "Please."

"Go on." Pat urged gently from one side.

John guided Chris through the back of the stall to where
his bike was parked next to Joe's Camper. Killer raised
his head and growled.

"I've got the key." Chris told him as she
opened the door to the camper. The first drops of rain were
starting to fall. "It always rains at Bridgwater
Fair." She forced a smile.

John fumbled for the switch on the ceiling light.

Chris collected her clothes from the table and laid them
out on the bed.

"Turn the light off, please." She said, reaching
for the zip of her costume. "I don't want everybody
to see me."

"There's only me here." John said, moving
closer and placing his hands on her shoulder straps.

Chris remained still as he slipped the straps from off her
shoulders and let the costume fall to the ground. He looked
down at her firm high breasts, her flat stomach and the rise
of her pubic mound.

He pulled her to him and kissed her. She shivered as her naked
skin touched the cold, black leather of his jacket. His
tongue pushed against her lips and she opened her mouth.
She met it with her own tongue. Fencing, then prodding then
allowing him to explore her.

His hands went to her ass cheeks. Feeling them, squeezing
them, pulling them apart then squashing them together.
She could feel his prick, hard inside his jeans, pushing
into her belly.

Pulling her mouth from his she said. "Not here. Let's
go back to where we had lunch."

"It's raining out there." John reminded
her, gently.

"Not for long. There's a full moon tonight. I
bet it's lovely up in the hills."

"Where we had lunch?"

"Please. You don't mind. Do you?"

Chris reached out and placed her fingertips on his prick,
tracing its outline through his jeans.

John cleared his throat.

"I don't mind." He replied.

John stepped back and watched as Chris dressed. Especially
the round orbs of her ass cheeks as they disappeared first
inside her knickers then inside her white jeans. Chris
pulled on her pale yellow jumper leaving her bra on the bed,
then held up her leather jacket for John to hold as she pushed
her arms into the holes. She stepped back against him, folded
his arms across her waist and tilted her head back and up
for a kiss. John felt as if he had almost dislocated his neck
in his attempt to touch her lips with his own. But it was worth

Switching off the light they left the Camper and mounting
John's bike drove slowly around the outskirts of the
fairground. They had to stop briefly once to allow an Ambulance
past then they were away from the site and off towards the
dark hills in front of them. The rain had stopped and the
road ahead, beyond the light from their headlamp, glistened
in the moonlight.

Part 8

Pat kissed Joe on the cheek.

"Thank you." She breathed.

"What for?" Joe asked, his hands going to Pat's
shoulder blades.

"For letting Chris go."

"Did I have a choice? Was I asked?"

"But you didn't mind?"

"No. I didn't mind." He turned Pat around
and patted her on the backside. "Now let's get
back to work. We've got a living to make."

"We?" Pat smiled over her shoulder.

Joe hesitated.

"Yes. We."

Pat went to the far end of the counter and collected the money
from three customers and, bending over, collected their
pellets from the bucket.

"Joe. Joe. Come quickly. Please."

Lifted her head to crane over the crowds to where max was
standing waving her hands.

"It's Mary." Max continued. "She's
not well."

Joe sat on the counter and, swinging his legs over, hurried
after Max towards the Burger Bar. Pat enlisted the help
of her three customers to fit the fit the front cover of the
stall into place, quickly kissed each one as payment, then

Mary was lying on the duckboards outside the Wall of Death
with Joe breathing into her mouth and Jim performing compressions
on her chest. She could hear the siren of an Ambulance approaching.
The rain was falling heavily. The crowd was getting bigger.
She could hear people shouting. She blinked away the raindrops,
or, were they tears? The Ambulance forced its way through
the crush. Stallholders were gathering forcing the crowd's
back. Making room. One of the Ambulance men was carrying
a bright yellow box. Mary's blouse was torn open, her
bra lifted and her breasts exposed. The rain bounced from
her nipples. The Ambulance man pressed two metal disks
to Mary's chest. Her whole chest lifted with the force
of the current sent into her. The second Ambulance man felt
for a pulse in her wrist then her neck.

"Can some of you help us lift her?" He asked.

The first Ambulance man had disappeared to return with
a stretcher on wheels and Mary was lifted gently onto it
and covered to the chin with a blanket.

Pat jumped as somebody placed his arm around her shoulders.
She turned and looked up at Joe. There was rain on his face.
Especially around his eyes.

"Will she be alright?" Pat asked.

"I don't know. Her heart had stopped. They got
it going again with that machine but it is very faint. They
have to take her to Taunton."

"But that's twenty miles away."

"She's in good hands. I was a member once."

"What off?"

Joe nodded towards the lights of the Ambulance before the
crowds swallowed them up.

"St John Ambulance."


Pat didn't want to talk anymore. She wanted Joe to hold
her. Tell her Mary would be all right.

"Let's see if Max needs a hand."

Taking her hand he led her to the Burger bar.

Max was closing the back door after closing the shutter
and switching of the lights.

"Could you do the generator, please Joe." She
asked as they approached. "Has anyone seen Kelly?"

"Had he not come back, yet?" Joe asked angrily.

"Where's Mary?" Kelly staggered towards
them from between two stalls. The front of his trousers
were wet.

"Oh. Kelly. We're so sorry." Max started
to explain.

"Where's my Mary." Kelly interrupted,
slurring each word in turn.

"Listen to me you drunken Bastard." Joe said,
stepping forward and holding him by the shirtfront. "Mary
has gone to Hospital. She isn't well."

"Where's Mary?" Kelly didn't seem
to understand anything Joe said.

For a moment Pat thought Joe was going to hit him and stepped
forward, placing her hand on his arm.

"Don't Joe, please." She said.

Joe turned and looked at her then back at Kelly.

"Fuck off." He said, pushing Kelly from him.

Kelly stumbled backwards and sat down.

"Kelly. Are you there?"

They all turned their heads to this new voice.

"Hallo Mike." Max said.

"Hallo Max, I haven't seen you for a while."
Mike looked down at Kelly then at Joe and finally at Pat.

"I've come to give him a lift to the Hospital."

"Thanks Mike." Max said leaning across and
kissing him on the cheek. "I'll come with you
if you like?"

Joe and Mike lifted Kelly to his feet and they watched as
Max and Mike walked with him through the crowds until they
were lost from view.

"What shall we do now?" Joe asked suddenly.

"Do we open up again? The show must go on."

"Not tonight."

"Let's go back to the Camper."

"I need to take Killer down to the canal first."

"Alright. I'll be waiting for you."

Inside the Camper while Joe took Killer for his walk Pat
slipped out of her costume. She picked up Chris's and
her bra, from the bed and placed them on the small table with
her own clothes. She'd never really had a chance to
see around the camper before. It was definitely a man's
home. She could change that. Given the chance. And she did
want the chance. Chris was lucky in a way. Having lost her
job she could move on if she wanted to. No, that wasn't
Chris. She wanted the stable, home life. Pat knew that she
was always the more adventurous of the pair. But she had
the job and a man who was leaving on Sunday whereas Chris
was out of work and wanted the security that gave her.

Now. If she was in Chris's shoes and Joe said come away
with me. Why not? Mr Petigrew could never tell them apart.
He'd sacked one twin. Then one twin would leave. She
was sure Chris would agree.

She could hear Joe and Killer outside and quickly slipped
naked into the bed. They'd need a bigger one of these
as well. She lay back drinking in the smells and noise of
the fair ground. She could get accustomed to this.

The door opened and Joe climbed into the Camper.

"Are you alright?" He asked, sitting on the
edge of the bed and holding one of her hands.

"I'm fine. Why?"

"I've been thinking."


He laughed.

"Would you like to come on the road with me?"


"You can think about it."

"I have."

"What about your job."

"I was fired tonight, remembered."

"But that was Chris."

"See. Even you are having trouble telling us apart."

He placed his hand on one of her breasts and felt it through
the bed covers.

"Come to bed." Pat said throwing back the covers.

Joe looked down on her naked body. Stood up and quickly undressed.
Switching off the light he lay on the bed and pulled the covers
back over them.

Pat could feel his prick pressed hard against her thigh
and reached down to stroke it as he kissed her mouth. He moved
his head to kiss her neck. His hair smelt clean and fresh
after the shower he'd had at her house after they had
visited the Jewellers. She could tell her mother hadn't
been impressed or approved. Joe was only twelve years older
than she was. You'd have thought it was a lifetime.
No, and her mother hadn't been impressed when she'd
suggested that Joe take a shower after she had.

Joe's lips had reached her nipple. His movements down
the bed pulling his cock from her hand. She ran her fingers
through his hair as first he sucked; then licked; then sucked
again on her nipple before moving across to her other breast.


A low moan escaped from her lips as she opened her legs wider.
Bending her knees she lifted and tilted her hips to rub her
slit along his stomach and ribs. She could feel the build
up inside her as her breathing deepened. Joe lingered on
her breasts, teasing her. She placed her hands on her shoulders
and pushed. She was almost shocked by her own brazenness.
A day ago she would never have dreamed about encouraging
a man to go there. Not like this. Well, perhaps in her dreams.

Joe's tongue was investigating her navel. She wanted
to scream. Hurry up.

Finally she gasped out loud as his fingers pulled her lips
apart and his tongue found her clit. She could feel it swelling.
She knew that Joe could sense her need as his tongue flicked
hard against it. She couldn't breath. Every feeling
in her body was concentrated on one spot. The spot where
his tongue was lifting her, driving her. She felt as if she
must die. This couldn't be happening. She couldn't
count the number of finger he had inside her pussy. She hardly
felt the other finger, coated in her lubricant that he pushed
into her anus. She managed to snatch a breath before wave
after wave of pleasure broke over her. Her whole body tensed.
She shouted. He relaxed.

She breathed deeply as Joe pulled his fingers from her and
loomed above her in the darkness. She could feel his prick
at the lips of her pussy. The tip was forcing her lips apart.
He was sliding inside her. She could taste herself on the
lips her pressed to her own. A musty, salty, fishy taste.

She grunted as Joe's cock hit something inside her.

"Are you alright?" He asked.

"Fine." She smiled up at him.

The light from the moon was beginning to filter through
the Camper's curtains. She could make out his outline
above her. She could definitely feel him inside her. Moving
along her tube. Opening her, then allowing her to close
slightly as he pulled out, then opening her again as he pushed
back in. Yes she could feel him. The inside of the Camper
suddenly lightened, the Moon must have slipped out from
behind a cloud. She could see his face. He did look as if he
was enjoying himself. So was she. This wasn't the chore
it had become with her previous boyfriend. This was so much
better. She gasped as Joe quickened his strokes. Strangely,
she didn't feel she needed to come again. It was nice
like this. Giving pleasure to her man. She wrapped her arms
and legs around him as he shortened his strokes. Squeezing
his cock tightly with her pussy muscles. Hearing him grunt
and feeling the wetness inside her as he came.

For a second he collapsed on top of her then he pulled his
cock from her pussy and rolled onto his side beside her.

Rolling over to face him she pressed her nipples hard against
his chest and felt his cock and balls against her pubic mound.

"And how do you feel?" She asked, kissing his

"Fine." He replied. "Just fine."

"We will need a bigger bed."

Part 9

John breasted the hill and headed down into the village
of Chipping Brunton. Reaching the bridge over the stream
he stopped the bike and turned it onto the bridal path. Revving
the engine he slipped the clutch and headed along the grass
covered path past the Wagstaffe's house with its footbridge,
terraces and swimming pool. Following the path up to the
clearing with the old oak tree.

Chris shivered as the approached it. It looked so scary
bathed in moonlight, casting semi-hard shadows on the
ground around it.

John pulled up beneath its branches and switched off the
engine. They both removed their helmets.

After the noise of the bike the silence was total at first.
Then Chris could hear the sounds of the night. An Owl hooted.
Leaves rustled in the breeze. Water dripping. Then the
ticking of the engine as it cooled.

She could hear everything. It was as if every sense were
alive as never before. She took John's hand and led
him to the edge of the clearing and onto the well-worn path
that led up through the gorse and heather. Everything looked
so different in this silver half-light. But her feet seemed
to know the way.

Once they stopped to look down upon the pinpricks of light
from the village. The houses looked as if they had been painted
in silver and black.

Chris lifted her face to John, and he kissed her.

She was glad she had made John stop on the way so she could
tell her Mother she and Pat would be very late back, if they
didn't stop over with friends. She knew from the tone
of her mother's reply that she knew what was going on.
Also that she didn't approve. She'd liked their
last boyfriends. After all, she'd been to school with
their mother's.

Then on again. Then they were there. Where they had picnicked
earlier in the day. The place where slabs of bedrock were
showing through the thin soil. They held hands as they looked
back own the hill. The lights from the village were gone.
Hidden by the trees that flanked the stream. They were alone
on the planet.

John turned Chris to him and they kissed. Each tongue seeking
the others. John reached for the zip on Chris's jacket
and slowly pulled it down. The two halves falling open to
reveal the mounds of her breasts beneath her jumper. Chris
slipped her arms from the sleeves of her jacket and watched
John lay it on the ground then remove his own and lay it next
to it, forming a small bed.

John smiled at Chris as he straightened then reached for
the button and zip on her jeans. Chris tensed slightly then
relaxed as John undid them and pulled them to the ground.
She shivered slightly as the cool evening touched the warm
skin of her legs. Her jeans were by her ankles and she stepped
from them as John held them. Without rising John reached
for her knickers and slipped his fingers inside the elastic
around her waist. Slowly he pulled them down. His face was
so close she could feel his warm breath against the top of
her thighs, against her pubic hairs. She stepped from them
knowing she was flashing her slit at John each time she lifted
a foot. Reaching behind her and holding her ass cheeks in
both hands John pulled her towards him and buried his face
in her pubic mound.

She ran her finger through his hair as he nuzzled at her pussy.
His breath was warm against her slit. She opened her legs
and felt the moistness of his tongue as it searched between
them. She gasped as it touched her clit. Guided by her response
John licked again at that spot. Her leg trembled and she
would have fallen had John not held her by the ass cheeks.

John helped her to lie on her back then resumed his assault
on her pussy. She lifted her hips to meet each thrust of his
tongue. Pulling his head closer as each wave of pleasure
ran through her. Pleasure which built and built until,
with a cry, she came.

John moved up to lie by her side and held one of her breasts
beneath her jumper.

She pulled his lips to her own. They smiled at each other
as they pulled away.

Chris slowly unbuttoned the buttons down the front of John's
shirt running her fingers through the hairs on his chest
between each one. Finally they were all undone and she pulled
the shirt bottom from the wait band of John' jeans.
Sitting upright she looked down on him. His tightly muscled
torso with it's not overly generous covering of shot
hair. His small dark nipples and his tight navel. The line
of dark hairs leading her eyes to the top of his jeans.

Reaching down he undid his belt. The button next and then
the zip. Pushing the material to the side she saw his pale
blue 'Y' fronted underpants and the massive looking
bulge beneath them. Sliding her hand inside his underpants
she ran her fingertips along the length of his shaft. 'My
god.' She thought, 'it must be as thick as her wrist.'


Taking John's hint, from the way he lifted his bottom
from the ground, Chris pushed and pulled his jeans and underpants
to his knees. His cock looked so big. Gingerly she picked
it up and stroked the foreskin back and forth. The sound
of John's breathing changed.

She swallowed hard and looked into John's face.

She saw lust, anticipation and something else. That something
she'd hoped would be there.

Kneeling, she licked her lips and took the tip of John's
cock between them. She hadn't really known what t expect.
It felt so soft. So many different tastes and smells. Lifting
her head she worked up some saliva in her mouth before engulfing
it with her lips again. John raised his hips, helping his
cock into mouth. Closing her lips around the end Chris started
sucking. John placed one of his hands n the back of her head
and pushed gently. Chris lifted her head. Wasn't she
doing it right?

"What?" She started.

"Have you never done this before?" John asked,
running his fingers through her hair.

"No." Chris mumbled her confession.

"Hey." John said, lifting her head towards
him. "You were doing great. Just close your lips around
it and move it in and out. Don't worry. I won't come
in your mouth."

Chris studied his face for a moment. Then she looked down
at his cock. It was starting to shrink. Picking it up she
wanked it back to hardness then, licking her lips again
she lowered her head. It slid between her lips and its head
rested on the back of her tongue. She pulled back the moved
forward again. It was difficult at first, trying to keep
her lips closed tight and her teeth from scratching it.
She moved again and again. She could tell from the sound
coming from John that he was enjoying it. She would need
a lot of practice, she felt.

Suddenly John grunted and his hips started to move.

"I'm going to come." He gasped.

Should she move or should she stay? John was breathing heavily.
His cock seemed to grow even bigger in her mouth. She continued
moving her head.

"I'm there." John cried out.

Whatever she had thought would happen next in her imagination
and talking to Pat had not prepared her for the force with
which his come hit the back of her throat. Her head jerked
backwards. She coughed then spluttered then swallowed.
There was more and still more. She could feel it on her gums,
her lips, and her tongue.

At last it had stopped jerking in her mouth and lay still
between her lips. Lifting her head she swallowed again.
She'd never tasted anything like that before. Hot
and slightly salty. She tried not to think of what it was.
After all, it wouldn't kill her. She found herself
licking her lips. Searching for more as she moved to John's
side and lay cacooned in his arms. He kissed her forehead.
' Why not her lips?' She thought. 'It's
his after all.' No. She didn't want to make a scene.
Just let her lie their forever.

John moved. He turned her onto her back and moved above her
blocking the Moon with his body. It felt suddenly dark and
she wanted to move. But John had moved first. She could feel
his cock pushing at the lips of her pussy. Reaching down
between their bodies she pulled them apart. She felt him
begin to enter her. He was big. He was. She gasped as he slid
inside her. Gasped again as he pulled almost out then pushed
back inside.

Automatically she bent her knees opening herself further
to him. His pubic mound thumped into hers and his balls banged
against her ass cheeks as he quickened his movements. He
moved faster still, driving the breath from her body. Making
her pant. Making her gasp for air. Gasp with pleasure. Before
she realised she was coming she was there. Still John kept
moving inside her, taking her higher with each thrust.
She came again and then again. He was there. His cock was
so deep inside her. She could feel it jerking. Feel the wetness
it was leaving behind.

He stopped moving and looked down at her face.

"Alright?" He asked.

She wished he didn't keep asking her that.

Part 10

John stopped the bike beside Joe's Camper and kicked
down the stand. When he had asked her if she had wanted to
go home she had shook her head. She wanted to stay with him.

Lifting the rear flap of the tent they were met with growls
from Killer. The inside of the tent was lit by the security
lighting that covered the site in a yellow glow. The odd
generator still growled here and there.

"Down Killer." Chris said. "I have the

As Killer subsided and allowed Chris to rub behind his ears
John reached behind the shelves of prizes and targets and
produced the blankets and pillow Joe had given him the night
before. Pulling out some flattened cardboard boxes Joe
used to transport his prizes in John lay them on the duckboards
behind the counter and arranged the blankets on top.

Killer growled.

"Shut up, you stupid dog." John hissed. "You
know who we are."

Killer growled again.

"I think there is somebody outside." Chris
said, her voice hardly above a whisper.

John looked at Killer then at Chris.

"Alright." He said, lifting the counter flap
and starting to unlace the front flap of the tent. "I'll

The inside of the tent lightened as he unhooked the flap
and folded it back. T Chris it seemed eerier that it had on
the hillside. The moonlight had softened and the stars
were in full display when they had finished dressing each
other and walked back to the bike. At the tree John had carved
a heart around their initials.

Chris kept her hand on Killers collar and followed John
out of the tent.

A man was sitting cross-legged on the ground in front of
the Burger van.

He looked up as they approached.

"What's wrong?" John asked.

Suddenly there were voices. People were coming from all

John helped the man to his feet. He stank of alcohol.

"Mary's dead." He said. "I didn't
get to say goodbye."

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