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The real aftermath of sharing your wife


Most stories I read on here make it sound like once a couple
ads another male to their relationship they somehow change
as people. Suddenly the wife is eager to be screwed by other
men and the husband has no guilt for sharing his wife in the
first place. But for my wife Susie and me it wasn’t that
easy. In the real world what followed was guilt and a million
more questions than we had answers for. One night of forbidden
sex did not change us as people, it merely showed our flaws.

This is my account of what happened after I shared my wife
with a friend.

It was not until the next morning when I awoke that the gravity
of what had happened the night before, hit me. My wife Susie
was still asleep next to me in the bed we had shared for over
twenty years. And in all that time we had never crossed over
any line like we did the night before.

She was the woman I loved with all my heart and I was the only
man who had experienced her sexual soul in over twenty years.
We had lived a quiet typical lifestyle raising three great
kids and doing all the things, other respectable coupled
did. Because of one night of questionable judgment, had
we thrown all we had away?

I simply could not get a grip that it happened although I
admit I had thought about it for over a year. Still my wife
is such a respectful, descent woman, I never thought she
would ever go for it. Whether it was the mood, or the situation
that affected her, I do not know. But I laid in our bed, confused
and ashamed of myself as her protector and remembered how
she panted and responding while our friend fucked her.

Like most respect couples in love, sex was a big part of our
lives but neither Susie nor I had ever given though to adding
someone else to the mix. Yet that is exactly what we had done
with a good friend Ben the night before at his apartment.
My first emotion was remorse although I still was aroused
remembering how they looked together fucking on his bed
in front of me.

And as she slept next to me I felt no blame towards her for
enjoying herself the way she did. I told myself my sweet
wife was simply being human and once I allowed Ben to get
her so aroused, she had no control left to stop herself.
The lust within us makes all of us do things at times that
we often regret afterwards.

I laid silently next to her and could still see his cock punishing
her pussy and how she whimpered and moaned throughout the
ordeal. The image of seeing his thick shaft sliding between
her stretched pink pussy lips was one I would never forget
even if I tried with all might to do just that.

And then the sick reality of what I had allowed hit me even
harder. As my wife slept next to me, I realized his sperm
was still inside of her womb. And during the heat of the moment
when Susie and I did return home, I fucked her harder than
I ever had, as my way of trying to reclaim her as my own. But
what was done was done and his sperm remained in her just
the same. I climbed from our bed and quietly took a shower.

Washing my cock and balls, I felt the same tingling I had
watching her being fucked the night before. I didn’t
want to feel that excitement and in fact felt even guiltier
for getting an erection, but it happened anyway. Soaping
up my hand I stroked my shaft while remembering what my wife
looked like with another man inside of her the night before.
Yet my pressure was intense and it took me but a few moments
of stroking before I shot another thick load from my cock
and watched it splash onto the floor in the shower.

When I dried off, Susie walked into our bathroom wearing
a t shirt and panties avoiding direct eye contact with me.
Just seeing her half naked made matters worse. “Good
Morning, ” I said hoping her mood was not as bad as mine.
She kissed me on my cheek before asking me to leave so she
could use the bathroom. I had already cleaned up for the
day and left not really sure what mood she was in. My wife
tends to ponder things for longer than I do, before she comes
to her own conclusion.

We were a very close couple who had been married for over
twenty years but now felt like strangers. Had we played
with fire and been burnt from all the craziness we had carelessly
let happen .Very nervous about what might happen between
us, I headed for the kitchen to make us some coffee. One by
one our kids all got up, ate and left for their friends houses
which is what teenagers do all the time.

Their mother and I remained in our kitchen pretending nothing
out of the ordinary had taken place the night before. Susie
showed no emotions in front of her children but then she
is the kind of wife and mother who would bring her family’s
spirits down. Still we glanced at each other quite often
and I knew we were both thinking about the same thing. Did
she feel as guilty as I did? I had to wait till we were alone
to find out.

And then our youngest son left and my wife and I were finally
alone. I wanted to start the conversation but before I could
think of what to say when my wife spoke up. “I’m a little
confused right now. I need to tell you that I am so sorry for
acting the way I did with Ben.” I could see she felt guilty
for getting so turned on with him although that was not her

“You don’t have to apologize. I should be the one to
say I’m sorry. I was the one who talked you into it, ”
I replied feeling as crappy as a husband could feel. Her
shoulder length blonde hair made my wife look as cute as
she had ever looked to me even after twenty great years of
marriage. “No I need to tell you I am sorry even if you don’t
think I need to, ” my wife said as she sipped her cup of

“Well it happened and we will get over it, ” I said hoping
to assure her we were in this together. But Susie did not
smile or offer up a sign of any relief from her guilt. “Look
at it this way. There were many parts that were really fun, ”
I said trying to lift her spirits. My wife lifted her head
and asked me, “Do you hate me?”

I stood up, pulled her off her chair as we embraced in our
kitchen. “I still love you and always will, ” I whispered
to her. “I still love you so very much, ” she replied
as she began to tear up. While holding her softness in my
arms I truly valued my wife more than any other time since
we married. I really didn’t care that she had fucked Ben
and enjoyed herself the night before.

“I should have said no, ” she whispered while we remained
in each others’ arms. “Honey, you did what I hoped you
would do last night and I’m glad you enjoyed it so much.
I would feel terrible if you had a bad experience, ” I
replied as Susie hugged me even harder. I sensed at that
point it was going to take my wife and me some time to figure
it all out. But at least we were still in love and would never
part ways. We now had as part of our marriage the memory of
her fucking Ben on the craziest night of our lives.

And the next few weeks were awkward for both of us. I had learned
that once a couple does something that crazy it’s not
like they can ever forget it. It becomes a permanent part
of their relationship on so many levels. And the most obvious
time for Susie and I was when we made love. I knew she was remembering
Ben just like I was each time I pumped myself in and out of
her. Neither of us spoke of it, but it was part of or sexual
history and our marriage.

And yes I also spoke with Ben a few days after it occurred
and thanked him while asking him to please never tell anyone
what Susie had done. Ben was a good friend and was just happy
to hear that I and Susie were ok. He explained how he felt
guilty the next morning and worried that what we all had
done as close friends would damage Susie and I”s marriage.
And although we spoke as friends on the phone I also came
to grips that Ben now knew my wife differently than any other
man besides me.

But Susie and I remained together and over time, our incident
as we referred to it was less in the fore front of our marriage.
In fact I believe my wife would also agree that it did spice
up our sex life more than we ever imaged. I lusted for her
body constantly and my wife became an even more sexual creature.
And yes I often imagined watching her with Ben that night
and how wild and uncontrollable she became while he fucked
her sweet pussy.

But our next challenge came a few months later when we were
invited to another party which most likely Ben would also
be at. We both had gotten over most of the guilt or so it felt
to me so I suggested to my wife we go. “We have to see him
again at some point, ” I said to her as she offered me a
wonderful smile. “You going to be able to handle seeing
Ben again knowing he was with me once?” she asked. I told
Susie I was more worried about her. And yes my personal struggle
would be spending time with another man who had been with
the woman I love. I realized it was not his fault but still
he was going to see her differently from now on.

So we attended the party and sure enough Ben showed up shortly
after Susie and I had arrived. Of course the rest of our friends
had a clue what the three of us had done. These were not the
kind of people who swapped wives on the side. But then Susie
and I had been those kinds of people a few months earlier.
Ben stayed clear of my wife and me for quite a while before
finally approaching us with a sheepish expression.

“Hi Ben, ” I said as I offered my hand in friendship.
Ben smiled and accepted my hand shake before turning to
my wife who was somewhat blushing. After all she had fucked
the man a few months earlier so it was not like they did not
share a bond on some level. “Hello Susie, ” he said
to her softly as she smiled but remained silent.

Did she have bad feelings towards him now that she had share
her body with him? I got the impression my wife felt embarrassed
for how she behaved when she was on the bed with him. She probably
hoped he did not remember how she responded during their
union. But as men we never forget when we are with a woman
who lets her passion and lust run wild and my wife had indeed
had let hers fly off the chart.

I left the two of them standing next to each other and went
to get my wife another glass of wine, figuring it help her
get some closure. And when I returned with her wine, my wife
seemed more relaxed as her and Ben were chatting about something
other than their secret, which of course the rest of our
friends would be shocked to discover.

Soon after, Ben excused himself and wandered off as Susie
and I looked at each other realizing we had somehow survived
seeing him again. And the rest of the party as uneventful
as Susie and I chatted with other friends for a few hours
before returning home around midnight. On the drive I commented,
“Well that’s another hurdle we got over.” She giggled
and responded, “Yes. I guess it wasn’t a bad as I thought
it might make me feel.”

Once in our bed, I reached for my wife who snuggled next to
me immediately. “Can I ask you a question that has been
bothering me ever since that night?” she asked. “Sure, ”
I said softly even though our door was shut. “Are you jealous
or angry because I got to do it with Ben and you have not done
it with another woman?”

I thought for a second or two before responding, “No not
at all. I never had a fantasy to have sex with another woman.
I guess my fantasy was to watch you with another man.”
“Really. So that truly was your fantasy?” she asked
as we continued to snuggle. I explained to my wife that I
couldn’t explain why I had that fantasy and even though
it embarrassed me for admitting it, I wanted to be truthful
to her.

“I still think about it a lot, ” I went on to say as she
remained tight to me. “Good thoughts or bad thoughts?”
she asked. I could feel my heart rate doubling as we were
finally speaking honestly with each other about what we
had done. It may have taken us months to get there but at last
we were at the point of discussing it without the guilt we
felt right after it happened.

“No good thoughts. Only good thoughts?” I said to her
as she reached up and kissed me on my cheek. We remained silent
for a short while as I am sure both our minds were being flooded
with lots of emotion. “There is something I need to confess
to you, ” I whispered to her in the dark. I felt my wife
tense up slightly but didn’t pull back.

“The next morning when I woke up and you were still sleeping,
I felt so bad and so much guilt for not protecting you, like
a husband should have. But when I got in the shower, even
though I felt terrible I still got an erection and jacked
off remembering it all over again, ” I said as I felt relief
for finally getting it off my chest.

Susie remained dead silent for a very long time still snuggling
next to me. “I do as well sometimes, so don’t feel guilt, ”
she said softly. “Do what?” I asked as my heart continued
to speed up, fearing what I might hear. “I masturbate
when I think about that night, ” Susie said as I reached
for her and pressed my lips to hers. It took but a second before
my hands found her soft breasts as she rolled onto her back
and let me advance.

Her nipples were swollen like darts as I suckled each of
them with her approval. My wife’s hips are not wide but
hold an appealing curve as I discovered her panties soak
from our conversation. All my mind kept hearing was her
admission she masturbated when she remembering being
with Ben. For reason I can’t explain it made my hormones
surge like a rocket on its way to the moon.

I knew we both still loved each other yet our experience
apparently had the same affect on both of us. Susie wiggled
her panties down her slender legs as my tongue tasted her
warm juices. It took but seconds before she was squirming
once more like a cat over dosing on catnip. Her orgasms were
quick and quite powerful as I savored her female scent like
never before.

“Fuck me sweet heart, she whispered. I climbed on top
of her as she spread her legs and let me enter her quickly.
It was as close to heaven as I could have ever felt still alive
on this earth. My wife’s tight pussy clung to my hard cock
like it was never going to let it go. Her inner muscles quivered
around my pulsating shaft as we began to grind our bodies
at one another as if we only had ten minutes left to live.

But the pressure was too intense and all my mind could think
about was the image of her and Ben fucking on his bed. “You’re
thinking about, it aren’t you?” she said as I stroked
her with more force. “Yes, ” I said while gasping for
air. “Me too, ” Susie said right before I felt a knot
of thick cum fire down my cock and splash into her warm inviting
pussy. My orgasm may have been the most powerful one I ever
had in my entire life.

Suddenly we found ourselves two respectable parents,
forty one years old, sharing a fantasy we thought only trashy
people had. My shaft remained deep in her as it refused to
go down and I needed to savor her womanhood a while longer.
“Would you do it again, ” I finally asked her after
regaining some of my composure. “Would you let me?”
she asked back. Tiny spasms were still going off as my shaft
remained lodged inside of her.

“Maybe, ” I told my wife as I climbed off and handed
her some tissues. “But you didn’t answer my question, ”
I replied. “If it is still your fantasy I would consider
it, ” Susie said as we both cleaned ourselves up. I was
now faced with the dilemma of giving in to my fantasy for
a second time and worried about when a fantasy becomes a
regular part of our marriage.

My wife and I are simply not the kind of couple or parents
who live in the gray area between right and wrong. And all
though all women have sexual urges, Susie was the kind of
woman who also presented herself as respectful and proper.
Her outfits were conservative and she took pride in her
appearance paying a lot of attention to her hair and makeup.
Would I be turning the woman I love into a slut or worse if
I asked her to fuck another man, just so I could watch?

As her husband I had to figure out my own demons before I would
ever suggest trying that again. And it was not as easy battle
even though we never really discussed it again during the
next year or so. Life was normal in our home although like
I said earlier in this story, once a couple adds another
male into their bedroom, it never goes away.

And the following spring my wife pulled her car into the
driveway after going to the mall to do some shopping. “Guess
who I saw today at the mall?” Susie said as she walked over
to my work bench. “Who”? I asked. “Ben. We actually
had a nice chat. I think it did me some good to talk to him about
that night and he said it did him some good as well, before
we parted.” Feeling this strange excitement I turned
to my wife and pulled her into my arms. She offered me a warm
kiss and told me she was past the guilt and embarrassment
she had after her and Ben had fucked.

“Did he say anything else, ” I asked curious I suppose
as to exactly what they said to each other. My wife told me
he complimented her for being a wonderful lover and told
her that I was a lucky man for having her as my wife. Looking
into her eyes I could not tell if she was turned on by him or
not. I wondered when they chatted if her panties got moist
and did her nipples harden.

All I could think of was when she fucked him and how wild she
had become. Did she want to see him again? Did I want her to
see him again? I fooled around in the garage alone for the
next half hour having lots of questions and no answers.
When I did walk in the back door, Susie was at the stove making
dinner with this cute smile on her face. “You saw him today
and it’s got you thinking, doesn’t it?” I whispered
to her as I held her from behind.

My wife giggled and told me she was thinking about it but
that didn’t mean she wanted to do it again. With my cock
pressed against her soft ass I held her tight and whispered
to her, “Maybe the second time would be even better.”
She turned while pinned against the stove and kissed me
before telling me, “I might try it again if you want to
watch but maybe we should find someone else.”

And then when we were making some progress one of the kids
walked and blushed when she saw her mother and father making
out in the kitchen. In bed that night I asked Susie who she
had in mind. Of course she had no one she was interested in
and explained that Ben was too close a friend and twice might
be going too far with someone we knew so well.

It was two weeks before our kids would spend their weekly
summer visit their grandparents at the cabin, like they
always did. Somehow within that short time frame I needed
to figure out who we could invite over for some adult fun
with me and my wife. But every name I threw out to her she shook
her head no. I realized she had to find the man attractive
and feel some lust for him but all of our friends were either
too straight or just not her type.

And the day I drove our kids up north all I could think about
was finding someone for Susie and I to play with during our
week long break from being parents. And when I got home I
found Susie dressed in a short mini and sexy top waiting
for me on the patio with a bottle of wine. Just looking at
her made me hard as her sexuality was simply stunning when
she was having naughty thoughts.

“You look very hot tonight, ” I said as I took a chair
next to her. “I’ve been thinking. Maybe one more time
with Ben would not harm anything. That is if you still think
that would be something you would enjoy, ” she said softly
before sipping her wine. I called Ben immediately and explained
to him that Susie and I are alone and wondered if he wanted
to stop over? I swear when I hung up the phone my cock was rock

“He’ll be over in an hour, ” I told my wife as she gasped
from either her excitement or her fear. It had been a long
time since that first night when they fucked and even though
Susie and I wanted to try it again, it had taken us well over
a year to make peace with our guilt. “You excited?”
I asked her after I had sat back down. “Yes and nervous
too, ” she replied yet her expression told me her panties
were already soaked.

Ben was greeted at the front door by Susie as I waited on the
patio but could hear them laughing together. I liked Ben
as a friend even though I was going to let him fuck my wife
for a second time. Susie brought him a glass of wine as the
three of us enjoyed the warm sunset. “Were you surprised
to hear from us again?” I asked him after ten minutes of
chit chat. “Definitely surprised but in a good way, ”
he replied while glancing at Susie sitting next to him.

I suggested to Susie she go get into something more comfortable
as she rushed off into the house. Ben and I waited while he
thanked me again and again and promised he would never tell
a soul. My heart pounded in my chest as if this was the first
time I was going to witness my wife being fucked by someone
else. My thoughts jumped from one cliff to the next while
we waited for Susie to reappear.

And as I turned and saw her walk out onto the patio wearing
a short silk robe and high heels, my eyes light up. She had
a glow about her that I had recognized when she was in one
of her moods. And of course Ben couldn’t take his eyes
off of her from then on. She sat down, crossed her legs and
let he robe rise up to just beneath her pussy. “Do you approve?”
she asked. Ben and I both replied at the same time as we all
began to laugh.

When we stopped laughing my wife explained to me she knew
I would approve and was asking our guest if he did. The sensual
allure of the woman was intoxicating for both Ben and I.
And we all know when men get around a woman with her feminine
charms on display we act like idiots. Yet I fought to remain
in the background and let her set the pace she would be most
comfortable with. After all she was the one who was going
to be far more involved in the fantasy than I.

And she made Ben wait for quite a while as his shaft had formed
a bulge in the front of his slacks. Her robe had opened just
enough to show a hint of cleavage as part of her teasing game
of cat and mouse. Of course in the end she would turn into
the mouse once he got her on our bed. I simply observed with
jumbled thoughts no longer able to put a complete sentence
together. For some reason this second time was getting
to me much more than the first. Maybe I now realized what
I was going to see and that got me more excited.

And when the sun finally set Susie invited her guest back
inside our home as I picked up the glasses and followed them.
And as I watched my wife teasing the man beyond what would
be considered humane treatment, I was amazed he didn’t
just reach out and attack her. But Ben was a friend and went
along with her games knowing he would get his reward in the
end. When Susie had played enough she curled her finger
at Ben as her way of inviting him back to our bedroom.

Of course I followed but tried to remain invisible as to
not interrupt the two of them. Their first few kisses were
steamy right from the start. It felt like I was recording
their every moment in my head like a video camera would do.
The longer they kissed I just stood there not believing
this was happening again. I was thrilled beyond words even
more than the first time yet watching my loving wife show
so much passion with a friend was mind altering.

My wife finally pulled back enough to unbutton his shirt,
one button at a time. As his muscular chest came into her
view, she purred like a kitten while running her soft hands
over his chest. Watching the woman I loved caressing another
man still excited me for reasons I cannot explain. And to
this day I cannot explain why watching my wife show such
sexual interest in another man did not make me feel any jealousy
is still a mystery.

She took her time and unbuckled her belt next as if she wanted
to tease him a little longer. When Ben stepped from his boxers
facing her with his raging hard on I grew concerned once
again. Susie reached for his cock and stroked it a few times
while whispering to him how hot she was going to feel once
it was deep inside of her again. But when he reached for the
belt holding her robe in place, my wife backed up. “Let
me show what I have for you tonight.” With that I felt my
eyes water as she slowly undid the belt and opened her robe.

Holding it open for both of us to see, she revealed herself
completely nude with only a smile on her face. My wife’s
breasts were heaving on her chest as their oval pear shape
looked incredibility delicious. The curve to her hips
was stunning as my eyes focused on her fine blonde pubic
hair covering her pink, shiny outer lips. My cock was already
painful and I knew I would not have a chance for relief till
well after Ben was finished with her.

Seeing the two of them naked with her wet pussy and his throbbing
male organ was mesmerizing for me. The difference between
the sexes never seemed more apparent than at that moment.
Nature had indeed made man and woman different for a reason
and it showed off its finest work in our bedroom that particular
night. “Please turn the sheets down for us, honey, ”
Susie said to me as I rushed to the side of our bed while Ben
pulled her into his arms.

I kept glancing at the two of them standing naked embracing.
I don’t know if I was more nervous but my heart was literally
about to explode at any second. Her soft breasts were crushed
against his powerful chest as their lips meshed together
like hungry animals. His hard cock fit between her legs
perfectly as I glanced at its size from the back side. Ben
appeared even larger than I had remembered from our first

How my petite wife ever managed to accommodate his big cock
was a mystery but I knew she was going to have to do it again
before the night would be over. Susie appeared to struggle
to catch her breath right from the very beginning. And I
watched as the power shift occurred as he took control of

Ben pushed her down on to her knees in front of his cock as
my wife reached up and stroked it a few times. Clearly she
savored the sensation of feeling it throb in her hands as
she slowly moved her mouth to the mushroom end. And then
with just a little hesitation I watched my wife take his
organ into her warm, wet mouth and began to suck on him as
if he was her master.

Ben’s body grew rigid as he stared down at my wife pleasing
him the best she could. “She’s doing a great job, ”
he said to me as I stood by their side shaking from head to
toe. “Good. She looks like she is enjoying herself too, ”
I replied as my wife focused on her task. But all her teasing
had affected him more than she realized or so it appeared
to me. Ben seemed to be getting ready to explode rather quickly
as I waited to see what my wife would do.

Susie had given me two blow jobs in twenty plus years together
claiming it kind of grossed her out. I had no idea what she
was going to do with Ben as I stared at her continuing to suck
his hard cock showing no signs she would stop. My balls had
turned purple long ago as the show before me had me completely

Ben began to grunt a little deeper from within his chest
the more she had her warm lips locked around his manhood.
And then he began to buck his hips at her face as if he was fucking
her mouth while I stood by silently dying inside. I knew
how it was going to end yet froze up wanting to see the conclusion
as sick as at that may sound. And when he held her head firmly
with his hands, all I could do was watch as he fucked her mouth
until she began to gag.

“Fuck yes. Don’t stop now baby, ” he said to her as
his shaft thrust hard into her mouth. Within seconds my
wife gagged again as I saw his cum leaking out the side of
her mouth faster than she could swallow it. It was disturbing
and raw yet my wife had not stopped and I had to accept she
was in some very erotic zone. And when Ben did calm down and
pull back, I looked at my wife as his cum dripped from her
chin and landed on her breasts like rain drops.

Susie got to her feet, offered me an embarrassed half smile
and rushed to the bathroom to clean herself up. When she
returned Ben was already on our bed and she jumped on ready
for some relief of her own. And again I may be repeating myself
but the differences between a naked male and naked female
looked even more amazing when they were lying down wrapped
in each other’s arms.

But Ben was now in charge of her and she knew it as she spread
her legs when he pushed at them. Her pussy was gushing and
ripe as his fingers played with her womanly assets as if
they were his toys. I stood and listened to her respond with
whimpers and deep sighs from time to time. Her body became
tense rather quickly the longer Ben stimulated her pussy.

And when had teased her long enough and began to lick her
sweet needy pussy, my wife became animated and out of control
in no time at all. I had never witnessed her react so wildly
when being eaten although I am sure she did with me but I was
not able to stand back and simply watch. My wife appeared
to struggle when she had to deal with the sexual tension
she was under. Yet Ben bore down on her without regards for
her physical or mental state of shock.

And then Susie began to mutter, “Oh, Oh, ” over and
over as I witnessed her body arch itself while she rode out
her orgasm. But watching their fore play was nothing compared
to when it was time for him to take my wife for his own. Well
at least the next twenty minutes or more. His cock had grown
hard again as he let her calm enough by sucking her nipples
before going back to her pussy to force another orgasm from

How can I explain what it was truly like to watch the woman
I love being put through her sexual paces? I guess the best
way to describe it is to say I witnessed her differently
being able to stand back and observe. Susie, when aroused,
is a fire cat and could not hold back an ounce of dignity even
if she tried. I know her mind had shut down long before she
reached her orgasms. Her body was left to deal with the needs
she and Ben would have to satisfy before they would be finished.

And as I moved to the side of the bed anxiously waiting and
watching, Ben looked at me with my wife whimpering beneath
him. He guided his hard cock to her wet, swollen pussy as
I tensed up. She once again looked so tiny and his cock looked
massive as Ben pressed against her wet outer lips. My wife
kept her eyes closed this time although I never asked her

And then they began to join together as the task at hand for
both of them was beginning. Ben had four inches of his shaft
inside of Susie when she looked up and gasped out of desperation
as if she expected me to save her. “Stop. Ben stop for a
second, ” I said concerned for my wife. “You ok honey?”
I asked. My wife turned her head to my side of the bed and smiled.
“I’m great, ” she replied. I felt foolish for interfering
since she obviously loved how Ben made her feel.

The glaze that covered her eyes as his cock was entering
her is something I will never forget. Ben proceeded and
before long his shaft was buried inside of her womb at last.
“Holy fuck” my wife kept muttering while he ground
in and out of her with some pretty forceful thrusts. I can’t
say it was pretty or wonderful but it was sexually the most
exciting thing I had ever witnessed.

Ben’s ass rose up and slammed down over and over causing
the air in my wife’s lungs to rush out as if she was in shock
or a severe panic. Her breasts heaved on her chest as a result
of his assault yet she purred for him constantly. And when
Ben pinned her arms above her head I didn’t enjoy seeing
him make her appear helpless instead of being his willing
partner, but there was nothing I could do.

She was trapped under him looking up as he slammed his hard
thick cock in and out of her. Her eyes were wide and intense
as she felt his cock grinding in her pussy. Her mouth opened
at times as if he was touching some special place inside
of her. And then Ben slammed down hard as my wife sensed he
was close to cumming.

For a second time in a little over a year, Ben was going to
plant his seeds in my wife as held my breath. He let go of her
arms as she wrapped them around his neck just before I was
pretty sure he began to spasm and fire his load into her warmth.
And when they were finished they laid together with his
shaft still inside of her pussy while kissing tenderly
as couples do after such an intense encounter. And although
I was not jealous or angry, I left the room, in need of some
time to get my thoughts straightened out.

Grabbing a beer, I sat at our table and could hardly believe
we had done it again. Somehow Susie and I had gotten past
the guilt we had after Ben fucked her the first time. But
when all was said and done, we repeated the very same thing
that caused us both so much pain in the first place. I was
sitting there when my wife walked into the kitchen wearing
her silk robe.

“Are you ok honey? I mean you left me alone and I got worried, ”
she said as I stood up and pulled her into my arms. Just feeling
her back in my arms helped feel more love for her than I have
ever felt. My wife and I kissed as she thanked me again for
letting her enjoy Ben one more time. I told her I loved watching
her even more this second time.

Ben appeared fully dressed a few minutes later and thanked
me for the good time. I gave him a beer as the three of sat at
our table and talked about what we had done, which was much
better than the first time when he just left without saying
a word. And after a few beers, I looked forward to fucking
my hot wife all night long. And when my wife and I did crawl
into bed later on, her body was just as hot as it looked. I
treasured the strange sensations of sliding my shaft into
her pussy and feeling the slippery mixture my friend and
my wife had left for me.

I had come to grips with my short comings as a husband and
accepted the fact I loved to watch her getting fucked again
by someone else. I was not sure where our future would lead
Susie and I but at least I knew we would always be together
and remained just as much in love as we were when we first

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Great story and very well presented.


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wow! loved it! stroked to a great orgasm reading it!


Members can vote on this response!

I can feel the regret between all of you in your letter, however,
would you have still wondered how it may have been, had you
not experienced your fantasy through out your lives? I
think you may have looked back with some regret if you had

I experienced a similar event a number of years ago and it
led to the break up of our relationship, much to my regret.

I hope that the three of you are able to rise above it and continue
to be happy, think about the relationships that you and
your wife had before you met, she may have slept with other
men as you could have slept with other women, but of course
this would have all taken place before you met.

I sympathise with all of you, you seem to be a level headed
person, don't let it destroy what you have all enjoyed
these past few years, your close friendship and love.

Be strong, learn from your mistakes.

Good luck in the future,



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We have found being in the lifestyle has brought us closer
together. Our number one rule is we always tell each other
when were going to meet someone to play, and if being in the
lifestyle starts causing problems in our marriage were
out of it. R & A


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Reality? Fantasy? It doesn't matter. It doesn't
change anything.

You effectively present what is going on in your head. You
effectively present the conflicting feelings, the contradiction,
the tension, the difficulty in describing emotions and
feelings for which no words are effective in the English

Admittedly, most men may not be perceptive enough to name,
or attempt to identify the depth and breadth of these feelings
and emotions, but there in lies a root problem of the male-female

The whole scenario changes dramatically if the wife draws
the husband into the experience for her own lust by sucking
him. The tension builds by the wife focusing her entire
pleasure on the friend. The transition to a threesome changes
the tension, the dynamics. The entertaining of another
woman in the mix defuses the contradictions.

Well done.


Members can vote on this response!

Very very realistic. Our experience was similar. Our aftermath
was an intense drive to continue the pleasure of being so
turned on that we could enjoy the most satifying pleasure
that our bodies could stand. Seeing her with someone else
was so mind blowing that I continued to relive the performance
over and over in my mind. I didn't realize that she had
that much capacity for losing herself in a sexual experience.
Once she tried it, she admitted she wanted more and more
if I approved. I wanted her to repeat the most powerful sexual
extisy I had ever witnessed over and over again. Fortunately,
she found wonderful lovers who knew who to wind her up to
hours of climaxes. They brought out of her the most intense
sexual side of her being. And once she loved her lovers,
she was willing to belong to them as their property. She
would tell me that tonight she belonged to her lover totally.
She only wanted her experience to be natural, no contraceptives.
She wanted their sperm to fill her up and be inside her for
hours on end. She said if they impregnated her, that was
alright. The child would be her and our love baby. It was a fabulouse 20 years of sexual joy. We still have our
fantasies and can repeat the heat of the event in our love
making. Love and sex is the most enjoyable part of our lives
if we only learn to take it to it's fullest. We promised
that we would never let jealousy ruin our lives. Consequently,
our marriage has lasted many years and is still goin stronger
than we ever imagined was possible. It may not work for everyone, but it worked for us. She is
still a very beautiful woman and the men still surround
her at parties and make fools of themselves. Believe me,
I don't mind because I still get to take home my very
wet and hot sexy wife.


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Awesome story. I like the way you describe it from all angles.
I wish my wife was as sexually enlightened as yours. There
is something missing from our sexual relationship and
I wish I could get her to let herself go as you describe your
wife doing. I hope you will share more.


Members can vote on this response!

You talk about your feelings and that is great, but what
does Susie feel? You do not explore her mind and feelings
and that would be interesting, too! I hope you write more
about this storyline and Susie's feelings about being
part of your fantasy.


Members can vote on this response!

Well "Discreet" if it was so good and
she/you both enjoy, why are you on here as a single person....huh!

And she made you out as a fool, to go into with out contraceptives
is bloody stupid for grown people, or she wanted to get back
at you for being a cuckold....


Members can vote on this response!

After re-reading both stories, I have to say, it seems like
Susie and Ben are heading for an affair and once found out,
leaving you. There is an attraction going on and it seems
she is more satisfied with Ben's manhood than yours.
Perhaps it is the newness of another man inside her or just
a difference of technique. I still say Ben and his wife divorced
for a reason unexplained and that no mention of his dating
in over a year is mentioned. Be careful what you wish for,
you may get it and become an uncle to your own children.


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would you feel better if you joined in? watching is lonly,
if you join in and be a participant, you both could be better
for it.


Members can vote on this response!

Well done! You've captured the essence of the term,
"Voyeur." No need to participate, or to apologize
for wanting to, "watch, " another man enjoy
your wife. As long as the two of you are honest and open about
your desires and fantasies, you'll both continue
to enrich your sex lives sharing similar experiences.
Keep us posted!


Members can vote on this response!

U hit thenail right on the head with ur feelings before and
after the fact. We too had a similar sexperience more than
twenty five years ago and we still get turned on talking
about it. Love to try again but doesn't seem like it's
going to happen.


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Fantastic story, well told!


Members can vote on this response!

Thank you for your incredible honesty and your story was
truly compelling and sexy. My ex-fiance struggled with
the fact that he had always wanted to see me stroke a huge
cocks cock.

I had never thought or even had fantasies about being with
more than one man at the same time and I thought he was insecure
somehow and was testing me. I said no for 2 and a half years
until he didn't give up! He kept insisting and then
he got me involved in modeling at age 40 this year and we made
a deal with the photographer that in exchange for his services
I would fuck and suck him until he cums.

I could justify this in my mind that I was doing it for business
purposes to not feel so guilty about it. The guy was ugly,
skinny and had a small cock but I watch my man jerking off
as I was riding this guy and my ex cum harder on my tits and
my face than ever before! I got so turned on from him being
turned on that I actually did make myself cum with this guy
even though I was attracted not attracted to him.

My ex did not feel jealous at all and he felt a little guilty
because he felt like he had pimped me out for some free photographs
when all he really wanted was to watch me with another guy.
I swear you and my ex should talk and maybe between the 2 of
you, you can both figure out exactly why you like this sort
of thing?

All my other ex's would flip out at the idea but my American
ex said he loved to watch me. So he insisted that I at least
stroke off a guy with a huge dick and he showed me some profiles
on a swingers site not this one.

I said, "That guy with the masculine buff body, handsome
face and giant cock would do just fine." My ex immediately
felt insecure being that the guy I selected was to close
to perfect physically speaking, I mean this guy had it all
full body and face package and he was a gentleman too.

My ex told me that he would never allow me to fuck that guy
because he didn't want me to fall in love with the guy.
My ex wanted some guy who had an enormously huge cock that
was not that handsome and not that buff and he found the perfect
guy at a swingers club in the Miami area.

My ex did not feel threatened also he knew that I did not care
about cock size, I cared more about the size of a man's
balls and if he would allow me to stretch them and my ex had
huge balls and he allowed me to torture them and I loved it.

My ex got so turned on watching me jerk off this really huge
dick but I was not attracted to the guy, this was more for
my ex than myself. My ex enjoyed watching me be naughty with
other men with huge cocks and I felt good making him happy.

It is exciting because it is so risky and in one night you
can ruin your entire relationship and fill it with doubts
and fears. "Whos cock did she like better!! His or
mine!! Does she like the other guys cock because its bigger
than mine and mine can't grow any more!" I mean
the questions are endless holy shit!!!

It takes a lot of trust and I think doing it anonymously with
a stranger is safer. This way if the strange guy likes it
just as much as I did we would not be tempted to contact each
other behind my ex's back and that is why swingers clubs
are safe for this sort of sexual practice otherwise it can
backfire like it did to my ex and his ex, she fell in love with
his best friends giant cock and it was a nightmare story
about how that turned out!

My ex told me that he wanted to shoot it on video so that we
did not have to constantly go looking for guys for me to be
with and put our relationship at risk over and over again.
If he was in a kinky mood he could watch the video of me being
fucked by a really well hung guy while he was fucking me doggy

Trust me I would get my brains fucked out harder than I ever
did in my life when he watches that video because that is
how much he gets turned on!!!

Thanks for sharing you story with us it is the best story
I have read thus far.


Lee Tang AKA Mya Sweet Adult Model


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Love your story. Been trying to get my wife to do another
guy but no luck. Sometimes when we fuck I imagine I am that
other man. It really gets me hot and ready to go as I try to
think of fucking her from his point of view. I know this sounds
really weird but I can actually put him in our situation.
When I see her naked I imagine I am our neighbor getting to
see her for the first time. I have a friend that I met on AdultFriendFinder.We
have been lovers for years. I would like nothing better
than to have that cock that has been in me from end to end do
her in all three holes.Please write more.


Members can vote on this response!

Very well told and very well written with may sides to the
story as told by you and your wife.I am glad that you are both
together and able to talk so openly about the experience
and that is why you are great together. Thanks and keep your
stories coming.


Members can vote on this response!

Great story, well said!


Members can vote on this response!

I really enjoyed the honest portrayal of your experiences.
Thank you for taking the time to share it with us.


Members can vote on this response!

fantastic story I would like to have the same opportunity
if my wife allows, it may lead to a better and strong understanding
between married couple, we may be call it open marrage,
where sex relationship will not be a taboo, extra marrital
relationship will be considered as normal human activities


Members can vote on this response!

Thanks for the story. Well written, and the best part was...all
of it. My husband and I experienced it nearly the same way
and it took several months to put it behind us and move forward.
I think ours would have been better if we had a "Ben",
but no luck. Thanks, and I truly hope that you are still together!
See ya, J


Members can vote on this response!

My wife and I had our first experience with a couple back
in July of this year. The actually sexual act was great.
She got really turned on watching me with the other woman
and I got turned on watching her wth the other man. What happened
after almost made us not look to do this again. The woman
in that couple tried to steal me from my wife. She was very
manipulative and played a lot of games trying to drive us
apart. She would tell my wife one thing and then me another.
I was lucky and caught on to her games and ended communication
with that couple. The situation brought us closer together
as a couple, but there was regret because we didn't
catch on to the other woman's games right away. I think
this was a good story because it tells about the realities
of this lifestyle, good and bad.


Members can vote on this response!

I loved the story - I love watching another man fuck my wife
and sucking her pussy afterwards was fantastic - we had
some problems getting it behind us - she felt guilty about
enjoying so much - can't get her to do it again - so I just
remember and fantasize about the past


Members can vote on this response!

Gives you a lot of food for thought, I guess if you truly deeply
love someone you will get through anything


Members can vote on this response!

Man, you are real courageous to let your wife be with other
man and right in front of you. I am not married yet and so I
am not good at understanding the intricacies of a married
relationship but still reading your story made me feel
for you. Call me a male chauvinist but I think that sexual
gratification has become very important for women nowadays
and so emotions like love etc. have taken a back seat. Also,
women hold themselves back from doing certain things because
of a feeling of guilt. But once they are able to overcome
this, they are open to absolutely anything. This is evident
in your case wherein your wife had some remorse after her
first night with Ben but she was at her ease after her subsequent
meetings with Ben at the party and at the store and her realization
that neither your or Ben felt bad about it. Thus she overcame
her guilt and looked forward to enjoy Ben a second time.


Members can vote on this response!

One great story, sincere and honest... I believe that you
really went through this... and ben must be laughing all
the way to the bank. If it is as painful as you describe, it is beyond me why you
go through another session. It is perhaps the animal instinct in us... One question...Why did you not fuck her together... that
might have helped to erase the guilty feeling as both of
you are enjoying yourselves, ,, and not just her and ben


Members can vote on this response!

Wonder why it is that women feel sex is part of love and men
usually feel sex is just a way to get someone and themselves
to cum? From all the letters on here it is almost always about
men that want to watch their wife getting fucked and rarely
about a woman that wants to see her man with another woman.
My experience is that I can have sex with a woman, feel good
about it, and not fall in love with them. It seems women of
the other hand, feel guilty if they enjoy another man's
cock and don't want to repeat the experience unless
they are married.


Members can vote on this response!

I know the feeling of letting her down .I once got out of bed
from a threesome and in the bathroom i woundered what i was
thinking.i can still here my wife moning from the other
room. We fantised befor and ater .I kept it going and she
did two . for nerly two years 5 or 6 nights a week 4 to six hrs
a k night. i dont even belive it and i was there


Members can vote on this response!

Wow, loved this story. I think I would want to join in, i'd
love to share her, watch her and be the one to make the decisions.
maybe i'm not as brave as you guys



Members can vote on this response!

You have definitely touched on the emotional side when most solely focus on the physical. The paradox of actually experiencing sex outside of marriage is gut wrenching. The excitement vs the very fact there is no undoing what has been done. It is the emotional aspect that I seek to discuss with others. As with your story the emotion always seems to turn into erotica. Thanks for your very creative take on sharing your mate. I speak from experience so your story was self reflecting for me. I hope our paths cross and we can discuss this further. Paul


Members can vote on this response!

Great story. I could identify with many of the feelings represented. Well done.