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The initiation...


As I stood before you eyes lowered, naked and vulnerable,
I waited with baited breath. You had already intimated
that our meeting would be somewhat different to others
that had gone before, and that my obedience to you would
be tested to levels beyond anything I had experienced up
to now.

My mind wandered to the first time we met, I was a nervous
naive submissive. Oh the desire was in me, the need to serve
a constant ache, that reached deep down grasping at my very
soul. However, my experience of real life was zero. I had
studied the etiquette, and read the safety information,
joined numerous clubs on-line, and teased and flirted
with others in the scene. My ability to flaunt my submission
had become an art form. I had Dom’s falling over them selves
to meet, but for some reason had not felt able to make the
transition from e-sub to actual.

I had been sitting in front of the computer screen chatting
away in my inimitable manner, Yes Sir, No Sir how true Sir,
this one is in total agreement Sir, how old am I Sir? What
am I wearing? What do I look like? Mmmmmmm every Dom’s dream
Sir, and modest with it. No I don’t have a Master at this time
Sir. On and on the titillating exchanges continued, I was
in my element. Then there it was.


Resolute Dom, I opened up the message window expecting
the usual “Hi talk to me slut, a/s/l.” I always treated such
opening lines with distain, and headed them off at the pass
very quickly, but on this occasion the introduction was

<Resolute Dom> I would like to talk with you, I am
a real life Master looking for a genuine submissive. My
main requirements will be your ultimate trust and obedience,
and in return I will take you on a journey that others only
dream about.



How I longed to experience the promise he was making.

<honesty> Hello Sir, I am here, and would be pleased
to talk with you.

After that we spoke for ages about what I was looking for,
and what he required of a submissive. We talked of our past
and present, our likes and dislikes, needs and desire’s.
No pregnant pauses, the dialogue flowed like molten lava
across the screen.

That was to be the first of many such exchanges, we arranged
to meet regularly at set times in our virtual world. I found
myself logging on early, and waiting for his name to appear.
What was it about this stranger that made my heart race and
my body ache, he seemed to invade my every waking thought.

<Resolute Dom> Hello Ellen, how are you this evening?
I have a present for you.

<honesty> I am well thank-you Sir, what sort of present?

<Resolute Dom> I thought it was about time I sent
you a photo of myself. We have come a long way since our first
conversation, I will send it now.

<honesty> Ok Sir, I will await it with anticipation.

It hadn’t really occurred to me to ask for a picture of him,
I had conjured up an image from a previous description,
but as I watched the file downloading my curiosity was aroused.
It seemed to take ages.

Clicking on the view button, an image as if by magic appeared
before me, my heart pounding I gazed upon the face that stared
back. It was a strong face full of character, dark brown
moody eyes that seemed to follow my movements. The hair
was a mid-brown colour cut in a short neat style, the jaw
firm and square, and a slight glimmer of a smile teased the
corners of the mouth. As for the nose it was neither large
nor small, but blended with the other features perfectly.
Not a handsome face but strong and firm, like the words that
passed between us.

<Resolute Dom>. Well my little sub have you looked?
Speak to me!

After scrutinising the image, I pondered on whether I liked
what I saw. Having now seen a picture of the person that pulls
me closer with each conversation, did I now feel any differently?
The answer was simple, no, as one thing I am not is shallow,
and looks have little or no influence on my overall perception
of someone, personality comes a definite first on all counts.

<honesty> Sorry Sir, this one is here, and yes I have

<Resolute Dom> Ok, and what conclusions have you

<honesty> conclusions Sir? Well if you mean do I
like the picture, yes I do. You have a strong face to go with
your demeanour

My thoughts began to wander again, I imagined myself standing
before this person as he inspected me for the first time.
My sex began to moisten at the thought. I wanted and needed
to meet him so much, but the subject had never been broached.

Perhaps, he didn’t like the picture I had sent him sometime
back, but if that was the case then surely he would have distanced
himself, and he had not. If anything our conversations
had become more intense of late.

<Resolute Dom> I will take that as a compliment then
little one.

<honesty> Sir! May this one ask you a question?

<Resolute Dom> Of course you may I have no secrets
from you little sub, if we decide to move forward our relationship
will be built on openness.
<honesty> Well I was wondering if you ever intended
for us to meet Sir?

He went quiet for a while, oh-oh I thought now I’ve blown

<Resolute Dom> Well little one since you ask, yes
I have been having such thoughts of late, but needed to be
sure that it was what you wanted also. Progressing from
an on-line relationship to one that brings us face to face,
will be a big step for you.

<honest> Yes Sir I understand that.

<Resolute Dom> You are aware of my requirements
and needs, and I would not wish you to take what we have spoken
about lightly. The road will not be an easy one to travel,
but the rewards will be beyond your wildest imaginings
little one.

<honesty> I know I am ready for this Sir, and have
taken heed of all you have said.


Chapter Two

Crack!! A searing pain spread across my arse and I jumped.


“Ah! You are still awake little one!” I looked at you pouting.


“What did I do Master?”

“You looked as if you were in limbo I was just checking little

“Sorry Master, I was thinking back to the days when we used
to talk on-line”. “Well, that’s all very well my little
slut, but today I want you focused.”

“Yes Master, I am sorry it will not happen again.”

“Good little one it is time for your inspection, part your
legs for me.”

“Yes Master.”

With that I took up the required stance, your hands gently
stroked my hair, then you followed the outline of my face
with your fingertips pausing at my lips, and tracing a line
around them as if applying lip stick. The urge to reach forward
and kiss you was almost irresistible but, this was not the
time to be impulsive, and I stood motionless as you continued.



You had brought me to a small hotel just outside of town,
I was surprised to note that the people who ran it seemed
to know you, and they greeted you with a warmth, but something
more, respect! I also noted that the receptionist wore
a collar around her neck, and referred to you as Master John,
curiouser and curiouser I thought. Then a man whom I assumed
was the proprietor came over and shook your hand

“Ah! you’re here at last John, good to see you my friend,
and this must be the lovely Ellen, you have told me so much

“Yes it is Alex.”

I noticed a mischievous smile spread across his face.

“How are you girl?”

A little taken aback I replied, “this one is well thank-you

“Good! Good!”

Beckoning to the girl at the desk, the man Alex, spoke to
her in a firm voice.

“Maria, show Master John, and his guest to their room.”
She obeyed without question a smile dancing on her lips.


Picking up Sir’s bag and leaving me to carry my own, she led
us towards the open staircase adorned with dark mahogany
banisters, and a plush red carpet, “this way Master John
Sir, ” I tripped along behind like a spare part.

It was not long before we were standing before a heavy Oak
door, Maria opened it for us, and ventured in depositing
Sir’s luggage by a desk, strategically placed against
one wall. I glanced around the room appreciatively, a four-poster
bed took pride of place draped by heavy velvet wine coloured
curtains, these matched the ones adorning the picture
window. The room was beautifully decorated in gold’s and
burgundy’s, it had a rich ambience about it moulding in
with dark wood furnishings.

Maria, smiled at Sir, “if there is anything you require,
just phone through to reception and I will make arrangements.”


Sir nodded “thank-you Maria, ” and then glancing and smiling
in my direction she left. Those were the events of an hour
or so ago, and now I stood before you naked, waiting and wondering,
what lay ahead for this one.

“Now my little sub, I guess you are curious as to what is going
to happen?” “Yes Sir I am.” “You will find out shortly, this
evening I want you to look your best, I want you to wear this.”
It was like nothing I had ever seen before, a totally sheer
black sleeveless mini dress. “Slip it on now!” I want to
see you in it.” Taking the garment from you I proceeded to
put it on, your eyes surveyed me with an appreciative look,
“perfect, just perfect, you will do your Master proud sub, ”
a huge grin spread across your face.

“I am satisfied now little one, remove the garment it is
time to prepare for what lies ahead.” I looked at you questioningly
but, no answers were forth coming. “I am going to take a shower,
when I call you I would like you to join me, ” “yes Master.”



I sat on the edge of the bed listening to the sounds emanating
from the bathroom. I felt full of anticipation and apprehension,
what did the evening hold in store? Why were you being so
secretive? “Ellen, come join me now girl, ” “coming Master, ”
and with that I got up, and headed for the bathroom. My heart
jumped as I caught sight of your glistening body, the water
trickling over its contours enhancing your muscular form.
Feelings of love and lust coursed through my whole being
as I drank in the scene.


Smiling, you beckoned me to join you, and tentatively I
step under the stream of water, my heart pounding as your
fingers explored my flesh, teasing my most intimate parts
as we moulded together, two bodies being refreshed and
cleansed by the constant warm flow.

To quickly the moment passed, “come on little one, time
to make yourself beautiful for your Master and his guests.”
“Guests Master?” “Yes guests little one.” Alighting from
the shower I proceeded to dry myself, now I was even more
confused, but I trusted my Master totally and did not pursue
the matter any further.

After moisturising and applying my make-up, I was just
about to put on the dress when you stopped me, taking your
crop you bent me forward crackkkkkkkk you brought it down
hard across my buttocks, a small cry emitted from my lips
as I rode the pain, crackkkkkkk, I gasped as my sex began
to moisten with each blow of the crop, six, seven, eight,
my head span my body ached, as you administered twelve firm
calculated blows. Then checking my wetness, you then gently
ran your hands over the raised welts on my glowing cheeks.
“ That’s better now you bare my marks you may put on the dress,
oh and I have also left some shoes by the bed that I wish you
to wear, a strappy stiletto I believe you would class them
as.” Smiling I began to get dressed.

I surveyed myself in the full-length mirror, the material
was so sheer I might as well have been naked; checking myself
from the back view the stripes that covered my buttocks,
could be clearly seen through the material. I finished
styling my hair then turned to look at you, “will I do Master?”
I enquired. “Oh yes my little sub, ” a look of pride spread
across your face, and in that moment I felt both elated and
humbled by your reaction. “Thank-you Master, this one
is happy you are pleased.” “I am more than pleased little
one, come it is time to join the others.”


Chapter three

Closing the door of the room behind us, we set off towards
the mahogany staircase, The shoes you had requested I wear,
were sinking into the pile of the carpet, and made it difficult
to walk. I was sure I was sauntering along with an ungainly
gait, but you made no comment. We reached the reception
area at the bottom of the stairs, and I gazed towards the
workstation expecting to see Maria seated, and working
away. She was nowhere to be seen. In fact the whole place
was eerily quiet apart from a few muffled voices coming
from beyond a large carved oak door.

Guiding me towards it you reached out and turned its ornate
brass handle, a dimly lit room was revealed beyond, I could
see a number of shaded figures sitting around a table, but
before I could count their number or focus properly, you
whispered into my ear, lower your eyes little one. I did
so without question, and transfixed my gaze upon the shiny
wooden floor. My heart began to pound, this is it I thought,
this is what all the secrecy had been about.

A familiar voice resounded out of the darkness, I recognised
it as that of the proprietor Alex. “Ah! John welcome, come
and join us my friend”, my Master guided me towards the table.
“she is a fine looking sub, John your description did not
do her justice, a fruit to be enjoyed over and over again, ”
and with that he laughed

His demeanour was menacing and a chill ran through me.
“We would like to start the initiation straight away John
if that is ok with you?” “Please do Alex.” Initiation, what
initiation, and whose, what is going on here?

I heard a chair scraping on the wooden floor then footsteps
approaching me. A figure began to encircle my form as I stood
motionless, I assumed it must be Alex. “Very nice! Very
nice, how far do you want us to go with her initiation John?”
My initiation what do they mean?

“ I relinquish all responsibility for Ellen, into your
hands Alex, and into the hands of the other members, for
this night only. Please carry out the initiation as you
see fit. I set no restrictions on what is about to take place,
I trust your judgement implicitly. I know that when the
proceedings are complete, Ellen will be returned to me
a stronger person.”

What were they, talking about, why was my Master relinquishing
his responsibility of me, what did it mean, I felt very nervous
and uneasy. My Master then leant forward and whispered
in my ear, make me proud little one, and then without another
word I heard him walk away and the heavy door close as he exited
the room. He had left me alone with a group of strangers,

Alex, lifted my chin to meet his gaze, his eyes were cold
and full of what I can only describe as lust. Then without
warning he placed his hand under my dress and pressed it
against my cunt, forcing my lips apart and pushing his fingers
roughly into my already moist sex, brought about by the
earlier cropping of my Master. I gasped in disbelief and
horror, I tried to pull away, but this only served to make
him push his fingers deeper into my sex.

“Oh you are a naughty little sub, Ellen, very wet, your Master
has prepared you well, I am going to enjoy this initiation.
John was right you are a horny little slut.”

I could not imagine my Master making such a base statement
to another, but I remained silent. I was now aware that their
were five or six other men in the room, but the relevance
of this had no bearing on me at that time.

In a loud voice Alex ordered the table to be cleared, 5 women
entered the room. I noticed they were all naked apart from
leather collars that adorned their necks. I searched their
number for a glimpse of Maria, but she was not amongst them.
They proceeded to clear the table of all its glassware and
cutlery, not a word passed between them, as they went about
their task, and in an instant they were gone. The Men in the
room then produced a red velvet throw and proceeded to cover
the table with it. I assumed to protect its highly polished

Whilst all this was going on the man called Alex, still had
his fingers firmly pushed deep inside my vagina I could
feel them moving and manipulating inside me, causing my
juices to flow even more profusely, and though in denial
I was becoming aroused by his use.

I noticed all the males in the room were wearing black cloaks,
which made them look very sinister. The chairs were removed
and they were standing around the circular table. The women
were then summoned back into the room they returned pushing
a large oak trolley covered by a cloth in the same material
as the throw. The events that were about to take place were
still a mystery to me, the whole atmosphere was surreal
it was as if I was watching from the wings.




Suddenly Alex’s grip tightened around my pubic bone my
cunt felt as if it was in a vice, and the hand that had held
my chin up was now firmly grasping the hair at the nape of
my neck, as he pulled me towards the table, the urge to struggle
was immense but I knew there would be little point in doing

Forcing the upper half of my torso face down onto the velvet
throw, two of the male’s present took hold of my wrists and
held them firmly in place. Fear coursed through me, I cried
out I want my Master, where is my Master, why is he allowing
you to treat me like this. “It is your initiation Ellen,
it is our way, accept it and stop whinging girl.”

Alex, then clapped, and two of the women approached each
of the male guests in turn, they proceeded to piss into a
funnel attached to what looked like a large squeezy bottle.
Alex did not participate in this part of the proceedings;
he looked on, occasionally dipping into my cunt with his
searching fingers.
When the collared females had visited each of the men in
turn, they handed the bottle to Alex.

I felt a tube being roughly inserted into my anus, and a feeling
of being filled took over, NO! I shouted NO! you can’t do
this to me; the urine from the men was being used as an enema.
“Do not spill a drop sub, ” Alex retorted, his voice menacing
and firm, “or I shall have to administer something far worse,
you should be proud to have the piss of these fine Dom’s inside
you.” When the enema had been emptied the tube was removed
and a plug inserted to stop me expelling the urine.

“Ok on your feet sub, NOW!” The men holding me down released
my wrists and I stood up, I could feel tears pricking the
back of my eyes, but I was not going to let him see me cry. The
butt plug was uncomfortable, and the enema was beginning
to cause me discomfort and stomach cramps. “How do you feel
now Ellen, not quite what you expected is it?” “How do you
think I feel Alex, like dancing for joy?” I saw a look of anger
in his eyes, as he slapped me hard across the face, my cheek
burned as I cried out in pain. “You will never use my name,
to you I am Sir, do you understand.” I nodded not wishing
to antagonise him further. “Good.”

“I need the toilet Sir, my stomach hurts.” “All in good time
remove your dress, ” “ yes Sir.” I slipped the skimpy piece
of fabric over my head, “now remove the shoes I want to see
you bare arsed naked.” Without a word I obeyed his every
request. He then beckoned to the other male guests to approach,
“come and feel how soft her skin is my friends, and how wet
and wanton she is.” I was inspected from every angle hands
tracing over every contour of my body, fingers dipping
into my most intimate places whilst I stood alone and vulnerable.

The cramps were getting worse now and I begged to be allowed
to release the vile contents of my bowels. “Soon sub! Soon!
First you must be disciplined for your earlier outburst.”
Grasping the hair at the nape of my neck again, he bent me
double, “you will stay in that position until I tell you
otherwise, ” “ yes Sir” I replied meekly. “Bring over the
trolley it is needed, ” he bellowed in the direction of
the waiting females. I could hear it being wheeled across
the surface of the floor, my heart pounded as I tried to imagine
what other gruesome things he had planned for this one.

He turned to the other male members, “choose your punishment
tool wisely my friends, and when you have done so, each of
you in turn will deliver ten strokes to the body of this ungrateful
submissive.” I had noted there were six men in all, including
Alex. I felt the presence of one of the men standing close
to me, then without warning the first flash of pain hit my
buttocks, I sucked in air and gasped. Alex laughed, “I see
you are a traditionalist Master Paul a good spanking always
goes down well every time.”

Each of the Men in turn administered punishment, I felt
the swish of a crop, the lash of a belt, the bruising blows
of a tawse, and finally the cutting sting of a cane, and then
to complete the torturous onslaught Alex picked up a flogger,
then ordering me to stand straight, he systematically
used it on every part of my exposed body, its kiss cutting
into my flesh from head to toe, my head reeled in a flush of
pain and ecstasy, every nerve ending coming alive and responsive,
as a fiery glow danced across the surface of my skin.

Alex then took a step back and surveyed his handy work, a
half smile dancing on his lips. Then clapping his hands
he summoned two of the females to approach, they were carrying
a bucket. “OK Ellen time for you to empty out those bowels.”
“What! Here in front of you all? I can’t.” He must have noted
the horror in my voice but, ignoring it completely he roughly
pulled the plug from my arse, and forcibly positioned me
over the bucket as my bowels exploded with force. A vile
mix of excreta and piss burst forth. Then the two females
pushed another tube into my arse and administered a warm
soapy enema to flush me through, and proceeded to clean
me. I felt a form of relief at this charitable act.

Whilst all this was taking place the Dom’s looked on, feeding
on my embarrassment. “Now doesn’t that feel better Ellen,
nothing like being clean inside and out is there?” Alex
said laughing, and with that he ordered the females to leave
the room.


Chapter Five

“Ok Ellen now the preparations have been completed it is
time to start the initiation.” “Start I questioned, there
is more?” With that Alex, grabbed the hair at the nape of
my neck and dragged me towards the table, I began to struggle.
“Your inane attempts at escape will do you no good girl just
except what is to be.” Four of the Dom’s took a firm hold of
me, and laid me spread eagled face up on the table’s surface,
leather cuffs were applied to my wrists and ankles and bondage
rope slipped through the ‘D’ rings and attached to the table’s
legs, spreading my limb’s and leaving me open and vulnerable.

Alex pushed his fingers into my sex once more, “Mmmmmmmm
you are very wet sub. You are obviously enjoying the time
and attention we are lavishing on you, your Master, said
you were a horny little whore.” I could not imagine my Master
saying any such thing, I was sure if he new what I was going
through he would come and rescue me immediately. The trolley
was still in the room and I watched Alex walk over to it. “Now
lets see if we can increase your excitement even more shall
we slut?”

On returning to the table Alex leant over me, and began squeezing
my nipples hard, I flinched, he seemed to have no regard
for my feelings whatsoever, as he tortured my hardening
nubs, then pulling roughly he stretched each one in turn,
and applied nipple clamps joined by a chain in the middle.
I cried out, they had obviously been adjusted to maximise
the pain it was excruciating, and to add to the effect he
tugged roughly at the chain. I used every ounce of resolve
I had to try and ride out their vicious grip.

I allowed my eyes to rest upon the face of one of the Dom’s,
he was indifferent to my suffering, and looked back coldly.
Why where they doing this to me, what had I done to deserve
such treatment. As I lay there I was aware that Alex was now
concentrating on my clit rubbing and pulling at it, teasing
it with his fingers, I was becoming undeniably aroused
by this, and stifled small moans of pleasure, that threatened
to escape my lips. Once again pain racked my body as a third
clamp was attached to my swollen bud, this time the sensation
was different, I could feel it being physically tightened,
like one would tighten a vice. I cried out and begged him
to stop. He laughed, “why have you had enough already little
sub? Surely not.” I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks
as I chocked back sobs.

After a few minutes the pain subsided due to the blood being
squeezed out, and numbness replacing it. My legs were then
untied, and two of the Dom’s forced them up, so that my knees
where being pressed against my chest rubbing against the
clamps and causing pain. I was aware that both my cunt and
my arse where fully exposed.

“Loosen off the wrist ropes, I want to position her so that
her buttocks are at the edge of the table. We can’t fuck her
if access is restricted.” All but two of the men moved round
to the end of the table. “Look at that gaping wet hole my friends,
this sub is begging to be taken.”

One of the Dom’s then positioned himself between my thighs,
I could feel the heat of his body warming my flesh as he removed
his cloak. I looked at him pleadingly in the hope that he
would take pity on me, he did not of course.

He was not a young man early sixties I guess, with greying
hair and a body that had seen better days. He ran his fingers
up and down my moistened slit in a fumbling inept manner.
Then grasping my buttocks he began to push his hardened
cock into my arse, each thrust took him deeper inside me,
I could hear him panting and groaning as he clumsily used
me. His breathing sounded laboured as the old dinosaur
hammered his way into my tender hole, and finally, after
what seemed like an age with guttural grunts, he unloaded
his seed.

Then moving round to the side of the table, he pulled my head
towards him, and forced his now flaccid cock into my mouth
for cleaning, I could taste the remnants of his cum, as I
unwillingly sucked and licked at his limp penis, while
the other men looked on.

“Well done Pete your part in the initiation is complete
go and collect your sub and relax for the rest of the evening
my friend.” With that the man shook the hands of the other
Dom’s and left the room, as the five remaining males clapped
and applauded his prowess.

Alex then, told the two men holding my legs in place to release
them, they were cramped and stiff from being held in one
position for so long. At that point Maria entered the room.
“Ah! my lovely submissive, your timing is impeccable as
always, ” she smiled and walked across the room to Alex,
and planted a chased kiss on his cheek. I could not help but
admire her lithe slim body, and her lustrous shiny black
hair that fell loosely around her shoulders, she was a very
beautiful woman.

“Can I be of any assistance Master?” Maria enquired. “I
have a treat for you Maria and a little light relief for Ellen.
Firstly, I would like you to remove the clamps that are attached
to Ellen’s body.” “Yes Master, ”

Maria reached across and removed the clamps from my nipples
in unison, I yelled out in pain as my buds began to engorge
with the blood that had been denied access to them for sometime.
Then leaning forward Maria, gently licked and sucked them
back into shape, I could feel sexual stirrings in my cunt
as she did so.

Then she moved towards my clit, I held my breath as the clamp
was carefully removed, and she began to lick and suck once
more, a delicious warmth flowed through my body, and the
pain began to subside. “Mmmmmmmmm I see you are enjoying
Maria’s attentions Ellen?” I could feel my cheeks flushing
with embarrassment at Alex’s comment, for I knew he was
right. “Would you like to taste my Maria, Ellen?” “Of course
you would, Maria position yourself over Ellen’s, face.”


With that Maria smiled and climbed up onto the table, she
straddled my upper body, and positioned herself so that
her glistening cunt hovered above my lips. The scent of
her sweet honey juices invaded my nostrils and I could feel
myself salivating at the thought of feeding on her sweet
creamy cum.

Slowly she lowered herself onto my lips, the pungent odour
of her wet, warm sex, heightening my arousal. Reaching
down towards her vagina she spread her outer lips revealing
the pink flesh of her inner sanctum, I allowed my tongue
to dip in and out of her hot hole lapping at her flowing juices.
I wanted to push my face right inside but the wrist bonds
restricted me from doing so. As if sensing my need she lowered
herself even further and began to grind her cunt against
my face and lips coating me in her cum. My tongue searched
out her swollen mound flicking across it as she moaned in
ecstasy, I sucked and licked with abandon, as her honey
cream flowed.

Whilst lost in the passion of the moment, I was suddenly
aware of fingers being pushed in and out of my sex, a fair
amount of force was being used, as my cunt was being stretched
wider and wider. I could feel my juices soaking my inner
thighs, as one of the men worked his fist into my wanton hole,
and began to pump me furiously.

To soon he withdrew, I didn’t want him to stop, all the revolution
of being used by a complete stranger, seemed to heighten
every nerve and sinew of my being The whore in me was revealing
herself, and I had no control over her. I was deriving great
pleasure from this person’s use of me, and my orgasm was
building, nothing else seemed to matter.

It was not long before the use continued, another hand was
opening and stretching my anus wide pushing and twisting
into my forbidden hole I cried out in pain and pleasure,
as this unknown person invaded my body without permission.
To him I was just a slut, who needed a good fucking in whatever
way he deemed fit.

Whilst his hand was still firmly planted in my body, I felt
something being applied to my engorged lips and swollen
mound, then it was pushed deep inside my dripping sex, I
realised it was ice, cube after cube was being inserted,
I moaned as it slowly melted and trickled out of my hole soaking
the creases of my groin, causing me to buck and gyrate with
wanton lust.

The hand was still firmly planted in my anus, as another
one of the Dom’s began to lick and suckle my cunt, his hot
breath reacting with the cold of my sex causing shocks of
pleasure to course through me. His attention was rough
as he fed greedily taking my swollen bud between his teeth,
and grinding against it mercilessly, my labia was being
taken deep into his mouth as he chewed and sucked on it veraciously
siphoning off my flowing juices mixed with ice water.

Fleeting thoughts of guilt invaded my mind but passed quickly.
I was a one hundred percent whore, who relished every sordid
base act that she was being put through. I had no idea how
many Dom’s at one time were using me, all I knew was that I
needed and wanted what they offered, and I didn’t care.

Maria’s moans where becoming louder, as the fisting and
constant use of my lower body by the men, caused me to feed
more vehemently on her sex, as she ground herself against
my lips. I felt her convulse as her cream spurted into my
mouth, coating my tongue, whilst I fed on the precious nectar
that flowed freely from her cunt, then she relaxed and smiled
down at me.

Alex, then ordered Maria, to piss and wash her cum from my
face. This was an act that would have caused immediate revulsion
in the past, but as her golden shower flowed forth I lapped
it up taking as much of it as I was able into my mouth. It was
as if the person of a few hours ago no longer existed, she
had been replaced by a lustful wanton sex machine, whose
sole purpose was to be used, and abused by these strangers.



Alex then stopped the proceedings, denying me the ultimate
satisfaction of cumming, the Dom’s ceased their use of
me, and I was left hanging on the edge of orgasm. My body quivered
with desire and need, I wanted to shout at them NO DON’T STOP!

“Ok Maria time for you to leave us, and get back to your chores”
“Yes Master.” Well Ellen, did you enjoy that? My Maria has
a very edible pussy, doesn’t she?” “Yes she does Sir.” “And
what did you think of the fisting, and use of your lower body?
From where I was standing you were being a very greedy little
slut, and couldn’t get enough of it, I almost felt compelled
to join in but you will have to wait for that pleasure.”

Alex then ordered the other Dom’s in the room to adjust my
bonds so that once more I was spread eagled, my limbs stretched
to their ultimate and secured. He then stood back whilst
the four remaining males positioned themselves, two on
either side of the table.

Alex clapped his hands and two of the women entered the room
wheeling in what looked like a small Bar-B-Q, full of glowing
embers, there was a length of metal protruding from it’s
centre Alex put on a protective glove and picked up the rod
of metal its end glowing bright orange then standing between
my legs pressed it firmly onto the flesh of my shaven sex.
I screamed out the pain was horrendous, the acrid smell
of burning flesh, invaded my airways, Then ice was applied
to the wound to alleviate the agonies of the fresh burn.

The two women left the room once more, and the Dom’s began
to masturbate, all apart from Alex. Their eyes where firmly
fixed on my body, as almost in unison they unleashed their
seed all over my torso, and then proceeded to rub it into
my flesh like a cream. Once they had finished, without a
word they turned shook Alex’s hand and left.


After the Dom’s had departed, one of the women entered the
room carrying a bowl of soapy water, and a towel, then after
placing it on the floor she turned and was gone. I was still
bound by my wrists and ankles, and the recent branding I
had endured was painfully sore. Alex bent down and retrieved
a sponge from the bowl and proceeded to wash me, starting
at my face, and moving down my body, he was not rough but gentle
taking great care not to aggravate the branding.

“Well Ellen my dear it is just you and I now, ” “Yes Sir, it
When Alex, had finished washing me, he dabbed my skin dry,
with the towel. Then with his mouth, he began gently tasting
and kissing my flesh. His tongue traced the outline of my
nipples, that were still sensitive from the clamps, then
he continued down across my abdomen, and paused at the top
of my pubic bone where the titillating exploration ceased.
Disappointment coursed through me.

Alex then proceeded to undo the wrist and ankle straps.
I sat up uncertain of how I should be reacting now. He then
remove his cloak, I could not help but admire his physic,
he was a fine figure of a man, his skin was smooth and tanned,
and muscle tone was certainly not a problem he had to worry
about. Alex’s voice broke the silence, “It is time for the
closing chapter of your initiation sub.” What else could
this man possibly do to me, that hadn’t already been done,
I though?

As if reading my thoughts, Alex pulled me to my feet and kissed
my hard and long. His tongue exploring and probing deep
inside my mouth. Once again I was becoming aroused, as he
rolled my hardening nipples between his fingers. Then
pushing me back against the table he rested the top of his
cock against my glistening pussy lips.

“This is what you want isn’t it Ellen? Tell me you want me
to fuck you! Tell me you need it!” “I pushed my groin forward.”
“Tell me Ellen, tell me you want to experience that ultimate
release that has been denied you up until now. Beg me to use
you Ellen, like the wanton little whore that you are.”

“Damn you, yes, I want you, yes I want you to fuck me, you know
I do.”

“Good! So ask me sub, ask me to service your hole.”

“Please Sir, will, you take this one, and satisfy her lustful
cravings?” “ She wants to feel your hardened cock inside

With one mighty thrust, Alex pushed his penis deep inside
me, I cried out with pleasure as he fucked me deep and hard,
squeezing and mulching my breast as he did so, my body screamed
with desire as the first orgasm hit, shuddering and quaking
through my system, all control gone as my juices coated
his penis.

Alex, then flipped me over and pushed me face down on to the
table, and without reprieve forced his member deep inside
my arse and fucked me again. I bucked against his thrusting
groin, pushing my arse out as far as it would go, so that every
part of his length was inside me, his balls knocked rhythmically
against my buttocks, as he pulled hard on my hair with one
hand, and slapped my back and sides hard with the other.


Once again the tremors of orgasm hit, as I rode high on lust
and passion. Guttural moans burst forth from the depths
of my throat, as my body convulsed again and again. Then
withdrawing his penis once more he demanded I clean it with
my mouth whilst, at the same time, bringing him to orgasm.

His cock was perfectly formed like the rest of him, a love
muscle that was built for one use. To bring pleasure to wanton,
lustful whores. I knelt before him and lapped at the pre-cum
seeping from its tip, savouring every drop of the precious
liquid, then slipping my lips over its swollen head I probed
the eye with my tongue, allowing my teeth to gently grate
around it’s ridge. I could hear his breathing slow and laboured,
as he allowed me to pleasure him at my own pace.

Then without warning Alex, suddenly grabbed hold of my
hair, and began to fuck my mouth slowly at first, and then
with more urgent thrusts, his cock hit the back of my throat
as I tried to relax the muscles and open it, I could feel the
pre-cum slipping down the back as he held my head firmly
in place, it was all I could do to stop my self gagging.

My hands held his buttocks firm to steady myself, then in
a myriad of convulsions his semen burst forth into my mouth,
the warm creamy liquid coating the inside of my cheeks and
slipping over the surface of my tongue. I swallowed greedily
relishing every drop. I felt all the tension drain from
his body, as his rapidly deflating cock slipped from my
lips. Then lifting my chin to meet his gaze, he said, “it
is done, the initiation is complete.” He slipped on his
robe, and headed towards the door. Then glancing back briefly
he smiled, opened it and was gone.

I sat back on my heels and glanced around the room, all that
remained was the table covered in the red throw, a bowl of
cold soapy water with a sponge floating in it, and the towel
just dropped thoughtlessly on the floor. I suddenly felt
very alone, then my gaze fell upon the branding, it looked
red and sore but could be clearly recognised as the letter
A. I found out sometime later that it stood for the word,
(Alliance) but, to me it would always stand for Alex.

I heard footsteps beyond the door, then a familiar figure
entered the room, it was my Master. He came towards me held
out his hand and helped me to my feet, and guided me towards
the door. Something caught around my foot, I looked down,
it was the little black dress, I bent down and scooped it
up. The naïve submissive who wore it no longer existed I
thought, a stronger person has taken her place. As we passed
through the heavy oak doorway my Master turned a closed
it behind us. We have never discussed the events of that
day, its as though it never happened, but I have a constant
reminder the ‘A’ burned into my flesh which I lovingly shave
around every day.


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