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The excitment and pitfalls of sharing my wife


I became interested in sharing my wife with a few other men.
What I didn’t expect was finding another man who would
give her the ultimate sexual experience of her life.

My wife Susie and I had taken an unexpected turn in our marriage
when I shared her with a good friend of ours. And although
I watched her respond to him on our bed, I could still not
believe what I was seeing. My wife and I had lived such a conservative,
bland life for the first twenty years together. Fell in
love, got married, had three kids and lived like everyone
else within the rules society expected. And then one day
out of nowhere I got this fantasy to watch her with another
man and our world changed.

And although it was a sick and perverted, it stuck inside
my head no matter how much I tried to erase it. Susie was the
perfect wife and mother of my children, and sexually I never
thought she would or could be comfortable with another
man. Simply put, my wife was not the kind of woman who would
do such a forbidden thing. Yet one night we were out with
a good friend, Ben, we all ended up back at his apartment
where I witnessed just how strong, Susie’s lust seized
control of her.

But what we found as a couple was that once you step onto that
slippery slope, it is very difficult to get off. Guilt and
embarrassment consumed us for over a year before at my suggestion;
the same friend seduced my wife once for a second time. From
a man’s perspective, the second time watching my wife
getting fucked was even more arousing. But afterwards,
I had no one I could talk to, who had also enjoyed this same
thing. It was not like I could casually mention it to my group
of friends. So it remained inside of me, haunting me most

I feared I was becoming addicted to watching the woman I
love and her entire five foot, five slender frame, go through
one contortion after another while being fucked by another
man’s cock. It had happened and I fought my urges to not
want it to happen again. And oddly after she had been used,
my urges to quickly enter her and feel the evidence of the
other man, seized me like nothing I had ever felt before.
I feared I was losing grip on reality.

But it was not like we were bad people even if I had shared
my wife with a friend a couple of times. We were still the
kind of people others wanted to live next door to. It was
just our nasty secret that we had to come to terms with yet
neither of us knew how. How does a couple raise three kids
with morals and values while they secretly are breaking
all the rules themselves?

My wife continued to snuggle close to me each time we crawled
into our bed at night. At least I knew she still loved me.
And our personal sex life didn’t seem to be affecting
negatively either. In fact I found it much more intense
but was not sure it was not all in my head. But what was normal
at one time, was never going to be normal for us ever again.

My wife was forty one, slender, shoulder length blonde
hair with a curve to her that drew other men’s attention.
But then all husbands’ think their wives are hot. But
the difference was I found I enjoyed watching her getting
that kind of attention from other men. And I had taken to
the point I was willing to share her again.

And within a year of us stepping over the line with a close
friend, Susie and I went to one of our favorite bars where
she picked up a total stranger. My wife and I suddenly seemed
to have no limits as we were actively seeking other men for
her to enjoy. Her evening with the stranger was even crazier
since she had met him just an hour before. I remember waiting
at our table while she flirted with him at the bar for what
seemed like eternity.

It had to be her call, of course yet I wondered why she had
picked him out and why she felt a connection at all. And when
Susie did return to our table and explained to me while turning
three shades of red, that he was willing if we were still
willing, I thought I might pass out. Up till that point the
thrill of sharing her with a good friend gave me a high but
faced with sharing her with a complete stranger was beyond

And as I explained in my last story, Susie and I drove to a
cheap hotel with Jake following in his pickup truck. The
room was clean although dated as I didn’t know what else
to do but step back and let it just happen. But nature knows
what to do and once he had my wife in his arms, her response
was obvious. I froze up watching her hungry lips kissing
his as the two of them let the fire of lust consume them. Witnessing
the woman you love showing such intense desire for another
man took so getting use to on my part. In my heart I knew she
did not love him, since she hardly knew him yet as a woman,
she wanted him physically speaking and it showed.

I held my breath and stared at the two of them as their desire
for one another was immediate and powerful. It didn’t
feel like I was watching my wife of twenty years plus as she
was consumed by this stranger she had picked out in the bar
an hour before. But when the deed was over and he left satisfied,
Susie and I were left with the memories and the guilt of what
we had done once more as a respectable couple.

And if you’re one of those husband’s like I was who had
or has this same fantasy, be prepared. But I doubt anyone
can actually prepare themselves even if they think they
can. Susie and I fucked once we were alone as she responded
wonderfully to me even after she had just fucked another
man a few minutes earlier. Her slippery pussy was gushing
while I could not control my urge to thrust her even harder.
With the sperm of two men filling her pussy, it took my wife
thirty minutes in the shower to stop leaking enough so she
could dress and ride home with me.

“You still ok?” she asked as we headed home. I nodded
yes, still too worked up to talk much. My mind was being bombarded
with what I had just witnessed; still not believing Susie
and I had done this again. “The important question is,
are you still ok?” I replied after we traveled a few miles
in silence. “I think so, ” she whispered which caused
me concern.

And once we had climbed into our bed at home, Susie snuggled
next to me like she always did. “I am worried about your
comment, ” I said softly as to not wake our children up.
“What comment, honey, ” she whispered back while
snuggling under my arm tight to my side. “I am worried
a little. You said you thought so, when I asked you if you
were ok. What did you mean?” I asked.

My wife snuggled even tighter, reached up, kissed me on
my cheek and told me we would talk the next morning and wished
me a good night. I don’t think I have ever loved the woman
more than I did that night as I held her safe in my arms the
entire night. When I did wake up, Susie was already out of
bed and in the kitchen making breakfast for our kids.

She smiled and offered me a look as I took my seat and waited
for our children to leave us alone so we could talk at last.
And an hour later, the last one left for their friend’s
house before my wife sat across from me at our table. “What’s
did you mean last night when you said you thought you were
ok?” I asked as she sipped her coffee. She looked the same
as she always did with her bright smile and deep blue eyes
sparkling brightly across the table from me. Even though
she had moaned and grunted the night before, when the other
man was inside of her womb, in my eyes, she remained the pure
woman I had fallen in love with many years before.

“Last night. I think we went too far, ” she said softly.
As her husband and protector I didn’t want her to regret
what she had done or how she had responded to him. After all
she was just being human and acted like any other woman would
act during the breeding process. Reaching deep for courage
I asked Susie why she thought we went too far.

“Didn’t you enjoy him?” I asked as I watched my wife
in deep thought. She quickly nodded yes as a hint of blush
spread over her face. “Of course I did. You were there
and saw how I acted, ” she said after a few awkward seconds
to reflect. I was neither ashamed of my wife nor was I angry.
In fact as I watched her from across the table, the vision
of her on the bed with him still had a powerful affect on me.

How her pussy had been spread by him while I watched his thick
cock sliding in and out of her slippery pink pussy lips.
How she gasped for air during her fucking and whimpered
to him not to stop. I felt blood rushing into my cock as I tried
my best to control my thoughts. “Yes I remember. I was
watching and enjoyed the fact you were enjoying yourself
with him, ” I replied as my mind remained jumbled.

“Do you regret it?” she asked after a few seconds. I
shook my head no and confessed to Susie that it still turned
me on whenever I thought about her with other men. By then
my cock was rock hard all over again as the memory of what
I saw was impossible to get out of my head. Talking about
only made me get as excited as when I was watching her being

I excused myself, embarrassed for being in the physical
condition I was suddenly in and headed for the shower to
calm myself. With the warm water cascading down on me, my
cock remained rigid and throbbing as I cleaned myself up,
hoping it would soon go down. I didn’t want to jack off
and add to the guilt I was already feeling.

And then without warning, my wife walked in our bathroom
and saw my hard cock standing straight hard as a rock. She
didn’t seem upset as I watched her strip quickly and climb
into the shower with me. Her soft curves and oval shaped
breasts pressed against my chest making matters even worse
for me. Her nipples were swollen as she grabbed the soap
from me and washed herself up before I pulled her back into
my arms.

Neither of us spoke as our lips meshed together as the fire
we both were feeling was obvious. Just feeling her softness
touch me, I realized the wonderful thing I had shared with
the stranger which made no sense at all. Why would I share
the most important person in my life? Yet as my head spun,
my wife went to her knees and began sucking my hard cock.
All I could do was look down and admire this lovely sexual
creature I called my wife.

Susie and I dried off quickly as the urgency we both felt
was demanding. I lifted her onto our vanity and pulled her
legs apart as I moved between them. Her wet pussy was gushing
as I pressed my cock to her crack. “I need for you to fuck
me right now, ” she said as the head of my cock pushed into
her warmth. Her eyes had rolled back in her head as my shaft
pushed into her depths until she was quivering in my arms.
The intensity of what we felt was unbelievable even though
I had watched her share that same intensity the night before
with another man.

“I still love you, ” she said as I pumped myself in and
out of her wet hole. “I still love you too, ” I replied
as the pressure grew quickly and it became hard to speak
any longer. My balls pulled tight to my body as the pressure
increased until I felt the first thick knot of hot cum squeeze
down my tube and splash into her pussy. “Oh yes. I love
feeling you cum inside of me, ” Susie muttered to me while
I filled her with my cum for the next few seconds.

And when I had drained myself and gathered myself enough
to speak, I looked into her eyes and saw that wonderful glow
she always had after a good fucking. Holding my hard shaft
inside of her I kissed her and told her I no longer regretted
what we had done. “Me neither, ” she whispered in my
ear as I held her tight feeling her pulsating around my shaft
for a few more wonderful seconds. I paused inside of her
incredibly tight warmth, feeling exactly what her lovers
had felt when their cocks were inside her.

“So what does this mean? What do you want us to do next?”
I was shaving in front of the mirror with her wrapped in a
towel next to me when she made that comment. “I don’t’
know honey. I guess I want to continue. That is if you agree, ”
I replied to her as she responded with a warm smile. At that
moment, two respectable adults and parents had just agreed
to get involved in something they never had dreamed possible
just a couple years before.

Now I was not sure where my wife and I would find the right
male again. On one hand, inviting a close friend once in
a while to fuck my wife could blow up in our faces. Yet on the
other hand finding strangers for one night stands seemed
dangerous as well. We both agreed that we want to find someone
else, who would be discreet and safe as her play partner.
And at the same time we needed to keep control of our urges
and not do something crazier than what we were already doing.
But like I said before, once your judgment gets blurred,
things are not always viewed with the same values we once

And I will admit it was my idea or fantasy in the first place.
But as I dressed I still struggled with the fact, my loving
wife also wanted to find someone else to fuck when she was
in the mood. I knew Susie still loved me yet her desire had
gotten a grip on her. My once innocent wife had turned into
something I had dreamt she might be, but now feared.

From then on, Susie and I enjoyed a very robust sex life far
more intense than it had been in the past few years. Neither
of us discussed what was on both our minds, yet I knew she
thought of it as much as I did. The nectar from the forbidden
fruit left a sweet after taste that both of us craved. Yet
Susie and I also tried to remain respectable concerning
the way we lived the rest of our lives.

Nothing more happened for a few months until one night after
we crawled into bed. “Can we talk?” she asked softly
while snuggling next to me. “Sure. What is on your mind?”
I asked while her perfume filled my head. It was a summer
evening and I suddenly realized my wife was topless as her
soft breasts crushed against my side causing my cock to
begin to harden.

And Susie knew the affect she was having on me although she
pretended she had no idea. “I might have found someone.
The kind of man we talked about?” she whispered. My heart
rate doubled as soon as the words left her lips. Susie was
a full time mom but did work twelve hours a week in a local
deli that a girlfriend of hers owned. “You did?” I said
somewhat shocked and excited at her news.

“HIs name is Glenn. He is a little older and comes into
the deli every time I work. We chat and he acts like he is interested
in me. I mean I am not sure if he would be right but I do know
he is divorced, ” she said slowly as each word hung in
the air over our bed. Lying there with a throbbing cock next
to the woman I loved hearing her talk about another man she
might want to have sex with was astounding.

My wife giggled and asked me if I was mad? I assured her I was
not mad yet wondered who this Glenn guy was and why did my
wife want to fuck him. “What’s he like?” I asked as
my cock grew painful. “I don’t know him very well. He
is good looking and well dressed like a business man, ”
she replied. “Do you flirt with him?” I asked as I felt
her soft hand reach out and began to stroke my shaft.

The more she gently stroked my shaft the more jumbled my
thoughts became. “I flirt with him a little, “she whispered
as she continued building pressure in my groin. I could
not bear her touch for much longer as I laid gasping for air.
“Does he turn you on?” I asked hardly able to maintain
a clear thought. “My panties get wet when we chat, ”
she replied. Unable to hear any more or contain my lust,
I pushed my wife onto her back and yanked her panties off.

“So you think I should try and talk to him about this?”
she asked just as my shaft pushed into her incredible wetness.
“Yes, ” I responded unable to have any control left.
Susie laid under me feeling as soft and wonderful as my wife
had ever felt. And just a few thrusts, her whimpers began
to escape her lips as her body adjusted to me being inside
of hers. At the heat of the moment I looked down at her twisted
face and told her I wanted to watch her fuck her new friend,
Glenn more than anything else.

The sheer madness of what I wanted to happen was more than
any human can handle and still be thinking straight. I pumped
my hardness in and out of my wife as she laid under me responding
well although she was probably imagining her new friend,
not me inside of her. And the pressure continued to build
I heard my wife mumble to me she really wanted to be fucked
by Glenn while I watched.

The next morning the first thing that filled my thoughts
once my eyes were open was her last words to me. Susie had
admitted during our love making the evening before she
really wanted to be taken by another man and sounded like
she meant it. My wife had changed. She had moved from a reluctant,
shy wife to a woman who found a man on her own and was more than
interested in proceeding with him.

Three day s later my wife went to the deli as I waited at work,
wondering if Glenn was going to come in and visit her. I was
completely useless at the office as my mind could not concentrate
on anything other than my wife and her friend. And I hate
to repeat myself but Susie and I were simply not the kind
of couple that anyone would ever guess, was into something
this kinky.

When I got home after work, Susie was in the kitchen making
dinner as our kids were busy either talking on the phone
or doing homework. Obviously it was not the kind of setting
where we were free to talk. “How did you day go?” I asked
as I kissed her on the cheek. Susie smiled and said it went
very well as she winked at me without our kids noticing.

It was another hour or so until dinner was finished and Susie
and I told the kids to clean up because we were going for a
walk. My heart was thumping in my chest like a base drum as
we headed down the sidewalk. “Did he stop in today?”
I asked Susie as we began our walk. “Yes he did. And I flirted
even more and I think he is getting the message, ” she

“How are you going to figure out how to explain this to
him?” I asked the farther we got from the house. My wife
explained that maybe the next time she worked; she might
suggest they stop for a drink when she was finished and figure
out how to bring this up without him thinking poorly of her.
I agreed with Susie that her idea might work and held her
hand even tighter as we strolled along.

Susie called me at the office a week later and told me she
was going to stop after work and chat with Glenn and asked
if I could order pizza for the kids for dinner. I hardly ate
although our kids did, as I waited for my wife to walk back
in our back door. And when Susie did walk in an hour later
than she normally did the kids had already scattered.

“Did you have a good talk?” I asked not wanting to give
away our secret in case one of the kids could hear us. “Susie
was aglow as she smiled and told me she had a very good talk.
I sensed she had made some arrangement with her friend yet
I would have to wait until we crawled into bed to hear more
details. The next few hours dragged like never before until
all our kids headed to their bedrooms and Susie and I headed
for the patio with a bottle of wine.

I listened for the next hour as she explained how she carefully
explained to Glenn what we were looking for. And it was not
like my wife could simply come out and tell her friend, she
wanted to fuck him and her husband wanted to watch. That
may in fact be what we wanted but if said wrong, would have
made us both sound like terrible people.

“I think Glenn is interested but he would feel more comfortable
if you and him could also meet and talk, ” Susie said as
she sipped her wine. I agreed although down deep I had no
idea what to say to the man. When I had shared my wife before
our friend and even the stranger she picked up, Susie had
done most of it and I merely stood in the shadows and enjoyed
watching her.

But I told my wife I would be glad to meet Glenn if she thought
that might move this along. Four days later she saw him again
at work in the deli and got his phone number so I could call
and set up my meeting with the man I might be sharing my wife
with. And although Glenn sounded very polite on the phone,
it was difficult for me to make small talk. He finally suggested
we meet at a bar and discuss the matter to which I quickly

Glenn was a very handsome man, well dressed and clearly
a professional with whatever career he was in. We shook
hands as we ordered our drinks and took a table away from
everyone else. Glenn was maybe early fifties, would have
been my guess and immediately I knew why my wife was attracted
to him. He was very easy going and extremely calm while I
remained all knots inside even though I pretended to be

I assured Glenn this was something I was comfortable with
and my wife was interested in. But I did stress to him, I expected
her to be treated respectfully and with a caring touch.
Glenn assured me he would treat Susie like an angel and looked
forward to an interesting evening. Clearly Glenn had never
done anything like this and did mention his interest was

Curious I suppose I leaned over the table and asked him to
explain more when I said “Care to share with me why you
meant by twofold?” Smiling he leaned forward to meet
me and replied, “I don’t want to insult you but your
wife is a very attractive as well as a very sexual creature.”
I thanked him as I waited to hear his second reason for being
interested. “This may sound strange or odd, but it would
be exciting to make love to a woman in front of her husband, ”
Glenn said as he leaned back hoping he had not spoke too offensively
or bluntly. I felt Glenn was being honest and told him I enjoyed
watching her for reasons, I can’t explain even though
I still love her with all my heart. It appeared Glenn and
I decided the next Saturday night was the right time to bring
my wife to his home.

Susie had worn a short mini which rode up her legs as I drove
her to Glenn’s home. “You nervous?” I asked when
we were half way there. “Very nervous but excited too, ”
she replied as I reached for her hand and squeezed it. “Just
have a good time and remember that I love you so very much, ”
I said to her. And although those words were from my heart
the fact remained I was delivering the woman I was in love
with for a sexual encounter with another man. And yes it
went in the face of everything I had ever thought before.

When Glenn answered his front door, he clearly was pleased
how my wife looked. He had on a nice shirt and pressed slacks
he we entered his foyer and followed him into his great room.
Very impressive home as he served us each a glass of wine
before all sat down. Immediately it was completely different
as Glenn was in no hurry to pull Susie into his arms and get
things started. And I think his slow approach was really
rattling my wife as she sat down not knowing what was going
to happen next.

I kept quiet wondering when the two of them would get into
it. But five minutes turned into ten and I wondered if Glenn
had not had a change of heart. He was treating us like any
other friends who stopped over at his home. Inside my thoughts
I kept reminding myself of the fact I had brought her over
to him so he could fuck her yet he showed no sign of taking
advantage of the situation.

Susie looked at me a few times wondering what he was doing
as well, although she remained upbeat and perky. Finally
after a very awkward fifteen minutes Glenn looked at me
and said, “I am so glad you brought Susie to my home tonight.
I was wondering if you would mind if I asked a favor of your
wife.” Not sure what favor he wanted to ask yet I shook
my head yes.

Looking at my wife Glenn then said, “I just love the feminine
side of all women. And you have especially wonderful curves
and a delicate frame. If you would enjoy it, I would love
for you to use the bathroom and strip down to your bra and
panties and then come back and join your husband and me while
we enjoy more wine.” My wife looked at as if she was asking
for permission although I saw the fire in her eyes the entire

“That sounds like it might be fun, ” I said to Susie
as she forced a half smile and rose from the chair. This was
so different but I was beginning to enjoy Glenn’s seductive
approach. My wife was gone for five minutes or so before
she reappeared in the doorway leading into the great room.
And if I may be allowed to paint the vision I saw of my half
nude wife standing in the doorway.

As I stated before my wife is five foot, five inches of slender
subtle curves. Her shoulder length blonde hair framed
her blushing face yet her blue eyes simply sparkled with
fire. Her oval breasts hung in a powder blue lacy low cut
bra and her matching lacy panties framed her pussy as if
heaven was close at hand. “Stunning. Simply stunning, ”
Glenn said as he got his first look at my scantily clad wife.

The sway in her hips was incredible as she walked like a woman
in heat. My cock was growing stiffer by the second as her
sexuality was blossoming like never before. She was on
display and her sexual organs were there for her friend
to view and admire. Susie was all woman at that point and
Glenn sensed it. Turning to me he said, “You are indeed
a lucky man for having such a beautiful, stunning wife.”
Being so caught up the situation I replied to him, “Nice
of you to say. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.”

Susie never appeared totally comfortable being half naked
although she did get Glenn and me another glass of wine when
we asked. And when she served him his, he reached up and pulled
her onto his lap across the room from me. I sat frozen like
a statue as I watched her lean toward him as they shared their
first tender kiss. The tension was unbelievable once they
made an initial connection as man and woman.

Glenn sat his glass of wine down and pulled her tighter to
him as they grew hot together on the chair. And the bulge
in my slacks was matched by the bulge in his slacks as he and
my wife continued to make out. I remained silent of course
now that it had begun and watched with as more interest than
ever before. At one point I heard my wife giggle and say “Ok”
as she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her
bra. Glenn must have asked her to remove it so he could see
her breasts uncovered.

I could not see him touch her bare flesh but I saw his hands
rise up in to her front and heard her whimpers and moans beginning.
My wife has average oval shaped breasts with very perky
nipples and Glenn was clearly exploring and enjoying them
for the first time. And based on how straight she sat up on
his lap she was clearly pushing them out and offering them
to him.

“Oh sweet heart, ” I heard her say once he began to suck
on her hardened nipples. And as sick as this may make me sound
as her husband one of the things I enjoyed the most was watching
her body prepare to be bred. How her back arches, her arms
cradle her lover, how her skin grows moist and all those
things that makes my wife the sexual creature she is.

The two of them were getting very hot, very quickly from
what I could see. When Susie did climb off his lap, she turned
quickly and winked at me as I smiled from my chair. Glenn’s
eyes were already glazed over when she knelt down in front
of him and began to unzip his slacks. I was sitting on the
edge of my chair, knowing his cock was going to feel her warm
mouth within a few seconds.

My wife worked to free his manhood and turned to me with a
shocked yet pleased smile on her face. She turned back facing
Glenn quite quickly as I waited a few seconds before standing
up and walking closer to get a better view for myself. Glenn
was too occupied to notice me to his side as he used his hands
to gently hold my wife’s head while she slowly sucked
his shaft. His body was tense as every man’s gets when
he is fully aroused.

When I looked down I saw my wife’s mouth wrapped around
his thick shaft and immediately knew why she had smiled.
Glenn’s cock was average in length from what I could tell,
but was the thickest cock I had ever seen before. In fact
it looked huge as my wife could barely open her mouth enough
to get the mushroom head inside. His sack was equally full
as I stared at the purple veins running the length of his
cock. Her bright lipstick made a perfect circle around
his shaft as she worked it into her mouth.

I stood there amazed while realizing this was the cock that
her tight little pussy was going to have to accommodate
before Glenn would be finished with her. Susie would suck
him inside her mouth before using her tongue to lick the
sides of his shaft as if she was enjoying an ice cream cone.
With each second she tortured him the more Glenn responded
by becoming more aggressive.

This normally well composed man was coming unglued from
my wife’s special attention. And Glenn was a well built
man even if he was in his fifties which made Susie look more
and more like a doll next to him. Stopping briefly my wife
looked up at her soon to be lover and asked, “How am I doing
so far?” Of course she knew how she was doing but showed
him her flirtatious side just for the fun of it. “It’s
even better than when you serve me a sandwich at the deli, ”
he replied as they both began to laugh.

I have no doubt neither my wife nor Glenn ever expected to
be in the situation they found themselves in. But then life
holds unexpected surprises. Susie went back to work sucking
his hard shaft with even more passion as I watched in silence.
It was animalistic yet beautiful for see firsthand how
a male and a female prepare each other for the ultimate bond.

“Do you mind?” Glenn asked as he lifted her to her feet
and began to pull her panties over her shapely hips. Of course
I didn’t mind as her wet pussy came into his view. Her fine
blonde pubic hair didn’t cover her swollen pink lips
as her crack was ripe for the taking. Once they were both
naked Glenn stood up and held my wife’s hand as the two
of them looked anxious to take their friendship to another

“Be my guest, ” I said to him as he led her to his bedroom
down the hall. I waited a few minutes taking time to settle
myself down as the tension was incredible inside of me.
I was happy and pleased but at the same time I had to remind
myself I wanted this to happen and could never blame Susie
for what she was doing with him on his bed.

When I did walk towards the sounds the two of them were making,
my mind heard the sound of sexual panic exploding. I looked
in his bedroom I saw my wife and Glenn in the sixty nine position
going after each other’s sexual organs like there was
no holding either of them back.

Glenn was on his knees with his head buried between her slender
legs, licking her ripe pussy, causing her to moan and whimper.
As I walked to the side of the bed, I saw my wife sucking his
hard cock which dangled above her face. Her fingers were
trembling when she gripped his shaft and held on for dear
life as her orgasm consumed her. Her breasts heaved on her
chest and her entire body grew rigid as Glenn forced her
to cum for him.

I was so captured by what I was watching I had to pull my own
cock out and slowly stroke it but neither of them would have
noticed in a million years. And when Susie finally calmed
down enough after her orgasm she sucked his cock a few more
times before telling him, ” I want your cock now.”
Glenn swung himself around and pulled her legs apart. Her
pussy was beyond ready, gushing in preparation of his penetration.

Glenn moved slowly and carefully as he looked down at my
wife and offered a sweet, tender kiss before pushing his
shaft against her outer wet lips. She held her hands against
his strong chest as if she had the ability to stop him once
he began to enter her. She was sucking for air while feeling
him enter her for the first time.

I can’t say it is a pretty thing to witness what it takes
for a man and woman to become one. It’s a process for both
of them, especially the first time. “Please wait a second, ”
She asked him once out of desperation when he shaft was half
way in her tight pussy. I looked down and saw her fine blonde
pussy hair matted while her lips looked to be stretched
as much as they could be stretched. His thick shaft was lodged
inside of her with no real options for her except to accept
his entry the rest of the way.

Glenn smiled at Susie and began to once again push another
inch into her as she gasped even louder. “You feel so good, ”
he told her as she shook her head as if she agreed but was unable
to speak at that moment. It took but a second more before
Glenn’s big hairy sack was against her ass and he was completely
inside of my wife.

With the two of them now locked together I could do nothing
to save my wife if I had to although she showed no signs of
wanting to be saved. Her legs wrapped around him rather
quickly after Glenn began to fuck her with a nice steady
rhythm. And they kissed from time to time but never stopped
fucking each other.

Now as a husband there are times when we see our wives be happy
or surprised at other times. We see their excitement and
joy but watching Susie being fucked by Glenn was something
very different but in a good way. She was pinned under him
on his bed and moved with him as they worked together to make
the most of their union.

So while I stroked my painful cock, I never stopped staring
at the two of them as they fucked for what felt like a very
long time. Glenn was clearly older and in more control of
himself as a lover compared to our friend or the stranger
that had fucked her before. “Come on baby. I love the way
you fuck me, ” she kept telling him during his sexual
consumption of her womanhood.

But Glenn just maintained his pace which began to drive
my wife completely insane. “Oh fuck. You’re incredible, ”
she said more than once to him as he continued reaming her
out. And if you’re a husband who has dreamt of this or has
experienced this like I did, when your wife says things
to her lover when he is inside of her, you can’t take them
as being insulting as far as your own sexual abilities are

Glenn eventually began to fuck her harder and harder as
I stood by and waited for the moment he would fill my wife.
And she sensed his end was near and grew more rigid with each
of his thrusts. The mountain had been conquered and together
their union was at its peak. With a frenzy of energy and lust,
Glenn thrust into Susie and let out a deep groan of pleasure.

My wife laid under him receiving his cum while he continued
to spasm and spasm for the longest time. He was branding
her his own for the moment in time as he filled her warmth
with the juices of his groin. And then as if someone flipped
a switch the two of them relaxed and held each other as tenderly
as two people can. I could see that this man and this union
were vastly different than when my wife had fucked our friend
or the stranger she had picked dup in the bar. Glenn and Susie
kissed tenderly while savoring their bodies still united
on his bed. My cock was near explosion yet I fought to hold
myself back wanting to reclaim Susie as soon as Glenn was
finished with my wife.

Glenn stayed inside of my wife for a full five minutes longer
before finally removing his dripping shaft from her pussy.
Smiling he moved off the bed and left to clean himself up.
One look at my wife and I knew she had just one of the best fucks
of her entire life. I took his place and shot my load but Glenn
had been the man that night that made magic for her. What
Susie and I were left to deal with was how this night would
affect our marriage.

I wondered how she would handle being with someone that
made her purr the way Glenn obviously did. She had to wonder
how I would react after witnessing something that special.

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Very well written! I enjoyed every word!


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we have enjoyed all of your stories, we have done this 3 or
4 times also i the male find it very erotic everyl time it
happens and i cant wait for the next time, keep telling us
of your adventures, they are great.


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Thanks, very nice! We enjoyed your story very much.


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Very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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Let us know what happened next...very powerful.


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Marvelous story and written so well. It deserves nothing
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Great story, I have watched my girl with a few guys and she
realy enjoyed herself each time. However when you find
someone who she realy connects with then something special
happens, and it's fantastic to watch.


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Well done and exciting. I can feel the pleasure as you write.


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Wonderfully written story. Really enjoyed your honesty.
Please tell us more.


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Very well done....


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Have you created something in your wife you will regret?
Unleashed her wanton lust, that she becomes a creature
in search of only physical release? That love no longer
matters to her? That with Glenn, she can have her sexual
needs fulfilled every time? And that you have become obsolete
and expendable? As a twist, what if Glenn goes all "Fatal
Attraction" on you both, stalking Susie and trying
to kill you? Every reader loves a gentle-businessman gone
psycho. Laugh! Enjoy your stories, keep on writing!!!


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Great one - thanx - Would she share you in the future?


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I enjoyed this and it was well written


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The realities are that a well matched couple like in this
story will become an ever after joy to recall, especially
for the wife. My wife found someone very similar and continued
to be his mating partner for many years. She enjoyed the
way he treated her, how long he could last, his size and the
amount of cum he would fill her with after each climax. I
remember one weekend that we spent traveling with him on
his business trip, they made love for many nights and many
hours and then she was mine to enjoy. But she made it clear
that she belonged to him each evening and she looked forward
to having his semen in her womb for the four days she was loving
him. I enjoyed his wife also, but our relationship was not
like my wife's and her lover. She still gets instantly hot just thinking of those times
after 20 years.


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Well written, I've experienced both feelings. I've
watched her fucking and sucking another man and she watched
me with another women. Afterwards her emotions were all
over the place I had to keep reminding her that she was the
one I loved. She'll go for it every now and then but my
advice is be sure you are on the same page. I do enjoy your
stories very hot!!!


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the best story told by a man that i ever read on AdultFriendFinder, [COLOR
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Very well written.tell us about more adventures.