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The danger of the perfect kiss


A number of year’s back I felt like my urges simply fading.
Still we fucked a couple times a week but something was lacking
for me and I didn’t know what. My body still needed the
release even if my mental interest in sex was disappearing.
And I felt obliged to take care of my husband like I had done
since we got married. Inside as a woman I truly did miss feeling
sexy and alive.

And I am not suggesting I didn’t love my husband but the
excitement was gone. Rick seemed to not have aged while
I felt like an old woman. Having been my lover for almost
twenty years, my sweet husband was very aware of my loss
of interest but never pushed the issue. . He tried everything
including buying me sexy lingerie, flowers and after that
didn’t work; he even suggested we involve other people.
Of course I didn’t bother responding when he made that
suggestion. If the man I loved didn’t turn me on, why in
the world did he think I would want some stranger?

The frustrating part was I was at the age when the experts
say I was just coming into my peak sexual years. So much for
the experts who are probably all men in the first place.
And then when I least expected it, my juices began to flow
like never before. This is my story about how I got my sexual
groove back.

About ten years ago on New Year’s Eve my husband and I attended
a party at a close friend’s home. I rather liked New Year’s
Eve parties since that particular holiday gave me a chance
to dress up in something fancy and even a bit sexy. In other
words, it gave me a chance to go shopping at the upper end
stories and find something which always made me feel feminine.
In an odd way buying an outfit for New Year’s Eve was like
a multi orgasmic night only better.

And when Rick and I arrived at the party, my mood was terrific.
I began to mingle with other guests and felt rather daring
after getting so many stares from our male friends. Personally
I feel there is nothing sexier than to be surrounded by a
group of handsome men who are dressed in suits. And naturally
I felt a bit wilder wearing an elegant, tight black dress
with spaghetti straps holding my breasts in a way that caused
everyone to notice them. Let’s face it, even a married
woman needs to enjoy her naughty side for a short while.

When I say flirting I don’t mean outright flirting but
more like a quick smile or a brief glance as I could catch
the eye of one of our male friends. It was certainly innocent
and no one took it seriously. But it was a game and I enjoyed
the game on special nights like New Year’s Eve. I shocked
myself because being dressed the way I was and getting all
kinds of looks from the other men, I began to feel aroused
for the first time in a long time. My body began to tingle
and my panties felt moist. I guess I needed to feel alive
after a long cold spell.

We all gathered together in anticipation of the clock striking
midnight, hats and party horns were handed out as the tension
mounted. And then at midnight the host turned up the music
and we all cheered the beginning of another year before
I flew into my husband’s arms. I felt like a woman once
again as our lips meshed together enough for both of to realize
something had changed for the better. He later told me he
knew instantly his forty year old wife was horny as hell.

It felt like my entire being had been dipped in some sort
of special sexual bath water and every nerve inside of me
was firing on all cylinders. As my husband held me in his
arms, my body responded snuggling even closer to him the
longer we embraced. It was romantic yet erotic the way we
held each other no longer caring if close friends saw us.

My tight forming little black dress let him feel my curves
as I felt his hands wander just a little while I remained
in his arms. Of course I made sure my ample breasts crushed
against his suit coat as my panties continued to moisten
from my juices. Not wearing a bra also caused a minor issue
as I felt my nipples began to puff out as I feared when he let
me go, others might notice them.

And then like all other New Year’s Eve parties, after
we kissed our spouses we began to flutter around kissing
all the rest of our friends. Of course those were more like
friendly kisses and not sexual ones. Yet Rick had caused
me to pant like a school girl which I couldn’t completely
hide from our friends as I kissed each of them. There were
also some of the men I didn’t know so I avoided kissing
them as best I could. Other than my husband’s kiss there
was no real sexuality involved until I was approached by
a good looking man I had only noticed from a distance earlier
during the party.

It was the oddest thing because we both were looking around
and our eyes locked onto each others. I felt uncomfortable
not because he looked threatening but because he looked
too appealing. His eyes roamed briefly but he maintained
a smile on his face as to not insult me as he approached me.
Suddenly he was inches from me as I began to feel very warm
causing the palm of my hands to sweat. I was unsure about
kissing him since we had not talked nor had I ever seen him
before that night.

“May I” he asked smiling at me with a twinkle in his eyes.
My heart was in my throat as I tried to look calm and collected
but inside I was tense as I was on my first date. I don’t
know why I feared him so I told myself to stop being so silly
and shook my head yes figuring the kiss would be short and
sweet like the ones I shared with all the rest of our friends.

I tilted my head slightly hoping to look graceful but not
too suggestive. Closing my eyes I felt his warm delicious
lips press gently against mine as he took my breath away.
I waited as his arms held me tight to him the longer my lips
pressed against his. As the man held me in his arms, I withered
quickly until I felt my breasts rub up against him.

My heart was pumping double time as my body felt his touching
me for the first time. I began to tremble in his arms yet our
lips remained glued to one another’s. It took but a few
seconds more before I felt his manhood beginning to swell
while brushing up against the front of my dress. I struggled
to digest what was happening and why?

I panicked and quickly backed up unable to look into his
eyes so I turned and walked away trying to catch my breath.
It felt like this strange sexual connection with a complete
stranger yet felt completely natural, if that makes any
sense. I found the powder room, gather my wits, adjusted
my make up before walking back out into the party only to
discover he was gone.

Let me also stop here and say I really did love Rick and had
no reason what so ever to have any desire for another man.
My life was complete and together Rick and I shared a long,
rich past as well as a bright future. Yet when I couldn’t
find my mystery man I felt disappointed inside as I secretly
searched the party for the next half hour with no success.
It was stupid on my part since I had no idea what I would have
said to him if I had found him. Even though he had gone, our
kiss lingered inside of me. It was a sexual haunting I was
not use to and didn’t know how to handle.

Rick and I were soon back in our home and immediately I stripped
away my dress and stood at the end of our bed wearing only
a wet pair of panties. “You in the mood, ” I recall asking
him while he rested on our bed with a raging hard on. I can’t
say I thought of the mystery man during our love making but
I was on fire the entire time my husband was inside of me.
Once he got into his rhythm I laid under him and felt his manhood
relentlessly pumping in and out of me.

So engaged in our union I do recall asking myself, “Why
in the world don’t Rick and I do this every night?” My
husband’s body blended deep into mine in such a perfect
way there was no way to catch my breath. Hell I don’t recall
if I had two or three orgasms before his thick shaft entered
me but it was enough to force my mind to go blank. He pushed
me even more as I responded out of sheer lust. It had been
too long since I had been fucked hard enough to make my body
sweat and my mind go crazy.

Maybe my husband sensed something different from me as
our intensity was beyond words. All I know is as I laid under
him with my legs up in the air giving him an easy path to my
needy pussy. “Oh fuck yes baby, ” I muttered before
Rick slammed down with his hard cock deep inside of me as
I felt him expanding right before he exploded. I fell asleep
feeling rebalanced

But I did not live in a fairy tale so as the sun rose the next
morning and I no longer felt like the same as I had the night
before. Rick slept in like he usually does after a party
night while I made coffee and feed our two kids. The blur
of my everyday life soon took priority and I put my odd New
Year’s Eve experience on the back burner. In time it was
nothing more than a pleasant memory.

Weeks later I was at lunch with Judy, the friend who had hosted
the New Year’s Eve party at her home when she mentioned
Tommy, her cousin and asked if I had met him. “Your cousin
was there?” I recall asking suddenly embarrassed if
indeed he had been my mystery kisser. Judy seldom is at a
loss for words and held her form by blurting out, “Oh yes.
All the girls were talking about him all night.” Feeling
my face turning a bit pinkish I pretended to not know who
she was talking about.

I asked her if he was married causing Judy to giggle before
she said he was at one time but not anymore. I left Judy feeling
like I had been a fool and was probably only one of many woman
who he kissed at the party. Driving home I told myself to
stop acting like a school girl and be grateful for the sweet
man I married and the life I had been blessed with. Life was
not just about sex.

My husband and I returned to our normal routine and had sex
a couple times a week but we never reached that same intensity
we experienced after the New Years Eve party. Then one night
after another satisfying but not mind blowing session
together, Rick rolled off of me and laid on his back trying
to catch his breath.

“What happened to you New Years Eve?” he asked lying
next to me facing the ceiling. “What do you mean?”I
recall asking trying to avoid giving him the answer. “You
know what I mean. You were different when we got home from
the party, ” Rick said softly while continuing to stare
at the ceiling.

I reached out and held his hand while my breasts heaved on
my chest. “I am sorry. I guess I felt sexy in my new dress, ”
I replied still holding my husband’s hand. My husband
rolled to his side and looked at me as I tiled my head to also
look at him. “Was it the man you kissed?”He asked. I
had never thought that my husband saw me kissing the stranger
and now I was faced with a new reality.

Immediately I jumped from our bed and rushed off to the bathroom
to shower and get away from being too truthful with the man
I loved. I felt confused, aroused and nervous when Rick
opened the door while I was still in the shower. Opening
the shower door, he walked in and joined me in the shower
which was something we had stopped doing years before.

I kept my eyes bowed as he grabbed me and pulled me back into
his strong arms. I began to tremble as he held me while the
warm water cascaded over both of us. And then I realized
that my sweet husband was once again hard as a rock as his
cock slipped between my legs rubbing up against my outer
lips. “Answer me, ” Rick whispered as I held onto him
as if my life depending upon it.

I felt as if my entire body was burning hot all over again
as we held on to each other in the shower. “I don’t know.
Maybe, ” I replied softly in his ear. “But I still really
do love you, ” I added hoping my husband would not take
my response wrong. “I know you do, ” My husband replied
as he lifted one of my legs and helped me brace it on the seat
in the shower.

I remained silent as I felt Rick’s hard cock push up and
slowly slip inside of me for the second time. His throbbing
male organ entered me as my body withered under the intense
pleasure I began to feel all over again. “Oh honey, ”
I muttered while holding my arms around his neck as hard
as I could. Rick then began to fuck me hard as I held on savoring
every inch of the pleasure he was giving me.

We both got carried away although this time it had an edge
that was missing the first time we had made love that night.
My husband began to thrust harder and harder as I begged
him not to stop. And then Rick shattered my sexual bliss
when he asked, “Do you want to see him again?” I was speechless.

My inner muscles gripped his shaft as he pumped in and out
of me with more and more force. The fat head of his cock began
to take mushroom form and grow tight against my womb. Together
we were on the verge of our crest at the same time. I cried
out when a strong orgasm washed over me just before I felt
his hot cum leaking out of me, running down my inner thighs.
As a couple we had accidently touched on something that
neither of us knew how to handle. Just the idea of adding
a stranger into our relationship sent us both over the edge
while it scared me to death. I did not love the other man nor
did I think it would be a good idea to see him again. Yet part
of me was consumed by my temptation.

I tossed and turned all night long unable to relax enough
to fall sleep. I kept hearing Rick’s words in the shower
about the stranger. I kept telling myself I could never
do anything for real even though my body and mind were on
fire just thinking about it. I was a wife, mother of two and
a respectable person.

As the sun rose and I regained my senses I pushed those kinds
of terrible thoughts from my mind. I told myself I simply
let my imagination run wild the night before with Rick and
I should get back to being the woman I had always been. One
kiss; even a really good kiss didn’t mean I should change
what I believed in.

And that was the end of it or so I thought as spring finally
arrived. With the warmer weather I felt more restless and
more alive. My husband and I had found a balance between
boring sex and the kind of torrid sex we experienced on New
Year’s Eve. Neither of us spoke of the stranger, yet I
believe our minds kept him involved in our relationship.

It was late in the spring when Judy and I were once again having
lunch and chatting like old friends do. I saw nothing out
of the usual coming as Judy babbled on for over an hour. I
had just taken a sip of my wine when she looked at me grinning
as if something else was on her mind. “What?” I asked
curious as to what she was thinking. Judy smiled and leaned
toward me from across the table. “Tommy asked about you
the other day.”

Immediately I felt my face turning red as my mind instantly
went back to that kiss we shared six months earlier. “Apparently
you made quite the impression on him, ” she said softly
while staring at me trying her best to figure out what I was
now thinking. “Really? We did kiss at your New Year’s
Eve party but I kind of forgot about it until now, ” I added
hoping she would buy my lies. I went on to explain how Rick
and I discussed everyone we kissed at the party and it really
was no big deal. I needed to convince Judy that I and Rick
were perfectly happy together.

I am not sure what my true emotions were for mentioning that
conversation to my husband later that night. Part of me
was excited about Tommy remembering me yet part of me was
embarrassed for feeling the way I did. Never in a million
years did I ever think we would get to this point in our marriage.

And if I may add here, I knew two things to be true. One was
that I still loved my husband and the other was another man
had gotten under my skin and I couldn’t deny this unexplainable
lust for him. My husband suggested the three of meet for
a drink. I remember sitting across from him stunned by his
idea. “What are we doing as a couple?” I felt under tones
to his idea of meeting Tommy for a drink but he never came
right out and explained them.

I was nervous the entire day we were to meet Tommy for a drink.
When I showered I felt my pussy juicy and ripe as I dried off
and began to fix my hair and makeup. When I slipped on a pair
of lacy panties, the idea that there was this crazy thought
that another man could see them if things went right or went
wrong depending on which side of the issue you are on.

I purposely dressed down wearing jeans and a cute top but
avoided my skirts since they tended to be more suggestive.
And the last thing in the world I wanted to do was give this
guy the wrong idea. Once inside the bar, we took a table and
waited quietly without any sign of Tommy. “This is stupid.
We have waited over a half hour, ” I finally said to Rick
feeling like this had been a bad idea and had only gotten

“Do you want to leave?”Rick asked me. The insane part
of this entire evening was the fact I felt like I had already
broken my wedding vows. I shook my head yes as my husband
and I both rose up at the same time. Finally the fact we were
going to leave was the first time I felt a calmness sweep
over me. It felt like all the pressure I had put on myself
instantly vanished.

I remember grabbing my purse and turning to head towards
the door, when Tommy suddenly appeared a few feet from me.
“Oh fuck” I muttered under my breath as my husband walked
up to him and shook his hand. I tried to smile but it was a forced
smile. I suddenly felt like the mouse being trapped by the
cat all over again. I told myself having one drink was not
going to kill me so I sat back down.

Tommy was indeed a very handsome man as I glanced his way
while he and my husband chatted like they had been old friends.
“Sorry I was late. Got stuck at work, ” Tommy said as
we made a toast to our second meeting. But I no longer felt
that connection which I thought I felt on New Year’s Eve.
Yet I smiled and pretended to be having a good time even though
in my heart I sensed this had been my dumbest fantasies.
My mind had remembered our kiss as something life altering
yet now seeing him again I felt nothing.

But of course my husband and Tommy were acting as if this
meeting was the highlight of their year. So after an hour
and a half had passed, Tommy invited us back to his place
for a night cap. Immediately I said no. Rick gave me this
strange look and like my husband often does when he doesn’t
get his own way, he told me to stop being such a party pooper.
I gave in again and soon found myself heading to Tommy’s
place for a night cap.

“He is just great, ” my husband said to me while we followed
Tommy. “Yes he seems like a nice guy. But what in the world
are we doing?”I asked sensing my husband had stranger
thoughts than I was having. “So why are you not having
fun?” he asked in his usual way of putting me in my place.

I suppose you could say I had an attitude by then as I followed
them in, determined to prove to Rick I could have fun if I
wanted to. When Tommy bent over to hand me a glass of wine,
I made sure we had direct eye contact. I smiled, he smiled
and we both felt a little tension beginning. “I never
forgot our kiss, ” he said to me while my husband sat next
to me. It was a bold comment considering my husband was inches
from me.

Not sure how Rick took his comments, I continued to smile
and said nothing. k. “She is a great kisser, ” Tommy
said to Rick as I remained seated on the sofa sipping my wine.
And as I sat there I listened to my husband and this stranger
comparing notes about my qualities as a kisser.

It was the kind of silly talk men use when they are either
drunk or horny. I was amused at their descriptions of me.
“Do you want to kiss her again?” I remember my husband
asking as I whipped my head around surprised at his offer.
I continued to refuse until they badgering and taunting
cause me to stand up and feel myself being pulled into Tommy’s
arms for the second time in my life. And when my lips felt
his touching again, my head began to spin just like it did
on New Year’s Eve. For reasons that defy logic this man
and I had some connection that came from out of nowhere.

I knew this kiss was wrong to enjoy and stepped back rather
quickly before I got too carried away. But just as I tried
to catch my breath I was pulled back tight to him as my breasts
crushed against his chest while our lips began to mesh together
with even more heat. I kept telling myself it was just a kiss
and not to panic like I did at the party yet inside my fire
was being light.

Our second torrid kiss lingered and lingered as our minds
and our bodies fell deeper into a sexual trance. This was
no longer a friendly kind of kiss as he pushed himself tight
against me forcing our crotches to touch for the first time.
“I have to stop, ” I whispered in Tommy’s ear fearing
that my husband was not handling this well if it lasted much

Simply put the man knew where all my buttons were and how
to push them while he remained a stranger. I felt his manhood
growing harder by the second which only made my pussy wetter
and wetter. But our kiss continued as I tilted my head and
let myself float in his arms. “I need you, ” he whispered
to me. “No you don’t, ” I whispered back as we hugged
as tightly as two people can hug. The nervous energy between
us was unbearable.

We were fighting our lust for one another yet neither of
us could let go. I started out this evening hoping for a jolt
of passion just like the one I got when I kissed him on New
Year’s Eve. What was happening to me was much more serious
and way beyond a simple kiss.

After a very long time, I found the strength to push him back
and give myself time to regain my composure. But when I looked
at the sofa Rick was no longer sitting on it. “Where is
my husband?”I asked suddenly nervous and confused.
Tommy simply smiled and once again pulled me back into his
arms as we kissed yet again. “Please we have to stop kissing
like this, ” I managed to get our before his warm wet lips
pressed against mine all over again.

But something was not right and I once again pushed him away
a few seconds later. I was at that dangerous point when my
body was on fire and would soon be in control of me. I glanced
over and saw my husband in a nearby doorway simply watching
me respond to Tommy. “We should leave, ” I said to Rick
hoping to end whatever was happening before it went too

My husband did not respond to my comment and before I knew
it, I felt my top being pulled up over my chest. My heart was
racing as my lacy bra came into Tommy’s view. Staring
directly at my husband I saw no response from him as I lifted
up my arms and felt my top come off completely. Seconds later
Tommy’s hands were all over my bra which strained to hold
my breasts in place. I offered no more resistance.

At times I closed my eyes and savored his hands searching
frantically. It was the perfect storm of unbridled arousal
and taboo passion the likes I had ever felt before. My legs
grew weaker by the second and when I felt my jeans being unzipped
I looked over again hoping for Rick to save me. When he didn’t
do a thing I turned to Tommy who was anxious to have me naked
and said, “Now we have to stop, please help me stop.”He
showed no signs of stopping and quickly realized my jeans
were suddenly slipping down over my hips.

Soon my wet panties were all that was left covering my dripping
pussy as his fingers quickly went to work rubbing over the
silk fabric causing me to whimper. Every man knows when
he has a woman seized by her own lust and Tommy took advantage
of me after that. My husband told me the next day it was at
that point when he began to smell the sweet scent of my ripe
pussy and knew I would not resist any longer.

I don’t recall the walk to his bedroom, but once inside
Tommy and I turned up the heat even more. His shirt came off
right after my bra did. The first touch of our bare chests
against one another was magical. My hard nipples crushed
into his masculine frame as our lips gobbled up each other’s
passion. I lost track of my husband until I crawled onto
the bed and noticed him standing to the right of bed drinking
a beer and smiling. Obviously this is what he hoped for and
secretly so did I.

Tommy quickly joined me on his bed with his swollen male
organ now exposed to me for the first time. As we kissed I
reached down and gently took his cock in my hand and began
to stroke him. It took very little effort to cause him to
become unhinged. The man needed to fuck me and nothing in
the world was going to stop him. Our flesh meshed and rubbed
against each others as our hands and lips exploded each

When I first tasted his shaft in my mouth, his salty precum
was already oozing out of the tip as I licked it up and hoped
for more. And I quickly learned that each time I teased his
prick with my tongue and lips, Tommy’s entire body would
jolt when I finally took him past my warm wet lips. “Oh
fuck” he muttered the longer I worked on his throbbing

I knew I was only making things worse for myself once he got
on top of me but I didn’t care. I felt attraction to tantalize
his reproductive organs for just a while longer. Holding
his balls in my hand I sucked and sucked until I feared he
was going to explode in my mouth. Suddenly I pulled back
up just as the first thick glob of hot cum shot from his dick
and hit me in the face. His body tensed up and went rigid as
I had taken him too far and now had no option but to go back
to sucking until he was finished. All I could do now was hope
he would get hard again so we could fuck before I went home.

Tommy drained his balls down my throat for a few more seconds
as globs of sticky cum gagged me at times although I never
gave up. When I did pull my sticky lips off of his cock, I glanced
up and saw my husband staring at me as if he had been struck
by lightning.

Tommy positioned himself between my legs as his hands reached
up and got a firm grip on my breasts. Our eyes met as I felt
his hands let go and slowly slide down over my stomach before
my panties were torn from my body. He stared at my wet swollen
pussy and grinned his approval. One look into his eyes and
I knew he had seen my gushing womanhood and was going to use
me every way he wanted to before I would be free to go.

My first orgasm was by far the most powerful as my hips rose
up as soon as it hit me. Tommy’s tongue was masterful the
way he teased my clit before darting inside of my outer lips
causing me to whimper even more. Soon he was in control and
turned me into nothing more than a melted Popsicle there
for the taking. To this day I still don’t understand how
my husband could have watched that happen to me but he did.

My entire body shook from the sexual releases I was experiencing
with no time to catch my breath. I opened my eyes for a second
and saw my soon to be lover crawl up towards my face as he prepared
to mount me. His weight was enough to pin me to the bed directly
under him as he took his position forcing my legs apart.
There was a moment when my brain could not digest that this
was really happening yet my body quivered under his wanting
to have him consume me.

The energy two people feel right before they join together
is amazing and even more so with this man I hardly knew. His
hard chest pushed down on my soft breasts as I waited to feel
him begin to enter me. Sucking for air I tried to look into
his eyes as the tip of his hardness finally pressed against
my wet outer lips. I was so wet he moved past them without
much effort as his entrance began.

His eyes were on fire as I gasped for air feeling his shaft
push up into me even farther having now secured a place for
the fat head of his cock just inside of my pussy. As caught
up in the moment as I was, I still remember thinking to myself,
there is no way of stopping this any longer. Tommy’s eyes
grew more glazed over as he forced his shaft deeper and deeper
into my waiting pussy.

His penetration had an edge to it even if it was our first
union. Our bodies were not use to one another’s yet we
savored each other the deeper he probed inside of me. His
shaft had more girth to it as I felt my insides being stretched
apart more than usual. And then when I felt his balls rest
against my ass, I let go and realized I was his for as long
as he could last.

Tommy moved slowly at times and at other times punished
me with a hard pace that took my breath away. This unholy
union we were sharing was wrong on so many fronts yet while
it was happening it felt so right. And I quickly learned
my new lover had his own ways of making love. Tommy was more
aggressive than my husband and although at times was rougher;
he always stopped shorting of hurting me. I knew within
seconds this man was going to a challenge for me.

His shaft worked relentless slamming into my pussy before
pulling out and slamming back in. He had already cum once
and was in no hurry to end his fun. Soon I was flipped over
and forced to get on my hands and knees while he entered me
doggie style. I kept my head bent at first not wanting to
look at my husband at that moment in time.

Yet Tommy’s shaft pounded my womanhood over and over
until I was forced to learn how to endure. And then when I
hoped it would end soon, Tommy turned me over again and had
me straddle his shaft. Being on top and in control made it
possible for me to slow things down and set my own pace. I
had never felt a man inside of me for so long and after while
he became part of my body.

My hands were braced down against Tommy’s chest while
my hips rocked back and forth when I made eye contact with
Rick. He stood a few feet from the bed where another man was
fucking his wife and didn’t seem concerned at all. I stared
at him without saying a word while I continued to move my
hips up and down on Tommy’s shaft. I can’t put it into
words other than to say it was too bizarre. I quickly went
back to focusing on my lover and not my husband.

Looking down I saw my breasts bouncing up and down each time
I ground my pussy around this magnificent cock that was
my and all mine to enjoy. I believe it was sheer bliss for
both of us although we never spoke a word during our union.
And then as I wiggled down onto his throbbing organ I felt
him stiffen and begin to spasm deep inside of my pussy. It
was the perfect ending to a perfect union as I felt Tommy’s
hard shaft spit out his hot cum deep within my womb.

Tommy grunted as he began to cum while I simply continued
to force his shaft up into me in order to get his hot load.
His chests as heaving and his legs had stiffened up with
each thrust while I helped him drain himself. His stick
mess soon began to leak out of me as I continued humping up
and down until he stopped me.

I don’t recall how long we remained connected on his bed
but after a few more tender kisses I rolled off and collapsed
next to him still sucking for air. Looking down just once
at my body I saw the red marks from his assault and realized
my husband also was looking at what another man had done
to me. My hair was a mess and my make up even worse but it no
longer mattered.

And then my husband surprised me by approaching me carefully,
sitting on the edge of the bed and tenderly holding my hand.
“You were and still are amazing, ” he said softly after
Tommy had climbed off and headed for the shower. “You’re
not upset with me?”I asked him while still trying to come
down from the high I was on.

Rick leaned forward and kissed me gently on the lips as we
reconnected as husband and wife. When my husband and I got
back home, we made love that night and it was the most wonderful
demonstration of what real love was like. What I had experienced
with Tommy was just sex but with my husband it was so much

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Your story is again fantastic. I would love to be able to
try and give you a kiss like this one and follow his steps
in holding you tight. I am in Glendale and would love to meet
you ....say at Murfs and see where it may go.


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Very well written; an exquisite rendition of lust, intellectual
thoughts, and emotion.


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Still wonderful sexy writing. I could almost taste and
smell you from that description. It was particularly good
for me as it brought back memories of a few times I have enjoyed
a wife while her husband watched. Nothing is quite as exciting, and each time the husband
was grateful and the wife loved the thrill of it. One couple
said the excitement actually helped overcome what was
becoming an E.D. problem. I laughingly said, "just
call Dr. Love when the problem happens again."



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Inspiring, erotic, and lovely to see couple with such love.


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The best read on here in years ! AWESOME indeed !


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Wonderful story. Just like it should happen. Very touching
and yet ver, very erotic. Thank you for telling it like


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Hope You keep writing these stories, ,, they are all Great....


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Thank you classy gal for yet another fabulous story. You're
the only one that I read anymore, so please keep them coming.
My all time favourite is the widow and the three-some. best,


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A pleasure to read.


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HMMMMMMMMM! Wish we could that fire back like you did! Oh,
well, still have wet dreams to go on.

Romance her heart, tease her body, enjoy the company shared in bed n out! Treasure every moment spent together, in good times n bad!
Cum visit my blog, you're always welcum! submokey Become a watcher!


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I love the way your mind works!!!!


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quality all the way good writing..a cut above the rest keep
it up XX


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There are so few on this site who have true writing skills.
One is you. Very well done.