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The continung saga of Sam and I ..Chapter 2


Well, by now, you all have heard the story of how I was introduced
to the “swinging lifestyle” by my Wife and Sister-in-Law.
Since then, I am pleased to report, that our love life has
been better than ever! The whole experience at Halloween
has opened up new avenues of not only lovemaking, but communication
as well. We now feel more open to discuss our likes and dislikes
in life and our relationship besides that of our bedroom.
I do have to say, I can see how that little green monster called
jealousy could get in the way, and that my experience was
one that not all couples or people are ready for or necessarily
want. It was definitely something for those who are secure
in their love for one another, but for Samantha and I, it
was truly a blessing!
Upon re-reading my last missive, I noted one glaring omission,
that I didn’t do Samantha justice in my description of her.
I believe I did mention some things, so please excuse me
if I am being repetitive. Sam, as I call her, stands about
five feet five inches and if she’s a buck-ten she’s anything.
Her mid-back length of hair is as dark as a starless night
with streaks of indigo and violet where the light hits it.
She has coffee colored brown eyes that are set under the
heavy eyelids the like of Sophia Lauren, lips the color
of burgundy wine and long almost claw-like fingernails.
Her body is the result of persistent exercising, taught
skin that is the color of spun copper, beautiful 34 B breasts
that are crowned with hazelnut colored nipples as they
sit firmly above her almost chiseled like abs, her womanly
region is completely shaved and her legs taper down to slender
feet. This is the woman I felt so lucky to be able to wake up
next to for the last few years and I thought the best years
of our married life were behind us, but Halloween provided
me the clue that life with Sam was only going to get better.
Our latest adventure took place a couple weeks after Halloween,
but before Thanksgiving. I had called Sam from work with
more regularity than usual. The boss was on my back all day,
the phone kept ringing with people who needed this or that
and other assorted things that I am sure many of you are familiar
with in your work life, and I just had the need to hear her
voice to keep me on an even keel till the day was done. “Baby,
this day has sucked beyond belief”, I said to her as I described
all that had transpired during the day to her. “Oh my poor
darling”, she replied in that phone sex operator like voice
she has, “How can I make it better?” At the mention of that,
my mind was whisked away to that last night of October when
we coupled in front of the crowd at the party. My pants immediately
began to fill out with my erection as I imagined her lying
there on the chaise lounge as we fucked ourselves into near
oblivion. “Mmmm, I can think of a couple of things sweetie”
I mentioned.
“Now just what would those things be darling?” she replied.
“Wellll, for one, the thought of kissing those sweet lips
of yours helps.”
“That sounds nice. What else honey?”
“Then there’s the thought of having those same lips wrapped
around my cock as you suck it sounds good too.”
“Ohhh, you think so huh?” she replied coyly.
“I do.”
“Well, how about the thought of your face buried in my lap
and licking my pussy till you make me cum?” she asked.
“Oh baby, you know I love to eat you out”
“That I do, and you’re good at it too”
The thought of phone sex had not entered my mind until that
moment. Should we? What if someone at IT was listening?
At this point, I no longer cared. I needed something to allow
me a mental respite for the day, so I pushed the conversation
“You mean like when I lick down the inside of your thigh,
down your calf, and begin to suck on your toes?”
“Now baby, you better be careful, you’re starting to make
me horny.” was her response.
“That’s the idea Sam. I want you ready for me when I get home.”
“Mmm, you think huh?”
“I do”
I then proceeded to describe to her how I wanted to kiss her
all over, suck on her nipples till they stiffened with desire.
How I wanted to run my tongue around her labia, gently teasing
her clitoris until it was as hard as my now rapidly rising
manhood. How I wanted to taste those precious first droplets
of her lubrication as her pussy started to become wet, to
smell her musk as my nose softly rubbed against her shorn
womanhood while my tongue started to probe inside her.
How I wanted to reach my hands up and easily pinch her nipples
while my mouth began to suck on her clit.
“Ooohhhhh baby! You are getting me soooo wet!” she replied
when I took a break from my descriptions.
“I was hoping to. Now, are you going to be ready for me after
five?” I asked.
“ I don’t know if I can wait that long honey.” She said as I
heard the familiar hum of her vibrator
firing up in the background. From that point on all I could
hear was her moans of pleasure as the toy went to work on her.
The oh’s, ahs, and ssss’s escaped her mouth sounding like
they were coming from a phone booth indicating that she
had set the phone down while she administered the battery
operated cock on herself. It must have been near her crotch
because I could hear the wet sounds as it slide deep inside
her. I pictured her in my mind, leaned against the back of
the chair, legs thrown up on the desk as she guided the vibrator
all about her genitals bringing forth more sounds and exclamations
of someone in the throws of lustful heat. I continued to
orally relay my intentions of making love to her as my manhood
continued it’s pulsating rise in my pants. Thankfully
I was sitting at my desk so I could stroke myself through
the material. Finally, I heard the short high-pitched
scream that I know so well followed by only the sound of the
electric motor. I mentally visualized her head thrown
back as the full effect of orgasm ripped through her body.
“Yes baby! Cum for me! Cum hard for me!” I softly yelled into
the phone. She picked up the phone finally and as she caught
her breath said, “ Oh God that was intense! Oh baby, my vibrator
is just dripping.”
“Good, that’s how I want you to be when I get home.” I said.
“Mmmm, I think I can arrange that.” She said with an almost
evil tone.
“There’s one more thing I want you to do for me honey.”
“What’s that baby?”
“Suck your juices off the vibrator”
“Oh, you think I should do that huh?”
“Yes, I do”
She continued to hold the phone up to her mouth as I heard
the distinctive “slurp” of a woman giving head. The sounds
of her smacking her lips as her tongue licked all of her sweetness
off the now turned off toy. My closed eyes seeing my rod planted
firmly in her mouth in place of the plastic object there
now as she continued her administrations to it.
“There honey. It’s nice and clean now.” she said as I visualized
the grin on her face as she said it.
“Good! Now don’t forget how I want you when I get home.” I
told her.
“Yes sweetie, I’ll remember…. nice and WET!”
What I pleasantly forgot to say is how I expected her to achieve
that status.
I pulled into the driveway around 6:00 pm and noticed only
the smallest amount of light emanating from behind the
gauze-like blinds we had. I entered the garage and headed
for the door into the house. There, hanging by a small piece
of yarn was a sign that simply read “Upstairs”. I walked
into the house and immediately noticed the smell of honeysuckle
candles from upstairs and the sounds of soft music playing.
As I hung up my coat and started up the creaking steps, I heard
the sounds of soft moans and grinned, as I headed down the
hallway to our room, picturing in my head Sam with her “toy”.
The bedroom door was ajar with the flickering light of candles
glowing from the cracks. I began removing my tie, shoes,
and belt before I stepped into the room. The moans continued
as I crossed the threshold and looked to behold Sam, lying
on our bed, moaning, eyes closed, her arms thrown back across
the pillows at the top as a mysterious “mound” moved down
her body underneath the olive green Egyptian cotton sheet.
I began to call out her name, but held myself back as I stood
there and watched whoever it was under the sheet continue
to slip further down to where Sam’s legs formed a “V” shape
under the covering. Sam’s body arched with an “Ahhhh” as
the mystery person must have found her sweet spot. Sam’s
legs instinctively came up, bent at the knees, to make her
hips rise to meet the head of her unidentified lover. Her
hands clutched at the pillows as this unseen person’s head
began to move in circles, their lower legs up in the air,
causing a tenting in the sheet as Sam continued exhaling
the sounds of her desire. Her hips began thrusting gently
as I imagined the enigmatic person’s tongue probing in
and out of Sam’s gorgeous slit. Not wanting to disturb the
intimate moment, I quietly headed back downstairs to get
myself a scotch and water.
After silently retracing my steps back up the carpeted
stairway, I snuck back into the boudoir and sat in our dressing
chair and continued my voyeuristic endeavors. The candlelight
threw seductive shadows on our lavender colored walls.
The Bone white carpeting was strewn with the remnants of
clothes removed by a slow, deliberate method, leaving
a trail from the door to the king size four posted bed, resplendent
in dark stained cherry, a thin veil of tulle providing a
thin distortion if the shapes on the mattress. I watched
as Sam went into the sweet spasms of excitement as the head
of the stranger under the sheet moved about, lightly biting
and sucking on her thighs, knees, and at the soft spot where
the leg met the pelvis. I smiled, knowing that was one sport
that would drive Samantha absolutely wild. The sheet began
to retreat down Sam’s body as this person kicked it down,
uncovering those beautiful breasts of Sam’s, nipples
full and hard. As the sheet moved further down, the mysterious
lover started to be revealed. First by the neck length of
walnut brown hair, tinted with highlights of violet, on
the head that was buried in my wife’s crotch, then the slender
neck and shoulders that had Sam’s copper shaded legs wrapped
around them, and what appeared to be the top part of a tattoo.
As the covering continued its movement, I discovered it
was a tattoo, of a spread-winged dove, the wing tips on the,
now decisively feminine shoulder blades, olive branch
in its mouth. The sight of the perfectly rounded ass that
next greeted my sight, reminded me humorously of the Master
Card logo, the white patches of where a bikini bottom would
go showed a recent trip to a tanning bed. Slender legs ran
down from that sweet backside, bent upwards at the knee
as her feet kicked off the rest of the sheet. The tattooed
woman’s head licking slowly up through Sam’s slit, up her
belly to kiss each of the hard, chestnut colored buttons
on her breasts, and back again. As this stranger pushed
herself up Sam, she made sure that one of her white colored
breasts brushed it’s stiffened nipple against Sam’s labia
and clitoris. The volume now increasing on the moans escaping
my wife’s mouth and the sounds of delight coming from the
dove covered girl only drove me to new heights of arousal.
My cock hardened to the point I thought it would tear through
my trousers to pursue the double delight that laid just
mere feet from it. At that point, I thought it was time to
announce my arrival home and clinked the remaining ice
in my drink against the glass that held it.
At that moment, Samantha’s eyes cracked open and gazed
me sitting there watching. The dark wood and tall posts
of our bed framed the picture perfectly as Sam said, “Oh
honey, I never heard you come in.”
“I saw that you were otherwise engaged” was my reply, “Who
do you have there honey?”
Sam looked down at her erotic visitor and said, ”Meet my
husband. He’s home now.”
The violet tinged hair swayed as she turned her face from
Sam’s sweetness to look my way.
“Hi!” said the elfin-faced stranger that had just so recently
been enjoying my wife’s wetness.
“Honey, this is Peace. Peace, this is Steve.” Samantha
said as she introduced us.
“Hey there Peace” I responded.
“Man Sam, what brought this on?” I asked as Sam began to notice
the bulge in my pants.
“Well, honey, after we hung up, I got to thinking. You said
you wanted me wet when you got home. You didn’t specify how
I was to get there.” Sam said with a coy wink.
“No, I sure didn’t, but I like they way you think.”
“Well, would you like to continue to watch or join in dear
“Join in for sure.” I stated as I began undoing my tie.
“Oh, no, no, no.” Sam said, “Allow us.”
Peace then arose from the bed to reveal her five feet nine
inch frame. B-cup breasts with port wine colored nipples
greeted my eyes as the turned around. As she approached
me closer, her eyes showed a lustful violet color that almost
matched the hue of her hair.
I stood there, hands at my side as Sam walked around behind
me and finished removing my tie by sliding it open far enough
to slip over my head. In a surprise move, she then placed
the tie around my head as a blindfold and pulled it tight
enough, so as to not slip off.
“What’s with blind fold?” I asked her.
She gave a seductive laugh and said, “That’s so you won’t
know who’s doing what to you.”
She then unbuttoned and removed my shirt from behind, her
tits pressing and rubbing against my back as she did the
Peace removed the belt from my slacks and I felt her hand
it back to Samantha. She then leaned into near my ear and
spoke in lustful whispers saying, “And this will be so we
can have our way with you totally.”
With that, Sam proceeded to bind my hands with the belt,
tight enough to hinder movement, but loose enough to allow
Peace then proceeded to undo the button and zipper on my
pants and allowed them to fall around my ankles. All that
was left were my boxers, which contained my now throbbing
hardness and Peace made sweet slow work of sliding them
down my legs, stopping to remove my shoes and socks before
having me lift each foot to finish removing my pants and
underwear. I then heard Peace say, “Oh my goodness, this
is gonna be fun with that.”
Both of them moved away from me so as to confuse my senses
as to who was where. I could hear them both in front of me when
I first felt their lips start kissing up my legs. Each pair
of hands was wrapped around each of my legs, holding them
as the trails of kisses rose up towards my crotch. My recently
shorn scrotum tightened in delight as the hot breath of
both women began to reach it. My cock was pulsing with a mind
of its own as I mentally pictured the scene before me. Sam
and Peace then led me by the shoulders to the bed, where they
untied the belt from my hands. I shook my hands out to help
restore circulation. Each woman then took what I believe
was the belt from each of two of Sam’s satin robes, and tied
one end around a hand an the other to one of the massive wooden
bedposts as I was caused to lay down. They then spread my
legs to put me in a spread eagle position and secured each
of my feet to the end posts with one of my neckties. When that
was finished, I felt each one of them get on the bed and kneel
on either side of me. I felt the weight shift to over me and
wondered what was happening. I could just see out from the
bottom of my blindfold if I held my head at the right angle.
The weight shift was caused by the fact that Sam and Peace
were now making out over top of me. I could see heads twisting,
tongues flickering in and out of mouths. Peace’s hands
around Sam’s ass as Sam ran hers through Peace’s purple
tinged locks as they both gasped and moaned a the soft caresses
of their mouths’. They must have realized I could see because
as I watched, my rock hard member throbbed harder with each
grope. This caused them to take it a step further. Sam slid
one arm down to stroke Peace’s pussy with her fingers and
angled her so I could see better. I watched with delight
as Sam first ran her hands down Peace’s neck, stopped to
pull gently on the looped rings that pierced her nipples,
causing Peace to utter a slight reaction to the mild pain,
as her hand made it’s way further down. Peace then turned
herself so that she was sitting in between my spread legs
as Sam’s middle finger began circling over her clit, parted
her swollen labia, and began to stroke her slit slowly and
deliberately. Peace, sitting back on her hands, emitted
a chorus of “Mmmms” and “Ahhhhs” as Sam’s middle finger
began to probe inside her. Sam’s mouth then went to Peace’s
perky pierced breasts and licked them, sucked them, and
tugged on the loops as Peace tilted her head back to softly
say “Oh God”. I was straining at my binds then as I peeped
at this display of saphotic lust. Thankfully Sam noticed
my intent to be included in on their soirée and asked Peace
if she wanted down or up as she now sucked Peace’s wetness
of the recently used digit. Peace replied “Down for now”
and with that Sam swung back and placed on knee on each side
of my head, her sweet pussy positioned over my now ravenous
mouth. As Sam settled into the 69, she held her honey pot
just out of reach of my rabidly flicking tongue as her mouth
slowly enveloped my cock all the way to my sac. “Oh honey
please let me have a taste, ” I pleaded. Slowly Sam lowered
her now glistening pussy down to my eager face. I began to
lap greedily at her slit as she moaned and began to stroke
my cock in a corkscrew like motion while her mouth sucked
hungrily on the head. I was content in this position when
the extra sweet sensation of my balls being sucked on began.
Peace had lain down on her belly in front of my crotch and
began administering her mouth to my balls. God! I thought
I was going to explode right there! Just when Sam would sense
I was getting close to cumming, she and Peace would stop
and tongue each others mouth. I had no doubt Peace was getting
a taste of my pre-cum from Sam’s mouth. Peace began to gently
slide one of her fingernails over my taint as she continued
to massage my now aching to be released cum bag while Sam
would deep throat my cock “Oh sweet jesus…. Mmmm… Ahhhhhh”
was all I could say as I felt the first flow of my seed from
below, creeping up towards my shaft, my cock pulsing in
Sam’s mouth as she suck and stroked. I was trying to hold
it as long as I could when Peace gave me a big surprise; she
suddenly thrust one finger into my anus and began stroking
my prostate. Dear lord that was all she wrote! My cock exploded
my spunk into Sam’s ravenous mouth, I was cumming with a
force I had never know possible until now. Peace continued
to probe my ass as I had what I thought to be an actual “multiple
orgasm”. Sam greedily sucked in every drop of cum I could
produce. The sensations of me cumming and watching and
kissing Peace must have had their effects on Sam as well
because I felt the gentle trickle of pussy cum against my
chin. I eagerly lapped it up with my tongue as Sam moaned,
her soft female musk overflowing my olfactories as I drank
of her wine.
I was spent. My erect member slowly became flaccid after
depositing its load into Sam’s mouth. Peace then sauntered
over to Sam and kissed her long and deep, my cum oozing out
the corners of her lips as Sam thrust it in with her tongue.
When their mouths pulled apart to change positions, a small
string of spunk was formed by the movement, which Sam immediately
replaced in her mouth like you would a burst bubble gum bubble.
Their hands roamed up and down each other’s smooth bodies
as the continued their assault on each other’s mouth after
untying me. I arose from the bed and went back to the dressing
chair to recover, have some more scotch, and watch the scene
that unfolded next.
After the heavy petting session, Peace looked into Sam’s
brown eyes with her violet ones and said, “Now, it’s my turn.
You know what I want.” Sam nodded and reached into out adult
toy box to produce a strap on dildo that resembled a real
cock that was at least a foot long and close to the circumference
of a fifty-cent piece. The flesh colored faux penis was
attached to studded black leather backing. I had often
seen it in the box, but always wondered when she used it.
I was about to find out.
Peace assumed the bottom doggie-style position as Sam
fastened the straps around her genitals and generously
applied lube to the latex monster. Peace’s rounded ass
thrust up into the air, anxiously awaiting the insertion
of Sam’s temporary manhood, her tits hanging perfectly
plumb to the bed cover as the rings implanted in the nipples
stretched them downward. Her head turned to our giant wall
mirror to watch as Sam climbed up behind her and onto her
knees. Sam ran her hand up and down Peace’s smooth backside,
occasionally smacking it hard enough to leave a handprint
as she teased her awaiting cunny with the head of the enormous
phallus. Peace emitted sharp exclamations of pain and
pleasure each time Sam’s hand came down on her rump, alternating
with gasps of wanting each time the dildo came into contact
with her rapidly engorged pussy lips. Finally Sam grasped
Peace’s hips and began to slowly penetrate her with the
veined monster. A little at a time, it slid deeper and deeper
into Peace and stretched her snatch as her head bobbed up
and down, her mouth agape as she felt every bump and inch
fill her vagina. Sam applied more lube by taking the tube
and squeezing it out to run down Peace’s ass crack and onto
the dildo as Peace moaned. Sam then started slowly thrusting
in and out of Peace, fucking her with the strap-on, pulling
out a little more each time and ramming home a little harder
each time. The gasps and moans that came out of Peace increased
in frequency and volume with each stroke of the rubber rod
that was now buried almost all the way into her pussy.
I watched this surreal scene with curious detachment at
first, but as Sam began to gyrate her hips and ram the dildo
home with each thrust, my limp cock began to stir again.
Watching my wife fucking another woman, not just eat out,
but actually FUCK, was something that just stirred my loins.
Blood began to rush into my manhood as I heard Sam grunt and
groan as she tore into Peace with that phallus. Sam’s fingernails
scratched their way down Peace’s back, occasionally grabbing
a hold of her hair and yanking her head back as the cock banged
away inside her. A combination of lube and pussy juices
was dripping onto the mattress cover from Peace’s fully
stuffed love canal. Peace dropped the top half of her body
down flat on the bed her head buried in the comforter that
muffled her sounds of pleasure as Sam slammed away from
behind. Sam’s raven locks were flying everywhere, some
sticking to her forehead from the sweat she was building
up, her gluteus muscles tightening with each deep penetration
into Peace as she spoke, “Yeah baby! You like that huh? You
like it when I FUCK you hard huh?”
“Who’s my bitch? Huh homey? Who’s Sam’s little bitch?”
yelled Sam back much to my excitement.
“IIIIIII ammmmmm”, moaned Peace back.
“That’s right slut! You ARE my bitch!”
“Oh yesssss! Please fuck me master! FUCK ME!”
“You like this big cock in you? Huh? You want me to stop?”
Sam questioned her through gritted teeth.
“No! Pleeeeeasssse dooooon’t stop! Please let me cum!
Please make me cum for you!” pleaded Peace.
“I don’t know if I should. You have been a naughty little
whore, sucking my husband’s balls like that.” said Sam.
“Yes, I’m a naughty whore. I’m YOUR naughty whore, YOUR
dirty slut! Only yours!” responded Peace.
“Then cum for me SLUT!”
Sam then reached down between Peace’s legs and stroked
her clit. The pussy cum/lube mix slathered her hand as the
first wave of multiple orgasms wracked their way through
Peace’s body. She then used her now wet fingers to probe
Peace’s asshole, just a fingernail at first, but soon her
whole ring finger was inside Peace’s brown eye, applying
pressure to the dildo in her pussy from inside. Every muscle
in Peace’s body was taught and her head and arms thrashed
and clutched at the comforter as Sam’s further ministrations
to her ass caused a new rush of climax to wash down through
her. “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!” yelled Peace as Sam buried
a second finger deep into her brown hole, her ass swaying
and thrusting up to meet the last of Sam’s as her body began
to spasm and loose muscle tone.
When it was all done, Sam lay atop Peace, the humungous dildo
still inside her as they both gasped for air, perspiration
covering them both, hair sticking to each of their bodies
as they ended their session. Once Sam caught her breath,
she arose, withdrawing the huge member from Peace, and
began to unfasten the securing straps. Peace rolled over
onto her back, hands joined across her midsection as she
finally started breathing in a normal fashion. Her legs
were still spread apart, no doubt from the tremendous abuse
her pussy was just put through.
Sam slowly walked over to where I was sitting playing with
my newly rock hard cock as I watched her screw the hell out
of Peace. She extended a hand to me. “C’mon baby, it’s MY
turn to ride a fat cock. With that she led me over to the foot
of the bed and had me sit up on the edge of the mattress. She
then climbed up on the bed and proceeded to assume a reverse
cowgirl and sat her soaking pussy down on my rod. She was
so wet from fucking Peace that I slid deep inside her effortlessly.

“Mmmm” she said after impaling herself on my staff, “That
feels good” and she began to rock her pussy into my lap. I
lay back on my hands as Sam’s gorgeous ass ground into me,
each hand on one of her breasts, twisting and tweaking her
chestnut colored nipples as her wetness began to flow over
my crotch. I leaned up to kiss and nibble on Sam’s neck and
shoulders, tasted her salty sweetness and sniffed the
aroma of her sex mixed with Peace’s and lube. The heady mixture
of smells guided my hormones to rage. I lay back down on the
bed, my legs hanging off the front edge as Sam rode me like
a mechanical bull.
Peace, now recovered from her state of orgasmic nirvana,
asked, “What about me master?”
Sam replied, “You, slut, must now watch me fuck my man on
your knees in front of us…and if you are good, I will let you
That seemed to please Peace as she quickly did as she was
bid and kneeled in front of us.
Sam gyrated and slid herself up and down my pole. Her hands
used my legs as a surface to push herself up, down, and around
Harder and harder she ground into me, one hand leaving her
breasts and heading for her clit as she continued her ride
on my meat. Her fingernails scratched against my penis
as she diddled her clitoris with two fingers. I watched
in the same mirror Peace had as Sam began moaning louder
and her eyes began to close.
“Now slut, you may have a taste.” She said to Peace.
Peace eagerly obeyed and walked on her knees up to where
my cock and Sam’s pussy joined together. Her hungry tongue
began to probe all around Sam’s slit and my shaft and balls,
slurping up any bit of fluid that happened to leak out.
Oh God, the sensation of Sam’s rapidly contracting and
releasing cunt muscles, along with Peace’s tongue on my
sac, put me over the edge, I thrust my pelvis up into Sam’s
downward push and poured my man seed deep into her womb.
At the feeling of my cum spraying all over her inside and
the sucking of her clit by Peace, Sam threw her head back,
clamped her hands around Peace’s head and pulled her in
as she was gripped in the erotic embrace of ecstasy with
each orgasm that rippled through her.
I threw my arms out to the side as I finished emptying my load
into Sam and she settled back down to sit on my cock and let
the rest of the climactic waves roll through her. Peace
was busily lapping up the mix of mine and Sam’s cum that was
beginning to leak out around my crotch.
Sam disengaged herself from my rod and fell back into my
outstretched right arm, while Peace crawled her way back
up onto the bed and nuzzled herself into the crook of my left.
It was in this position that the three of us fell asleep that
The next morning I awoke alone to my alarm going off.
Sam was downstairs putting coffee on and getting some toast
and jam ready. I walked in sleepily.
“<Yawn> where’d Peace go?” I asked.
“She had to be at work at six this morning, so she had to leave
early.” Sam replied.
“Ahhh. Will I see her again sometime?”
“Mmmm, if you’re good to me you will.”
“Baby. I’m ALWAYS good to you.” I said to her and kissed her
deeply on the lips.
“OK horndog, who gets the shower first this morning?” Sam
“After you my master.” I replied with a low sweeping bow.
Sam laughed all the way upstairs.

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