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The birth of a cuckold "My story"


My wife and I were an ordinary young couple and like all couples
we also tried some embarrassing things in our bedroom.
Not to suggest Jeannie and I were freaks but we did experiment
sexually speaking with various things during the first
nine years of our marriage. Sex was an important part of
our relationship which usually meant a good night encounter
unless one of us was ill.

But what we stumbled into by accident outside of our bedroom
was more than either of us expected. I had been raised to
value my wife, protect her and keep all to myself. And Jeannie
was raised as a respectable girl who controlled her sexual
demons to save her reputation. And only with each other
behind closed doors did we dare venture past our limits
has husband and wife.

We reached our ninth anniversary well on our way to being
another suburban couple with two great kids and a comfortable
home due to my successful career. I worked my way up the ladder
quickly while Jeannie put her career on hold once the twins
were born. In other words we were very ordinary.

And it all suddenly changed during a simple lunch break.
Ron from accounting and I headed to our favorite restaurant
for a bite to eat just like we had done hundreds of times before.
And somewhere between our ordering and finishing the owner,
Rohm whom we had gotten to know well approached our table.

At first I thought nothing of it since he often paid us a visit,
mainly to thank us once again. “Hello this afternoon
gentleman, ” Rohm said with his usual accent. He was
a quiet kind of man yet a hard worker who had built his restaurant
into one of the most successful in the area. Ron and I greeted
him like always and listened to him expecting another thank
you before leaving us to get back to the office.

But instead what we heard was Rohm talk about the downtown
business area fund raiser and how each restaurant participating
would offer up a free lunch to the highest bidder. I remember
sitting there thinking it was a good idea. And then he paused
and looked at us before saying, “You see. The winner to
have lunch with pretty girl, but where do I find pretty girl?”

And then Ron jokes and says to me I should offer up Jeannie
to have lunch with the highest bidder at Rohm’s restaurant.
“My Jeannie?” I asked surprised at the suggestion.
Ron explained it was just lunch in a pubic restaurant so
what would the harm be in helping out our friend Rohm. I don’t
know why but thought it made sense and showed Rohm a photo
of my wife. Immediately he was happy and said she was pretty
and would bring lots of bids.

I didn’t really think it was something that Jeannie would
not agree to once she heard the details although I had not
talked to her before volunteering her as the luncheon prize.
My wife was indeed a good looking babe even after two kids
but the idea of her being sold off to the highest bidder didn’t
sit well with her from the start. “But it’s for a good
charity, ” I reminded her after she settled down.

From then on I was about to learn I had just opened Pandora’s
Box. The posters around town were up for weeks and of course
Jeannie’s was on display in the front window of Rohm’s
restaurant to attract interested males. And each time
I ate there leading up to the auction it made me feel funny
in ways I didn’t understand. On one hand I was proud that
Jeannie belonged to me yet on the other hand the idea some
other guy was going to enjoy her company for an hour during
lunch struggled to find a resting place inside my head.

These were new feelings I was experiencing and was not sure
how to deal with them. There was nothing sexual involved
yet offering Jeannie to some other guy aroused me more than
I thought it would. I felt ashamed for feeling that way and
I never knew how to bring the subject up to my wife. Yet shamefully
when I showered I often got an erection if I let my mind think
about for too long.

Looking back I believe my wife and I should have talked about
this but I doubt either of us knew how to approach the subject.
The night before the auction Jeannie appeared in the bathroom
doorway in this lacy, very revealing lingerie. “Want
to make a bid?” she said giggled as her hips were cocked
to the side. “Well what are you putting up for auction”
I recall joking with her as my dick began to swell.

My wife has one of those slender yet shapely bodies that
look lean yet strong at the same time. Her breasts although
average have a wonderful curve upward at the nipples like
ripe pears. The blood continued surging into my cock as
she smiled and teased me a little longer. I also sensed this
auction idea had turned her on even if it was just for an innocent

Needless to say neither of us understood what we were feeling.
Her soft silk like flesh began to heat up quickly as my fingers
began to explore her down to her toes. Jeannie seemed more
vocal than usual as her responses were strong and affected
me. “Are you nervous about tomorrow?” I asked once
as her body wiggled and squirmed on our bed. “Kind of.
It’s exciting but I don’t know why it feels that way
to me, ” Jeannie explained between gasping for air.
All her words did was make my cock harder and my need to fuck
her even stronger. When my hard cock pushed between her
wet lips, my wife looked up with a twisted expression and
mumbled to me, “Oh fuck I need your cock so badly.” Looking back I think we were two young people getting trapped
by something neither of us understood. I can’t say I wanted
to give my wife to another man nor could she have said she
wanted to belong to another man. But the idea of her being
auctioned off while I watched from a distance light both
of our fires.

The entire time my dick pumped in and out of her all I could
think about was some stranger I didn’t know being with
her. Would she flirt? Would she giggle and lead him on even
though it was merely a lunch date? She most likely had some
of those same thoughts but didn’t share them with me during
our fuck.

The morning of the auction was a real ordeal for me to get
a grip on. I tried to concentrate but couldn’t as my mind
was bombarded with the image of Jeannie at some table with
a handsome man and there was nothing I could do about it.
When I left for work I sensed she was nervous as well as excited
about her luncheon date with her mystery man.

I need to stop here and say my wife and I had the best of relationships
ever since we began dating. I trusted her one hundred percent
even though her wild side was one of the reasons she appealed
to me in the first place. But once we got married and had the
twins, Jeannie put that wild girl part of personality in
the closet and became the super wife and mother I knew she
would be.

So when noon rolled around I quickly headed out the door
and walked down the block to Rohm’s restaurant where
her auction was going to be held. Shocked is the only word
I can think of to describe how I felt when I got there and realized
just how many men were there to bid on my wife. I could hardly
see the back of the dining area where Rohm and Jeannie were
suppose to stand during the auction. One man in front of
me made several comments to his friend about the pictures
of my wife in the front window and how hot she looked even
though he didn’t know I was her husband and I was standing
right behind him.

My heart was in my throat as I stood near the door and waited
until I caught a glimpse of my wife. Her long brown hair and
pretty face were hard to miss as the men in the place applauded
once she stood up. The bidding started and with each higher
bid my heart beat faster and my wife appeared more nervous.
After a tense ten minutes a high bid of two hundred dollars
for the right to have lunch with my wife was made.

I was shaking when I took a seat at the bar and watched as she
sat at the main table with the winner. Handsome, well dressed
older man who seemed very happy to have won. And my wife’s
actions also bothered me as she giggled from the very start
of their meal. In fact my wife seemed to be having more fun
than I thought she would although I was not angry with her.
Well maybe jealous but not angry. Rohm approached me once
he saw me at the bar and shook my hand over and over thanking
me for helping him out the way I had.

Their lunch went longer than the hour I had and I soon had
to leave my wife still at the table with the stranger. I went
back to my office, basically didn’t get a single thing
done as I worried constantly about her. Was she still at
Rohm’s restaurant or had they said good bye and she was
back at home. I called home at two to check in on her and there
was no answer. I kept telling myself I trusted Jeannie and
knew she loved me but still I didn’t know where she was
and that bothered me.

When I walked in our back door after work, my wife was at the
stove making dinner. I was so excited and had become obsessed
with her luncheon auction I pulled her into my arms and pressed
my hot lips to hers. When I let her go Jeannie backed up blushing
a little while staring speechlessly at me. “How was it?”
I asked needing to hear what happened during her lunch with
the stranger.

“It was awkward at first but John was really fun, ”
my wife replied while staring at me. Suddenly she looked
different or so I thought as we looked into each other’s
eyes. “His name was John?” I repeated her words not
knowing what else to say. The truth was I was not going to
bring sex into our conversation fearing where that might
lead to yet it was all I was thinking about. And yes, it was
totally irrational for me to even think about that yet I

I felt like I was standing on thin ice unsure of just how “fun”
John had been. Down deep I never thought my wife did anything
wrong, but still she had spent more than two hours and she
was not telling me what they talked about. “I called at
two and you were not home yet, ” I finally said backing
up to give her more space. My wife merely turned back to the
stove and went back to stirring whatever she was making
us for dinner. I sat at our table rattled by her silence.

After five minutes of silence I had to say something to her
but didn’t want to start a fight since this luncheon thing
had been my idea in the first place. “Care to tell me anything
about your luncheon?” I asked cautiously. Jeannie turned
smiling as usual and thought for a split second, “I said
it was fun. That should be enough for you.”

Every nerve in my entire body was wired and firing off like
rockets on a battle field. My wife knew we well, very well
and also realized she had the control and power from then
on. There was an awkward feeling at the table when the four
of us ate dinner. I glanced at my wife constantly and sometimes
she smiled back and other times she ignored me. The most
stupid part of it all was the fact I never once thought Jeannie
fucked the man although I didn’t dare ask just to make

Around ten Jeannie and I crawled into bed and it also felt
different for me. I didn’t feel confident enough to reach
for her like I did most nights. I felt her heat next to me while
I stared at the ceiling and listened to her breathing inches
from me. “Are you going to tell me anything?” I finally
asked as softly as I could. My heat was thumping in my chest
as the blood surged into my dick even though I tried to control
it but couldn’t.

But my wife still didn’t respond at all as we laid in the
dark room next to one another. I waited while being as tense
as I have ever been in my entire life. It felt like my world
had been turned upside down and I had no idea how to right
the ship. It was the first time I felt like a half a man afraid
to even speak again let alone touch the woman I loved.

Finally as my dick throbbed under the covers and I laid next
to her wound up like a spring ready to explode, Jeannie spoke.
“What do you really want to know?” It was a tiny opening
she was offering me and I didn’t want to throw it away.
“Anything you want to share with me, ” I replied hoping
I was not insulting her or asking her too much. One of our
best qualities as a couple was our ability to talk about
anything and everything and suddenly we couldn’t talk
at all.

And then I felt the lid come off of Pandora’s Box and hit
me in the face. “Ok you need to 100% honest with me from
now on, ” she said in the darkness of our room. “Ok I
promise, ” I replied with my voice then quivering out
of control. “I know your hard so take your cock out and
stroke it while we talk, ” my wife said to me as her perfume
was driving me crazy. Shaking I reached into my underwear
and pulled my throbbing organ out just like she told me to.

“From the first time you mentioned this auction I felt
like it turned you on to have me spend time with someone else.
Am I right?” she asked. “Be honest and keep stroking, ”
she added quickly as the pressure was building inside of
my dick. “Yes it did. I’m sorry, ” I told her as my
hand kept sliding up over my hard shaft making me even crazier
than I was before. “I figured it did. I only did this to
punish you for those bad thoughts, ” Jeannie added with
a stern tone in her voice.

“Did you spent all afternoon hoping I was fucking John?”
she asked. “No I was afraid of that, ” I said back to
her. “Really. You were afraid yet you’re hard now, ”
she fired back at me with even more anger. It was confusing
for me and I felt trapped by some of my thoughts and how our
conversation was going. “I don’t know. Yes part of
me wanted you to fuck him but I don’t think that is true
any longer, ” I said hoping my wife would forgive me.

I waited to hear what she had to say next when I suddenly felt
my wife push my hand off of my cock before she lowered her
mouth onto it sending me over the edge. Her warm tongue swirled
around the head of my shaft as the pressure grew out of control.
Jeannie had always been good at sucking my cock but for some
reason that night she was even better. Suddenly I felt the
dam break as I bucked my dick upward into her hungry warm
mouth and shot the first of many globs of hot cum down the
back of her throat.

When I laid in bed next to her afterwards I realized my marriage
and my relationship with her was never going to be the same
again. I had no idea what that meant but I felt like Jeannie
was now completely in charge. She knew my sick desire and
was not going to let me off the hook. Two days passed and although
we went back to our normal selves it was completely different
in our bedroom. She would have nothing to do with me or so
I thought since I never reached out for her fearing rejection.

Saturday rolled around and while we sat having coffee at
the table Jeannie seemed to be preoccupied. “What are
you plans today? “She asked once smiling across from
me. “Nothing much. Just cut the grass, ” I replied
thinking nothing of it. “Good. Can you watch the boys
for a few hours this afternoon?” she asked. Immediately
I felt leery like she was not telling me the whole story but
was too afraid to ask what she was going to do.

“Yes I can, ” I said softly to her hoping she would share
more information with me. But she didn’t and the subject
was dropped as I finished my coffee and showered before
getting the grass cut early. I hung around the house wondering
and yes worrying at the same time. And when she walked out
ready to leave I got a lump in my throat when I saw her. My wife
had on a short mini, rather low cut top and three inch heels
as she stood giggling in front of me. “Do I look nice?”
she asked. I felt the sweat pouring out of me as I nodded yes
unable to speak at that moment.

Clearly she was not going shopping yet I feared what she
was really going to do. And yes it also excited me but I didn’t
understand why it did. Jeannie giggled before kissing
me on the cheek and rushing out the door leaving me alone
and in a panic. The mental torture I went through that afternoon
was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Two turned
into four and then five and still my wife had not returned
home to her family.

All I could think about was what I would do if she came home
with the scent of another man on her skin. Yet at the same
time my own dick was half hard even though I didn’t want
it to be. I truly loved my wife but the truth was I also had
never felt so turned on before in my entire life. The boys
were outside playing g in the back yard while I remained
in a daze inside our house. If she was fucking someone else
I realized I would still never leave her.

And then just before dinner I heard her car pull into the
garage as I held my breath about to feed our sons. Once second
I was holding my breath and the next she rushed into the kitchen
with her arms full of bags happy as she could be. Jeannie
hugged our sons before pulling me into her arms as our lips
meshed together in a heated exchange.

Her soft breasts crushed against my chest and she no doubt felt my semi hard cock press against her
pussy. “Did you miss me?” she whispered. “Yes I did
and I worried all afternoon, ” I said back to her. Pulling
back my wife giggled and told me I had nothing to worry about
so stop being so silly. To tell you the truth I felt like I
was losing grip on reality.

I had no idea what was real and what was not. I had no clue if
I was going insane over nothing or if she was playing with
me. Was I the only one of the two of us who was thinking about
her fucking someone else or were we on the same page and she
was not going to admit it. The rest of the night was strangely
silent as we hardly spoke. Yet all I could think about was
Jeannie and whatever she did all afternoon.

“I ran into John today, ” she said lying next to me in
bed later that night. “Ok what are you telling me?”
I asked fearing the worst. “I’m not telling you anything
other than he was at the mall shopping and we just ran into
each other, ” my wife said softly resting next to me on
our bed. I laid there waiting to hear whatever it was that
she was willing to tell me. “So we stopped for a drink.
He seems really nice, ” Jeannie said next to me as my dick
once again began to fill with blood.

“Does it bother you that I saw him or does it excite you?”
my wife said softly in the darkness of our bedroom. With
my boner as hard as a rock I knew I could not lie to her and responded
that it did both, scare me and excite me. “What do you really
want me to say?” she asked gasping for air. “Honey I
don’t really know. Lately I think I am so confused, ”
I replied.

“But I get the sense you are more excited than scared, ”
she said pushing me to be as honest as I could be. “Yes”
I said softly next to her hoping she would forgive me for
being so honest. Rolling onto her side, my sweet wife reached
for me and pulled me into her arms as we kissed tenderly.
Her lips were sweet and hot to the touch as my entire body
was on fire after our brief talk.

“Will you hate me if I tell you I like him?” she said holding
my face with her hands. “I don’t think so, ” I said
trembling next to my woman. I could see a shine in her eyes
even though our room was dark. “What if admit to sleeping
with him this afternoon, ” she said before kissing me
again with an explosion of passion. My mind cramped up as
I struggled to comprehend her words while she attacked
my body with all the lust she could muster. Did my wife just
confess to fucking someone else and if so why was I going
out of my mind?

Was she telling the truth? Did my wife of almost ten years
really fuck some other man and was now telling me about it?
And more importantly why did I not hate her but instead wanted
her more than ever before. My hands reached under her pajamas
and felt her soft warm breasts. My dick was on the verge of
exploding as my mind visualized his hands on her just like
mine were now doing.

“I really do love you, ” Jeannie whispered to me between
our torrid kisses. I told her I loved her too but I needed
to pull her panties off and fill my head with her scent. It
was as if a demon as seized control of me as a man while I pulled
her legs apart in desperation. Not knowing what I was about
to find all I knew was that I had to search for evidence that
she was telling me the truth.

My wife giggled once my nose touched her wet pussy. “I
knew this would drive you crazy, ” she said while giggling
at my desperation. Her scent was different or so it smelt
to me as my tongue began to lick her juices unsure of what
else I might taste. I felt dizzy and confused as I tasted
her like a starving man at a feast. I wanted to find evidence
that she had been fucked but was never able to be sure.

My dick was so hard I could only hold back for a few seconds
before climbing on top of her and forcing my shaft into her
tight hole. “I love this. You’re a wild man, ” Jeannie
said giggling under me while gasping for air herself. My
cock throbbed inside of her warmth as our union turned savage
like quickly. If she had been fucked by another man then
I needed to reclaim my wife and make her mine again. When
I exploded I felt the house shutter as my wife held on tight
and help me ride out my orgasm.

Covered in sweat and struggling to breath I finally rolled
off of her and gasped for air on the bed. “That was fun.
You were really wild tonight, ” she said after she calmed
herself. We held hands in the darkness of our bedroom but
all I could think about was the fact my wife might have been
fucked another man and it turned me on. Granted a sick fact
but one I had to deal with.

Over the next few months every time she left the house I had
this suspicion she was meeting John and having sex with
him. She never admitted it to me even when I asked. Jeannie
had the upper hand and sensed she could do anything she wanted
and I would accept it. If I asked she would either get upset
and tell me I was a pig for not trusting her. Then at other
times she hinted about her affair enough to make me go crazy

I was a complete wreck by the time this had gone on for over
two years. At times I swear after she got home she had sex
with someone else but I was never able to be sure. And the
few times I did push her cautiously to prove it to me; Jeannie
backed off or just played another game by giggling and walking
away. I was at my breaking point by then with no more options.
In other words she had won the game whether she was doing
things that excited me or she was not. She may have been faking
me out the entire time but my mind was convinced she was having
an affair.

The truth began to be revealed after I started a fight with
her one night. Maybe I was desperate or maybe frustrated
but for a whole bunch of reasons I needed to find out for sure.
By then my wife’s confidence had grown and she knew she
was in the driver’s seat. “Or you’ll do what? She
fired back clearly not willing to prove a thing to me. “Listen
buddy. You like it when you think I have fooled around so
don’t pretend this is my fault, ” she said poker faced
without hesitation.

I knew she was right and as sick as it made me feel, I admitted
once and for all I hoped she was fooling around because it
turned me on more than anything else. My wife had become
the queen bee in our marriage and I accepted my role as just
another worker bee. Jeannie paused looking at me for a while
before a smile crossed her lips. “It’s ok. I know you
can’t help yourself, ” she said softly ending our
fight before it actually did some damage.

“Do you want to watch sometime?” she said and as her
words left her lips, I felt my dick begin to harden. I couldn’t
speak and nodded yes to her hoping she was serious about
the offer. Jeannie stared at me again without responding
as I trembled waiting for her to say ok. “Do you think you
could really handle it?” she asked me as she walked up
to me. Shaking down to my feet, I reached for her and pulled
her into my arms. “Yes I would not interfere at all. I promise
to just watch if you’ll let me, ” I whispered to her
before we kissed.

The rest of this story is one twist after another which I
encountered the night my wife invited to witness her with
her lover. And I might add here, there is no way I was prepared
for what I saw. It is simply the best account I have of what
I saw and how I felt watching it.

I had somehow become a full fledged cuckold even if that
was not how I thought I would ever feel. As it turned out Jeannie
toyed with me for a few more weeks reminding me and testing
me about her idea of letting me watch. And along the way she
let me fuck her a few times when I begged and pleaded with
her for some relief.

Late one afternoon she told me she had gotten a sitter and
we were going out to meet her friend Rick. I was confused
expecting John the man from the auction but remained silent
not wanting to wreck my chances of watching her with who
ever had been fucking her over the past two years.

My wife had me drive her to this little bar I had never been
at before and walked her in only to be told to take a bar stool
and leave her alone. I did as she asked and observed my wife
talking with some of the men and women who seemed to know
her. Her private world was exciting even though it was equally
troubling. And then a half hour later this tall trucker
looking man showed up and immediately I knew he must have
been Rick. She threw herself at him and he pulled her into
his arms like she was a doll.

And to perfectly honest I didn’t much appreciate how
he treated my wife although I had to remain quiet just like
she had said. Twenty minutes later she introduced me to
Rick and spent the next ten minutes assuring him I would
behave and not interfere with their fun. Rick was much bigger
and stronger than I was and no doubt could have handled whatever
I might have objected to.

In fact my wife and her boyfriend sat in the corner of the
bar for sometime after my introduction apparently arguing
about me being present with them. I sipped my beer with my
head spinning as I tried to accept this bizarre situation
as my reality. I looked up one more time and watched my wife
rushing up to me with a serious expression on her face. “Ok
here is the deal. You better just sit in the corner and not
say a single word. I promised him this time he doesn’t
have to use a condom so he agreed to let you watch, ” Jeannie
said before pulling me off the bar stool.

Walking across the parking lot of the bar towards this run
down dirty motel I stayed a few steps behind them feeling
more nervous and more excited with each step I took. “Give
us a few minutes before you come in, ” My wife after handing
me a key and going inside with her boyfriend. I remember
feeling the warm night air surround me as I waited outside
the motel door and kept checking my watch. My brain was scrambled,
my dick hard as a rock, and oddly my legs felt numb.

My hands shook when I put the key in the lock and carefully
turned it. Holding my breath I quietly pushed the door open
and looked inside unsure of what I was really going to see.
First thing I saw were their clothes all over the place.
My wife’s bra and panties were on the floor as I walked
in and heard the shower going. Looking at the bathroom door
still wide open I quietly snuck up to it and looked inside.

I saw his back and the front of her bare legs as they were embracing
under the water. I don’t know why but I remember standing
there looking at her and realizing my wife was actually
naked in the shower with someone else. And the idea of her
being completely naked hit me very strongly. I knew her
breasts were touching his chest and her trimmed pussy was
rubbing against his cock as I froze in the doorway. It was
finally happening but my mind could not come to grip with
it just yet.

Then without warning the water was turned off as I quickly
backed up before being noticed and rushed to the chair in
the room next to the bed. I heard her giggle once or twice
and another time I heard my wife say, “Now you stop that
and wait till we get on the bed.” I am sure I looked like
a deer in headlights when they walked out naked holding
hands and saw me sitting quietly in my chair.

Rick pulled the covers back while my wife quickly glanced
at me and put her finger to her lips reminding me to remain
quiet. I think I smiled at her but she looked away to fast
as he tossed her onto her back a few feet from me. I don’t
recall if Rick glanced at me or not but soon he was on the bed
with my wife rolling around with his hard shaft pressing
against her constantly. She looked so frail and he looked
so powerful that my concerns grew quickly although there
was nothing I could do.

The rest was nothing short of sick the way they went after
each other over the next half hour. My wife sucked his cock
to the point I thought I was going to explode. And he licked
her cunt until she screamed out from at least two if not more
orgasms. I was breathing as hard as they were when Rick pulled
her legs apart while I tensed up. My brain knew he was going
to now fuck her but it still seemed like an impossible dream.
A dream I had had many times and now it was actually going
to happen.

I stared at his thick ugly shaft as he pushed it against her
pussy and rammed it inside of her. “Oh fuck yes” my wife
screamed out as he penetrated her without any gentle or
tender attempts. His cock merely surged deep inside of
her as her legs came up around his waist immediately. She
belonged to him within that one or two seconds it took to
fill her with his manhood.

I was quivering on the chair watching her being fucked but
remained silent just like I had promised. It took but seconds
before I began to smell their scent filling the room. My
wife’s pussy had blossomed as I sat silent watching her
fucking him back with all her might. My cock was so painful
I didn’t know if it would bother then if I pulled it out
to jack off or not. So I just sat watching her and him on the
bed while being forced to smell their scent.

It was not like I thought it would be although it made me feel
the way I hoped to feel. Watching the woman you love being
forced to accommodate a man who was controlling her was
not pleasant or romantic. Yet from her whimpering sounds
I knew she was in heaven the way he was making her feel. And
after some torturous time on the bed Rick planted his seeds
into my wife with grunt after grunt before he collapsed
on top of her.

My wife told me later that night that when she finally calmed
down and looked over at me I looked like I was in a panic sitting
on the chair watching her and her lover. Rick left without
saying a word to me leaving just my wife and I in the motel
room alone. “Are you ok?” she asked softly to me as I
remained on my chair. I nodded yes before she motioned for
me to come to the edge of the bed and be closer to her.

My hands were shaking when she spread her legs telling me
to look for as long as I needed to. Seeing her sloppy pussy
leaking his white sticky cream was the most beautiful thing
I had ever seen. “Is this what you wanted?” my wife asked
me while smiling her warm smile at me. I nodded yes again
while my fingers played with their juices. I realized I
would do anything to be part of something like this again.

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Wow wonderful and written very well!


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Brings back many memories. I understand what you're
saying completely. Hope the two of you are still together
and happy.


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Wow... great story


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I'd like to meet a couple like you've descrbed.
Great story.


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Wow Great story, it sounds like sll of you had a great time
for sure. It must have beem really hot scene for you. Please
keep the stories coming.


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I loved how you kept everyone in suspense. Great story.


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Seems to happen to some like this.....well written and
keeps one waiting for each turn. A followup would be good.


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Have you learned to enjoy cream pie yet?


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That was a great story... loved it!!!


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WOW! great story!! very well written. you are a very lucky


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Great story!!


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As a bull I have seen that look on the faces of Cuckold husbands
several times. They watch and get their little dicks hard
and usually cum in two seconds. The best is when the wife
lets them suck my cum out of her cunt or makes them lick their
cum off the floor. Some of them even like to get my cock heard
for their wives and suck me till Im ready to fuck her. You
are on your on your way and you will be sucking Ricks cock
in no time and probably start Looking at your sons cock as
they get a little older. cuckolds are fun for the wife and
the bull.and you will learn to love that tasty cocktale
after your wife has had a good fucking. Enjoy!!


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Memories from both sides of the fence. good story...


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Very intense. Excellent story. I would like to hear her
story and find out how she ended up with Rick


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I was in shock when I saw my gorgeous wife nude with her first
lover. He, being a friend, presented a no worry position
on my part. He did insist on privacy which was not part of
the plan. His wife however, took us to the window to view
the bonding scene of their 2 bodies. Wow, I almost passed
out it was so unreal and exciting and looking thru a window
added another dimension. I don't think that you can
prepare yourself for this kind of situation. Seeing your
wife intimate with a raging bull and being reavaged by him
is unbelievable. If you have even a slight hesitation,
don't go thru with it. It changes your life for ever.
Having sex with her after was the icing on the cake. She was
swollen tight, lubricated and wanted me to cum as quickly
as possible so she could spend the rest of the night with
him. Great story, hope it was real.


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Yes have to say that was a very good story been there there
is nothing hotter


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This was a very nicely told story...too often people break
the tension too soon, but you restrained yourself very
well...I, also, very much enjoy giving another man's
woman intense pleasure, although I prefer him not to be
present in the room...not so much for me, but because it
seems to unduly restrain the woman...especially early
on...I agree that most men do not really know how they will
reacte to watching the real thing...some things are better
left to fantasy or one's imagination...there really
are very few true cuckolds running around.


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mmm yes indeeed..brought back some very hot memories of
my wifes first time with Richard...a gentleman, in all
aspects of the word, who made us feel relaxed...fucked
her so i st and stroked..before enjoying my first
"cream pie"..wonderful!!


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Love it.....would love to play it out with my wife


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You captured exactly the tension, control, and passion
we ourselves so enjoy about being with another man.


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lots of realy good comments. there is nothing better than
watching your partner come.


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Very good story, I liked the fact that you spoke of having
to smell the scent. First time I have read a cuckold story
and scent was mentioned.


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Great story, my wife and I love cuckold stories.


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You worry too much.