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The best weekend of my life (A magical love story)


One, very special farm field that was so magical, it changed
my life forever. This is a love story about fate and about
the surprises life has in store for all of us.

This all began to come back to me, when a friend of mine asked
me the other day, what was the best time I ever had in my life.
Of course as old men, we were talking about the sex, because
sex use control our lives. We used to be healthy men, so sex
was always on our minds. And when he asked me, it got me to
thinking about it because I definitely had a lot of great
sexual moments in my life.

But it didn't take me long before I decided that one
weekend in particular stood out the most. As a young man
this one weekend was probably the best sexual weekend of
my life. Maybe because we were both so young or the fact it
was so unexpected.

It all began during the summer of 1971, which was a really
great summer for Kay and for me. My girlfriend at the time,
Kay and I were heading to an outdoor music festival for the
weekend and no it wasn't Woodstock. We weren't
that luck or rich enough to go back East for that concert.

This was just a local music festival which was going to run
from six on Friday night until three on Sunday afternoon.
They had some great bands lined up and it was going to feature
blue grass and folk music all day and well into the night
for nearly two whole days. And back in those days, music
was almost as important to me as sex was.

Kay and I both had long straight hair, wore bell bottom blue
jeans and pretty much were into the whole scene. And by scene,
I am referring to the split with our parents generation.
They were definitely freaking about Kay and my generation
because we weren't following in their footsteps.
We looked different, dressed different and saw the world

I do remember I had this rusty old , excuse for a car, and Kay
and I had both worried about it breaking down before we even
got to the music festival. But it started the morning we
were supposed to leave, so I put it into gear and made my way
over to Kay's parents home to pick her up. We had been
talking about this music festival for weeks on end so when
it was finally time for us to leave for it, it shot a jolt of
adrenaline into both of us.

I had met Kay's parents a few times and although they
clearly didn't t like me dating their daughter, Kay's
mother was still very nice to me and smiled a lot more than
her father ever did. Kay's father was a banker and along
with that, came all of the finer things in life, including
their massive home.

I remember when Kay and I first met, she often complained
about her parents and how they were very unhappy with her.
Kay was the third of three girls and her older two sisters
had been the model daughters that her parents expected.
They dressed normal, acted normal and only dated boys from
other wealthy families.

And then they ended up with Kay, this smiling, perfectly
happy hippie chic who didn't give a crap about any of
those things her parents cared about. Kay was a free spirit
but she was also smart and very independent. She knew how
to use all the place settings at the dinner table, she just
chose not to.

So, just close your eyes for a moment and imagine this long
haired kid pulling up to your big fancy home with a car that
was burning oil whenever he pushed on the accelerator.
And if the cloud of smoke didn't make you cough, the
rusty car and the long haired hippy make driver would have.

I should also mention here that I was not a total low life
because I was attending college in the fall for my senior
year. I probably would have never even gone to college except
it was a way to avoid the draft for the time being. It just
never seemed like a good idea to me to go off and get killed
in Vietnam until I was forced to. Going to college gave me
four more years to live and have some fun.

But Kay's parents didn't see me as a future college
graduate or a future chemical engineer because all they
saw was my long hair and my old car. Torn or faded jeans were
great and whatever t shirt was closest to me when I got up
each morning, was the one I wore that day. And when Kay and
I met a year before, we both dressed the same way, liked the
same things and clicked rather quickly as a couple.

She was this really cute brunette with a natural beauty
to her to the point, Kay didn't really need much makeup.
Her mother may have worn the expensive jewelry and makeup
but for Kay, just being herself was more important. But
Kay also had a firm moral footprint imbedded in her because
of the way she was raised. In other words, Kay did not believe
in what was called "Free love."

A lot of girls did back then and everyone of them was more
than willing to fuck whoever they ended up with at the end
of the night. With Kay it was just not that way although she
flirted and was friendly, she didn't fuck. I never
asked her but I remember I kind of thought Kay wanted to be
a virgin on her wedding night. Yes, as shocking as that is
to hear today, a lot of girls in 1971 still had those desires
although not all of them made it but a few still did.

So Kay and I worked an arrangement between ourselves during
the year we dated and she agreed that it was ok if I was fucking
other girls from time to time. We were not always together
because we went to different colleges. I can't say
I fucked a lot of girls but I did enjoy a few when Kay was not

So I pulled my oil burning car up to her parents circular
driveway and waited for Kay to come running out of her house.
And sure enough Kay appeared smiling and waving with an
old duffle bag over her shoulder as she raced for my car.
I leaned across the front seat, pushed open her car door
as Kay jumped in and leaned over to give me a big wet kiss.

"Let's go quickly. My mother is still freaking
out because I am not wearing a bra again, " Kay said
so I shifted the car and off we went. "This weekend
is going to so fucking groovy, I can hardly wait to get there, "
Kay said as soon as we hit the street. .I laughed and told
her I also felt like this was going to be an incredible weekend.

It was about a three hour drive and we had to stop twice because
my car kept overheating and we had to keep adding water and
then wait for it to cool down. But somehow Kay made that fun
too, because she loved the way older people from the small
towns we were stuck in, looked at us. Kay found it so amusing,
she would lean over and plant a wet kiss on me each time someone
looked at us.

I remember after one of her hot kissed, I grabbed hold of
Kay and pulled really tight to me before I asked if this was
finally going to be our weekend. "I have waited almost
a year to have you, " I said to Kay as she giggled and
told me she was thinking about that too. Just knowing I might
finally have a chance with Kay got me excited but then, that
had happen many times before, and Kay always ended up putting
on the brakes.

It was late that afternoon when Kay and finally arrived
at the music festival and were directed to park my car in
a field next to what looked like a thousand other cars. Kay,
was barely able to remained seated as her body was twitching
like crazy, when she saw all the other people and a glimpse
of the stage.

We decided to leave our stuff in my car and just go check the
place out first. Our plan was to just sleep under the stars
in our sleeping bags unless it rained and then we would have
to figure out how to sleep in my tiny, rusty car. But where
we slept wasn't a big issue for either of us. Kay and
I were at a point in our lives when we were more than happy
to just go with the flow.

In less than an hour the first band took the stage and the
festival had officially begun. And boy was the band good.
because they had everyone in the crowd on our feet clapping
or dancing to their music. I think Kay and I just stood near
the stage and watched them, tapping our feet to the beat
of the music , for over an hour. And to us, it was perfect ,
nothing else in life could have felt any better. And it didn't
hurt that a few joints got passed our way as we each took a
puff and passed them on to the next person.

Eventually Kay and I wandered off in search of some food
and found the tent where we could buy burgers and things
like that. Kay insisted on buying since I had paid for the
gas to get us up there to the festival in the first place.
So I thanked her and enjoyed the burger sitting on a grassy
hill by her as she ate her burger too. Imagine sitting on
the grassy slope looking down at a couple thousand people
all partying away in front of you while a great band cranked
out the tunes.

We had fresh air, blue skies, warm breezes and each other.
Kay and I were totally content just sitting there eating
our burgers while being together. Time no longer mattered,
what we wore no longer mattered because in truth, nothing
else mattered but that moment and the two of us.

But then at every music concert Kay and I had been to the atmosphere
and the music affects people. And it always affected some
of the girls enough that they gladly removed their tops
and danced away with their breasts exposed. It always happened
and no one cared. But that is what was great about being in
a place like that, because everybody could just do their
own thing and no one else hassled you.

So I watched a few topless girls whenever one of them passed
by and admired them silently. Most of the girls were rather
small as far as their breasts went but a couple had really
nice size jugs which everyone seemed to really like. "This
is going to be a great weekend, " I had just told Kay
as two girls who were topless had just passed by us. And I
didn't mean just because I was going to see a lot of boobs
for the next day and a half because it was really about the
music and being with Kay.

Kay just smiled at me when I glanced at her and commented
on our weekend. The two topless girls passed by quickly
and Kay and finished eating. Kay and I then wandered around
a while more, listening to the next band that had started
playing on stage when we ran into a couple of kids we knew
from back home.

Well, actually we didn't know their real names because
we only knew them as Roach and Buggy which is what everyone
called them. And as my long haired, good looking girl friend
and I chatted with Roach and Buggy, Kay did something I never
thought she would ever do. In fact Roach had just told Kay
he really liked her t shirt when she reached for the bottom
of it and began to raise it up a few inches.

I remember I looked at her, very surprised while Roach and
Buggy shut up and waited for their eyes to pop out of their
heads. Kay was still holding the bottom of her t shirt while
staring at the three of us for a moment. I can't recall
a time I was more nervous than I was at that particular moment
although I am sure I had lots of moments like that before.

Kay's long straight brown hair laid half way down her
back as she looked at the three of us with her big brown eyes
before she smiled. I think I stopped breathing when Kay
began to raise her t shirt up even more and slowly her pear
shaped breasts were coming into everyone's view.

And without saying a single word, Kay lifted her t shirt
off and stood there in front of everyone with her perfectly
shaped, nice size breasts on display hanging on her chest.
She had always been a very slender girl but once we all saw
Kay's breasts, we all realized how big they truly were.
I am not sure but for a girl that probably weighed no more
than a hundred and ten pounds, Kay's breasts looked

I had felt them before but never seen Kay's boobs so
naturally my eyes began to water along with Roach's
and Buggy's. And amazingly Kay just smiled again and
told the three of us she thought it would be fun to show them
off at the festival. And then Kay looked at me and calmly
said, "You don't mind do you?" All I could
do was shake my head no as we kissed and decided to go and wander
around some more.

Kay tucked her t shirt in one of the loops on her jeans and
then held my hand as we wandered around the entire festival
with every guy we met, looking at my girl friends big boobs.
If they had held a boob contest at the music festival, Kay
would have had a real good chance of winning it. We had wandered
for about fifteen minutes before Kay whispered to me she
hated it when her nipples got hard, like they were doing

"I think they look even better, " I said back
to Kay as she first frowned and then began to giggle. Like
a lot of men back then, I was a boob guy and seeing Kay's
big breasts and not touching them was driving me crazy.
Kay and I stopped and chatted with a lot of people we didn't
know and even made it right up in front of the stage and the
band all seemed to like Kay's chest while they kept
on playing. And , I can't tell you how much I enjoyed
watching Kay's breast bounce with each and every step
she took.

The sun finally set and Kay and I sat a lot and just listened
to the bands on stage, drank some wine we had brought and
shared a few joints as they were passed down the line. It
eventually got late, the music finally stopped and Kay
and I found a spot under the stars where we could get some
sleep. Just laying on the ground and looked at my girlfriend
made me happy and when Kay and I finally kissed each other
good night, my life was in a really good place.

I finally sat up the next morning and all I saw were sleeping
bags and a couple of thousand other kids all outdoors, living
a dream weekend. Kay woke up ten minutes after I did, and
slowly rubbed her eyes as she sat up slowly to start her new
day. It is just a guess on my part but I would say half the people
were already up and half the people were still sleeping
in small groups all around us.

Kay told me she had gotten cold and put her t shirt back on
some point during the night but I thought she still looked
incredible. So we got up, rolled up our sleeping bags and
put them back in my car. We then hit the food tent after a stop
by the portable toilets they had set up.

As a twenty two year old guy, I was sure hoping Kay would show
me and everyone else her boobs again but I didn't dare
push the issue. Like I had said earlier, Kay was a very independent
young woman and she was only going to do what she wanted to
do. So we wandered around and eventually ended up down by
a pond where some of the kids were washing up.

We had another hour or so to wait for the music to start up
again so Kay asked me if I wanted to wash up in the pond. Some
girls were still wearing their panties while washing themselves,
but not all of them. And all the men in the pond were naked
as jay birds but again everyone was free to do their own thing.

" Do you want to wash up, too ? I mean would you do that
in pubic?"I asked Kay. Kay looked at me for a moment
and then said she was feeling so free and so alive, she wouldn't
mind if other people saw her body. I wasn't sure how
much of her body Kay was willing to show but the idea got me
even more excited.

It was a little past eleven, on the morning of August seventeenth
when I saw Kay completely naked for the very first time.
She had nodded her head to me that she wanted to wash up and
then removed her t shirt without hesitation. I began to
undress alongside of her and watched as Kay removed her
jeans next and I saw her panties as well. She then stopped
at me for a moment before she said, "Oh what the hell, "
and then she slipped her panties off too.

Not many women in those days shaved their pussies so when
Kay showed me her hairy pussy, it sent shock waved down through
my toes. And yes, my cock was rigid by then but there was nothing
I could do about it and all Kay did when she saw it, was giggle
before she got into the water.

We didn't have any soap with us but someone shared theirs
and Kay and I were both able to wash ourselves after a long
sweaty day at the festival. I remember I handed the soap
back to the woman nearest to us before Kay stood there facing
me waist deep in the water. And her eyes looked different
than they had ever looked before.

Kay moved closer to me until we were almost touching before
she whispered to me, "I think It's our time, "
and then she pressed her lips to mine. There might have been
a couple hundred other naked people all around us, but when
out lips touched, it felt like Kay and I were the only two
people on the face of the earth. Her soft, warm body pushed
up against mine as our crotches touched too, for the first
time under the water.

I just held Kay in my arms as tightly as I could and shared
that moment and that kiss with her, like it had to last us
forever. Kay then allowed my hard cock to slip between her
thighs and rub against her pussy while we embraced and continued
to kiss. I am sure some other people were watching Kay and
I but it really didn't matter to either of us.

Rather quickly Kay's breathing began to labor the
longer she remained in my arms and felt my cock rubbing against
her outer lips. "Let's just go over there. There
is a grassy spot we can use, " Kay said as she pointed
to a spot near a big tree at the edge of the pond. "Are
you sure?"I whispered back to her as a group of people
were either getting into the water or getting out of the
water while Kay and I had been making out.

And a few of the many couples were already on the ground making
love in of their audience of interested bystanders. And
it wasn't just men watching either, because some of
the girls seemed just as interested in watching other couples
having sex in front of them as the guys did. "Ok, "
was all I said to Kay as I grabbed her hand and together we
walked out of the water.

A few people noticed Kay and I walking to the other side of
the big tree and followed us at a distance. Kay and I then
stopped, faced each other and began to kiss again as we embraced
even though our bodies were still wet. Little did I know
that moment and that place were going to change my life many
years later.

I helped Kay to the ground where she laid on the grass looking
up at me with smile and some of her nervousness beginning
to also show its ugly head. "This was supposed to happen
on my wedding night, but I just can't wait any longer, "
Kay told me as I climbed on top of her slender, body. I then
slowly pushed Kay's legs apart and moved into position
with my hard cock aimed at her pink slit.

Kay told me later we had about five people watching us when
my cock slowly began to work its way inside of her very tight
pussy. Kay trembled a bit and gasped a few times but I kept
sinking deeper and deeper into her warmth. And then once
I was all way up inside of her, Kay and I shared the most tender
kiss, we had ever shared.

Crowd or no crowd Kay and I began to move slowly and make love
to one another for the first, very special time. Of course
her pussy was tight but it was also very slippery and lubricated
my shaft perfectly with each wonderful thrust. I could
see in Kay's' eyes that she had found that place
that women find when they are being made love to.

Eventually the tenderness left us both and our bodies and
our minds demanded more and more friction. I began to pant,
Kay began to pant and together we headed off into the sunset
of blending our bodily fluids together. Kay felt my orgasm
when it began and laid under me humping upward at me until
I was drained. Kay and I had made our first sexual cocktail
blend together and it felt awesome. . And then it still took
the two of us. a good five minutes before we came back down
to earth.

We eventually got back in the water to wash off again and
then carried our clothes back to my car so we could change
for a new day. Neither Kay or I cared if other's saw our
naked bodies after that. Kay and I spent part of the day dressed
and part of the day she was either half naked or totally naked
and it was fun both ways. Even Roach and Buggy rushed over
when they spotted Kay standing near the state completely
naked, just to have a chance to look at her womanly form.

I then, stopped telling my story as my older friend's
jaw remained open as he stared at me from across the table
in the diner. "Did that really happen to you?"
He asked me after I had just shared some parts of the best
weekend of my entire life. I chuckled and nodded my head
as he sipped his coffee and told me that was one incredible

"So how did the rest of the weekend go"? He asked
clearly still wanting to hear more. I told him Kay and I had
a great weekend at the festival and that we made love two
more times before we finally headed back to our real lives
in the real world.

And then for some reason, when college started back up,
Kay and I just lost touch of each other. I did stop over during
semester break at her parents' house to see her, but
her mother told me she had gone to spend the weekend with
a college girlfriend's family down south.

So I asked her mother to tell Kay I had stopped by and to get
in touch with me if she ever wanted to chat again. But I never
heard from Kay and graduated from college the following
spring, and ended up out West with a really good job. I lost
my long hair, my faded blue jeans and ended up joining in
with the rest of the business world as a professional.

I got married a few years later and had two kids but from time
to time I still thought about Kay and wondered how her life
turned out. And I wondered how our lives would have been
different if we had stayed together. Even though I was truly
happy how things worked out for me, every once in a while
I would play one of my old albums and they would remind me
of the music festival all over again.

My wife Jena always commented whenever I played that kind
of music that it reminded her of the time in her life when
she was still a teenage girl. I asked Jena if she ever went
to any outdoor music festivals' but being three years
younger than I was, Jena said her parents would never let
her go. Blue grass and folk music had a short peak time frame
and then it was all about hard rock and heavy metal from then

I was at work one day when my mother called me which alarmed
me because my mother never called me when I was at work. Immediately
I asked her if her and dad were doing ok and my mother told
me of course they were. "Don't be so silly. Can't
I call you when things are ok, too?" Mom said sarcastically.
I told my mother she could call me anytime she wanted to,
and then asked her why she had called me this time. I was fifty
one years old and sometimes I felt like my mother was still
treating like I was still her little boy.

"Well the strangest thing happened yesterday. Your
father and I were home and he was right the middle of his afternoon
nap when our doorbell rang, " Mom said. I chuckled
and asked her if it woke dad up from his nap but my mother didn't
get my joke at all. "Of course it didn't. The man
could sleep through a tornado, " Mom said back with
a bit of snap in her voice.

"Ok so who was at your front door?"I then asked
my mother. "Well this stranger was there and asked
me if I knew you, " Mom said. "But I had never
seen her before so I didn't tell her one way or the other.
But she still gave me her number and asked me to give this
to you, in case you even remembered her, " Mom said
to me.

I had no clue who this woman was so I asked my mother to give
me her name and number. "She said her name was Kay.
And this is her number, " Mom said before she then
gave me Kay's phone number too. I remember hanging
up the phone and it was like I did some sort of time travel,
as I sat in my office and thought about Kay once again.

I wasn't sure what I should do but my curiosity finally
got to me so I dialed the number Kay had left with my mother.
It rang three or four times before this woman answered and
I didn't recognize the voice. "Hello, "
the woman said so I asked her if it was Kay I was speaking with.
"Yes my name is Kay. Who may I ask, am I speaking with"
Kay asked me sounding rather stiff and standoffish.

I told Kay who I was and she then went completely silent for
a few seconds. Kay and I then began to chat and she told me
she had moved back into her parents house now that they were
both gone and her older sister wanted to sell it. "I
took a big chance stopping at your old house, and was pleasantly
surprised your parents are still with us, " Kay said.
I explained that they were up there in age and having more
and more health issues but that they were indeed still alive.

"I certainly don't want to bother you but once
I moved back in the house and found some of my old albums,
I couldn't think of anybody else but you, " Kay
said as we both laughed when I told her I play those same albums
sometimes. "And every time I play one, my wife Jena
just laughs at me, " I said to Kay.

Kay giggled and her giggle still sounded like the giggle
I remembered so I asked Kay if she was married and if she had,
had any children. She explained that she was happily married
and had three grown children. "I guess in the end,
I just became a newer version my mother and stopped revolting"
Kay said still laughing on her end. I laughed too and admitted
to her I had cut my hair as soon as I began interviewing for
jobs and wear a business suit every single day just like
every other business men.

Kay and I chatted for about ten minutes before she invited
me to stop over at her parents' home where she now lived,
if I ever get back in town." And please bring your wife
along because I would love to meet her too, " Kay said
before we said good bye and hung up.

I told Jena all about my phone call as soon as I got home and
my wife seemed to be, ok with it. "Did you date her for
very long?" Jena asked and I explained for only about
a year back in college. "Well I think it's sweet,
that the two of you got to chat again, " Jena said and
the subject was dropped.

Another couple of years passed and Jena and I finally had
to travel back to my home town after my mother passed away.
I thought about stopping over to see Kay again, just for
the heck of it. But I then decided it might only cause problems
and problems were the last thing I needed in my life. Jena
and I arranged the funeral, comforted my father and left
a few days later.

Another year passed before I finally lost my father and
once again Jena and I traveled back home to not only arrange
for his funeral but to also get the old house ready to be sold.
And again I thought about stopping over just to say hi to
Kay and see her after all those years, but didn't. I
had a good life and a good wife so digging up my past didn't
seem like such a good idea.

When I was fifty seven years old, I also lost Jena to colon
cancer and my world was suddenly shattered. She had no symptoms
or issues and it was only during her routine yearly exam
that it was discovered and it was already stage four. I took
her to four different doctors and was willing to try anything
we could but in the end, it was simply too late.

The next couple of years were terrible years for me because
I was not use to being alone and I didn't know how to adjust.
I was not interested in dating again and wasn't even
interested in sexy any longer. My kids were great and kept
telling me I had a long life left and their mother would have
wanted me to make the most of it. Jena and I had talked many
times about what happened when one of us was gone and she
always told me, to not stop enjoying life. Of course when
I would then ask Jena if that meant she would look for another
partner if I passed away first, my wife would always say,
"Heavens no." We were the kind of people that
believed you get one great love of your life and when that
is over, there is no reason to look for another.

So I kept working, kept spoiling our two kids and my three
grandchildren and got sort of use to living alone. I accepted
the fact it was never going to feel normal but talked myself
into accepting the fact, I was going to live alone forever.
And fortunately I had done pretty well for myself in the
business world so I began to travel more even if I was alone.
I was a full partner in our engineering firm and could afford
to take more time off and let the younger engineers carry
more of the load.

I remember it was a warm summer week in mid August about the
same time as the music festival. And I got this crazy idea
to go back home and so and try and find the same field where
the music festival was held at. I had been playing my old
albums for weeks on end so maybe that gave me the idea. When
you're about to turn sixty, you are allowed a few foolish

I flew into the nearest city that had an airport, rented
a car and headed up north right from the airport. It made
no sense for me to go back to the town I grew up since my parents
were both gone and so was the house I grew up in. It was already
late morning when I took off on this crazy adventure to find
the same field that I spent one of my great weekends at during
the music festival.

I didn't find it the first day, but it took me close to
four in the afternoon when I arrived in the area, so I only
searched for a couple of hours. But there was a small motel
ten miles away so I spent the night there before I got up early
the next morning and went back on the search of my past. There
were several times I thought I had found it the right spot
but things had changed so much I just couldn't be sure.

I was standing by the side of my car looking at this one field
in particular wondering if it could be the spot when an old
pickup truck slowed down next to me. A young farmer then
rolled down his window and asked me if I was lost. I felt rather
embarrassed but told him I was kind of lost because I was
looking for a field where I attended a music festival forty
years earlier.

"Oh that is just a short ways up the road. It was my grandparents
farm at the time, " he said and then offered to show
me. I felt this surge of excitement so I climbed back into
my car and followed him about a half a mile up the road before
he pulled over and parked his truck. He got out with his boots
covered in cow shit and walked me over to the right side of
the road before he pointed to a field that I didn't remember
at all.

I remember looking at the field and thinking, it looked
nothing like I remembered. Where had they put the stage
go? And where was the pond I bathed in? I turned to him and
asked him if he was sure this was the spot. "Oh sure.
The pond is just over that hill, but of course there weren't
as many trees back then, " he explained.

"Are you sure this is the spot? " I asked him again
and he began to chuckle. "You know what is kind of weird
about this?" He asked me. I just shook my head no and
waited for him to tell me. "Well a couple of years ago
this lady came out here looking for this same field and she
told me she spent the best weekend of her life with her boyfriend
at the time, right here on this very spot. And now she comes
every year on August seventeenth, " He said.

I looked at him and then asked him if he knew what her name
was. "No I really don't remember what her name
was . But she was about your age and drove this real fancy
car, " He said before he got back in his truck and headed
on down the dirt road. I immediately got goose bumps because
what if it was Kay and she had come back to find this same spot,
just like I was now doing. And the my mind began to imagine
all kinds of crazy things, like Kay and I seeing each other
and instantly falling in love all over again.

I ended up going back to the same motel, checking back in
because I had to be there tomorrow when this mystery woman
was going to hopefully show up. I had trouble sleeping because
I was so restless for the first time in a really long time.
I knew Kay was still married but maybe she wanted to leave
her husband after all. How was I going to react if, she just
ran into my arms?

I was back at that same field by ten the next morning waiting
for her to show up. I had even packed a lunch just in case she
didn't arrive until later on. But after a couple of
hours and she was nowhere in sight, I began to wander through
the field again and finally figured out exactly where the
stage had been. And then I figured out where they had put
the food tent and it was all slowly coming back to me. I swear
if I could have been listening to that same music, I would
have felt like I felt forty years earlier.

I had decided to head back to my car and have lunch when I spotted
a dust storm coming up the dirt road. My heart began to race,
my palms got sweaty as I continued towards my car which was
still a ways away. The dust storm slowed down and a black
car finally came into my view.

I realized at that point that our brains play tricks on us
because I spotted a woman standing by her car which was parked
behind mine, but I couldn't tell if it was Kay or not.
I mean, forty years changes all of us so I never expected
Kay to look like a skinny fifty eight year old hippie chic,
once did.

But once I got close enough to her, I realized her eyes were
different and it wasn't my Kay after all. But she was
standing there watching me walking through the field with
a nice smile on her face so I smiled back at her. "I was
told you come here every year on the anniversary, "
I said once I was close enough for her to hear me.

She looked like she might tear up as watched her standing
there gazing out at the field. "Yes I do. I met my husband
here at the festival, " She said before she introduced
herself as Mari. I didn't respond right away because
of how sad she looked as she stared out, at the now , empty

But Mari and I then began to talk about the festival and things
she remembered I didn't remember. And she began to
smile and then laugh when I told her things I remembered
that she had forgotten. "It was one incredible weekend
for sure. The best one of my life, "Mari said now clearly
in a much better mood.

I asked Mari how she met her husband and she quickly explained
he was one of the stage hands and they somehow ended up together.
She said he was also going to college and after they spent
that one weekend together, they were never apart again.
She switched colleges just so she could be near him. "I
lost him four years ago, " Mari then told me.

So I changed the subject a little and pointed out where the
stage had been and where the food tent had been. And then
Mari asked me if I had found the pond because her and her boyfriend
washed in it just like Kay and I had done. "I think it
is just over that hill, " I told Mari as she smiled
and asked me if I wanted to find it one more time. I looked
at her fancy sandals and then asked Mari if she thought those
shoes were going to work for her walking through a field
of tall grass.

"I brought some tennis shoes, " She said and
went to put them on. Mari was a very petite woman yet very
classy in a special way. She appeared with her tennis shoes
all laced up, smiling at me when we took off on our search
to find the pond one more time. "Do you realize how
crazy we must look, at our age walking through this field?"I
asked her.

Mari turned to me and smiled before she said, " Groovy, "
and I broke out laughing because no one I knew had used the
term in forty years. Mari and I made it to the top of the hill
and we both then just stopped, because there, right where
it was supposed to be, it was. "Oh my goodness. It looks
the same, " Mari said as she then reached for my hand
and together we walked down the hill towards the pond.

Call it two broken hearted people living in the past. Or
call it two old people thinking back to a better time in their
lives but for some reason when Mari and I reached the pond,
we were sort of bonding. I didn't know her and she didn't
know me but we were together at the very spot we had been forty
years earlier with other people.

Her eyes began to water again as we held hands while we gazed
out at the pond. "It is such an emotional experience
we are sharing together, " Mari said softly to me.
It there truly is a master plan, for all of us, I had never
felt it until that moment. Because I turned to Mari and slowly
turned her until she was facing me. And then I slowly pulled
her closer to me until our lips finally touched. We might
have still be strangers but once our lips touched Mari's
body clung to mine and using our arms, we held on to each other
with everything we had.

"Did you bath in the pond"? I asked her after
our kiss and Mari blushed and nodded her head yes. "Were
you naked?"I asked her next and Mari nodded her head
again. She then asked me the same two questions and I nodded
my head yes too. Our eyes met and neither of us said a single
word for the longest time before Mari finally said, "
We shouldn't, especially at our age."

The reality is that neither Mari or I were in control because
the field the pond and being back at this place again was
controlling us. I kissed her once more before I reached
for the front of her blouse and began to unbutton it. And
she just stood there like she was in a daze as each of her buttons
came open until I helped remove her blouse for her.

Mari then unbuttoned my shirt as I stood there trembling,
facing her. We didn't speak nor did we take our eyes
off of one another as we undressed each other by the pond.
It was an intensity I had ever experienced before and I think
Mari would have said the same thing. And once Mari and I had
revealed our bodies to one another, we held hands and slowly
waited into the water, just like we had done forty years

We met as strangers, bathed together and left as new lovers
with a future together. Mari and I have been married now
for over five years and when anyone says they are too old
to do something, we both just look at one another and tell
me, "You are never too old. especially for love."

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I can feel the pain and the love you had and still have.


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Great story Dangerous, as usual. Though I must admit I hoped it would be Kay. Good writers can make others feel the "pain and love" . You did it nicely. I still remember when women and girls had pubic hair and love it on a woman. Funny how that shaved look of a little girl thrills guys now. I remember when boys dreamed of seeing that pubic patch. And hippi chicks had hair there as well as under their arms and on their legs and were so damn hot and sexy it hurt. Well at least when you looked at them and got hard in those bell bottom Jeans. Thanks for the memories.


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very well written sexy love story that life goes on and we must continue to live even if we lose a loved one along the way


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I think I know the festival you're talking about, north of the capital city an hour of so. I didn't go to it, but I had a promotional poster on my bedroom wall for several years after, when I went to university. Seems so long ago yet like last summer.


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Thank you in a big way! always awesome indeed! Dave