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The bachelor party that HE planned


We are sitting together on your couch, making out with quite
a fervor when I hear the knock on your door. "Ugh, "
I groan in frustration, upset at being interrupted, and
extremely horny, as I am sure you are. "Now who could
that be?" you ask, though I think I detect a hint of
knowing in your voice, and wonder what is going on. "Could
you get it, hon?" you ask me, and calling you lazy,
I oblige. I turn the handle and pull open the door, seeing
a familiar face that I can't quite place. "Oh
hi, Drew, " you call out, "come on in."
He says hi to me, then goes over to the couch and sits down
beside you. You two begin to chat, and I wonder if
you knew
he was coming and forgot to tell me. When I have made it just
about to the couch again, the door is knocked on once again.
"What in the hell now, " I think as I head back
to the door. I turn the knob and in walks another guy. "Dave!"
you say, and he joins you and drew on the couch. By now I know
something must be up, I just have no idea what. I make it to
the back of the couch, and stand behind you, when another
knock is heard. "Damn!" I say, before I realize
what I've said, and blush and turn to get the door again.
In walk two more guys, apparently Tom and Joel from
greetings. It suddenly dawns on me that your entire set
of groomsmen is here. This is definnitely not a coincidence,
and I glare at you hoping for answers. However, the answer
you give me is not really one I was expecting. "Melissa,
hon, come over here, in front of the couch, " you tell
me, as the five of you are seated on the couch and
forming quite an audience as I stand confusedly in front
of you all. "I suppose I owe you some sort of explanation,
you say to me, with a hint of sarcastic pleasure in your voice.
I just nod at you, both confused, embarrased, and slightly
angry at your suprise-ness. "Well, as you may have
noticed, all my groomsmen are here. This, my dear, is to
be my bachelor party, which I, in contradiction to tradition,
have planned for myself. And you, dear, are to be the, shall
we say, entertainment?" You laugh, along with the
guys, slightly sadistically as I turn red from humiliation.
"Wh...what do you mean, exactly?" I ask you.
"Hehe, you will see as we go along. First things first.
Would you please be so kind and remove your shirt?"
Completely mortified, but not willing to disobey, I hook
my hands under the bottom of my and slowly pull it over my
head, letting it drop to the ground, and instinctively
bringing my hands up to cover myself. Only you have ever
seen me like this. I hear a few excited sounds coming from
your friends as you tell me to drop my hands, and I do so. "Very
nice hon, now your pants, please." You grin in pleasure
at my display for you all, as I unbutton then unzip my pants,
and lower them down over my ass and off my legs, stepping
out and leaving them on my shirt. More approving thoughts
are uttered from your friends, along with a clap or two.
"Good, good, honey, now go see if Drew would be so kind
as to help you out of that bra. I'm sure it must be an annoyance
to have it on, " you say, winking at me, as I nearly
die of embarrassment. Cautiously and timidly I walk towards
drew, noting that the grin on his face is only slightly smaller
than the growing bulge in his pants. He reaches around behind
me and releases the clasp on my bra, pulling the straps down
and off my shoulders, and tossing the bra ceremoniously
towards my growing pile of clothing. Much louder cheers
are heard this time, and tom, sitting beside drew and near
enough to reach me, tweaks my nipple. I draw back, more from
embarrassment than pain, and you laugh again. "Get
used to it, honey, " you say teasingly to me. "Now
please, would you please ask dave would kindly remove your
lovely pink thong?" With much dread, I step over to
dave as he grabs my hips and pulls me closer. Then, using
his teeth, he graps the side of my thong and pulls it down
and off. Joel takes it from him, and sniffs it, then says
"MMM, damn girl, it is going to be nice to taste you
later." I shudder nervously at the thought, and you
pat your lap, motioning for me to come sit there. I do so,
and you begin to fondle my breasts. "So here is how
the first part of the evening is going to work, " you
begin to explain to me. "We are gonna play a few games
of [insert the name of that game yall played at the xf party].
Now, there are only 4 controllers, and there are 5 people,
so it will be your duty to keep the person not playing occupied.
You will sit in there lap, and they know their rules from
there. I'll take the first turn at sitting out. Start
the game, boys." The game begins, as you continue
to play with my breasts, getting more aggressive in your
groping. "I know you like this, this being on display,
this humiliation, " you whisper in my ear, and get
your confirmation of that fact when you run your fingers
along my pussy lips. "MMmmm, just as I thought, quite
wet, " you coo. I blush even more, and cover my face
in my hands. You laugh again, and twist my nipples hard,
causing me to cry out slightly. "Shhh, don't
disrupt the game play, " you say, and I bite my lip
to stifle my noises as you continue to pleasurably torture
my nipples. You play with my breasts until the round ends,
kissing my neck from behind all the while, until you reluctantly
tell me that tom has the next turn with me. I go over, and sit
on his lap as I have been ordered, feeling very ashamed when
he begins to feel my breasts where your hands so recently
were. "Oh very nice tits, " he exclaims, then
tells me to open my legs wider. I do so, completely ashamed,
and his fingers begin to explore that hot, wet region. As
mortified as I am, I cannot help but moan slightly as his
fingers find my clit. He does not linger there, however,
and moves down, inserting two fingers quickly
into my pussy.
I am again biting my lip to hold back my exclamations of pleasure,
as he roughly and rapidly finger-fucks me. He knows I am
enjoying myself, and whispers as much in my ear, telling
me what a little slut I must be to be enjoying being used by
strangers. Before I realize what is happening, he pulls
his fingers out of me, and shoves me off of his lap, telling
me it is drews turn. I stand and move to sit on daves lap, when
he stops me and tells me to sit facing him. I comply, and sit
down, as he eyes my body. "Do you like having your nipples
sucked on, bitch?" he says to me, and I shudder at his
derogatory language, while at the same time feeling strangely
aroused by it. Angered by my delay in response, he slaps
my breast in demand for a reply. "Um, yes, "
I mutter softly, and he wastes no time in moving his head
to my left nipple and sucking hard on it. He flicks his tongue
over it as he sucks it into his mouth, then pulls back until
the suction is lost by distance. "Good, " he
laughs, "cuz i was gonna do it anyways." He then
brings his head back down, and sucks on my right nipple in
the same manner, teasing me oh so much with his tongue. I,
for the third time, have to bite my lip. All of a sudden I scream
out as he bites down hard onto the nipple he had been sucking.
"Shut up bitch!" he yells at me, and once again
slaps my breasts hard, both in rapid succession. He then
bites down hard on my left nipple, and begins to chew on it
slightly, causing me to bite my lip hard from the pain, enjoying
it all the while. His teeth then move over, and he bites the
side of my breast hard enough to leave teeth marks, and later
bruises I am sure. He moves all around my breast, biting
his way along, then moves to the other to repeat the process.
I am near tears by the time he finishes, and the round has
ended. I am not sure how much more of this night I can take,
but it is only beginning. I am both aroused and in pain, and
my emotions do not know which way to go. Humiliated, but
secretly loving it, i move over to take my place on Daves
lap. He also makes me face him, and runs his hands all along
my body. "Your body is just so hot, Paul sure picked
a good one, " he says. His hands touch every inch of
my skin within reach as he explores me. He then takes my hand
and moves it on top of his crotch, and moves it around so that
I can feel how hard he is. "Unzip them, please, "
he tells me, and I reluctantly do so, knowing I do not really
have much choice. He pulls his hard cock free from his boxers,
and moves my hand back to it. Realizing my hand is dry, he
sticks my fingers deep within my pussing, covering them
in my juices, then rubs them on his cock. He repeats this
process three times before he is satisfied with
how wet
my hand and his cock now are. "Good girl, now stroke, "
he tells me, and moves my hand up and down his length in demonstration
a few times. Not knowing what else to do, and being very unsure
of my self, I move my hand up and down, slowly becoming more
confident and adding more preasure. I can see that he is
very much enjoying himself, and I am beginning to enjoy
myself to. He grabs my other hand and puts it to my pussy,
and tells me to finger-fuck myself while I work on him, and
I gladly agree. I cannot believe I am fingering myself in
front of someone, let alone someone that isn't you,
but I am so turned on at this point that I do not much care.
He reaches around and grabs my ass with both his hands while
moaning quietly. All too soon for both of us, the round ends,
and I stand up to move to the last lap, joels. I sit down, and
he positions me as he wants me on his lap. He starts his hands
at my shoulders then runs them down my sides, past my hips,
to my outer thighs, then across my knees and up my inner thighs,
just avoiding the area I want to be touches most, up my tummy,
over my breasts, just grazing my nipples, and back to my
shoulders. He then works his hands back down my chest and
stomach, this time stopping, and with one of his hands he
fingers my clit. He does this just long enough to hear me
moan, then moves his fingers, three of them, into
my pussy,
fucking me slowly and sensuously. He then takes one of his
now well lubricated fingers, and, to my suprise, shoves
it into my asshole. I cry out slightly in suprise, then put
my hand over my mouth, realizing my error. He fucks my ass
with his finger, ever faster, then inserts another of his
lubricated fingers. I am completely enjoying, when his
other hand finds its way to my pussy and begins, with two
fingers also, to fuck me there. "Do you want another
one in your pussy?" he asks me teasingly. "Oh
yes, " I mutter breathlessly. "Only if I can
add another to your ass also", he says. I don't
think I have ever had three fingers in my ass before,
I want his finger in my pussy so bad that I nod my compliance.
He inserts the third finger into both of my holes, and I moan
audibly, unaware that the round is now over and everyone
is looking my way as I enjoy myself on his hands. I begin to
hump his hands slightly, anxious to get more of anything
inside of me, unashamed now, like a little slut as I had been
accused of earlier. His speed picks up, but before I am satisfied,
he withdraws both hands, sticking the three fingers
my pussy into my mouth and telling me to suck them. I do so,
only then realizing from the applause that everyone had
been watching me act like such a whore. I blush, but am so
horny that I do not care nearly as much as I did earlier. Joel
shoves me off his lap and I collapse in the floor, tired,
and hoping that I can get dressed now. But you have other
plans, many many other plans.

"Get up!" you bark at me, and I am slightly startled
by your unusually harsh tone, so I immediately respond.
I walk over to where you are still sitting and you motion
for me to sit back on your lap. "Enjoy yourself?"
you ask me. I nod in agreement, and you feel my wet pussy,
proving me honest. "Well thats good. But you disrupted
our game with your constant noise and outbursts. And for
that, you must be punished, " you tell me, with a cruel
grin on your face that I have not seen many times before.
"This is how it will go. You will get a good spanking,
which you so fully deserve, from all of us. You will get 20
on your ass by hand, Jake will take care of that. You will
then recieve 10 more by Dans belt on your ass. After that,
10 more on your ass, with our paddle, and I will do that. Then
we will move to your breasts. You will recieve 20 by hand
there, Tim, thats your job, then 10 by Dons belt. Is that
understood?" you ask me. "Ye....yes, "
I reply timidly, very much afraid that I will not be able
to handle all of those blows. You lift me off your lap and
leave, I assume to retrieve the paddle, and sure enough
I notice it in your hand when you return. We have only used
it once or twice before, so I am still getting used to how
it feels on my ass. No one has ever used their belt on my ass,
let alone my breasts. "Oh yeah, one more thing, "
you say, coming towards me. I see you remove a pair of my panties
from your pocket, the purple pair you had kept a few weeks
before. "Just to ensure you do not trouble the neighbors
as you troubled us during the game, I think I'll stuff
these in your mouth, " you tell me, wiping them first
on my wet pussy, then shoving them into my mouth. I am able
to taste my own juices on them, as I attempt to adjust to the
intrusion. You tear off a piece of duct tape and tape the
panties firmly into my mouth, so that there is no chance
of me getting them out. Everyone stands, and you lead me
around to the back of the couch. "Bend over!"
you tell me forcefully, and I lean over the couch back, my
head and arms resting on the cushions. Jake steps up behind
me and kicks my feet apart, so that my legs are now spread.
My bare ass and wet pussy are on view for all to see, and a fresh
wave of humiliation rushes over me. Jake trails his hands
through my moist folds, then is gone, and I wait for the pain
to start. I do not have to wait long, and I feel his hand come
down hard on my left cheek, then my right. He pauses for a
second to let the pain sink in, and then rains down four
blows, all over my ass. I wonder how I am going to endure all
this, and Jake shows no mercy. "That was light compared
to the rest, bitch, " he informs me, and pauses again
to let his words have the full effect. He then hits me with
his full force, and I scream with pain into my gag. Now I know
I am in trouble, as he hits me three more times with
the same
amount of force. I attempt to block everything out of my
mind and think of something else, but it isnt working. I
cannot recall what came next, but all of his blows hurt like
hell. I think that he is done, because he pauses for a long
time, but am brought back to reality sharply as his hand
comes down hard right on my wet pussy. I scream to no avail
into my panties, as tears begin to run involuntarily down
my cheeks. "20, " he says, then laughs cruelly.
He steps to the side, and Dan takes his place behind me. I
hear him taking his belt off, and smacking it into the couch
a few times, just to scare me. "I have no mercy, little
slut, so brace yourself and have fun, " he says, then
brings his belt down hard on my ass. I am completely astounded
by how much it hurts, and before I realize it, he brings it
down again on the exact same spot, harder this time. By now
my tears have returned, and I clench the cushions of the
couch in my fists, trying to regain composure. He lashes
his belt on my ass, moving all around, hitting every available
spot, including the area where my ass meets my thights.
The tears are flowing freely, but soon that phase is over.
Dan grabs my head by the hair and pulls me slightly upright.
"That's how I treat sluts like you, " he
whispers to me, then lets me fall back down. Then you step
up behind me. I feel a cool breeze on my tender ass as you blow
on it gently. The cool air feels good. "Your ass is
so fucking red, " you inform me. "Just looking
at it is making my cock grow. I can see Jakes hand prints and
Dans belt prints. So fucking hot." I then feel your
tongue on my ass, cooling the welts that have formed. I relax
at the good feeling, when suddenly you stand up and hit me
with the paddle. I am shocked back into pain, and brace myself
for the rest of the blows. You make sure to cover my entire
ass, not leaving a spot unreddened. For your final blow,
you hit me right in the middle of my ass, low enough that the
tip of the paddle hit me lower than I expected, just missing
my pussy. Before I have time to recover, you grab my hair
and stand me up. "Go kneel on the couch, facing the
back, " you instruct me, and I comply. You come behind
me, but I do not know for what purpose. Tim steps up in front
of me, and grins at me menacingly. He tweaks my nipples,
then lands his first blow. I am able to tune out the pain by
now, and before I realize it, he is finished. I feel hands
on my thighs, and realize you are trying to get me to spread
my legs a bit. I comply, wonderiing what is going on. Don
steps in front of me, and his look is evil. "This is
gonna hurt like hell, bitch, " he glares at me, then
spits onto my breasts. This humiliates me more than anything
previous. I am bracing myself for his blows when I feel something
at my wet hole. Startled I look down to see what the intruder
is when Dons first blow lands right across my nipples. It
is all I can to not to buckle over in pain. I realize that the
thing invading my pussy is the handle to the paddle you so
recently used to cause me pain. Now you are attempting to
cause me pleasure with it. Dons sure that I cannot tune him
out, and pauses for great lengths between hits. His aim
is perfectly planned, making sure to inflict the most pain
and taking advantage of the bite marks he had already left
earlier to cause even more pain. All the while you are fucking
me with the paddle, and I cannot decide whether I am in heaven
or hell. One end of my body hurts like hell, and the other
feels so heavenly. Don takes his final blow on my tender
breasts, and steps back to admire his handiwork. "Oh
yes, very fucking nice, " he exclaims, then twists
my nipples violently and painfully. Unable to handle any
more, I collapse, which shoves the handle of the paddle
all the way inside of me, and I jerk back up to kneeling position.
You laugh and remove it. bringing it around to my mouth and
telling me to clean it off. I do so until it is as clean as I
can get it, then you remove it from my mouth. I slump onto
the couch, embarrased, in pain, and very turned on. I have
no idea what is coming next, but I have a feeling this night
is far from over...

I am curled up in a ball on the couch, crying softly from pain
and embarrasment. You and your groomsmen have been enjoying
my body for over an hour now, and I just wish the night would

No, I think, no I don't really want it to end. Did I really
just think that? What have I become? Am I really a slut like
they keep telling me I am?

"Hey Saul, did you see the way she sucked on the handle
of that paddle? Bet that mouth sure feels good on a cock,
said Tim, as he looked at me greedily.

"Oh hell yeah, it sure does, " you say. "In
fact, thats a good idea, let's have a go at it."
I wimper in protest, but it is to no avail. You grab my arms
and stand me up, moving me into the guest bedroom as everyone
follows. You take me to the middle of the room and instruct
me to kneel. I do as I am told, waiting for the inevitable.
"Here is how this is going to work, " you say.
"Allysa here has self-esteem issues when it comes
to sucking cock." I am ashamed to hear you tell all
these guys about this. "She doesn't think she
is any good at it, so she doesn't do it very often. I want
you all to help me prove to her that she is wrong about this.
So all five of us will take turns with her lovely
mouth. I
am the only one who is allowed to come in her mouth, though,
the rest of you can make use of any other part of her body you
want, just not inside of her. Oh, and as a reward for all of
her efforts, the next person in line will go down on her while
she is sucking off the person ahead of them. Got it?"
All of the guys nod excitedly, and Tim steps up to my mouth

"Ready for this?" he says to me. I nod, but he
wants more. He grabs my hair and yells at me, "Answer
me, bitch!" "Yes, I'm ready, " I
reply timidly. "That's better, " he says,
and instructs me to unzip his pants and remove his cock.
It springs forward, already quite hard, and he moves it
toward my mouth. Faced with no other option, I open my mouth
and cautiously take him into it. I begin to suck on it, using
my tongue all around the head.

Just then I feel hands at my thighs, moving them apart. A
head slides in between my legs, and Jake begins to lick my
wet pussy. I moan into Tim's cock, and he moans in reply.
Jake's tongue is fucking me as far inside as he can,
and my head moves faster on Tim's cock. Before I realize
what is happening, he pulls out of my mouth and squirts his
cum all over my chest. "God that was good, "
he says, then steps aside as Jake crawls out from underneath
me and steps in front of me.

Again I unzip his pants and pull out his cock. I stick out
my tongue and lick all around his cock, from the back to the
front, then take it into my mouth. Again I feel a head slide
under me as Don takes his place on my pussy. Jake grabs my
hands and leads them to his ass, instucting me to grab it
while I suck. Don's tongue laps at me like a hungry dog
as I bob my head on Jake's rod. My tongue teases him as
Don's tongue teases me. Don begins to lick my clit,
then all of a sudden bites it. I scream into Jake's cock,
and it doesn't take much longer before I feel him pulling
out of my mouth and emptying himself on my face. "Here,
let me help you with that, " he says, as he grabs a handful
of my hair and wipes his mess off my face with my own hair,
laughing at my humiliation.

Don slips out from under me and come around to my head. I move
to unzip his pants and he stops me. "With your teeth,
slut, " he growls at me, and I do as instructed, with
much difficulty. He is bigger than the last two
guys, about
the same as you, and I pause momentarily before bringing
my mouth to his dick. He does not like my hesitation and grabs
the back of my head, forcing his cock into my mouth. I gag
in response until I am able to accustom myself to the unexpected
intrusion. He does not let go of my head and controls the
pace of my face fucking as he wants it.

Dan's head finds its way below me and his tongue to my
wetness. He circles my clit gently, in great contast to
the force with which my mouth is being treated. I am moaning
at his pleasuring of me and Don begins to pick up the pace
in my mouth. He is pushing my mouth further and further down
on his cock, hitting the back of my throat with each thrust.
"You are GOING to deep throat me, bitch, so just get
used to it." Fear rises up in me, as I have never been
able to deep throat you, until the fear is drowned out by
the amazing goodness of feeling on my clit.

Don continues to shove my mouth further onto him, until
I feel my throat expanding to accomadate his cock there.
I gag slightly, but manage to relax enough to stifle the
feeling. Dan is licking my slit for all he is worth, occasionally
sucking it into his mouth, causing me to moan even more.
Finally Don pulls out and empties himself all over my stomach
and breasts.

I take gulps of air that i wasn't able to take easily
with Don in my mouth, while Dan comes around in front of me
and you take your place beneath me. I am completely aroused
by all of this, and eagerly unzip Dan's pants and take
his cock into my mouth. I swirl my tongue all over the tip
of it as I feel your tongue swirling my clit. You begin to
suck my clit as I begin to suck Dan's cock. Suddenly
I begin to feel hot and realize that I am on the verge of coming.
You continue to work your magic on my clit and I suddenly
come all over your face, screaming into Dan's cock
and flooding you with my juices. You greedily drink them
all in, and before long I feel Dan pulling out of my mouth.
He shoves my head down and shoots his cum all over my back
and ass.

I regain my composure as you come around to stand in front
of me. Tim takes his place, but instead of his tongue on my
pussy, I feel it on my asshole. I moan, knowing the pleasures
of a tongue there. You unzip your pants, and free your cock,
then lift my chin so that I will look at you. "Do you
still doubt yourself?" you ask me gently. "I
suppose not, " I say, and you smile down at me. You
place the head of it at my mouth, and I stick out my tongue
to lick it, looking up at you and teasing you. All the while
I feel Tim's tongue on my asshole, probing and teasing
me there. I am in heaven. I am sucking off the man that I love
while one of his friends pleasures my asshole and the rest
watch. I continue to suck on your cock, using my tongue as
much as possible because I know you like it. I increase my
speed as Tim's tongue fucks my ass. I hear you moaning,
and I know you are close. Just then you explode in my mouth,
and I am careful to swallow all of it down. I continue to suck
gently on your cock until you pull out, unable to handle
any more sensation. Tim crawls out from under me and I sit
down on the floor. I look up at you, wondering what you have
in store for me next...

You lift my weak body by the arms and lead me over to the futon,
which has already been pulled out. You lay me down on my back
and I notice that there are already ties attached to the
ends. I feel as both of my arms and legs are pulled wide and
attached to the corners of the bed. I feel very vulnerable,
a feeling that is only increased when I feel the blindfold
slip over my eyes, and darkness overtakes me.

I feel nothing for quite a while, and wonder if you and all
of your friends plan to leave me tied up like this all evening.
I begin to whimper softly and hear laughter in return. I
realize you are all still in the room, just watching me lay
there, naked and bound. "Glad you are enjoying my
torment, " I think.

Torment, I think? Has this really been torment for me? Despite
the pain and humiliation, I have enjoyed the evening at
the hands of you and your groomsmen. How is that possible?
My thoughts are interrupted suddenly as I feel hands on
my body. I try to count how many, but I cannot, and I just assume
it is all of you. The unknown hands glide all over my body,
sending waves of pleasure over me. I feel hands on my breasts,
stomach, thighs, ass, arms, even my wet pussy. I cannot
tell who is touching me where, and somehow that turns me
on even more.

I feel whatever hands were on my pussy leave, and a rather
large vibrator enter me a second later. I do not know where
this vibrator came from, because it is not mine or yours.
Someone is fucking me, slowly and gently, with this intruder,
while the rest of the hands continue their dance on my body.
I moan in pure pleasure.

The speed of the fucking increases, and suddenly the vibrator
is turned on. I begin to make unintelligible noises as it
is shoved in and out of me with increasing roughness. Just
then I feel something cold and hard at my asshole, and realize
that someone else is inserting a vibrator there, likely
our new one. I moan even more, loving the feeling of both
of my holes being full.

I feel a mouth suddenly on my right nipple, and then my left
also. Two mouths begin to work their magic on my
hard little
nipples as I moan uncontrollably. The mouths continue
their assault, licking me, sucking me, biting me, when
all of a sudden I feel a tongue at my clit.

"Oh God no, it's too much!" I manage to get
out. But the toys and tongues continue to torture me with
pleasure, completely ignoring my pleas. I let myself relax
and enjoy the sensations taking over my body. I can feel
my legs starting to shake against my control, and my head
rolls back on the pillow. I am sure my moans are quite loud
by this point, often changing into screams.

I feel the vibrator in my pussy removed and I whimper, wanting
it back. I am soon rewarded as three fingers are
quickly inside of me. As the tongues continue on my tits
and clit, and the vibrator continues to fuck my ass, the
fingers inside of me search for my G-spot. Finally finding
what they were looking for, the fingers move around on that
spot, sending even more pleasure through my body.

An odd sensation takes over me. I feel like I am in another
place, completely quiet and peaceful and happy, only vaguely
looking down on my body being ravished. I feel nothing and
everything all at once, and it is amazing. I am brought back
to reality as a fourth finger is inserted inside of me. The
sucking on my nipples has gradually turned into mostly
biting, but the pain is exquisite.

Then the final finger, the thumb, is inserted into me, and
the fingers continue to fuck me. The vibrator is pulled
out of my ass, and I feel the medium butt plug being inserted
there. The hands, now freed from the toy, begin to fondle
my ass. All of a sudden I am taken by an orgasm that rocks over
my body like nothing I have felt before. Everyone continues
to abuse my body as my quivering slowly dwindles and I regain

Then I feel the fingers inside of me stop fucking me, and
start to push slowly at my hole, seeking entrance. I realize
that whoever is down there is going to try to get his fist
inside of me. You and I have as of yet never accomplished
this, and I am slightly worried. The hand is relentless,
and continues to push gently, letting up whenever I make
a pained noise. And then it happens. The widest part of the
hand has made it inside of me, and someone's entire
fist is resting in my most private place.

The feeling is unbelievable. There is pain, yes, but it
is a beautiful pain that is accompanied by a most blissful
pleasure. The far off feeling returns as the hand begins,
slowly and carefully, to fuck me. I do not know how far it
goes inside of me, but I suspect at least the wrist is inside
of me. A steady stream of profanities and screams are flooding
from my mouth. The teeth on my nipples continue to bite me,
moving occasionally down to bite my breasts, then back
to my nipples. The tongue at my clit is also relentless,
and the pleasure is great. The hands on my ass are harsh and
rough, but it feels amazing.

I am suddenly hit by another orgasm, even more intense than
the first. My entire body shakes as the hand inside of me
attempts not to hurt me. Eventually the shaking subsides
and I feel the mouths leave my nipples and clit and the hands
leave my ass. The butt plug is pulled out. The hand inside
of me slowly begins its careful retreat, making a wet popping
sound as it exits my body. I feel fingers come to my mouth,
and I lick them, realizing they are the fingers so recently
inside of me. I clean them off, then clean off the rest of
the hand.

I feel my arms and legs being untied, and am able to relax,
though my blindfold is still on. Not even thinking to take
it off, I curl up into a little ball, no longer ashamed and
humiliated, only relaxed and pleasured.

"All right boys, it's time that you all headed
home, " I hear you tell your groomsmen. "Thanks
for the enjoyable time."

As I hear them all start to head out of the room, I mutter a
quiet "thank you" and hear them laugh at me.
I move to take off the blindfold, but your hands stop me.
"Not that, not quite yet, " you tell me, and
I wonder just what you have planned now that everyone has

I feel you getting up off the bed, and you tell me to lie still
and wait on you. My mind is running wild, thinking back on
the activities of tonight. I hear the door to the bathroom
shut, and I soon hear water running in the tub. I wonder if
you are going to take a shower while leaving me lying here.
I just lie still and wait, resting and enjoying the silence.
A few minutes later, I feel you coming back and sitting on
the bed beside me. You remove my blindfold and lead me into
the bathroom. I see that you have drawn a bath, complete
with bubbles. I smell my cucumber melon bath foam in the
air, and see the room lit by candles.

You lead me over to the tub and tell me to sit down. I comply
happily, enjoying the smell and warmth as the water envelopes
my body. I sit down, and let my skin get used to the heat that
has now taken over. I almost forget you are in the room, as
I lay back and close my eyes, running my hands over my body,
enjoying the water as it tickles me.

I finally notice you again, and you have taken off all of
your clothes. I look lovingly at you, enjoying the site
of your body. You tell me to sit up, and I do so, as you get into
the tub and sit down behind me. I feel your legs come around
beside me, and your hands on my back. You begin to massage
my back, loosening the muscles and relaxing the tension
of the humiliating day. I close my eyes and enjoy the relaxation
you are providing me.

Your hands continue their wonderful work on my back, occasionally
slipping down to my ass, as my hands move to my pussy, almost
without thinking. I begin to massage my clit, then slip
a finger inside of me. I feel your hands come around to my
breasts and begin fondeling them. Your fingers tweak my
nipples gently as I continue my work on my pussy. I begin
to moan genly. Your hands are loving, not harsh and rough
like the hands earlier.

You tell me to lean back, and I do so, resting the back of my
head on your chest as the water closes in on my body. Your
hands continue on my breasts, now barely poking through
the water. I feel one of your hands move down my tummy and
take over where my hands were on my pussy. You insert one,
then two of your fingers in me, and immediately
find the
right spot. I moan loudly and roll my head back on you. I open
my eyes slightly and see you smiling lovingly at me. I return
your smile and let myself enjoy your work on my body.

You get the body wash and poof and lather it up. I feel your
hands, along with the poof, return to my body as you clean
me. You make sure to get every spot, and then move to your
own body. You cup your hands and run water over my body, washing
off the soapy bubbles. You get my hair wet, and then lather
it up with shampoo, washing my hair. You gently massage
my scalp to make sure it is clean, then rinse off my hair.
You sit me up, and I feel you kissing the back of my neck, which
you know how much I love. Your hands lovingly roam over my
wet body as your lips move up to my ear. I feel you bite my ear
gently, then move your tongue all around it. I look at my
legs, covered in chill bumps, from the cooling water and
from the sensations of what you are doing to me.

I turn around to face you, and begin to kiss you, slowly and
passionately. Our hands move over each others bodies,
enjoying the love that we share. You stand me up as you stand
up, and then reach for the towel. You tell me to step out,
and then begin to dry my off with the towel. You dry off your
own body, then return the towel to the rack.

I feel you scoop me up in your arms and I squeal in surprise.
You take me back into the bedroom and put me down on the bed.
You climb on top of me and look down at me. I smile up at you,
and you say "what?" I reply, "Nothing,
it's just that I love you." You bend down to my
face and kiss me, a kiss that says you love me to, and we will
be together forever.

You move your kisses from my mouth, down my body, over my
breasts, stopping at my belly button to lick it, then down
to my pussy. You begin to eat me out, as I moan in response.
I cannot take much of this, because my body has had sensation
overload today, and you realize this. You take one last
lick, savoring my taste, and then move up to kiss me again.
I can taste myself on your lips, and this pleases me.

I feel your hardness pressing against my pussy. You comment
on how wet I am, and I assure you that it is your fault. You
smile at me, and rub your cock up and down my wet slit. Before
I realize what is happening, you thrust fully inside of
me. I gasp in pleasure as your wonderful cock fills me.
You thrust rapidly and hard, feeling me with pleasure.
We both begin to moan, and soon we are both coming, simultaneously.
You shoot your sperm deep inside of me. We just hold each
other for a while, until you lean in and whisper "I
love you" to me.

I am content.

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wow that was a very nice story