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The Wolf Abduction (A movie script... not complete)


SCENE (The Abduction)
Interior, hotel room. Dimly lit. HOLLY has been traveling
for about 14 hours, and wants only to catch some sleep.
HOLLY lays hotel room key on table. Takes off shoes, pushes
them across floor with feet. Lays on top of covers, turns
off light.
In dark, hears sounds of other hotel guests settling in
around her. Floors squeaking, children giggling, showers
running, a door squeaking open and closed. Rolls onto left
Suddenly, a hand is clasped over her mouth. HOLLY tries
to sit up, pulled forcefully back down.
THE WOLF: (Deep Scottish voice whispering) If you wish
to see the morning, you will do exactly as you are told. If
you understand, nod your head yes.
HOLLY: Nods. She is deeply frightened, having no clue how
someone could be in her room, without her knowledge.
THE WOLF: Good, very good. Now I am going to move my hand away,
but if you make a sound, you won’t make a second one. Do you
HOLLY: Nods.
THE WOLF: Removes hand.
HOLLY is trembling. In the dark, she can not see the intruder.
She hears tape being pulled on a roll, torn. The intruder
pulls her hands behind her back and tapes her wrists together.
THE WOLF: Sorry about this, lassie, but we can’t just have
your arms flailing about, can we? If you’re a good girl,
perhaps I will let you loose in a bit.
HOLLY: Who are you? What do you want? My purse is right over
there! There’s not a lot of money, but take it. Take my car,
but please! Please don’t hurt me!
(Begins to cry)
THE WOLF: Hurt you? HURT you?
(Pulls Holly’s head back by the hair to his chest. Mouth
next to her ear. Heavy breathing.)
If I had wanted to HURT you, (tugs hair) I have had many opportunities
to do that. No, lassie, I am going to help you to fulfill the
very desires you have been harbouring in your heart for
HOLLY feels the intruder rise off the bed. She feels his
hands running through her hair now. The back of his hand
glides down her face, neck, down over her breasts. Now,
he runs his fingers down her stomach and lower belly. She
squirms, but in spite of herself, she is becoming aroused.
THE WOLF puts Holly’s shoes on her feet. He reaches in his
pocket and takes out a black scarf and ties it over her eyes.
He ties another scarf over her mouth.
THE WOLF: And now, little miss, we must be off, to begin our
(Injects HOLLY with syringe. She passes out immediately.)
THE WOLF lifts HOLLY over his shoulder and carries her out
of the hotel room.
Exterior hotel. THE PROFESSOR opens back door to car, and
THE WOLF lays HOLLY on back seat. THE PROFESSOR gets behind
wheel, THE WOLF in back seat.
Car starts, drives away. FADE
SCENE (Introductions and Revelations)
Another hotel room.
Holly awakens and finds that her arms and legs been tied
to the bed. As she looks around, she sees video cameras on
tripods, and sitting on a chair near the bed, a suitcase.
It is filled with many adult toys.
A chair is at the foot of the bed, turned away from her.
HOLLY: (Struggling)
Where is this? Who the fuck are you!?
THE WOLF: (From chair)
I see my little lady has awakened. Good. While it was exciting
to think of what I could have been doing to you while you were
asleep, it’s much more fun when you’re awake, and able to
take part in the moment.
THE PROFESSOR enters from another room. He is about 36 years
of age, medium build, about five foot ten inches tall, brown
hair with some gray beginning, with mustache and beard.
He is holding a book. To HOLLY, it seems somehow familiar,
but at the moment, she is too frightened to give it much thought.
THE PROFESSOR: I see the little tart is awake now. (He also
has an accent, Irish, or Welsh, maybe.)
THE WOLF: Yes, yes. And by the end of the weekend, she will
hold... a completely different view on fantasy and reality.
HOLLY: What the fuck are you talking about? Who are you people!?
Let me out of here! You bastards!
(Struggles, but soon realizes she is tied too securely.)
THE PROFESSOR: Shut your noise, you! Such a mouth, this’un
‘as. (Holds HOLLY’s face)
May just have to find something to put in this mouth to shut
you up!
THE WOLF: May I introduce my colleague. He is known as the
Professor. He will be your host this evening, as I must step
out for a while. I’m sure by the time I return, you will be
on much better terms with him.
(Rises from chair and turns. He is about six and a half feet
tall, very broad shouldered. He is shirtless, and HOLLY
can tell from the back that this man is one who works out;
the muscles ripple as he turns to face her.)
THE WOLF: (Still not completely turned, in the shadows)

We first met in Knightstown, back in the states. You were
in high school. Tenth grade. Choir class. Your teacher
and pianist were out for about a week and a half, and you had
a substitute pianist and teacher named...
HOLLY: Mr. ... Wolf?
(HOLLY’s eyes glaze over as she remembers)
Music cue: Mozart’s “Gloria in Excelsis”
THE WOLF: It was November. The choir was preparing for a
winter concert. The Professor and I were filling in for
your teacher and his accompanist. You sat in the back row,
a starry-eyed little girl, full of fantasies about these
two men and their accents. That’s what started it, if you
recall. Your fetish for the accents. You always tried to
find ways to stay behind after class. Sitting back there,
opening and closing your legs, your panties wet from the
dirty little thoughts running about in your lusty little
brain. Excusing yourself to go to the restroom, where you’d
sit and finger yourself, daydreaming of being taken by
the two of us, in the music storage closet. Need I go on?
HOLLY: How could you know all of that? I never told that to
a soul. I just wrote it down in... (Looks over to table at
book) my diary! How the fuck did you get that!? I lost that
years ago!
THE WOLF: (turns now, revealing himself for the first time.
HOLLY sees he is wearing nothing but a pair of Italian dress
slacks. She notices the huge erection down the left leg,
nearly to his knees. His body is like chiseled granite.
Each muscle clearly cut, the chest square and tight. Against
her will, her body begins to hunger for the feel of this body
against hers. She remembers the secret fantasies she wrote
about, all those years ago.)
THE PROFESSOR: (quoting verbatim from the diary)
“Omigod! When I think about being taken by these two grown
men, lifted in the air, one’s cock in my pussy and the other
in my mouth, I can’t stop cumming. My fingers are sore from
playing with myself!” Pages and pages of the stuff. You
really shouldn’e drop little time bombs like this on the
floor. Ye never know, someone may pick it up, read it, and
decide to take ye up on such an offer!
THE WOLF: Yes. We began to plan this little... adventure
even back then. It was so easy. We purchased a house in Knightstown,
right near yours, in fact. You wondered why someone would
buy such a nice house and always keep the curtains drawn.
We watched you every day. Came to the concerts, the debates,
followed you at the malls. The road trips with your friend,
Krista. The many times your cars would seem to just break
down. There were many times we could have snatched you up,
but we waited.
THE PROFESSOR: Then off to college. Southern colleges
are so open. So easy to come on and off campus. The frat parties.
The football games. The tight little miniskirts. Your
hockey player costume on Halloween. Yes, we were there
THE WOLF: And on and on. Well, we have the whole weekend ahead
of us. And now, I must be off. But I’m sure the Professor will
have a lot of... a lot of instruction to impart. And when
I return...
(leans down and licks HOLLY slowly across the lips)
We shall see if you are able to follow through on those fantasies.
THE WOLF pulls on a shirt and leather jacket, walks toward
door. Stops, turns.
THE WOLF: And remember what we learned from “Into the Woods.”
Wishes come true... not free. (Exit)
SCENE (Private Lessons)
THE PROFESSOR takes a knife out of his pants pocket. Sits
on bed next to HOLLY and cuts ropes.
THE PROFESSOR: I don’t think we’ll be needing these anymore,
will we lassie?
(HOLLY shakes her head “no.” She is still nervous, left
alone with this stranger, older “gentleman, ” and wonders
what is in store, although in her mind, she has an idea.)
Now then, let’s see if you have the makings of a good little
slut, shall we?
(Holds HOLLY’s face in hand, squeezing cheeks, forcing
her mouth into an “o.”)
Now, slide that tongue in and out. Let’s see if you have a
nice little cock sucking mouth, lass!
(HOLLY slides her tongue in and out. THE PROFESSOR runs
his fingertips against her tongue as she licks. Slides
his middle finger in her mouth.)
That’s it, suck it good. Show me how well you can suck. You
love to suck, don’t you Holly?
HOLLY: Mmm hmmm!
(Sucking, her mouth making wet, slurping noises as she
does so.)
HOLLY: (panting) I love to suck!
(Takes two fingers in her mouth and sucks loudly.)
THE PROFESSOR: Aye, I know you do. And you’re beginning
to wonder if there’s something else ye could be sucking,
aren’t ye?
HOLLY: (Nods head “yes” as she continues to nurse on his
fingers. Her hips begin to rock up and down as she is now becoming
wet and excited by the prospect of being made to do as she
is told, like all good little sluts do.)
THE PROFESSOR: (Slides his other hand up the back of HOLLY’s
Now, let’s see if we can find that magical little spot you
wrote about.
(Massaging back. Suddenly, HOLLY’s back arches, and she
gasps deeply and moans.)
Ah, there ‘tis! Well now, let’s just play with this for a
bit, shall we?
(Rolls HOLLY over onto her belly, and pulls blouse up, exposing
her back. Begins to lick the sensitive spot. HOLLY starts
pumping her butt up and down, grinding into the bed.)
Yes, that’s it, Holly. Slide your hands underneath yourself
and feel how wet you are becoming. Fuck those fingers like
a good little pussyslut.
(HOLLY slides both hands down her belly, pulling her skirt
up. Her fingers wiggle down into her panties, the fingers
of one hand swirling on her stiff clit, while she slides
her middle finger of the other hand slowly in and out of her
wet pussy. She fucks her hands wildly as THE PROFESSOR flicks
his tongue against her back.)
THE PROFESSOR: Are you a good little slut?
HOLLY: (in the throes of her first of many orgasms) I’m...
a good... little...
THE PROFESSOR: You want to be licked where your fingers
HOLLY: Oh god, yes! Please lick me!
(Her body is shaking.)
THE PROFESSOR: And what will you do?
HOLLY: (breathless) You already know, I’ll do anything
you tell me to do!
THE PROFESSOR: Very well then, lassie. Let’s just roll
you over.
(Rolls HOLLY onto her back.)
Aye, you like being manhandled like this, tossed about
like a rag doll; such a nice submissive little girl you are.
(Pulls HOLLY’s panties off and tosses them across room.
Kneels between her thighs.)
(THE PROFESSOR slides his tongue up HOLLY’s thighs, and
plants small kisses on her swollen pussy lips. Her clit
is so hard now, it is peeking from it’s little hood, very
sensitive. THE PROFESSOR blows gently against it. HOLLY
gasps and reaches down to take his head, pulling him to her.
The combination of his long, thick tongue pushing it’s
way in and out, and the wet, squishing sounds from between
her legs make HOLLY cum in wave after wave. Her legs over
each of THE PROFESSOR’s shoulders, she crosses her feet
behind his head, pinning him down as he masterfully fucks
her with his mouth. His lips suck and tug at her tender clit,
making her scream and cry. Her juices gush from her into
his mouth. THE PROFESSOR hums and growls as he laps up her
sweet nectar. He looks up over her belly and sees HOLLY’s
eyes rolled back in her head as she slams her dripping cunt
against his face. Finally, after several minutes of this,
HOLLY’s body seems to collapse. Her heart is racing, her
body exhausted, but insatiable.)
THE PROFESSOR: Such a sweet pussy. Here. taste yourself.

(Kisses HOLLY, who hungrily licks his lips and face. She
pulls at his tongue with her mouth, nearly devouring him.)

THE PROFESSOR: Oh, we want to suck do we? Do you want something
to suck, little cockslut? Well, if you ask me like a good
student asks her professor, perhaps, I will give you something.
(HOLLY, who loves being sworn to and verbally degraded,
moans in ecstasy.)
HOLLY: May I please, sir? May I please suck you?
THE PROFESSOR: (massaging the crotch of his pants.)
Why don’t you sit down here in front of me, while I make ready?
(Holly sits.)
And let me watch you fuck yourself while I stroke this for
you a bit, eh?
(Unfastens pants, pulls out cock. About 7 1/2 - 8 inches
(no Bret size cock, sorry!), it still thick and hard, and
looks like he knows how to use it. HOLLY watches as his hand
slides up and down, up and down, up and down.)
(HOLLY, who loves to watch men masturbate, is totally absorbed
in the sound of the hand slapping up and down, the movement
of the silky skin being stroked. Her fingers move in and
out of her pussy, matching the rhythm of THE PROFESSOR’s
hand. They masturbate for each other for a few minutes,
HOLLY becoming more and more hungry for his cock.)
THE PROFESSOR: Now, Mr. Wolf tells me you like to crawl.

(Moves to chair.)
Now, crawl to me! If you want this cock, you crawl to me, and
you beg for it!
(HOLLY crawls across the floor, and kneels between THE
PROFESSOR’s legs.)
Yes, that’s my good little cockslut. Come, child, feed.
(Grabs HOLLY by the hair and pulls her to him. She opens her
mouth and swirls her tongue around and under the head of
THE PROFESSOR’s cock. She nurses and sucks, while he holds
her hair in each hand, rocking his hips back and forth. He
pulls out.)
HOLLY: Please! I...
THE PROFESSOR: Soon, Holly, soon enough. But first, show
me how much you like being cockslapped like a little cock
sucking slut likes to be slapped.
(Slaps cock against HOLLY’s tongue, which is trying to
lick him. He slaps her face with it, leaving wet precum and
her saliva on her cheeks. HOLLY pants and begs as he slaps
her repeatedly in the face, on the neck and on her lips. HOLLY’s
fingers go to her breasts, kneading and pulling the hardening
nipples through the fabric of her blouse, as she continues
to turn her face to THE PROFESSOR for him to slap his heavy
cock against her. She is in rapture now, being humiliated.)
Aye, me lassie, you take what you’re given to take, don’t
ye? You keep on until I’m finished with you. And if you think
I’m having my way, wait until Mr. Wolf returns to give you
your final examination! Now take my cock, you little cum
sucking slut!
(Holds his cock in his hand and jerks off in HOLLY’s mouth.
She sucks and nips, drools and pants as THE PROFESSOR
her hot, wet mouth.)
HOLLY: Cum in my mouth!
THE PROFESSOR: What’s that?
HOLLY: (between breaths) Cum.. in my mouth... and on my
face. I want it all over me. Please!
(Pulls her blouse open and her voluptuous breasts make
their first appearance. THE PROFESSOR slides his cock
up between them. HOLLY sucks the head, then each nipple
in turn as he tittie-fucks her. THE PROFESSOR pulls her
hair and lifts her head back. He explodes, blasting hot
streams of his cum on HOLLY’s face. She moans loudly and
plunges her head down, taking his cock down her throat as
she milks him of every drop.)
(HOLLY thrusts her tongue in THE PROFESSOR’s mouth, allowing
him to taste his seed. He carries her to the bed and lays her
down, brushing her hair from her face.)
THE PROFESSOR: And now... to see to... your needs.
(Takes a cell phone from his pocket and hands it to HOLLY.)

When that rings, answer it.
(Picks up hotel phone and dials. Cell phone rings.)
HOLLY: (looking amused, opens cell phone.)
THE PROFESSOR: Well? Where are your manners, girl? Say
HOLLY: Hello?
THE PROFESSOR: (into phone) I understand from your diary
that you like phone sex.
(Sits beside HOLLY and begins to slowly slide his fingers
in and put of her pussy.)
HOLLY: Sometimes.
(Her body responds. HOLLY loves being felt.)
THE PROFESSOR: Good, good. We’re going to have a little
phone sex.
HOLLY: What? What do you think we’re doing now? I don’t...
THE PROFESSOR: No, you don’t understand. Remember how
you would put the phone down and fuck it? Well, now, listen
to what your gentleman caller would hear...
(Slides phone along HOLLY’s pussy, making sure it brushes
her clit. Fucks her with the telephone. HOLLY pants and
cums over and over as she hears her wet pussy squishing in
her ear. The orgasms are enormous!)
(THE WOLF enters now. HOLLY is deep in another orgasm.)
THE WOLF: Ah, I see you’re on the phone.
THE PROFESSOR: (laughs) Yes, I think she can hear me now.
THE WOLF: Good. I see you’ve done well with our instruction
this evening, lassie. Did she give you any trouble?
THE PROFESSOR: No, I’d say she was a star pupil. She’s more
than ready for her final exam.
THE WOLF: As for you young lady, I think a nice bath is in order.
(Scoops HOLLY up in arms and carries her to bathroom)
SCENE: (Bath Time)
(HOLLY is sitting in bath tub. The room is lit with white
scented candles. THE WOLF enters, shirtless. Kneels beside
tub, picks up wash cloth and squeezes water out down HOLLY’s
THE WOLF: Let’s get you nice and cleaned up lassie.
(Reaches down into water, fishes about for a minute and
comes up with soap. Begins to rub soap along HOLLY’s arms,
up to her shoulders. After he has a good lather up, he begins
to massage HOLLY. Slowly, over her shoulders, down her
back. Touches her “special” spot, and HOLLY shudders.)
THE WOLF: Are you cold?
HOLLY: No, it’s just that spot on my back makes me crazy when
you touch it!
THE WOLF: I see. Well, I’ll have to keep that in mind!
(Begins to lather up HOLLY’s breasts. Her nipples get hard
as he swirls his fingers over them gently. She begins to
breathe heavily as he fondles her. His fingers trace down
her belly, into the water. HOLLY spreads her legs as THE
WOLF begins to slide the bar of soap up and down the lips of
her pussy. HOLLY’s hips move with his hand, allowing him
to fuck her with the soap. His fingers slide inside, parting
the delicate pink lips. His touch is gentle, yet firm. She
knows she will let him use his hands on her in any way he wishes.
She tingles inside at the thought of the possibilities.)
THE WOLF: Shhhhh... plenty of time for noises later. You’ll
be making a lot of noise, won’t you?
HOLLY: Mmm hmm... that feels... so good... go deeper...
use two fingers, please!
(THE WOLF slides two fingers slowly in and out, in and out,
as HOLLY responds to his touch. She lays back in the tub and
holds his hand, moving it for him. His finger tickles her
hard clit and HOLLY cries out softly, cumming over and over.
THE WOLF massages the spot on her back, and HOLLY moans loudly
now, splashing as she writhes in the tub.)
THE WOLF: (Slowing his hands) Now, lets rinse you and dry
you off.
(Picks up large towel as HOLLY stands. He wraps it around
her, patting and drying her. The sudden cool air hardens
her nipples again. THE WOLF lingers as he dries between
her legs. He puts the towel down, and draws HOLLY to him.
She wraps her arms behind him. He bends slightly at the knees
and slides his body up her front, and HOLLY feels his erection
for the first time. He nearly lifts her off the ground with
it, and HOLLY unconsciously presses against his hardness.
She can feel his heat through his pants. The head begins
to emerge from the waistband of his pants.)
THE WOLF: Whoa now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves now,
(He turns HOLLY away from him. He shakes some powder into
his hands and rubs it all over HOLLY’s white flesh. He rubs
it in, and then in one move, turns her back and scoops her
up in his arms, her legs straddling his waist. He carries
her out of the bathroom.)
SCENE (Taking Holly to School)
(Back in the bedroom. THE PROFESSOR has left. THE WOLF sets
HOLLY on the bed.)
THE WOLF: Put those on! (motions to panties, blouse and
skirt laid out on bed.)
HOLLY: But I thought we were going...
THE WOLF: You’re not here to think, lassie! You’re here
to do as you’re
told to do. Do you understand?
(Slaps HOLLY on the ass.)
HOLLY: Ow! Motherfucker, that HURT!
THE WOLF: (Grabs Holly’s face in his hand, pulls her close
to his face)
Hurt? Little girl, you don’t know what pain is. You’re going
to learn about pain. You’re going to learn to embrace the
pain. You’re going to beg for pain. Now put those fucking
clothes on.
(whispering now)
Don’t make me tell you again.
(HOLLY is now a little scared, but still she is excited,
as she has always fantasized of being controlled like this.
She slips on the white panties and skirt and buttons up the
blouse. She looks to THE WOLF, awaiting her next instruction.)
THE WOLF: From here on, you shall call me Mister Wolf, or
Sir. Do you understand?
HOLLY: Yeah.
(THE WOLF smacks HOLLY’s face)
HOLLY: Yes... sir.
THE WOLF: Now, you get down on your hands and knees like a
good little dog.
(HOLLY kneels down on the floor as she has been told. THE
WOLF sits in chair and unfastens his pants. He pulls his
cock out. It is thirteen inches long, and rises up to lay
on his belly, right below his solar plexus. HOLLY gasps.)

THE WOLF: Do you want it?
(Begins to run hand up and down the long shaft.)
Do you want to touch it? To stroke it? To suck it?
HOLLY: (timidly) Yes... sir. I do. I want it.
(THE WOLF begins to jerk his cock so it makes loud slapping
sounds. He slaps his chest with it. It seems to get bigger
and thicker as HOLLY watches, totally hypnotized by this
monster cock.)
THE WOLF: You like to watch me touch myself for you, don’t
you, little slut? You love that slapping sound. Watching
it smack my chest. I know you want to feel this cock on your
face, on your lips, in your mouth. Crawl to me. Crawl like
a good little pussy pig crawls. Beg for my cock.
(HOLLY begins to crawl. She has not even had a chance to button
her blouse. Her tits hang and sway side to side. Her arms
are shaking, her passion is so intense. She wants to hold
this cock and let THE WOLF do whatever he wants to her. She
wants to give herself over to his control.)
HOLLY: Please, Mr. Wolf. Please let me have your cock. I
want to feel it in me and on me. You can do whatever you want
to me. Just please, let me suck you.
(She continues to crawl. In her mind, she sees THE WOLF forcing
her to suck him. She looks up and sees that THE WOLF has lowered
his head and started to suck his own cock. He has the whole
head in his mouth and is making loud slurping sounds as he
sucks himself off. HOLLY is lost now, as this is one of her
nastiest fantasies. She wants to help THE WOLF suck his
(THE WOLF grabs HOLLY by the hair and pulls her the rest of
the way to him. He begins to smack his heavy cock against
her face. It is hard and it is heavy. It stings when he slaps
her, but she is turned on by him beating her with his dick.
She lifts her face and lets him slap her in the face. She sticks
her tongue out and THE WOLF spanks the cock head on her tongue.
He holds her hair with one hand and mercilessly whips her
with his cock. Her fingers move instinctively down into
her panties and she fingers her clit as she is whipped into
total submission.)
THE WOLF: You’re a cock slut. Say it!
HOLLY: I’m a cock slut!
THE WOLF: You’re MY cock slut!
HOLLY: I’m YOUR cock slut. PLEASE give it to me, Mr. Wolf!
THE WOLF: Take this, and eat. It is time for little dickbaby
to feed.
(He grabs HOLLY by the hair with both hands just as she opens
her mouth. He plunges his cock into her wet little mouth.
She can barely fit the head in, but he forces her onto his
erection. HOLLY slurps and slobbers, drooling from the
mere size of the enormous hardon between her lips. She sucks
and licks, and lets THE WOLF pull her head from side to side
as he fucks her mouth. She has never been so excited by a cock.
She knows she will do anything she is told, as long as she
can have this cock.)
(THE WOLF drives HOLLY backwards toward the bed and, still
in her mouth, pushes her onto her back. He straddles her
body, fucking her mouth. HOLLY’s head bounces up and down
off the bed as she goes down on him. Her mouth is being
and she still sucks like she wants more.)
THE WOLF: Yes, little one, you take what I give you to take.
You like having me use your mouth like it’s your pussy, bitch.
You love it when I pull your hair and your cock sucking
little mouth, you slut!
(He pulls his cock out and begins to smack her face again.
Her saliva and his precum splash everywhere. He begins
to spank his cock on her breasts. Her nipples harden immediately
as he pushes her huge breasts together, sliding his erection
between them. The cock head pokes her in the chin, and she
lowers her head to lick it every time it slides close. THE
WOLF tilts his head back and growls like a real wolf. His
hand clasps around the thick shaft and he begins to jerk
it off, faster and faster. HOLLY has her mouth open, wanting
to catch every drop of his seed. THE WOLF blasts his cum in
her face. HOLLY screams in hunger and passion as the hot
streams run down her face. THE WOLF rams his cock back in
her mouth, and begins to pump in and out, in and out, in and
out. HOLLY swallows as fast as she can, but the cum squirts
out and runs everywhere. She has never seen anyone cum for
so long. THE WOLF stands now, and continues to shoot his
cum on her breasts, dripping it on her belly. Her face and
body is covered with it. She pants like an animal as he is
finally spent, dripping the last drops onto her extended
tongue. THE WOLF picks up a towel and wipes HOLLY clean.
His chest rises and falls, glistening with his sweat.)
HOLLY: Thank you, sir. That was... incredible!
THE WOLF: Aye, lassie, you suck cock pretty well. Now, come
(HOLLY goes to him. He lifts her skirt. In one move, he tears
her panties off. He picks her up and sits her on the table,
her legs dangling over the side.)
THE WOLF: (kneeling) And now, you’ve been fed. It’s time
for you to feed your master. Do you understand?
HOLLY: Yes, sir. (she spreads her legs) You want to lick
my pussy?
(Lays back on table, and pulls skirt up.)
THE WOLF: Lick you? Little girl, I am going to devour you!

(He pulls her legs apart and thrusts his five and a half inch
tongue deep into HOLLY’s quivering pussy. She gasps as
she feels his long tongue snaking in and out, gliding against
every ridge and wall of her pulsing cunt. She tightens her
muscles, trying to catch his tongue. He pulses his tongue,
making it grow and shrink in width, a sensation which makes
HOLLY’s legs start to tremble. THE WOLF’s nose breathes
hot breath on her clit, which stands up hard and stiff. She
reaches down and rubs it between her thumb and forefinger.
Her pussy is so wet, the sound of THE WOLF sucking her makes
her start to cum. Her body goes rigid, then begins to shake.
A clear liquid suddenly squirts out of her, and THE WOLF
laps it up hungrily. He growls between her legs.)
THE WOLF: That’s my good little cunt. Cum for me, bitch!
You are MY pussy! This (licks her clit) belongs to me, and
you will give yourself to me any time I tell you. Do you understand?
(All HOLLY can do is whisper “yes.” She is cumming in waves
now, her pussy leaking down her thighs. THE WOLF tongue-fucks
her, flicking like a snake one second, driving deep within
her the next. Just as HOLLY feels she is about to climax,
he slows down, teasing her, making her crazy. Her blood
pounds in her ears as she screams in pleasure.)
(THE WOLF stands and holds his throbbing cock in his hand.
He begins to spank HOLLY on her pussy lips with it. HOLLY
pulls her pussy open with two fingers of each hand as he beats
her with his cock.)
THE WOLF: Who’s a good little cunt? Who’s my cunt? (his cock
slaps loudly on the tender pink flesh.)
HOLLY: (panting) I am! I’m a cunt! I’m YOUR cunt! Oh my god!
Please fuck me! PLEASE!!
THE WOLF: You forget, lassie, we do things on MY terms. You
are my sperm deposit. My little fuckslut. You really want
(He spanks his cock head hard on HOLLY’s clit now with each
Do ye? Do ye want it!? Do ye WANT it!?
HOLLY: (gasping each word) I.. do... I want it! Please!
Please! I’m a little fuckslut! I’m your sperm deposit.
I’m a little pig. I’ll do anything, just please give me your
cock, Mr. Wolf! (she is crying for it now.)
WRITER'S NOTE: It's pretty obvious where this
is going. When we shot the video, it was prett much ad libbed
from this point, but the PROFESSOR and THE WOLF both took
HOLLY to school. Such a nice little cunt she is too. Loves
to be verbally and physically degraded, and loves nipple
torture, bitings, slappings, and mutual masturbation.

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