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The Warm-Up (The Office Stud's Story)


When Beth Sellers came to work at our TV station, it was like
a bolt of electricity hit the place. She was the sexiest
thing any of us had seen - and you see a lot of beautiful women
in the television business. She had a devastatingly cute
face and short brunette hair. Her body was dynamite, absolutely
perfect. She was only 18 and her skin still had that thin
layer of baby fat that can make a young woman's skin
so irresistibly touchable. The biggest turn-on to me,
though, was her wide-eyed innocence in her first experience
in "show business."
Howard, horny Howard, noticed her the first day and came
running to me.

"You've got to fuck this one, Todd, " he
said excitedly. "You've got to. For the sake
of every man in this place, you've got to get into her

I laughed. I explained that she had only been married a few
months. I didn't consider brides to be good targets.
Challenging, maybe, but low percentage.

"How about Susie Carpenter?"

"That was different, " I said. "That
was her third marriage and everyone knew it wasn't
her last. She was looking around after the first month.
Anyway, Beth hasn't even noticed me. I couldn't
touch her if I wanted to."

"Todd, you can fuck any woman you want. I've seen
you at work. You're our office stud. The rest of us count
on you for inspiration."

"We'll see how it plays out, Howard. Don't
get too excited, though."

"Oh, man, I'd give a lot to watch you fuck that
hot little body. I could do some big favors for you."

Well, he probably could at that. Let me explain about Howard.
He liked to watch. He was a 40-year-old virgin, and he seemed
perfectly happy with that. He might have tried men once,
but if he did it didn't stick. What he really got off
on was watching men fuck women. I had arranged for him to
watch me fuck Susie Carpenter, and he was forever grateful.
Howard's gratitude could be valuable. He had a minor
ad sales job at the station, but he only took that job because
of the beautiful women and the high-sex atmosphere. He
had family money to burn. He seemed invested in everything,
and that brought a certain amount of power along with it.
He could be a good friend to have.

As for me, I had no objection to being watched. At 26, what
I was interested in was exploring life with as many women
as I could before I finally found one to settle down with.
In short, I was like a lot of other 20-something males. I
considered myself fortunate to be very successful at doing
what other men wanted to do. I've had my share of married
women, but in my experience it's impossible for another
man to break up a healthy marriage. It's in the unhealthy
marriages that women begin to look around. Men, too, of

But Beth wasn't looking around. She was friendly enough.
She flashed me that dazzling smile when we passed in the
hall, and we chatted a bit from time to time. She was a delight
to have around. She made it perfectly clear that she was
being friendly and nothing more. That was fine with me,
actually -- a female friend is very nice to have even if there's
no sex involved.

Howard didn't want to settle for watching us be friends.
He wanted to watch two naked bodies hooking up, and he wanted
it bad. "Shit, man, what's taking you so long?
Think of what it would be like to have that tight little body
pressed up against you, all naked and twisting and turning.
Get to it, pal. You're both young and beautiful, the
sap is flowing, everyone wants you two to get it on."

It wasn't long after that that something did begin
to change with Beth. She started to notice me. I was aware
of her staring a couple of times. Her "hello"
in the hallway seemed to be just a bit warmer. It was so subtle
that I suspected that it was only wishful thinking on my

Then came the day that she sprained her ankle. She was right
behind me in the hall, and I heard her fall. She acted like
she was in pain. I helped her to my office. I started to work
her ankle to see how serious it was. It took no time to discover
that she wasn't really hurt. Damned if she wasn't
flirting with me. I went along with the game and took it a
step further. I began to massage my way farther up her leg
to her bare calf. She didn't object. In fact, I heard
a little moan. "That feels so good, " she said.

You better believe it felt good. Her legs were gorgeous,
and her skin was as soft as butter. I was petting her naked
calf like a teenager on a first date. It was getting me hard.
I think I heard her breathing a little harder. She laughed
nervously. "That feels a little too good, "
she said. She stood up. I helped her down to her car. She seemed
to be having trouble remembering which ankle to limp on.
I couldn't believe my luck.

After the weekend, she said her ankle was much better. I
didn't see her much until about the time she got off
work at 8 o'clock. I still had two hours to go, and I was
in the copy room copying part of my script for the late news.
She brought some papers in. We chatted a bit until I was finished.
I had to squeeze past her to get out. As I did, my groin rubbed
against her soft ass.

I touched her hip with my hand. She wiggled a bit. Her ass
rubbed against my cock. I took my cue. I slipped my hand onto
the curve of her buttocks. God, she was sexy. I think she
actually pressed back against my palm before she finally
shook free.

Oh, man, did I ever replay that scene in my imagination that
night. I could hardly work. I couldn't believe what
was happening here. That gorgeous creature was actually
hitting on me. There was no explanation for it, but there
was no doubt it was true.

The next day as she was about to leave work, she gave me the
explanation. She came into my office and sat back on the
top of my desk, those sexy legs dangling over the front.
She actually apologized to me. Something about teasing
me because her husband expected her to be turned on when
she came home. It was just a tease to warm her up, she said.
She was sorry.

That was okay, I said. I could enjoy a tease. I stood up directly
in front of her. I grasped her naked thighs just above her
knees. We looked directly into each other's eyes.
I stroked and squeezed those sensational thighs. We were
both having a little trouble breathing.

She stood up. "That's enough, " she said.
"I think I'm warmed up now."

And she was gone. I stood there rubbing my cock. I was almost
ready to pop. I felt like smashing my fist into the wall.
Petting her was sweet ecstasy, but if this kept up, I would
have a serious case of blue balls.

I wondered what Howard would say about this. I wondered
if he would enjoy watching me play with Beth's legs.
Well, of course he would - he got hot watching any kind of
sex. But I wasn't ready to tell him about it. For one
thing, I wasn't certain Beth would allow it to go on.

She not only allowed it to go on, she encouraged it. She came
to my office every day close to 8 o'clock and we arranged
a different secluded place to play our sex games. It never
lasted longer than a couple of minutes, so we wouldn't
get caught. Mostly we just did a little hot kissing and petting.
Most of the petting was through the fabric of her clothes,
but it was hot enough. It warmed us both up, and apparently
her husband was excited about the result -- of course he
never knew how she got warmed up.

It got a little hotter the day we met in Bill Lowell's
office. Bill was a programming exec and a good friend of
mine. By 8 o'clock, he and his secretary were long gone
and the area around his office was deserted. He had a big,
cleaned-off desk with a sofa facing it. I got there first
and she was just a minute behind. I locked the door behind
her, then picked her up in my arms and laid her out on her back
on top of the desk. She squealed and giggled like a little
girl. I pushed her skirt up all the way to the top of her panties.
She lifted her hips to help me. She had quit wearing panty
hose once she realized how much her bare legs turned me on.
She turned the lower half of her body on her side and curled
her legs toward me.

"Oh, yum, " I said. "I want some of this.
I'll just start with those delicious legs."
I lightly caressed her calves, then along the back of her
thighs, stopping just short of her panties. I was instantly
hard. I had never had so much of her soft, naked skin in my
hands. I moaned.

Still holding the back of her thighs with my right hand I
leaned forward to kiss her. It was a deep, wet kiss. She was
responding with her own tongue moving deep into my open
mouth. "Mmm-hmm, " she said. I curled my right
hand around the back of her top thigh until my fingertips
were between her legs near her crotch. I stroked back down
her thighs and calves while we kissed hotly once again.
"Doctor Hot Hands, " she murmured. "I
love your hands. But I've got to go. I'm wet enough."

"I don't believe you, " I said. "Let's
see." I squeezed my right hand in between her thighs.
She resisted at first and then opened her legs just enough
for me to caress her inner thigh to her crotch. Yes, her panties
were wet. I rubbed my fingers against her crotch. Even through
her panty fabric, I could feel how hot and swollen her lips
were. I noticed an inscription on her panties, right over
her mound of Venus. Carl's Private Honey Pot, it said.
Only a wet, tissue-thin layer of fabric stood between my
fingers and Carl's Private Honey Pot.

"Carl is about to get a nice surprise, " I said.

"He'll think I got hot just thinking about him.
Ha! I've got to go now. I'm so warmed up I can't
stand it."

Then she was on her feet, smoothing out her skirt and giving
me a light kiss goodbye. Once again I was left rubbing my
aching cock through my trousers.

It didn't get much easier the next time, even though
she clearly tried to cool it down a bit. When we met in the
client's booth over the newsroom production set,
I tried to coax her onto the sofa. "No, let's stand, "
she said. "Just kiss me." So we kissed, and it
wasn't exactly cooling it. We plunged our tongues
together. She stood on tiptoes and pressed that hot little
body against mine. I gripped her firm buttocks with both
hands and ground her against me. After a moment I spun her
around and pulled her ass against my hard cock. I unbuttoned
the top of her blouse and lowered her bra. I cupped both of
her naked breasts in my palms. I was in heaven. Her breasts
were soft, firm and responsive to my touch. I concentrated
on her hard nipples. I ran my fingertips across the textured
surface. The nipples popped even more erect. "Ohhhh,
yes, " she moaned. She wiggled her buttocks against
the bulge in my trousers.

She pulled away. She was gasping for breath. "Please, "
she said. "It's so hot in here. I've got to

She was still buttoning her blouse when she walked out the
door. I sat down on the sofa and tried to compose myself.
In less than a minute, Howard opened the door and came in
to sit beside me.

"You sly bastard, " he said. "You've
been poking it to that hot little cunt, and you didn't
even tell me."

I shook my head. "I'm not fucking her, "
I said.

"I just saw her come out of here. She was buttoning
her blouse. Her nipples were so excited they were drilling
holes in her bra. She was breathing through her mouth. She
had that glassy-eyed look of a woman in heat. Don't
tell me you're not fucking her."

"No. She just wants to play sex games." I explained
how she wanted to warm up for her husband.

"So what were you doing in here?" he asked eagerly.
"Tell me about it."

"We kissed a bit. I played with her tits. She has great
tits. Her nipples popped up the second I touched them. It
was the first time I'd had my hands on her naked tits."

"So what had you been doing before?" He loved
to hear details. He loved it almost much as watching. And
I owed him.

"Kissing, light petting. Then last night in Bill
Lowell's office, she lifted her skirt for me to pet
her naked legs. Her skin is so young and soft, you know how
that feels - well, maybe you don't. Anyway, after a
minute she spread her legs for me, just enough for me to get
my hand in. I rubbed her pussy through her panties. She was
swollen, hot and wet."

"Then what?"

I threw up my hands. "Then she got up and went home."

"Weird. Well, all I know is she looked like a woman
who was ready for some hard meat. Sounds like it, too. Don't
you think it's time you let me watch?"

I warned him that he might not see much. But I'd arrange
to meet Beth the next day in the stock room. No one ever came
in there at that hour.

Howard and I got there early and arranged a place behind
some boxes where he could hide and watch.

"But don't you dare make any noise. Jerk off if
you want, but do it quietly."

I waited for Beth in a spot where Howard would be able to see
us. As soon as she came in, I pulled her body into mine and
kissed her until we were both breathing hard. Then I turned
her around so her ass was pressing against my groin. I opened
her bra so I could play with her tits with my left hand. With
my right, I reached under her skirt and caressed her ass.
"Take your panties off, " I whispered.

She dropped her panties immediately. I thought maybe this
was finally my day. I stroked and squeezed those naked buttocks.
They were so round and firm. We both moaned. I reached around
with my right hand and touched her crotch. Her pussy lips
were already hot. I could feel them swelling under my fingertips.
There was light moisture between her lips and I ran my fuck
finger through it before moving on to her clit with my fingertip.
Howard was getting to see more than I ever had.

When I moved my finger to the opening of her pussy, Beth spread
her legs wide for me. Oh, man. I slid one finger, then two,
into that tight, hot tunnel. As I fingered her, she tightened
her pussy around my fingers and humped against them. No
question, she was showing me her fuck-hump gear. She was
ready for it today. Howard was about to get an eyeful. I pulled
my body back from her a bit and lowered my trousers and shorts
with my left hand. My cock was aching for this. As we finger
fucked, I squeezed the base of her ass check with my left
hand. I touched her crotch almost where my other hand was
plunging into her pussy. I slid my cock forward along my
left hand until the tip was between her cheeks. All I had
to do was bend her over slightly and slip in.

Suddenly, she jerked away. "Wait! We can't.
I can't fuck you." She was pulling up her panties.
"I never said I'd cheat on my husband, "
she said.

I stood there stunned as she left. Howard came out of his
hiding place. He looked as disappointed as I was.

"Jesus, man, that was so hot. That turned me on as much
as a fuck. She was so horny she was about to fuck your hand
off. You were so close."

"I've got her juices on my cock, " I said.
"That's pretty close."

"When she dropped her panties, I thought I'd
lose it. That body was made to be fucked. That ass is wasted
on her husband."

"I'd love to get her at home alone."


"Her husband's always home. He doesn't
travel, he doesn't work nights. He just sits at home
and drinks."

Howard frowned. "Maybe we can do something."

I shrugged. After tonight, I thought, she might be so spooked
that she'd be untouchable.

But the next day, it was as if nothing had happened. I suggested
meeting in Bill Lowell's office at 8, and she said okay.
Just maybe we shouldn't get naked again, she said.
So we sat on Lowell's sofa and made out for five minutes,
fully clothed, until she was warmed up enough to go home
to Carl. . Howard stopped by every day to pick up whatever
juicy bits he could. Then, the day of the station's
25th anniversary party, he brought me a sheet of paper.
Printed on it was a job description, along with a name and
phone number.

"Give this to Carl tonight at the party. It might be
his next job, if he wants it. You know, I own this car rental
business. My manager's been complaining about working
weekends. So I told him I'd send him someone to manage
the agency on Saturday and Sunday, then work three days
a week in the lot where we sell the used rental cars. That
will take Carl out of your hair on weekends. Clever, huh?"

"Wow. Thanks."

"All she needs is a little nudge, don't you think?
Add it up. She squirms all over you. She drops her panties
for you. She spreads her legs for you. She opens up so you
can finger fuck her. She humps you like she can't get
enough of it. Face it, Carl's sexy little wife wants
something you can give her, and she wants it bad."

"I'm not sure it's me, Howard. I've
been thinking about things she's said. It may be that
what she really wants is to get back at Carl for the way he's
treated her. If that's true, this party might be her
chance. I mean, what better way to get back at her husband
than to cheat on him right under his nose?"

He thought about that. "Then where will you be?"

"I'll try to get her to Bill Lowell's office

"Cool. I can see that from the parking garage next
door." He grinned. "I watched you twice this

At the party, I made a point of staying clear of Beth and Carl.
I flirted with the girls. I talked football with the guys.
Then late in the evening, I took Howard's piece of paper
to Carl. While he read it, I played with his wife's ass.
I wanted to see if she liked the idea of being that daring.
She did. We danced a little later with Carl's blessing,
and we cuddled and petted some more. She was rubbing against
me with everything she had, husband or no husband. We were
both a little short of breath.

"I want to touch you, " I said. "Meet me
in Bill Lowell's office in 10 minutes." I suggested
that she tell Carl she had some late work to catch up on before
they went home.

When I took her back to Carl, I told him I was leaving.

I headed for the parking lot until I was out of their sight,
then I went straight to Lowell's office and waited.

The minute she came in she threw her arms around my neck.
While we kissed, she squirmed her entire body against mine
in a fuck rhythm. I had been right. She was burning up over
the idea of playing sex games with me right under her husband's
nose. But I had miscalculated before. This time I decided
that she would have to be the one to take the lead.

I kissed her and played with those gorgeous naked legs on
the desktop. I stopped short of her crotch, but every time
I got close she moaned and raised her hips up all the way off
the desk. After a minute of this, she pulled her panties
off and tossed them away. She grabbed my right hand and clamped
it against her hot, swollen pussy. I tried to go slow and
play with her clit, but she couldn't wait. She guided
my fingers inside as far as she could. She must have been
completely wet even before she came upstairs, because
when I started finger fucking her it was like plunging my
fingers into a pool. She was humping back at me fiercely.
"Todd, baby, " she murmured, "make me
cum." Every fuck-hump was accented with a little
"mmm." I reached my left hand under her ass to
try to anchor her, but her buttocks were wet and slippery.
I dropped my trousers, mostly to give my aching cock some
relief. Before I knew it she had a grip on my cock. Then I felt
her contractions grip my fingers as she began to cum. She
arched up at my fingers over and over. She squealed so loud
I was afraid someone outside might hear. Her little body
writhed wildly from side to side. She wrapped her legs around
my right arm and shoulder. I thought of Howard, watching
- I figured he had popped his cork by now. I was having trouble
controlling my own cock, which was still in Beth's
firm grip.

She had no more than settled down from the orgasm until she
sat up on the desk and wrapped her legs around my hips. She
pressed my hard cock against her pussy and began to rub against
it. Our juices squished together. We were leaving a pool
on Lowell's desk. I had never been so super-hard. I
was so hot I was afraid I was going to lose it. I tried to pull
back slightly and go slow, but she clamped me to her with
her legs.

"Todd, baby, " she whispered, "do it,
baby, don't tease me, let's fuck." The magic
words I'd been itching to hear, but I was so tight I was
afraid I'd cum. I tried to rest my cock lightly against
her cunt lips until I was sure I had my control back. But she
couldn't wait. She grasped my cock and squirmed until
she had the head inside. I had never seen anyone so hot and
wet. I couldn't stand it. I pushed my cock into her all
the way. She gripped me inside her hot, wet pussy walls.
She squirmed against me, rubbing her clit against my pubic
hair. I pulled almost halfway out and plunged back in a couple
of times, then paused to keep from cumming.

I had to slow her down. I picked her up off the desk top and
backed up to brace myself against the sofa. She was fucking
me now. About all I could do was keep a tight grip on her ass
with both hands. She moaned that little "mmm"
and her slick, wet buttocks clenched tight with every hump.
I could barely keep my grip. I figured that Howard had sprayed
the parking garage with cum a couple of times by now. I managed
to hold out until her second orgasm swept through her. Her
pussy squeezed my cock a couple of times and I lost it. For
the first time, I could hold her buttocks and drive into
her. I shot round after round of my seed deep inside her.
As we settled down, she gripped her legs around one of mine
and humped her wet pussy against my thigh.

Suddenly she realized that Carl was waiting. Neither of
us had any idea how much time had passed. She tried her best
to wipe herself off and straighten her skirt. Then she was
on her way to Carl.

About two minutes later, Howard came in. He was muttering
something about a security guard. "Well, what happened?"
he asked.

"You missed it?"

"I saw you finger fucking her, and then a security
guard came through the parking garage. I had to duck out
of the way. The guard ran into some guy and they started to
talk, right about where I needed to be to watch you. When
I finally got to see in, Beth was straightening up her skirt
and going out the door. I ran right over here. What did I miss?"

I laughed. "Two orgasms, three including mine, a
wonderful finger fuck, and a couple of minutes of me straining
not to cum too soon while that bombshell fucked me crazy."

"Oh, shit, I knew it. So you really got to drive it into
her hot little cunt, huh?"

"Not exactly. She put it in herself. She did the fucking.
She was so hot and wet, and she kept squeezing my cock inside,
I just tried to hold on. The minute she came, her pussy walls
went wild all around my cock and I came like a horse."

Howard was wide eyed. "Jeez, I feel sick, "
he said. He noticed the smears of liquid on the top of the
desk. He dipped his finger into it and sniffed. "Yours
or hers?" he asked.

"Both. We were mixing a lot of juice most of the time.
You could hear it swish. She was so wet it was amazing."

He found her panties on the floor. Neither she nor I had thought
about her panties. He held the panties to his nose and grinned.
"Smells like a woman who's dying for a few inches
of hard cock." He read the inscription. "Poor

I reached out for them, but he jerked them back. "Hey,
finders keepers. I might have a use for these. What would
she do to get them back?"

"Don't blackmail her."

"What would I do with money? Or sex? I won't hurt
her, you know that."

Well, I did know he wouldn't hurt her. But I didn't
know what he had in mind until the next afternoon.

As soon as I got to work at 2 o'clock, Beth came in and
told me that some woman had called her about the panties.
She was upset, but not as much as I thought. "She and
her boyfriend want to watch."

"They want to watch? Us? Where?"

"She didn't say. She said to relax and she'd
call back in a few days. What should I do?"

"Do what she says. Relax. Let's see what happens.
Let me think about it and we'll talk some more at 8."

Howard came in not long after that. "I hope she's
not too upset, " he said.

"What's this thing about a girl?"

He shrugged. "I figured she'd be less frightened
if it was a girl. A girl owed me a favor. Forget about her.
I've got it all planned. Carl's going to take the
job. He had an interview at noon. By the time Carl starts
working weekends, Beth will be dying to get it on with you
again. I'll just have to tell her where, and she'll
jump at it."


"The jacuzzi at her apartments. It's surrounded
by a privacy fence and not many people go out there this time
of year."

"Pretty public, " I said. I thought about it.
"I'll see if I can't begin to nudge her in
that direction. I think she might like to show off if she
had a chance. Most really sexy women do. Maybe I ought to
tease her a little bit. What do you think?"

"Well, if you can go for a week or two without getting
your cock inside that hot pussy, she'll probably be
ready to you by the time we get to the jacuzzi."

My daily "warm-up" sessions with Beth began
to take a different turn. I made certain of that. That very
afternoon, we flashed the parking garage across from Bill
Lowell's office. I backed her up against the window,
lowered her panties, and groped her bare ass. We imagined
that some lonely man had just parked his car and was watching.
Maybe there really was someone watching. We didn't
know, and that was part of the excitement.

The next day we flashed the restaurant next door to the parking
garage. We began to play our 8 o'clock sex games in more
open places. We both felt excitement in the risk of being
seen. It got so Beth was already wet and hot before I touched
her. She could have gone home to her husband immediately,
but she wanted to stay longer and longer. Sometimes I had
to remind her that it was time to go home. She had said once
before that Carl kept a close eye on the clock. I didn't
want him to get suspicious.

We almost got caught once. We were necking on the sofa in
Lowell's office. I had my hand up her dress. She was
plenty warmed up, I thought. It was time for her to go.

Instead, she got up and turned on the desk lamp so that the
room was dimly lit. She said, "You know that lonely
man we talk about over in that parking garage? I like to imagine
that it's Carl."

"Carl? You want your husband to see us?"

"Yeah. Wouldn't it be something if he saw us like
this?" She came back to the sofa. Facing away from
the window, she pulled her skirt up over her waist. She threw
her left leg over me and tightened her pelvis against mine.
She unbuckled, unzipped, and lowered my slacks. We were
down to her panties and my boxer shorts. I grabbed the thigh
she had wrapped around me. I pulled her tighter. She began
to hump her crotch slowly against my hard cock. "I'd
love for him to see how you get me so hot."

She straightened her legs. "This would drive him
wild, " she said. She lowered her panties down her
legs and off onto the floor. She wrapped her legs around
me again. She pulled my cock out of my shorts and began to
hump against it. "He'd think we were fucking,
wouldn't he? I wish he could see this. He'd go crazy
... mmm ... watching you fuck his wife ... mmm ... better
than he ever did."

Right now, my cock was the one going crazy. Whatever plan
I had of just teasing her for the next few days was about to
go down the tubes. With every slow hump, she was rubbing
her pussy along my cock and moaning that little "mmm."
She put her arms around my neck and I grabbed her buttocks.

Then, at precisely the worst time, there was a knock on the
door. We both panicked and began putting clothes on. Zipping
myself up, I opened the door a crack. It was the cleaning
lady. I told her to come back in a while.

Beth was red-faced and frightened. And fully dressed.

"Damn, " I said.

"I guess I have to go, " she said. "I'm
late anyway." She slipped out when we were certain
the cleaning lady was at work in an office down the hall.

The next day when Howard came by for the latest juicy news,
he thought the whole thing was pretty funny. "Serves
you right, trying to get some of that behind my back. I wanted
her to be horny as a rabbit when you two step into that jacuzzi."

"I don't think you have to worry about that."

"Anyway, I came by to tell you, we're all set for
Saturday morning if the weather is good. Carl will be working
this weekend. I'll have the same girl call. She's
really getting into this - I think she really does want to

"You're not going to let her."

"Oh, no. This treat is for me alone. And for you and
Beth, of course. Sounds like she's beginning to like
the idea of an audience. Didn't you say she wished that
Carl could watch?"

"That's what she said."

"Could be arranged."

"Don't even think about it."

The weather was perfect on Saturday. Howard called and
told me to get my trunks on and get over to the jacuzzi at Beth's
apartment complex. I got there before she did. Howard was
already in hiding someplace. The hot tub area was surrounded
by bushes and a privacy fence. He could be peeking through
any of that. Then I noticed a tiny window on the back of the
pool house. Maybe a store room or men's room, I thought.
The window was open a crack. From there, someone could see
anything that went on in the jacuzzi. I should have known.
Howard had been a voyeur for so long that he had become a real

Then Beth showed up. She was absolutely stunning. Her body
was made for a bikini, especially the tiny white one she
wore. SI Swimsuit Issue, eat your heart out.

I got up and hugged her. "I'm a little scared, "
she whispered in my ear.

We sat in the jacuzzi. "Relax, " I told her.
"Imagine that that lonely man in the parking garage
is watching. Imagine that Carl is watching us."

That lit her tree. "Oh, yeah, Carl, watch this. This
is the way it's done." She began to intertwine
her long, naked legs with mine. My cock began to ache immediately
-- way too soon, I thought. I touched her breast above water,
where Howard could see it clearly. I slipped my fingers
beneath the bra fabric and played with her nipples.

We rolled over on our sides to face each other. We kissed
deeply. She wrapped both arms around my neck. I gripped
her buttocks with both hands and pulled her entire body
against mine. She squirmed. I caressed and squeezed that
Playmate ass. I slipped my fingers under her panties, down
the curve of her buttocks to her crotch.

Then I pulled my body away a few inches and rubbed her flat,
soft belly down to the point where I could slip inside her
panties. She spread her legs for me. I pushed the crotch
of her panties aside and played with her swollen lips and
clit. "Yes, " she whispered. "Baby,
baby, you can make me cum. Carl can't do that."
When I slipped two fingers inside, she bucked frantically
against me. She arched her back. I gripped her buttocks
with my right hand while my left explored her cunt. I plunged
my fingers in, first hard, then slow, my thumb rubbing over
her clit. I tried to lift her toward the surface of the water
- I wanted Howard to see all of this. She humped fiercely
and then I felt her tight tunnel squeeze my fingers again
and again. She moaned loudly.

When she settled, I took my fingers out. She lifted her right
leg over my body and rubbed it against me. She pulled my trunks
down till my cock sprung free. I was as hard as I've ever
been. "Mmmm, " she whispered. "Let's
fuck. You're my lover, baby, I wish Carl could see us
fuck." I wasn't so certain. Once again, I felt
like I might pop prematurely. Her body was just too much.

But she wasn't waiting. She was slipping my cock into
that tight, hot tunnel. In this position, on our sides,
I couldn't get much more than halfway in. I slipped
in and out of her slowly, but she was humping me to get me deeper
inside. Her cunt was so tight. She squeezed my cock. My cock
was tingling all over, the way it feels just before it cums.
I was aching.

I realized that Howard's view was blocked by her thigh.
So I rolled her over on top of my. "Yes, yes, "
she whispered, "that's it, deeper, fuck me deeper."
Now, if Howard was at the window where I suspected he was,
he would have a perfect view of my cock pumping in and out
of her pussy. If I could just keep from cumming. I gripped
her thighs with both hands and drove up into her all the way.
As she squeezed me, my cock kept tingling like it was about
to explode. I'd never known that feeling to go on and
on for so long. Usually it meant I was about to cum. But not
this time. It was like fireworks going on all over my cock,
and it didn't end. Beth was whimpering and I was moaning
with every plunge into her. I knew Howard had a perfect view,
but there was no way he could ever know what this felt like.
It was sweet agony, over and over. I was right on the verge
of cumming for minute after minute. Finally Beth squealed
so loud they could hear it a block away. Her pussy spasmed
around me and her cervix rubbed against my tip. I came with
an explosion of sperm. I bucked so hard I lifted her out of
the water. I kept pumping even after the orgasm was over,
until my cock actually hurt. I fell back exhausted. She
stretched her body out atop mine and pressed against me.

It was a moment before we had the strength to stand up and
straighten out our swimsuits. "Did we give them a
show, or what?" I asked.

She giggled. "I'd give anything if Carl could
have seen that."

"He doesn't know what he's missing."

Behind her back, I gave a little wave toward the open window,
if Howard was still there.

I knew two things were true.

First, I knew we would find her panties in a manila envelope
leaning against her door.

And second, I knew that Carl wouldn't be off work until
at least six o'clock.

I had my arm around a sensational body at my side. I was already
making plans for the afternoon.

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This was a good story. It threw out a few ways it could go and
avoided becoming predictable, even became a little sinister,
but still ended well. Nice