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The Virgin Becky the baby siter. (re submite)


Due to the demand re sending this story...

He turned a corner and caught a glimpse of long blonde hair
near the lockers. Jessica Harner. She was on the cheerleading
squad and they had been going out for a couple of months.
As he neared, he saw that she was wearing her cheerleader
uniform, a short white skirt and a red sport bra type top.
She was talking with Julie Sykes, a beautiful and curvaceous
brunette with a great set of 34 D cups. She was wearing her
cheerleader uniform as well and filled out her top very

He crept up behind Jessica, his finger to his lips so Julie
wouldn’t give him away, and planted a quick kiss on her long
slender neck. She jumped and spun around, surprised, then
smiled. Her face literally lit up when she smiled and her
emerald green eyes sparkled. Damn, she was hot! Her long
hair fell over her shoulders down to the small of her back
and her firm, grapefruit sized tits bounced seductively
inside her top as she moved closer and leaned up to kiss him.

“Hi, Mike!” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck
and hugged him.

“Hey, Jess, ” he replied, giving her a gentle squeeze. They were both seventeen and had started having sex three
weeks earlier. Jessica had been giving him blow jobs since
the second week they had been together, but it had taken
her another three weeks to go all the way with him. She hadn’t
been a virgin, but her only other sexual encounter hadn’t
been very satisfying for her and she wanted to make sure
she was ready before trying it again. Always the perfect
gentleman (well usually), he hadn’t pushed her too hard
and when they finally did have sex, she was like a wild animal
that had finally been freed. They had done it many times
since and more often than not, it was Jessica who initiated
their sexual liaisons. They’d even done it at school a couple
of times at her insistence, not that he put up much of a fight.

Julie pretended to examine her nails while they embraced.

“So, are we still on for tonight?” he asked, releasing her
slender body. She stood about five-foot-six and weighed
about one-ten. Her face fell and she shook her head.

“I can’t, ” she said in a dejected tone of voice. “I promised
Mrs Drew that I’d babysit Becky tonight. Sorry, babe. I
forgot all about it.”

Mike looked at her, arching one eyebrow. “Becky Drew? Isn’t
she old enough to take care of herself?”

Julie interrupted. “I’m gonna take off, Jess. You better
hurry or you’ll be late for practice.” She smiled at Mike.
“See ya later, Mike!”

Jessica nodded. “I’ll be right there.”

Mike raised a hand as she turned and walked away, her long
legs disappearing under her short white pleated skirt.
“See ya, Julie.”

“Hey!” Jessica scolded as she pulled his face away from
Julie’s trim figure.

He grinned at her, shrugging. “Sorry, babe. I’m only human!”

She continued her stern look, then gave in and returned
his grin. “I suppose I can’t stop you from looking. . .” She
wagged a finger in his face. “. . . but don’t touch!”

“Deal, ” he said, and gave her a quick peck on the lips. “So,
why are you babysitting Becky? Isn’t she like . . .fourteen
or fifteen?”

Jessica nodded. “She’s fifteen, but her parents are going
away until Saturday afternoon and they don’t want her to
be alone all night.”

He frowned. “Oh. So you have to stay all night?”

Jessica nodded. “Yeah, sorry. I wish I could get out of it.”
Then her face brightened. “Hey! Why don’t you come over!?
Becky will be in bed around ten or eleven!” She bit her lower
lip and looked up at him sexily. “And I’ll be awful lonely
sitting there all by myself!”

His smile returned. Her tone of voice suggested that ‘lonely’
was a euphemism for ‘horny’. “Sure! Sounds great!”

She stood on her tip toes and kissed his lips quickly. “I
have to get to practice.” She started down the hall, then
turned. “I’ll give you a call after she goes to bed!” She
whirled around, her pleated skirt spinning up to give him
a quick glimpse of her white panties under it.

“Hey!” he called out. She turned again, walking backwards
away from him. “Wear that tonight!” He grinned and she laughed,
then turned and ran down the hall.

Chapter 2

Becky was sitting cross-legged on the couch watching TV.
To say that she was upset that her parents had hired a sitter
would be an understatement. She was pissed! If word ever
got out at school, she would be teased incessantly! She
was fifteen, for fuck sake! The only good thing was that
it was Jessica, who had been her regular sitter until a couple
of years ago, when Becky had finally convinced her parents
that she was too old for a sitter. They always had fun and
Becky was hoping to ask her some questions about what high
school was like. She would be a junior next fall and was already
planning to try out for the cheerleading squad. And she
certainly looked the part. While she still had some of the
awkward pubescent look, she was quickly developing into
a very attractive young woman. Her long, slender legs led
to nicely curved hips, a flat stomach, and a pair of baseball
sized breasts that seemed to get a little bigger each day.
Her face was oval shaped with clear skin and a pair of pale
blue eyes that seemed to shine as if lit by some inner light.
She had long, dark brown hair with a few blonde highlights
that fell almost to her waist. It could sometimes be a pain
to take care of, but she loved the feel of it. And it looked
great on her, which was evidenced by the increasing number
of looks and whistles she was receiving from guys. Tonight
it was tied up into a long ponytail.

Her mother came into the room. “Ok, honey. We’re going now.”
She looked at her watch. “Jessica should be here in about
half an hour. We’ll be home around noon tomorrow.” She pulled
a twenty from her purse and laid it on the hall table. “Get
yourselves a pizza, ok?” Becky nodded, still staring at
the TV, but not really watching it. Her mother sighed and
sat next to her. “Look, honey, I know you’re not a little
kid anymore and if we were coming home tonight, we’d leave
you alone.” She touched her arm. “It’ll make me feel better
knowing that you’re not alone all night.” She smiled and
stroked Becky’s hair. “Think of it as a sleep over, ok? No
bedtime. I’ll leave it up to you two.”

Becky turned to her and sighed. “Ok, Mom. I guess I understand.”
She gave her a slight smile. “Jess is more of a friend, anyway.
We’ll have fun.”

Her mother leaned forward and kissed her forehead. “Thanks
for understanding.” She stood up. “We’ll call in the morning
and let you know what time we’ll be home.”

“C’mon, Deb! Let’s go!” her father called from the kitchen.
He poked his head into the room. “Are you all set, Becky?”

She nodded. “Uh-huh. Have fun, you guys.”

Her mother went over and straightened her father’s tie,
then turned to go. “You, too, honey. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Night, sweetie. Don’t stay up too late, ok?” her father
said with a smile. She nodded and waved goodbye.

She was still basically in the same position when the doorbell
rang about twenty minutes later. She unfolded her long
legs and went to answer the door, dressed casually in a pair
of sweat pants and t-shirt. She checked the window, then
opened the door for Jessica.

“Hey, Jess, ” she said as Jessica stepped inside.

“Hi, Becky! How are you?” Jessica said with a smile. She
genuinely liked Becky and if not for having to postpone
her date with Mike, would have looked forward to spending
the night with her. She was wearing tight faded jeans and
a short t-shirt that showed off her bare navel. A small overnight
bag was slung over her shoulder.

“Wow! You look like you’re going on a hot date!” Becky exclaimed
as she closed the door.

Jessica looked down at herself, then back up to Becky, her
face scrunched up into a questioning grimace. “Too much?”

Becky laughed. “Not if you’re trying to get guys to look
at you!”

Jessica grinned and dropped her bag. “Well, to be honest,
Mike may be dropping by later.”

Becky’s face lit up. “Mike Wilkens!? He’s hot!”

Jessica raised an eyebrow and looked at her, a wry smile
on her face. “Hey, that’s my boyfriend you’re talking about!
Don’t you go putting the moves on him!” She tried to keep
a straight face, but Becky started to giggle and soon Jessica
joined her.

As they started over to the couch, Becky looked down at her
own attire. “Oh, shit! I can’t let him see me dressed like
this!” Before Jessica could respond, she raced down the
hall to her room and closed the door. Jessica chuckled and
sat down on the couch. She picked up the remote control and
began flipping through the channels. It looked like Becky
would still be up when Mike arrived. Jessica was horny as
hell, but they had all night. Becky would go to bed eventually.

About twenty minutes later, Becky emerged from her room
wearing tight jeans and a revealing halter top. She had
applied a little makeup and let her hair down. It shone as
she walked into the room, nearly touching the top of her
jeans. “I ordered us a pizza. Mom’s treat, ” she said as she sat down.

Jessica looked at the attractive young woman sitting beside
her, who was only a young girl a few short minutes ago. “Holy
shit, Becky! Should I be worried, here?” She raised her
eyebrows and tried to look serious. Becky grinned sheepishly
and blushed.

“I just wanted to look . . . nice, ” she said quietly. “Like

Jessica chuckled and hugged her. “I’m only teasing! But
you do look nice. You’ve grown up a lot in the last couple
of years!”

They settled in front of the TV, chatting away and catching
up, not really watching it. The pizza arrived a few minutes
later and they moved into the kitchen to eat. They sat at
the table eating and when there was a lull in the conversation,
Becky spoke up. “So, are you guys . . . you know . . . doing it?”

Jessica looked up at her, startled at her intimate question,
and pausing while chewing on a piece of pizza. She swallowed
it and said, “Why would you ask me something like that?”

Becky shrugged and studied her piece of pizza, not meeting
Jessica’s eyes. “I dunno. I was just curious, I guess.”

Jessica fixed her eyes on Becky. “That’s not something
you ask someone, Becky. It’s very personal.”

Becky didn’t reply for a moment, then said, “I’m sorry.
I was just wondering . . . what it was like, is all.”

Jessica took another bite and chewed it slowly, her eyes
never leaving Becky. “Becky, I hope you’re not thinking
about . . .”

Becky raised her head and spoke, cutting her off. “No!”
She shook her head emphatically to emphasize her point.
Her long hair swayed back and forth across her back. “I’m
not planning anything! I mean, I don’t even have a boyfriend.
I‘ve just been thinking about it a lot lately and was wondering
, you know . . . what it’s like.”

Jessica picked up their plates and took them over to the
dishwasher, remembering all too well how she had felt when
she was Becky’s age. She knew she should tell her not to do
it; that she was too young. But that wasn’t how she felt.
Sex was a wonderful part of her life, especially with Mike!
But she said nothing as she put the dirty plates into the

“Does it hurt?” Becky pressed, turning to look at Jessica
over the back of her chair. “Jenny said it does . . . a lot.”

Jessica closed the dishwasher and turned around, leaning
against the counter. “Has Jenny done it?”

Becky shook her head. “No. She just heard that it does.”

Jessica sighed and motioned for them to go back into the
family room. “Come on. I’ll tell you what I know.” Becky
grinned and stood to follow her. “But, ” Jessica said, wagging a finger in her face, “not a word to anyone, especially
your parents! Got it?” Becky nodded. They went in and sat
cross-legged on the couch, facing each other. “Ok, ” Jessica
said. “What do you want to know?”

“Well, like I asked before - does it hurt?”

Jessica looked over at the Becky, who was waiting anxiously
for an answer. “Yes. The first time it does hurt a little.
But not after that.” She grinned. “Actually, it feels pretty
fucking good after that! Pardon the pun.” She put a hand
to her mouth. “Oops! Maybe I shouldn’t have told you that!”

Becky grinned and waved her off. “Well, duh! I didn’t figure
it was so popular because it felt bad! Don’t worry, I’m not
going to run out and have sex just because you said it feels
good!” They both giggled. Becky asked a few more questions,
which Jessica answered as best she could without getting
too graphic.

“What about . . .” Becky looked down and her voice got quieter.
“ . . . what about blow-jobs? Jenny says people do it all the
time, but it sounds kinda gross!”

Jessica smiled wryly. “It sounds like Jenny has an answer
for everything without having any experience!”

Becky shrugged. “I’m not saying that I believe everything
she says. That’s why I’m asking you. But I’ve heard other
girls talk about it, too.”

Jessica nodded and thought for a moment before replying.
“Yes, girls do it to guys. And guys do it to girls, too.” She
saw a puzzled look come over Becky’s face. “They lick you.
And it feels really good.”

Becky thought about it for a moment, then nodded. “What
about doing it to guys? Have you ever done it?”

Jessica took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Remember,
Becky, this is between you and me. You don’t repeat any of
this to anyone, ok?” Becky saw the seriousness in her face;
heard it in her voice. She nodded. “I mean it. If any of what
I’m about to tell you gets out, everyone will call me a slut
and Mike will break up with me. I haven’t told anyone else
this.” It probably wasn’t true about Mike breaking up with
her. She just wanted to make sure Becky kept quiet.

Becky swallowed, aware that Jessica was giving her her
trust, but also a warning. If word did get out, she would
know where it came from. “I . . . I promise, Jess. Not a word!”

Jessica looked into her eyes for a long moment, then nodded.
“Ok, then. I just needed you to understand the trust I’m
placing in you. My reputation is at stake.” She paused,
then said, “First of all, yes I’ve done it. And giving head,
a blow-job, is actually quite a turn-on. It seemed gross
to me when I first heard about it, but it really isn’t.” Just
then, the phone rang. Becky grabbed it from the end table
and answered it.

“Hello? Uh, yeah . . .just a sec.” She passed the phone to
Jessica and mouthed ‘Mike’. Jessica took the phone and
glanced at her watch. Eleven-fifteen.

“Hello? . . . Oh, hey! . . . Shit, sorry. We were just talking
and lost track of time.” She grinned and winked at Becky.
“Ok . . . see you soon . . . Bye.” She hung up the phone and looked
over at Becky. “Mike’s on his way over.”

Becky grinned at her. “Are you guys going to do it?”

“Becky!” Jessica cried, her eyes wide and a shocked grin
on her face. She playfully slapped her on the leg.

Becky laughed. “I was just wondering if I should go to my
room when he gets here!”

Jessica began to laugh, too, and threw a small pillow at
her. “Yes! Yes, you should! And put your headphones on!”

Chapter 3

A while later, the doorbell rang. Jessica went to let Mike
in while Becky checked her hair and tried to look sexy. Jessica
glanced over at her, smiled and shook her head, then opened
the door.

“Hey, babe!” Mike exclaimed, stepping inside. His eyes
fell on Becky as she stood up, smiling shyly. “Oh, hi, Becky.
Wow! You look great!” Jessica shot him a dirty look as she
closed the door and Becky blushed.

“Th . . . thanks, Mike. You, too, ” she mumbled.

They stood staring awkwardly at each other for a few minutes
until Jessica said, “Maybe you should say goodnight, Becky.
It’s almost midnight.”

Becky looked at her for a moment, then seemed to snap out
of it. “Uh, yeah . . . sure. Goodnight.” She turned and walked
down the hall, her long hair glimmering as she walked away.

“Night, Becky, ” Jessica said.

“Yeah, good night Becky, ” Mike called. “Nice seeing you
again!” Becky waved over her shoulder and went into her
room, closing the door softly behind her. He turned to Jessica.
“Wow, she really grew up!” Jessica slapped him on the arm.

“She’s only fifteen, you perv!” He grinned at her and after
a few seconds, she grinned and shook her head. “What am I
going to do with you?”

He raised his eyebrows suggestively. “I can think of a few
things . . .” Jessica giggled and leaned in to kiss him. They
pulled apart and Mike glanced down the hall.

“I thought she would be asleep already, ” he said quietly.

“Relax, she’s cool, ” Jessica replied, kissing him again.
“She won’t bother us.” He returned her kiss, his hands moving
to her bare midriff and caressing the soft skin. He began
to move them up under her shirt but she placed her hands on
his, stopping him.

“Hold on. I’ve got a surprise for you!” She led him over to
the couch and gently pushed him to a seated position on it.
“Wait here. I’ll be right back.” She turned and slowly walked
down the hall to the guest room, allowing him a nice view
of her perfect ass inside her tight jeans. He watched her
intently. When she arrived at the door, she turned, blew
him a kiss, and disappeared inside. He sat back on the couch,
picked up the remote, and began to flip through the channels.

A few minutes later, Jessica emerged from the bedroom wearing
her cheerleading uniform. He forgot about the TV and turned
to watch her walk toward him. Her hips swayed seductively
under the short skirt and her tits strained at the material
of the skimpy top, her hard nipples leaving prominent bumps.
She walked over and stood before him, nibbling on her lower
lip. “You like?”

He nodded speechlessly, his mouth twisted into a lusty
grin. Jessica took his hands and placed them on her slender
thighs, pulling them up under her skirt. Mike grinned up
at the pretty blonde when he realized that she wasn’t wearing
any panties under it. He lifted the pleated skirt up and
was greeted with the sight of her pussy, completely shaved
except for a small patch of blond hair just above her mound.

“How about now?” she said huskily, spreading her legs apart
and moving closer to him. He placed both hands on her bare
ass and pulled her wet pussy to his face. He stuck out his
tongue and licked her swollen pussy several times before
pushing his tongue deeper into her hole and swirling it
around, lapping up her sweet nectar.

Jessica sighed and started rubbing her tits, her eyes closed.
He continued licking her pussy, his tongue stirring up
desire and bringing on the first tingling of an impending
orgasm. After several minutes, she began to feel more urgent
sensations and before long, she was holding his head to
her quivering pussy as she came again and again into his
mouth. He licked and sucked her sweet juices until she couldn’t
take any more stimulation and backed away, her legs trembling.

She caught her breath and knelt between his legs, then kissed
him passionately, tasting herself on his lips and tongue.
She broke off the kiss and moved her lips around to his ear.
“Your turn, ” she whispered as her hands went to the button
of his jeans. She unfastened them and lowered the fly, then
had him raise his hips from the couch so she could pull them
down and off. She repeated the process for his boxers. His
seven inch cock sprang straight up, a drop of pre-cum oozing
from the hole in the tip. She wrapped her hand around the
hard shaft and began to stroke it lovingly, rubbing the
soft tip against her cheeks.

Mike caressed her cheek, pulling her long, silky hair from
her face. She licked the entire length of his shaft several
times, then moved her lips and tongue to his balls. He shivered
as her tongue played across the sensitive skin of his sac
while her hand gently caressed the soft head of his throbbing
cock. She began to move her soft lips up his shaft once again,
then slowly enveloped his velvety smooth head in her warm,
wet mouth. He moaned in pleasure as she took nearly half
of his hard shaft into it, her tongue moving sensuously
along it as she bobbed her head up and down. The room was silent
except for the slurping noises mixed with his moans of pleasure
and Jessica’s occasional murmur of delight. He laced his
fingers in her long hair and leaned back on the couch as she
sucked his cock with the loving care that only someone who
truly enjoyed it could pull off.

Chapter 4

Becky closed her bedroom door and reluctantly began undressing
for bed. She removed the tight jeans she had just put on a
couple of hours earlier, then pulled the halter top over
her head and tossed it into the corner. Reaching behind
her back, she unfastened her bra. Then, holding it in place,
she stepped in front of her full length mirror and let it
fall free. She studied her panty clad body. It was nice,
she thought. Her tits were filling in nicely and although
she didn’t think they would get a whole lot bigger, she was
satisfied with their size. She wet her finger and rubbed
it in a circular motion over and around one of her nipples
and it instantly grew hard.

Footsteps in the hallway outside her door startled her
and she reached for her nightshirt and slipped it over her
head. It fell to her thighs, just covering her white cotton
panties. She went over and placed an ear to her door, absently
rubbing her breasts in an attempt to force her nipples back
down. She heard the guest room door close and breathed a
sigh of relief. She didn’t want Jessica, or especially
Mike, to see her dressed in her nightshirt with her nipples
poking out!

Quietly, she opened her door a crack and peeked out. The
guest room door was still closed and she could hear someone,
probably Mike, flipping through the channels on the TV.
She needed to go to the bathroom so she slipped noiselessly
across the hall into the bathroom and quietly pushed the
door shut behind her.

She finished in the bathroom and peered out the door. She
could see into the family room, where Jessica was standing
before Mike dressed in her cheerleading uniform! He was
holding her skirt up and Becky could see that Jessica wasn’t
wearing anything under it. His face was pressed into her
pubic area and her hands held his head in place. Her head
was tossed back, her eyes were closed, and she had a look
of intense concentration on her face. This must be what
Jessica had told her about! When a guy licks a girl! Jessica
certainly did seem to be enjoying it! Becky felt her nipples
harden again, and she also felt a damp warmth between her
legs. She couldn’t pull her eyes from them and watched in
stunned silence as Mike licked and sucked on Jessica’s
pussy. Jessica was moaning and sighing and Becky tried
to imagine what it must feel like. She had taught herself
to masturbate last summer and often brought herself to
orgasm. But to have a guy licking her down there! She shuddered
at the thought of a warm tongue in her pussy. As she watched
Jessica cum again and again, her pussy leaked more, soaking
her panties. She pulled them down and off, then rubbed herself
as Mike continued to lick Jessica’s pussy.

She was really getting into it, nearing orgasm, when Jessica
backed away and knelt between Mike’s legs. The couch faced
the other way and she could only see Mike’s head from her
position in the bathroom.

“Shit!” she whispered under her breath, and looked around.
There was a large potted palm plant at the end of the hall
about five feet tall with big, wide leaves. The hall was
dark and if she could sneak down behind the plant, she would
have a clear view of them from about fifteen feet away, but
wouldn’t be easily visible from the family room. She silently
pulled the bathroom door open and slipped quietly down
the hall, her wet panties forgotten on the bathroom floor.

She crept down the darkened hall, crouching so that the
plant hid her approach. From that side of the hall, she could
just make out Jessica’s head moving up and down in Mike’s
lap as he leaned back on the couch, eyes closed. She was giving
him a blow-job! She moved closer, crouching behind the
plant. From here, she had a perfect view and watched in silent
wonder as Jessica’s mouth moved up and down on Mike’s hard
cock. Jessica paused and lifted her head up to grin at Mike,
her hand continuing to stroke his long, hard shaft. Becky
stared at it. It was the first time she had ever seen a real
one. She had seen pictures, of course, but never the real
thing! Jessica was speaking and she strained to hear her
whispered words.

“. . . love sucking your big, hard cock!” Mike grinned at
her and gently pushed her head back down. She began to suck
it with even more enthusiasm. Mike moaned in obvious pleasure
as her soft lips moved up and down his rock-hard cock.

Becky’s fingers went back to her own wet slit. She rubbed
her pussy, never taking her eyes off Mike and Jessica. She
couldn’t get over the size of Mike’s cock! And it was so hard!
She slipped a finger into her virgin hole and tried to imagine
his thick, hard shaft inside her. It had to hurt! How could
something that big fit into her tiny pussy without hurting?
Her finger brushed across her now extremely sensitive
clit and a small cry escaped her lips before she could stop
it. Jessica raised her head from Mike’s lap and they both
looked directly at her through the leaves of the small tree.

“Becky! Oh, shit!” Jessica exclaimed. Mike pulled a throw
pillow over his exposed penis and Jessica stood up, red
faced. Mike winked at Becky and grinned, amused by her voyeurism.
Jessica hurried over to where Becky was, her jaw clenched
and her eyes burning. She grabbed Becky’s hand and pulled
her into the room. Mike was standing, his back to them as
he fastened his jeans. Jessica plopped her down on the couch
where Mike had been sitting only a moment earlier and glared
at her, her hands on her hips.

“You were spying on us!” she exclaimed, trying to control
her anger. “Why would you do something so . . . so . . . perverted!?”
Becky lowered her head, her hands clasped between her thighs
in an attempt to cover her partially exposed pussy.

“I . . . I didn’t mean to. I was coming out of the bathroom and
I . . . saw you.” She looked up into Jessica’s angry face and
shrugged. “I guess I was curious. I’m sorry.”

Mike walked over behind Jessica and squeezed her shoulders.
“Aw, go easy on her, Jess. No harm done.” His eyes scanned
Becky’s long legs and up her body, pausing at her still erect

“No harm done!?” Jessica cried, turning to look at him.
Mike quickly averted his eyes from Becky before she noticed.
“She saw me going down on you! And who knows what else!” She
fixed Becky with an intense stare. “Just how much did you
see, young lady?”

Becky seemed to sink into the cushions under Jessica’s
eyes. “N . . .not much. J . . .just when you were . . . standing
in front of Mike. . .”

“Oh, shit!” Jessica moaned, her hand covering her eyes.
“You saw that, too!?”

“I’m sorry, Jess!” Becky pleaded. “Please don’t be mad!
I won’t tell anyone! I promise!”

Jessica took a deep breath and released it slowly, trying
to calm herself down. She sat down next to Becky and, after
a long pause, in a much calmer tone said, “I know you won’t,
Becky. But what you did was wrong. Spying on people isn’t
nice, especially if they’re doing something . . . private.”

Becky nodded and lowered her head. “I know, ” she whispered.
“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“Ok, then, ” Jessica said, stroking her long, luxuriant
hair. “Now why don’t you go back to bed. And this time, stay

Becky looked up at her. “Do I have to?”

Jessica looked at her, surprised by her odd question, then
looked over to Mike, who shrugged. She turned back to Becky.
“Yeah! You do!” she replied, wondering exactly what she
had meant.

Becky sat forward, her face earnest. “But I want to learn
how to do . . .stuff! Can’t I just watch? I’ll be quiet! I promise
I’ll . . .”

Jessica stared at her wide-eyed, not believing what she
was hearing. She cut her off in mid-sentence. “What!? No!
I can’t believe you just said that!”

Becky lowered her head until Jessica stopped speaking.
She looked up at her, then over to Mike, who shrugged. “I
just thought . . .” she started.

“I think it would be hot, ” Mike said quietly, licking his
lips as he watched the two pretty and scantily clad girls
on the couch.

Jessica’s mouth dropped open as she stared at him. “What!?”

He shrugged. “Sure. Doing it while someone watched . . .”
He eyed Becky’s sexy body once more. “Or participated .
. . is one of my favorite fantasies!” Becky felt her face
flush as she realized for the first time how he was looking
at her. She pushed her t-shirt between her legs to cover
her naked pussy, hoping that he hadn’t been able to sneak
a peek. But then the thought of his eyes on her most private
area didn’t seem so bad. It was kind of . . . naughty, but in
a good way. Jessica was still staring at Mike. After a long
moment of silence, she turned to Becky.

“You better go back to your room, Becky. Mike and I have some
things to discuss.” She stood and motioned for Becky to
go. This time she didn’t protest. Something in Jessica’s
eyes and voice told her that it wouldn’t be a smart move.
She stood up, pulling her nightshirt down over her hips
so that most of her bare ass was covered as she made her way
down the hall to her room. She paused at the door and looked
back. They were both watching her. Reluctantly, she went
in and closed the door behind her.

Did he really say ‘participate’?

Chapter 5

When Becky’s door closed, Jessica turned to Mike, her eyes
hard and her jaw set. “I think maybe you better go.”

“Wait a minute! Hear me out, Jess!” He took her hand and they
sat on the couch. Jessica looked at him. Anger and hurt had
replaced the passion that had been in her eyes only a few
short moments ago.

“Hear you out!? What’s to hear? You just told me that you
wanted to have a threesome with me and a fifteen year old!”
She looked into his warm brown eyes and tried to resist their
attraction. God, he was hot!

He smiled at her. “Look, I’m sorry if I offended you . . .”
Jessica opened her mouth to say something, but he raised
a hand. “Let me finish, please. Then if you still want me
to leave, I’ll go.” She closed her mouth and sat back, folding
her arms defensively across her chest. He continued. “You
always seem to want to try wild things, sexually. At school,
at the mall. And I was a little hesitant at first, but I gave
it a try. And it was great!” She smiled a little, remembering
how he had protested. “Now, Becky is very curious about
sex and I’ll bet that she’ll be doing it within a month, especially
after what she saw here tonight. We could teach her to do
it right. It wouldn’t be awkward for her, like it was for
you.” He saw her look softening a little and grinned. “Plus
it would be so hot!”

Jessica was silent for a long moment before speaking. While
she had never acted upon it, or told anyone about it, she
did find some women sexy and often wondered what it would
be like to have sex with another woman. Becky was only fifteen,
but she was someone Jessica did find herself attracted
to. “I understand what you’re saying. And I agree . . .” His
eyes lit up, then she continued. “I agree with you that Becky
will probably be trying sex sooner than later. But I don’t
know if we should encourage her.” She shook her head. “And
that’s not even taking into account the idea of a threesome!”
Mike chuckled and she couldn’t help smiling.

“But that is so sexy!” he said. “Every man fantasizes about
having sex with two women at the same time!” He took her hand
and kissed it, his soft, puppy-dog eyes locking on hers.
“Wouldn’t you want to help me fulfill one of my fantasies?”
Jessica closed her eyes. She felt herself giving in. She
just couldn’t say no to him. And the thought of doing it with
Becky was suddenly very appealing.

She opened her eyes and stared into his. “Of course I do!
But I don’t want to share you. And she is only fifteen! And
we haven’t even talked to her about it!”

He nodded. “Yes, she is fifteen. A very mature fifteen.
She knows what she wants and she won’t stop until she gets
it.” He could see her coming around. “Besides, we’re seventeen.
That’s only two years.” Jessica didn’t reply. “And maybe
all she’ll want to do is watch.”

Jessica sat there for a moment, then lowered her head. When
she spoke, her voice was barely above a whisper. “What if
I lose you to her?”

He took her hands and turned her toward him. “Jess, it’s
only sex. You and me have more than that. I really do care
about you and I don’t want to lose you.” Her eyes locked on
his and she gave a worried smile.

“Really? You’re not just saying that?”

He shook his head and smiled warmly. “No, I really mean it.
If you say no, I won’t bring up the subject again.”

“And you promise you won’t leave me for her?”

“Jess, no! I would never do that! You’re the one I want to
be with!” She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and nodded.

“Ok.” She looked over at him. “It goes against my better
judgement, but if Becky wants to do it, I’m in.” He hugged,
then kissed her deeply, his hands holding her face to his.
Jessica pushed her tongue deep into his mouth and moved
it sensuously against his. They pulled apart and he smiled
at her.

“Thanks, baby. I promise that you won’t regret this.” She
pushed him away playfully and he pretended to fall back
onto the couch.

“I already do, ” she replied, trying to look serious, but
failing. She wondered what she was getting herself into,
or more importantly, what was she getting Becky into? She
certainly wasn’t a kid anymore, but was she ready for what
they were about to ask her to do? Jessica had been sneaking
looks at Becky since she had changed into her jeans and halter
top, and had secretly wondered what it would be like to kiss
the budding beauty; to tangle her fingers in her long hair
and feel it brush across her naked flesh. She wondered what
would happen at school if anyone found out that the popular
cheerleader harbored such feelings toward another girl.
Before she could talk herself out of it, she took a deep breath
and turned toward the hall. “Becky!” she called.

Chapter 6

Becky’s door opened, maybe a little too quickly, and she
stepped out into the hallway. She hadn’t bothered to put
on a clean pair of panties, hoping that she would be allowed
to watch and could masturbate while they fucked. She tugged
her long nightshirt down over her thighs and walked slowly
back into the family room, trying to read the looks on their
faces. She stopped before them, her head lowered.

“So you really want to watch us?” Jessica asked softly.
Becky looked up at her and nodded, but didn’t say anything.
Jessica looked over at Mike, then back to Becky. “Well,
Mike tells me that he’s always had a fantasy about having
sex with two girls at the same time. Would you like to do more
than just watch?”

Becky’s eyes grew wide. “Y . . .you mean . . .?”

Jessica nodded. “You don’t have to, but . . .” She glanced
over at Mike, who was studying Becky’s reaction. “Mike’s
a pretty nice guy and we thought your first time would be
better if it was with someone who cares about you and has
a little experience.”

Mike spoke up. “It’s entirely up to you, Becky. It’s ok to
say no.”

Jessica nodded. “Yes, of course. You can just watch if you
still want to, or you can go back to your room and do nothing.
It’s your decision.”

Becky looked at them both for a long moment. Her heart was
pounding. She’d had a crush on Mike for a couple of years
now and she wanted to scream ‘Yes!’ and throw herself at
him. But Jessica, or any other girl for that matter, was
never a part of her secret fantasies involving him. She
knew about lesbians, of course. She wasn’t completely
naive. But she never imagined herself with another girl.
Jessica was pretty, there was no doubt about that, but did
they expect her and Jessica to do stuff to each other, or
just to Mike? As she pondered her decision, Mike moved close
to Jessica and put his arm around her shoulders. Becky studied
her body closely for the first time. Her soft blonde hair
flowed over her shoulders and framed her face. Her green
eyes sparkled with anticipation. Her nipples were erect
and left prominent bumps on the stretch fabric of her cheerleader
top, and her long athletic legs disappeared under the pleats
of the short skirt at the juncture of her thighs. Becky’s
eyes drifted back up to her eyes and she smiled nervously.

“Would . . .we, ” she pointed to herself and Jessica, “have
to do stuff . . . to each other?”

Jessica shrugged. “Maybe. If you want to. I’m obviously
not gay, but I’m not opposed to it either. And I have to admit,
looking at you and talking about it has got me a little curious.
Why don’t we just see what happens?”

Becky studied their faces for a moment, her eyes flitting
back and forth between them, then nodded slowly “O . . .ok.”

Jessica smiled nervously. Mike said, “If at any time you
want to stop, just say the word. No one wants to force you
to do anything you don’t want to do.” Again, Becky nodded.

“So, is that a yes?” Jessica said, looking expectantly
at her, eyebrows raised questioningly.

Becky looked at Mike and the bulge his erect cock was creating
in his jeans. His arm was still around Jessica’s shoulder
and his hand was lying on her breast. His fingers teased
her erect nipple.

Becky nodded. “Yes. I want to learn. I want you to teach me
everything.” She smiled nervously. “Both of you.”

Mike smiled, leaned forward, and placed his hand on Becky’s
thigh. He slowly slid it up just under the hem of her nightshirt.
Jessica looked at him. “Easy, boy, ” she scolded.

Becky moved a little closer until she was standing before
them as they sat on the couch. “It’s ok, Jess. I kinda like
it.” Jessica looked up at the pretty teen, who was smiling
down at her. She didn’t tell her that her comment was more
about her own jealous feelings than Becky’s, and let it
drop. She was being ridiculous. Wasn’t she?

At Jessica’s request, Mike stood up and for the second time
that night, she unfastened his jeans and pulled them down.
Becky watched as he stepped out of them and pulled off his
t-shirt. His chest wasn’t that of a body builder, but was
nicely toned in an athletic way. Jessica grasped his boxers
and lowered them. His erect penis was released and stood
straight out, pre-cum already oozing from the tip. Becky
looked down at it while he sat back down on the couch, her
eyes wide with fascination. Jessica took it in her hand
and began to stroke it slowly. Mike moaned and leaned back
on the couch. Jessica continued her slow massage of Mike’s
stiff prick and looked up at Becky.

“Would you like to try it?” she asked, nodding toward it.
Becky nodded, never taking her eyes from the hard cock in
Jessica’s hand. Jessica moved aside and Becky slowly knelt
next to her. She was only a foot away from it now, and the musky
aroma of his sex filled her nostrils. “The tip is the sensitive
part, ” Jessica explained, rubbing her hand across it.
Mike gasped as she did and she glanced up at his face. “As
you can see, ” she added with a grin. “Just stroke it like
this and rub the tip every once in a while.” She gave it a few
more soft strokes, then removed her hand. She looked at
Becky. “Go ahead.”

Becky gazed down at the hard shaft with its wet, purple head,
then reached out and touched it gingerly before wrapping
her small hand around it. She could feel the beat of his pulse
coursing through it and watched as another drop of pre-cum
seeped from the hole in the tip. She started moving her hand
up and down its length as Jessica had shown her. The pungent
smell grew stronger and she found it somehow excited her,
enticing her to want more. The clear fluid continued to
seep from the hole and soon his cock and her hand were coated
with the slippery substance. Jessica watched her for a
few minutes, then looked at Mike. His eyes were open and
he was looking back at her. He reached for her and pulled
her to her feet. She bent over and moved her face to his, kissing
him deeply. When she did, her skirt rode up, giving Becky
a clear view of her clean-shaven pussy. She could see Jessica
was excited. Her lips were swollen and wet. She found it
somewhat exciting to be looking at another girl in that
way and wondered just how far she and Jessica would go with
each other. As for Mike, she already knew what she wanted.
She was going to fuck him. After tonight, she would no longer
be the sexually naive virgin and Jenny could take her know-it-all
stories and shove them straight up her ass! Her own juices
were flowing freely, now running down the inside of her
left leg, as she jerked off Mike’s hard penis. And the more
she did it, the hornier she became.

Jessica broke off her kiss with Mike and looked back at Becky.
She noticed her looking up her skirt before she quickly
averted her eyes back to Mike’s cock. “How’s it going?”
Jessica asked, pretending she hadn’t seen Becky’s lusty
stare. Mike moaned contentedly and Jessica grinned. “Apparently
someone’s enjoying it!”

Becky grinned. “It’s so hard!”

Jessica bit her lip. “Wanna try a blow-job?” She moved her
eyebrows up and down suggestively. Becky looked down at
the hard, wet cock with its soft, oozing tip. She swallowed
nervously and looked back up at Jessica.

“Uh . . . ok, I guess.”

“Oh, yeah!” Mike moaned. “Please!” Jessica giggled and
gave him a playful shove. He glanced at both of them. “You
two are a little over-dressed, don’t you think?” He winked
at Becky. “Why don’t you undress each other while I watch?”

Jessica looked over at Becky, who shrugged. She was still
holding his cock, but was no longer stroking it. “You mean
. . . like a strip-tease?” Jessica asked.

“Yeah! That would be really sexy!” he said, grinning.

Jessica stood up and took Becky’s hand, pulling her to her
feet. “Are you ready?” she asked the pretty teen. Becky
nodded and Jessica reached up, stroking her breasts over
her nightshirt. It was a little awkward, neither really
knowing what to do. Becky began to touch Jessica’s tits,
imitating what she was doing to her. “Here, ” Jessica said.
She took Becky’s hands and moved them to the bottom hem of
her top. Becky got the message and pulled it up. Jessica’s
tits bounced out and she finished removing the top, shaking
it free from her long, blonde hair. Becky stared down at
Jessica’s bare tits. She’d never looked at another girl’s
breasts before in a sexual way and found it very intriguing.

“Touch them, Becky, ” Jessica whispered, a sultry smile
on her pretty face. Becky reached her hand out and gently
touched the soft flesh of her firm tit. She lightly ran her
fingers around the areola and rubbed her nipple. Jessica
closed her eyes and smiled. “Mmmm . . . feels good!” She allowed
Becky to tease her nipples for a few more seconds, then moved
her hands down to her short skirt. Becky began tugging it
down over her slender, curved hips and let it drop to the
floor around her ankles. Jessica now stood completely
naked before the pretty teen, her bare skin almost aglow
from the light of the table lamp next to her.

Mike let out a low whistle. “Wow, baby! You take my breath

Jessica blew him a quick kiss, then turned to Becky with
a seductive grin. “Ok, Becky. Your turn.” Becky swallowed
hard. She was about to expose herself to a guy for the first
time. And it wasn’t just any guy. This was the boy she had
been masturbating to for over a year, imagining this very
moment. Not to mention her beautiful, and very naked, babysitter.
She nodded, but a hint of hesitation remained in her pale
blue eyes. Jessica stepped behind her and turned her so
she was facing Mike straight on. He looked up at her, smiling
as he slowly stroked his stiff prick.

Jessica lifted Becky’s shirt up, revealing her virgin
pussy with its light fuzz of auburn colored hair. Her lips
were wet and swollen. A line of her juices ran down her inner
thigh. She averted her eyes from Mike’s face and raised
her arms so Jessica could finish pulling her shirt over
her head. She gently untangled it from Becky’s long hair
and tossed it aside. Becky now stood naked before them,
her hands moving nervously from her pussy to her breasts,
unsure of what she should do with them.

“Beautiful, ” Mike breathed. He raised his eyes along her svelte young body until they met hers. “Becky, you are
absolutely beautiful!” he repeated. She smiled nervously
and blushed a little. Jessica pressed her naked body to
Becky’s back and reached around to fondle her pert young
breasts. Becky could feel Jessica’s tits crushed against
her back; her hard nipples poking into her flesh. She sighed
as Jessica’s soft fingers caressed her tender young breasts.

“Holy shit!” Mike exclaimed, watching them. “You two are
really getting me going!” Jessica leaned in close and whispered
something into Becky’s ear. Becky nodded and looked down
at Mike’s hard dick as he stroked it, then knelt between
his spread legs. He released his grip on his tool and leaned
back, watching her. She took it in her hand and looked down
at the thick purple head and unconsciously licked her lips.
Slowly, she lowered her head until her lips were just an
inch away from it. The scent was overpowering at this close
proximity and she felt her pussy leak a little more. She
leaned closer and lightly kissed the soft head. She pulled
back a little and licked the pre-cum from her lips. It wasn’t
unpleasant, so she lowered her lips to it again, parting
them and slipping the large head into her hot, wet mouth.

Mike groaned and let out a long sigh. “Yes!!” Her lips slid
over the head, then down the shaft a couple of inches until
it filled her mouth. She sucked on it a bit, then raised her
head up to look at Mike.

“How was that?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Great!” he said with a smile and a wink to Jessica. He pulled
her head back down. “Don’t stop!” She glanced over at Jessica.

“Are you ok, Becky? Do you want to stop?” Becky shook her
head. It was turning her on to have his cock inside her mouth
and knowing that she was making him feel good by doing it
made it even hotter. “Then keep going. Slide it in and out
of your mouth.” Becky opened her mouth and slid the hard
member back inside, then started bobbing her head up an
down as Jessica had instructed, her long hair spilling
across Mike’s stomach. He groaned with pleasure and began
to move his hips, matching her rhythm.

“Oh, yeah! That feels wonderful!”

Jessica shot him a warning look. “Don’t you dare cum in her

He smiled up at her and shook his head. “I wouldn’t do that!”
He reached up and Jessica took his hand, sinking to the couch
next to him. She kissed him.

“Just checking, ” she replied with a smile. “I don’t think
she’s ready for that yet.”

He grinned at her. “I’ll save it all for you, my dear!” Jessica
smiled and ran a hand over his chest. She had let him cum in
her mouth a few times, but she never swallowed it. Not that
she wouldn’t. She was just working up to it. Maybe tonight
would be the night. She looked down at Becky and gathered
up her hair, holding it back so they could see her face as
she sucked furiously on Mike’s throbbing cock. She was
really getting into it. Jessica recognized Mike’s body
language and his shallow breathing and knew he was getting
close to cumming.

“Careful, Becky. He’s not going to last much longer, ” she warned the younger girl. Becky lifted her head from
his meat and looked up, a puzzled look on her face. Jessica
smiled. “You’re going to make him cum; blow his load!” That
got the message across and she sat back, still gripping
the hard shaft.

Mike pulled Becky’s naked body up from the floor and embraced
her. He kissed her hard, pushing his tongue deep into her
throat. At first she resisted, then gradually accepted
his tongue. The feeling was almost electric as their tongues
danced together. When it ended and they pulled apart, she
found herself wanting more.

Mike stood up, still holding Becky in his arms. She looked
into his gentle brown eyes and felt herself melting into
him. He leaned down and kissed her, once again pushing his
tongue deep into her throat, then broke off the kiss, turned
her around and pushed her gently to a sitting position on
the couch. He knelt at her feet and smiled up at her. “Now
it’s your turn, baby!”

Chapter 7

Jessica sat next to her, their naked flesh touching. “You’re
gonna love this!” she exclaimed as Mike pushed her knees
apart and moved between them, eyeing the pink flesh of her
inflamed pussy. Becky looked down at him nervously as he
moved closer to her untouched hole.

Mike smiled up at her. “Just lie back and relax, Becky. It
won’t hurt and I promise you’re going to love it!” Becky
leaned back and watched as he lowered his head and kissed
the soft skin of her flat stomach. He moved lower, leaving
a trail of kisses down her stomach, then along each of her
thighs. He moved down to her knees, then winked at her and
began making his way back up her inner thighs, moving back
and forth from one to the other. Becky watched his progress
and gasped as his lips finally brushed across her sensitive
and swollen lips. Oh, god, it felt good!

Jessica hugged her shoulders. “He’s real good at this,
Becky. Just relax and enjoy!” Then to Mike she added, “Make
sure she cums real hard, lover!” Mike mumbled an acknowledgment,
knowing he wouldn’t stop until she came several times.
He inhaled the sweet aroma of her tender virgin pussy, then
slowly ran his tongue the entire length of her slit, lingering
at her tiny little clit for a few seconds, before starting
again. Becky gasped and gripped the cushions tightly,
her knuckles turning white. When he reached her clit this
time, he tugged the little hood back with his fingers and
flicked his tongue back and forth over it. Becky cried out
in surprised pleasure.

“Oh, shit! Yes!” she moaned. She writhed on the couch, pushing
her pussy to his mouth as his tongue swirled around and teased
her erect little love button. She cried out every time he
touched it. He sucked it between his teeth and nibbled on
it gently and she felt the orgasm building inside her. But
then he released it and went back to her pussy, which still
felt really good, but not as intense as when he toyed with
her clit. She felt her orgasm ease, but the feeling didn’t
go away. After a moment, he once again turned his tongue
loose on her clit and she cried out again as the orgasm regained
its urgency. But once again, he released it, moving back
to less sensitive areas. The next time he did it, Becky grabbed
his hair and held his face in place. But he simply stopped
moving his tongue. She released his head in frustration.

“Why are you teasing me?” she cried when he looked up at her
with a grin on his face. Her juices coated his face and dripped
from his chin.

Jessica hugged her shoulders. “He knows what he’s doing,
honey, believe me. You’ll thank him later.” She turned
to Jessica just as Mike resumed licking at her sensitive
twat, rekindling the feeling of her impending orgasm.
Jessica looked into her eyes and saw the pleasure there,
remembering the intense feelings he was able to create
in her. He was very skilled at oral sex and was able to bring
Jessica to the brink of orgasm over and over before finally
allowing her the release she desperately sought. When
she did climax, it was such a rush of pleasure that she nearly
blacked out a couple of times. This was the technique he
was now using on Becky.

Becky leaned back and closed her eyes. She was lost in a whirlwind
of intense new feelings. Wonderful feelings! She vaguely
sensed warm lips on her nipples and opened her eyes to see
Jessica’s blonde hair as she licked and sucked on her tits.
Then Mike attacked her clit again and she cried out. “Oh,
yes! Oh, shit!”

Becky moaned loudly as Mike licked and sucked her pussy,
but when he increased his attention to her clit, she practically
screamed. He latched onto the little nub with his lips and
began to tease it with his tongue while rubbing her exposed
labia with his finger, being careful not to let it slip inside
her virgin hole. Becky’s staccato cries reverberated
in the room and Jessica looked around as if half expecting
the neighbors to rush in to see what the noise was all about.
She was definitely a screamer! Mike didn’t ease up, his
tongue flicking rapidly across her clit. Becky’s face
and chest turned bright red and she squeezed her eyes shut.
Suddenly, she groaned loudly and her entire body went rigid
as the massive orgasm enveloped her. Her mouth hung open,
but no sound except for the occasional high-pitched squeak
came out. She jerked a few times, then began bucking her
hips, before going stiff again in her second orgasm in as
many minutes. The whole time, Mike kept his lips locked
onto her clit, occasionally teasing it with his tongue.
She was so sensitive that he could trigger another orgasm
with just the slightest flick of his tongue. Jessica watched
in awe as Becky came again and again, seemingly at the mercy
of Mike’s talented tongue.

Finally, she put her hands on his forehead and pushed him
back. “P . . . please! Mike! S . . .stop! I . . .can’t take . .
. anymore!” Her clit was now so over-stimulated it was starting
to hurt and she had cum so many times she’d lost count. Mike
pulled back and she collapsed back onto the couch, her body
twitching with the occasional aftershock..

Jessica leaned over her limp body. “Are you all right, Becky?”

Her glassy eyes flickered open and a smile of contentment
spread across her dazed face. “W . . wow! I never thought
it would be like that!” Her chest heaved as she tried to catch
her breath. Mike grinned up at her and wiped her nectar from
his chin.

“I’m glad you liked it. I know I sure did!” he exclaimed with
a wink.

Chapter 8

After confirming that Becky was indeed ok, Jessica looked
seductively at him. “You’ve got me all turned on now. What
are you going to do about it?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Oh, I think I can come up with something!”
He stood up and pulled her to her feet, kissing her. Jessica
could taste Becky’s cum on his lips and found it strangely
erotic. Mike pulled his lips from hers and spun her around.

“Bend over, baby, ” he said, pushing gently on her back.
Jessica leaned over and grabbed the back of the couch beside
where Becky was sitting. She glanced over at her and saw
she was watching them with great interest. Mike stepped
up behind her and began rubbing his stiff prick along her
wet slit.

“Oooo, yeah!” Jessica sighed, then between breaths said
to Becky, “Why don’t you move so you can see better.” Becky
pulled herself forward, then dropped to her knees next
to Jessica. She was only a foot from where Mike was rubbing
his dick on her swollen lips. When Mike’s cock was wet with
his and Jessica’s combined juices, he pulled it from Jessica’s
waiting pussy and pointed it at Becky’s face. Taking the
hint, she grasped the shaft and slid her lips over the soft
tip, sucking as much into her mouth as she could. She could
taste the familiar flavor of his pre-cum along with Jessica’s
sweet juices. It was a good mix, she thought to herself.
Mike began moving it in and out of her mouth, being careful
not to go too deep. He pumped her mouth a few times, then pulled
it out and placed it back at Jessica’s inflamed pussy and
resumed rubbing it up and down her wet slit.

He looked over at Becky, who was once again watching as his
stiff prick rubbed Jessica’s pussy. “How did you like the
taste of pussy?” he asked her.

Becky licked her lips. “Not bad, ” she replied. “Not bad
at all!”

“Please, Mike!” Jessica pleaded as she pushed back toward
his teasing cock. “Fuck me!”

With a wink to Becky, Mike placed the tip of his cock at Jessica’s
opening, gripped her slender hips, and began to push inside
her dripping cunt. Jessica gasped and lowered her head
between her outstretched arms as he slowly pushed his entire
length into her warm, wet tunnel. Becky stared in stunned
silence as the long shaft disappeared into Jessica’s body.
She looked up at Jessica’s face, expecting a grimace of
pain. It had to hurt! But she was amazed to see only a smile
of extreme pleasure on her pretty face. When Mike began
to move in and out of her pussy, Jessica started moaning
and moving with him, her long hair swinging back and forth
as they increased their pace.

“Oh, yes! Like that! Ahhhhh!” Jessica moaned. Mike picked
up the pace a little more, thrusting forward with more force.
“Oh, yes, baby! Fuck me! Harder!” He moved even faster,
pounding mercilessly at her tight pussy, his face straining
as he fought to keep control. He glanced over at Becky. She
caught his eye and he winked at her. Then Jessica moaned
loudly and her eyes went back to his cock, now just a blur
as he pumped in and out of her pussy. Their bodies made a combination
slapping and squishing sound and the couch shook with their
passionate love-making.

Mike finally slowed down, his chest heaving as he caught
his breath. He pulled his cock completely out, then pushed
it back in. He repeated this several times. Jessica gave
a small cry every time he re-entered her. Each time he did,
Jessica pushed back, forcing it in harder and faster. He
began to pound her fast again and once more the couch shook
and the room was filled with their grunts and moans.

“Oh, shit!” Jessica cried after several minutes of this.
“I’m gonna cum! Don’t stop! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Suddenly, her
body went stiff and she pushed her hips back against Mike,
trapping his cock fully inside the vise-like grip of her
spasming pussy. She threw her head up and down, a low wail
escaping her lips through tightly clenched teeth. In the
next instant, her body shook and convulsed as she climaxed
and released. “Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh!” she moaned. Her tight
vagina squeezed Mike’s cock repeatedly, as if trying to
milk the cum from his balls. Mike closed his eyes and concentrated,
trying not to lose control. He wasn’t ready to cum. Not yet.
Finally, Jessica’s body relaxed as the orgasm passed,
only twitching occasionally with aftershocks.

Becky could only stare at them, her blue eyes as big as saucers.
Mike pulled his still very hard cock from Jessica’s pussy
with a slurping sound. Jessica stiffened and moaned as
he did, her body still very sensitive. She rolled over and
fell back onto the couch panting, her face flushed red and
strands of hair stuck to her sweaty face.

“Oh my god, Mike!” she gasped. “Th . . . that was a good one!”
She smiled contentedly, a serene look of satisfaction
on her face.

He grinned at her, absently rubbing his cock. “I told you
it would be better with someone watching!”

Chapter 9

Jessica looked over at Becky, who hadn’t said anything
about the intense fuck she’d just witnessed. Her eyes went
from Mike to Jessica, still amazed at the wild passion of
their love-making. “What do you think, Becky? Still want
to try it?” Becky’s eyes met Jessica’s, then they went back
to Mike’s hard cock, still wet with Jessica’s cum.

She nodded slowly, not taking her eyes from it. “Uh-huh,
” was all she said.

Mike looked down at his hard cock, then over to Jessica.
“You really got me wound up, Jess. If I try to get into her
tight little pussy, I won’t last two strokes!” She grinned
and nodded, then patted the couch beside her. He went over
and sat down. Jessica got to her knees beside him and looked
across to Becky, who was still in the same kneeling position
on the other side of him.

“It’s time you tried some cum, ” Jessica said as she grasped
Mike’s throbbing shaft and began stroking it slowly. Becky
hesitated, then moved closer. “We’ll take turns, then
when he’s ready to blow, we’ll shoot it on our faces, ok?”

Becky gave her a questioning look. “On our . . . faces?” She
had never seen a guy cum before and didn’t know what to expect.

Jessica nodded and grinned. “It’s a real turn on for me.
I’ll go first. If you decide you don’t want to, just back
away and I won’t point it at you, ok?” Becky nodded. “But
you really should taste it, ” she added.

Becky still looked puzzled. “Taste it? Why?”

Jessica shrugged. “So if you’re giving head some day and
the guy cums in your mouth, you’ll know what to expect.”
Becky thought about this as Jessica lowered her head and
took Mike’s stiff prick into her mouth.

Mike looked over at Becky as Jessica began to move up and
down on him. “Guys love it when girls swallow when giving
blow-jobs, ” he explained. Becky sat back and absorbed
this new information as she watched Jessica suck noisily
on Mike’s cock, causing him to moan and sigh. Could she do
it? Just sucking a cock sounded gross when Jessica explained
that to her only a few hours ago. But it wasn’t. Actually,
she liked doing it. Maybe swallowing cum wouldn’t be as
bad as it sounded, either. She wondered just how much there
would be and what it tasted like.

Jessica pulled Mike’s cock from her mouth and passed it
to Becky. Becky gripped it and bent over him, taking three
or four inched into her hot little mouth. Mike groaned and
laid his hand on her head, gently pushing her down. Jessica
knelt lower and began licking his balls, her tongue dancing
lightly over his scrotum. Becky was a little startled by
Jessica’s close proximity, but continued to suck vigorously.
Jessica teased his balls for a few more seconds, then ran
her tongue up his shaft until it touched Becky’s lips.

Becky had closed her eyes and

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