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The Truth, AND Large One's!


OK, and so I was reading down the story list, and I came across
a posting about "fake stories"! On thing I can
assure you is that every story I post about me or us is 100%,
absolutely, AND completely true! Now one thing I do agree
with the person who posted that complaint, is the fact that
in almost every story posted the guy usually has like an
eight or nine in ch cock! Now I'm really not sure just
HOW those "cocks" are being measured, but out
of all the men I've had sex with (and that number really
IS steadily climbing) I'd say that less than ten percent
have had penises bigger than around six to seven inches
or so at the most! Now that doesn't mean I haven't
had a big one or two in my life as well, because I have! My husband
Steven is almost seven when fully erect, and so far HE'S
found me two different men with cocks that were longer than
eight inches and that IS the truth!

I have had exactly TWO cocks in my whole life that were at
least nine and maybe more, and one was before I ever even
met Steven, and the other was when he and I went to Hedo II
in Jamaica. (and no, the guy wasn't black either)

It was at least partially me telling Steven about that first
guy and his big cock that really aided in launching us down
the sharing and swinging path in the first place! There
were a lot of other factors involved as well, but it really
was me telling him about that guy, that, well it sort of set
us off to talking about things we'd never really discussed
before, at least in the first six years we were married!
SINCE however I do have TWO really big cock tales to tell,
I'd like to tell them both now, ah, if that's OK
with you folks?

OK, so guy number one ....

I was 20 years old at the time, and it was my first time really
leaving away from home. My mom and dad were divorced, and
I'd lived with my mom up in St. Louis until I turned 18
and graduated high school, and then I immediately moved
BACK to Texas, and to Austin where my dad had always lived.
I got accepted to the University of Texas, and I also got
a really great full-time job at the same time! My dad helped
me out some too, and so I had this beat up, old two bedroom
mobile home in a small trailer park I lived in while I worked
and went to college! SO there I am, a pretty (I think) independent,
20 year old on my own, and NO I wasn't a virgin, but it's
also not like I had a whole hell of a lot of sexual experience
as a whole either! I'd had (and been fucked by) a couple
of boyfriends in high school, and I'd had one steady
boyfriend since, and then maybe two one night stands in

SO while I wouldn't exactly call myself a "pro"
when it came to sex, I wasn't exactly a novice either,
and I did know that sex was something I enjoyed very, very
much! Now since this story really does center around size
in many ways, I'll also add at this pint that all the
"boys" (since none really were mean yet) that
I'd slept with, had sex with, were all what I guess you'd
call "average" as far as the size of their hard
cocks went. Most of the sex I'd had was good, and although
I didn't climax every single time I got fucked, I did
so enough so that I just figured it was a pretty damn good
percentage of the time! As far as having orgasms went anyway,
I guess I'm fortunate in that I've never had any
problem achieving them, whether it's through masturbation
or being orally stimulated, or while being fucked! With
most boys a whole lot of it just depended on how turned on
I was at the time, and positioning!

OK, so by "positioning" I mean what position
we were in while having intercourse! Usually with ME on
top I could rub my clit against the boy as we fucked, and I'd
have little or no problem achieving an orgasms that way!
When it was the other way around and the boy was on top of me,
it was more like 50/50, or MAYBE 60/40 as to whether or not
I'd cum, and again it just depended on how hard he rubbed
his crotch against mine, as he fucked me! I LOVE, I mean I
LOVE getting fucked from behind, but so far (up til then)
the ONLY way I could have an orgasm while getting fucked
in that position is IF I also rubbed myself and masturbated
myself as the guy was fucking me from behind! I had no problem
doing that mind you, but I just wanted to bring it up so you'd
have a good idea ahead of time on how easily I either got off
while having sex, or I didn't!

OK, AND SO .... It had probably been more than a month or so
since I'd last had sex, and I'd broken up with my
last steady boyfriend! Between work and school I was staying
busy enough right then at least, so that I just didn't
feel the NEED to rush right out and try to find another stead
boyfriend! Besides, I'd had "dry spells"
before, and I'd been masturbating since I was like
nine or ten years old, so it's not like I couldn't
just take care of my own needs too! I know masturbation definitely
ISN'T a full-time substitute for the real thing so
to speak, but we all go through periods in out lives, where
masturbation is about all we have don't we? At least
I know I have before!

Being a woman, I don't care what anyone says about work
place rules and all that legal stuff, as we all know that
"flirting" goes on at every business, and all
the time! I had guys in my office that were always flirting
with me, and since I was in inside sales and customer service,
I always had customers, and even guys from our other branch
offices flirting with me over the phone as well. One such
guy was a guy named David, and he worked out of one of our Dallas/Ft
Worth branch offices in inside sales himself. We talked
at least two or three times a day, as all of us did as part of
our job. I loved the sound of David's voice and apparently
my voice turned him on too, and he and I were always flirting
back and forth over the telephone, even though we'd
never in met in person! Hell I didn't even know what
the guy looked like really, although he'd described
himself to me, just as I'd done for him!

Over a long period of time David and really did sort of get
to know each other long-distance, and over the telephone
mind you, but I really enjoyed talking to him, and even a
little bit more! I guess maybe I was beginning to miss sex
just a little more than even I was ready to own up to, as over
time David even began to invade my personal, private, masturbation
fantasies as well! Much, MUCH later on in our relationship,
he'd end up telling me that there were times he'd
be jerking off and thinking of me too! Or at least my voice
and how I'd described myself to him over the phone!
Oh well, that was all stuff I'd learn much later in our
"relationship", and so for now let me go back
to the present, or at least what the present was at that time
in my life!

It's funny in a way, because by the time I finally did
meet David in person, he probably knew more about me than
any guy I'd ever met before for the first first time!
All those phone conversations, and all that flirting,
and David even knew some things about me that maybe a guy
shouldn't even know until you've met in person
and you each decide if you like, or are attracted to the other!
I knew some things about him too however, including the
fact that at least according to him, he was what you'd
call "above average" ... "down there".
Don't ask me how it had come up in any of our hundreds
of telephone conversations but somehow it had! Oh well
once again ... The first time I ever met David was at a company
training seminar or sorts It took place in San Antonio,
and it was at this really weird, but really nice hotel that
had this couple of dozen separate little "bungalows"
I guess you'd call them?

It was a four day seminar, and there was this big, huge main
(and normal looking) hotel, but off to the side were there
bungalows that were almost like mini-townhouses I guess,
except that they were just one story buildings. OK, so anyway,
I knew David was going to be attending and he knew I'd
be there too. I didn't see him the night I arrived, but
the next day at breakfast I spotted him right off! His description
of himself really had been pretty damn accurate after all,
as he was tall, (over six-feet) and had short, thick dark
hair, and he had these deep blue eyes, and a very handsome
face! Of course the handsome face part was my opinion added
in! He was in good shape physically, and dressed casual
but very nice, and the minute I saw him my heart started to
beat faster, and I could feel my palms getting sweaty even!

As I told you at the very beginning of this story, I was 20
years old at the time! I'd always been attracted to
guys my own age, and yet the one thing I haven't let out
of the bag quite yet, is that David was also 33 years old back
then! Now that might not sound like a huge age difference,
13 years and all, and maybe it isn't if one partner is
in his or her mid-thirties, while the other partner is in
their mid to late forties. When you're just 20 years
old however, 13 years is a really big deal, but very honestly
I think I was already SO in lust by then, that he could have
been twice that much older then I was, and I still wouldn't
have cared!

I walked over to where he was sitting, and even before I could
introduce myself to him he stood and smiled at me and called
out my name. We had breakfast together that morning, and
then we sat either next to or at last as close as we could together,
through each class the rest of that entire day! Unfortunately
we didn't get to go to lunch together, because we'd
been split into certain groups in a class just before lunch,
and we'd been required to eat with our own group. After
lunch at at the next class however, we were back together
again, and then the final class of the day we even got to sit
side by side, and right next to each other! Man was that a
long class too, or so it seemed that way to me at least. Throughout
the entire class we were touching each other, his leg against
mine, and him even sometimes resting his hand on my leg!

It was around three-thirty that afternoon when that last
class ended, and as soon as it was over David took my hand
in his and lead me out of the building and quickly towards
his room! Neither of us said a word as we were almost, literally
running to get to his bungalow, and as soon as we got there
he got his door open, we stepped inside and he took me in his
arms to kiss me! It was one of those kisses where you can literally
FEEL, and TASTE, the hunger, the passion, and the urgency
as well! It definitely wasn't like any first kiss I'd
ever had either, and by the time it was over I already had
his shirt undone, and he had the zipper on the back of my dress
pulled down! I stepped out of my dress leaving me in just
my bra and panties then, and I quickly turned and headed
over to the big, king-size bed!

By the time I got to the bed I had my own bra undone and off,
and then as I jumped on the bed I quickly lifted my legs and
slid my panties down and off too! I might have been the first
one both naked and on that bed, but David wasn't far
behind me, and as I scooted over to make room for him, the
last thing he had on were his boxer shorts. We kissed again
and of course I felt his hard cock pressing against me, but
it wasn't like he was pressing all the way into me. I
only say that because at this point of course I knew he had
a big cock, but what I honestly didn't know yet, was
just HOW BIG he really was! I honestly don't know if
he actually planned it that way, or if that's just the
way it ended up working out, but he'd basically left
his last piece of clothing for me to take off, and that also
meant I'd be the one to, ah, well I guess to "release"
his big hard cock!

I was definitely acting like some silly lust drunk little
girl, as he reached up and started to pull his own shorts
down, I stopped him giggling as I spoke, and I said something
like "No let me do it place David", and then I
was sliding down his body! His boxers shorts were "tented"
of course, but I promise you there's still a huge difference
between seeing that, and then seeing the actual, "real
thing"! I reached up and grabbed the waistband of
his shorts and I started to yank them down his body! I think
I got about as far as his knees with them, before my eyes got
as big as saucers, and I honestly did burst out with:

"Oh my God David, it's SO BIG"!

I'd seen, I'd held in my hands, I'd played
with and I'd licked, sucked and been fucked by, at least
a half dozen cocks in my life by then! The smallest was probably
my second boyfriend in high school, and I swear that fully
erect his penis probably wasn't a full four inches!
(man was he easy to suck off) THE largest on the other hand
had belonged to a guy I'd been with when I first moved
to Austin, and I thought his cock was just huge! I'd
guess he was MAYBE six and a half inches when he was all hard
and ready to go, and he was definitely a lot bigger around
than any guy I'd ever been with as well! Way back when
it had first come up in one of our flirting, teasing telephone
conversations that David had a big cock, I'd pictured
something like that other guy's hard cock but nothing,
and I mean NOTHING like I was seeing right then!

Just for the sake of getting it over with now, I'm just
going to come right out and tell you and THEN get on with my
story (stories) What I'm about to tell you is not only
100% true, but it's also 100% accurate, since BOTH
David and I measured it together one time! That happened
months after we'd begun dating steadily! AND SO, just
to get the actual "statistics" out of the way;
when fully erect, David's hard cock measured nine
and three-quarters inches long, and it was six and three-froths
inches around at it's thickest part! The nine and three-quarters
inches length, was also measured on the TOP side of his erect
penis as well, and we used a "cloth" measuring
tape when we measured him! Just so there's be no guessing!
SO as that one guy stated in his story, if his cock was over
seven inches than he was in the top 15% of all the men in the
world! There's really no point in me exaggerating
it either!


I was shocked! I was astonished! I was thrilled, scared,
turned on, and bewildered all at the same time! My very first
thought of course was to wonder just how the HELL, he was
intending on getting that monster inside of me, as I'm
not that big a woman in the first place! While you are more
than welcome to go to my profile page, it's probably
just easier if I save you the trouble! If you do go there however
you'll discover that I'm only five-foot, three
inches tall, and even that is because they don't use
"halves" wen they let you create your profile!
I'm actually more like five-two and a half really!
I'm slim/petite, and have 34B breasts, so as I just
said, I'm NOT a big girl even now!

I stopped, his boxer shorts just below his knees, and after
exclaiming out loud how big it was, he replied by telling
me that he had warned me, he had told me so and more than once
really! "OK, you said big". I reminded him,
and certain NOT HUGE! Hell I didn't even know they made'em
that big! Like I had all that much experience at 20 years
old anyway! As scared of it as I was however, and I'm
using that word, "scared" because that's
what I really was at that point in time! But as scared as I
was of the damn thing as I just sat there staring at it, at
the very same time I could already feel my tummy tingling,
and I could feel my nipples getting even harder, and I could
FELL myself getting turned on just looking at it! I reached
over very tentatively and touched it, and that's when
David laughed at me and said something like: It's not
gonna break you know"!

That was enough to break the ice for me I guess, and I joined
in laughing with him! David then finished kicking his own
shorts off, and he pulled me back up beside him! He kissed
me and then slid his lips along my neck and up to my ear and
I shivered. His tongue slipped along my neck behind my ear
and I moaned, and as I did I reach down and I took hold of his
big hard cock! It just felt so wild and so different holding
it in my hand even, as I couldn't even touch my fingers
to my palm. His cock felt so warm and hard and yet the skin
so soft, and I suddenly had this most overpowering urge
to suck him! We kissed again and then his head dipped down
so he could kiss and lick my hard nipples! It felt really
good when he was doing all that to me, and yet I just couldn't
really concentrate on my own pleasure, as I was holding
that big hard cock in my hands!

Oh, and that's the other thing, and hopefully the last
time I'll interrupt my story too! I've been with
men with cocks as big and even bigger than David's since,
and with a cock that size some men don't seem to ever
be able to get as "hard" as guys with smaller
dicks! David was the exception to that rule as well, because
even at his length and width, he still got as hard as a rock
as they say! OK and so once again back to my story!

I let David suck on my tits for a few more minutes before this
time I was the one pulling him back up to kiss me! As soon as
I ended that Kiss I moved, so that he couldn't take over
again and keep me from doing was I was now so desperately
wanting to do! I quickly kissed my way down his chest, and
then I actually stopped and licked his nipples for a moment
or two so I wouldn't look TOO eager! Enough of that already
however, and then I quickly kissed my way down, and I even
moved my whole body down too, so I could get between his spread
open legs! Now "I" was finally in the position
that "I" wanted to be in, and I made myself more
comfortable. I then leaned over and gave just the head of
his hard cock a kiss, and then I SLOWLY started licking it!

God, I must have spent a good ten minutes doing nothing but
licking that big mushroom head, and licking under it and
all around and and then licking IT all over! By the time I
started to move my mouth, lips and tongue down that big,
thick hard shaft of his, I knew I was driving him crazy! I
then spent several more minutes just licking up and down
the hard shaft. Sometimes I'd go back to licking JUST
the head again, but then I knew I could sense his frustration,
I move back down and start on that big shaft once again! That
very first time I sucked him off I didn't spend a whole
lot of time on his big, smooth-shaven balls, but I did give
them several long licks however, before I finally moved
back up to actually start sucking him!

I got the head, and MAYBE an inch or so of this thick hard shaft
in my mouth before it became to much for me to swallow! Of
course being the resourceful little slut I am however,
I quickly wrapped both hands around this thick hard shaft,
and as I sucked hm off I also jacked him off at the same time!
I'm not sure if HIS "plan" was for me to suck
him all the way off that first time, but it's what "I"
wanted to do for him, and so that's why I'd moved
all the way down between his legs instead of at least keeping
my ass back up near his head! I didn't want him to stop
me half way so we could fuck, because I really did want to
"taste him" before we got to all that! David
seemed to have some pretty damn good "staying power"
too, because it really did take me longer to finally make
him cum, than it usually did when I was sucking other guys
off! Of course most all the cocks I'd sucked so far beside
his, had all been of "normal length" and size,
and so most of them I'd been able to suck right down to
the very base in my mouth!

It was gonna happen though I could tell it was, and then the
next thing I know his hips are arching up off that bed, he's
definitely crying my name out loud, and then announcing
just as loudly, that's he's cumming! Like I really
needed him to tell me that, since I now had a mouth full of
thick, creamy, slightly salty tasting cum! Just like that
other guy said in the article he posted the other day, David
didn't have some HUGE, monster load that I could barely
swallow, He did have a nice big, thick load however, and
I gulp[ed down and I really did swallow every drop! David's
cock did soften slightly after his orgasm, but he was still
hard enough to fuck! That would actually be my very first
"lesson" in having sex with David, and if you'd
like to put it that way! He could usually stay mostly hard
after one orgasm, and then it would take him a while to cum
again, and THEN, he'd go soft!

David pulled me back up beside him after that, and then he
kissed me! Now THAT, really was a first for me back then!
A guy KISSING ME, and AFTER he'd just cum in my mouth!
It actually REALLY turned me on that he did it, and I think
it turns on a lot of gals too! We shared a long, much slower,
but no less passionate kiss this time, and then he was suddenly
rolling me over, and onto my back! Even as he climbed over
me and got on top of me I was shivering slightly, and I think
my voice was even a bit shaky, as I told him to please go slow,
and to please, please be gentle too! I wasn't just saying
that to say it either, and I really DID mean it! I remember
so clearly feeling David's knees pushing my legs further
apart, and then the heat from his body as he hovered there
over me. I think I even shut my eyes in anticipation at that
point, and then I felt that large mushroom head, as it slid
down and in between my wet, and swollen pussy lips!

David took his time then and even today I'm convinced
he was only able to do it BECAUSE I'd already sucked
him off first! He pressed down a little harder then, but
it wasn't so he could actually penetrate me yet! His
thick, hard shaft slid back and forth between my wet pussy
lips, and each time he'd sort of push forwards, that
huge mushroom head would rub against my hard, swollen little
clit! His big, massive head would actually push my clit
hood back some, and then the silky smooth skin of the head
of his hard cock, would rub directly across my hard, exposed
clit, before it slipped back inside it's protective
little hood! Over and over he did this, until I was literally,
dripping with my own pussy juices! It just felt like my clit
was almost vibrating and puling with waves of pleasure,
and my pussy was throbbing right along with it! There's
really no other way to put it at this point, as I was MORE than
ready to GET FUCKED!

I think I was even clawing at David's upper thighs at
this point, and trying to dig my fingers into his bare flash!
I know I was moaning and I was groaning really loudly too,
and I finally came right out and said it, I came right out
and BEGGED HIM, to FUCK ME PLEASE! Oh yeah, and I most definitely
used the word please too, and more than once if I remember
correctly! David FINALLY hesitated at this point, and
then I could FEEL the head of his hard cock as it pushed my
pussy lips apart! I could feel my wet hole opening up to take
him in, and then I felt him pushing oh so gently but firmly,
and then the head of his hard cock penetrated me, and slipped
inside me!

Now I gotta tell you one thing's for sure, and that's
if any woman can just TAKE a cock like David's inside
her, you know, just like that, just PUSH it in, then she's
gotta have one huge, stretched out pussy! It took David
every bit of the next ten full minutes to work all that hard
cock inside oi me, not that "I" was complaining
mind you, because it felt really, REALLY GOOD! He took so
much time as a matter of fact, that by the time we were down
to the final inch or tow of his thick hard shaft, then "I'M"
the one who pushed back up at him, and I'm the one that
forced that last inch or so inside me! OK, and not to get too
clinical here in the middle of an erotic story like that
... BUT David later told me more than once, that I was only
the second woman he'd ever been able to get AL:L of his
hard cock inside of! At the same time he also told me I had
one of THE tightest pussy's he'd ever fucked too!

I guess that wasn't really the "clinical side"
as I said but maybe this part is as I tell you about it next!
With him on top we could always seem to get his cock all the
way inside me, and yet when he'd take me from behind
"doggie style" we had to be careful how deep
and hard he thrust! Sometimes in that position, as well
as when I was on top of him, the head of his hard cock would
rub hard against, or even bounce off of my cervix, and it
would hurt! Ah, but after about our second time together
however, David learned my body so well, that he hardly if
ever caused me pain, and he could definitely make me orgasm,
but we'll get to that in a moment I assure you!

He was on top of me then, and all the way inside of me! Maybe
it was just the way we fit together, or maybe it was the way
his thick hard shaft stretched me open as he fucked me, but
Oh my God that man could make me cum, and he hardly had to do
any fucking at all, before my first of several orgasms would
hit me!

It honestly took me a very long time, and it was even well
AFTER my husband Steven and I'd started swinging,
that I was able to tell him, to confess the truth to him really,
that David truly was THE best fuck, I've ever had i my
life! I don't think it was JUST, because of the size
of his hard cock, although I do know that was a big part of
it! I also think his cock just "fit me" right,
and our bodies fit together so perfectly and a dozen other
factors I suppose, but, and this was THE hardest things
to confess to Steven, BUT David had been THE ONLY man whose
ever been able to give me true, multiple orgasms, as well
as the only man whoever made my pussy actually "squirt"
and believe me, he made that happen a lot of times too! For
the longest time I just felt it was wrong to tell your own
husband something like that, and then AFTER we started
swinging I felt it was wrong not to!

That first orgasm I had with David would stop! I mean it really,
REALLY wouldn't end! I climaxed and my pussy throbbing
and I screamed out, but those waves of pleasure just kept
right on coming and coming and coming, and it didn't
seem like they were EVER going to stop! I'd never had
a real multiple orgasm before, not even one I could give
myself! And for a little while there I even felt like I might
pass out, and then finally David grunted loudly and he groaned
out he was cumming, and I just clung to him tightly as he emptied
what was left in his big balls, so deeply inside of me! I was
breathing so hard at that point, that David actually raised
himself above me, and asked me if I was alright? I was cumming
so hard, and for so long that first time, that I really don't
know if I actually DID "squirt" that first time,
but the bed under me was all soaking wet!

The TRULY satisfying thing for me however, as the feeling
I f=got as I FELT, David's huge hard cock slowly going
soft inside of me, and then soft to the point it finally slipped
out all on it's own! I have no idea why some men seem to
get embarrassed when they go soft after they cum, because
to me at least, it's a sure sign that I've done my
job, so to speak! Nice and cute and soft, and besides, I know
i my heart I can ALWAYS get it all big and hard again if I work
at it long enough! David needed a good hour's rest after
that first fuck, and believe me, you'd have heard NO
objection out of me either! My pussy was already sore for
just his size alone, but as I've said it many times before,
to me at least it's the best kind of sore there is!

OK, so I really gotta move on with this story, otherwise
I'm never even going to get to the next part of my story
at all! SO with that in mind I am going to kind of speed tings
up a bit, even though I know there's gonna be someone
out there mad at me for skipping so many hot details!

David and I fucked three more times between that first fuck,
and the time we both had to get ready for class the next morning!
Each time we tried something new as well, since I had to see
what his big cock felt like in different positions! The
next time I was on top and I liked that one a lot! Mainly because
"I" could control both the speed of our fucking,
as well as the depth of penetration to some extent! After
that (and another long rest of course) We did it from behind
with me up on my hands and knees, and David was really careful
about how he did it! Especially after my first loud yelp
in pain! Our last position was with him spooning behind
me, and that's one position where length does count
and being longer DOES come in handy!

David and I fucked our brains out the next three nights in
a row, and when I didn't have his big hard cock in my pussy,
I had it in my mouth! I'd already gotten an "A+"
in oral skills, and David also told me he'd never been
with a woman before who just seemed to love doing it so much
either! Hey I really do, OK! Anyway, we had the morning of
that last day together, and of course by then we're
both making all kinds of pledges NOT to let this end! Although
I swear to you I could barely walk as I got on the plane for
my ride home that day, like I said before it's a kind
of soreness, I'll take any day of the week! (and on weekends
too of course) Ah, which leads us to the next part of this

Thinking back now, I sweat I'm not even sure how it happened
that first time, although it's pretty easy to figure
out just WHY it became such a pattern later on! We were back
from that trip for two whole weeks with neither of us being
able to work our schedules out to get together! Now keep
in mind that I'm also living in Austin at the time, while
he's living up in Dallas! From my front door to his,
was just under a four hour drive without any traffic! As
that third weekend approached I literally had an itch in
my hot, wet little pussy that wouldn't go away no matter
how many times I "rubbed it" myself! SO it was
around the middle of that week, and the next time I spoke
to David over the phone, that I told him my plan! Basically,
if I packed my stuff the night before, and threw it in my car
before I went to work i on Friday, and then I left work and
headed straight to Dallas, I could be there by nine or so
at the latest! Whatever time I got there, I planned on being
naked and in bed with him, no less than five minuets later!

"SO, would that make YOU happy Teri"?

I'll admit his question, and even the way he said it
threw me slightly off-guard! Figuring he must be just playing
around with my head however, I laughed and told him he had
no idea just how happy that would make me, and just how happy
I PLANNED ON, making him in return!

"Good, around nine that night it is, and try not to
e too late dear, and also, if you could do one other favor
for me as well"!

Once again BOTH his tone and his words caught me slightly
off-guard, but I simply asked hi what the favor was. He told
me that he wanted me to shave my pussy, "NO, hair down
there" is how he put it also, and then he said for me
not to bother wearing any underwear either, for my drive
up there as well as when he let me in his front door! It wasn't
just his requests that had me stumbling at that point, but
as I've already said before it was the tone in his voice
as well! I felt like both things WERE a "request"
and yet just the way he told me almost sounded like they were,
well that that were "orders"? I mean it's
not like we'd actually been together a long time at
this point, but so far at least David and I'd never even
had a cross word between us, I was so damn horny however that
I wasn't about to argue now, and so I simply told him,
"Yes Sir"!

I had no ay to know it then, but it was definitely the start
of a whole different kind of relationship that I'd
ever had before!

I did exactly as I'd said I would, and I packed my stuff
in my car the night before. On Friday as soon as they let us
all go, I was out the door and in my car, and headed up to Dallas!
I was probably almost half way there before I even remembered
his other request/demand/ oh whatever, and so even though
I didn't need gas right then, I pulled off the highway,
found a gas station, and slipped into their restroom! Friday
is usually "jeans day" at work, and so I had on
a pair of jeans and a company T-shirt to go with them, Thankfully
I had packed a dress in case we'd decide to go out to dinner
or something like that, and so I pulled it out of my suitcase,
before going in the restroom! NO bra or panties on underneath
my dress now I got back in my car to finish the drive up to see
him, and I do have to0 admit I felt so naughty driving that
way, even though it's not like anyone would ever know!

OH, and YES, I had shaved my pussy all smooth and clean and
hair-free the night before. Yet one more first for me back

I knocked on the front door of his apartment, and he answered
it TOTALLY, and COMPLETELY NAKED! His big hard cock stood
out from his body, and for some reason I remember actually
thinking to myself that it looked "angry"!
David pulled me into his apartment and told me to shut the
door quickly. His voice was strong and steady, but with
almost no tone to it at all, as he said something about how
we didn't want the whole world to see him naked now did
we? He pulled me to hm then and kissed me, and although it
was a very nice kiss it wasn't like, well, I'm not
even sure how to describe it! Little did I know then it would
actually be the last time he kissed me coming though his
front door, but we'll get to that later too, I promise!
Even before that kiss ended I felt the pressure from his
hands on my shoulders pushing me down in front of him! I went
to my knees his big hard cock slapping me on my cheek, and
then, he gave a single "command"!

"Suck it"!

I had about a zillion different emotions going through
me at that instant! Not to mention at least one of them being
anger really! Fortunately, or is it unfortunately, it
was LUST that won out, and within seconds of him "issuing"
that "command" I had his big hard cock in my mouth,
and I was sucking on it for him! God his big cock just tasted
SO GOOD, and I loved having it in my mouth! I sucked for a minute
or two and then ran my tongue down this thick hard shaft,
and as my mouth neared the base he reached down and took hold
of his own hard cock! He pulled it away from me then, but as
he did he actually stepped forward, at that point another
command slipped from his lips., "Now the balls Teri""
and I almost instantly began licking them for him! I licked
all around his big smooth balls, and then took them in my
mouth, he had me lick and suck his balls for a while more,
and then he just turned and walked away! JUST LIKE THAT!

I instantly followed him into his bedroom like some damn
pussy! More like I bitch in heat I guess really! He then got
up on his bed and pointed between his legs, and then once
again simply told me to "Suck it"! Maybe ten
minutes later he was filling my mouth with his thick hot
cum, and as he orgasmed he was telling me how much he loved
me and how wonderful I was ans stuff like that! It was the
first time since I'd talked to him a couple days before
that I actually, well that I actually felt the same way I
had with him back in San Antonio! The next thing I know I'm
on my back, and David is on top of me and smiling down at me!
He's telling me again how much he loves me and how wonderful
I am, even as the head of his big hard cock is penetrating
me! God I was just SO WET, and this time his big hard cock slid
in me a lot easier and faster than it had that first time back
in San Antonio!

I had two very powerful, VERY intense orgasms before David
finally groaned out he was cumming, and then he emptied
his big balls deep inside me! He held me and hugged me and
kissed me, and told me over and over again how I was THE most
wonderful woman he'd ever met in his entire life! I
never felt as loved, AND as sexually satisfied at the same
time in my whole young life! We never left his apartment
that entire weekend, and lord knows how many times he fucked
me! I really was sore as I made that drive back home late Sunday
afternoon, so sore in fact that my final present to him had
been yet once more blow job, instead of a fuck! It was so weird
too, because there was at least a couple, maybe more times
that weekend when, well when David would ORDER me to do something!
Mostly it was things like getting him another beer, but
a couple of the things were sexual in nature too!

One ting was when he had me get on the bed on all fours, but
put my face down in the pillows. I could hear him behind me
snapping away and taking pictures of me like that, and I'd
never even posed for a guy in a bikini, much less naked, ass
up in the air and on his bed! Oh God, but then right after that
HE licked my ass for me! I was nervous about it at first because
no guy had ever done that to me, but then it just felt so damn
good, that as he did it I actually masturbated myself to
an orgasm! He seemed to really get off on us doing that; him
licking my ass as I masturbated, and he got so excited that
he jerked off on me, and he shot his hot cum all over my ass
and back! (Yup, another first for me as well, letting a guy
cum all over me like that)

I guess the real icing on the cake as they say however, was
just before I was ready to leave that Sunday afternoon!
I'd just finished sucking him off once again, when
he said something like how he would "expect me"
around he same time that next Friday evening! He didn't
ask mind you, he just said he'd expect me, and as I looked
at his big flaccid cock as he said it, I found myself simply
telling him sure, and that I promised I be here!

AND SO ... it happened that next weekend, the weekend after
that, and then the following weekend as well! AT some point,
somewhere in the middle of all this, I'd apparently
fallen so "IN LUST" with his huge, beautiful
hard cock, and so "IN LOVE" with HIM, that no
matter how bad he treated me, and no matter what, over the
next year and a half almost I'd be there, rain, shine,
sleet or snow as they say, and I'd be naked all weekend,
and I'd be his total sex slave, and his complete sex
toy! There even came a point in all this where he did get me
into some bondage and discipline as well! NO matter what
it was he wanted it was like I just couldn't say no, and
that was true right up to the point when he also wanted to
at least TRY, and stick that huge hard cock up my ass too!

NOT ONCE, in nearly a year and a half did HE make the trip to
Austin to see me! Every single Friday just like a good little
slave, I'd be in my car and on my way up to see him! Right
up until things began to go bad! God there were just so many
rotten conversations that it would literally take me hours
to say them all now! Let's see, he wanted to "date"
a few women closer to his own age and background, and yet
that didn't mean he wanted to STOP, fucking me! I still
went up to see him! He eventually got serious about one woman
in particular, and ended up canceling several of our weekend
sex marathons! The moment SHE was out of town for a weekend
without him however, he was on the phone and demanding I
come up and see him if I still truly loved him! I was there,
and he fucked me till I couldn't walk!

David could literally make me cum at the drop of a hat with
his big hard cock and he knew it! He could make me "squirt"
I'd cum so hard, and he could honestly give me multiple
orgasms any time he wanted to! He knew it, he knew all of it!
Just as he KNEW I literally was "hooked" on his
huge hard cock!

And now for the TRULY terrible AND embarrassing thing!

I've been asked before, how did I finally break away?
How did I finally stop? Even after I told my husband Steven
this story years later, I STILL left this last part out until
only recently really!

How did I break away and how did I stop? I didn't truly
I guess, and yet I'd like to think I did at least!

I did stop driving up there to see him every weekend, but
that only happened AFTER a mutual friend of ours first introduced
me and Steven! Steven's hard cock wasn't nearly
as big, and he couldn't make me cum anywhere near as
hard as David could! Of course Steven didn't know this
at the time, but what Steven did have going for him was that
he respected me and treated me wonderfully, and this time
it was the MAN, who fell instantly in love with me! I was through
with him! I was DONE with David, and he was out of my life as
far as I was concerned! Besides he'd canceled the last
couple of weekends with me anyway, and then through the
grapevine at work I'd heard that he was actually getting
married very soon too! I even shifted David's account
to another of our inside reps, just so I wouldn't have
to talk to him even about business! It was over and it was
done and I had a new and wonderful boyfriend! Steven!

Two months later I found myself lying to Steven, who was
no longer just my boyfriend but he now my finance even! I
found myself lying to Steven, and I found myself knocking
on David's front door for what I SWORE to myself would
be the very last time ever! Even now this is still just so
embarrassing to tell, and I SWEAR, I had no idea I was being
invited up to be the center piece so to speak, for David's
bachelor party that weekend! I guess what I was ashamed
of the most for a very, VERY long time, was that even as my
future husband's bride to be, I let six men fuck me in
every hole I had that weekend, or that one night into the
next day at least! AND YES, I had my fair share of orgasms
while it all went on too! That one guy posted he wanted real
truth in the stories posted on here! Well everything I've
just told you is the truth, right up to AND including that
bachelor party gang bang I LET myself get into!

Hum ... this story has been so long ... guess there will be
a part two, just so I can tell you all about the other very
large cock I REALLY DID HAVE in my life! At least this one
I shared with my husband Steven!

Till then .... xoxoxo Teri

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Fantastic! Your honesty is appreciated. You unfold a story
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glad to have inspired u to write this story


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my wife is getting ready for her above the normal size cock
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