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The Trip


One evening, our good friends Bill and Carolyn were
over for drinks and presented us with an impromptu
proposal for the four of us to take a getaway 3-nite
trip to New Orleans. We were in our mid-30?s each with
young children and well on the way up the corporate
ladder. So there was an appeal to take an early spring
trip to get a harsh winter out of our system,
particularly to a legendary city such as N?awlins.
As the days sped by, we had settled on a specific
weekend (leaving on Thursday afternoon) which would
not coincide with college spring break, nor with
school spring vacation. I?d been there several times
and was anxious to return and to show my wife Jane,
the city. And vacationing with this couple was going
to be fun, as we were good friends and there was a
good chemistry between the four of us. We?d been
friends for several years, had vacationed together,
lived in the same Boston suburb, shared the same
politics and general life-style. As they say, we were
On the day we set for discussing the trip details, our
friends hit us with a plan - one to which they had
given some serious thought, and when presented seemed
quite acceptable to us. They were concerned about
flying tragedies, and thought it a good idea to split
the flight, with he and my wife taking the early
flight and Carolyn and I leaving 25 minutes later on a
competing airline. We agreed. Since they were on the
early flight, they would take all the luggage and also
pick up the rental car, and we would breeze through
arrivals and quickly join them to start our whirlwind
I was quite excited with these arrangements, as there
was a palpable amount of chemistry between Carolyn and
me, as, indeed, there was all around. I had never been
alone with her for any length of time, let alone four
or more hours in a plane, and so I was quite turned on
by this prospect. The two women were classic beauties,
very athletic yet quite trim, bubbly personalities,
and both extremely shapely and long-legged. Bill and I
were also physically active men and were also quite
fit and ruggedly handsome.
The day of our trip arrived and the girls had
arranged for relatives to care of the kids while we
were away. We picked up Bill and Carolyn and headed
for Logan, checking the bags on their early flight and
went to the bar for a quick drink before meeting up in
New Orleans. I had my camera bag and Carolyn and Jane
each took a small travelling kit with makeup, jewelry,
etc. as carry-ons.
As the first flight was announced, we all went to the
gate in high spirits to see them off with lots of
good- natured banter, and then Carolyn and I made our
way to the gate from which our flight was to depart.
There was a lot of sexual tension within me, as I now
was alone with a beautiful woman about to embark on an
exciting adventure in a great romantic city. We each
had a final cocktail near our gate and scampered on
with the minimum of luggage, excited and pleased to
have each others company for the next several hours.
Though we were both married, there seemed to be
something almost wicked in the fact that we were truly
together with our spouses consent and could continue
to flirt with no one to offend.
As the flight settled in, we had another drink and
waited for our meal to be served. Suddenly, I sensed
that we were off our planned trajectory, when the
captain announced that due to a navigational problem
with the electronic gear, we were putting down
temporarily in Binghampton, NY, and would soon
continue our journey after technicians tweaked the
equipment. Though we were slightly alarmed at this
turn of events, a bolt of sexual energy shot to my
groin area as the enormity of the situation hit me,
and I began to get aroused simply from the thoughts
that flooded my mind. My personal situation was
exacerbated when Carolyn put her hand on mine,
clutching me and expressed some fear at what was
happening. I comforted her somewhat and informed her
(I had been a USAF navigator) that even with minimum
navigational aids, we could be directed from the
ground to safely land the plane, and so it came to be.
Shortly after we landed, it was determined that the
ground facilities at Broome County were not geared to
repair this problem, and we were stuck for the
duration, as there was no other traffic in or out at
this time. Now, it also dawned on us that there was no
way to contact Bill and my wife, as he had made the
hotel arrangements and we had no clue where. I thought
to call the car rental office in N.O. to leave a
message, but again Carolyn and I were in the dark. We
hoped they would eventually contact our airline and
learn of our predicament though it was obviously not
life-threatening. However, we were now compelled to
stay overnight till our flight could resume. My
excitement was difficult to conceal, as it became
quite apparent that Carolyn and I were to share a room
at the airline?s expense. I think she felt the same
level of excitement and anticipation. We were booked
as Mr. and Mrs., so only one hotel voucher was
Having been in Binghampton when I earlier worked for
IBM, I was familiar with some of the hotels, and
immediately phoned to secure an elegant room,
befitting the occasion. Carolyn was initially somewhat
apprehensive about the idea of sharing a room with me,
but I suppose the notion that Jane and Bill might be
doing the same in New Orleans seemed to signal that it
was ok. We joked about what might be happening
at our destination, and then a sort of fortuitous
inevitability and anticipatory excitement returnedus
to a
good mood and back to the vacation mode we had just
been in. We had no luggage save the travel kit and my
camera bag, and as we entered our suite, we seemed to
be crossing a forbidden barrier, but one we were
willingly crossing and even yearning for. Over the
years Carolyn and I had openly joked about what the
other was like in bed, and indeed our lives to that
point had contained a great deal of sexual innuendo
and delicious ribbing and repartee among our whole
inner crowd of 5 couples.
The minute the bellhop left us, we turned and looked
at each other tentatively and with great trepidation,
knowing that by tomorrow morning our relationship
would have entered a new realm, yet one we knew we
could handle. I reached out and took her in my arms,
almost as if to say we?re in this together and that we
should take advantage of this one opportunity to
consummate a part of our deep friendship - indeed love
- which had been lurking below the surface. We kissed,
almost perfunctorily for an instant, then, as
lightning, years of suppressed passion washed over us,
and we knew then that we would be joined later that
evening in the timeless dance of boiling passion. It
seemed to be preordained.
Carolyn returned the kiss with unexpected vigor, and
slowly our hands began to explore each other?s body, a
body we had each studied and fantasized about over the
years yet had not the absolute opportunity or comfort
to indulge. After several minutes of increasing mutual
animal urges and exploratory activities, punctuated
with soft oooohhs and aaaahs, we decided to dine, then
return to our room to continue this exciting chapter
in our lives. We wondered aloud what was happening in
New Orleans, and surprisingly we were each aroused by
what our minds were telling us, guessing?.maybe hoping
that they too would succumb to years of stifled
As we dined and chatted animatedly in the hotel
dining room, my mind was beginning to formulate a
strategy of seduction which in no way would be tawdry,
yet would be supremely elegant and memorable for both
of us. I was convinced that this would effectively be
a ?one-night stand? as there was no intention of
having it continue when we returned home. I tried to
remember every conversation, every piece of sexual
intelligence, every female nuance I had learned
through practice with my wife, through adult videos,
women?s magazines or other sources that I should
employ later that evening. In short, this was going to
be a night to remember and to savor for the rest of my
life. I tried to remember articles written by lesbians
as to what women really wanted from their lovers, as
part of my intention was to be a lesbian for part of
the evening. As we drank our wine and chatted, my mind
was on a different plane, almost to the point where my
table talk might have seemed disjointed or addled. It
was a chance I?d have to risk.
On our way to the elevators, I stopped by the front
desk to see if they had a grooming kit for guests with
no luggage, as I wanted to shave and freshen up as
much as possible. At least Carolyn had her cosmetic
case with her. We kissed again in the elevator,
somewhat feverishly, an omen of things to come. We
entered our room, and with the stilted awkwardness of
new lovers, went to the bathroom privately, where I
took the opportunity to shave as closely as possible,
hoping to avoid any chance of imparting whisker-burn.
When we were both satisfied that our bodies were as
in-tune with the surroundings as possible, I dimmed
the lights by leaving only the bathroom light on, the
door slightly ajar. I held Carolyn closely and told
her how much I had admired her over the years, and how
much of my sexually oriented banter really came from
the heart, if not my loins. She responded that her
feelings were exactly the same, and volunteered that
she had often spied on me at parties to see what my
reactions on certain jokes, etc. would be. I liked her
honesty, one of the personality traits which I found
to make her so attractive and appealing to me.
We kissed again, this time with greedy mouths, our
tongues dueling and tasting the others face, my tongue
searching for hers and lightly, then vigorously
dancing in her hot mouth til our breathing became
raggedly apparent. I held her face in my hands and
again lightly kissed her nose, ears, neck and chin,
trying to inhale her uniquely delicate odors. I then
gently unbuttoned her blouse, knowing that we would
have to wear the same clothes tomorrow, my excitement
building at the thought that I would soon see the
entire breast that had so tantalized me for years.
Kissing each exposed inch of flesh had given me a
diamond hard erection, which was none to subtle as it
angrily poked her belly. This must have been her
signal to unzip my pants, as I now felt her soft hands
measuring the extent of my building emotion. I almost
gasped out loud when she deftly fished my flushed
prick from the confines of my trousers and gently held
it as if finally realizing that what she had imagined
was about to come true. I removed her bra to finally
see the last part of her mystery, as I had seen her in
a bikini many times before. And yet, the sight of that
extended nipple, so engorged with blood, perched atop
the loveliest shaped tits you could imagine made my
nostrils flare and my prick take an involuntary twitch
in her hand. This was not lost on her, as she finished
stripping me, saving me from cumming on the only
trousers I had
Now, I had to complete the minuet by carefully
removing her sporty skirt and silk panties, which had
begun to assume the primo essence of her own
femininity - the very same pheromones which once had
dominion over Caesar, Romeo, Anthony and all lovers
everywhere through the ages, and which now were
concentrating on my being. Yes, I was now one of them,
albeit for such a fleeting moment as this evening. Got
to make it count.
After carefully draping our clothes over an easy
chair, I turned to Carolyn, goddess of beauty and
desire, swept her up in my arms and gently deposited
her on the queen-sized bed, my massive erection
stabbing the air as if seeking shelter. I laid down
beside her and she softly told me that she had also
fantasized about this moment, and yet I had no clue
that she had anything but blandly nice feelings about
me. This, in spite of all the occasions when we would
all verbally tweak each other suggestively during
house parties, etc. Hearing her words from her mouth
seems to generate another inch on my prick, which
already has been distended over and above any previous
dimension. I expect my prick to split like some
grilled sausage casing, as the blood has rushed there,
almost leaving me slightly light-headed. The power of
her words!
We face each other, her legs entwined with mine, and
we embrace to explore each other. She kisses my face
and mouth, her sweet tongue insinuating itself between
my eager lips, only to meet mine and to do an oral
tango. Looking into her eyes makes me want to mentally
record the moment, as I know I will replay this
evening for years to come. She is so beautiful, and
the fact that she has also dreamed of me is the
greatest tonic and aphrodisiac known to mankind.
After kissing her thoroughly, I move my lips and
tongue to her left breast which has been captured by
my hand; a soft globe not unlike a water balloon with
an acorn attached. I lick my way ever so slowly over
alabaster skin populated with extremely light
fuzz-hair to the heretofore forbidden nerve center of
her tit, and slowly suck the entire nipple into my
mouth. Even I can feel the electric shock-wave that
flashes from her nipple directly to her clit, though
her quiet, ?oooohh? confirms my senses, and the
telltale elixir of love begins to lubricate her entire
inner passage in a dewy display that only nature can
generate. While I linger at her nipples, I remind
myself to take this session slowly, as I am to assume
the persona of the most wanton lesbian known, if only
to impart a physically and spiritually loving
tongue-lashing to my friend?s wife. This has to be a
moment such as she has never experienced in her life,
and I?m driven by the desire to make this her personal
I lick my way down her body, but she has thrown the
most effective roadblock known, by gently reaching
down and softly encircling and teasing my raging penis
with her hand. No fair - it?s a fulltime job not to
spew my superheated spunk on us?.I?ve got to
concentrate! I know she can easily take my pulse with
her hand, though she herself is unwittingly the cause
of its elevated nature.
My tongue reaches and lingers at her small navel,
while my left hand has been lightly, almost
imperceptibly raking her leg from inner knee to the
apex of all feminine pleasure and returning, only to
start the voyage anew. Something?s working, as her
body starts to clutch, and short sharp ?oooohhs?
emanate from her mouth, signaling a point of no
return. I?m not dissuaded from my goal, to brand this
evening on Carolyn?s brain for all time. Perhaps it?s
a selfish attitude on my part to deliberately intrude
in her private mental diary of ?world class? events
with a performance that she will want to brag about,
but which must remain locked forever in her treasure
chest of delicious memories. I?ll have that same
problem myself if my mission is accomplished. Wow, am
I reducing this tender evening to a ?mission?? It
sounds so inelegant when voiced aloud, but I?m not
deterred, as it is for a good cause?. the fulfillment
of many years of suppressed mutual desire!
As my mouth and tongue approach the forbidden land,
her soft kneading of the purple plum at the end of my
manhood has begun to generate my own predicament -
precum! I continue on, while she has constantly issued
forth an insistent, ?Yes! There! Pleasseeee, ooohh!?
My fingers have exhausted their up and down journey on
her inner thighs, and are now gently and lightly
tweaking her pussy. As my mouth approaches her silky
moss, I open wide and capture with my lips a clutch of
pubic hair which I gently pull over and over again,
blowing my hot breath on her pussy lips which are now
splayed open and quite engorged with her own blood.
Her head begins to jerk left and right, and her legs
also take up the rhythmic twitching which signals a
cataclysmic personal event taking place within her
body. I?m not immune myself - seeing her reaction
build has also acted as a super concoction of powdered
rhinoceros tusk on my overloaded brain stem, and my
prick is also violently twitching, though for the time
being under the gentle dominion and control of her
soft, warm hands. As I?m about to munch each distended
pussy-lip, Carolyn suddenly shifts to engulf my
throbbing prick in her hot mouth, and thus levels the
playing field. My plans are unraveling swiftly. Her
mouth on my cock
is my indelible personal memory tattooed in my head.
Such a delicious act by her, and now my fate is not of
my own doing. I use my last ounce of energy to slide
under her body, so that my mouth and nose are
smothered by her drooling flower.
I?m losing, but I?m winning! I stab my tongue on her
button and with the flat of my tongue lick her garden
over and over, as far as I can reach. She reacts by
forcing her throat right down my stem, and I know I
can?t last long. I counter by penetrating her pussy
with my tongue and fucking her pleasure palace
vigorously, while cascades of love potion wash over my
face. I?m drinking as fast as I can, yet I miss so
much which pools on my chest and lower neck. I sense
that she has reached the point of no return, and her
hula dance on my face signals me that my balls have
surrendered and are no longer governed by anything I
do. Like a thrown dart, nothing can stop it now. My
sperm is now racing up my channel and I barely have
time to yell, ?I?m cuummming!? Even my hips betray me
and involuntarily begin to fuck Carolyn?s face. She
has redoubled her efforts by sucking the streams of
sperm right out of me, while also drenching me in that
most aromatic potion, her own creamy viscous cum.
We quickly arrange ourselves face to face and we each
kiss the other, licking the product of our efforts
from each other?s face. Such an intimate moment - made
possible by the low bidder on the airline?s
maintenance contract. I tell her that she was
incredible, better than anything I could have
heretofore imagined, and the love bond between us just
tightened a notch. We relax in each other?s arms for a
half hour and decide to take a shower, with me
exploring every inch of her body, and wondering if
Bill has done the same with my wife.
Afterwards, I gently towel Carolyn?s body dry and
take the time to carefully explore her entire body,
including those glorious nipples which have only now
begun to diminish. I must satisfy my eyes today,
checking out every mole and crease, since it is clear
to both of us that we have no appetite for
perpetuating this fling after we return, no matter how
insistent our urges become. But we?re not done yet, as
I tell her that I have to fuck her later. She smiles
and heartily agrees, wondering aloud why we didn?t do
it earlier, but she answers her own question when she
says that this is the best physical love she can ever
remember. We look in the room?s bar and take a split
of champagne for Carolyn, and a B&B for me. I sit on
the couch naked, and she joins me, kicking her legs up
on the cushions and leaning back over my lap as though
we were kids in the back seat of a car. I sip my drink
and languidly play with her nipples, now growing, and
marveling at how Mother Nature has done a superb job.
We wonder again if Bill and Jane have duplicated our
actions in New Orleans, and hope out loud that they
have. Just the thought of Bill making love to Jane has
aroused a latent desire to see the two of them going
at it hammer and tong, and even Carolyn?s breathing
has suddenly flared at the thought of Bill eating Jane
out and doing all the things we?ve done so far. As we
speculate on the doings in New Orleans, and as we
voice our wish to be able to peek at them to see just
how they make love, our juices have begun to boil
anew. As we talk, my hand drifts down Carolyn?s belly
and a finger gently penetrates her downy thatch to
find that it is again swollen. I alternate between her
clit and kneading each lip as I measure her intensity
by her breathing rate. It is quite ragged, but she
makes a half turn and gobbles my painfully rigid
shaft, bringing glorious relief. I tell her how much I
enjoy her attention, and her breathing tells me how
much she appreciates my touch on her mons and clit.
This continues for a while, till we move to the bed.
Carolyn insists that I lie down, and she mounts me,
taking my throbbing cock in her hand and directing it
up her pussy as she slowly but urgently settles down
on me. We slowly fuck, as we can each see my prick
disappearing into Carolyn?s supremely juicy and
inflamed cunt. I play with her outstanding tits, 34Cs,
which seem to have been sculpted onto her chest. I
pull and gently twist her nipples, knowing that I
can?t leave any lasting love-marks on her body, but
impelled by the desire to truly witness her orgasm;
one produced by our joint effort. Soon, she?s fucking
me, and her hips are a blur, swiveling on my rod. And
as she screamed a muffled, ?Yes, it?s here! Ooohhh?,
my prick erupted in a staccato of thick juice to
complement her own overwhelming liquid relief. This is
the moment that I have secretly coveted, and now, due
to a stupid error, we found ourselves locked in a
night of fabled ecstasy, answering the question we
each had secretly contemplated for years, ?I wonder
how he/she is in bed??
The answer was predictable. With loving care and
unselfishness, we have extracted maximum pleasure from
a mundane accident, and been transported to a sublime
nirvana seldom experienced on purpose, let alone by
accident. The downside? We can?t talk about it to
anyone, and can?t even inquire, except in jest, as to
whether or not our partners took the same low road
that magical day. The jangling phone told us that our
flight was at 7:15. We were packed?we had no luggage.
A message at the airline gave us the details of the
hotel and how we could join up to make the best of a
partially botched trip. Carolyn and I had no
complaints at the turn of events, but are still not
sure whether or not our actions were replicated.
Finally, we all joined up for a good time in N?awlins,
partying, sightseeing, moonlight cruising. Soon it was
over, and we all had to return to Boston. When I
settled up at the hotel, I noticed they had shorted
themselves by one night, but I didn?t complain. After
all it was their problem if they only charged me for
two nights. Hmmmm, I wonder??? It was a great
Dick had always wanted to take me to New Orleans to
show me the ?decadence? of the city. He said that
barkers would almost drag you into the clubs that
dotted the French Quarter, or Vieux Carre as he put it
in his worldly manner. I loved him, as he had done a
lot of travelling, both in business and prior to
meeting me. His career as an investment banker was
meteoric, providing us with many of the suburban toys
we didn?t need, but were happy to have, including a
great home in a very nice town. We were lucky, though,
having settled into this Boston suburb and getting to
know the other four couples that made up the core of
our social world. Bill and Carolyn were perhaps a bit
special, since they seemed to share so many of the
ideals that we valued, and their two children were
very friendly with our two. In fact, our small gang of
close friends were special to us, and we all felt
quite close and familiar with one another.
This trip to New Orleans, as many of our escapades,
was on me before I had a moment to think about it, but
we were so compatible with Bill and Carolyn that it
was going to happen. It just meant that I had to make
a number of domestic arrangements, including getting
the kids off to stay with other family. This was a
common thing among our crowd, and we could expect to
reciprocate at any time.
When Bill and Carolyn expressed a fear of both flying
on the same plane together, I could identify with
that, as a tragedy would be compounded if both parents
perished. So, we were pleased with the plan they
presented and agreed. Dick and Carolyn would follow
Bill and I, and we would meet up in New Orleans to
party, dance and sightsee. I also felt a slight rush
when I heard of these new travel plans, as I had found
Bill to be quite attractive and had secretly wondered
how Carolyn enjoyed his bedroom style. We girls had
each confided some bedroom hi-jinks, and I sensed that
Bill was quite the stud, even though I had no
complaints at home. One night, at a party at their
home, Bill had kissed me and actually put his hand
under my sweater and quickly felt my tit. It was so
sudden and unexpected, that I was surprised at the way
my nipples reacted, confirming that I had, indeed,
enjoyed and welcomed the stolen innocence. Later that
evening as he and I danced, I could feel his steely
meat insistently jab my thighs and belly, and this
also had an unexpected response deep within my pussy,
as the dewy liquid rapidly built up within me. I had
an overwhelming urge to reach down and to squeeze it,
to take its measure, to wrap my hand around it, stroke
it, perhaps to see and feel it erupt, but finally,
resisted all temptation. It ended there, thankfully,
as I would not have wanted to complicate our lives
with a tawdry affair, even though this episode had
made me re-evaluate my prior thinking about
relationships. I will admit, I had fantasized over the
outrageous incident, even so far as to conjure up the
memory when I played with myself in the privacy of my
bedroom. The thought never failed to make my privates
boil and to bubble up the desired froth which
announced my certain orgasm.
The idea of flying to New Orleans alone with Bill was
appealing, and I looked forward to his company, if
only for a few regimented hours. We had never been
alone for more than a few minutes, and always at my
home or his in the company of our families. This was
different; it would be sanctioned!
So what?s a woman to do; I had to pick up a few silky
items for the trip as I always did, but this time I
felt that something could happen. When we were on
vacation, we were always a little unguarded and did
some pretty risque things that would not be
appropriate at home. Once, Dick and I actually did IT
on the balcony of our hotel room in daylight. He was
behind me and I had bent over the wall while he lifted
the back of my skirt, slipped it into me, and really
let me have it. He was so hard, as I had already
removed my panties, and when I did that, it seemed to
give him a little extra starch. As I looked at the
passing parade, his prick imbedded in me, I would tell
him if anyone was looking, and I even fibbed a little
for his sake, but the results were always great. I
think my pussy even welcomed the harsh assault in a
semi-public setting.
The day we left on our getaway was very exciting for
me, as the unknown, fraught with flirting and perhaps
more, was a great stimulant. So much so, that my pussy
and other sensory points seemed to be on high alert.
Bill and I boarded the plane and soon settled down for
the trip. He had slyly booked seats A and C, correctly
anticipating that there would be no one between us, so
our privacy was assured for the next three and one
half hours. As soon as we were airborne, he moved
closer and raised the armrest so that our bodies were
touching from hip to knee. After our first drink
arrived, it seemed as though the heat where our bodies
touched had increased greatly. He turned to whisper
something in my ear, and I found his tongue lightly
caressing my ear, as he said, ?Jane, I wish we were on
this trip alone.? Just the thought of that sent an
unanticipated shot of sexual energy to my bottom, and
I was surprised that that happened. Sure, I found him
very attractive, but we were not exactly in a private
setting, and the thought occurred to me that perhaps
someone on the plane might know me. After the second
drink, Bill actually told me that he would love to
fuck me, and the boldness of his words, coupled with
the idea that he voiced startled me, but also produced
the most electric sensation in me. No one had ever
spoken like that to me, except Dick, and we were
married! Well, there was no stopping my heart, as it
pounded, my breathing increased, and my palms
got moist. The unsolicited attention was intoxicating,
and I slowly began to realize how innocently enough
affairs got started. Dick and I had been married for
just over 10 years, and I never realized the power of
the spoken word, even as suggestive as it was. The
idea that a dear friend would still desire me
physically was a great turn-on in itself, but I was
still perplexed that my body would respond so quickly
without seemingly consulting me. In retrospect, I
guess that this was not so startling, as there had
been several recent times when Dick and I were
thoroughly fucking each other, that I had fantasized
that Bill had mounted me and was pounding my pussy for
all he was worth. At times like that, my orgasm was
swift and earthshaking. The plane?s imminent landing
jolted me to reality, but it was delicious to know
that such a response still dwelled in my body, ready
to be summoned if the opportunity demanded.
I was waiting for our two bags to creep along on the
carousel, while Bill went to claim the rental car that
he had arranged for us. I didn?t even know what hotel
we were booked into, but that part of the trip plan
was not in my hands anyway. I walked to the arrival
area of the second flight, and noticed that there was
little information next to the flight number. We had
expected them to land about the time we had retrieved
our bags and loaded them into our car. As I waited for
their flight, I heard an agent telling others that
this flight was stranded in Binghamton on an
unscheduled stop due to mechanical problems, and that
as there were no more flights in or out, that they
would overnight and arrive tomorrow morning. At least
they were safe, but I had no idea where they would be
put up for the night. The airline kindly offered to
relay any messages to them, though they could not
guarantee delivery till the morning. I walked to the
car and told Bill the news, but he did not seem too
perturbed. I soon found out why, as he excused himself
to make a phone call. We then drove from Metarie to
the French Quarter and our hotel. I waited while Bill
got our room keys and arranged for the bellhop to
guide us to our rooms. It was then I learned that Bill
had called to cancel my room before we would have been
billed for the night, and at once, realizing the
implications of this move, my pussy flushed and I
could feel the blood rushing to my most sensitive
areas. The fact that he had taken the initiative
seemingly absolved me of any complicity, and yet
caused me to admire his panache in doing this on his
own. I guess he was striking while the iron was hot,
and indeed, it was piping hot!
We were a little awkward at first, then Bill asked if
I wanted something from the in-room bar. I took a cold
reisling while he had scotch with water. Then we sat
down and Bill said, ?Do you think Dick is going to
fuck Carolyn tonight?? The question startled me, as
I?d not given a thought to their sleeping
arrangements. But the minute the words tumbled out of
his mouth, I really began to feel myself supremely
stimulated, as I knew Dick was very fond of her, and
indeed, I had secretly wondered myself how it would be
to see Dick savaging Carolyn in ways she might not
have anticipated. Dick was an accomplished and
imaginative lover, and the thought of his manly prick
being sucked by my friend, or being thrust into her
pussy and ass really put me over the edge. Strangely,
I could only answer, ?I hope he does, because I have a
feeling that we will be doing it before too long.?
Bill smiled and said that the idea had crossed his
mind, but I knew darn well that this was on his mind
the minute he had suggested we take separate flights.
I was not angry, as I knew the long ago evening that
he kissed me and felt my nipple, that one day we may
be fucking, even if in a swap between the four of us.
I even wondered if he had somehow arranged to have
Dick?s flight disabled in New York. By now, I had
finished my wine and wanted to shower before going to
dinner. Bill arose and came to me, taking me in his
arms and gently kissing my mouth. I responded by
stabbing his tongue with mine, and soon the world was
on fire. We couldn?t seem to get enough of each other,
especially when I told him that for months I had
masturbated to the recollection of the time he had
stolen a kiss and felt my tits and nipples. He
unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it over my shoulders,
lowering his mouth to kiss my fiery skin, and when he
finally slipped my bra off, his lips nestled on my
straining nipples, sending lightning bolts directlyto
my now engorged clit. He bit and pulled my nipples
with his mouth, and now they were bursting like
gardenia buds about to explode. I reached down to feel
the package I had debated touching months before and
was heartened to feel how rigid it was. I had seen his
prick semi-erect in his bathing suit, so I was not
surprised to find that it matched my husband?s staff
in many ways. My breathing was labored and my knees
quivered as he lifted me to the edge of the bed, where
I reached up to unshackle the clothes that held his
monster captive. The day had come, unexpected as it
was, when both our fantasies would be unwrapped, and I
shuddered to think how fast circumstances had changed,
making this seem like the most natural event ever.
However, the wickedness of what we were about to do
served to spur me on rather than to qwell my ardor.
This was not adultery, it was sampling, a sort of
personal answer to product testing. I was sure as I
lay here next to Bill, that Dick and Carolyn were also
stretching the bounds of family sanctity beyond the
breaking point, and this morsel of raw sexuality
granted me, seemingly, the same permission to explore
my sexuality to its fullest. Let the good times roll!
Bill undressed me completely, while I unbuckled his
pants to reveal the hardness that had rubbed against
me so urgently those many months ago. His prick held
no secrets, since I had studied its outline many
times, and I had been told by Carolyn some of the
things she did to turn him on. But no matter, the
sight of it, and the feel of it in my hand and mouth
sent cascades of sacred creaminess streaming down my
leg, as well as throughout my pussy lips. The aroma
was intoxicating to the both of us, compelling Bill to
glue his mouth to my bundle of nerves, licking slowly,
poking his tongue into me and sucking my pearly button
till I flung my head from side to side in the signal
dance of orgasm. While Bill was tormenting me in this
fashion, I was stroking his member, reaching around to
pinch it and to lick it in the way I had been
innocently told by none other than Carolyn. It pays to
listen to your friends. I could feel the heated
throbbing of his prick in my hands and knew that as
soon as I could stuff it in my mouth I would be
rewarded with the nectar of life.
As I sucked him gently, his genes took control and he
was now past the point of no return - my captive, and
together with mother nature I milked his strength from
him, as he fucked my face, swallowing all evidence of
our actions. I smiled when I saw his toes in a tight
curl, as he mimicked Dick?s actions in just the same
way. Men; they really were all alike. We were both
temporarily spent, but we wanted to maximize this
golden evening, and retired to the shower so that we
could refresh ourselves, have some real Cajun food,
capped with heavenly bread pudding with dollops of
Chantilly Cream. Then we plan to return to this
elegant hotel to further seduce each other and then to
cap the evening with that most glorious and intimate
social hoedown - old fashioned fucking.
In the shower, Bill playfully lathers me and gently
rubs my entire body, sliding his hands over every inch
of my skin. I?m not idle, as I return the sudsy favor,
concentrating on that most evident symbol of manhood,
his bobbing penis. Something?s gone wrong, though, as
Bill has positioned himself behind me, with his
petrified tool wedged between my legs, laying siege to
my still gasping pussy. I bend over, proffering my
inflamed pussy to his prick, and so our dinner plans
wait. He now slowly inserts his purple head within the
puffy folds of my creamy sexual treasure. We are now
fucking, an activity, to this point, shared only by my
husband. Damn, it feels so good - the sensation
enhanced by the knowledge that I?m doing a plainly
wicked thing with a dear friend, and my second sex
partner. Bill?s thrusts soon increase, and I can feel
his balls slapping against the back of my legs and the
lower part of my pussy. I sense a growing tension in
me which I know portends the apex of these delicious
efforts, and my muscles begin to contract in rapidly
growing waves. I?m now so juicy and creamy that I
start to growl as I announce the arrival of my orgasm
with buckling knees. Bill keeps me from falling, at
the same time that he squirts ribbons of life-cream
deep in my pussy and on my ass. I love the ?smack
smack? noise made only by sexual organs as they
rapidly greet each other and withdraw. I straighten
up, turn and hug and kiss Bill, thanking him for
giving me such sublime pleasure, but we both know the
night is young. Our juices slowly wash down our bodies
and into the drain, as if to help erase all evidence
of our forbidden lust, and we again regain our
Dinner at Chez Paul?s is fantastic, though we do not
want to stuff ourselves uncomfortably, since we have a
romantic night ahead of us and also have to think of
arising early so as not to be surprised if our mates
arrive earlier than anticipated. Bill has flagged down
a hansom carriage to take us on a brief, but romantic
ride through Jackson Square, where I spy the Café du
Monde that Dick says is a must stop for tourists who
have never eaten beignets. Perhaps tomorrow. We are
too soon deposited at our hotel door, and I find this
thoughtful gesture of a simple evening carriage ride
has rekindled a fire within me - one I anticipate will
be doused the minute we enter our room. I?m right
The moment we close the door behind us, I turn to
thank Bill for a special evening, yet I?m left with
the agonizing thought that Dick and Carolyn have taken
the high road. Well, I rationalize, our behavior
tonight just seems so right, and the fleeting concern
dissipates. He suddenly reaches for me, and my face,
mouth and ears are peppered with his kisses and my own
voracious response. Clothes scatter - I?m suddenly a
teenager again - though I had never lost my virginity
during those hectic years. Am I now making up for
opportunities lost? No, I never had an appetite for
meaningless sex, but this one opportunity given to me
by Eastern Airlines would be one to indulge, to relish
in my private ?baby-book? of first events. Bill?s
insistent kissing snaps me back, and I find myself
responding with a certain elan, conscious of the fact
that we both have, in my mind, this one final
opportunity to act out unknown physical feelings.
Twelve hours ago I was a loving housewife about to go
on an exciting vacation with friends, and now here I
am, the female version of a rabbit about to conclude a
glorious, yet tiring day in the arms of a very close
friend. I?m so wet right now, that it is a relief to
have my panties stripped off me and guided to the bed
next to me. Bill?s mouth is smothering my frothing
cunt, his tongue licking me in a frenzy of
unstructured lapping,
when suddenly, without any warning, I sense that I am
being penetrated by a cool object which instantly
begins whirring deep within me. I quickly realize that
my supreme pleasure is being generated by a small
vibrator - something I had never experienced before.
I?m totally mesmerized and hooked by the new
sensations I feel! Carolyn had confided in me during
one of our girl-talks that they had used an aid for
over a year, but I had dismissed the notion as just an
outrageous comment made to make me think she was more
worldly and provocative than I was.
It suddenly dawns on me that this is Carolyn?s
private aid which they intended to use on vacation,
and the knowledge that we have both been penetrated by
Bill?s cock and now her vibrator is too overwhelming.
My glands are now in overdrive and my hips quickly
begin to sway, hula-like, wanting more and more of
Bill?s mouth on my clit combined with his gentle
probing with this fiendish gadget. The heavy feeling
of the just-eaten meal is pushed to the background,
and I have secretly entered a new realm, another
first. I no longer am the same woman I was a day ago.
Somehow I have to persuade Dick to obtain one of
these, as I have seen discreet ads for them in his
occasional Penthouse.
I almost scratch Bill, begging him to mount me and to
drill my aching, somewhat sore pussy quickly, as the
waves of conjugal bliss will not be stayed. I?m going
to be cumming with him or not, the die has been cast
and the only mystery is precisely when I?ll erupt.
Bill quickly withdraws the vibrator, as I pull my
knees up to my nipples, presenting my splayed flower
to his stinger. Within five vigorous strokes, I am
beyond redemption, my sucking, strangling lips, at
once milking him and emitting the love lubricant that
signals complete abject surrender. I feel Bill?s
stream of sperm wash through me, as if a massaging
showerhead had magically been tucked in me. I, we
cannot continue, and in the moments following the
diminishment of the afterglow, we hug, kiss and head
for the shower. Yes, I have some guilty pangs, more
because of the new intimacy with Bill that I cannot
share with Dick or Carolyn. I wonder, though I know
the answer, will this change our friendship. Dick and
I had once, in the heat of passion, wondered how it
would be to swap with them, and other than producing
one of the greatest love sessions for us, the idea was
never surfaced again. We each have something special
at home, though this weekend has produced a cornucopia
of treasured memories I?ll selectively retrieve in the
privacy of our bedroom with help from my new (I hope)
battery-operated tool. As we shower together and
prepare for much needed rest, I remind Bill that he
must vacate and register so as not to leave any
obvious clues to our activity tonight. We also have to
contact the airline to see if a scheduled arrival time
for our mates has been determined.
In the morning, we learn that after the passengers had
disembarked, the crew flew the empty plane to
Pittsburgh, where the simple but important repairs had
been made. They then returned to Binghamton to pick up
the passengers and presented all passengers, Dick and
Carolyn included, free vouchers for a future flight.
Maybe this adventure has a second chapter after all.
Over the next two days we all had a blast in this
romantic city, and we returned completely refreshed.
It was all that Dick said it would be (wink).

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I don't know if you have ever attended "theatre"...
Not the flicker of Hollywood's celulose magic, but
the true interaction of live, right now drama. And, if you
have, if at the conclusion of that stage production, you
felt an uncontrollable NEED and necessity to stand from
your seat and with all the voice you could find within your
lungs... to yell, no to SCREAM! BRAVO! BRAVO!!!

Such is my feeling of what you have shared here. It is or it
is not that of reality. But, none the less, it is that which
dreams and fantasies are made of. You done good...

I think most all normal, red-blooded males have had someone
that was a friend's wife, or a friend's husband,
whose presence created that same surge to libido you have
based this story upon. OHhhhhhh, if we could all be so lucky.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing more of your writing!!


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Excellent and even believable. To be with another that
you have been "close" to and have an open door
to walk through together: Priceless.