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The Teacher


It's your first day of school and you couldn't
be more excited. Being a teacher is something you've
always wanted to do, yet you were surprised that the principal
was willing to give someone with such little experience
a chance over all the others. The school year is almost half
over so you won't have a lot of time before the mid-term
exams are given. You've been reviewing the assignments
and test results for the students you'll be teaching
and you're confident that you'll be able to help
those that are struggling. English has always been your
favorite subject and you read so often that you don't
even own a TV.

Your first class goes well and none of the students seem
to notice how young you are. You begin to get more and more
comfortable with the position as the day goes on. It's
your last class of the day and you're almost sad to see
it come to an end. As you're taking roll call, you notice
the name of one of the students that seems to be struggling.
It wasn't his first name that caught your eye, but rather
his last name…Feelgood. You couldn't help but wonder
just how bad he was teased growing up with a name like that.
You call his name and hear a voice say "Here".
You look up from your desk and almost lose your breath. He
has the face of an angel with eyes you could spend an entire
afternoon staring at. He smiles at your eye contact and
you feel chill come over your entire body. You can see from
his letter-man jacket that he plays a number of sports and
his body definitely suggests that he spends a good deal
of time after school in the weight room. You find that your
glance is quickly turning into a stare and you snap yourself
back to the moment…you are the teacher and he is the student.
You finish up roll call and carry on with the class. As you
move around the room, you know which students are paying
attention to you and which ones aren't. In this class,
however, you feel one set of eyes on you more than the others.
You make eye contact with him once again to which he flashes
another smile. It's enough to cause you to forget what
you were saying until one of the other students decides
to ask you a question. You quickly get your mind back on work,
but you're starting to get nervous about the way he's
making you feel. You finally make it through the rest of
class and your first day is officially behind you.

That night, while you're lying in bed, you start replaying
the day's events over in your mind. All in all it was
a good first day, but you know you need to start making progress
with those students who are struggling. You think about
each one for a moment or two, until you come to Mr. Feelgood.
Those eyes and that smile still have an effect on you even
when he's not in the room. You stop yourself once again
from going down a path that you know you shouldn't.
You decide that you will ask him to stay after class tomorrow
and start the process of getting him caught up with the rest
of the students.

The next day seems to be going by faster than the first. Your
last class is about to begin when you see Mr Feelgood walk
into the room. You walk over to his desk and without making
eye contact, you ask him to stay after for a few minutes when
the class is over. You manage to make it all the way through
without getting distracted like the day before. The students
begin to leave and you wish them a good day as you're
standing by the door. The last student to leave is Mr. Feelgood.
This is your first chance to really see him face to face,
only your eyes are not level with his face but rather his
chest. At 6'2, he towers over you with his young athletic
build and it's all you can do to keep your mind on work.
You know what you want to say but his eyes feel like they're
penetrating right through you. You tell him that you've
noticed that he's been struggling with some of the
assignments and tests so far, and that you'd like to
spend some additional time going over the material. As
you're right in the middle of speaking to him, you notice
that his eyes leave yours and begin to make their way down
towards your chest. You're shocked that he would dare
do something so arrogant but you don't quite know how
to respond. You feel his eyes moving slowly over your blouse
but you decide not to stop talking for fear it would cause
the moment to become even more awkward. You notice that
the corners of his mouth begin to rise as if in admiration
of what it is that he sees. Now you start to lose your words
and your stuttering becomes more apparent. You begin to
panic inside because you sense that he knows you are flustered
and you're not quite sure how to regain control. You
decide to pause for a moment and gather your thoughts. You
cross your arms in front of your chest and a chill runs right
up your spine. On your arms you feel that both of your nipples
are hard as a rock and there's no doubt that they've
been pushing firmly against the fabric of your shirt. Although
you tried hard to keep your mind on work, it's clear
that your body couldn't help but react to the sight
that was in front of you. Having covered up his primary interest,
he finally looks back up at you and agrees to stay after school
tomorrow for additional help. He leaves the room and you
breathe a sigh of relief but only for a moment. You know that
tomorrow's private session will be a true test in self-control.

It's now Wednesday and the day couldn't be going
by any slower. You can't stop thinking about what awaits
you after school. You finally arrive at your last class
of the day and it appears that this one will be a breeze. You're
giving the kids a practice exam for next week's mid-term
so there won't be any opportunity for Mr. Feelgood
to make you uncomfortable with those long stares of his.
Sure enough, the class goes by quickly and the students
turn in their exams as they leave the room. After the last
student has left, you see that Mr. Feelgood is still sitting
at his desk waiting for you. You take a deep breath and walk
over to him. You tell him that you would like to go over the
practice exam together and see if there are any areas in
particular that he struggled with. You pull up a chair and
sit right beside him. You both begin reading over the questions
of the test. As he begins to elaborate on his answers, you
look over at him and find yourself staring at his lips as
he talks. At first you hear his words, but after a moment
you begin to just study their motion. You watch as they open
and close and begin to imagine what it would feel like if
your lips were suddenly in the way. It's been a moment
or two since he has stopped talking, but you haven't
noticed. He looks over at you and catches you in the middle
of your stare. You quickly snap to and try to carry on with
your review of the exam. You go over a few more questions
and do your best to stay focused on the test. It's now
the last question and you've asked him to once again
explain his answer. This time instead of watching his lips,
you find yourself letting your eyes travel down his neck,
around his broad shoulders, and onto his muscular chest.
It wasn't too long ago that you were 18 years old, and
even now, you can't help but wonder what a body like
that would feel like if it were pressed up against yours.
Your thoughts have gotten the better of you once again and
you begin to bite your lower lip as you continue your stare.
Once again, he finishes explaining his answer and waits
for you to respond. This time you don't notice that
he has turned his head towards you and sees you admiring
his body. Having seen this now for the second time, he wastes
little time to react. He quickly leans over and wraps his
lips around yours. You are completely frozen in shock.
On the one hand, you realize that this is completely inappropriate
behavior for a student and a teacher. On the other hand,
you can't believe how warm and soft his lips feel against
yours. Even though you have yet to respond, he continues
to pull your bottom lip further and further into his mouth.
You feel his tongue begin to run softly against the edge
of your lip and you still don't know what you should
do. Your other senses have started to kick in now and you
notice the intoxicating smell of his cologne. You then
hear him let out a soft gentle moan as he continues to play
with your bottom lip. Your defenses are now completely
down, and you slowly begin to part your lips. Your invitation
is well received and you begin to feel his tongue make its
way inside of your mouth. Your tongues finally meet and
it's at that moment that you realize just exactly what
is happening. You quickly come to your senses and force
yourself to pull back from him. You apologize for your behavior
by letting it go that far and tell him that you had better
call it a day. He looks somewhat confused by your sudden
change of heart and reluctantly gathers his things and
leaves. You remain in the classroom for quite some time
thinking long and hard about all that has happened. You
decide that the best thing to do is to talk to the principal
and see if there is any way for you to have a different class
assigned to you at the end of the day.

It is now Thursday morning and you head straight to the principal's
office. His secretary informs you that his calendar is
quite full today, but he'll have some time for you after
school. You agree to meet with him shortly after your last
class has ended. Even though you feel terrible about everything
that happened yesterday, you are hopeful that today's
meeting will result in a new class schedule allowing you
to put all of this behind you. You spend the rest of your day
dreading the awkwardness that will surely exist when you
see Mr. Feelgood. Your last class of the day has finally
come and you do your best to keep your focus on the day's
agenda. You hand out the results from yesterday's
test and begin to go over the answers. You can feel Mr. Feelgood's
eyes on you the entire time, but you refuse to look in his
direction. Time feels like it is standing still, but the
class finally comes to an end and the students begin to leave.
As you straighten up your desk in preparation for your meeting
with the principal, you notice that Mr. Feelgood still
hasn't left. You turn to erase the chalkboard and you
soon feel that he is standing right behind you. You're
afraid to turn around so you begin to talk to him while your
back is still turned. You tell him that what happened yesterday
was a mistake and that you don't have anytime to talk
about it because you have an important meeting at any moment.
You decide to turn around finally, and you're shocked
to see that he is only inches away from you. Your eyes have
no choice but to stare at his chest because you can't
bring yourself to look him in the eye. This sight proves
to be equally devastating and your knees begin to weaken.
You feel his arms quickly wrap around you and your lips lock
together once again. This time he is more forceful with
his kiss and his tongue invades your mouth almost instantly.
He backs you up against the chalkboard where you begin to
completely surrender yourself to him. Now it is you who
emits the soft moan of approval as his tongue dances with
yours. You feel his hands begin to slide up from your hips,
along your sides, and around your back. He then pulls you
close and your first contact with his body is your breasts
pressing firmly against his chest. Your moans continue
as you throw your arms around his neck and hold his head as
the kiss becomes more and more passionate. It is then that
you hear the voice of the principal coming down the hall
and you quickly break from your embrace. You tell him that
he has to leave now because you have a very important meeting
with the principal. He hears what you're saying but
he doesn't seem to care as his piercing stare still
hasn't left your eyes. You try telling him more forcefully
that he has to leave to which he simply responds with a devilish
grin. He steps back and instead of leaving, he quickly decides
to crawl under your desk. You tell him again that he needs
to get out of here right now, but it's too late.

The principal walks into the room and the look of panic is
still on your face. He asks if everything is alright to which
you respond that it is. You figure that it is safer to just
pretend as if nothing has happened instead of trying to
explain why one of your students is hiding under your desk.
The principal pulls up a chair and motions you to your desk
in order to take a seat. You try to stay calm as you sit down
and begin to have your meeting. Thankfully, the principal
starts out by doing all the talking. It is the first chance
for the two of you to talk since you've started working
there, so there are some preliminary things that he chooses
to discuss first. As he talks, you can tell that Mr. Feelgood
is moving around under your desk. At first your concern
is that the principal will hear him, but that fear is quickly
replaced the moment you feel his hands beginning to take
off your shoe. You swing your foot back and forth but to no
avail. Your shoe comes off and you feel two giant hands wrap
around it. You then feel those strong powerful hands begin
to massage your foot and it's all you can do to keep from
reacting. His hands feel so good on your feet that you almost
begin to tune out the principal completely. The massage
feels so good that you don't even notice that the hands
are beginning to slowly make their way up your calve. Higher
and higher they go until they reach your knee. It is then
that you feel him begin to un-cross your legs so both feet
are on the floor. You then feel one hand on each of your legs
as they move around to the back of your calves. They begin
to make their way up your legs until they're blocked
by the chair that you are sitting in. You feel them moving
back and forth squeezing along the way and you can't
believe how relaxed you are now. You interrupt the principal
from time to time to let him think that you are engaged in
the conversation, but you haven't heard a thing that
he has said up to this point. His hands make their way up the
back of you calves once again, only this time they don't
come back down. Instead, they move to the top of your leg
where they continue up onto the lower part of your thigh.
Now you begin to get nervous. You feel his hands begin to
slowly move up your leg and under your skirt. You quickly
lower your hands into your lap to try and keep things from
going to far. You then feel your legs starting to separate
as those big strong hands spread them apart. You try to keep
them together, but he's just too strong. You know that
he is now looking under your skirt and can see your white
lace panties. Not sensing your struggle any longer, he
continues to bring his hands further and further up your
legs. Your heart is now pounding and you can feel sweat begin
to form on your temple. He's only a few inches away from
the edge of your panties and the closer he gets, the wider
he spreads your legs. You bring your hands out of your lap
and up to your face to hopefully hide the fact that you are
now blushing. With nothing further to stop him, his hands
move in and you almost jump out of your chair at their first
contact. You feel them tracing the edge of your panties
all the way up to your hips. From there, you feel them slip
his fingers underneath and begin to make their way back
down. You know it's only a matter of moments before
the inevitable happens. You feel his fingers running along
your skin getting closer and closer to your most private
of places. They land in unison right on your lips and you
know he can feel your excitement. He begins to gently massage
them together and pull them apart. You decide to spread
your legs as wide as you can to give him all the access that
he needs. You feel him pull your panties completely to the
side and you know he is now face to face with soaking wet pussy.
You feel his fingers begin to hunt for your clit and it doesn't
take long for him to find it. The first time he touches it
causes an audible reaction from you that forces you to try
and say something to cover it up. As you continue to speak,
your tone jumps up an octave as you feel a finger begin to
slide inside of you. That finger is quickly followed by
a second and now just forming a coherent sentence is a challenge.
His fingers are long and powerful and are in all the way to
the last knuckle. Your juices are all over his fingers and
they feel incredible as they move in and out of your pussy.
You feel his thumb move down so it is right on your clit and
the stimulation could not be any more intense. You are forced
to answer one of the principal's questions when you
stop right in the middle of your sentence. The principal
asks if you are alright, but he could not possibly know that
you just felt the tongue of Mr. Feelgood make its way along
your wet pussy lips. You try to continue with what you were
saying but his breath is so warm on your pussy that you almost
explode. You feel his tongue slowly replace his fingers
inside of your pussy causing you to lower one of your hands
into your lap and place it on his head. With a handful of his
hair, you push his head firmly against your pussy as his
lips wrap gently around your clit and begin to suck. You're
doing all that you can to keep your eyes from rolling into
the back of your head now. With your clit fully exposed and
being sucked deep into his mouth, you are only moments away
from cumming. To make matters worse, he has now returned
three of his fingers inside of you and his pace has now quickened.
Thankfully, the principal appears to be wrapping things
up and asks if there is anything else you'd like to discuss.
Being unable to intelligently answer, you just shake your
head no. The principal then wishes you a pleasant evening
and then gets up and leaves. He asks you if you would like
the door left open or closed. Again, unable to speak, you
motion for him to close it. The moment the door latches shut,
you begin to let out what's been trapped inside of you
for quite sometime now. Your body begins to shake and spasm
like never before. You now put both hands on the back of his
head and hold on tight as you begin to have the most intense
orgasm of your life. The sensation seems to last for almost
two minutes before it finally dies down. You take another
moment or two to catch your breath, and even though your
body is completely exhausted, you force yourself to quickly
stand up and run out of the room. You find your way over to
the teacher's lounge where you lock yourself inside
to gather your thoughts. You can't believe what just
happened and there's no way you can face Mr. Feelgood
right now until you've had a chance to think things
through. After about an hour, you peek outside and find
that everyone is gone, so you return to the classroom, gather
your things and head home.

That night you are unable to sleep as you toss and turn in
your bed. Instead of thinking what a terrible teacher you
are for allowing such a situation to occur, you find yourself
fantasizing about what would have happened next had you
not ran out of the room when you did. You can't stop thinking
about how great his hands and tongue felt against your body
and if things were awkward before, now they are even worse.
Friday morning is finally here and you tell yourself that
you need to get through the day without incident so the week
will end on a positive note. Your early classes go nice and
easy as Friday classes often do. You take a deep breath before
your last class and wait for the students to arrive. One
by one, they enter the room, but there is no sign of Mr. Feelgood.
You would have expected there to be a feeling of relief about
this, but instead you're surprised to feel slightly
disappointed. You carry on with the class and remind them
that mid-terms are next week. Your day is finally over and
everything went as you would have hoped. You decide to stay
and work in the classroom for a while as you prepare for next
week's busy schedule. After a couple of hours, you
hear the door open and so you lift your head from your work.
Standing in the doorway is Mr. Feelgood and your heart begins
to race. You quickly lower your head and immediately begin
to think of what to do. He closes the door behind him and begins
walking towards your desk. When he reaches your desk, he
doesn't say a word. You lift your eyes from your desk
enough to notice that he has just come from the weight room.
His shirt is so sweaty that it is completely transparent
now and clings to his body. You begin to take in his incredible
frame from head to toe. You start with his strong muscular
arms, then his big powerful chest, his rock hard abs, and
finally his perfectly sculpted legs. It is then that you
notice just how tight the shorts are that he is wearing.
Your eyes are fixated on his crotch and to your amazement
you see the outline of his cock begin to move. You know he
is watching your admiration of his body at this point, but
he has you in a trance right now that you just can't seem
to awake from. His cock continues to grow under his shorts
and you watch with hungry eyes as it slowly begins to rise
behind the confining fabric. You unknowingly bite your
bottom lip as you see just how long and thick it has become.
No words have been spoken and no effort has been made by him
to conceal his current state of arousal. You finally bring
yourself out of this fantasy land and begin to speak. You
tell him that everything that has happened this week has
been incredible, but things cannot continue as they have.
You explain that it is inappropriate for a teacher and student
to behave as the two of you have and hope that he understands.
He does not respond but instead just continues to stare
at you like a lion stares at his prey. You begin to feel yourself
blushing again so you tell him that he should leave. You
then stand up and start to erase the chalkboard in hopes
that not looking at him will allow you to regain your composure.
Moments later, you feel both of his hands on the tops of your
shoulders. You freeze at the first sign of his touch. He
moves his hands slowly down your arms, forcing them to your
sides. You drop the eraser as you feel a tingling sensation
run all through your body. He then pulls your elbows back
causing your tits to jut forward and then pushes you against
the chalkboard. He moves in close behind you so you can feel
his breath on your neck. He whispers into your ear that he
is here to finish what he started yesterday to which you
let out a soft moan of approval. You feel the bulge in his
shorts pushing firmly against your ass and you instantly
know that his cock will easily be the largest that you've
ever had. His hands run down your arms bringing them further
behind your back. He places your hands right on the front
of his shorts where you feel his monster growing inside.
You can't believe that even with both hands, there
is still too much for you to hold. You begin stroking him
through his shorts until you feel the fabric begin to move
downwards. He lowers his shorts until his cock is completely
free and you quickly resume your grip. You're amazed
that your hands only go about half way around. He leans in
to you further now until his cock is pressed firmly against
the crack of your ass. You feel his hands sliding up your
back until they are about half way and then you feel them
making their way around to the front. His hands are huge
and they completely engulf each of your tits. He squeezes
them firmly but only for a moment. He then grabs a hold of
your shirt with both hands and quickly rips it open with
ease. His forcefulness turns you on even more as he continues
to take what he wants. He then unclasps your bra from the
front exposing your big beautiful tits. His hands return
to them with force as he presses you harder against the chalkboard.
Your nipples are hard as rocks and he is giving them his full
attention. He pinches and pulls them as he continues to
whisper into your ear. His dirty talk alone could send you
over the edge, but his hands on your tits and his cock in your
hands is more than you can dream of. He orders you to lift
up your skirt to which you quickly comply. As you do, he stands
back and pulls your hips from the wall. With one hand on your
back, he bends you over until he has you right where he wants
you. He tells you to reach between your legs and pull your
panties to the side. He doesn't seem to be too concerned
about whether or not you are ready for his giant cock, but
he'll soon find out that your pussy has been soaking
wet for quite some time. He places one hand on your hip and
the hand on your back slides up until he has a handful of your
hair. You feel the tip of his giant cock makes its way to the
entrance of your eager pussy. The pressure slowly increases
until his head begins to make his way inside. You almost
faint as your pussy begins to stretch. You can't believe
how big he is and he shows no signs of stopping. Deeper and
deeper it goes. Your pussy has never been so full of cock
before and it still hasn't stopped going in. You bring
both of your hands to the board to help brace yourself for
the strokes that will surely follow. You finally feel him
bottom out inside of you and your eyes begin to roll into
the back of your head. He leaves his cock stuffed inside
of you for a moment so you can get used to his massive girth.
You then feel him slowly begin to pull back until the tip
is once again at your entrance. The anticipation is killing
you. You beg him to put his cock back inside of you. He waits
a little longer causing your begging to continue. You then
feel his hand on your hip begin to squeeze a little firmer.
The hand in your hair begins to tighten. You spread your
legs nice and wide as you know what's about to happen.
Then with a quick jerk of your hair and hips, you feel him
drive his monster cock deep inside you to the hilt. You almost
faint from the pain but it quickly turns to pleasure as his
stokes continue. You begin to moan like a dirty little whore,
begging him to fuck you harder and harder. The profanity
from your mouth even surprises you. His pace quickens and
you get exactly what you asked for. The sound of his pelvis
slapping against your ass fills the room. He takes his hand
off your hip and reaches around between your legs. He finds
your clit with his fingers and begins massaging it softly.
The stimulation from his hand while his cock pistons inside
of you, drives you completely crazy. The hand in your hair
continues to pull harder and harder with each stroke, but
all you feel is his monster cock as it splits you in half.
Your knees begin to shake and your moans turn to screams
as your orgasm begins to boil over. Sensing you're
about to erupt, his pace finds another gear and you quickly
begin to cum all over his cock. Each stroke is deeper than
the last as your body continues to jerk and spasm. After
a few minutes, your orgasm finally subsides and his pace
begins to slow. You're completely exhausted and thus
you collapse to the floor. You've never cum so hard
in your life. You look up at Mr. Feelgood and see him standing
over you. It's the first time you get to see the cock
that was just inside of you and your jaw almost hits the floor.
You never imagined in your wildest dreams you could take
something so big. You also notice the look in his eyes says
that it's now his turn to finish. You sit up on your knees
where you come face to face with his incredible organ. You
wrap as much of your hand around it as you can and you begin
to pump. You look up at him and see that he wants a lot more
than just that. You then stick out your tongue and begin
to run it along the sides and over the tip. You taste your
juices all over his cock. You feel it continue to fill with
blood as you pump it with your fist. You would gladly put
it in your mouth but there's just no way for it to fit.
You look up at him once again and see that he is really enjoying
the attention you are giving him. He reaches down and puts
his hand in your hair. You sense that he wants to put it in
your mouth but you do your best to avoid that. Finally, his
grip on your hair tightens causing your mouth to open. Before
you can move out of the way, he steps forward causing his
cock to slide right past your lips. You open your mouth as
wide as you can to accommodate his giant size. It makes its
way deeper into your mouth until the tip is pushing against
the back of your throat. You do your best to breathe through
your nose as your mouth is now completely stuffed with his
cock. You only have about half of it inside of you, so you
continue to pump the rest of it with your hand. You look up
and see that his eyes are now closed as he begins to slide
his cock in and out of your mouth. You can't help but
moan as your mouth slowly becomes used to being stretched
so much. His strokes are long and slow and you love how great
his cock tastes. His pace begins to quicken and you feel
his cock is now completely engorged. His moans are getting
louder and louder and you know he's ready to pop. You
start to pull him out of your mouth but you're too late.
He pushes your head further onto his cock as he begins to
erupt inside of you. The first two spurts are huge and quickly
fill your mouth. You have no choice but to swallow it. Your
hope that there isn't much more is quickly dashed as
you continue to feel is cock jerk and spasm. More and more
of his load fires into the back of your throat and you do your
best to swallow it all. Some of it begins to seep out of the
corners of your mouth as there is just no way to keep up. Your
hand continues to pump his shaft as his remaining seed is
emptied from his balls. You find that you love the taste
of his cum so much that you lick his shaft clean to get all
that you can. You look up at him with his cock in your mouth
and you feel it begin to soften.

Once you have licked up every last drop, you pull him down
to the floor with you. Neither one of you has the energy to
stand at this point. You both lean back against the wall
and ponder the afternoon's events. After a few minutes,
he finally breaks the silence by asking how you think he'll
do on next week's mid-term. You respond by telling
him that there's nothing for him to worry about because
there is always plenty of "extra-credit" work
that he can do. The both of you smile as your minds quickly
begin to imagine just what that might be.

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loved your story!!!keep it up


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great story, y cant these actually happen to me. hmmmm


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That was hot! Thanks for sharing it.


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That was so hot I had to touch myself while reading it.

Fucking hot!