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The Sybian Introduction Ch. 02


Beth woke up and rolled over expecting to find John lying
next to her, only to find a cold pillow and mussed sheets.
She rolled back and glanced at the clock: 10:15. In a panic,
she leapt from the bed, shouting, "Shit! I can't
believe I didn't make it to work!" She scurried
over to her dresser to grab her essentials and rushed into
the bathroom for her morning shower.
A note was attached to the mirror.
"You called in sick this morning. I'll try to
get home early.
Love ya!
Her breathing slowly returning to normal, she fell back
onto the bed and started to think back on the events that
led up to her exhausted awakening this morning. She couldn't
believe the intensity of her orgasms the previous evening.
It was a real kick with John watching and his control of the
thing was just short of mastery. She wondered how he figured
it out so fast.
As she lay there thinking about her experience and how exciting
it was, her nipples began to grow taut and she could feel
that faint buzz as her clit became energized. Her hands
slipped down to gently caress her hardening nipples, rolling
them between her first finger and thumb, just enough pressure
to distend them slightly. The tingles traced a direct path
from her breasts to her clit as she felt her lubrication
begin to wet her inner lips. Her hand slid slowly down her
stomach, over the slight rise of her pubic mound down to
her clit. A finger slid down to separate her lips slightly;
feeling her lubrication moisten her finger tip, she rolled
it back up to coat her clit.
Almost as if they had a mind of their own, her fingers began
to roll a small compact circle that took her finger tip slightly
off her clit, then passed over it again as the circle was
completed. Her stomach began to tense with each pass of
her finger over her clit, which created a thrusting motion
from her hips, as if her pussy was trying to capture at least
one finger to plunge deep inside.
"Shit! I can't do this now... that damned thing
has turned me into a harlot." She slid off the bed and
walked on shaky legs to the bathroom, slipping a shirt over
her naked body as she walked in, opened the door to the shower
and turned the water on. Adjusting it absent-mindedly,
her thoughts returned to her masturbation and love making
session the previous night. 'I can't believe
I let John watch me, but god, I got *sooo* excited! The look
in his eyes... just thinking about it makes me wet...'
Then she started to laugh at herself. 'Maybe you're
wet because you just had your finger in your pussy, '
and she stepped under the flowing water.
It seemed as if all of her nerve endings were enflamed. Even
the flow of the water down her body, the beating of the water
on her breasts, the way the water traced down the valleys
of her pelvis to drip from the pinnacle of her pubis gave
her tingles that weakened her knees.
'Oh my god! What's happening to me? Will this ever
go away? I can't even *function*! I feel like I have
to cum or I'll never be able to concentrate on anything!
GOD!' ...and her hand once again traced down between
her legs to focus on her clit, her finger tracing small circles,
her other hand sliding down next to it to slowly penetrate
her opening...
'Oh, shit!' she thought in frustration as she
tried to caress her G-spot in just the right way. She remembered
the depth of the orgasmic delight caused by that infernal
machine vibrating her clit at the same time it passed over
her spot. "I *can't* do it again. John will think
I'm depraved. What's he going to think when I jump
his bones like a bitch in heat when he gets home tonight?"
but her legs walked her out of the shower, dripping water
on floor as she went, to the spare bedroom and looked at the
machine, still sitting in the middle of the room where they
left it last night.
She walked over and picked up the control. "Okay,
one orgasm, that's it, and then I'll take it back
today. I have to get this thing out of here, I'm fucking
*addicted*, " she said to herself as she settled
down over it. She felt the penis-shaped attachment slide
between her wet lips, and she had to rise and settle a couple
of times to get it fully wet and as deep as its small length
would permit.
She reached down and hit the switch for the vibration mechanism.
"Oh god! Way too high!" she gasped and quickly
decreased the level of vibration. She turned down the "volume"
of the rotation before turning on the switch and felt the
penis attachment begin its first slow swing. The spark
of pleasure as it swept across her G-spot took her by surprise
and she mashed her body down, feeling the vibration through
her clit. Quickly, she turned the volume up on both. As her
desire grew, so did her frustration: she wanted to caress
her breasts but couldn't quite find the right balance
between rotation and vibration, so her hands were occupied
with adjusting the controls.
Her orgasm took her completely by surprise. She could almost
feel her body click in as the vibration and rotation reached
that perfect blend. Her body settled down on the machine
and she began a gentle thrusting of her hips, dragging her
clit over the bumps on the vibration mat. As she reached
up and took her nipples between her forefinger and thumb,
her body tensed all at once, her eyes rolled back and she
felt the waves of pleasure radiate out from her clit, intensified,
magnified each time the attachment wriggling inside her
flicked across her G-spot. Her body began to vibrate and
she heard a loud moan, almost a shriek as she lost touch with
anything outside of her pleasure-filled world. As each
orgasm began to fade, another one seemed to creep up on her,
beginning with maddening slowness, building in speed
and intensity as she neared the point of no return. Finally
it burst like July 4th fireworks with sparks flashing in
her tightly closed eyes, legs quivering to suspend herself
at just the perfect penetration. Dropping the controls
for the machine, they slid across the floor as her leg twitched
in orgasmic convulsions.
She looked at the controls in near-terror as she realized
they were out of reach. Her rising inability to withstand
any additional pleasure was only slightly overridden
by her desire for *one* more orgasm. She rode the machine,
knowing she had lost control as the last, but definitely
most intense, pulse of tingles flashed through her body.
The only sounds she could make were a series of grunts that
accompanied each frenzied contraction of her abs.
Her body as tense as the quivering, overstressed steel
of a collapsing bridge, she lost her balance and slowly
toppled over onto her side, the machine falling over before
finally disengaging from her drenched slit. She lay on
her back, unable to do anything but breathe, her eyes closed,
her head back, stomach and chest rising and falling as she
struggled to control her racing heart beat.
"Oh my God! I have to get rid of that thing. It's
going to *kill* me, " she panted, and she resolved
that as soon as she could get the energy to get up and get dressed,
it was going back to Sharon.
John pulled in the driveway and walked up the walk. "Beth?"
he called as he walked into the house. "Beth? Are you
here?" It was only 1:30 in the afternoon, but the house
had such an empty feeling that he was actually frightened
as he ran up the stairs. He looked in the bedroom and the bed
was unmade. Beth was always so fastidious, he couldn't
imagine her leaving the house in this condition before
she left.
The bathroom had that slightly moist feel to it, like the
water had recently run, but it was cold so he knew it had to
be a while since the shower had been on. "Beth?"
he called again, a little louder this time. He walked down
the hall, looking into each room and finally found Beth
lying on her back next to the still buzzing, still rotating
Sybian machine.
The machine was on its side, and Beth was lying with her arms
over her head and her legs parted slightly. The thing John
noticed most was her pussy, the lips distended, engorged,
dripping with moisture and almost raw-looking in their
redness. She had a slight smile on her face but didn't
react at all to his appearance. He slowly leaned down and
gently shook his wife's shoulder.
"Ohh..." <br>
"Beth, are you okay?" he whispered to her as
he lay on the floor next to her and took her in his arms.
John kissed Beth's cheek and smoothed her hair from
her face. "Beth, baby, are you okay?" <br>
Beth's eyes opened slightly and she turned her head
to look at John. Her eyes slowly came into focus. John felt
a twitch, then Beth's whole body tensed and her eyes
widened farther than John had ever seen them. Her face flushed
a deep shade of red.
"Oh my god!" she cried, and John watched the
tears build up at the corners then slowly overflow and roll
almost simultaneously down both of her cheeks.
"Let me up!" Beth almost shouted as she twisted
in John's arms, trying to get her arms out of his grasp.
John knew it would take days to get Beth to relax from this
one and knew his best chance was now, so he held her firmly
but gently as she struggled.
"Beth... Beth, it's okay. It's okay, baby..."
he said, in as soothing a voice as he could muster. "Calm
down, sweets, it's okay, it's okay..."
"Oh god, John, I'm so sorry..." she was
crying in sobs and John felt the fight leave her body. "I
don't know... I don't know what happened..."
her voice was confused as she fought through the embarrassment.

"Beth, it's okay, I just want to make sure you're
okay, sweetheart. What happened?"
"When I woke up you were gone and... I took a shower...
I started to think about... you know, about last night...
and, umm, well, I started to think about trying it one more
time." The words had started slowly through gulps
of air and sobs, but picked up speed as she got into the explanation,
which ended up almost a rush of words.
"And when I started it didn't feel as good but
I kept sitting on it, and it felt good, god John, it felt *so*
good and I started to cum and I couldn't stop and I just
kept cumming and cumming, oh god, John, I'm so sorry."
"Beth! Why do you keep apologizing? There's
nothing to be sorry about. Relax, sweetheart, I was just
worried that you were hurt. Relax, sweets, it's okay,
really." John's caring tone of voice, combined
with his gently brushing her hair from her eyes and wiping
the tears from her flushed cheeks finally broke through
her panic and guilt at getting caught.
"You don't mind that I came without you?"
"No, babe! It's not like I've never masturbated
before! I just never had such a great toy to do it with."
John's grin was hard for Beth to interpret. It was a
combination of guilt and amusement, with an undertone
of sensuality that stopped Beth in her tracks. This guy
was so much deeper than she ever gave him credit for. She
pulled her arms out of John's and wrapped them tightly
around his neck.
"I love you so much, John. Thanks for not being angry
with me." Her head fell and buried itself into John's
chest. "I'm returning that fucking thing today...
right now!" and she slipped out of John's arms
and rushed off to her bedroom. John lay there thinking about
the previous night and what she must've experienced
on her own today. He didn't want her to return it, but
was afraid to tell her. The fact that she had lost control
on the thing had him hard enough to cut glass, or drive railroad
John sat up and leaned back against the wall. Beth came in
and grabbed the attachment but her hand slipped off. John
could see the juices on it still glinting in the fading afternoon
light. "Fuck! John, can you get this fucking thing
off?" <br>
John almost laughed out loud. Actually, he had to cough
into his hand, both at the unintended, but brutally accurate,
pun and at the fact that Beth, who so rarely cussed, was so
upset she used the 'f' word twice in one statement!
"Sure, sweetheart. You sure you want to return this
today? I mean, is Sharon even going to be home?"
"She'll be there by the time I get there. If not,
I'll wait." John had heard this tone of voice
before and knew that no argument would stop her from doing
what she set her mind to.
John disconnected the attachment and as Beth took it into
the bathroom to wash it off, John picked up the machine and
carried it downstairs to the car. He sat down on the front
porch, and as Beth drove away with a squeal of tires John
saluted its departure with the crack of a beer.
As he brought the can to his lips, John mumbled to himself,
"I'll never figure women out, ya know? If I could
cum that hard you'd never get me off that machine."
As Beth pulled up to Sharon's place, some of her fire
had gone out. She wondered how she could possibly explain
to Sharon what had happened. She knocked on the door and
said, "Wait, " to Sharon when she opened the
She ran to the car, pulled the heavy machine out and carried
it to the door. "Here, " she said as she thrust
the machine into Sharon's arms. Sharon took a step
back as she adjusted to the weight. She turned and set it
down in the hallway.
"Did you try it?" she asked Beth.
"Yes, " Beth said as she turned and walked down
the sidewalk back to her car. "I can't talk about
it now, but yes, I tried the damn thing." She slammed
her door and left as quickly as she had arrived. Sharon stood
there in shock, wondering what the fuck had happened.
John was still sitting on the porch when Beth came back,
his second beer just opened. "Are you okay, Beth?"
John asked as Beth sat down next to him.
"I'm fine, John, I'm just so embarrassed...
mortified at you finding me like that. I don't want
you to..." her head fell and she looked at the sidewalk
between her feet. "I don't want you to think of
me... as being, well... like that."
"Like what, Beth?" John was playing to the hilt
the painfully obtuse male that he was sure all women considered
men. He had an idea but didn't want to take the chance
he'd be wrong.
" a slut, I guess." And again John watched
a tear slide from her eye to slowly trail down her cheek.
The first thought that flashed through his head was, 'What
smooth skin she has.' He felt another flush of intense
love warm the very depths of his soul. He slid his arm around
Beth's shoulders and pulled her gently against him.

"Beth, that couldn't be further from what I think.
I think you're beautiful, warm intelligent, incredibly
sensuous, and just plain sexy as hell. You never cease to
amaze me and I love your sense of adventure. I'm glad
you found some pleasure this afternoon, sweety. There's
absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about."
"Oh god, John, it was scary. I completely lost control,
just like last night, but I didn't have you to control
things, to keep me from going too far."
"Beth, that is the most erotic thing you've ever
said to me, babe. Was it awesome?"
"No, it was scary! I couldn't help it. I just...
lost it."
"I love you, Beth." John looked deep into her
eyes. As they stood up Beth pulled her husband close. Her
head lifted slightly as she put her lips to his, her eyes
closing slowly. As his midsection closed to hers, her eyes
popped open when she felt his erection against her belly.
She opened her mouth and her tongue sought his as their kiss
deepened. Beth rubbed her pelvis against him. She could
feel the rawness as her clit rubbed across the lump that
was John's engorged cock.
"John, " she whispered as she pulled slightly
away. "John, will you cum for me? I mean, like you said
you did when we're not together? Please?"
"You mean you want me to jerk off for you?"
"Are you really serious, Beth?" he said as his
voice rose on the last syllable.
"Yes, John. It's something I've always
dreamed about, fantasized about.
"Oh god, I feel like I've completely lost control.
I can't believe I asked you that."
"You know you can tell me anything, right? If you're
sure you really want to see it, umm... yeah, sure, sweetheart,
I'll do it for you."
John's heart was in his throat as Beth took his hand
and led him back into the house. She led him into the bedroom
and pushed him back onto the bed. She smiled at him as she
went to her dresser. John watched as she pulled something
white and silky out of the drawer and slipped into the bathroom.

John did what any red-blooded male would do: he stripped
faster than the bark from a tree during the Mount St. Helens
John slid his hand down over his cock, gently massaging
it, squeezing it gently as he waited for Beth to come out.
He stroked it slowly up and down once or twice and felt the
precum roll down from the tip, to pool where his hand met
Beth came out of the bathroom. "No, John, do it right,
baby." <br>
She gently pushed his chest and he fell back on the bed. She
slid his legs over on the bed so he was fully laid out on the
bed, then she crawled between his legs and sat on her feet,
looking intently at her husband. He felt self-conscious
as her gaze ran the full length of his body, stopping at his
throbbing cock. John had never been more excited in his
"Come on, John, do it for me." It was the most
erotic sounding whisper John had ever heard come from his
John's hand once again wrapped around his cock. The
precum that had traveled down the length of his engorged
staff lubricated his hand as it began to slide up and down
his shaft. Beth's beautiful body was encased in white
satin. Her hard nipples made peaks in the fabric, highlighted
by just a hint of the areolae that surrounded them. Her focus
was on his cock as his hand stroked in that familiar pattern.
He could feel the tingles, could feel the cum rising from
his balls with each stroke. He knew it wouldn't take
long now.
His gaze traveled the full length of Beth's torso,
the shape of her long neck, the curves of her collar bones
showing through her skin, the soft lines of her shoulders,
broken only by the spaghetti strap of her lingerie. He couldn't
imagine anything sexier than the visage he was so thoroughly
enjoying. His attention was attracted to her nipples:
hard, poking against the fabric, hiding the subtle curve
of her firm breast.
Beth reached her hand down and John watched as it slid beneath
her teddy. He watched as the muscles of her arm began to move
rhythmically. John's hand slowed its stroke, trying
to stave off the inevitable.
"Don't stop, John." <br>
"I'm trying to control, Beth..."
"Don't. I want to see it shoot. I want to see you
cum, John. I want you to look at me when you cum, John. I want
to see your pleasure like you saw mine."
John knew that two more strokes were all it would take. His
hand rose up his shaft and as it passed over the crown, his
head went back and he felt his muscles tense. He felt the
tingles shoot down his legs: that warm sensation, almost
the same as it feels when your legs fall asleep, but more
intense. His stomach began to undulate, almost as if it
were trying to push the cum out of his body faster. He thought
he had a chance to stave off the impending crescendo for
just a moment or two, until he looked at Beth's face.
The look of passion, love, trust and borderline out-of-control
lust on her face was the most erotic and sensual look he had
ever seen. He wanted to lock the intensity of that image
deeply into his brain for all time, never to be forgotten.
His orgasm, so close, was making the concentration necessary
to properly record the image difficult. He closed his eyes
in concentration.
"John! Look at me! Please, look at me!" Beth
Through barely opened eyes, John looked into Beth's
eyes. They were focused on his as the first burst of pearly
white cum leaped from his cock. His mouth opened and he roared
as another white tracer jumped up to his chest. Beth's
eyes never left his, but he felt her legs twitch, could hear
her moans as she obviously came with him. His eyes finally
closed of their own volition, his head back as the next two
bursts of cum streaked up his stomach. John almost couldn't
take the exquisite torture of the escaping white stream.
His breathing was timed to each shot and simmered down to
a rumbling groan as the shots became a bubbling stream that
flowed from the end of his cock to pool in his pubic hair.
His balls had pulled up so tightly as to be nothing but crinkled
skin at the base of his member. That was one that struck Beth.
She knew that image was burning itself into her memory for
all time. The intensity of John's orgasm was now a part
of her.
Beth slowly toppled forward to lay full length on John,
his semen cooling between their bodies, the excess running
off to create pools along his stomach and chest.
"Beth, let me clean up."
"Don't move, sweetheart, ” she cooed. With
her on top of him, John slowly drifted off into a deep slumber.
John and Beth went through the following days in a daze.
John was intrigued by this change in Beth's level of
desire. He never would've guessed that he'd find
Beth lying on the floor next to this Sybian machine, this
fuck device, exhausted from an over-abundance of orgasms.
He also would've never guessed that Beth would want
to watch him masturbate. He loved that she enjoyed the machine
so much, but couldn't understand why she wanted to
get rid of it so quickly.
Beth seemed distant and quiet. She didn't say much
and when John looked at her, she couldn't meet his eye.
She'd lower her gaze to the floor, she didn't smile
and she always seemed to blush. Saturday finally came and
John made the decision that he wasn't going though
another weekend like this. He loved his wife, she was his
best friend and he missed the companionship of the old Beth,
her smile, her laugh. While he never felt closer to her,
she seemed so distant. It hurt. He decided he would do whatever
it took to get her comfortable again.
He finally trapped her late in the afternoon, sitting on
the couch again, in that position he found so appealing,
her legs tucked beneath her kind of sideways. It always
amazed him that she found that position comfortable. He
figured if he tried it, his knees would break. He sat down
next to her and looked at her, her hair down over her face,
almost peering at him through her locks.
She started to get up and John reached out and put his hand
on her arm.
"Beth, talk to me, please?"
"John, I can't... I, I don't know what to
"I love you Beth, I can't stand not talking to
"John I just can't. I want to... I mean, I need
to talk to somebody, but I just can't..."
"There isn't anything you can say to me that would
make me think bad about you, I love you, warts and all, "
John said and smiled, to try to punctuate his statement.
He wanted to tell her the depth of his feelings for her but
couldn't quite figure out the right words.
"John, you just don't understand."
"Well then, why don't you explain it to me. Please
tell me what you're thinking."
"You wouldn't want to know."
"The only thing you could tell me that I couldn't
stand to hear is that you don't love me, Beth. Is that
it? Is that what you're afraid to tell me?"
"No, John! I love you with all my heart, that's
why I'm afraid to tell you."
"Did you have an affair? Did you sleep with another
guy? Not my favorite thought, but we can work through it,
as long as we keep talking. If you don't talk to me, then
all is lost."
"It's not another guy, John." The exasperation
in her voice convinced even John.
"Then what?"
"It's that *machine*. I'm so embarrassed,
but I can't stop thinking about it."
"Shit, Beth! That's easy! Call Sharon and borrow
it again."
Beth's head fell again and she whispered behind her
personal barrier of hair, "I can't do that! She
wanted to know all the details when I dropped it off. I couldn't
even look her in the eye. I couldn't tell her I fucked
myself silly with the thing and you found me passed out on
the floor! God, I don't know what to do!"
"Call her, Beth. What? Do you think she's going
to think less of you because you enjoyed HER toy? Come on."
It made so much sense to him, he just couldn't understand
why it wouldn't make sense to her. She got this really
strange look on her face as the painfully obvious logic
finally sank in.
"You don't care?"
"If it makes you feel good, sweets, then I like it.
If I can share it with you, then I like it even more."
"But John! You don't understand! It's all
I think about. It's become like a challenge, to experience
it without losing control... I think about it and think
about it, I can't concentrate at work, I think up excuses
to try it again, but I need you there. I'm afraid. Oh
god, John! Please tell me you still love me..."
"Babe, watching you on that thing was so erotic. Every
time I think about it I get hard. Relax, let yourself go and
let's have some fun."
John could see the sparkle in her eye, the one he missed for
so long. She finally brushed her hair from her face and actually
smiled at him. It was the most moving smile John had seen
in weeks. Those beautiful white teeth, her light pink lips,
the slight dimples in her cheeks.
"Go! Go call her right now. I'll even drive you
over there and help you pick it up."
"Oh god, no, John! No way you're going with me.
Uh uh, not gonna happen."
Beth got up and walked to the bedroom to call in private.
John couldn't hear the conversation over the football
game on TV.
"Sharon said I could use it, but I couldn't take
it. She said she missed it too much when I had it." Beth
sat on the couch with her elbows on her knees and her face
in her hands. "Shit!"
"What's the problem sweets? Just go over and
use it!"
"Oh god, no! John, I couldn't do that, and you
*have* to be with me. You have to control that thing."
"Alright, I'll go with you. Let's go."
"In front of Sharon? No way! I couldn't!"
"Come on, Beth! You've known her for eons! You've
known her since you were kids! It's no big deal, It's
not like she'll be watching or anything..."
Beth got up and started to pace. John missed the final touchdown
in the last 38 seconds of the game to send it into overtime.

"Beth! Come on! You're gonna drive yourself
nuts! Either let's go or forget about it!"
"I can't!" <br>
"All right! That's it! Get in the car."
John propelled her down the hall by her elbow, out the door
and to the car. Beth sputtered and complained the whole
trip but John noticed a sparkle in her eye and he noticed
her nipples announcing their arousal.
Sharon didn't even get up off the couch. "Upstairs,
first bedroom on the right, Beth. You going up, John, or
are you going to wait down here with me?"
John smiled self-consciously and lowered his gaze as he
stood slightly behind Beth. He glanced at Sharon and once
again marveled at the differences between these two best
friends. Sharon was so outgoing, short blonde hair and
tall, a little more voluptuous than Beth, but these two
women were closer than any two sisters John had ever gotten
to know.
Beth grabbed John's hand and dragged him up the stairs.
As they walked in the room the Sybian sat in the middle of
the floor, the controls laying next to it.
Beth turned and pulled John to her. "I can't believe
we're doing this."
"I love you, Beth." John lowered his head to
lightly kiss his wife's closed lips. Her mouth opened
and his tongue invaded her mouth to taste her tongue. Her
lips closed on his lower lip and she sucked it gently into
her mouth. It was such a small thing, but it absolutely drove
John nuts every time she did it. It was always a signal of
the extreme intensity of Beth's passion, always the
harbinger of an unforgettable experience. John sometimes
wondered if Beth knew she gave that signal.
Beth pulled in to John and he once again marveled at how perfectly
she molded to him. Her body seemed to fit so well, so close.
Her shoulders seemed so small to him, he just wanted to wrap
her up, cover her, protect her from any hurt. His hands traveled
the full length of her back, caressing the tense muscles
beneath her shirt, which began to rise as he ran his hands
up and down.
Beth got heavy in his arms and John let himself be dragged
to the floor as they kissed. He undid the button of Beth's
jeans and slid his hand into her pants, feeling the silky
fabric snag slightly on the rough skin of his hand. He felt
her lips, already puffy and wet, her nectar seeping from
her core. His finger slid gently down the length of her slit
to hover around the edges of her opening. He knew it drove
her crazy with anticipation to get so close but to hold off
penetration until her hips began to chase his finger.
When his finger finally slipped into her, John felt her
walls clamp down around his finger. Beth moaned as her hips
pushed up to force deeper penetration. Beth groaned in
frustration as John pulled his finger free from the Chinese
finger trap her grasping pussy had become. He slid her pants
and panties down as one as she raised her hips to help him.
A couple of kicks, a tug or two and her pants lay strewn and
forgotten on the floor.
"Are you ready?"
"Yes, " Beth said with a small voice, high in
pitch and full of tension.
"Beth, this time you have to tell me how it feels. Tell
me what to do to make it feel better."
Beth squatted over the machine once again, rolled her hips
to wet the tip and slowly sank down on the machine in small
pumping plunges.
John got up, grabbed the controls and settled in an overstuffed
chair, the controller between his knees. His gaze at Beth
was intense, with a small furrowing of his eyebrows in concentration.
He turned both volume controls down and flicked the switches.
"What do you feel?"
"Not much yet..." and Beth giggled.
John advanced the vibration control slightly.
"Mmmm. That feels good. I like the vibration."
"Feels good?" John asked.
"Ohh, John, the vibrations make my clit tingle, it
makes me really wet."
"More vibration?"
"Ohh please... please make me tingle..."
John advanced the control a bit higher. He stood briefly
to pull his pants and jockeys off, his cock already deeply
red and completely engorged. As he settled back into the
chair, he advanced the rotation control again slightly.
"Oh god! John! It... ohh! It touches my ugh, my special
"Does it feel like my cock?"
"No it feels... ohh... it feels different... oh fuck!
It feels different than anything I've ever felt. Ohh..."
Beth's breath was coming in gasps now as her excitement
increased dramatically, "I'm getting close
John... Ohh, I'm getting... almost... almost...
John's hand was wrapped around his cock, sliding in
slow, languid strokes the full length of his cock. He increased
the volume control of the rotation and then doubled the
The suddenness of Beth's first orgasm surprised her.
Her body tensed in the same rhythm, but the intensity of
the tension kept increasing instead of falling off and
rising again as it had been. She could feel the hardness
of her nipples, felt the firmness of her breasts as the muscles
underneath became hard. She had a momentary doubt and opened
her eyes briefly to look at John. Although his hand was still
on his cock, it was almost haphazardly placed there. She
glanced at his eyes and saw the total focus, the attention
to every signal her body gave, and right as she crested and
nearly lost her touch with the here and now, she glanced
over his shoulder to see Sharon standing at the door, her
hand in her panties, eyes wide as her arm made the rhythmic
movements that can only signal one thing. Beth's eyes
did the white-eyed roll back and her world descended into
a maelstrom of tingles, of clenching pussy walls, of sparks
of pleasure as that infernal rotating pleasure spike crossed
her G-spot faster and faster.
She heard a voice, almost detached, distant, and finally
concluded that it was her own. She could no longer control
her arms, her hands suspended in the air clenching in time
to her pussy as if trying to grab onto a dash board in front
of her. Her knees went to another place as her body settled
down completely onto the Sybian and still it buzzed and
flicked. Her body vibrated with the tension of her orgasm,
gradually increasing in intensity to become a shudder
as another peak rose and broke as if it were a wave battering
the volcanic shores of Hawaii in the height of the winter
wave season. Beth's eyes fluttered open once again,
briefly, confirming John's continued attention,
then gave herself to her pleasure, losing what we know as
Her body slid in slow motion to the side, falling to land
gently once again on the floor, her chest heaving as she
struggled to feed oxygen to her starved system. Her eyes
still closed, John marveled at the aftershocks her body
went through. They seemed almost as intense as the original
orgasm. John watched, amazed, at the slowness of their
John literally jumped as Sharon shouted from behind him,
"My turn!" Her pants were off and John watched
her drop them on the floor as she rushed past him to settle
down over the machine.
"Sharon!" John said, mustering what he hoped
was the appropriate level of shock. Sharon grabbed the
controls from John and dialed them as if she was the master
controller of a nuclear power plant trying to control a
meltdown. The meltdown came... and quickly.
Sharon's body began to shake, her nipples hard as she
pulled her blouse over her head. John jumped a second time
as he felt Beth's hand touch his painfully hard cock,
fingers slowly wrapping around the shaft, beginning their
slow inexorable trip up to shock his system with waves of
pleasure as her fingers passed over the purple, engorged
Beth slid up John's body, her lips pressing tightly
against his, her sucking of his bottom lip intense. 'Shit!
That's going to leave a mark, ' he thought as her
teeth came down slowly to pinch his lips, to trap him in a
liplock, face to face, sharing breath, sharing passion
as Sharon's squeals increased in volume and profanity.
Beth turned her back to John and pushed him deeper into the
chair as she settled down on him. He was amazed, as he was
every time that his hard cock split her moist petals of womanhood,
to bury itself deep within her, at her softness, her tightness,
her total possession of him. Beth fell back against John,
her hair brushing his face as she rose and fell on him.
"See how much she focuses on cumming, Beth? See the
passion on her face? She's nearing the point where
she'll lose control, babe, just like you did."
Beth settled down on John hard, as if she was trying to get
just a little more of his cock buried deep inside of her.
"She's starting to cum, Beth. Watch her."
Beth couldn't help but watch. John told Beth to watch
Sharon's face and as she did, Sharon crested her wall
of impending erotic, all-consuming pleasure. Beth began
her last intense orgasm as she felt John begin to thrust
into her hard, raising her legs off the chair, burying himself
in her, freezing in position to jerk with each shot of pearly,
white-hot semen deep into her womb. Sharon's orgasm
was heralded with a spurt of clear liquid that shot from
her pussy, wrapped around the still rotating penis of the
Sybian machine.
Beth settled into the deepest post-orgasmic warmth she'd
ever felt as John's arms wrapped around her and squeezed
her, his lips raining kisses on her back, her shoulders,
her neck. She felt warm and loved and it shocked her to understand
that their closeness was even increased by being able to
share their observation of the intensity of Sharon's
orgasm. She felt no shame or embarrassment as she laid back
against her lover, her legs spread, John's slowly
deflating penis still joining their bodies, their combined
juices drooling slowly down John's shaft, to drip
from his loosening sack.
Beth came to a conclusion. With John by her side, her inhibitions
were rapidly crashing. She knew this *thing* wasn't
responsible for her pleasure, for her loss of inhibitions,
it was nothing but a tool. She knew that she and John had become

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