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The Susan Grund Story from Susan Grund



The guard that escorted me to se~egatlon was quiet until
we were awa~ from the others. How much time did they give your He genVjy asked.

flarnn. You know where that came from doxfl your He didWt
wait for a response. ~Dana. Eons told most guards that we had free reign In anything
we wanted to do to baraas and break you. ~ven to the point of machination.
Most of us didut because It just taut right and some out of respect or leer of Diamond,
and the rest. Well Phe rest did whatever they could to maY I ~nished his sentence
for him. `We thought now that Boris and Dana were gone perhaps things
would settle down for you. Apparently they left instruottons for your future.
tans probably Just wanted theni to wait until she was gone so she wouldn't get
blamed anymore Rumor has it that you fled a lawsuit against her and Dr. Danner. Did your
1 had no choice. Dana is In charge of this prison and the prisoners.
She sat in almost every meeting while Dr. Danner denied me proper
medical care. What was I supposed to do? Sit back, suffer, wait to die? This only
shagi's how onset they axe and continue to heY `Well, good luok with your lawsuit I hope you get your su~geiy
&~d I hope the prison sad the hesithoare are exposed for all the wrong theyve
done and continue to do.' *!M~ybe more people like you should speak ~p publicly,
that would help the causeY "1 WOuld but rm married with Mds to support. I cant
afford to get involved.

"mats what everyone saysY I understood but I didn't
How could these guards, prison workers and others see all that was going on within
the ooofties of this prison sad sit Idly by? If they walked down the street and saw a woman
being beaten or ra~, ed would they walk on t~r said say it was none of their
business? I wondered. Apparently so.

Icley met us at the door with ~ sneer on her lace. ~WeiCOJT1e,
welcome. Your new home for tinee years. Unbelievable, three nicking years.
She pushed me up against the guard station to tare the handcuffs off. I could feel
her breath on the back of my nook She put he, mouth close to my ear, ~pleaae do something,
anything to aauae me to have to restrain you. Just make a move. Sneeze. I don't
care, anything.' She waited, pressed up behind me, her fr.oe remaining close
to mine. [never moved.

Mr. Wilson walked out of the laundry room looking toward
us. Kley moved away from me. "Get to the re~troomY When we are brought
to look we are strip searched so `knew wbere I was going and wbat for, but I wasn't looking
forward to it I banded eaoh garment to her as I diarobet AAer she shook it out she
threw them on the floor. In lock we wear state orange pants and scrub tops, but we
are ailowed our own 178

underclothes, SOCkS, tennis shoes, oncE a sweatshirt,
purchased from comifllsaat7.

After completely disrobing we must open our mouth, put
our hands In the air, lift our breasts, turn around, bend over, and spread our cheeks.
I completed the routine without incident. I stood there naked with her stating
me in the eyes, her , isage was virulent. `You really think yotfre something speciaL
don't you? You think because you~'e a Grand you can come to prison and steal Dana!s
girl away from her, say and do anything you want don't you? Her colloquialism was
scurrilous and would benefit me none to respond. I held ny ground never breaking eye contact
with her. `Fin ge/mg to make your stay here hell- pure living hell every day I work.'
She finally throw the Qrange unlfo~'m at me and leaned up against the wall
while I dressed. I never broke eye contact with her as I finished dressing.

`Cell two' she told me when I finished. I walked out
and into cell two which Is a camera cell, ' mithe cell one which is for close observation.
A camera mounted In tdio corner on the wall up by the c&flng 38 on twonty four-sevea
The )1~hts in the cell are never turned off. ~t'm not suicidal, why am I in an obsenation
cell? "We dont have to tell you nothing." Anyl~~ng ~Wbaw' "I~ever mind. You wouldn't under, tand double
nsgatives. "Get Bmart with me, go ahead.' I said nothing
else but sat down on the thin mattress In a smelly cell. She bad not given me any beddint The cell
was not self contained, so every time I had to go to the restroom I would have to yell
down the hail and ask the guard to let ins out and escort me.

The June skin was beatIng through the one window in the cell
and the Ian that was mounted outside the door on tue wail was not on. I would wait
~intU the next shift of guards came on before I would ask for anything, Including
using the restroom.

I tried to eat but had the same results each time, Pain, path,
and more pain. I filled out medical requests almost daily begging for medical
help. Dr. Danner wouldn't even bother to come see me nor would he respond to my medical rejuests.
I was surviving On the liquid like sods. Oatmeal was runny enough not to
cause me too much pain, so I was able to eat that whenever It was served. The juices
from stews and the soups didn't cause me pain so I ate as much of those as! could
get and anything else like it.

Breakfast was served around six am. Afterward we took a
twenty minute shower. We were supposed to be allowed an hour recreation each day
but whether we got it or not depended upon the on~dut~r guards, and whether or not
they felt like giving it to us. Lunch was served around eleven-thirly am. Then nothing
until dkmer around five p.m~ The evening shift guards came on at sIx p.m. Women would
sit on the floor talking to other women across the balL Bince the doors were
mesh covered we could see easijy and talk to one another. We wore allowed a radio
and self help or religious books from the sparsely supplied library. `79

During the first week of my stay I was awakened one morning
by fley~s loud, crude voice as she banded out breakfast. I pose quickly noticing
I had started 1fl?1 menstrual cycle. Blood was on my sheets, blanket, my nightgown and
underclothes. `Are you going to eat today Grand? She stood at my door with a breakfast
tray, Weitlfl for me to answer. "Is there oalmeai this morning?' `I don't know what's under this here tray cover
and I ain't gonna look and see. You want this grub or not? `Yea I'll take it. Look, I started my cycle and I have
blood on my bed and clothes. Gsa I get some clean clothes and beddingP" "I'm handing out breakfast. You'll just
have to wait for anyt»=.thg else.' `Well, I need to go to the restroom and! need a sanitary napkin
and a clean panty.' `you can have a pad but you ann getting no panties until after
breakfast, If I feel like getting you aEy then. `7ou can't leave me in b'oody obtuse all day."
I can't? We'll see Ill can or cant' ~he thrust
the breakfast tray at me and stood back aol could ezit the cell to go to the restroom. I had to
put a sanitary napkin on top of my bloody panty. I cleaned myself off as beet as I could
then returned to thy cell.

Sitar breaiifast when it was my time for a shower R]ey unloeked
iiw doo, and waited for me to e~t. `I need dean clothes.' I stopped just
outsIde the door looking her straight in the eyes. Her eyes narrowed glaringly at me- "Well you know
what they say don't you? People In hell need water and can't get it" `You're not going to give me clean clothes?' AInt my job. The night shIft's supposed to wash and
give you your clean clothes, but if you want that there shower your time is ticking away."
I decided I'd bettor at least get a shower sot hurried and took it, ~Ut my blocdy clothes
back on and returned to icy cell. She slamnied the door shut laughing as she went
to the next cell for their shower time. As she walked back past my cell door I called out to her, "1
want a grievance." `Why waste the paper? You know what happens to grievances
In this prison, you didn't Just get off the bus.~ `Axe you going to give me a grievance or not?' "Sure ifyouwanttowastoatreo." "As If you oared about treea' She walked away
and came back with a grievance form. `Make sure you got all the facts straight.' `And what are the Isobar `That you didn't ask the night shift for clean clothes.
You had twelve hours to take sure you got your clothes bact' `Our clothee aren't done being washed and dried before
we go to bed. With one washer and dryer and twelve women's clothes and bedding
it takes all of those twelve hours to complete Urn laundiy Sometimes the night shift
can't get all of it done before they leave. The bottom line is that my clothes weren't
given back to me and are in the 100

laundry room where you have a prisoner washing the other
halls la~inthy. It would be very easy for you to pick up roy laundry bag and bring it tO
me Or let me out to go get

`Won't happen but good luck with that there grievance
now.~ fllie walked away while I sat down to fill out the ~ievance. She was rl~ht, nothing
would come of It, but at least thier~ would be a record of bow prisoners are treated.
I decided to write the zone supervisor as well, which unfortunately was gargoyle

The cell next to mIne, number one, is a camera cell also and
that prisoner was under close observation for trying to commit suicide. She was
a young speclaa needs sri. You could ten she bad the mind of a ton year old and had to be
heavily medicated.

Several days later I heard he, caning for me at her door.
~Ouaan, Pm thIrsty' `Won't they give you any water? Rave you asked for some?
I responded. `I don't want to ask him for anything. He's working
by himself today ena that means he'll take me in the other mom.° She was speaking of
guard Wilson but I didn't thow whM she meant by taking her in the other room. I &gued with
mysahf whether I should ask her to explain or let her take care of her own problems
because I certainly bad enough of roy own I don't know which part of roe wol)
the argument butl beard myself asking her, ~what other room? What happens in the
other room? She answered softly, "the medical room where ho touches
me and makes me touch him.~ I swallowed my revulsion. Oh my god, Wilson was forcing a
mentally challenged girl to have sex with hint.

ru get you some water. Wilson, mar neighbor needs some water.'
I could hear him coming down the hail, In response to my eaaithg ou~ "Who's
yelling? `I am. She doesn't have anything to drink In cell one
and she doesn't want you to get her out other cell anymore. * Be quickly stepped up to wy
door biasing, ~you don't ~ZOw what you're touting about. I only took her to the radio
room so she could sit In the air conditioning for awhile because she was over heated."
`Yeah rIght. Just give her some water.' Re left but
returned shortly with some ice and water. I strained to hear his whispered voice. `You're
not supposed to tell anyone about me taking you to the other room now are you?"
Her voice was quiet. *I don't want you tofl" "Gshhb, dorit talk go loud, he Interrupted her. ¶
wont take you anymore unless you want to go but don't tell anyone else or you'll
get In trouble. You'll get locked in the other can and all your clothes wrn get taken away? "Ok, I won't toll anyone else." The cell
lie spoke of was fos' prisoners who were dangerous to themselves and eve ryona else and they wore
allowed nothing but a heavy quilted covering that resembled a bullet proof vest but
went dotm to your knees. No other dothing was allowed and a single mattress sat on the
concrete floor.

Later, after the nurse had administered another shot to
the girl in cell one I heard Wilson uniooldng her door. Till supposed to take you to
cool down anytime you get 181

new medicine? I could hear her answer in a soft dreamy like
voice, oh, ok, cool oar, ths~ would be inca. Can I have some more to drink toor `Sure: he answered, `You can have some more red drior assumed
the red drink he was referring to was the red punch the ~tehen supplied for
our meals. I walked back to my cell door so he could see me and I could see them. As aeon
as he came out Mth her we loe~ed eyes. `Where are you two going? `She, umm, she needs to go to the restroom, don't you?
lie stammered. `teab, tIle no, you said! could have some red drink." Go potty first then fli see If we have any extra pouches"
He walked her to the restroom, glared at me then walked off the bali. I wouldnt
get any rest tod~y with him on the prow).

I em quite ctrtaan Wilson had me moved to the other ball to
get me away from cell one so he could continue to do what he wIshed with that poor
girl. But at least I was in & self contained cell and not at mefl mercy whenever
I had to go to tho restroom. Wilson had started to harass me every chance lie got. I knew
this was In retabaUon for speaking up (Or the girl.

Thirty three d~ys after my appeal was filed it was returned
denied. I looked at the signature and saw that Ma. Neal, the very same woman who
bad led Dana around durIng her tine of slghtaessness had signed the appeal.
She was acting as the now Superlntendenvs designee and doing Dana's biddIng
stilt I expected as much so I wrote out my flnal appeal and sent it to the Department of
Correot~on main office.

Matt returned the following week to dIscuss and sort through
the facts and fiction written about my case, lie has scheduled his appointment
on a non-visiting day so our meeting took place In the admInistration building in the
conference room. This was a bonus since he slated six to eight hours and the room bad
ousbioned chairs for me to sit In for these 10111 hours; I could see the concern In his eyes as I entered the room-
Re stood waiting for the guard to take off my handcuffs. Alter the guard left I wearily
fell Into the chair he held out for me. `M~~bd Ousan, what are they doing to you?"
~BothIng, that's the problem. I can't get the
medical help I need." "Is there anythlngyou cando?" ~We've got an attorney to handle the medicallosues.
Ijoot hope he does something before it's too late." "I Imow this Is going to be tough on you but I need facts.
&e you up to going over all of this? We have a lot to cover." `I have to be." "Alright, if you're sure." As was his custom, he quickly got down to bus%ness. "Then
jot's start with this book a man named Wester mote about you- Have you read it?"

"Then I guess you'd better read It first Prepare
yourself." Row many times hadi heanl that statement over the years?
B&(ore he departed, he 182

handed me a copy o(the book to go through and make notes for
our next meeting, scheduled fop later In the week.

"Going back through the darkest period of my life
Is almost a~ difficult for me as it was livIng it You can't ImagIne just how horrible it
15 for me. I begged God, woui~ have gIven anything, if He would give me back my husband
even If only for one day, twenty-four hours, to tell the truth and vindicate me.'
"I understand, but we both tiow that won't ever
happen sol need you to help me help you." ~Where do we begin?' *!Let~ begin with your childhood.' `1 never, I mean never, claimed that my father abused me
sexually or physically." "Did he burn your hand in second grade during a violent
altercation? `Absolutely not. My father wasn't even home when I
accidentally burned my hand when I was only four years old. My mother was Ironing my favorite
dress when someone knocked on our front door. While my mother was busy
anawer~ng It, I got a chair to climb up to the Ironing board. I guess! thought!
would help my mother finish ixonlng. I acoidently touched the Iron with my hand and
burnt a couple of knuckles, Cold water and salve took care of it A small soar, seer i held
up by hand for him to

Ba `Obviously an exaggeration? "Obviously. Let's see ... did you sew your own
clothes while in school? I was not obsessed with what I wore nor did I sew any of my own
clothes. I was a typical blue Jean teenager of the seventies which all my
school and ~mIly pictures will attest to."

`Your first boyfriend was Chip Grant?" `No, my first serious boyfriend was Larry Harding, who
was one of the star baskethail players. We broke up because he was pressuring
me to have sex tVitLi him and I wasut ready. I was only a freshman In high school but
he was a3uidor. My first near sexual experience happened with him too. I say near
because we never completed the eat. We were at a party and found ourselves in a room alone.
He tried to convince me to have sex but when he withdrew himself he was so excited
that he ejaculated immediately, scsr4zig me eenselesg, or maybe I should
say it scared same sense Into me.' ~When did Chip come into your life? `After Larry and I broke up. Marlene was working at a truck
stop to support herself. She had left horns alter she and daddy had gotten into a serious
disagreernen~ A mans wife had called our parents tolling them that their
slut of a daughtor~ was having sex with her husband, itt hIs truck cat, whenever
he stopped at the Iruck atop. Marlene moved out of the house, and In with a woman she worked
with and they rented an apartment from my aunt and uncle. This was a great
relief for me because we were not getting along. A1)yway, one day she called as~ngme
if! wou~d fill in at the truck stop because they were ~ort handed and needed
a waltress. I agreed as long 188

as someone could come and get me sInce the restaurant was
on the other side of town and I dIdn't drive yet. She told me the owner himself
would pick me up. After working the weekend at the restaurant tile owner offered me a full
time Job. After a few weeks of woi~og, Chip stopped in the restaurant There was an Immediate
attraction. Re asked me out and I accepted, then found out he was the owner's

"ThIs was in your freshmen year of high school? "mien did you and your father have your ladling out
that caused you to leave homer ¶ did not leave home because of my fathen Chip had broken
up with his ~rlftiend Rozy, who was not happy with the breakup. So when he arid
I started dating she began harassing me at school. Her Mends joined in haraasitg
me. My father came to my school to lodge his complaint about me being bullied
and harassed on school grounds, but it didi, !t help matters. In fact the situation
worsened, escalating to the point that Boxy and three oTher fr~ends caught me walldog
home by myself after a student council meeting one day afi~er schooL They beat
me so severely that I wa.s quickly taken to the hospital by a laan who was driving by
and saw what was happening. He pulled over, ran them off, and took me to the
hospital, where my parents were then notliled. Thla prompted Chip's parents, my parents, and Chip
and I to meet and discuss what to do about the s&tuat~on. It was decided that I would
live with the Grants during the week and return home on the weekends.'

`Why was that decision made? `Well, there fs only one other school In the county and we
did not live in that sclaool's diatriot. For me t0 attend that school we woiM have had topsy
tuition, which we couldn't affonE Additionally, It was too far for me
to walk and I couldn't drive because I dldnt yet have my dri, ei~s license or a oar.' `So everyone agreed that you should live with the Grants?
"Yes. they had an extra bedroom and it was the best
solution. I did not move to the Grant's to get away from my father.' "Did the Granta ask you to leave eater awhile?'
"Absolutely not. I loved them and they loved me. In
my sophomore year, at ray new school, Ijohied the choir and made the Macquabnettes,
which is the porn-porn, rifle, and flag squad. We practiced after school most every night
whereas Chip was on the swim team which practiced before school most every mon]ing.
Then one day my whole world crumbled. `Red gotten a girl who was on the swim team with him pregnant,
and his parents Insisted that he marry her. I was heartbroken. I can still
remember him telling me. His mother Betty and I were busy baking my favorite, chocolate
chip orioMes, when he told me he needed to ta~k to me privately. I followed him
into the living room where he sat me down on the sof~ took my hand, knelt down An front of
me and saId, "1 got a girl pregnant." `I remember pushing him away as I snatched my hand back from
him, demanding to Imow who she was. Re swore it was only one time, he was sorry
and even though he 184

ha~i to marry her, would divorce her as soon as the baby was
born and we could still get married. I declined his offer, not so sweetly, and went
to my room to cry my heart out.

`In my junior year my best Mend and I went to a concert in another
city. kt this concert I met Bomuie Love who would late? become my first
husband. We bad an instant attraction while he was onstage singing. lie sent
a roathe, one of the road crew, to find out my name, dedicated a song to me and invited
me to a party afterward. We went to the party, decided our mutual attraction was
worth putting some time into, and made plans for a date the following weekend. I went home
with my Mend as planned.' `You didn't have sex with him out back In an alley? `if there even was an alley I never saw it So the answer is
no.' `Did you many him weeks later?' `~Uo, we married almost a year after meeting. We hen an outdoor
park wedding. Chip's sisters were my bridernalds, my sister Sin
and brother Rarold were In the wedding party but my parents didut make It. My father had
fallen, and hurt his back the night before. He inals ted we still have the wedding
as everything had already aeen paid for, so Ubip's dad fllisd In fop my father.'

`And of course you moved to Icokomo with your new husband.'
`Be bad an apartment in Kokomo where he worked a factory
job by day and we toured the roe n roll circuit by night He convinced me to
quit school, join his band with another woman as back-up singers, and tour with him.
But things changed when the plant where he worked closed its door.' ~Is that when you two moved back to Peru? "A friend of my father offered him ajob but that was
short lived as he filed baokruptoy within a few months. "Then what did you two do? `Well, his father owned a siding business In Oklahoma so
we moved there and he went to work for his fathot', but they had a disagreement
and parted ways.' "When did you lose his baby? "I was never pregnant by him so I never had any miscarriages.
I dont know where that lie came from.' `Tour dlvnrce was amicable?" ~Yes, there was no affair with Gary, no arguing with Ronnie,
it was just over. We both Jmew it and parted waya as friends. We're still friends

`When exaetly did you marry Gary? `Go~ marriage license, which Is public reoord, clearly
shows we were maa'ried in June of 1978, not in 19t9. Idiots cant even look up public facte.
It Is also incon'ect that we married bocause I was pregnant. Jake was born In June of
1979, three hundred and sixty four dsjs after our wedding. Again, public record
for anyone worth their salt to look up. Another fact not mentioned was that `raised Gaits
daughter, Aaugel, from a 165

previous marriage, until his accident occurred, then
she went to live with her biological mother, We had several Insurance policies
totaling almost a minion dollars on Ga7 during ou, marriage. flea still alive and nothing
catastrophic happened to his dau4hter while In my care.'

There was never any mention of Gary in an accident? `Well the accident happened on a motorcycle, leaving him
with internal bleeding and a traumatic brain ir~urv. Alter spending weeks In a coma
he became addicted to pain medication. He underwent a comprehensive rehabilitation
that required him to learn how to walk and taft again, but bed lost his memory and never
remembered who Was. It was l, Js alcohol and drug addiction that caused
me to leave him. We werw living with his parents at the time as we had lost everything
due to his accident. I had a newborn son to support and I couldn't take care of
a newborn and a grown drug addict."

`What year did ~tu sepaz'ate? `From 1950 to 1961 we were separated, then divoroeC `So you weren't married for five years? ~ we were married less than four but separated moat of those
years.' Did ~vu stab him and get turned OO? `Obviously he knows nothing about ray sexual preference.
I am not into giving or receiving pain before, during, or after sex, Blood makes
me nauseous. Pain and blood must be his thing, not mine?

~Did you have an affair with T.R. while inarx4ed to Gaiy?
`There are so many lies surrounding T.B~ and I that I barely
know where to begin. Let me start by saying no. Since I was never with Gary again,
how could I have an affair with Ta or anyone else for that matter? `went to work
for Perry Oil to support myself and my son. I worked as a secretary for the president
and in records. The company wag eventually bought by Suner Oil where TB. was
a stockholder and worked ~s a purchasing agent, Gary had no relations working at
Perry Oil so no One could have been reporting anything to him nor woifld they want
to. No one knew T.R and I were dating. The company had a no &`aternlztng policy
go we kept otr whirlwind romance a secret. We never saw or talked to one another during
working hours. We worked In completely separate buildings across the city
from one another. We did see each other almost every night and If we weren't together
we were burning up the phone lines, but there was no `blatant affair' nor
any skipping work to have sex'

"While you were seeing P.R. you returned to Indiana
on vacation to visit with your parenta While on vacation you met up with an old high school
flame named Tim. "True, while on vacation at my parents, I mainly spent
time at the hospital with my brother Edward who had been diagnosed with cancer and wag
undergoing chemotherapy t, eatznenta One right I did go out with some
fr~ond, including Mazy, to a club. There Tim and I ran Into each other anti started
talking. As the hour wan 186

~ow1ng late and I tdiil bad a forty-five minute drive home
he euaested we ~ab & cup of coffee to fortI~ myself for the drive home and reminisce
in a quieter atmosphere. It was nice to see him again but we parted after two cups of coffee
audI was home on the phone with `P.R. as soon as I arrived back at my parents.
I may have jokingly told Mary the next day that I had wild sex with Tim but it would
have only been a joke. However, if I had wanted to have wild sex with Thu I could
have as I was single, he wa~ single, and I bad no commitment with P.R. yet. Still I didn't
Mary did write me later to apologize, claiming her words were twisted and taken
out of context?

~You eventually returned to Oklahoma and married Pt"
`T did. We Wore married In Texas where his family lived.
I moved into the house he and m~ late wife bought maiw sears before, It was not a new
home but We did Some reconstruction on the inside to accommodate an of us. He
complained incessantly about his late wife leaving her half of everything, Including
tile house, to their son Harry. This meant that Ta shared ownership of almost everything
with his Son, a son he told me he did not want. Only he would gain anything
from the death of his own child. After we returned from a belated honeymoon trip
to Europe £ began to feel In, vomiting, nauseousness, tired. When T missed my monthly
cycle I bought a home pre~ancy test which promptiy displayed that I was pretnant.
We never had discussed more children but we were about to have one. I
was excited as I waited for hlni to come home aol could siape the news with him My excitement
w8t quickly dashed in the face of his anger. He accused me of being negligent
on purpose. "A few days later I foil ill immediately after dinner.
I literally coulti not function. `FR. claImed ho was tM~ng me to a specialist saying something
could be wrong with tIle baby. Of course, I agree& Where he took me was to an abortion
clinic where an abortion was performed tin me before I could comprehend
what was tappenlnt'

`How did that happen? `I thought the doctor was examining me, not Bucking my baby
from my body. Since I Was purposely drugged up I was not th1nkh~g clearly."
"He drugged you? `He denies it but I know he did. He later told me an abortion
was necessary, that the baby would not have been normal because of the LU.D? "So 3W forlave him.' `1 don't know that I forgave him but I thought I was in
love so `left it in the peat and moved on. He returned t0 being a loving and devoted husband
again. For Christmas he bought me my `gleaming Buick Riviera', not after
our divoree which is listed In my divorce settlement for anyone to veri~c" But things turned Sam' didn't thor' "Not flour, totally rotten. It began when he took
me out to a club to see his favorite singer Roy Orbison, I still can't listen to a song from
Roy to this day because of that night miring sets the club played line dancing music, He
did not dance but told me to ~o enjoy myself since line dancing does not require a partner
While dancing a drunken man beside me lost his b&anca~ fell into me almost
knocking us down and several others around me laughed as we righted the man.
Before I could resume IS?

dancing TR~ tabbed me by the head of my hair arid dragged
me off the dance floor, out the door and beat me. He accused me of flaunting myself,
purposely falling Into the man and everyone around me so they could be touching my boly
and all kinds of crazy accusations. Little did I know that this would just be the
beginning or his violence and I would not be the only one to miffer at the hands of this man?
~How tong after this Incident did ycu have your major surgery?
*Not long afterward. We actually thought I was pregnant
agaan but a test quickly proved otherwise. I was so sick, vomiting again, diz, ~
and nauseous. To make matters worse the entire inside of the house was being remodeled.
T.H~ bought the boys a pit bull dog, which was Just a puppy but I still do not like those
dogs and would *iot let it in the house. In the midst of all the mess I found out I had tmnors
In my Inner ear, had surgery and tragedy struck Harry. TB. paid file to take
the blame of what happened to his son so he would not lose control of his son's assets
and money. I stupidly took the blame mope out of love for him Instead of telling the truth
which only made things worse for me."

`You two divorced in the midst of all that didn'tyou?'
`Yes, his attorney told him to divorce me for appeapan~e
sake but he found me a condo not far from the house so either he was at my place or
I was at his every night, " Wou bxew what he had done to his son, why would you continue
in any land of relationship with him? "I can't answer that The sad thing is even when
he started beating and choking me I still wouldzft leave him?

`That's a sad tale many abused women tell, But you eventually
did leave him." `Yes, but not for myself, It was only after I found out I was
pro~~ant again. Birth control pills had a negative effect on me sot went back to
an TaD. wbicii once again failed me. I didnt tell him I was pregnant The clinic where
I got tested left a message on my answering machine. He heard it and was waIting for
me when I returned. Re beat and choked me until I was unconscious. When I came to
I was at the emergency room with him no where to be foun& At least he did drop
me off at the hospital after he thought he'd killed me. The hospital personnel
told me I woe found outside their doors. I couldn't tell them the truth so as soon as I
was loft alone, I took off without sivl.og any information or having any medical care. I hitched
a ride to my place, called my father and waited. He was on the first available flight
out and at my door as quickly as possible.'

!I~ll bet he was livid? that's putting it mildly. After making sure I was alrlght
ho took one of my cars and went to look for P.R He probably would have killed him had
he found him but he didn't. For all T.R~ lmew I could have been dead when
he dropped me off at the hospital. rwllen my father returned I had to hide the fact that I was
spitting up blood and in & lot of pain while bogging him not to take me back to the hospital
where questaons would be asked." 188

`Why? Wbywereyou protecting bfln?" ~IwasafraIdofwhathewotlddotomeifItoldonh1m Myfatherdidtakepkturesof
my bruised and battered condition, packed some clothes
and brought me beak to Indiana Once home be took me to a family doctor who treated
me medically, then recommended an OB4YN doctor who let me recuperate at my
parents house slowly and painfully. Later my father and I returned to Oklahoma
alter I he4 recovered. We packed up all my property, went to my probation officer
and had my probation changed to Indiana, then traveled back home, just my father,
myself, and my unharmed, unborn baby?

~Didnt T.R. wonder what had hapDened to you? `He eventually caned my parents and we talked. I ~ew I could
never trust him again. He told me If £ wouldn't agree to an abortion and insisted
on having the baby he had contacted an attorney in Dallas that would haMle an e4opUolt
I would not agree to that either. I explained to hAm that I was staying In Indiana
until my baby was torn and I only wanted him to send the money he had promised me
or I would go to the media in Oklahoma and tell them everytthlrit My father
was afraid he would try to come and get my baby once! gave birth butl ~iew he would never
do that?

~So you decided to stay In Bidianar `Tcmporar~y, until I had my baby, Alter that my probation
would be on paper only so I could move wherever I chose. I planned to move to Dallas
where my best Mend Kasandra lived, ' ~Then why did you buy a house across the sta'oot from
your parents'?' T.R. and I argued about the money he owed me, &O I decided
to Invest in a house in which I could get my money back when I moved? `You never moved into the house, why not? `My father was a womanizer most of his adult life and my mother
eventually divorced bin I was really torn about the entire situation. My father
had an interest In a local bar and his current love interest managed it for him. I had
to return to Oklahoma to tie up some loose ends and get my other oar. My lather accompanied
me. While we were gone mother filed for a divorce, packed his
clothes, dropped them off in front of his girlfriend's house, changed the locks
on the house, and got a restraining order against him. When we returned home I was surprised
my father took it all so well He stated be was actually surprised she bad put up with
him as long as she had"

I checked into the police records as you asked and I did find
where you had flied a complaint against M&lene after she assaulted you and the
pollee responded to a call." `Another example of how much we did not get along. We got
into an argument after I moved home and mother divorced because I learned she was
using mother for a free babysitter and taking her money. Marlene was married to
George but having an alYalr with l~oo) so every night after mother got off work Marlene
would leave Sam at home by himself and drop Adrea off at mother~s house. I put my
foot down and told Marlene, no more, or I would tell George. Our verbal dispute turned
Into a physical altercation when she started beating on me. Our neighbor saw it, called
the pouco then ran over 189

and physically pulled Marlene off me as she lmew I was pregnant.
The police arrived, made her leave and filled out a report. The only reason I
resumed any form of contact with her was because of her poor children. I tried to help
them as much as possible.' `~Tho was Rick Wagner and why did you tell Marlene that you
were in love with hinr *!Never did I tell her I was in love with him. Re owned the
house I bought? !Not that it matters, you were single, newly divorced and
free to See whomever, but dId you have an affair with him? No, we became Mendly during the process of me buying the
house. Re was selling because he had lost hisjob, there weren't many jobs
around, and he wanted to move to another state, He was not husband material or boyfriend
material. No, there was never anything between hick and I? !It appears that if you even talked or walked by & man,
the prosecutor had you In the throes of sexual passion with them.~ `Isn't that the tnithr

`Wtsendidyoumeetelim? ~Not long after I arrived in Indiana After aid of my bruises
healed I ventured out. I called my hairdresser, Greg, from my high school days to
see about getting my hair done. It was during my hair appointment that! told most
of my sad tale. I am also friends with his wile Dot. They Invited me to accompany
them on a weekend trip they were taking to a friend's lake house, I declined at
first, not wanting to socialize, but Dot convinced me to go with them since the men would be scuba
diving and I could provide her with some much needed company. `1 finally agreed but on the appointed day Dot became ill
which kept her from going. Greg convinced me to tag along as his friends girlfriend
wouldn't be diving either and would appreciate the company. My parents had not yet divorced
and my father thought the trip would be relaxing for me. I agreed to go
but only for the day, not the whole weekend. Greg agreed to have me back before I turned
into a pumpldn at midnight and off we went. `The drive there was spent with us reminiscing. Before
long we arrived With him tooting his horn announcing our arrival. A man emerged
from the lake house before the oar Caine to a atop. Re directed Greg where to park, and
then opened the door for ma Holding out his hand for m~ I placed my hand in his as he
helped me out of the car. Without taking his eyes off me he asked Greg for an introductãon
After that he led me Into the house without relinquishing his hold on
me. Re seated Ole then sat down next to me. We began casual conversation. The day was
mijoyable and relaxing for me but by the end of the day I was ready to return home.
He tried to convince me to stay the entire weekend but I declined. The `friend was
Jim, who claimed It was love at first sight"

"So you werent eight months pregnant when you met
Jim? `Blnoe I met him In the spring and gave birth to Lanelle in
October It would have been physically impossible for me to have been eight months
pre~ant when we met. I also 190

did not attend his birthday party as a gag gilt eight months
pre~ant. Since his birthday Is in December and I had Lanelle in October?

`So Jerry Wekies did not introduce you to dim?' `1 didn't even ~ow Jerry until after I met and started
dating Jim. We didn't meet until muoh later. `How didyoutwo end up together? ~Sfter I returned from the lake house my father and I made
a return trip to OkIajIOma When we got back to Indiana flowers awaited me.
Jim had called my mother every day asking when I would return. Every day I
was gone lie sent another bouquet of flowers. Along with each arrangement was an
accompanying card stating he cut his vacation short because he couldn't stop
thinking about me, asking it I would call him as soon as I returned no matter what the hour, and
so on?

`What did you think about all of that? I was flattered of course, but I was not ready for a new relationship,
I still had T.& lurking in my shadows. I was pregnant, and did not want to
remain UI Indiana a~er I bad my baby. I only went home because it was always a sale
haven for me, `Obviously, you changed your mind." `He changed it for me. I called him to be courteous explaining
that I was emotionally damaged by my ex-liusband and not in a good place to become
romantically involved with anyone. He tried to dissuade rue but I held fast.'

"Then how did you two finally get together?'
"Greg caned Inviting me to dinner with ho and Dot and
would not take no for an answer. At the appointed tine, I arrived at the restaurant
he had even me the address and directions to. When I walked in I couldn't
find them. Who I did find was Jim. He quickly greeted me, escorted ins to the table and
asked me not to be mad at Greg. dim had asked him to ask me to meet them at the restaurant
because he couldn't think of a~y other way to get me to agree to see him. Re was
so damn adorable I couldn't help but be touched by an the trouble he bad
gone to for me. He bad even called my mother asking what my favorite color was, my favorite
foods, and what I liked to drink. We had a lovely dinner then he took me dancing

`When we returned to the restaurant, which he later told
me he was part owner aol could retrieve my car, he asked me to at least ~ve him a chance
while I was here and if I still wanted to move to Dallas after I hadmy baby he would
accept my decisina I told him I would think about it and call him the next day. That
night t Was inmy parents bed In between them telling them about Jim, all we had done,
all he had said and the fact that while I was danoing with him I swore I felt the baby
move for the first time. While I was telling my parents this both had a hand on my abdomen
and we felt the baby move. We thought it was a good sign that my baby moved
for the first time while in dim's arms and the second time at the mention of his

`While both my parents cautioned me to move slowly, both
Imew of Jun and his 791

reputation for being an outstanding attorney and decent
guy so they approved of him. I got up and cadied him. I told him I would see him for a confession
data After toning him the whole of my past, I told him if he still wanted to see
me then I would agree. It was only fair that ho tiow all before lie got too Involved?



I was being escorted back to the 6DM building to meet with
Matt again. We atifi had a lot of ground to cover and the worst was yet to come. We settled
In quickly, with Matt referring to his notes to see whore we had left off.
`After you had this discussion with your parents, did you divulge all your particulars
to Jim? "Everything. I held nothing back. I actually think
subconsciously I painted myself worse to scare him off. Nothing fazed that man. Re still
wanted to see me- 801 ateed?

`When did you actually meet JeTTy Itiokies? ~It was awhile after I met Jun. I was at Gregs hair salon when
Jerry walked in for his appointment He asked for an introduction, which Greg
gave. I whispered to him that I was not Interested in Jerry and he promptly told him
what I said. I was embarrassed but It was true. he must have asked him for my
particulars because when I arrived home he called me shortly thereafter. I again
declined his invitation to go out, trying to be nice but cut the conversation short so
as not to encourage Mm. Pen Is a smnll community and it Is not unusual to run into almost
everyone in the course of a day, but everywhere I went Jerry seemed to show up. whon my mother audi stopped to have lunoh after a doctor's
appointment he showed up too, Inviting himself to our table for the entire
lunch. At this point Jim and I were Just phone dating because he was In the middle of a
trial and I think he wanted to give me an opportunity to become comfortable Just talking
to him. Re was such a wonderful conversationalIst "An soon as the trial was over he took me flying in his
airplane to a nearby city fbr a romantIc dinner and dancing again. He later confided to
me he really didnt like to dance but it was the only way he oould.hold me without seeming
to be forward."

"When did Marlene cook a meal for you to pass off as
your cooking for dim? I laughed. `~rst, I would not need her to cook for me and second
I would not want her to cook for me. lier cooking is like eating roth kill. No
one can identif~' what she axed or how she fixed it. Only those forced to eat her cooking
do so for survival sake. That's funny, Marlene oooklng for me."

"Tell me, what happened between Jerry Rickles and
Jim? `It waant long before they had an alteroation Jim and I had
been dating a few months by the time it happened. I was craving for some strawberries
and decided to stroll to the Farmers Market which was only about five blocks
from my parents house. I had a date with Jim later but I was craving strawberries
and believed In some silly old wives' tale about an unborn baby being marked with
whatever a mother craved but didnt eat. Not wanting my unborn baby to be marked with strawberries
I headed to 793

get some. They say never shop for food while hungry, well
It's doubly true when you're hm'~'y and pregnant. I bought more than I Intended
then had to Juggle several bags back to my parent's, Before I got very far Jerry pulled
up beside me offering me a ride. I was actually creeped out by him so I declined his offer.
He would not take no for an answer, got out of his oar, put my bags in the back seat and
helped me Into the front. I thought It would be alrlght since he was a cop. Matt and I
both laughed at the nalvety of that thought. "Boy was I wrong As soon as he pulled
up in front of my parents house and put his oar In park, he was all over me. His short,
fat, rmdtr hands were pulling on my clothes While slobbering kisses on me, Suddenly
Jim yanked open my door and pulled me out of Jerry's reach. Re stepped
in front of me and started missing, telling him he knew he was dating me and was trying to get
back at him because of his ax-wife.'

"His ex-wife? What happened between an, Jerry, and
bit er-wife? "I didn't know what he was thTh'th~ about
at the time either. Later I found out that theIr friendship had dissolved over Jim having a sexual
relatIonship with Jerry's estranged wife after she Med for a divorce. I was just glad
Jim had come along when he did and saved me from the pervert. "They had a few more choice words to ss~ to one another
with Jerry claiming he saw me first and was interested In me first and once again Jim
was moving In on his territory. I qukkly corrected him explaining that Jim
and I had met first and I was interested in Jim, but never him, and would appreciate
it if he would leave me alone. Jim asked Jerry If that was plain enough for him to understand
or would he prefer that I press charges against hIm, Re finally left~ Jim apologized,
and we cancelled our dinner plans, Instead returning to the market repurchasing
everything and ate our fruit dinner In a lawn swing under the stars. It wasn't
long after this Incident that my parents divorced and Jim practically moved in. He came
over every morning to have breakfast with my mother and!, Then he would go to work.
Later I would inset him for lunch or he would come to the house for lunch, and he would
come to the house after obanging after work. `He handled the particulars of my purchasing Rick's
house and had all my legal files from Oklahoma sent to his office so be could research what
could be done legally for me. He was very upset that I had taken the blame for what tR
had done to his son."

"It is noted that Lanelle wag born after Thanksgiving."
Is noted Incorrectly. She was born October 1964."
`Was Jim your lamas coach?" `I did not have a lames coach nor did I attend lamas classes.
My sister Thin was with me when I gave birth to Lanelle. There are no pictures of
Jim in the birthing room with me. We had not even had sex yet, I certainly was not going
to give birth to a baby that was not his, in front of him, He was In the waitIng room
with my mother.

"When did he ask you to marry him? The day after I gave birth he returned to the hospital In
the morning and presented me with a beautiful pearl and diamond ring. That evening
he again came to the 194

hospital with a diamond solitaire and on bended knee beside
my bed asked me to marry him. We were discussing a Valentine's day wedding
date.' `Valentines day? I thought you were married, ` he shuffled
through some papers, "it reads that you were married six weeks after Lanelle was
born, after Thanksgiving which would mean you got married in January, ' `I think the public records would disagree with what Is
Incorrectly written yet again, " !~en were you niarpied? RAfter I got released from the hospital Jim asked me to go
on a vacation with him In December. While on vacation in florida he talked me into
getting married thus forgoing all the hoopla of a formal wedding. Insoad we had
a quiet wedding on a Mends yacht. I wore a mauve skirt set with pearl earrings
Jim bought me as a wedding SIft to match my pearl ring, and he wore a matching
mauve j acket with a white shirt and white pants. We found an adorable pink dress
for Lanelle."

"Had Jim prosecuted any of your family members In
the last couple of years before you two married?" ~None of my family had been prosecuted for anything at any
time but If they bad been it wouldn't have been by Jim, who hadn't been a
prosecutor for some years.'

"Did Jim ask his ex-wife Janice to move out of their
home because of you? "They had not only been divorced long before we met~
but Janice bad moved out of 1318 house some years before I came along. Re confessed to me
that both of them had been unfalthki. I don. t know If the infidelities caused their
divorce or not. I do know that Jim was datIng another woman when I first met him at the lake
house but he claimed it was nothing serious, that she bad been offered ajob somewhere
else, and moved before we started dating.'

"After you got married where did you live? "We moved to his house on Sixth Street." ~Wbat did you do with the house you bought from Rick? "We practdcaiJy gave it to Marlene, we even took care
of the down payment for her. I was not close to her at all but my mother asked me to help her
so her children wouldn't have to suffer. At least they could have a decent house to
live In and mother lived across the street so she could help out, My mother was concerned,
and rIghtfully so, that something might happen to the children since Marlene
was leaving baby Adrea at home ~one with Barn to watch her when he was on]y seven or
eight years old, " *!~ftere was cjake?" ¶ had given him to his paternal grandparents during my divorce
and legal problems brought on by T.R Gary took him away from them to seize an
opportunity for financial profit by suing T.R for emotional damage to Jake
as well as physically harming him. I was hope&l that once he was done using him
I could get him back~ it was just a matter of time, All Gary wanted him for was for
the money.~


~I read that the Sixth Street house was spacious."
`It was not spacious by any sla'etoh of the imagination.
It was a three bedroom home and we had four children." ¶ thought only Laneile lived at home with you and Jim. David
and Jake didn't move in `mlii the Summit Drive house was built" `David never lived on SrnnYnlt with us. In 1985, Janice
got ajob offer In another state so David came to stay with us after much discussion
about it. He did not last long in our home for several reasons. First, because he was always
breaking curfew, not just ours, but city curfew, the law, and getting into trouble
drinMng and at least smoking marijuana and probably doing hard drugs too. Jim
and David were arguing every day. Not sometimes, not every other day, but everyday.
He did not have his license, but he did have a iearnees permit and he took both
our oars, without us, without our permission, while we slept. Lastly, lie was
physically abuse to Lanelle. David moved back to his mothers apartment on Main Street
and went back to aim and Janice's original agreement. I had no part In the discussion
but! was not going to let him abtse my daughter, which he admitted to Jim that he did,
because he was jealous. School records indicate where David resided and anyone
oan check this fact out."

"Jake was home with us during all holidays and summer
and Jim's daughter, who was away at college, came home the same time Jake came. We
simply did not have enough room In the house for our entire family." `So It was decided to find a larger home to accommodate the
new family, " "Exactly." "Who decided to build the Summit house?" *The Summit house was entirely Jim's baby. We had been
house hunting for Some time and couldn't find anything to suit all of our needs.
He finally called an architectural firm and began the process of drawing up
a home he felt would suit the needs of our family. He designed Lanelle's room himself
so she would have a large princess room in which to grow up. Jake got to have a say In
his room and we worked together on our bedroom suite, dressing room, and kitchea.
The rest of the house was more to his speclfloationa."

"Who decorated the house?' "An interior decorator out of Indianapolis worked
with us." "Was there a reason you bad bare walls and shelves'?"
We did not have bare shelves in our home, because we didn't
have shelves. Our home -was built open and spacious with cathedral ceilings.
One wall was all glass wlns~ows and doors, another wall was our fireplace and & six
foot painting hung above the fireplace. The other wall did have a three foot portrait
of me on It, requested and commissioned by Jim. Our bedroom was not the centerpiece
of the house, the Great Room was." `Wet there a nude portrait of you banging In the living room
for all to see?" *!~flj~ were no nude pictures or portraits of me. No one
In the entire world, not even Jim. has a totally nude picture of me."


"Did you entertain a lot in your home?" "At top a disastrous housewarming party we did not
have anymore parties other than a faintly birthday party or holiday dinner In our home.
The housewarming party left our home with red wine stains In our creme colored carpet,
on our furniture, burns from cigarettes even though we had asked everyone to smoke
on the deck, broken crystal, people driving and parking on our lawn, ruining
Jim's new sod. As I saId, it was a disaster we agreed would never happen again. So we
used the restaurant or pavijions for picnics." *!Aj%er you settled Into the Summit house you finally regained
custody of Jake? "Gary needed money, he named his price, and we paid
it, with him signing away his parental rights." "DId you and Jim pay for an abortion for his grifriend
at the same timer "1 don't know anything about an abortion. Pm
sure he spent every dime on drinking and drugs."

`Tell me who you and Jim had as friends.' *Our Mends were John and Marla from Lasport and Thn and Carla
from Marion. John was an attorney In Lasport and also owned a lake house
by Jim's parents where we often went. The four of us also took vacations together.
John and Jim were the best and closest of friends." ~Aad yet he was never listed as one of Jim's Mends."
`Of course not, he wouldift let their lies stand"
TMwhat about Nola Hendricks?"

`I was not friends with her. We were on several committees
together and barely talked then. Her lie about me stripping and swimming in
a pool is exactly that, a lie. I never swim In water because of my surgeries to remove my
tumors. Only my closest friends and ~mI]y know this.

"Old you ever auction kisses? "Never have I auctioned myself off for kisses at &
ftndraiaer. A friend of mine who was a Colts Cheerleader caine to auction some Colts memorabilia
and a kiss.

"Sherry Mittica claimed to be a very good friend of
yours, yet testified against you in both trials. Toll me about her." ~SherrI and I were not friends. She was a client when I had
my business but we did not associate together on a personal level. Ohs was extremely
jealous of me and I severed any tdea with her in a very short tine. Sa~thing
she saors is a blatant lie because I never confided In her alyjut anything. We did
some business together and that w~a it."

"I was not friends with Pam Ogles, another person
who tostifted against me. She was a distant neighbor who had a son with some serious Issues.
He came over to play with Jake occasionally but after Jim caught him being mean to
Lanelle, and later when ho 197

shot out our window with his bb gun, we discouraged any future
dealings with the entire family. ~Aa for Betty Crenshaw, we became friends alter she married
John, an Internist who occasionally treated us. We had a falling out when Betty,
who was several months pregnant, called me one night crying, pleading for my help,
claimIng she thought she was having a miscarriage and John was too drunk to take her
to the doctor. I drove over to get her, saw the condition of John, gave him a few
choice words, then drove his wife to the doctor which was over thirty minutes away InLasport
"During the drive she aetuaily miscarried In my car;
the first baby. The twin she miscarried in the doctor's office. I thought it was
terribly sad that she haLi to call me, a now friend, instead of being able to depend on her husband
or any old friends, as she had lived In Peru all of her life. "About a week later John and Betty arrived unannounced
at our home and John proceeded to curse me out and accuse me of spreading lies
about him and Betty and her miscarriage, as explained he was simply over exhausted
from a forty eIght hour shift and unable to take Betty to the doctor, not stone drunk l'j defended myself stating I never told anyone anything,
not even the cleaners who cleaned my car so he needed to take his lying excuses somewhere
else. Then he and Jim had words as he wanted Jim to side with him which was ridiculous
as Jim and the entire town knew he was an alcoholic. That Incident severed
an of our friendships."

How did Jerry HAckles end up at your house busting in your
front door with a tire , jaok? "lent it amazing that a cop can go to someone's
house after drInking and driving, take a tire jack and pracficaily tear down a door, get away
with vandalism, and not even pay to have the door replaced? `And blame it on you." "Yes, and blamed it on me. Well, I had taken Jake to
visit with his paternal grandparents. While we were gone, aim and John went out
with a couple of other friends for drinks. During the course of their night out,
Jerry happened upon them and attached himself uninvited to their party. John and
Jim both told me they couldn't remember when he had joined them and had no
idea he had followed them home, as John drove Jim home, When Jim discovered he didn't
have his house keys, John said h&d take him home with him, then, suddenly
Jerry appeared with his tire jack and promptly commenced bashing In our front door,
which I might add was an expensive door? `Yes, I saw pictures or the first door, and it was very moe, "
"What upset me the moat was the fact that Jerry, a cop,
left my husband man unsecured home with no protection." "Why didn't he break a window?' `Exactly. He used the excuse of JIm forgetting his keys
to display his auger and jealousy toward him by busting up the entrance to his castle,
plain and simple.'

`Did T.R pay you $25, 000 to be put in a trust for Lanelle?
"No, why would he do that, he wasn't her father?
The money he paid me was part of 198

what he still owed me for takIng the blame for him, and my
silence. I set up a trust for Lanelle with a portion of the money, which was more than
$26, 000, the rest we Invested." `Jim is listed on Lanelles birth certificate as the biological
father "Yes, he was so clever. He actually sued himself in
a paternity suit, host, and was named her legal father.'

`Did Jim have many pictures of you scantily clad as has been
mentioned? No, the most of anyone scantily clad In our house was Lanelle.
We loved taking pictures of her In all of her growing stages. dim was an amateur
photographer. Ee had some decent cameras. He took a tot of family pictures
but mostly of Lanelle. However, any pictures he did take of me in any states of dress
or undress was his right I was his wife. No one else had any pictures of me scantily
dressed. No one.'

`Speaking of state of dress or undress for the record I never
wore short, tight, pencil skirts. Even III did, what Is that supposed to mean? That
all women who wear short skirts, tight skirts or dresses are what? AU of my dresses
and skirts were well below my ~ees. You will never find even one picture of me dressed
as the state claimed. I simply did not want to display my legs.'

"You supposedly owned a store called Clothes by Susan?'
Really, I am simply amazed at how many inaccuracies and
completely wrong report, s were given about me that are public record." `You're right of course. It was not difficult for me
to check Into it The store was called Fashions by Susan, oorreotr Yes, see how easy it was for youth get your facts straight?
`I also found out that Jim did not fund your store but In fact
you had a silent partner." `That Is correct too.' "ToU me how ~asUons by Susan got started." `It wasn't a store in the beginning. I had a friend,
Lisa, who worked for a major clothing store in an Indiahapolia mall. For the tand opening
the store wanted to put on a fashion show In the mail. Lisa asked me If I could help
her with the fashion show I a~'eed, hired models, chose the clothes and basIcally
put a successful fashion show on for Lisa The other stores in the mall asked me If I would
do the same for them and that's how Pashions by Susan began. I brought the fashion
back to my community and surrounding communities by hosting fashion shows in malls
and restaurants for locea clothing stores. *!when did you open your store? Almost a year later. A friend of mine opened a clothing and
tanning salon In Texas which was a huge success. We liked her idea and decided to
do the same In PeriL I used my money to purchase the tanning beds, rent the store, and
my friend supplied the clothes. Thus Fashions by Susan clothing boutique and
tanning salon was born. "So you had a silent partner no one knew about? ~Yes! 799

`Did David's girlfriend Suzanne work In your store?'
"Par a short period of time, tUrn and David were arguing,
not discussing, but constantly arguing over money, his drinking and drugs.
Jim said he was not supplying their habits and addictIons any more. To help
alleviate the problem I oftered her ajob so I wouldn't technically be giving
them money.' `How did that work out?' `Not at all. She would come to work late, loaded, or not at
all most tames. David was disrupting the store by showing up drunk and loaded? "The stare had a short history that the state brought
up, and tiled to blame you for a fire that started In the back supply area which you and the
store next to you shared? `~Next to my store was a record store Imo, m throughout
town to be a front for drugs. The store hail been broken into many tImes, va_udalized
and eventually the building in which my store was located too was burtt in a fire and said
to be arson. I bad nothing to gain by losIng the store and in fact lost money. I was at
home with JUn and our children when the fire took place. Yet they want to blame
the fire on me as welL Unbelievable.'

~You eventually became Involved with your community.
`I waant trying to climb a social ladder when I was a~ced
to participate on various boards and committees In town. I was invIted so I thought
I would help out. Jim was on the City Board so he encouraged moth fill the vacancy
on the County Board. The County Board had an opening, and thought if I would fill
It, I could also run their local pageant. 1 took one run down pageant that was operating in the red,
turned it Into three pageants ranging In ages t to twenty

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