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The Stress Reliever


This is a spin off of the book.

Today seem to be going as any other day. Trish was doing her
chores, the kids were in school and Chris is at work. She
takes her medicine everyday at the right time. If she misses
she knows there will be serious consequences. There is
what he will do to her and then the side effects of her not
taking her medication physically.

She keeps the bottles in their bedroom vanity and he has
her keep three sets of those weekly medication plastic
strips. She doesn't have them to follow the day by.
They are filled with the day and evening medications. Blue
for evening and Pink for morning. She has a set in her purse,
the dungeon bedside and their bedroom bedside. It doesn't
matter where she wakes up, goes to sleep or if they are out
she has them with her.

Even though she doesn't miss there are days that it
is as if she isn't on any medication at all. Her nerves
just seem shot for no reason at all. Today was one of those
days. She woke up feeling jittery. She mentioned to Chris
that she had the shakes and it wasn't from the asthma
medication. He kissed her before leaving and told her he
would call her to check on her in a couple of hours.

The day's events didn't help any. When she was
cooking breakfast she burned her hand cooking pancakes
on the griddle. When cleaning up the dishes she dropped
a glass in the sink and broke it. When she turned the stereo
on for doing her chores, her favorite CD wouldn't work.
It was only 10 am at this time.

Chris called.


"Hello my precious, you sound pouty. What's

"Just a bad day I guess."

"Well tell me about it love."

"Well I know the first couple of things were because
of my hands shaking which are my nerves but I still don't
like it."

"Ok what happen?"

"I burned my hand when fixing the kids breakfast."

"Are you ok baby? Is it bad?"

"It isn't bad but annoying. It only burns if I
touch it or put my hands in warm water."

"Well I am glad it isn't bad love. Did you get the
burn ointment and put some on?"

"Yes I did."

"I am sorry you burned yourself precious. Tell me
what else is going on."

Gary and Wesley heard him mention about her being burned.
He seen their concerned look and Chris wrote on a note pad
and held it up telling them she is ok. "She touched
the pancake griddle on the stove she is ok"

They seemed relieved and went back to work.

"When I was washing dishes I broke one of the clear
glasses. It was like I couldn't keep anything in my

"Baby it is just a glass. We can buy more. You didn't
cut yourself did you?"

"No I didn't cut my self but it still bothers me."

"I know love but it will be ok."

"There is one other thing."

"What is it sweetie?"

"My favorite CD won't work."

"Oh honey. Why isn't it working? Is it one I can
buy you?"

"I don't know why it isn't working and it
is one that was made"

"Well do you have it saved on the computer in the office?"

"I don't remember. I think it was made a long time

"I am giving you permission to get on the computer
to see if your CD music is on there and make a new one."

Wesley over heard. "Hey Chris, ask mom if it is the
one David and I ripped off her other CD's."

"Precious is it the CD that Wesley and David ripped
off your other CD's?"

"Yes. I gave them a list and they ripped them."

Chris nodded yes to Wesley.

"I have a copy of it on my computer here at work. You
could remote it to her in a folder if she doesn't have

"Baby, are you on your headset phone?"



He very much so dislikes the yeah and she knows it but he lets
it slide.

"Yes Sir."

"Go to the office and check and see if the folder is
on your desktop. If it isn't I can remote it to you because
Wesley has it on his computer here."

"Ok. I am sorry for the Yeah."

"It's ok I'll let it slide this time."

She turned the monitor on and logged in.

"It isn't on here."

"Put a blank CD in the writer and we will burn you a new
one love."

"Thank You."

"You're Welcome precious."

"How many chores do you have left?"

"Not too many. I need to sweep, mop and vacuum. Oh,
I need to do our bathroom and bedroom too."

"That's not too bad. Try to relax and we will get
your CD finished and then you will have your music."

Deep sigh. "Ok…"

"I will call you in a little while and check on you again

"Alright I'll go do chores…"

"I love you precious."

"I love you too Master. Tell Wesley I love him too."

"Ok precious I will."

They hung the phones up.

"Hey Wesley, your mom sends her love."

"It sounds like she's having a bad day."

"Yes but nothing too serious, but you know how it seems
gigantic to her."

"Yeah even when she's trying so hard, it overwhelms

"That is what I am here for. At least one reason"

They both laughed.

Gary said, "Our little Trish is a handful."

Wesley says, "I have known her all my life you should
have been there 10-15 years ago."

They all laughed.

Chris said, "Hey this is my precious we are talking

Wesley says, "I know. I know. It's all good though."

He just laughed.

"You want me to log in on moms desktop or do you want
me to put it on the main computer here and you do it?"

"Go ahead and put it on the main computer. I am going
to leave her something to cheer her up on there."

"Sure. It will only take a few minutes."

"Thanks Wesley."

"No problem."

Meanwhile Trish gets back to her chores. She went to their
room and picked up their bedclothes they threw to the floor
the night before. Normally clothes never hit the floor
not even sleep clothes but last night he was just like a wild
man. *big grin*

She lifted his shirt to her face. Even though he didn't
wear it long she could still smell his soap and cologne.
She gathered all their dirty laundry and bath towels and
took it to the utility room. She stepped to the office and
seen one of them was working on her CD. She turned the monitor
back off.

Back in their room she stripped their bed but the fitted
sheet. She dusted, straightened and pulled it tight. One
at a time she shook and neatly put the next sheet, blanket
and comforter back on. She really loved the fact that he
likes lots of pillows the way she does. Ever since she could
remember she has always loved a bed or sofa filled with big
fluffy pillows.

She cleaned their vanity and bathroom. When she was cleaning
the mirror she noticed his collar around her neck. She stopped
for a moment and touched it. What a wonderful Master she

She went back to working wanting even more to please him.
She is still fumbling a little bit because her hands are
still shaking. This is so frustrating for her which doesn't
help the shakes any. She always rinses her things on the
vanity counter and wipes things off and kept dropping them.
Nothing broke this time but frustrating none the less.

She went into the bathroom and when cleaning it she dropped
something again and she broke her favorite bath oil. She
nearly cried but knowing he would buy her a new one she just
cleaned the mess.

She said to herself. "Maybe I should just go back to

The rest of her chores seem to be uneventful. She finally
finished them and they did finish her CD. She heard the CD
burner ting and went to get her CD. She turned the monitor
on to see if who ever did the CD was still there so she could
thank them.

It was her Master. He had his web cam on at work and she could
see him in the corner of her monitor. She touched the screen
where he was. He couldn't see her but she knows he did
this so she would know even at work he is there for her.

There was also a new folder that said open this. She clicked
on it and there was an html file in it that she clicked on.
He took the time to put one of her favorite pictures of the
two of them in a frame. She is sitting on his lap and he is holding

Next to the picture he wrote. "I love you precious.
I am sorry you are not having a very good day. I will see if
I can make you feel as good as you felt in this picture when
I get home. Please know I am very proud and especially pleased
with you. All my love, Master"

He not only had a beautiful page he created with a picture
frame around her favorite picture but he also had their
song playing in the background. He is so romantic and sweet.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the ring of the phone.
She looked and he was on the phone at work. She turned her
headset phone on.


"Hello precious."

"Thank You Master."

"You are welcome precious. Has your day gotten any
better love?"

"Yes some."

"Only some, baby?"

"Well you know my favorite bath oil I use when I soak
in our room?"


"I broke it"

"Don't worry precious I will take care of it."

"I know. I cleaned it all up though."

"I'm sure you did."

"I love seeing you."

She touches the screen.

"I thought it might help to assure you I am close by.
I have a big networking setup I need to finish today. Most
any other time I could come home to you."

"I know if you could be right here you would be."

"Maybe you should try to do some things to try and relax."

"I think I will."

"Have you gotten dinner started yet?"

"No Sir."

"I will bring home dinner so don't worry about
it. Just go try to relax precious."

"Thank You."

"I will leave the cam on so when you want to or need to
you can go in the office and see me sitting there."

"That would be great"

"I love you precious."

"I love you too Master."

She watched him as he blew her a kiss and hung the phone up.

He bought her a small boom box portable CD player for when
she is outside so she got it and went out on their personal
patio. Right out of their bedroom sliding glass doors is
a patio with a 4 foot deep 10x10, pool with a 10 foot privacy
wall made with the same brick as the house. It is heated and
lighted for night time swimming. There is a patio, family
pool and pool house separate from this you can get to from
the living room. She decided she would tan on her inflatable
float in their private pool.

He doesn't want tan lines from a bathing suit. It is
also one of his pet peeves. He thinks it looks awful so she
tans naked or uses a tanning bed. She most of the time just
tans naked in their private pool. She locks her door and
he is the only one with a key. She has a little sign he had made
for her that hangs on the door knob that says "Tanning"

She went in and gathered her pool side robe, plush towel,
tanning oil, and cordless phone. She took her clothes and
headset phone off and went outside. After putting her things
on the table out there she turned the music on and got in the
pool. She swam around a little bit and relaxed on her back
for a few minutes.

She got out long enough to get her oil and just poured and
rubbed it all over where she could reach. She climbed back
in and on her float. This was what she decided to do to relax.
She hadn't intended to but fell asleep.

Chris finished sooner then he expected and thought he would
surprise her. He took care of dinner and left it for the kids
in the oven with a note on the refrigerator. He expected
them in about an hour or so. He went looking for his precious.
He seen the door knob sign and couldn't help but smile
knowing on the other side of the door she will be naked.

Chris walked into their bedroom quietly. He realized she
had fallen asleep out there and figured it was good he came
home or his little one would be burnt. He took his clothes
off after locking the door. He slowly pulled the glass door
open and slipped into the pool. He was trying very hard not
to scare her.

He whispered, "Precious…"

She thinks she is hearing things.

He smiled and whispered again, "Precious…"

She opened her eyes and he was there.

"Ohh Master"

She slipped off the float and hugged him in the water.

"I thought I wanted you here so bad that I was dreaming
I was hearing you."

"I was trying not to scare you."

She had her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around

"I'm so glad you're home."

"I got finished sooner and come home. Wesley is going
to lock the shop up for me tonight."

Her body even though in water was very warm against him from
the sun.

"I think it is good I came home when I did or I would have
come home to a cooked pet."

She giggled, "Yes hot is good but not cooked."

"I have been thinking on something all day on how I
can help relieve some of your frustration and help you relax."

"Really? Please tell me"

"How about I show you?"

He lifted her to the side of the pool. He walked up the steps
then offered her his hand to help her up. He wrapped the towel
around himself and put the robe on her. He walked over and
turned the CD off and took the boom box inside.

"We will be awhile. It is better if we take these things

She started picking things up and putting them in their

"Should I get showered and dressed?"

"No precious."

"Can I ask what ideas you have?"

"You can ask but I am not going to tell you."

She pouted.

"Don't pout or I will put you across my knee"

Stressed but still sassy she says, "Promise?"

She was bending over to put the tanning oil away and he raised
her robe and popped her.


"Yes I promise"

He liked the way it felt doing that so he took her by the hand
and walked her to the bed.

"Master I was just playing"

He didn't reply he just sat on the cedar chest at the
end of their bed and pulled her across his knee. He raised
the robe and held one hand on her lower back. When she felt
him rubbing her cheeks she knew she wasn't really in
trouble. He doesn't warm her up when she is in trouble.

He smacked her cheeks one then the other three times.

She wiggled a little.

He rubbed her cheeks some more and smacked her again 5 times
on each cheek. Her cheeks are turning pink. He makes it sting
by quickly smacking each cheek 10 times.

She wiggled and kicked her feet. "OWWhh Master."

"What is it precious does it sting?" He rubs
her cheeks and can feel the heat of her skin.

"Yes Master"

He ran his hand down her cheeks and up between her legs.

"Hmmm I think my precious likes that sting. You sure
are wet love."

She lifted her hips when he touched her.

"A hot little one today aren't we"

He pushed her hips back down with his hand on her lower back.
He stopped fondling her and rubbed her cheeks. Suddenly
he brought 10 more smacks down on each cheek. She was turning
a pretty shade of red.

She moaned and wiggled.

He pulled her robe down and stood her up. She tried leaning
on his shoulder and kissing him. He had gotten her very excited
and thought she was so cute or as he calls her, precious.

He opened her robe and caressed her. He let her kiss on him
knowing this is just making her heat up even more. Then suddenly
he got up and gently pushed her back.

She whimpered and followed behind him. She tried caressing
him and rubbing her body against his. She opened her robe
and pressed her breasts against his back. He resisted it
and let her work herself up. She ran her arms up under his
and started running her finger nails down his chest.

He turned around and took her into his arms and kissed her
deep and passionately. She worked her hands between them
and pulled his towel off. She positioned him so that she
could stroke him. He broke the kiss.

"A naughty little girl I have here today."

She kept touching him and pressing her body to his. She kissed
his chest and was dropping down as if fixing to get on her
knees and he pushed her back. Just as she tried to force her
way back against him he pulled her robe closed and tied it.
She whined.

"Ohh Master Please let me have it."

"No precious."

She pouted.

He came closer and reached his hand between her legs and
pressed her clit and rubbed up and down a few times. She opened
her legs hoping he would give her more. Then he stopped.

"Master you're driving me crazy."

He couldn't help but laugh at her whining and pouting.

He grabbed his robe out of the bathroom and put it on, took
her by the hand and led her to the dungeon. She got all excited
and hugged his arm as he unlocked the door. He locked the
door behind them and turned the lights on. He walked in front
of her and unfastened and dropped her robe to the floor.
She knows he loves looking at her and started caressing
her body and bends over trying to show herself as she picks
up the robe. He knows what she is up to and puts a stop to it.

"Stand still precious."

She pouts, puts the robe on the bench and can't help
but cross and squeeze her legs together.

"This is your last warning. Stand still precious."

She whimpered.

He placed the square stool in the middle of the floor where
the ceiling chains hang. The stools for the chain and cuff
play were hand made. They are square and rectangle shape
leather cushion on solid wood legs and seats that are about
3 feet high. The 2' x 2' square is more for the sitting
on and the 3' x 2' rectangle is more for lying under
the shoulders.

"Come here precious."

She walked to him.

"Get up on the stool precious."

He helped her climb up. He got her fur lined ankle and wrist
cuffs and placed them on her ankles and wrist. She was a little
nervous he had never hung her from the ceiling before or
even had her stand chained before. She trusted him but wasn't
sure what to expect.

He pulled the rectangle stool up and had her lay back on it.
Her shoulders lay across it. He took her right wrist cuff
and hooked it to the chain hanging from the ceiling. He did
her left wrist next. Then each ankle was hooked. She was
secure in the chains but her body weight was held by the stools.

The chains were operated by pulleys and he slowly separated
her arms and legs and her body was lifted off the stools.
He could have lifted her from the floor but this was part
of a trust issue he is building with using the stools.

"How is that precious?"

"It's good Master."

"Are you hurting anywhere?"

"No Master"

"That's good my love."

He walked around her and traced his fingers along her body
in different places.

"I think I want your legs wider."

She moaned. She loved more then anything to be wide open
and now she will be hanging in the air wide open for him to
touch, fondle, probe or lick.

He pulled the chains so that her legs were open as far as they
will go. It was almost painful. He slid the stools out from
under her and to the side out of the way.

He went to the vanity and grabbed one of her blind folds.
After kissing her he put the blind fold on. He walked to a
place beside the bed but she couldn't see him. It sounded
like wooden boxes or something he was messing with.

He had two sets of adjustable silver clamps that had a small
link chain between them. He wasn't sure how well his
idea will work but they were fixing to find out. He touched
her and she flinched.

He gently placed one of the clips on the right side of her
folds and closed it down so that her skin wouldn't slip
out when he pulled her open. He gently pulled her open by
wrapping the chain around her thigh and clasped the other
clamp to the chain. This was working very nicely. He did
the other side.

She just moaned, wiggled and whimpered.

He walked away and she could hear him going through the drawers
to her left. This is where all the toys are. She suddenly
gasped when she felt oil being drizzled all over her. He
rubbed and massaged her whole body with this oil. He rubbed
her breast, arms, and legs.

He was back down between her legs and was rubbing the oil
in her crack between her cheeks. She groaned out as he used
his thumb to press against her back entrance. She felt him
placing something there. It felt very small and thin he
rubbed and circled her hole. He has played with it before
but never inserted anything. This time he did. He slipped
this thin butt plug inside of her very slowly. It has a large
round rubbery flat circle that she felt lay against her
skin when she squeezed and welcomed the plug inside of her.

"You are doing very good precious."

For doing so well he lifted her butt with his hands and licked
her clit several times.

"Mmmmmmm" She moaned.

He went to the wall and retrieved the nine tails. He got something
else out of the drawers.

He was back between her legs. He gently stroked her body
with the soft leather. It tickled her skin and she quivered.
She heard a slow buzz and he placed a rubberized vibrator
on her clit. She yanked on the chains when the touch caused
her body to jolt. He circled it and rubbed all around her
clit. It stood straight out now. He laid the tails on her
belly and pinched and tugged on her hardened clit.

"Ohh Master, Ohh Ohhh"

He used the vibrator on her a few more minutes not keeping
it in the same place on purpose. She was slightly swaying
and tugging on the chains from her wiggling and squirming.
Her clit was throbbing.

He turned the vibrator off and set it on the counter. He got
something else off the wall. He picked the tails up and started
stroking her body with it. Suddenly between her legs there
was a sting from his thin riding crop smacking her hardened

She yelped and moaned at each strike. He stopped with the
crop and started striking her inner thighs with the nine
tails. He moved walking around her and stung each nipple
with the riding crop then the tails on her tummy.

"Ohh More Master More"

He kept walking around her stinging her flesh with the tails
then the crop.

He used the crop only on her clit and nipples.

He stopped and started pinching her nipples one then the
other. Nothing he did was long enough at one time to allow
her to climax he just kept moving. She was wiggling and pulling
on the chains and cuffs.

He got between her legs and popped her clit numerous times
with the crop. Then he did it again. Then again. He was watching
her entrance and he saw her muscles tightening up.

"Not yet precious" She dropped her head back
and grunted out very loud. He started walking around her
again using his crop and his nine tails. He would tickle
her skin with the tails then lift it to give a little sting.

He adjusted the chains so that she slowly had her arms pulled
straight up and her feet lowered to the floor but still open.
He now could reach all around her. He walked up next to her
and kissed her neck and cheek.

"I love you precious"

Panting moaning she replied, "I love you Master"

He backed up and started bringing the nine tails up and back
down on her back, butt and legs. Strike after Strike. This
wasn't punishment lashes this was strictly for pleasure
his and hers.

Only a few places actually really stung the rest were good
stings. Even the intense stings felt good to her though.

He focused allot on her butt and thighs and then he started
raising the tails up between her legs. This felt better
then anything she had ever dreamed of. He walked to the front
of her and as he brought the tails up between her legs he pinched
her nipples one then the other.

She yanked and pulled on the cuffs and chains. He had never
heard her moan and grunt out in pleasure so loudly before.
Every whimper and moan just gave him more incentive to keep
going. He walked behind her and reached between her cheeks
and tapped on the plug.

She moaned even louder.

She hung her head in what would seem like exhaustion as he
walked around her lashing her with the tails and popping
her with the crop. She especially seemed to like the crop
on her nipples and the tails between her legs in this position.
He could tell by how loud her moans were.

After making her butt very red with numerous smacks from
the crop and tails he changed her position back to nearly
the way it was to before only lower.

He smacked her clit with the crop a few times and tapped on
the plug and he could tell she was barely hanging on. He released
the clamps slowly. She screeched almost in pain. He massaged
where the clamps were for only a moment.

He dropped his robe on the floor and pulled her close to him.
He leaned down and sucked and licked her only for a moment.

He walked around and pulled the blind fold off. He whispered
in her ear, "You still with me my precious?"

All she could do was moan.

He got between her legs and pulled her to him and inserted
himself in her. He did it swift, hard and deep.

She arched her back and dropped her head back and yelled
out. "Ouuugghh Maassster Ouughh"

"Cum for me precious"

He pounded her as she exploded and flooded all over him.
He hadn't even reached his breaking point and could
feel her wetness flowing down between them.

She jerked and squirmed and yelled like never before, one
orgasm after the next. One would stop and another would
start. He just kept his hands on her thighs and hips pounding
in and out of her. It wasn't long before he was throbbing
and spilling his heat inside of her. He pressed in deep and
hard giving her all he had. This time he moaned with her.

He held his place for a time to allow for her spasms to ease
off. He withdrew very slowly and her body went limp and she
moaned softly. He gently eased the plug out and placed it
on the counter. He lowered her feet and brought her hands
together. He unhooked her ankles then wrapped his arm around
her as he unhooked her wrist. She fell limp in his arms and
he carried her to the bed and laid her on the pillows.

She was completely out of it as he checked her body to make
sure he hadn't injured her in anyway. He went and soaked
one of her towels and wash cloths with cold water. He wiped
her face with the wash cloth. He opened her legs and placed
the cool wash cloth between her legs. Her clit was a bit red.
He laid the wet towel across her whole body then covered
her up.

He picked up and put away all the toys used. The toys he placed
in the sink to be washed by her during chores tomorrow.

He jumped in the shower and dressed with clothes that are
in the dungeon drawers. He picked up his robe and threw it
in the hamper as he went to check on the kids. He told the kids
the kind of day she had and he has her relaxing in their private
room. After getting something to eat and talking to the
kids he went to check on his precious.

He crawled up next to her and kissed her.


She barely stirred.


It had been more then an hour since he laid her there.


She whispered, "Yes Master"

"Time to get up my precious"

She was so… so… precious the way she turned to him and whimpered
"already?" Her eyes were still closed.

"Yes Precious time to get up"

She went to get up and realized how sore she was.


"You ok my precious?"

"Mmmmmmm sore but wonderful"

"I thought you might be sore which is why I wanted to
be awake and by your side when you get up for the first time."


"Yes Precious"

"May I speak freely?"

"Please do my love"

"I love you so much"

He got closer to her. "I love you too precious"

"You have always been there for me. You have always
made me feel good. You have dug me out of holes and lifted
me up."

"Well precious that is what I want to do for you"

"I know I just want you to know that today…"

"Yes Precious? Is something wrong?"

"Oh no Master today you took me to a place I have never
been before."

"That is good my precious it was very enjoyable for
me too."


"Yes baby?"

"You took me to a place I have only dreamed of…"
She snuggled against him and whispered, "Sub space."

This was a very exciting experience for them both. He was
happy that he was able to take her away from everything if
only for a short time.

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