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The Stranger


She woke up and got ready to go to work. The fall sun was shining
through the bedroom window illuminating the room with
a warm glow. She got her children ready for school and sent
them on their way. Her husband told her good bye and went
off to work as she went to her car and headed out as well. As
she got to work her boss came up to her and told her that she
was sorry but she needed to go home and come in on the night
shift because one of the other nurses had to call off due
to problem at home. I hope I am not messing up your plans for
the night. She replied to her boss “ it’s ok I didn’t have
any plans and it looks like it will be a nice day so it’s no
problem”. She drove home thinking about what she may do
on her unexpected day off. She went into the house and headed
to the computer, turning it on and letting it boot up as she
went to change out of her scrubs. As she was getting ready
to put on her T-shirt and shorts she herd the sound her computer
made when it was ready to use. She quickly walked to her computer
and clicked the icon to bring up the Internet so she could
check her e-mail. She logged into her e-mail to find a new
story for her club to be posted. As she read the story the
descriptions made her get all tingly and a little wet as
well. Just as she started to really get into the story the
power went out. She thought to her self “what timing” she
could not even finish this wonderful story that now had
her mind as well as her body racing. She picked up the phone
to call the power company to let them know of the power outage
but it too was out. Now frustrated she decided to go for a
walk by the lake that was on the property where she lived.
She walked by the lake feeling the warm sun caress her face
and legs as she looked out at the still water and the beautiful
colors of the fall leaves reflecting off of it. She felt
at piece there and started to think about the story that
she was reading when the power went out. She found a nice
place to sit where the sun gently warmed her and laid back
in the grass as her mind thought about the words that made
her body so wanting of desire. As she laid there in the warm
sun she closed her eyes and placed her finger upon her lips
thinking about the way it feels to have a man kiss them softly.
Her body started to respond to her thoughts and delicate
touch as her finger slowly traced her soft lush lips. She
slid her left hand up her body slowly. Running it up over
her ribs then feeling her thumb graze across her left nipple
through her T-shirt. This caused her to take a deep breath
as her mouth opened slightly. She let her hand stop with
her palm covering her nipple and her fingers draped over
her tender breast. She could feel her nipple getting harder
pushing the material into her palm as she lowered her right
hand to her other breast. She softly squeezed her breasts
as she took another deep breast and felt a tingling sensation
race through her body. Her thoughts of a man caressing her
filled her mind as her hands massaged her breasts and nipples
making them almost painfully hard. Her passion filled
her mind as her heart pumped faster in her chest and her breathing
grew more distressed. She could feel an odd sensation deep
within her body like a strong hunger that needed to be satisfied.
As she caress and squeezed her full breasts she could feel
a wetness forming between her fidgeting legs. Her mind
was overwhelmed with the thoughts a mans hands touching
her body in the ways she was touching herself. Her right
hand slid down across her stomach to the top of her shorts
unbuttoning them and working the zipper down until her
fingers were over her pubic mound. She pressed down firmly
sending a chill through her lower body as her breath escaped
her mouth with an almost non-existent moan. She slid her
hand beneath her black thong and across her pubic hair to
the smoothly shaven and wet lips of her pussy. A quick breath
filled her lungs as her finger touched her wet lips and her
hips rose rapidly. Her eyes closed tighter and her fingers
gently pinched her left nipple as her breath rushed back
out of her body. She was aroused and her mind drifted deeper
into the fantasy that she was creating. She didn’t even
think about were she was at. She slid a finger inside her
wetness as her mouth closed stopping a soft low moan from
escaping her lips. Her head slightly tossed back and forth
as she slowly fingered her self and her breath became deeper
and heaver with each shove of her finger deep inside her.
Her body started to twist and lift thrusting up to her hand
forcing her sensitive clit to press hard against her palm.
Each time her clit pressed to her palm a jolt of fire sensation
surged through her body like an electric shock causing
her to pull back then thrust again. Her mind was flooded
with the sensations her body was sending it. The feeling
was so good and so strong she could not hold out much longer
as her body thrashed about setting every nerve in her body
on fire. A soft moan escaped from her lips as her orgasm pulsed
through her body. Her stomach muscles tightened sharply
seeming to intensify the feeling deep within her pussy
as her sweet juices flowed out of her body covering fingers
and hand. Her finger had now stopped pumping into her tingling
pussy. Her eyes slowly opened as a deep breath exited her
body. She quickly zipped up then buttoned her shorts and
looked around hopping that she had not been cough in a slight
panic. As she got up and started walking back she started
to think about the possibility that she could have been
caught by their neighbor that lived across the lake and
how nervous she now felt. The feeling of nervousness quickly
changed to an adrenalin rush that seemed to get her excited
even more. As she walked into the house she noticed the power
was still off. She went to the phone and it too was still not
working. Her sexual excitement was still there though
and getting stronger by the minuet. She tried to think about
other things but the more she did the more her sexual desirers
built up inside her, the desire to be touched my a man. She
wanted it so bad but had no one to turn to, no one to talk to.
Her mind was going crazy with the need to be taken and pleased.
Her mind drifted to one of her fantasies that she had, doing
it with a complete stranger. But where can I find some one
and not worry about getting caught or ever running into
them again she thought. She decided to take a drive, a long
one and look for a true man that could satisfy her needs and
wants. She knew that when she found him she would know some
how. She went out and got into her car to go look for just what
she wanted. As she drove down the road she saw a large truck
had slid off the road taking out a telephone poll. This was
the cause of her lack of power and phone connection. She
asked a police man on the seen if he knew how long it would
be before the lines were repaired. The man told her that
the Power Company and Phone Company had been called but
he did not know when they would have things back to normal.
She hopped onto the highway and drove south, as the radio
seemed to play one sexual type song after another only adding
to her frustration as she squirmed in her seat. After driving
for about an hour she turned off the highway into a small
town and started looking for the lucky man that would get
to enjoy her situation and her hunger. As she passed through
town the only men she saw were older men retired or darn close
to it. At the end of town she saw a large park and turned into
the entrance as her last hope of finding what she was looking
for before she turned around and headed home in total disappointment
and frustration. She slowly drove up through the park,
the trees were full of brilliant colors and some leaves
were scattered among the green grass. As she drove to the
back of the park she saw him, a nice looking man in casual
dress dark hair and dark skin as if he were well tanned or
perhaps Italian but very good looking. He was sitting at
a picnic table typing on a laptop. An evil grin came across
her face as she wondered if he would be the one. She drove
by him and parked down the road a ways. She got out of her car
and started to walk towards him. She started to get a bit
nervous as she got closer to him wondering if she should
even go through with what was on her mind. She only thought
about it for a few seconds but her desire was stronger then
the slight fear that she felt of being turned down. She slowly
walked up behind him looking at his nice build and his shoulders.
He did not hear her approaching him from behind as she gazed
over his shoulder at the screen of his laptop. As he typed
away she started to read what he was typing. It was a story,
but not any story, it was about erotic sex. The words he was
typing were putting strong pictures of sexual things into
her mind and making her body feel hot all over. She made a
small noise to get his attention. He quickly jumped a bit
from being startled and reached up to close the laptop.
She looked at him and said, “sorry I didn’t mean to startle
you”. He replied “ that’s ok I just didn’t her you come up
behind me” with a nice smile on his face as he gazed at this
good-looking lady. She asked him softly “ what were you
typing “? He looked a bit embarrassed saying “ oh just some
of my thoughts”. With a large smile she looked at him and
said, ” I like the way you think” then gave him a wink. She
walked behind him placing her hand on his shoulder running
it across his back, then sitting herself on the table beside
him with her body positioned towards him. He turned his
head and looked up into her eyes. His stare was deep, his
eyes were dark and seemed to look into her mind knowing the
reason that she was there. With a sinister look he smiled
at her and she know this was the man that would make her feel
the way she wanted to feel. He looked at her and started to
say, ” by the way my name is..” as she reached over placing
her finger over his lips and gently shook her head no. She
slowly removed her hand and said, ” I don’t want to know
your name I just want you to take me, to touch me, to do with
me as you like, and to please me as well as yourself”. He placed
his hand on her soft smooth leg and lightly caressed it for
a few moments. The feeling of his hand brushing against
her skin felt very good to her and confirmed in her mind that
she would get what she desired. He stood up from the table
and took his laptop to his car tossing it on the seat. His
car was shinnies black sporty looking car but with a luxury
look to it from the leather interior and rose wood type dash.
As she looked around she noticed a walking trail into the
woods just off to the side. She stood up and started to head
to the trial walking backwards watching the hansom man
to make sure he would follow her. He quickly shut the car
door and started to walk towards her as she started down
the path slowly still looking back as to draw him in. Her
heart was now pounding at the thought of what she was about
to do and her excitement was building, as each step he took
brought him closer. As he got close to her he smiled and stared
at her in a seemingly hungry way. She smiled back at him and
lifted her T-shirt flashing him a glimpse of her black bra
just before she turned and ran down the path taunting him.
He quickened his pace to keep up with her as they went down
the path deeper into the woods. She ran over a small hill
on the trail and came to a bend were there was a bench. She
leaned her body against the bench and turned around looking
at him take the last couple of steps towards her. Quickly
looking up the path seeing that there was no one coming,
she pulled her T-shirt up once again but this time lifting
it over her head and removing it completely and letting
it drop to the bench. His deep eyes looked at hers as she felt
his hand softly stroke her shoulder and slowly slide down
her tender arm. Stepping into him she placed her hand on
his chest slowly caressing the material of his shirt. He
reached around her back unhooking her bra in a single motion
then ran his down her back placing his hand on her ass gently
squeezing her shapely but cheek. She drew in a quick breath
at the feeling of his hand placed on her but as her sexual
feelings started to flourish. She slid her hand down to
his crouch letting her fingers feel his cock through his
paints start to grow and become firm. He moved his hand to
the front of her jean shorts, unbuttoning them and pulling
her zipper down slowly. Moving his hand inside the material
across her hip and back to her ass the jean shorts slipped
down her legs and dropped to the ground revealing a black
thong that matched the bra that was now dangling from her
shoulders. Stepping back she let the bra slid down her arms
revealing her heavenly breasts to him then picked up her
shorts placing them and her bra on the bench with her T-shirt.
As she did this he removed his shirt, tossing it on the bench
with hers cloths. He them unfastened his paints and started
to remove them revealing to her a pair of dark plaid boxers
with a very pronounced erection, stressing the material.
As he placed his paints on the bench she move close to him
once again letting her wonderful breasts brush across
his fine chest. She slid her hand beneath the waistband
of his boxers and down to his firm cock feeling his vein covered
shaft and down to his smooth full balls. She felt his left
hand on her ass again softly caressing and squeezing as
she felt his right hand cup her left breast and guide her
nipple into his warm wet mouth. The feeling of him suckling
her hard nipple as his hand fondled her tender ass made her
hot and wet with excitement. She closed her eyes and let
her body take in all the wonderful feelings that he was giving
her. He moved his body slightly away from her causing her
to lose hold of his hard cock and her hand to slip from his
boxers. He quickly slid his hands down the sides of her body,
over her hips. With his hands on her soft skin and his thumbs
catching her thong, he slid it down her legs as he knelt in
front of her looking at her neatly trimmed mound and lips
that were slightly glistening from her dampness. He removed
her thong from her legs and placed them on the pile of cloths
on the bench. As he stood back up he pulled his boxes off tossing
them on the pile as well. She reached out taking hold of his
hard cock again feeling the blood course through the veins
with each beat of his heart. She felt his strong hand slip
between her thighs and his finger press against her wet
lips and brush her clit causing her body to tingle. Her mind
was racing, she wanted him to take her and wanted it now.
She quickly turned to the bench placing her right leg on
the seat of the bench and draping her body over the backrest.
She said to him in a sultry voice, “ please take me now I need
it so badly “ as she closed her eyes waiting to feel him enter
her. His hands slid down her soft back, across her cheeks
to the top of her thighs. Then she felt not what she was expecting,
his warm wet tongue sliding over her lips and dancing around
her throbbing clit. She took in a deep breath as his tongue
probed her pink sweet and aroused parts. It felt so good
to her and she could tell he know exactly what to do, to make
a woman feel good. Hs tongue pressed harder just at the right
times flicking her clit and swirling around it in a flurry
of pleasure giving sensation. He was a true artist with
his mouth on her pleasure points taking her to a feeling
of orgasm quicker then anyone had ever achieved before
in this manner. Her breathing was getting heavier as her
body got ready to explode with a much-desired orgasm. Just
as she started to orgasm she felt his tongue slip deep inside
her and his finger press her clit hard as it rubbed in small
circles. She gasped for breath as the overwhelming sensation
shot through her lower body and up her spine. His tongue
continued to probe and lick, extending her orgasm to the
point her legs started to feel as if they would no longer
hold her up. As her orgasm subsided she felt his hand run
back up over her ass, up her back, around her sides and stopping
as they cupped her soft breasts with his fingers lightly
squeezing her hard nipples. She quickly gasped as his hard
cock thrust deep into her wet tingling pussy in a quick fast
movement. She felt him slowly pull back then thrust in hard
again rocking her body forwards and nearly lifting her
foot off the ground. The felling to her was overwhelming
as her breath shuttered with each powerful thrust he delivered.
His hard cock felt wonderful filling her sensitive wet
pussy time and time again in a pleasing and strong rhythm.
Each movement made her inters want more of what he had to
offer. She could feel the veins of his cock ripple across
her inter walls and his head pushing deep into her like she
had not felt in such a long time. Her mind focused on the feeling
of his cock buried within her, she could feel the blood pumping
through the pronounced veins covering it as it set her body
on fire. He continued to pump her as his hands slid to her
waist letting her breast gently start to sway with the rhythm
of her body movement. As he stood up more his balls started
to hit up against her clit at the end of each thrust. The feeling
of this was so intense to her as if electricity was flowing
up her body from her pussy. Her nipples seemed to get harder,
her skin tingled, and her breathing quickly became a small
soft moan then changed to a slight whimper as he pleased
her beyond her wildest dreams would have thought to be possible.
As he continued the feeling was so wonderful to her she wished
it would last forever. She did not even think about where
they were at and the possibility that they could get caught
was far from the thoughts that ran through her mind. Suddenly
she heard the fallen leaves rustling in the woods, her eyes
quickly opened only to see a deer watching them. Her excitement
was building quickly as her body shook back and forth with
the strong thrusts of his powerful strokes. She felt her
orgasm building inside and closed her eyes tightly gripping
the bench harder as the moment of her satisfaction was at
hand. Her body tensed and she bit down on her lip as her whimpers
grew in intensity. Her vaginal muscles tightened around
his cock then began to pulse sharply as her orgasm ripped
through her body causing her to tremble and shake wildly.
Her sweet fluid flooded her pussy making his cock slick
and slid in and out of her quicker and faster. With each thrust
of him into her an almost electric tingling feeling shot
through her lower body causing her breathing to become
more distressed and her heart to pound so hard in her chest
it was nearly painful. But the feeling was so good she was
going out of her mind with the pleasure he was giving her.
He adjusted his tempo to prolong his erection wanting to
bring her to another orgasm. She could feel the wetness
of her nectar on his balls as they continued to hit her clit,
making soft squishing noises. He moved his hand down to
her mound and placed his finger on her still throbbing clit
and pressed on it sending a chill through her body and up
her spine. She could feel his finger rubbing hard on her
sensitive clit, back and forth, up and down, and all around
it. She then felt his other hand slither up the side of her
body and again cup her soft breast pinching her nipple a
bit more aggressively this time. This sensation was driving
her crazy, she wanted him to make her orgasm again and she
could already feel it quickly building deep in side her.
She could now feel his hot moist breath across the back of
her neck becoming more rapid with each thrust he delivered
and she knew he was not going to last much longer. Then he
thrust hard and deep squeezing her tightly as he mad a deep
low grunting sound, his cum exploded deep in her pussy,
she felt the first shot of warm sticky liquid splash her
insides. As he thrust into her again she could no longer
hold back. Her orgasm exploded ripping through her entire
body with even more force than the first one. Their sweet
nectars mixed together as his cock pumped out load after
load of warm cum deep inside her pussy until it slowed oozed
out of her and trickled down her inter thy. Her legs could
no longer hold her up as he slowly pulled himself back letting
his spent cock slip from with in her. She turned her body
letting it collapse on to the bench as she tried to catch
her breath. He dropped to his knees and sat back on his heals
as he took a deep breath and looked up at her saying, “ that
was so incredible” placing his hand on her leg. They sat
there for a few moments then they heard voices coming up
the trail. In a panic they grabbed their clothing from the
bench and started to run bare ass naked up the trail away
from the bend and the bench. They stopped up the trail a bit
and he quickly slipped his paints as she rapidly put her
shorts on then her T-shirt. She balled up her bra shoving
into her pocket and gave him his shirt. He put his shirt on
and had her thong in his hand, but his boxers were not there.
They looked back towards the bench. His boxes were lying
on the ground under the bench were they must have fallen
during their haste. Just then a woman walked around the
bend pointing at the boxers on the ground. He quickly shoved
her thong into his pocket as they laughed to each other and
started to run up the trail. They were still laughing hard
and slightly out of breath as they got back to where his car
was parked. He opened the passenger door and put the laptop
in the back as he told her to get in. She looked at him a bit
puzzled as she sat down in the seat wondering what he was
up to. He shut her door and went around and got in the driver’s
side. He looked at her and said, “ only in my wildest dreams
could I have imagined something so wonderful like this
happening to me with such an attractive woman, I love to
write about these kind of things but never thought something
like this would ever happen “. She smiled at him and said, ”
I didn’t even think I would be able to go through with it but
I am glad I did, you really know how to please a woman and you
took me to a new high “. She looked down at his crouch and giggled
a bit seeing that his fly was still open. She then reached
over and slid her hand into his paints lightly grasping
his cock. She felt his cock start to get erect quickly as
her fingers softly passed over the head and the under side
of his shaft. Ha reached over and slipped his hand under
her shirt letting his fingers trace up her stomach to her
breast. She felt his fingers start to lightly pinch her
nipple making it hard as a rock once again as she could feel
his hard cock pushing as if it wanted out of the confinements
of his paints. She guided his rigid cock up through the opening
then moved her hand down to adjust his soft full balls. She
looked at his cock sticking out, it was about 7 inches long
an inch or so thick, with a well defined hear and it had thick
veins protruding nicely from the surface. She cradled
it in her hand feeling the texture of its underside as she
continued looking at it. She then suddenly felt his hand
slid down her body and unfasten the button on her shorts
and work her zipper down. She felt his hand pass over her
pubic hair and his finger brush her clit, which was now starting
to get hard with excitement again, then she felt his finger
resting on her lips as they slowly moved in small circles
pressing lightly on the inter part of her pussy. She released
his cock and unhooked his paints, then he lifted a bit to
let her slid them from his waist and down his legs. She adjusted
her body a little and bent over to take her mouth down to his
cock head. As she did he moved his arm and slid her shorts
off of her ass letting them slide down her legs. She moved
a bit more so her shorts fell off her legs to the floor of the
car. She lightly licked the tip of his head; she could taste
herself on him still. She ran her tongue down his shaft leaving
a trail of saliva to his balls. She moved back to the top placing
her lips over the top of his cock and let her tongue slither
around the soft fleshy head. She felt the contour of his
head with her tongue as he let out soft moans of enjoyment.
He leaned to the side as she felt his hand trace down her back,
over her butt and his finger enter her pussy once again.
She plunged her head down the length of his shaft taking
him all the way in to the base of his balls. He pushed his finger
deep inside her as he let out another moan only a bit louder
this time. She pulled back almost to the point of letting
his cock slip from her mouth then took him deep again hearing
his moans get more intense. Her tongue wrapped the underside
of his cock then fluttered across his head when she slid
back up his shaft. She had complete control of him this way
and knew she could bring him to orgasm right when she wanted
him to cum. The quicker she worked him the quicker he fingered
her. She could feel his finger slipping in and out of her
wet pussy and another finger sliding against her hard clit
getting her very excited and ready for another orgasm.
His finger brushing against her clit was now starting to
rub over top the tingling hard pleasure point now increasing
the stimulation the shot through her body. His cock was
now so hard in her mouth she could feel the veins pulsing
as her lips slid over them. She felt her body building for
its joyous release and knew it was time for her to make him
cum too. She rapidly started to flip her tongue across the
under side of his shaft and head as she placed her hand on
his balls rubbing them vigorously. She felt his balls start
to tighten in her hand and his body begin to lift towards
her. She could not hold back her orgasm any longer. She felt
the sexual release of orgasmic satisfaction flood through
her body as she felt his cock begin to fill her mouth with
his warm tasty cum. Her body shook and bucked as her juices
flowed over his hand totally soaking it. She swallowed
his cum as it seem to poor from his pulsating cock as she continued
to suck him deep into her delightful mouth. He moaned intensely
with each load she sucked from his now tight balls. She could
feel her orgasm starting to trickle down her leg as his fingers
slowly worked there way out of her wet hole. She sucked him
till he had nothing more to offer and he could take no more
of the goddess like perfection in the way that she preformed
her oral gift to him. As she licked the last droplets from
his nearly painful and slightly limp cock she looked up
at him with a gleam in her eye. He looked down at her and said, ”
I have never had a blow job that could compare to what you
have just given me and I most likely will never get one that
is as good as that again”. She sat up in the seat looked at
him and said, ” when I was younger where I lived a girl could
give oral all she wanted and not be considered a slut as long
as she did not fuck a lot”. She continued by saying, ” so
I got very good at pleasing guys in this manner and I am proud
that I can do it so well” as she gave him a big smile. She felt
the wetness of her orgasm between her legs and the cool leather
of his seat and asked him if he had a towel or something she
could wipe off with. He reached for the glove box and removed
some hand wipes. He then opened the package and pulled one
out to clean her off. She felt the cold wipe cover her pussy
causing her to take in a quick breath. She could feel him
playing a bit as he wiped her off giving her clit and lips
a nice throe going over several times. He watched her squirm
a bit from his strong hand working her as he cleaned and she
knew he was enjoying every minute of it. She lifted her but
up slightly so he could wipe the seat. His hand pushed the
wipe under her ass cheeks cleaning them then down her legs
wiping all the juices from her. He then wiped the seat so
she could sit back down. As she sat back down she took the
wipe from his hand and began to wipe him off, not that there
was anything left to clean up. Just as she finished wiping
him off she saw a police car coming down the road towards
them. She quickly reached down to the floor grabbing her
shorts butting them back on as he pulled his paints back
up and fastened them. They started to giggle again at the
thought of getting caught once again. She looked around
and saw the young woman that was on the trail sitting on a
bench about a hundred yards from the car. She looked again
and noticed that the woman had her hand up under her skirt
and her legs were slightly spread. Her eyes were closed
and she was in her own little world as she fondled her self
under her skirt. She quickly realized that they had been
caught in the act from a far and had turned the woman on as
well. She nudged the hansom stranger and pointed to the
woman on the bench. The sound of the police car’s motor driving
towards her made her eyes open quickly and her hand rapidly
slid out from under her skirt. Luckily the policeman did
not noticing that she was playing with herself. She suddenly
looked over at the two of them watching her and a large smile
crossed her face knowing that she too had been caught. The
woman got up and slowly walked away headed back down the
trail from which she must have come from. The police car
slowed down stopping at her car parked down the road a bit.
She felt a bit nervous thinking that they may be getting
ready to give her a ticket for were she was parked or something.
She quickly got out of his car and started to hurriedly walk
to her car in hopes of avoiding a ticket tying her to her sexual
adventure. Just as she got up behind her car the police car
slowly started to pull away. She got in her car and started
it up. She look back to see her handsome stranger pulling
out and slowly drove by her. He smiled at her and mouthed
“ thank you “ then winked as he continued to drive down the
road. She sat in her car for a few moments thinking about
what had just happened and how exciting it was. She slowly
pulled out still letting the thoughts of her fantasy that
had now come true blazing through her mine. As she pulled
out of the park she saw the woman that had watched her and
the handsome stranger walking down the road. She pulled
over next to her as she put the window down to ask her were
she was headed. The woman walked over to the car and told
her she was on her way home at the other end of town. She offered
her a ride if she would like. The woman opened the door and
climbed in telling her thanks. The woman looked at her and
said, ” I watched the two of you pleasing each other feeling
like a peeping tom but also feeling so horny as I did”. She
then said, ” I hope I didn’t make you and your boyfriend
mad but I couldn’t help myself the more I watched the hornier
I got and had a great orgasm and was on my way to a second when
the police car drove by”. She smiled and looked at the woman
saying “ well the guy was not my boyfriend and I did feel a
bit embarrassed knowing we were being watched as well as
a bit excited knowing you were so turned on seeing your hand
up under your skirt playing with yourself”. She then told
the woman “ I always had the fantasy of having a stranger
fuck me but never had the nerve to let it happen until today
and it was a lot more intense that I had ever thought it could
be”. Then added “I should have done it long ago and I think
I may try to live out some of my other fantasies in the future
with less hesitations”. The woman looked at her saying
“ I wish I could do things like that but worry to much about
getting caught or having something bad happen to me”. The
woman then looked at her and said, ” I know I don’t know you
but can I ask you something on the personal side”? She told
the woman it would be ok but if it was to personal that she
may not give her an answer. The woman spoke in a somewhat
timid manner saying “ I was wondering if you ever had any
fantasies of being with a another woman? …… just to see what
it would be like that is”. She smiled and told the woman “
well I have had days that that thought has run throw my mind
but I have never really acted on it”. The woman looked at
her and said, ” so have I but I don’t know if I could go throw
with it either”. The woman put her hand down on the edge of
skirt and slowly pulled it to her waste revealing her pussy.
The woman looked at her and said, “ if you like you can put
your feel me”. She looked over to see the woman’s totally
shaven pussy there before her waiting to be touched. She
looked back to the road and hesitantly placed her hand on
her leg slowly sliding it up her smooth skin to her pussy.
She could feel the slight wetness on the woman’s lips and
the warmth of her body emanating from her smooth mound.
The woman gasped slightly at her touch then placed her hand
over hers, holding it there softly. She could feel the woman’s
hard clit pressing against the palm of her hand as she let
her finger slip between her lips and enter her warm hole.
The woman let out another small gasp as she felt the finger
enter her with ease. The woman softly asked “ may I feel you
as well?” as she moved her hand over and let her fingers graze
the side of her leg just below the edge of her shorts. She
replied in a slightly shaky voice as her heart pounded hard
inside her chest of nervousness combined with excitement
“I think I would like that “. The woman slid her hand to the
button unfastening it and pulling the zipper down. The
woman let her hand slip inside over her pubic hair and over
her clit to rest her fingers on her tender lips. The woman
smiled and said, ” I see you don’t wear panties either”.
She replied “ I do most of the time but I have seemed to lost
a pair of them to a handsome man today” as she giggled about
it. She could feel the cool touch of the woman’s finger lightly
playing with her lips and clit. The woman then slipped her
thin finger inside her very carefully making sure she did
not let her fingernails scrape her insides. As she felt
the woman’s finger enter her as she tightened her grip on
the wheel and let her body push down on the woman’s hand slightly.
She then slowly started to finger the woman in pace with
the woman’s finger moving inside her. The feeling that
she was getting was different than the guys she had been
with but was a bit more of a tender touch and that made it even
more exciting than usual to her. As she played with the woman’s
pussy she noticed that it felt different then when she played
with her own. Not just the lack of pubic hair but the feel
of the lips and clit were different as well. She never thought
about how it would feel it was more about the act of doing
something. She felt the woman’s hand move slightly and
the woman’s thumb start to rub her clit as her finger continued
to slid in and out of her pussy. She moved her hand a bit to
try to give this woman the same attention she was receiving.
The woman stared to lightly rock her body on her hand as she
let out a small moan and said, ” oh please make me orgasm!!!”.
She continued to play with her even thou the woman’s hand
was not as rhythmic as it was gust a few moments ago but still
felt very good to her. The woman’s hand and fingers came
to a near stop on her pussy as she let out a loud moan. The woman’s
body started to tens up her legs began to shake as she screamed
out in a wave of orgasmic pleasure. The woman’s body jerked
over and over as her juices flowed over her fingers and coated
her hand. As the woman’s orgasm subsided the woman held
her hand between her legs to stop her hand from moving then
started to rub her clit and finger her pussy again. “ Dam
that felt good “ the woman said as she brought the other ladies
hand to her mouth to lick her own juices from her fingers.
The woman then asked “ have you ever tasted of your cum?”
then sucked hard on her finger to taste her self. The woman
pointed to a driveway that went up and off the road and said, ”
pull off there”. She pulled the car up the drive that led
off the road to a house in the midst of a large group of trees
and was out of view from the road and the neighbors. She stopped
the can then took her hand and tasted the woman’s juices
from her fingers. The taste was tangy and sweet to her as
her tongue licked her fingers cleaning what was left there.
The woman continued to finger her pussy as she began to feel
her own orgasm building deep inside. She took her hands
and started to rum her breasts through her shirt. The woman
slid her hand in her own shirt and started to pull on her nipple
as she fingered her even faster. She could take it no longer
as her orgasm started to flow. She took a big breath and her
body tensed for a moment then let loose with a tingling orgasm
of her own. The woman kept fingering her causing her orgasm
to continue on for what seemed like 10 minuets. As she felt
the last of it subside the woman pulled her hand from her
shorts and put her fingers in to her mouth. The woman licked
them greedily then turned to her and said, “ dam you taste
good”. Then the woman asked if she would like to come in for
a while. She looked at her and said, ” I would love to but
I think I have had about all the sex I can deal with today”.
The woman opened her shirt and said, ” are you sure I cant
change your mind” as the woman took her hand and placed it
on her breast. The woman had smaller breasts than hers and
the woman’s nipples were hard and perky. The feeling of
the woman’s breast in her hand felt good, almost enough
to make her want to go in with her. She looked at the woman
and explained to her that she was tempted but she did not
feel ready to do anymore then what she had already done today.
She then added “some day soon I would like to get together
with you and go a bit further, if it would be ok that is”. The
woman replied “ any time you want I will “ then the woman gave
her the phone number of her cell phone and told her to call
anytime she liked. As the woman got out of the car the woman
said “ I hope to hear from you soon so we can get together”
then flashed her by lifting her skirt and spinning around.
She pulled the zipper on her jeans up and buttoned them just
before she pulled out of the drive. She headed for the highway
thinking about all that had accrued on this wonderful day
off. The trip back home was most enjoyable as she thought
to herself that what happened today was well worth the risk
of being found out. She got off the highway and pulled down
the road leading to her house. The wrecked truck was now
gone and a line repair truck was there working on the once
downed lines. The policeman was still there and waved her
on telling her the power was already back on and the phone
lines would be fixed in about another minuet or so. She drove
down the road to her house and went in side. She went and turned
on the shower and took off her close. She reached into her
pocket and pulled out her bra then tossing them all into
the dirty close. She hopped in the shower and started to
wash off thinking about the hands that had touched her just
a short while ago and how wonderful they felt to her. She
finished lathering up and stepped back into the warm water
watching as the soapsuds were washed away from her soft
skin and down the drain. The warm water dancing off her body
felt good as the trials of water traipsed down her like little
rivers. She reached over and turned the water off then grabbed
a towel to dry off. She stepped out and finished drying off
as she went to the computer turning it on. She sat down in
her chair and logged on to the net. She heard the sound of
a new e-mail message waiting in her in-box. She opened it
thinking it was the one that she started to read when the
power went out. She realized that it was a new e-mail from
someone that she did not recognize. She started to read
the e-mail. It had an attached text file but the e-mail said, ”
I thought you might like to read this story because you only
got to read a small part of it and you stated that you liked
the way I thought. I also have something of yours that I but
in my pocket when we met today, if you don’t mind I will just
keep them as I sweet reminder of you. She knew that he was
talking about, her thong that the handsome stranger had
put in his pocket but had no clue to how he was or how he knew
her e-mail unless he was one of the guys in her club. She quickly
went to the club and looked at the photos to see if he was there
but knew she would have remembered his face if she had seen
it before. His face was not in there nor was a name in the members
that had a location that would fit a guy that did not have
a pic in the club. She was at a loss and had no way of knowing
who he was, he was to her a complete stranger that knew her
wants and knew them well. She felt a bit nervous till she
read the last line of his e-mail that said, ” I hope your
fantasy has now become a reality for you and you enjoyed
it as much as I did. Signed the Stranger”.

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