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The Storm


The week had been exhausting. I had left home Sunday evening
and been in four cities. It was now Friday and I was trying
to get home. The early part of the week had been unsuccessful,
but the meeting with my last two clients made the week. I
had scored two new clients. Each client agreeing to contracts
in excess of 7 figures. Not only would my boss be happy, but
I had just secured my third straight year of sales increases,
with another quarter to go. None the less, I was tired and
look forward to sleeping in my own bed. I had no plans for
the weekend, just R an R.

I left the hotel and headed for the airport. It was raining
lightly. I hadn’t listened to a forecast, but my hope was
the weather was localized. I had a connection in Philadelphia
to get to Manchester. Then an hours drive south to home in
Mass. Flying into Manchester helped me avoid the Boston
air and ground traffic. These days, I worked from home and
went into the office on occasion. If I was traveling, the
suitcase became my office and off I went.

I arrived at the airport and cleared security with an hour
to go before my flight. I stopped and grabbed a sandwich
and water and walked to my gate. As I sat and ate, I noticed
a plane at the gate and lots of passages in the gate area.
Another full flight, but at least, I had my upgrade and had
a first class seat.

I finished my sandwich as the boarding call was announced.
We boarded and looked to be on time. The pilot made an announcement
that we were waiting for luggage to be loaded and maintenance
to check out a small issue. Our departure time passed and
the pilot came on and said it would be about a half hour longer.
I ordered water and started idle conversation with the
guy sitting next to me. He was heading home. Philadelphia
was his stop. I told him I too was headed home, but had to make
a connection in Philadelphia. He then said, I hope they
get off the ground soon, there is poor weather forecasted
in the Northeast. I asked, since I had not heard a forecast,
what the forecast was. He indicated there was a Nor’easter
forecasted to move up the coast and bring heavy snow and
mixed precipitation to the major Northeast cities.

I frowned and agreed that I would like to see the plane get
going. We continued to talk about what we did. He was married
and had two kids. A girl and a boy, both in high school. I had
never married. The pilot came on and said we were ready to
go. Wheels up was about an hour after scheduled departure
time. I had learned long ago to always leave extra time between
connecting flights. If was always easier to change flights
if you arrived early and there was available on an earlier
flight. Arriving late and trying to be rebooked, meant
long lines and angry passengers.

My seat mate, Harry as he identified himself, and I continued
to talk. As it turns out my company had little success with
his in selling our products. Their relationship was with
a major competitor of ours. I put on my best smile, pulled
out some of my material and went for the sell. I had nothing
better to do and the week had turned out well. Harry was a
very attentive listener. He asked great questions, always
looked in my eyes and I could feel the sense that he had a genuine
interest in our products. He also had given me some indication
that they were not satisfied with the current vendor and
the contract was up for renewal.

When the seat belt sign went off. Harry excused himself
and went to the bathroom. When he returned, I took my turn.
In the bathroom, I pulled down my pants, my underwear and
straddled the toilet. Never one to sit where others had
peed, I pushed out a stream. Once done, I stood, dispense
some toilet paper and wiped myself. I then leaned down to
pull up my panties and pants. I had worn a white blouse and
blue suit. I was about 5’9” with long blonde hair that I had
tied back in a pony tail. I tucked in my blouse and zipped
up my pants. I looked in the mirror as I washed my hands and
noticed how tired I looked. I was 35 and had a long week. Not
to mention the only action I had been getting in the last
two months was with my favorite 10 fingers. Though I could
do myself good, it was not like the feeling of having a man
inside me. I attempted to wash away the tiredness. To no
avail, I dried my hands and returned to my seat. Harry got
up and let me pass to the window seat.

As I sat down the Captain came on and gave us our arrival time
into Philadelphia. I checked my boarding pass and knew
I had about 30 minutes between landing and takeoff. I pressed
the attendant button to ask a question. The steward came
over and reaching above Harry, he turned off the button.
I then leaned towards Harry and asked what gate we would
be arriving at. The steward left to get an answer. I leaned
back and notice Harry’s eye’s lower than they had been during
our conversation. I guess he was a man after all. I did not
say anything. I new I had worn a white no frills bra, so there
was nothing he could see and I had the buttons on my blouse
done up to an acceptable level.

The steward returned and said we would be arriving at Gate
B5 and left. I leaned back and again caught Harry looking
down. He turned his eyes upward and asked is that gate close
to your departing gate. I answered just around the corner.
I then checked my blouse and it was buttoned high. I then
looked at the ticket in my right hand and realized that Harry
was looking at my ticket to see the gate my connecting flight
was departing from. Realizing this, I leaned down to my
briefcase and replaced my ticket. I smiled to myself at
the thoughts I was having.

Harry then said, well at get B9 you just have to come off the
gate, turn left and go down the incline and the gate will
be on the left. I thanked him. He then turned the conversation
back to business. We went through the product and pricing.
After another half hour, I gave him my card and told him if
he was interested, I would be happy to make an appointment
and work through the details. He took out his blackberry
and keyed in my data. He then checked his calendar and asked
about next week. I told him I was booked, but the following
week would work. We set an appointment for the following
Tuesday. I marked the appointment in my calendar and obtained
his phone number and email address.

As I was putting away my appointment book, the pilot came
on and told us the weather in Philadelphia had turned worse
and he was in a holding pattern. He would keep us updated.
Harry then began to talk of his home and the 20 years he had
been married. He said that he and is wife, Susan, had Jake
and Shelly in the fourth and fifth year of marriage. Jake
was a sophomore and Shelly a freshman. Susan had returned
to work as a paralegal and was enjoying having her own shopping
money. I tried to come up with some type of parallel. When
he asked, why I had not married. I was silent. He said he was
sorry he did not mean to intrude. I said you were not intruding,
I was thinking why myself. I then said, I finished school
without any significant other and went on to work. I worked
for two companies before this one. I had worked hard at each,
but I was one woman among men and they did respect me. They
wanted to bed me, but not respect my abilities. I took this
job, because I would report to a very successful woman and
would not have to deal with the stigma of either being too
good looking to be successful or a dumb blonde. Anyway I
guess I focused on career and not relationships.

He sat back and pondered this. After a few moments he then
said, I look back on my career and I can see how that happens.
It’s tough to be a good looking woman, which you are, and
have people believe and respect you. It looks like you can
take some satisfaction that they were off base about you.
Then he quickly said, and not about your looks either. I
smiled and said, don’t worry you weren’t in trouble of falling
into the same class as those idiots. He wiped his brow in
a mock manner. He smiled back. I then said, so in answer to
your question, I made choices. I’ve had a couple of length
relationships, but it comes down to me and if I am ready to
settle down and have a family. I looked him in the eye and
said, then and now I don’t see that in my life. He smiled and
said that at least you know what you are after. That’s important
in being happy and enjoying every day of life.

The pilot then came on and said they had not been released
from holding yet. It would be another 45 minutes before
he heard back and if they did not get clearance they would
have to make alternative plans. Harry and I both gasped.
I said all I wanted to do was get home and relax. He said I was
going home to an empty house this weekend. Susan and the
kids took the weekend off to head North Carolina to see her
parents. They left yesterday. I asked why he didn’t join.
He said he wasn’t invited. I looked at him strange. He said
that once every year Susan and I get to take the kids by ourselves
someplace. The kids seemed to enjoy it and I know its good
quality time when I do my weekend with them. The kids get
to choose the place. As long as it’s not the Rivera, then
the generally get what they want. This year they wanted
to golf. Susan’s Mom and Dad live on a golf course. There
you have it. I said it sounds like you have a wonderful wife
and family. He said we do. We even get a weekend by ourselves
every year. I asked where is this years or was it already.
He said it won’t be until the fall. Usually around Columbus
Day. Last year it was Key West and we acted like college students
and got drunk and he stopped. I looked at him. He then said;
let’s just say we acted like college students. I smiled
and said consider it said.

The pilot came on and said we were being diverted. The weather
in Philadelphia had closed the airport. He was going to
try and see if we could go further north and fly over the weather
or what options. He said he only had about an hour’s fuel,
so he could not make it back to Miami.

The anxiety level rose in the cabin. The quietness had turned
to a buzz. Several attendant buttons were pushed. Concerned
passengers thinking that the stewards could provide more
details than the pilot. Harry looked at me and held up his

Ten minutes later the pilot came on and said they were working
on two options….Boston or Manchester. Well I just smiled
and looked at Harry and said it works for me. He frowned and
said based on the buzz…you might be alone on this one. I had
asked Harry if he had ever been to Manchester. He indicated
he may have, but does not know the city or area at all. I said,
lets see what they say and go from there.

After another 15 minutes said, we are descending into Manchester,
NH. Weather is 25 degrees with snow. The co-pilot is on the
phone with dispatch trying to understand our next steps.
He then said, we wanted to try for Boston, but they have an
hour back log in holding and we have immediate clearance
to Manchester. The co-pilot will be back with you before
we land.

Harry then said what Hotels are there in Manchester. I replied
they have them all. Your only challenge is this is ski season
and the hotels do a good business.

The co-pilot came on and said this is where things stand.
We are going to land and refuel. No one will be allowed off
the plane. We have two passengers who were ticketed to Manchester
as the final destination, but we will not be taxing to a gate.
Manchester has a refueling, de-icing set up in these types
of weather situations. So it’s a drop, fill, cleanse and
wheels up. I started to protest when Harry said; looks like
you are stuck with me a little while. I smiled faintly and
said at least that something good. It was 3 pm and I just wanted
to be home.

We landed and taxied to the staging area. The pilot said
we were number 3 in line. We refueled, de-iced and headed
back to the runway. After 10 minutes the pilot came on and
said we cannot get clearance from Philadelphia. If we don’t
get it in 5 minutes regulations require we go back and deice
again and start all over.

Meanwhile the weather outside was nasty. It was hard to
tell if it was snowing that hard or just blowing. In 5 minutes
the plane started to move. The pilot came on and said; Philadelphia,
Boston, Newark, JFK and LaGuardia are all closed. We are
taxing to a gate. Once you are inside you can talk to the gate
agent on next steps. I was smiling and Harry seemed a little

It took us about 30 minutes to get to the gate. Harry was on
his blackberry talking to his wife and letting her know
what was going on. He then tried is travel department to
get him a hotel or on a flight. By the time we got to the gate,
he said he would call back.

We deplaned and having my entire luggage I could have headed
to for a cab and caught my ride home. I lived 5 miles from the
airport in a nice 3 bedroom end unit town house. I decided
I would wait to see how Harry made out. I looked outside and
the snow was coming down. The TV monitors were on CNN. When
the weather forecast came on I learned the truth of the storm.
It was still forming off the North Carolina coast. Currently
six inches of snow had fallen in Washington DC and Philadelphia.
The track of the storm would bring heavy snows to the entire
eastern seaboard as far inland as upstate NY. The storm
was expected to strengthen and be centered south of NYC
on Saturday morning and east of Bangor on Sunday morning.
Another word it would be moving slow which provided a forecast
in feet not inches.

Glancing over a Harry, I could see if was on his cell phone
and talking to the gate agent. After 20 minutes or so, he
turned and headed towards me. He must not have noticed me
at first, but when he looked up he let out an exhausting sigh.
As he approached, he said what does a man do in a town, with
no hotel rooms, and no way out until Monday. I thought about
it for a quick moment, and said, he gets invited over to a
new friend’s house until he can get out of town. He smiled
and said that was a wonderful invitation….but one he could
not explain to his wife. I pondered this and said, is there
something you need to explain. He thought and said; well
she’ll ask where I am staying. I said, quite quickly, to
say you met a business associate that you have done business
with and have an offer to stay there until you can get a room
or a flight. He thought some more. I said, listen, it’s my
place or the vinyl chairs and worn carpeting for the weekend.
I have an extra bedroom and bath. I will be like your own hotel
room. He asked for a few minutes.

He walked away and dialed his cell phone. I’m not sure why
he needed to have a private conversation. Was he guilty….would
he try something. I then thought, I hadn’t thought this
through. I don’t really know the man. He then came back and
handed me the cell phone. It’s Susan, I told her of your offer.
I smiled being thankful for that after my hesitant moment.
I took the phone and in my calmest voice said, hello. Susan
said, hello. I said hello back. She then said, my husband
says you have offered him a room until he can find a hotel
or a flight. I said I did. She said that is very nice and I am
very appreciative. I said your welcome. She then said,
can I ask you a question. I said sure. My husband said you
just met on the plane. You were seated next to him. I said
yes, and we talked about my companies products and how I
think our company can give him better service and pricing.
Susan, said, he mentioned that. She said, but that’s not
my question. I said oh? She said he doesn’t know your name.
I laughed. I said Susan you are right, he was so involved
in talking about you, Jake and Shelly. About your lovely
family and the weekend you have away with them now. I never
gave him my name verbally, but I gave him my business card.
I told her who I worked for, the products we sell and my name.
She said could I have your last name. I heard her typing.
She then said, Kate, I appreciate your offer and thank you
for taking the time to talk to me. I said your welcome and
told her to enjoy her weekend in North Carolina. I handed
the phone back to Harry.

He listened and said yes, then yes again. Hold on. Kate do
you have a home phone number and address? I gave them to him.
He repeated them into the phone. After a couple of more lines
of conversation, he smiled and said he loved her too. He
then asked to talk to the kids and they must not have been
available. He hung and apologized for not remembering
my name from the card. Caught up in the moment he said. I looked
and said, do I have a house guest or not, because I got to get
going and then get to the store to make sure we have the essentials.
He said yes you do. I have my luggage let’s go.

We proceeded to the cab line and waited about 15 minutes
in the blinding snow. I leaned into Harry, who was about
2 inches taller than I and said this is nasty weather. He
said I am glad to be on the ground and not trying to fly in this
stuff. I then asked when is your flight out. Right now it’s
Monday at 5. All other flights are booked until then. I am
on standby for Sunday night and Monday. I told him, if the
weather clears, he can drive home faster. He agreed.

Our turn in the cab line came and Harry loaded our bags in
the trunk. I got in and Harry followed. I gave the cab driver
my address. He frowned and I said, it’s an extra ten for you
to get us there and if you want to make more, I’ll give you
50 to wait outside the grocery store on the way while I do
some shopping. He said sixty plus the fare for shopping.
I agreed.

I then took out a list and asked Harry what he likes for food.
He said sandwiches, soup, steaks and munchies would be
good. I then asked if he drank. He said just about anything.
I asked what kind of beer? He said Bass. I told him good taste.
I have plenty of everything else at home. We got the grocery
store and Harry tried to come in with me. I said no you stay
so the cabbie stays put. He then offered some money. I leaned
back into the cab and said your money is no good this weekend.
I leaned out and closed the door.

The store was relatively empty. I cruised through and gathered
steaks, chicken wings, cheese, pepperoni, chips, pretzels,
bottled water, soda, vegetables and all the staples. I
also go a case of bass. I checked out and pushed the shopping
cart as close to the cab as I could and carried the bags to
the car when Harry got out and helped load the trunk. I then
followed Harry around to the cab door. I let me in first.
He got in. I then repeated my address to the driver and we
were there in 15 minutes.

I paid the $100 tab and we carried our luggage, food and drink
up to the house. I opened the door and immediately regretted
having a house guest. I had been in a rush when I left and the
house was a little messy. I apologized and told him to close
his eyes as I led him to the Kitchen. I told him to stay there
and get the food out of the bags and I would be right back.
I got the luggage in the foyer and then did a ten minute fun
through. My clothes were every where. I had thrown my laundry
from the stairs to the foyer knowing when I came home I would
have more laundry to do. I picked up the pile of clothes including
some of my nicer bras and panties and put a load in the washer.

I then went into the kitchen and helped Harry put away the
food. It was about 5:30 and when we were done, I said, how
about a beer and a tour. He said a beer, a phone call and the
tour. He dialed his cell phone. I walked to the living room
and cleaned up while I took a few swigs of beer. About 5 minutes
later he came out and handed me the phone. I said hello. Susan,
said, thank you and sorry for being so cruel in our earlier
call. You are a good person Kate. I hope you both stay safe
and warm. I told her to enjoy her golf game and asked if she
had the house phone. She said she did and would call on Harry’s
cell later. She said, I‘ll use the house phone if he does
not answer. I said good bye and handed the phone to Harry.
He told Susan he loved her. I smiled at him and asked if he
was ready for the tour. He took a swig of beer and said he was.

I headed to the foyer and he collected his luggage. I took
him up to the bedroom he would be staying in. The room had
rarely been used. I grabbed some linen from the closet and
we make the bed. It was a double, that I sure he would be comfortable
in. I showed him the connecting bathroom, which was really
a jack and Jill bathroom. The other side led to the third
bedroom, which was my office. I told him if he needed to get
on-line while he was here and he had a lap top, he could use
the office.

I then took him for a tour of my room and stopped on the way
in. Turned quickly around and pushed in him out of the room.
I said I have some cleaning to do before you can tour that
room. I closed the door behind me. I then headed down stairs
and showed him the bathroom, living and dining area. There
were two exits from the kitchen. One to the dinning room
that had swinging doors and the other access to the foyer.

I handed him my beer and then picked up the case and then took
him into the basement. To his surprise was finished with
a small bar and a large flat screen TV with surround sound.
I asked carrying down the case of beer, do you like college
basketball, because that was going to be my weekend. Some
games tonight and eight games each Saturday and Sunday.
He smiled and said my kind of lady. I smiled and said help
the lady get the beer on ice. I positioned myself in front
of the refrigerator door facing Harry. He removed the bottles
from the box and I knelt down and loaded them in the fridge.
That chore done, we grabbed our beers and I turned on the
television. We sat in silence and watched a game while finishing
our beer. I then said I needed a shower. He said he could use
one as well. He said that he would need to do laundry first.
I remember and said I have a load in. I will move it to the dryer
and then you can do laundry. He said that was good for underwear,
but he only had a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. I smiled and
said well that does present a problem. I said go get your
laundry. I’ll move mine and then look to see what I have.
Harry wasn’t a big man, but I was not big lady and I’m not sure
what I had.

I changed tubs and headed up to my room. First I cleaned it
up. I had thrown my night clothes and dirty underwear on
the floor. Hey who knew I would have a house guest. I then
found my fat clothes. Some I had never worn. A pair of sweats
that were too big for me. A large size. They were white and
had pink “BC”, my Alma matter. I found a purple and yellow
sweat shirt. It was a medium….but the best I could do. I headed
out to the hall way as Harry was coming out of his room. I told
him I had found some clothes and would put them on his bed.
He said thank you and headed down stairs. In his room, I got
a glimpse of his suitcase. Nice suites. No underwear to
be found, but he had a penthouse and penthouse letters magazine
in his suit case. I dropped the clothes on the bed and was
remembering reading some penthouse magazines and how
hot the stories got me.

I returned to my room to shower. Harry was coming up the stairs
when I turned to close my bedroom door. I stopped as he said
that he had his laundry in and was going to try the clothes
on I had left him. I told him the pants should fit, but the
sweatshirt is likely to be too small. He said he could use
his dress shirt for now. I told him I would look for something
bigger. He said ok and I told him I was headed into the shower.
He said he would like to take one as well. I told him I would
let him know when I was out. I closed the door.

I found myself a pair of sweats and T-shirt. I searched my
drawers for simple underwear and bra. I then stripped and
headed to the shower. In the bathroom I started the water
and let it warm up. I looked in the mirror at my 35 year old
body. My face looked older than I remembered. I could tell
I was tired. My boobs were a nice size. Never had any complaints
with my 34C’s. My stomach was flat, thanks to sit-ups every
morning. I turned to the side and my ass was firm. I assessed
that it wasn’t a bad body for a hard working lady of my age.
I then looked at my hair. Seeing myself in the mirror from
the side, the hair just touched the waist line. If I bent
my head back it went to the crack of my butt. I dreaded having
to wash it, but had no other reason to cut it. It still looked
good. I did not have any gray, so I stuck with the style. Other
than an occasional trim, I had not cut my hair since high

I tested the water and jumped in the shower. It had two shower
heads. Easier for washing my hair and easier to warm the
body. I washed my hair first and rinsed. They applied cream
rinse and started to lather the rest of my body. I noticed
my legs could use a shave and did so. I then looked at my bush,
which I had never shaved, except for a trim. It was bushy,
so I made a mental note to take care of it this weekend. I then
rinsed my hair of the cream rinse and rinsed my body. As I
did I found my mind wandering to how long it had been since
I had been with a man. I knew I had played with myself this
past Tuesday after the second failed sale. It had been over
six months and that was a one night stand at a conference
that I attended in Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in
Vegas I said to myself. I then found my hand between my legs.
I was doing pretty well, when the water went ice cold. I shrieked
and turned it off. Between the washer and my shower, Harry
was going to have to wait a few minutes for his.

I dried my body and wrapped a towel around my hair. I then
grabbed a robe and headed out to the hallway. I opened my
door and saw Harry’s was closed. I knocked and he said “yes”.
I said I am out, but I think you need to wait a few for the hot
water to heat up. I could hear a laugh and he said” okay, just
like home”. I smiled and went back to my room.

By the time I had dried my hair and got dressed it was almost
8. I looked out my window and could not see much. I headed
downstairs and noticed Harry’s door was open. He was in
the laundry room wearing my BC sweats with the pink lettering
on the butt. I stopped and looked him over. He said they fit
well. Not sure I like the school or the pink lettering, but
beggars can’t be choosy. I laughed and asked if he needed
help. He said he was all done and had folded my laundry as
well. I must of turned red in the face. He said, sorry to intrude,
but I need to get mine in the dryer and did not think I should
just leave them in a pile. I thanked him and tried to remember
what underwear I had in there. I collected my pile and headed
upstairs to put the clothes away. Harry followed and said,
hey how come you don’t have any writing on your butt. I replied
so you wouldn’t be distracted and have to read it. He laughed
and said, got me there. I went in my room and put my clothes
away. When I can to the underwear, I turned red again. Most
were basic white with no frills. One set was when I traveled
on Sunday night; I had worn a red thong and lacy bra. I looked
in the mirror and my face was a red as the clothes. I put them
all away and raced downstairs.

I put the living room TV on to the weather channel. The storm
had moved up the coast and was centered off of Delaware.
The local forecast called for 24 to 30 inches additional
to what had fallen. I went to the front door and opened it.
There was a good 10 to 12 inches on the ground and the street
plow had not been around. I closed the door as Harry came
down and shivered at the cold. He asked how it looked out
there. I said looks like we’ll be living together for a few
days. There is a foot out there and a couple more feet forecasted.
We went in to catch the Northeast forecast. All major airports
and roadways were closed. Only emergency traffic was allowed
in NJ, NYC, Connecticut, RI and Massachusetts. NH and Maine
had not declared states of emergency yet.

I looked at him and he looked concerned. I said at least you
have a roof over your head. He smiled and said yes thank you,
I do, but it looks like I won’t be able to get out of here until
Sunday or Monday. I told him as long as he needed to stay.
I then asked if he was hungry. He said he was. I asked him if
he would like a sandwich. He said what I have. I said ham,
turkey or roast beef on a sub roll. He said ham and cheese
if you have it with mustard and a beer. He said I’m going to
call Susan, because they are supposed to fly on Sunday and
it might be good for them to switch their flights to Monday
now before everyone else does. I said you do that and I will
serve my fantastic sandwich and beer in a few. He laughed
and said thank you as he was dialing the phone.

He came into the kitchen when he was done and I asked if he
was able to rearrange the flights. He said Susan would wait
until tomorrow to see if there is any improvement. I finished
the subs and asked if he would like some chips. He did. I handed
him his plate and beer. Grabbed a mine and a bag of chips and
led him downstairs. Downstairs was a small area. The bar
was only good for two chairs and directly in front of the
bar was a love seat with two recliners built in that faced
a 50 inch flat screen TV. From the back of the bar to the TV
was only 15 feet. So cozy, but good enough for my needs. I
took the right side of the love seat and place my beer in the
cup holder. I reclined my chair. I opened the bag of chips
and placed them between us and then turned on the TV.

We ate watching the Texas/UCLA game. UCLA was up by 10 with
5 minutes to go in the second half. Harry thanked me again
for the sandwich and for the hospitality. I said no problem.
As long as you don’t get weird on me and act as if you are home,
we’ll be fine. He took a swig of beer and asked what team I
followed. I smiled and said, well you are sitting on the
team I follow and went to school at. He laughed and said,
I guess that was right in front of my eyes and didn’t register.
I asked where he went to school. He said he went to a small
division three college. He followed the Philadelphia
area schools mostly Villanova. I said well two years ago
we were division rivals. He said and in most cases BC got
the best of us. I said that may be so, but they have always
been competitive games. He agreed as he took a swig of beer.

I asked if he was in a basketball pool. He said he was, but
he picked with his heart and not the facts. I told him I did
the same. I then pressed the guide button on the TV to see
what other games might be on. As luck would have it, Villanova
was slated to play Oregon around 9:30. I looked for BC and
did not see there name. I went to ESPN and on the ticker saw
they had won earlier that day. I told him well from the looks
of things, I have not having much success in my pool. He stated
the same about his.

I finished by sandwich and took a drink. I then proposed
a bet. There are 8 Games on tomorrow and eight on Sunday.
Let’s have our own little pool with the remaining teams.
He thought for a moment and I asked what he was thinking.
He said it’s a great idea. I was just thinking and no offense,
I was hoping to be home on Sunday. I said, well that doesn’t
stop us for betting. Your not going to leave and never say
hello again are you. He laughed and said, definitely not.
He agreed, he then asked, what the bet was. He quickly added,
it can’t be related to work or any contracts. I agreed and
said if we wanted to talk work this weekend that would be
separate from everything else we do. He agreed.

He then reached with is right hand into the chip bag and came
out with a handful. Before taking a bite, he asked what the
bet was. I said we could sleep on it and decide as we make our
picks tomorrow. He agreed and dropped some chips into my
lap and on the seat between us. He stood up and apologized.
Instinctively he reached into my crotch to pick up the chips.
I smiled and let him go until he realized what he was doing.
He turned red and stopped. I smiled and then collected the
remaining chips. He sat down and apologized. I said nothing
to apologize. You were acting as if you were home right.
With that I smiled. I then heard a crunch and noticed the
chips between us. He reached slowly to pick them up. I smiled
as he did this carefully. His hand brushed my butt twice.
I showed no reaction. When he has done he stood up and took
our paper plates, fallen chips and empty beer bottles to
the bar. He threw the trash out and asked if I wanted another
beer. I said that would be great.

At 9:45 the Villanova game came on. I rooted for his team
and we drank another two beers by the end of the game. After
it was over he said he was heading up to bed. I said I would
be after I looked at the forecast. He stayed for the forecast
and it had not changed. I shut down the TV and we headed upstairs.
We stopped at the front door and noticed the plow had been
by. It was still snowing hard. I then walked around to the
garage and went outside. Harry followed. I check my reserve
of gas and pointed my snow blower out towards the driveway.
I filled it with gas. It was cold and I was not dressed for
what I was doing. Harry in my cute sweats offered to help.
I waved him off and told him to get inside. I would be there
in a minute. I completed my chore and headed inside. I was
cold and in my t-shirt I could see my nipples. I looked for
something to cover in the garage and found nothing.

I went inside and Harry had turned off all the downstairs
lights. I called out and he said he was upstairs. I headed
upstairs and he was in his room. He had removed his work shirt
and was slipping into a t-shirt. His chest was nice. He had
a little role of flab by his waist. Other than that he looked
fit. I turned my eyes away as the T-shirt came over his head.

I headed towards my room when Harry said wait a minute. He
came to the door and said I really appreciate you taking
me in. Not many people would have done that, especially
a woman taking in a man. Thinking I could be living in the
airport for the weekend is hard to fathom. So thank you kind
lady and get a great nights sleep. I smiled and said I am glad
I met you Harry and thank you for being a good person coming
into my home. As I turned I said I am not sure how the heat circulates
in that room. I know if I close my door it gets hot and dry.
It’s up to you. I said good night and then asked if he needed
something to sleep in. He said he would be fine as long as
there were not fire alarms at the hotel since all he had was
his boxers and the T-shirt he had on. I told him to wait a minute.
I went in and found a pair of my oversized boxers and an extra
large T-shirt that was all grungy. It had been my brothers
that I somehow managed to have when I returned from a family
vacation last year. I brought them out to him and said not
sure about the boxers, but the shirt should work. He then
said, well my wife always wanted to see me in woman’s underwear.
I guess I’ll need to take a picture. I laughed and asked if
he wanted a camera. He laughed and said good night. I went
into my room and headed for the bathroom. I stripped and
pulled on a long night shirt. I could stand wearing a bra
and underwear when I slept. I brushed my teeth and headed
to bed. On the way I stepped out towards the hall to see he
had closed his door. I heard him talking and I assumed it
was with Susan. I retreated to the bedroom and headed off
to sleep.

It did not take long to fall asleep. The long week had caught
of with me and the pleasure of being in my own bed relaxed
and took me to silence. I awoke to a noise about 4 am. Used
to being in hotels I had become accustomed to noises while
on the road. However, home usually meant me alone and my
radar always seemed to be on high. I heard a toilet flushing,
collected my thoughts on where I was and that Harry was in
the other room. I realized it was nothing and went off to
sleep. I awoke at eight. I went to the bathroom, neglecting
to close the door and forgetting I had company. I did my business
and brushed my teeth. I combed my hair and put it up around
my head and headed downstairs. I went into the kitchen to
find Harry dinking a cup of coffee and prepared to make breakfast.
He stood and was dressed in the BC sweats and the grungy t-shirt.
I the realized that I had nothing on but my night shirt. I
had the night shirt for many years. It was well worn and white.
I saw Harry’s eyes move lower as I did he same. I looked and
could see my nipples clearly through the fabric. I turned
quickly and went upstairs. I left the night shirt on and
put on my robe. I went down stairs and Harry was whistling
and cooking breakfast.

His first works were, I though I should pull my weight around
here. How do you like my eggs? I smiled and thought that it
was very nice of him not to mention my lack of clothing. I
told him sunny side up. He fixed breakfast and then asked
if we could go over the product line again. Over a couple
of cups of coffee, we hashed out a proposal that he could
take back to the board. He thanked me for taking the time
and told me he would get it to the board my months end. I said
great. If we can close the deal, it’s a win for me because
I client of your size was not in the forecast and would be
a win for my team at work.

We concluded work around 11 and I asked if he was still up
for the bet. He said why not. I checked the weather forecast
and the snow is suppose to taper off late tonight into tomorrow.
I called the airline and have a flight Monday at noon. So
I am here until then, as long as that is not an issue. I told
him no problem. I told him I wanted to snow blow the driveway
before the games started. He offered and I said that he did
not have the right clothing to be out in the weather and I
did not have any clothes of that kind that would fit him and
if they did I am sure he did not want the neighbors to see him
in my clothes. He agreed. I told him not to watch the games
until I came in and we would finalize the bet. He said he would
shower and set up downstairs for when I was done. I told him
that would be fine.

I went up to change. I needed my winter snow clothes which
I kept in the guest closet, now Harry’s room. I went in and
retrieved the clothes. As I turned I noticed the penthouse
letters sticking out under the pillow. I listened for Harry.
Hearing nothing, I put down the clothes and pulled out the
magazine. It was turned to a story, “A night to remember”.
I began reading and it was a story told by a female about how
she had gone out with a friend and been left at a local bar.
An elderly man started a conversation that led to drinks
and public kissing and groping.

I then heard a noise and quickly replaced the magazine,
only better than Harry. Got my linens and was coming out
the door when Harry was at the top of the steps. I told him
I used that closet for my winter clothes. He said he had noticed
when he hung up his.

I headed into my bedroom and changed. Thinking about what
I had read had me horny and I need to cool off. Snow blowing
should do that.

I cleared the driveway in a blinding snow by noon. I undressed
in the exterior cloches were all wet. I had brought my robe
down and was naked in a freezing garage. I slipped on my robe
and carried my wet clothes to the dryer. I called down stairs
and told Harry I was going to jump in the shower. He came upstairs
and said he was all set downstairs. I was leaning over placing
my clothes into the side load washer. I was facing towards
him. I noticed my robe was loose. I could see my cleavage
and my bush. I thought of the letter and decided to run with
it. No harm in a quick flash. I finished loading and Harry
was standing there asking what I wanted for munchies. When
I stood he stopped talking. I asked what was wrong and he
pointed and said my robe was a little loose. I fainted turning
red and quickly tied the robe. I then walked by him very close
and said, I like chicken wings and a beer, but let’s sit at
the bar. I brushed shoulders as I passed and headed upstairs.
I sensed his eyes on me. The robe was short and from his vantage
point I might not be hiding anything. I never looked down.
I went into my room. I hung the robe on the hook and jumped
in the shower. It felt nice and warm. I had my hair in a shower
cap so not to have to dry it again. I looked at my bush and took
out my electric razor and trimmed it to the shape of a letter
“V”. I had never had it shaped that way. Once finished, I
went out to my room and thought about what to wear. I decided
on a BC colored thong, a matching lacy push -up bra, a front
button knit shirt and a tight pair of jeans. I looked myself
over in the mirror and unbuttoned enough buttons to provide
a sight of my bra. I headed back to the room and pulled on a
BC sweat shirt. I figured I did not need to come across as
a vixen, but would a girl scout is always prepared. As I left
my room I asked myself what I was doing. I replied creating
my own penthouse letter. Even if nothing were to happen,
I would be able to fantasize about what it could be.

I started downstairs to the basement. As I was halfway down
I heard Harry talk for a moment. I heard him say Honey, so
I stopped. He said he had slept well and had a chance to do
laundry. I then heard him say, that he was not lounging around
in his boxers. He didn’t offer whose clothes he was wearing.
He then said that he would need to do laundry again because
he only had two pair of underwear and he had only cleaned
on pair. Susan must have then asked what clothes he was wearing.
He said he was wearing his suit pants and shirt. He had nothing
else with him. He then said, Honey I slept in the same way
I sleep when I am home. Yes in my Boxers and a T-shirt. Yes
my door was closed. I actually got up first this morning
and we were able to review a proposal on the products her
company has. I think we’ll be able to say the company about
4 % on the price we are paying today. Now I thought, that was
good, but I would have to keep that in mind during the final
negotiations. Harry then said, sorry you can’t talk to
Kate; she was out snow blowing and then went to take a shower.
No I offered, but I don’t have the clothes and I’m not going
to wear hers. You would like that wouldn’t you, to see me
in a pair of panties. Harry then said I know you didn’t pack
mine this time. I listened more attentively. Yes I could
have packed them myself, but I like the colors you pick out
for me. I then heard something interesting, but not sure
if I got it right. Harry said, when I was doing my laundry,
I had to get Kate’s out of the dryer. It was like that story
in penthouse, in the laundry mat where there are no dryers
and the guy has to unload one and unloads girl’s unmentionables.
He stopped suddenly. Then said no I did not end up in bed with
her. I was just relating to the story.

I tiptoed upstairs and had an idea. I went into my bedroom
and found the several pairs of underwear, skimpy night
gowns and bra’s. They were all clean, but I took them downstairs
and through them in the washer. I then headed downstairs.
Harry was dressed for success. He had on his suit pants and
shirt. He was sitting at the bar turning his phone in circles.
I asked if all was ok. He said all was fine, but Susan and the
kids tried to switch flights and there are non available
until Tuesday. So they are going to stay with the flight
they have tomorrow evening. I told him I had listened to
the weather forecast while dressing. The snow is tapering
off in Washington DC. They had 30 inches. The expect it to
stop snowing in Boston early tomorrow, but the heaviest
snow is yet to come and there is already close to 2 feet on
the ground. They are forecasting another 18 inches. He
said well there is nothing we can do about it but try and have
a good time. I said yep. He said well before we start, I need
to do some laundry again. I only packed for two days and I
don’t want to smell up our house. I told him I just put in a
load. Why don’t you go get yours together? Mine wash should
be done in about 10 minutes. He said why don’t we figure out
the bets and then I can go switch tubs. I replied lets get
to it.

Harry asked what I had in mind. I told him we should first
pick the 16 games. Then let’s see how many differences we
have then we can decide if it is one bet or several. We picked.
I purposely picked against Villanova and picked BC in hopes
this would give us a couple of differences. We then matched
picks and we had 5 differences. Harry then asked whets the

I said well we can have 5 bets or one bet. He said what kind
of bets you have in mind. I debated this carefully and then
started. I would suggest we take 5 sheets of paper each and
mark the game on each sheet. Then we mark what we want from
the other person should our team win. Then there would be
one last sheet for overall. I checked the games and all five
of our differences were in today’s eight games. I said it
could be money, but no more than $5 a game. The bets could
not business related that would compromise the negotiations
we had underway. I asked if he had any restrictions on bets.
He thought and said no. We wrote down our bets and on six sheets
of paper. When finished we placed the sheets on the bar in
order of games. Each sheet was turned up side down in a pile.
I then said, that after the third game, regardless of who
is winning, we can agree to change the bets. We both have
to agree which bets or all of them remaining.

Harry was satisfied with that. He then said he would go get
the laundry together. He headed upstairs and I turned on
the TV. I then checked for noise on the first floor. He was
not there. I looked at Harry’s bets. His first was that I
had to chug a beer. The second was I had to chug a beer and stand
on my head. The third was for $5. The fourth was I had to change
into what ever clothes he decided I should wear. The fifth
was to go upstairs and take a picture of me naked from the
top up. The sixth was to strip to my bra and panties.

I heard him come down to the first floor and walk to the laundry
room. He would be there a while. I looked at mine. The first
was for $5. The second was that he would have to change into
different clothes of my choice. The third was for him to
strip to his boxers. The fourth was to have him chug a beer
while he had his hands down his pants. The fifth was to wear
the panties of my choice. The sixth was for him to strip naked
and play with himself. He was taking his time upstairs.
So I changed my third and moved it to my second. I then moved
each of the other one game earlier and the last was that he
would have to walk the house naked all day Sunday.

I then headed upstairs to get some munchies. I passed by
the laundry room and he was loading his into the washer.
He was turned away from me and I scared him. He quickly maneuvered
around. The dryer was still open and I got the sense that
my panties had already found their way to his crotch. He
said he would be finished in a minute. I went to the kitchen
and grabbed the munchies. I passed by the laundry room and
Harry was gone.

I went downstairs and he came down wearing the same clothes
and asked for a beer. I check the game and said our first game
bet starts at two. It was only 1, what did he want to do. He
thought and said, how about we have a shot and chug a beer.
I agreed and grabbed some wild Turkey. I sat down facing
him at the bar. We tapped our glasses and drank the shot and
chugged the beer. He then suggested we head to the couch
with another beer and watch the game. I suggested we stay
at the bar and have another. We did. I then stood and took
off my sweatshirt. The button t-shirt I had on rode up to
just below my bra. I stopped with the sweatshirt over my
head and then bent over to see if I could see where he was looking.
He asked if I need help but his eyes were on my exposed skin.
I told him. Just needed him to pour another shot and beer.
I heard him get up and get the beers. I removed the sweatshirt
and pulled down my T-shirt. I looked in the mirror behind
the bar and fixed my hair and then noticed that another button
had come undone. I left it undone and sat down. We tapped
glasses one more time, but this time Harry’s eyes were not
on mine, but on my chest and purple bra.

I then took his hand and led him to the couch. I let him sit
down and asked if he needed another beer. He agreed. I went
for the beer and checked out my shirt. I popped another button
and headed back. We drank and watched the game. Both of us
seated, but leaning away from each other.

Finally when our first game came on we watched at half time.
I told him I had to pee and headed upstairs. I folded my laundry
in the dryer and pulled Harry’s out of the washer and into
the dryer. As I did I noticed that pair of my panties was in
with Harry’s laundry. I guess he was figuring he would be
changing tubs. I started the dryer and went to pee.

Downstairs I told him I had switch tubs. He looked startled.
I asked him what was wrong. He said nothing. Just did not
think you had to be doing my laundry. I said you did mine,
so fair is fair.

The second half started and Harry’s team was soon ahead.
I conceded the game with two minutes to go. With Harry winning
I decided to modify the rules. I said now Harry, since I don’t
know what you wrote down, you can change the bet to a dare
or the bet. Another words you can say the bet or the dare.
I choose and we go from there. But if dare is selected it cannot
be denied and must be started within 10 minutes. Harry then
said and if it’s not. I said then the loser has to do 2 shots
and take off an article of clothing. Harry smiled and said
I’m not sure that is what we agreed to with my wife. The liquor
driving me now I said, then say no and we’ll stop everything
right now. He thought about it and I was ready to give in when
he said OK I’m game.

Harry said the bet of the dare. I thought and said the bet.
He handed me the sheet and I chugged a beer. Our second game
started right away. I asked if Harry was hungry. He said
he was. I asked would you like an early dinner of steaks or
some chicken wings and other munchies. He selected the
chicken wings. I told him I would go fix them. I went upstairs
and put the wings in the oven. I then mixed in some frozen
potato skins and mozzarella skins. I then went and folded
the laundry and brought it upstairs. I left the pair of my
panties with his laundry.

I put the rest of mine away. I then looked in the mirror and
decided to add another layer of panties. A girl couldn’t
be too careful and be the first one exposed. I took off my
pants and over my thong I pulled on a pair of working white
panties. I then pulled my pants on and headed downstairs.
As I reached the first floor the phone rang. I answered on
the second ring and said hello. Susan said hello, is this
Kate? I said yes it is. Susan is that you. She said yes. I was
trying to get to Harry and let him know that our flights for
tomorrow are already cancelled, but he is not answering
the phone. I explained my TV room in the basement and how
reception was problematic said hold on. Before I could
leave she said how Harry is doing. He seemed stressed the
last time we talked. I told her he seemed fine, though I did
not know him well. But we had put on the basketball game and
were having a few beers. She said thank you. I am sure that
is what he needs to do. Just unwind and know all this will
be fine. I said it was no problem. It was nice to have some
company during the storm and I was glad I could help. She
said to take care of Harry for her. She then stopped a minute
and said I need to confide something in you. I said sure.
Susan said Harry hates being away to long. He likes well,
you know relations, regularly and three days is a long time
for him. I listened and pretended to understand. I then
said, not sure where this is going Susan. She was blunter.
He has to be crazy by now and will want to get laid. So be careful.
I said I could handle myself. I senses a smile in her voice
when she said, I am sure you can and Harry is a handful. More
bluntly she said, I would never tell Harry it is ok, but on
occasion I have strayed and understand why it happens.
I’m not asking you to sleep with my husband, I just warning
you. I told her I would be fine and I am sure Harry will be as
well. Would you like me to get him? She hesitated and said.
I hope I did not offend you. I laughed and said no she hadn’t
but it was nice to know if my hormones took over that I would
not have to feel guilty about something happening. She
hesitated as if too retract her previous approval. Then
she said, well lets go at it this way Kate. I liked to know
it’s happening as opposed to it being hidden. So promise
me if it does happen you call me with all the details. I then
said like a penthouse letter style and she said, we love
those. Yes just like that. She then proceeded to tell me
what Harry liked. At the end of the conversation I was non-committal
but knew I was going to have some fun. I then said Susan it
has been an eye opener to talk to you. Should I get Harry know.
She said yes, but I won’t be giving him approval. The ball
or balls are in your court. I laughed and shouted downstairs
for Harry.

He came upstairs and I handed him the phone. While he talked,
I removed the munchies from the oven. I overheard him sigh
at the thought that the family would not be home until Tuesday
at the earliest. He seemed very agitated. I then heard him
say yes I have the magazine. Yes I could do that. I was bending
over the oven know facing him. He had a clear view of my bra.
He hesitated a moment. He then said, yep it the laundry.
Yep I do. Yes I will try. Yes I am just thinking about it. He
was turning red and turned his back to me. I finished gathering
the munchies. I then started downstairs. I had to walk by
him and I brushed against him as passed. I said I would see
him downstairs.

I placed the munchies out on the bar. I grabbed my remaining
5 sheets and changed them. Number two was now he had to tell
me his sexual fantasy. Number 3 was he had to read a penthouse
letter to me and masturbate using a pair of my panties. Number
4 was he had to dress up like a woman and wear that until he
won a game. Number 5 was he had to read a story while I rammed
a vibrator up his butt and Number 6 is he had to call and talk
to Susan while his feet were tied to the bed and I still completely
dressed in a tight tank top and miniskirt, sucked and fucked
him. I finished just as he came down.

We munched on munchies as we watched the game. He was stressed
out and I asked if I could help. He replied he didn’t think
so. I told him I was a good listener. He said, he just is stressed
out by not being at home with the family. I apologized and
said I would be the best company I could be. He laughed and
said you already have been. I am sure the stress level would
be ten times this if I was at the airport.

We finished our food and I told him to relax and watch the
game while I cleaned up. He offered to help and I said okay.
We took the dishes upstairs and cleaned up. We then headed
downstairs to see the remainder of the second game. Harry
won that game. I pouted and said, I thought the homeowner
is supposed to win. He laughed and then offered me a beer.
He then said bet or dare. I said dare. He was taken back. He
stammered and said let me think. I prodded him…come on you
can come up with something good. He was behind the love seat
and I was on my knees with my elbows on the back. He had a full
view of my cleavage and he was trying hard not to stare. I
caught him and said it’s your dare to state. So what will
it be Harry. He said Okay I dare you to go upstairs and take
a picture of you with just your bra and panties on. I pretended
to be shocked. I said Harry what would your wife say. He said
I know. I am sorry. Let’s say you just have to chug a beer.
I looked at him and said do you really want me to take a picture
of myself. He said no chugging the beer would be fine. I said
okay. I chugged a beer and told him I need to pee.

I went up to my room and stripped. I put on a lacy pair of boy
shorts and bra. I could see my nipples, but wasn’t sure if
the camera would. I took pictures using the timer. One was
of me standing and leaning towards the camera. The other
was of me on my bed on my side with my legs in a scissor pose.

I then dressed in the same close I had been in, multiple panties
and all and went downstairs. At the bottom of the stairs
Harry said he was sorry for asking for such a dare. I looked
and told him; well I remember we agreed that I couldn’t back
off a dare, so it’s okay. With that I walked up to him and handed
him the photos. I gave you two so you would know I was not mad
at you.

I watched him look. At first he seemed astonished. Then
I noticed a rise in his pants. Then he sat down and said thank
you. I said no problem but remember fair is fair. He laughed
and said I guess I need to win all the other games.

It was now a little past 4 so I told him I need to check on the
driveway. I went upstairs and he followed. I decided I should
do it again. So I went out in the garage and Harry followed.
I asked what he was doing. He said he wanted to help. I asked
and what are you going to wear. He looked around and came
up with nothing. I said that’s what I thought. I unbuttoned
my jeans to pull on my ski outfit. Harry watched. I had on
my granny white panties and lacy bra. He tried t move and
couldn’t. I said nothing the pictures didn’t show you.
I slipped on my ski outfit and opened the door. I told him
he should get inside before he froze. I asked him to take
my clothes inside so I they would be warm when I was done.
He picked them up and went inside.

It took about an hour to do the driveway. I finished and press
the automatic garage door opener to close the door. Harry
must have heard it because as I was stripping he brought
me a robe to wear into the house. I thanked him and followed
him inside. He then said he had lost game three. I was standing
there in my robe and said bet or dare. He quickly said bet.
I told him to follow me downstairs and we would read the bet.
I handed to him and he blushed. He started to say no. When
I picked up the pictures and reminded him of the bonus in
the garage. He then said he didn’t have a penthouse letters
magazine. I then took his hand and led him up to his room.
I pulled the pillow back and said you should hide these better.
I picked up the magazine and took his hand and led him into
my room. I pulled out a pair of my sexy panties and told him
he had to read one story, any story he wanted. He was not allowed
to come, but he must fully expose himself to me. He thought
and said, I am stuck here. I said yes you are.

I was still dressed in my robe and sat on t a chair I had in the
corner of my bedroom. I told Harry to unbutton his shirt
and pull down his pants and underwear. He was sweating and
moved slowly. I leaned back and spread my legs so the robe
moved to expose my inner thighs. He had his shirt unbuttoned
and I stood up and took it off him. I then sat back down and
assumed the same position. He then started on his pants
and they fell to the floor. He must have been semi hard already
as there was a bulge his boxers. He turned from me and took
them off. I had a great view of his ass which was muscled and
toned. I then told him to put on the panties I gave him and
lay on the bed. He rushed quickly to put the panties on. He
then layed on the bed. From my angle I could not see much,
but thought I would get him comfortable first. I told him
to move his head up to the pillows. He did. I then said pick
out a story. He started reading. I asked the title. He said
“Friday Night”. He began.

After a week of meetings and long nights to keep the regular
work on target I needed a nice cold drink. I headed down to
the local watering hole that most of our companies’ singles
hung out at for a few hours after work on Friday night. I arrived
about 6 and the place was empty. I grabbed a bar stool and
asked Ronnie, the bar tender where the crowd was. She said
they were in here early. The Sox have a game starting at 7,
so they all headed to the taverns nearer the stadium. I had
forgotten that this was the company’s group night at Fenway.
I ordered a beer and Ronnie served the few other patrons
at the other end of the bar. The pre game show was on the tube.
I settled in for a night of watching the game. I lived off
the Red Line, so I didn’t have to worry about driving.

I stood up as Harry read. He had the magazine in front of his
face and could not see me. I looked at my panties covering
his cock. Well trying to cover it. I had given him low riders,
so there wasn’t much fabric. From the looks of it covered
his balls nicely. I could tell the package he was carrying
was nice, but not sure if it had grown to its full potential
yet. I moved and sat on the corner of the bed. It was a king.
I pulled the robe up and crossed my legs and assumed the Indian
style position. Harry read on

I ordered my second beer and a burger. No sense depriving
myself of food. The place was usually over packed on Fridays.
While the food was good, it could take an hour to get served
with the normal crowd. So I indulged myself. Ronnie took
my order with a smile. By game time I was finished my second
beer and my food. I ordered a third and told Ronnie I needed
to use the head and would be back. She smiled and said well
no lines down there tonight. She winked and said she would
save me a seat.

As I was peeing, I thought about the hard week and how I had
been with the company for three years. I had a staff of 4 and
my salary had grown well during the time I had been there.
As I washed my hands I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.
I then said you’re doing alright Bill, except you are talking
to yourself.

Harry was rubbing himself almost as if I wasn’t there. I
had a desire to put my hand down my pants. I knew I was wet but
I focused on Harry’s cock.

I returned to the bar to see that someone had settled a briefcase
on the bar near where I was sitting. I approached my stool
and noticed that everything was where it should be. I then
asked Ronnie if she knew the owner of the briefcase. She
said she didn’t see anyone put it down, but she caught a glimpse
of a woman headed in the direction of the bathrooms as she
came up from cleaning out one of the coolers. She said slow
nights give us the chance to catch up on some of these things.
I asked her to get me a beer when she had a chance. I looked
up and the first pitch of the game was thrown.

A few minutes later I heard footsteps headed towards me.
I turned and recognized Diane from the company. Diane was
a level or two higher than I and had been with the company
for ten years. She was known as being very good at what she
did, but was a bitch on wheels when it came to getting things
done. She stopped one stool down from me and took off her
coat. I turned to her and said hello Diane how are you? She
looked as if she did not know me. I knew she did, but she hesitated
and then send and how are you Paul. I’m fine I responded.
I asked why she wasn’t at the game with the rest of the clan.
She didn’t answer, but asked me the same question. I told
her that when the information came out, I was supposed to
be coming home from a conference. The conference was a victim
of the budget cuts, so here I am. Ronnie came over and asked
Diane what she would like. She ordered an apple martini.
I returned my attention to the game. After a half inning,
the score was two-nothing, Baltimore. Not a good start
I said to myself. I heard Diane say no not all. I looked over
and she was ordering her second drink. I asked again why
she didn’t go to the game. She said that business functions
always cause her anxiety. I asked why so. She said because
I put a lot of effort into establishing my reputation and
I am lost on how to turn that off outside the office. Intrigued
I continued on. I said, you mean because you are successful,
respected and a key player at the office, you would let you
guard down and people would see another side of you. She
replied something like that.

Harry was moving slowly as the story had not been more than
anticipation at this point. He did have to stop and turn
the page. I noticed he needed two hands to do this and I could
see a line of pre-come on his fingers from his cock as he moved
his hand up.

I changed the subject. I asked Diane, wouldn’t seeing people
from work here result in the same anxiety. She said yes,
but she knew of the game and had not figured anyone would
be in here. I told her I

Dare to be

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