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The Speed Trap


My mind was elsewhere, and before I knew it, the speedometer
read 80 miles an hour. What brought my mind back to the present
and my eyes to the speedometer, was the sound of police siren
behind me. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw that the
cop car was right behind me and I knew they wanted me to pull
over. I did so, noticing that I was the only car in sight and
we were way out in the middle of nowhere. Where had that cop
been? Probably hiding on a side road, just waiting for someone
to speed by. Probably had a quota or something. Just my luck!!!
I rolled down my window, just as the cop came up beside the
car. "In a hurry are we?" he snidely remarked. "I'm sorry officer, I just got carried away there
for a minute. I don't usually speed." "Well, you sure were this time. Your license and registration
please." I got out my license and reached over to the glove compartment
for the registration. Handing them to the cop, I was inwardly
groaning. I'd already been caught for speeding so
many time, one more and my license would be suspended. I
couldn't afford that to happen as I used my car as part
of my job. If I lost my license, I might lose my job. "Please officer, I really was only speeding for a
little ways and I'll be very careful not to again. Please
don't give me a ticket." "You broke the speed limit by over 20 miles per hour.
I can't just ignore that, now can I?" I saw a possible opening, and went for it. "Well, no, I guess it wouldn't be right to just
ignore it. Maybe there is some other way to solve this problem."
I had used my most sensual voice, looking up at him, batting
my eyes. Being coy and seductive. The cop was looking at
me and I saw him checking me out. I had a great figure, large
breasts and long legs. "Get out of the car please." he growled. God, I must have pissed him off. Now, not only would I get
a ticket for speeding, but he'd probably charge me
with trying to bribe an officer, and maybe even arrest me.
He had stepped a little bit away from the car and I opened
the driver's side door and got out. While doing this,
my already short skirt, rode higher and exposed my inner
thighs. I closed the car door behind me and stood next to
the car. "Now miss, is it my understanding that you just offered
me a bribe if I didn't give you a speeding ticket?"
"Well, sir, I'm sorry. I just thought that maybe
we could work something out. I didn't mean to offend
you or anything." He was again checking me out. I was kinda tall, but he was
even taller, looming over me by a good six inches. He had
a broad chest and I could tell through his shirt that he had
muscular arms. He was actually kinda cute and I felt myself
blushing as I imagined him without his shirt, his hairy
chest exposed. "And just what did you have in mind?" "Ah, well. I really hadn't thought about it,
but maybe you have a suggestion or two?" By giving him the lead I hoped to avoid the bribery charge
and, maybe, just maybe, be lucky enough not to get a ticker
either. "Well, now. Speeding is a very serious crime you know.
The usual punishment is a stiff fine, the loss of points
off your license, and, if we do a check and find you have been
ticketed before, we could arrest you and you could lose
your license. So, if other arrangements were made, you
understand they would have to be just as serious as the original
crime was, don't you?" "Yes, sir. I understand that." "The first thing we have to do, before we can decide
what to do about this situation, is to frisk you. We have
to make sure you have no drugs or weapons on you. Move to the
front of the car please and turn and place your hands on the
hood." I understood the necessity of this search so I moved to the
front of the car and bent over, placing my hands on the hood.
I heard his footsteps in the gravel behind me and I then felt
his hands on my sides, just under my armpits. He ran his hands
down the length of my body, all the way down to my ankles,
patting my body as he went. "Spread your legs please." I again blushed at the thought of doing this, but readily
obeyed the officer. I felt the pressure of his hands on my
calves, aware that he was indicating I spread my legs wider.
I did so, feeling a funny sensation in the pit of my stomach
when I did. I couldn't help but begin to feel turned
on, just imagining what I must look like in this position.
I knew the situation was serious, but couldn't stop
my reaction to it. He slid his hands up my legs and as they
got higher, closer to my private area, I heard myself moan.
I felt mortified that I was behaving this way, and hoped
he hadn't noticed. Then I felt his hands on my pubic
area and they seemed to linger there longer than was necessary.
Finally he was moving them again, sliding them over my ass.
I was feeling very hot by this time and involuntarily pushed
my ass back against his hand. He felt all over my ass, pushing
my panties into the crack of my ass as he searched for weapons.
Slowly, he moved his hands up, first touching all areas
of my back and then covering my stomach and heading for my
breasts. When he got to them, first he just ran his hands
over my bra, then he kinda squeezed them with his whole hand.
Finally he moved to my nipples and squeezed them between
his fingers. They were already hard but grew even firmer
under his touch. I again let out a moan, trying to hold it
back, but being unsuccessful. "OK, you can turn around now." I slowly stood up and turned to face him. He looked flushed
and, without thinking, I glanced down at his crotch. I was
not surprised to see a large bulge in his trousers. Maybe
this was going to work out after all. Just then a second officer
came up to the car. I hadn't realized there were two
of them, but it made sense, given they always worked in teams.
What would this guy think or say about the offer of the bribe?
"Hey, Bill, did you run a check on the license plate?"
"Sure did. Seems this lady is always in a hurry. She's
had twenty points taken from her license already. Today's
points means she looses her license for six months."
"Well, now. So you don't usually speed huh? Not
only are you a speeder, but a liar and you were trying to bribe
an officer. What do you think Bill? You think this is a Code
6?" I had no idea what a Code 6 was, but sensed that it was serious.
"Yup, definitely a Code 6. I think it's also Codes
9, Code CS, Code P and Code F. It's no longer just a moving
violation." Hearing him list off the codes made me very nervous. It was
sounding more and more serious all the time. What had I gotten
myself into? "I think we'll have to take her in." Those words made my heart almost stop. I couldn't be
arrested. My life would be ruined. I thought quickly and
one last plan came to me. "Please, I'll do anything. Just please don't
arrest me. I'm sorry I was speeding and I promise never
to do it again. Honestly. I'm begging you, please don't
bring me in." As I was speaking, the first officer had reached for my arm
and had started to put handcuff on me. I was stunned and let
him cuff my hands together in front of me without protest.
"Bill, can you take care of her car. I'll take
care of her." "Sure. Meet you later." The first officer had taken my arm and was leading me to his
car. I was very upset and was starting to cry. This just couldn't
be happening. "OK, watch your head." The officer helped me into the back seat of the patrol car.
He then closed the door and walked around the car very leisurely
and got in. I was in the back seat, tears running down my cheeks.
I heard the officer say something like, Code 1030, into
his microphone and a woman's voice saying something
about car 7 being code 1030. I assumed that meant he was telling
them he was bringing someone in, and I started to cry harder.
The officer started the car and, instead of pulling out
onto the road, backed the car up. He didn't go very far
before stopping and turning the car into a side road I hadn't
noticed before. Must be a short cut to the station. I didn't
pay much attention to where we were going, worrying more
about what the consequences of my being arrested were going
to be. The car stopped and I looked up only to see that we were
parked in a little clearing in the middle of the woods. Not
knowing what was going on, I could only sit in the back seat,
speechless. The officer got out and I saw him pass my door,
heading for the back of the car. I heard the trunk open, some
rustling noises and then the trunk was closed again. Just
then the headlights of another car cut a bright path behind
us. The car stopped and I heard the first officer's
footsteps go away from the car and towards the other car.
I heard mumbling noises and then the sound of two pairs of
footsteps coming back. The passenger side door opened.
"OK, come on, get out." He was reaching in and pulling on my arm as he spoke. If I didn't
want my arm pulled out of the socket I had to obey and get out.
Once outside "Bill" took my other arm and between
the two of them, I was led towards the trees. Sensing something
wrong I baulked, trying to dig my heels into the ground.
I was no match for the two men and they easily jerked me forward.
"Look, it will go better for you if you cooperate.
It's up to you lady if this goes easy or it goes hard for
you." The tone of his voice told me he wasn't kidding. Feeling
scared and confused, I allowed myself to be led into the
woods. We didn't go far, just a little ways until we
came to a second small clearing. "Lady, this is where it's at. We have found you
guilty of multiple code violations. You now have a choice.
You can be arrested, be taken downtown where you will be
fingerprinted and have your mug shot taken and stay in county
lock up overnight until you can be arraigned in the morning.
If you go to trial and are found guilty, not only will you
lose your license because of the number of times you've
been caught speeding, but you will also be given jail time
for attempting to bribe an officer, resisting arrest,
drug possession and for concealing a dangerous weapon.
All told you should probably think about spending the next
20 to 30 years in jail." "But, but, I didn't resist arrest and I didn't
have any drugs or weapons. What are you talking about? I....I..."
"It's your word against ours lady. And who do
you think they're going to believe? A smartass woman,
or two upstanding officers?" All I could do was stand there and sputter. They couldn't
do this. It wasn't true. I would tell everyone it wasn't
true. They would believe me. Wouldn't they? I'm
not sure even I believed that and it scared me to death. "Now that you've had time to think about it, we
want to make you a deal. If you take the deal, we'll make
sure you don't go to jail. If you refuse the deal, you
can kiss your freedom good-bye right here and right now."
My mind was racing. What could they possibly mean by a deal?
Part of me wanted to scream yes immediately, not caring
what the deal was as long as I wasn't arrested. But some
part of me also was heeding some red flags going up inside
my head. Caution flags. Danger signals. "We'll give you to the count of ten to answer.
One....two....three...." Things were moving too quickly. How could I think under
this kind of pressure? But what choice did I have? I just
couldn't be arrested and go to jail. "Seven...eight...nine." "OK, OK, I'll take the deal." As soon as the words were out of my mouth I regretted them.
I somehow knew I would lose in this deal. But what choice
did I have, really? None. "Smart girl. Over here." They were moving me again, heading for the nearest trees.
I noticed then that Bill was carrying a small duffel bag.
When we got to the trees, we stopped and Bill let go of my arm
and moved around the small clearing, lighting candles
that I hadn't noticed were there. They formed a ring
around the clearing and in amongst some of the trees. When
he was finished he came back and took my arm again. The other
officer let go of my other arm and stood directly in front
of me. "This is the deal lady. You disobeyed the speed limit
but you aren't going to disobey us. No matter what we
tell you to do, you will do it without question and immediately.
If you resist in any way, we will make sure it doesn't
happen twice. You were accused of and were found guilty
of attempting to bribe an officer. So now that officer has
the right to clear his good name and punish you for even suggesting
he would take a bribe. You were in possession of drugs so
we are going to make sure you don't have any more on you.
As for the hidden weapons charge, well, we are the only ones
allowed to have hidden weapons. So we will have to make sure
you have no place to hide them and see that you don't
have any more hidden away somewhere. Now, do we make ourselves
clear?" I was in shock. Here I was, standing in the middle of a forest
with two men who were telling me I must do as they said, or
else. I didn't know exactly what they had in mind, but
I had a good idea. Before I could think further about it,
I heard Bill speak. "David, I know you frisked her, but I think we should
do a complete search now. Make sure she hasn't hidden
any other weapons. And since it was you she resisted before,
I think you should have the honors of beginning the search."
"Yeah, I agree. I'll make sure she doesn't
resist again." David had walked over to the duffel bag while he was speaking
and had reached in and pulled something out. I couldn't
make out what it was. David stood beside me as he finished
speaking. With one quick movement he put something over
my head and settled it over my eyes. Everything went black
and I panicked, trying to raise my arms to remove whatever
was covering my eyes. Bill was still holding my arm and made
it impossible for me to move my arms at all. "There, that should tame you a little." I felt my hands being raised a little, heard the sound of
a key in the lock of the handcuffs and then my hands were free.
I rubbed my wrists, thankful they had been released. My
thankfulness didn't last long. Bill had moved behind
me and now held both my arms, at the elbows, behind me. I felt
a touch up by my neck and realized someone was undoing the
buttons of my blouse. "What are you doing? You can't do that!!"
I struggled to free myself from Bill's grip, to no avail.
I tried kicking out at David but didn't come in contact
with him. My arms were being pulled back tightly. Bill sort
of jerked back on my arms. "Stop that. Stand still or you will regret it."
His voice was harsh. I knew instinctively that he meant
it. I stopped struggling, resigned to what was happening,
hoping it would be over quickly and I would be able to go home.
David finished undoing my blouse and felt the cool breeze
on my bare skin when he pushed the front aside. Bill let go
of one arm and David quickly slid my arm out of the sleeve.
The same thing happened with my other sleeve, removing
my blouse completely. It was chilly out and I felt the goosebumps
begin to cover my arms. I then felt one strap of my bra being
pushed off my shoulder and then the other. Again my arms
were let go, one at a time, as my bra was removed. With the
air now blowing on my bare nipples, they hardened even more
than they had been. I now stood in the middle of the forest
in just my skirt, panties and shoes. I was so embarrassed
I could feel myself blushing, the warmth of the blush made
more noticeable because of the coolness of the air. I was
thankful for the darkness of the night. Hopefully they
would not see me blushing. "Move forward." I felt Bill press up against me from behind with this order.
In that short period of contact my mind registered the fact
that I felt his hardon press up against me. I was pushed unceremoniously
forward for a little ways and then we stopped again. I felt
David take one arm while Bill changed his grip to my wrist
on the other. He raised my arm and I felt something go around
my wrist. Bill let go of my wrist but it remained in the air.
I pulled down with my arm but found that it wouldn't
move. In the meantime, David had done the same thing with
my other arm. I was now standing with my arms spread wide
and tied above me. Because of the position I was in, my skirt
was raised high, nearly exposing my panties underneath.
"NO. You can't do this! You can't treat me
like this! What are you doing?" I was scared but I was also getting angry. "You'll never get away with this! I'll make
sure you lose your badges because of this. I know the chief
of police and he'll believe me. You'll..."
SMACK My head flew back as the slap landed on my cheek. It stung,
bringing tears to my eyes. "Shut up bitch. You will tell no one, you hear? No one!!
Even if you know the chief, he will never listen to some wild
story from you. I'm tired of hearing your whining."
A hand pulled my head back and as I started to say something,
felt a hard object in my mouth. Whatever it was filled my
mouth completely. I couldn't make a sound and feared
that I wouldn't be able to breath. I drew in a deep breath
through my nose and realized I could breath fine. But this
thing had now been tied behind my head, fitting it snugly
in my mouth. "There. That should keep you quiet." Bill and David both laughed. I heard them shuffling around
and wondered what they were doing. The next thing I knew,
someone was pinching my hard nipple. It hurt and I moaned
through the gag in my mouth. The nipple was pinched again
and then the other one received the same attention. I tried
to move away from the hand but wasn't able to move enough
to get away. The hand continued to tweak and pinch my nipples
and, against my will, my body responded to the attention
being paid them. I felt that familiar stirring in my groin.
Oh, God, no. I can't be liking this. But my body wasn't
listening to my mind. I again heard movement around me and
then silence. What were they doing now? I didn't have
to wait long to find out. THWACK I heard the sound before the pain registered. Then the stinging
on by butt started. My body involuntarily moved forward,
tightening my ass cheeks. Before I'd fully realized
what had happened, I felt it again. THWACK Again the burning feeling. I tried to scream but, because
of the gag, was only able to make an animal sounding noise.
My skirt deadened the blows some, but not much. THWACK THWACK Two more in quick succession. My ass was burning and tears
were streaming down my face. My feet were shuffling around,
trying to get away from the blows I knew were coming. THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK Four more. I was dancing around as much as was possible,
but the blows were hitting their mark anyway. THWACK THWACK This time only two. But the accumulative effect made it
feel like more. I was wiggling and moving and crying. I felt
a hand rubbing my ass. It hurt at first but then felt good.
My groans turned to moans. The blows had stopped and I thought
for sure they were done and would now let me go. How wrong
I was. I felt hands against my lower back and heard the sound
of a zipper being lowered. Then my skirt was no longer on.
Someone also took each foot and removed the shoe from it.
All I had on now was my thin pair of white panties. How they
must stand out in all this darkness. "My turn." Before the words even sank in I felt the sting of the belt
on my butt again. Without my skirt the blow felt harder and
hurt more. This time the blows came in quick succession,
hardly giving me time to register the first blow before
another one was landing. While this was happening, I also
felt fingers on my nipples again. This time it didn't
hurt, but increased the heat in my groin. Plus I realized
the blows to my ass were hurting less. In their place was
a warmth that spread from my ass to my lightly covered pussy.
I felt myself getting wet and hated my body at that moment
for betraying me. I shouldn't be liking this. They
were beating me and here I was getting hot. The spanking
stopped and I again felt hands massaging my ass cheeks.
Without thinking I pushed my ass back against those hands,
wanting the delicious feeling it was producing. "Well, well. Look what we have here. A real slut, isn't
she! Let's see." I felt a hand slide down the front of my panties and fingers
slide along my pussy lips. Two fingers pushed my lips apart
and I felt another one slip inside. "Yup, just like I thought. The little bitch is wet."
The hand was removed and both men laughed. I was mortified.
How could this be happening? Why? What had I done to deserve
this? So I was speeding a little. Didn't everyone?
While I was fuming inside about my predicament the men were
busy. One nipple was being sucked on while the other was
being manipulated and pinched. I felt teeth nibbling on
my nipple and ripples of sensation went down my body to the
center of my hot spot. My nipple was bit and then the other
got the same treatment. "Time for the body cavity search, don't you think
David?" "For sure. Guess these got to go huh?" My panties were pulled up in the back as David spoke, causing
them to ride up the crack of my ass. The front was pulled tight,
the seam in the front brushing roughly against my hard clit.
I couldn't stop myself from moaning at the feeling
being sent to my pussy. After a final tug for good measure,
the panties were pulled down and off. I felt hands on my ankles
and both were pulled apart at the same time. I felt the same
kind of cuff being placed around each of them and when I tried
to close my legs, they would not move. I was now tied spread
eagle, totally naked. "As you may know, a body cavity search means we have
to make sure you haven't stashed anything up your cunt
or in your ass. You don't have anything hidden there,
now, do you?" I couldn't have answered even if I'd wanted to.
The gag silenced my cries of outrage. I knew they planned
to invade my body, under the guise of searching for contraband.
And there was nothing I could do about it. Not a thing. Hearing
him list off the codes made me very nervous. It was sounding
more and more serious all the time. Because I couldn't
see anything, my hearing seemed to be super sensitive.
I picked up even the slightest movement made by the men with
me. I could hear them rustling around, but had no idea what
they were doing. My heart was pounding in anticipation.
What were they going to do next? I felt hands roaming all
over my body. My muscles quivered at their touch. Partially
because my nerves were on edge, but also, I had to admit to
myself, because I was turned on. Every time the hands went
anywhere even close to my pubic area I involuntarily moaned.
They seemed to be teasing me, torturing me by not actually
touching my pussy but coming very close. My breasts were
poked and squeezed, my nipples pinched and pulled. My butt
was pinched and occassionally swatted. At one point I felt
someone biting my ass cheek. Not hard, just enough to make
my muscles tense in reaction. "I think it's time to have a look up that cunt,
don't you David?" "Definately Bill. And I have just the thing to do that!"
Again that rustling noise. Then I finally felt fingers
on my pussy lips. They were pulling them apart, exposing
my hard little clit and the entrance to my very wet vagina.
I felt a coldness against my skin and before I knew what was
happening, felt something being inserted into me. I gasped
as it entered me, feeling how big it was. It went in easily
because of the lubrication, but it filled me completely.
The object was being pushed deep inside me. "Did you remember to turn the flashlight on before
sticking it up there?" "Of course I did. How else can I see up there?"
The meaning of their words hit home. It was a flashlight
up there. Again I felt mortified at the thought. But, as
before, a second response was also occurring. Having my
pussy filled to the brim felt good. So what if it was a flashlight
and not a cock. I felt both like a victim and a slut at the same
time. "I think you better make sure anything up there gets
loosened up and can fall out, David. Maybe a good pounding
will break it up." No sooner had those words been spoken than I was being thoroughly
fucked by the flashlight. At first the pain made me draw
my breath in, but as it continued, my breathing changed
to a panting sound as I got hotter and hotter. Never had I
had such a fucking and I was loving it. After every six or
eight strokes the flashlight was removed for a second,
then thrust back in to again pound into me. THWACK The belt landing on my bare bottom was a surprise. It hurt
like hell, and I clenched my cheeks together, trying to
protect my exposed bottom. It was of course impossible,
but the reaction was instinctual. THWACK THWACK THWACK THWACK Again and again my bottom received the belt. A terrific
heat was building in my pussy and now on my bottom too. "My turn David." The flashlight stopped its pounding and was pulled out
of me. I felt empty without it but I didn't have to wait
long before I was again being filled up. This time the intruder
was hard and warm and I knew Bill had just put his cock inside
me. I was now being pumped into by Bill while David continued
his assault on my ass. As Bill fucked me he was also pinching
and biting my nipples. The belt landed squarely again and
again, first on one cheek and then the other. Then it stopped.
"We mustn't forget her other hole, must we?"
The men laughed. I felt hands on my now red hot ass cheeks.
They at first just rubbed the hot areas, but then I felt fingers
along my crack. My cheeks were parted and I felt a finger
probing and rubbing around my little asshole. No, they
weren't going to enter me there too!! That was too much.
I tried to clench my cheeks closed, but got a hard smack for
my troubles. "Forget it lady. There's no way you can avoid
this search, so just relax and enjoy it." Again a rustling noise and then I felt a cold wetness on my
hole. It was rubbed around it and then, without warning,
a finger was shoved up my ass. I couldn't get away and
the intruder started pumping in and out, sliding easily
because of the lubricant he had used. I then felt the fingers
at my entrance and another finger was inserted. It felt
very uncomfortable at first, but the more he pumped into
me, the better it felt. Then the fingers were removed. Good,
it was over and I had survived it. I should have known better
by now. The respite from his fingers was brief. I had hardly
even had time to think these thoughts when I felt a coldness
pressing against my hole. There was resistance at first,
but with a slight push, the instrument was inserted with
ease. Whatever was being used was bigger than the two fingers
had been. I was now being pumped into by this big object in
my asshole and by Bill in my pussy. "I always knew these nightsticks would come in handy!"
The men cracked up at this remark. They were laughing like
crazy as they continued their activites. Oh yes, this was
very funny!! My two holes were completely filled and being
thoroughly fucked. "Trade you." I was suddenly empty but only for a few minutes. I felt myself
being impaled on a large cock again. The nightstick wasn't
inserted again, but I felt a cock being shoved into me. It
was as big as the nightstick and pounded deep into me. I felt
the bodies of both men bang against my body as they worked
their cocks in and out of me. My breasts were again being
given attention too and I felt an orgasm building in me.
It came closer and closer and I finally came big time. "Hey, the bitch is cumming. Did we tell you that you
could come? No, we didn't. I think she needs some more
leather." Bill's cock was withdrawn from my asshole and I heard
that rustling noise again. Then the belt landed on my already
hot ass. Again and again. My body reacted to this by having
another orgasm. And another. And another. I felt faint
and my muscles went limp. "I think we fucked her to death Bill. Better splash
some cold water on her to wake her up." The shock of the cold water on my body brought me back to alertness.
David had removed his cock and I could feel the wetness from
my cunt on the insides of my legs. I felt empty, but fulfilled.
"Well, girl, take that as a lesson. If you speed or
break the law on our beat, you're going to get beat."
Both men cracked up at this comment too. They really thought
they were funny. I heard the men moving around and then felt
my wrists and ankles being untied. My legs were wobbly at
first but I was able to stand without difficulty fairly
quickly. The gag and hood were removed and it took a few minutes
for my eyes to adjust to the night. Without saying a word
the men handed me my clothes and I quickly dressed before
they changed their minds. "Can you take her back to her car David? I'll straighten
things up here and meet you at the station, ok?" "Sure, no problem. See you later." David took hold of my elbow and led me to his car. I got in the
back seat, wincing in pain as I sat. I dared not say anything
for fear it would start the whole thing all over again. I
stared out the window, anxious to see my car and safety.
"Now missy, I know I don't need to tell you to keep
your mouth shut about tonight, do I? Don't forget,
we have your name and address from your driver's licence,
so we can find you any time we want. And we just might want
to anyway! Hehe. Anyway, no one will believe you if you try
to say any of this happened and you'll just be seen as
a crazy lady. Just be glad we were easy with you, count your
blessings, and behave. Or else!!!" I understood the threat and shook my head in agreement.
They did know my name and address that was true. I was torn
about the rest of his message. Would they come to get me and
do this again? Part of me feared this, but part of me was saying,
gosh, I sure hope so. How could I want this to happen again?
What kind of woman was I? "Ok, here's your car. Now, remember, we are always
out here so...." He didn't finish the sentence but the threat was there.
I again nodded my agreement as he helped me out of his car.
I walked on unsteady legs to my car and got in. I feared that
at any minute he would grab me again and say he was just joking,
I really couldn't just leave. But he didn't and
I turned the car on and put it in drive. I glanced in the rear
view mirror and say his car backing away. He turned his car
around and headed off in the opposite direction. I pulled
out onto the roadway and headed for home. I was totally exhausted
and could hardly wait to go to bed. What a night. I had so many
mixed emotions, but my tiredness was predominant. I would
have to think this night through tomorrow, after I'd
had some sleep. Maybe then I could figure out what all the
feelings were. Until then, I just felt fulfilled and sleepy.
And glad to be alone in my car and heading home to safety and

The End (or the beginning....)

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wat an exciting encounter..... i dont think its true...
but do write about more encounters with the 2 policemen


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Great story, I loved it!!