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The Sleepover


All I had left of my senior year were two weeks. I was excited, and wanted to do a little celebration with my friends. The only problem was today we were such a ragtag group of girls that it was difficult to find an activity that all of us could enjoy. My first idea was to go to the bar, but my roommate was only a freshmen and was too young. Then I thought that maybe we would have a beach day. That sounded really fun at first until I realised that there were no beaches that were even close.
"Why not a slumber party," my petite roommate asked, " none of us have been to a slumber party in so long. It would be nice to relax and just be together." That was an excellent idea. It would be a great throwback party. We could give makeovers, watch a movie, and even gossip like the old days before we had to grow up.
"You are brilliant," I told her and ran off to grab my cellphone. I quickly called the other four in our group and ran the idea past them. Almost all four of them thought it was just as good an idea as I did. The only one with any trepidation was Lin, a foreign student from Japan. She had never been to a slumber party before so she just didn't know anything about it. She was the cautious one you can tell. She finally decided she would go once I explained it to her. Casey, on the other hand was the total opposite. She started taking about how she was going to bring this makeup and that movie and we could eat these snacks. I couldn't help but get a laugh out of how excited she was. Granted, she was a cheerleader so I probably should have expected it out of her.
I got us all together in the local Cafe next to our dorms so we could better plan it out. We say around a big oak table and split up who would bring what. Casey wanted to bring her huge ass make up kit she uses for her cheerleading. Lin would bring refreshments. Val, our fashion designer friend wanted to make us a bunch of matching pajamas for the party. Cassidy, my petite, freshman roommate, wanted to bring us a couple of her old movies from when she was a young teen. We gave each other a high five and started getting everything ready. We met in the dorm Cassidy shared with me.
"Melody," Lin called out from the bedroom, "where do you want the refreshments?"
"Not in the bedroom, Lin," I said with a sigh, "just toss them on the kitchen counter." I watched her walk the other way while I began to look around. I needed to make sure everything would fit where it should. Cassidy and I had a decent sized living room and kitchen or two rounds shared a wall both with each other, and the living room. There were a total of five of us, but it would work. "Cassidy," I called out and saw her poke her head out of her bedroom's doorway.
"Think we can do the makeovers in your room? You have a way better mirror and chair than I do."
"Sure," she said with her gorgeous smile and grabbed Casey, yanking her into the room. These look of surprise on Casey's face was priceless. I walked over to help Lin unload her ornamental teapot and placed the small teacups around it on the table. I was starting to get worried about what sort of snacks she may have brought until I saw her unload a couple bags of chips and even a fruit platter. She really hit the whole range there. Apples for her and Casey. Chips for the junk food addicts hiding inside the rest of us.
"Nice job with the food, Lin," I complimented her. She gave a little bow and finished arranging the food.
Without warning, Val burst into the room carrying a huge box of the clothes she made for us. I ran over and grabbed it from her before she dropped it. I put it on the couch and everyone gathered around, eager to see what she had made.
"Is everyone ready to be amazed," she asked dramatically, before taking the first set of clothes out.
"Alright, Lin, you are first." Lin's eyes grew wide with wonder as Val pulled a beautiful emerald lace nightgown and held it out to her. It was going to look lovely on her. Lin took it, eagerly thanked her and ran off to the bathroom to change. Casey was next so Val took a took a hot pink t-shirt and really short pajama pants out.
"Omigosh! They're perfect," Casey yelled and snatched them, "you did a great job! Thanks." Cassidy received a pink and black nightgown that was a tad bulky on her small frame. She still looked pretty cute, but in my opinion, her small boobs were not really filling it in. Val looked at me and handed over a pair of pajama pants and a t-shirt. Well, she knew us pretty well-known I thought. We all got changed and walked back in the room and saw that Val was waiting to reveal what she made for herself. I was used to her over the top behaviour, so I wasn't surprised when I saw her take our her "pajamas." She took out a very revealing nightgown that was probably more like lingerie. Then it came the really got lace thong. Wow, it was like she was planning on getting laid tonight instead of watching a movie and getting a makeover.
Casey was very adamant about us getting our makeovers before we watched the movie. That way, we could let our hair dry before bed. She even did a hilarious Valley girl accent the entire time we were in the chair.
"Omigawd, you are going to be so totally lovely when I am done with you. All the boys will be knocking down your door!" The accent was so spot on we couldn't help but laugh. She did a great job with the makeover. All of us looked like divas, except Cassidy, who promptly ruined the makeup off of her. She ended up looking like a clown with it in, so none of us blamed her.
Finally, when the clock chimed midnight, we decided it was time to hit the hay. Lin and Val took my room, Casey took to the couch, and Cassidy and I shared her bedroom. I got into my sleeping bag on the ground and Cassidy crawled up and have me a sweet little kiss good night, before getting into her bed. I left the door cracked open as opposed to closed because Casey usually watched television for a while before falling asleep. I don't know what it was. Whether it was the hard floor, or the excitement of the day, but I found it impossible to fall asleep. No matter what I did, or how I turned, it just wasn't going to happen. It was probably two in the morning when it started sounding like Cassidy was having a nightmare. She was making quiet whimpering noise and I quietly turned to look at her. She was turned the other way, so all I could make out from this angle was her back. She honestly appeared to be having a nightmare, until I started seeing the sheets move around her hips. Oh my God, don't tell me I am actually seeing what I am seeing, I thought. She was playing with herself, and with me in the room too! I figured she must have woken up from a dream and forgot I was there, but still. This can get awkward pretty quick her. Apparently she was having trouble with the sheets, so I watched as she pulled the covers off of her tiny figure and rolled onto her back for better access. She pulled her nightgown up over her hips and shove her hand down her pink panties.
"Yes, Casey," I heard her whisper as she rubbed herself into a frenzy, " right there baby." Holy shit, I thought, she is fantasizing about Casey! Who knew she had a thing for girls? While my eyes were fixated on her, my hand had unconsciously moved to my own pussy. Oh no, I thought, I was getting wet watching her. This was not good. I never considered myself a possible lesbian, but I had to admit that I was really turned on just watching her. It was much more gentle than a guy would have been. In my sleeping bag I let my hand wander over to my breasts and began tweaking my nipples. They were much harder than I expected. Suddenly Cassidy sat up in bed and started to get up. I froze in place and pretended to be asleep. It must have worked because she walked around me and out of the room. I sat up and looked at her bed when I heard her open the bathroom door. There among her sheets were her panties and a large wet spot. She had really been going to town under those sheets. I laid back down when I heard the bathroom door reopen and feigned sleep again. Cassidy got back in bed, but definitely did not go back to sleep. I could hear her moving around a little on the bed and then a soft buzzing started. I knew what it was before I even looked. She had a vibrator. Seems like my innocent Cassidy was actually horny, lesbian Cassidy. I wasn't going to just though. I have used a vibrator a couple of times and it felt better than most inexperienced guys' dicks anyways. I opened my eyes to get a peek of the action. The sight was even more shocking than before! Cassidy had both of her legs spread and propped up on the bed posts. Holding the vibrator to her clitoris, Cassidy let out a low moan at the sensation. I couldn't help myself any longer. I closed my eyes and started to slide my pants down. Just enough for access to my nether regions. I slid my hand along my thighs and relished the anticipation of touching myself. It almost felt like Cassidy's small hands on and I imagined it as such. Still can't believe I was actually fantasizing about my roommate! I couldn't help myself though and slowly spread myself open, trying to stifle the groan of pleasure that ached to escape my lips. I hadn't even noticed that the vibrator speed until I heard Cassidy's voice.
"If you are going to play with yourself in front of me, you might as well come over here so I can watch." I was stunned speechless.
"I-uh-um," I stammered. I may have looked like a fish out of water. Cassidy turned to sit with her legs hanging off the side of the bed.
"So how much did you see?"
"Enough," I managed to say.
"I'll bet," she replied, giggling. She slid off the bed and crawled over to me. Her dark hair enveloped me when she leaned over my head, gazing into my eyes. She had me wondering what a girl's lips tasted like, so I decided to try it out. I reached up and pulled her lips to mine and sucked her tongue into mine. I could taste her vanilla chapstick and licked her lips for more. Cassidy's hand found the zipper on my sleeping bag and pulled it down, revealing my semi-bare lower half. She crawled over to be positioned at my feet and tugged my pajama pants the rest of the way down. I've never barred myself for a girl and self-consciously crossed my legs.
"Relax, Melody," Cassidy whispered gently, "I'm not going to hurt you." I slowly nodded and she uncrossed my legs, bringing my heels up to meet my bottom. She pulled my knees apart and I let them fall apart. She stared wide-eyed at my slit for a second before laughing.
"Never knew you shaved, Mel," she said and then lowered her mouth to me. I could feel her tongue eagerly seeking out my open vagina. Most guys cringed at the thought of going down on me, but yet her she was. Every lap sent waves of pleasure up my spine. I grasped the back of her head and urged her on. I began grinding my hips against her mouth and thought I might have been suffocating her. She soon decided to spear me with her tongue. She reached as far up into my depths with her tongue and pistoned it in and out at lightening speed. I couldn't take it much longer so I pulled her head back away from her and looked at her. Her mouth and chin were completely covered in my juices. She wiped it off with her hand and asked me what was wrong.
"Nothing is wrong," I told her, "but you seem to be well versed in going down on girls."
"I may have some experience in that department," she said with a smirk. Dang, I thought, I was dealing with someone with more sexual experience than I. It was thrilling. I pulled her up on top of me and we kissed again. I could taste myself on her lips and tongue. She broke the kiss and sat up straight and straddled my chest. I could feel her pussy rubbing against my navel even as I pulled up on her nightgown, exposing her tiny peaks. She brushed her hair back a behind her so she could see me and wiggled her hips back until she was floating right above my vagina. She leaned back on my knees and spread them further, plopping her pussy right on top of mine. We simultaneously gasped as our clits slammed together. Cassidy started grinding her hips onto mine, working us into a frenzy. I arched my back in response, creating a better connection between us. I muffled a scream while we both went over the edge, cumming together in bliss. She collapsed back onto my chest and we breathed heavily together.
"Cassidy, that was amazing."
"Holy shit," a voice from the doorway spoke. Our heads snapped to look in the direction of the cracked door. There, looking through the cracked door was the unmistakable face of Casey. I froze, not sure what to say or do. Luckily, Casey helped us out with that.
"That was so fucking hot," Casey said coming through the door, "can I join you please." She closed the door and we got a good look at her. She had a wet spot on her crotch that proved just how horny she was.
"How long were you watching," Cassidy asked.
"Since I heard the vibrator come out. I am a very light sleeper." It was pretty humorous how fast Casey was able to rip off her shorts and shirt, releasing her very bountiful bosom to our eyes.
"Now what," Casey asked. Cassidy and I looked at each other, laughed, and descended upon her. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down onto the sleeping bag peppering her face and breasts with feathery kisses. She laughed and grabbed my breasts, squeezing them tightly. Cassidy immediately went for her pussy and started ravaging her with her tongue. Casey squirmed before us, trying to get a handle on the situation, but we never did.
"Sit on her face, Mel," Cassidy whispered forcibly. Swinging my leg over her, I dropped my pussy right on her face, making Casey sputter from the juices that spilled on her face.
"Lick me Casey," I ordered her, and she complied by lapping at my dripping pubis. I leaned back and started massaging both Casey's breasts at the same time. Cassidy may have changed what she was doing, because Casey suddenly squeaked with delight. She didn't have much time for air because I wasn't backing off of her yet.
"Oh my God," Cassidy suddenly said and stood up, "I totally forget I had that." I dismounted Casey's face and she looked at me with a confused look on her face I shrugged and we both looked to Cassidy, who was busy rummaging through her dresser.
"Yes," she exclaimed, "brandishing what looked like a double sided plastic penis.
"Oh my," Casey said, finally recognizing what was in Cassidy's hand, "where did you get a strap on?"
"Hehe," Cassidy giggled, "not telling! Now who wants to help me put this on?" I rapidly stood up and ran over to where Cassidy was positioning herself on the bed. She held the strap on out to me and I took it from her, marveling in its purple hardness.
"Now, all you have to do is stick it inside of me and button the strap on the back." I leaned over and placed the head of it against her. Her slickness Made it easy to slide the length of it into her. She rolled over so I could button the strap, then stood before us so we could see. It looked pretty ridiculous on her. The proportions were so if we all started laughing. She growled, then pounced on me, pinning my back to the ground. I tried to get out from beneath her but her thighs had me spread wide open. There was nothing I could do to stop her from plunging the strap on into me. I grunted in pain as the giant dildo spread my tight insides. Casey slid over besides me and buried her head between my breasts. The sensations were all too much for me and I arched my back in pleasure. Cassidy took her chance and pushed herself even further in, grinding against my g-spot. I could hear Cassidy grunting as she started shoving into me faster. She was very close to climax and I didn't want her to stop. I crossed her legs behind her back and forced her to thrust even harder. She tilted her head back in ecstasy and her eyes closed. Suddenly her thrusting got erratic and she shuddered as the waves of her climax took hold of her. I let her pull out of me to recover and Casey immediately took her place, pulling the strap on off of her and shoved it into herself without ceremony. She laughed wildly as she rolled me over and made me stick my ass in the air. I wasn't totally sure what how Casey was aiming at, but I knew she didn't care. With a clumsy force, she grabbed my ass and stuck herself in my dripping vagina painfully. I winced and shook my head at the pain. Casey was in her own world and started ramming me violently.
"Yes, Mel, you're so fucking good," she screamed as she came, collapsing onto me. We heard a knock on the door and knew we were caught, for the second time. Cassidy walked over and peeked through the door at Val and Lin.
They were outside starting wide-eyed at her. They couldn't see us or our nakedness due to Cassidy blocking the view, but they knew.
"What are you guys doing in there," they cried.
"We are having a very pleasurable threesome in here," she said matter of factly, "if you want, you can join us." Val and Lin stood there for a moment, unsure what to do. Cassidy waited a moment and then closed the door on them. She turned on her heel and slipped over to us, recovering the dildo from Casey, who was laying on the bed now, panting. We watched as Cassidy stuck each end in her mouth, licking of our residue. She noticed me staring and held it out to me.
"Did you want to try, Melody," she asked me, "I cleaned it off for you." I nodded and Cassidy helped get me all set up. It felt weird, but almost like a guy was in me. I tested it with a few jerks of my new fake penis and felt the familiar sensations in my groin. I got on the bed and waited for Cassidy to clamber onto me. However, we both saw Val peeling through the door again. She slowly opened the door and walked inside.
"C-can I try," Val asked Cassidy. I have never seen her at a loss of words. She was clearly nervous.
"Be my guest, but you can't ride her like that," Cassidy said, motioning to Val's nightgown. Casey came up behind her and lifted the pajamas off of her, kissing her bare neck gently. Val was shaking a little as she walked over in only her thong. Cassidy helped position her above the dildo and told she needed to take off her underwear. Val shook her head and pulled the bottom strap over, allowing her vagina to rest on the strap on without taking the thing off. It would feel the same either way for me so I just let it happen. Val hesitantly listed herself onto me until she was all the way on. From the look on her face, I could tell it was uncomfortable to her.
"I've never ridden anything so large in my life," she said, cringing in pain.
"Just move when you get used to it," I reassured her. It took a few minutes, but then she started to move around a little, swishing the plastic penis around in our pussies. She loosened up a little and laid down on me to kiss me. She never kissed a girl before and her nervousness made her clumsy. Our teeth clicked and she pulled back, frowning. I sat up and held her, her head on my shoulder. We continued fucking slowly like that while the other two watched in awe at the gentleness of our motion. Her hands came up to meet my breast and she gave it a tentative squeeze, rubbing her thumb on the nipple. It felt sensual in a way I have never been before. No guy had ever been this gentle. Val shifted her weight, pushing back down to a laying position and started moving her hips faster. I started to move my hips with her and she stopped me with a kiss. She probed me with her tongue and we finally let them mingle. I could feel Val's breath coming in heavy sports as she reached her breaking point. She did not cry out our whimper, but merely kissed me deeper than ever before, taking my breath away as she rode her climax out on me. When she finished she dismounted and thanked me. We were all spent at that point and I pulled the strap on off, placing on the desk. Cassidy pulled us all together and we lay together on the bed, cuddling.
Lin was gone in the morning. We never saw her again after that fateful night. Her loss, we all said. With one last group hug, we decided that we would come together once a month to have a sleepover, in order to finally break loose from the stress of classes and life.

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vary sexy hot story with the girls and getting each other off


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great story keep them coming


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Amazing story. would love to have been a fly on that wall