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The Secretary


It's a long-recognized rule that you don't get
sexually involved with the people with whom you work. I
followed that rule religiously until a building fell on
me. Literally. My life in all its aspects - personal, professional,
and most of all sexual - has never been the same since. I didn't
just break the rule. I mutilated it.
Karen was our departmental administrative assistant,
although we still referred to her as our "secretary."
I'd served a term as department head and returned to
the faculty while another professor had served a term as
department head. Now I was back again performing department
head's duty. This made Karen "my" secretary,
although that is a completely inaccurate portrayal of
her duties. Primarily she kept me up-to-date on - and edited
- the various reports I had to write, meetings I had to attend,
etc. She truly ran the department, allowing me to be department
"head." Only the misinformed or uninformed
thought I was really in charge, and I made this plain to anyone
who would listen.
Karen was in her mid-to-late thirties, so about a decade
younger than I was. She had two teenaged children, and she
was certainly a loving, caring mother and wife. I was fully
aware that she was a woman, although I didn't think
of her as a possible sexual partner. I was happily married,
and I had been completely faithful to my wife Lori for more
than 20 years. Besides, Karen never did anything to suggest
she was "available." I felt absolutely no erotic
attraction toward her, nor, apparently, did anyone else.
Moreover, Karen was almost plain, and nobody would even
call her pretty. She had a nice smile, and her eyes were warm,
friendly, and alertly intelligent, but she was clearly
no beauty. She wore almost no obvious makeup, and her lipstick
was a subdued shade of pink. Except when we had "dirty"
jobs to do, she was always professionally dressed in skirt,
blouse, or dresses. Her dresses were usually ankle- length
and were never revealing or teasing. For years I'd
thought of her as flat-chested, but one day when she had
arrived for some cleanup work wearing jeans and a work shirt,
I could clearly see that she had been hiding her C-cup-sized
breasts by dressing cleverly. She did not dress to attract,
entice, or excite the men at work.
Most importantly in terms of our working relationship
and friendship, Karen was intelligent, bright, and witty.
She enjoyed her relatively low-paying and low-prestige
job by doing it exceptionally well. She had saved my ass
on more than one occasion because of her intelligence and
good common sense. She was on a first-name basis with all
of us - at least when students were not around. She was a vital
part of our departmental team. But nobody lusted after
her. Certainly I did not. She was a trusted and loyal friend
and co-worker. Nothing more.
The most suggestive action any of us had ever done around
Karen was to tell slightly risque jokes. We never told overtly
crude stories in her presence, but she was always one of
the first to laugh at some of our off-color remarks. She
would say, "That's really bad!" And then
giggle. She and her husband Chris were among my friends,
and our two families often socialized at departmental
events, public school functions, and the like.
Karen and I had formed a strong friendship. We were completely
open with each other, and we often discussed extremely
sensitive matters, knowing what we said would go no further.
Most of the time the issues concerned student or faculty
matters, but we also occasionally shared personal problems.
Neither Chris nor Lori ever learned about most of these
conversations. Our friendship and working relationship
were based upon this complete trust and honesty. There
was nothing suggestive or sexual about the manner in which
we related to each other, but our trust in each other was
powerful. It was this complete trust that led us to our "problem."
Our department had recently moved from a run-down building
to a brand-new facility. The department had occupied our
old building for more than forty years, and it had become
a running joke that it was ready to fall down. Whenever we
had strong winds, the shrieks and groans in the walls made
it sound haunted. It had been cited as "potentially
structurally unsound" nearly a decade earlier,
but we continued to work in it because we had no other place
to go. Now our new building was ready, and we had moved out.
Our old - truly ancient! - building had been stripped of
everything of value, but one Saturday morning in mid July,
Karen and I were checking every room one last time. We were
both dressed in jeans, work shirts, and sturdy boots. We
stepped over unidentifiable spills, crawled and poked
into dusty closets, and generally looked at everything.
It was as far from an erotic adventure as anyone could imagine.
We were scrounging around on the second floor of a four-story
building. We thought we heard some other people working
elsewhere in the building, but we hadn't seen them
yet. The air conditioning was off, and we were getting dirty,
grimy, and sweaty.
Karen had found a forgotten box of old paper files, and she
was sitting on the floor going through them to see if any
were valuable enough to save. I was across the hall, looking
through ancient built-in cabinets. I found another pile
of old files, and I carried them into the sunlit room where
Karen was working. "Don't get up, Karen! I've
found some more great old stuff for you to check through!"
I announced as I walked through the doorway.
"Hey, thanks a whole lot, Bill! That's just what
I need to . . ."
There was a sudden rumbling, and we heard creaking and grinding
sounds. The window behind Karen cracked with a sharp snap,
and the broken glass fell out. I turned toward the door as
Karen jumped to her feet, and I reached back with my left
hand and grabbed her left wrist. "We've got to
get out of this damned place! It sounds like it's going
to fall down!" I yelled. She held onto my left arm with
both hands, and I pulled her toward me and started through
the door.
The floor we were standing on suddenly tilted, then gave
way. I grabbed the door frame with my right hand, and kept
my grip on Karen's wrist. The door frame came apart
in my hand, and I felt myself twisting and falling. We both
screamed as we fell, then we collided as our fall momentarily
slowed. The floor continued tilting, and I couldn't
regain my feet. I felt Karen gripping my left wrist with
her left hand, and we both grabbed with our right hands for
something solid to hold onto. After several loud, high-pitched
squeals, the floor shifted even more and then dropped,
and we fell again. There was so much dust in the air that I
couldn't see, and things were falling and crashing
all around us. All I could hear was our screams and a loud,
continuous rumbling and roaring. We came to an abrupt stop,
and something hit me on the back of my legs. Before I could
cry out, I received a sharp blow to my head. I heard Karen
screaming in pain as I blacked out. I heard someone calling
my name. She sounded far away. "Bill! Bill! Wake up!
Bill!" My head hurt, and I moaned, then drifted back
into the darkness. As I slipped away, I realized my arm hurt,
too, and also I could feel something pressing on my legs
but . . .
I was having a nightmare about my body being ripped apart.
I became aware of a sharp pain in my left arm as I wiggled my
left hand, and I was abruptly wide awake. I tried to move
and found that I was completely immobilized. "Shit!"
I cursed.
"Welcome back, Bill! Thank God! I was afraid you weren't
going to regain consciousness!" Karen said. Her
voice came from just to my left, but was muffled. My head
was turned away from her, and I couldn't move it. Her
body was lying partially across mine, and I could feel her
pressing against me as she breathed.
I took a deep breath and immediately regretted it. Dust
filled my throat and I coughed, again and again. Each time
I did so, Karen groaned. "Bill! You're hurting
me! Try not to do that!"
I finally stopped coughing. I spat out the dust and tried
to look around. There was some faint light, but I couldn't
turn my head toward Karen. All I could see was a large piece
of wood, pressing against the side of my head, holding it
down. It also created a small open space in front of my mouth.
I could see my breath stirring dust as I breathed. I managed
to move my right arm up and around a piece of debris, and I
could almost touch my face. I could move my left leg, but
there was something in the way and I couldn't even reach
my waist with my right hand.
"How long have I been out?" I asked.
"I don't know. At least a couple of hours. Probably
longer. Are you hurt?"
"Yeah, but mostly I'm just pinned under something.
I can feel all my fingers and toes, so I'm probably pretty
much in one piece. You?"
"The same. I'm hurt, but not too seriously. I
just can't move."
"What the hell happened? And where are we?"
"There was a strange noise and the building collapsed
around us. I really can't move at all. Can you?"
I pulled gently on my left arm which was extended over my
head, and pain exploded down my arm. "God! That hurts!
My left arm is broken and pinned under something!"
"My left arm is trapped, too. Can you feel my fingers?
I'm moving my left hand."
I felt something touch my left hand, but when I moved my fingers
to reciprocate, pain shot up my arm. "Yes, but it hurts
to move my hand!"
"You're on your back, and I'm lying on top
of you, sort of crosswise. Your stomach lifts mine when
you breathe, and I can feel the bottom of your rib cage against
mine. At least I could tell you were alive even if you weren't
"I can feel you breathe, too, Karen. But I can't
move very much! My right leg is completely trapped under
something. I can move my left one a little." I slowly
moved my right arm away from my head until it disappeared
from sight and I felt it bump into something soft. I stretched
my arm out and felt around with my hand. It was Karen's
"Given the circumstances I guess it's okay,
but that's my left leg you're groping!"
I suddenly felt her hand on my left knee. "I can touch
your left leg, too! And I can see most of your left side."
She said. "I'm completely pinned in, too."
"I can't see you at all. See how much you can move,
"I can move my right arm and my left leg. That's
all. And I can turn my head a little. Can you move your leg?"
I felt her hand against my left thigh as I moved it. There
was debris pressing in all around us, and I could only move
my leg a few inches. Karen kept her hand on my thigh.
"When the noise stopped and you didn't say anything,
I thought you were dead!" She said. "Then you
began to breathe under me and I held my hand against your
leg. It made me feel better, touching you. I didn't
feel so alone."
I moved a small piece of debris and found I could reach from
Karen's waist to about her left knee. I deliberately
avoided touching her crotch. It was clearly within my reach.
She giggled. "I've heard stories about bosses
sliding their hands up and down their secretary's
legs! I never thought you'd be doing that to me!"
Karen moved her own hand, and she had could touch about the
same amount of my body as I could hers, although I could move
my leg a little more than she could, allowing her to touch
slightly more of me. But she could also see part of me, too,
but there was a piece of debris pressing into my chest, and
it prevented me from seeing anything lower than that. I
tried to move it with my right arm, but it didn't even
We discussed and reviewed our situation. It was plain we
couldn't free ourselves. She was lying face-down,
on top of me at an angle. Both of our left arms were over our
heads, with something heavy pinning them both down. Our
fingers touched, but my left forearm was broken. Both our
right legs were pinned under something heavy and hard.
We each had some motion in our right arms and left legs. But
we were completely trapped.
But we still didn't know what had happened. Clearly
we were lucky to be alive. But for how long? Pain was throbbing
in my broken left arm and in my right leg, and I was already
beginning to get cramps in most of my muscles. Even though
we kept talking, we both realized we were probably going
to die. Every half hour or so we said the Lord's Prayer
and recited the 23rd Psalm together. Then we patted each
other on the knee and were silent. Other than her touch on
my leg, all I felt was pain. And it was getting worse by the
It was several hours later before we heard voices. It took
another hour or so before our yells were heard, and then
someone called to us that they would get us out as soon as
they could. Time dragged on and we didn't hear much
of anything. The throbbing pain throughout my body was
gradually becoming unbearable. Karen was making more
and more frequent painful groans, too. She suddenly spoke.
"Bill! I've got to urinate! Bad!"
"Me too. But I figure I'll hold it as long as I can,
then just go. How much more uncomfortable could that be?"
"I don't really want to lie here for hours in urine-soaked
clothes! I need your help!"
"What do you want me to do, Karen?"
"Pull my pants and panties down. I'll lift my
hips a little bit off you and you can push everything down.
Please! I really have to go!"
My first thought was that I shouldn't touch Karen that
intimately, but I quickly changed my mind. We were likely
going to die in this collapsed building, so what the hell
would it matter? I reached down and slid my right hand down
my right leg, then reached under her body and began to unfasten
her jeans. I had a fleeting thought that destroying a woman's
dignity was the first step toward seducing her, but I shut
it off. Surely not with Karen!
My hand rubbed over her pubic bone in the process of unfastening
Karen's pants. She grunted, but didn't complain.
A minute or so later I had her jeans undone and with her lifting
her hips up and moving as much as she could, I was able to push
her pants down. Something was on top of her right leg just
below her knee, but I managed to get her pants down almost
to her ankle on her left leg and to her knee on her right. Touching
her bare legs gave me an immediate partial erection. Her
skin was soft and decidedly feminine.
"Now my panties!" <br>
"There isn't any dignified way to do this, Karen!"
I was fighting hard to keep the obvious link between seduction
and loss of dignity from overpowering me, and my growing
erection didn't help.
"Well, just grab them and pull them down! Hurry!"
She twisted and lifted her hips to give me access. I had to
pull her panties down from each side and again from the back
and front. As I did so, I touched her bare buttocks and the
backs of my fingers brushed through her pubic hair and down
her bare thighs. My penis was now fully erect in spite of
my incredible discomfort and pain.
Karen moved her legs as far apart as she was able by pulling
her left knee toward her waist. I held her clothes down as
far as I could, and I heard the hiss of her urination for most
of a minute. "God, that feels good! I really had to
go." I didn't get wet, and I could hear her urine
dripping steadily through debris below us, so at least
I wasn't going to end up lying in a pool of her urine.
With her crotch only inches from my hip, that had been a real
I was also starting to think about that other special opening
in Karen's crotch. My own need to empty my bladder helped
me to think about other matters. I could smell her urine,
and that odor only increased my own problem. As soon as Karen
finished, I said, "Okay, Karen. Now it's your
turn to undress me. I've got to go, too. Even worse now
that you stunk up the place!"
In spite of our situation, Karen chuckled. I knew she was
also thinking about the sexual implications of undressing
me, even though we were trapped in rubble. With her right
hand she undid my belt, unsnapped my jeans, and unzipped
me. In the process her hand bumped against my erection.
She said nothing, but continued getting me undressed.
"Hurry!" I urged.
When my jeans were down near my knees, Karen pulled my undershorts
down, and pushed everything as far down my legs as she could.
Her hand again touched my erect penis as she did so, only
now it was completely bare. She quickly pulled her hand
away from my body. I moved my left leg and managed to get my
clothes around my left ankle as she had done, but whatever
was on our legs prevented us from pushing my clothes lower
than my right knee.
"Karen, you've got to aim me! Point me so that
I don't get either of us or my clothes wet!"
Karen giggled again as she took hold of my erection. I was
able to turn my hips a little in the correct direction. "Okay,
Bill! Let her go!" She giggled, but her breathing
had changed. Touching my penis while her own pussy was uncovered
was turning her on, too.
Karen held my penis as I took a very long piss. Even though
I really had to go, being sexually aroused shut down my ability
to urinate for several minutes. Her hand felt warm, and
I could feel heat radiating out from my groin, apparently
from her touch. She released me when I was finally done.
"I can't wait to see how you describe that one
in my annual evaluation!" She joked. "Under
what category do you put, 'Held boss's penis so
he wouldn't piss on himself?'"
We both laughed, bouncing our stomachs against each other.
I was acutely aware of our partially naked bodies touching.
I was also now aware of the soft pillows of her breasts against
the left side of my chest. Karen's skin felt smooth
against mine. "You did that very well, Karen. Do you
practice by helping Chris aim at the toilet?"
Karen giggled. "I have to admit that holding your
penis while you pissed was a first for me! Yours is only the
second one I've ever touched. Well, not counting my
son's when he was an infant, of course."
"So, whose is bigger? Chris's or mine?"
I was curious, but mostly I wanted to get my mind off the pain.
I'd forgotten it as I urinated, but it was again getting
worse by the second.
"You men! Just like little boys!"
"I'm not asking about little boys' penises!
Well? I know you were looking at it as well as holding it!"
"Not that you're small, but I think Chris is thicker.
Yours is about the same length. So now are you going to give
me a lower evaluation for being critical of your equipment?"
"You're just lucky I can't reach your breasts
or I'd compare them to Lori's!"
Karen snorted. "Unless she wears really lifelike
padded bras, she's bigger than I am!" She was
quiet for a few seconds. "I know we're probably
going to die in here, and I'm still in an awful lot of
pain, but I feel a little better. I'm really scared.
I'm glad we can still joke around." <br>
"I don't know if it was taking a leak or what, but
something sure helped with the pain. It didn't feel
quite so bad for a few minutes." I remarked. "But
right now it's a little drafty on my crotch!"
Karen giggled. "I felt a little less pain, too. Even
now. Maybe it's just because my bladder isn't
full and getting smashed every time you take a breath!"
As we lay there, gasping in our relief, still half-undressed,
we heard a scraping noise. Several seconds later the dim
light near my head was partially obscured, and then a thin
plastic tube came slowly into view near my face. "Hey!"
I yelled. "You've reached us with a pipe!"
Voices echoing through the pipe encouraged us. Using my
right hand I soon had the pipe positioned near my face where
I could easily reach it. Karen could not see or feel it. I
described our situation, and after several additional
tries, Karen yelled, and an hour or so later she had a pipe
near her face, too. Our stiffness and cramps were getting
much worse, but at least we finally had a realistic hope
that we might be rescued.
Skinny microphone/speakers on thin but strong wires came
next. They fell out of the pipes, and we described our situations
in detail. When there was an opportunity I asked, "How
long have we been stuck here, anyway?"
There was a long pause. "In ninety minutes - twenty-four
hours." Karen heard it too, and gasped. It was already
late on Sunday morning!
A few minutes later the voices from the speakers told us
that our families had been told that we were still alive.
Everyone was praying for us. Karen began to cry, very softly.
I reached down and squeezed Karen's naked thigh. She
did the same to mine. My penis immediately shot straight
up as we touched. I felt her move her head. Her breathing
changed, and I knew she had seen that I was erect! Talk about
inappropriate touching! Something caused us to leave
our hands against each other's bare thighs. It was
comforting both to touch her and to be touched, even if we
were both half naked. It also felt really odd to know my secretary
was looking at my erect penis. She had stopped crying. I
again felt that strange heat radiating out from her hand
against my skin.
The voices on the other end of the line told us that a small
earthquake had brought the building down. Although rare
in our part of the country, they did occasionally occur.
This one had apparently been just close enough to be dangerous.
"We heard other people in the building. Is everyone
else okay?" Karen asked.
"Everyone's accounted for." We heard
back. "You were the only ones in the building when
it fell." That fact didn't help our situation,
but it did give us some small comfort knowing that nobody
else had gotten hurt. We were still alive, they knew where
we were, and they were trying to get us out. But I was still
afraid I would go into shock because of the pain. It was getting
much, much worse, and incredible bursts of pain were shooting
through my body with every beat of my heart.
One thing we didn't have to worry about was getting
too cold. It was quite warm, and we both were sweating slightly.
But dehydration concerned our rescuers, and we were soon
provided thin plastic tubes through which we could drink
water. We both drank heavily.
It did not seem long before we had to urinate again. I held
her panties and pants around her knees as I had done before,
and touching her bare thighs and legs brought my erection
back. When she was done, I had her aim me as she had done before.
She surprised me when she didn't release me when I was
done, and having her hold me kept me erect. "Do you
find something sexy about being trapped in a collapsed
building? And probably dying?" She asked.
I reached over and stroked her bare thigh, reaching as high
as her bare behind. "No, but touching you and having
you touch me does turn me on." I replied. Her butt was
really firm! Her dowdy dresses had concealed her really
shapely, feminine behind.
Karen squeezed my penis. I could feel it throbbing as her
fingers clung to it. After several minutes she said, "It
turns me on, too. When you touch me. And when I hold your penis.
I want you to keep touching me. It helps me to ignore the pain."
I began to slide my hand up and down the outside of Karen's
bare thigh and bottom, from her knee to her waist. Every
inch or so I would give her a gentle squeeze. Feeling her
smooth, feminine skin caused my erection to start to throb.
She started gently squeezing and releasing my penis, obviously
feeling my pulse. She slipped her hand down and fondled
my testicles, then took hold of my penis again.
Our combined touching began to affect me strangely. "Karen,
I don't know how to say this, but my pain seems somehow
to make your touch so incredibly warm and erotic that the
pain itself is starting to feel almost like pleasure. I
think it's the contrast between your gentle, intimate
touch and the sharp discomfort everywhere else. I hope
this doesn't sound too crude or suggestive, but if
you could please keep doing it . . ."
Karen let out a long sigh. "Of course I will! I thought
it was just me! When your hand moves up and down my leg and
my bottom, I feel a tingling wherever you touch me. It's
so different from the constant pain! It's okay if you
. . . touch me more intimately. At the very least it will distract
"More intimately" certainly covered a lot
of ground, and I didn't plan to get too sexual without
some clear hints from Karen. I rubbed and squeezed her thigh
and she squeezed my penis for at least a half hour. Pain became
secondary to the erotic stimulation I was giving and receiving.
I moved my hand so that I was gently rubbing not only her behind
but also almost to her anus. I stretched out my fingers and
I rubbed the back of her other thigh as my hand moved slowly
from her knees toward her waist. At her crotch my thumb brushed
her pubic hair, and I quickly moved my hand back onto her
Karen's squeezing was getting faster and harder.
Her fondling of my balls had made them swell, and they were
now pulled up against my penis. My erection was uncomfortable,
and it really pushed the painful areas of my body well into
the background. More than any other sensation, it was Karen's
touch on my penis to which I was paying the most attention.
I gradually moved my hand until I was sliding it all over
Karen's bottom. As I slid it between her cheeks, she
deliberately spread her legs apart. I heard her give a low
moan, but clearly of arousal, not pain. I reached between
her legs and rubbed her pubic hair against the opening to
her vagina. She gave another low moan and arched her hips,
pressing herself lightly against my hand. I no longer had
any doubts about what she wanted me to do.
I moved my hand around her thigh, then under her. I caressed
her bare abdomen with my fingers. My thumb was touching
the top of her thick pubic hair. I rubbed my hand up and down
the fronts of her thighs, from her knees almost to her crotch.
She again opened her thighs, allowing me to rub between
them, this time from her front.
Karen clamped her legs together and gave a short cry, "Oh!"
as my thumb rubbed firmly against her hairy crotch. I pulled
my hand away quickly, but she said, "No, that's
okay! You can touch me there!" She pulled her legs
apart again.
I began to rub Karen's pubic mound through her hair,
and she began to slide her hand up and down the shaft of my
penis. She used the tips of her fingers to gently rub the
sensitive spot just below the head of my penis. She gently
held my testicles and tubbed them between her fingers.
I almost forgot about my pain! She was really taking me to
the brink! I could feel her breathing changing, too.
Karen was making little groans in time with her up and down
movements on my penis. I slowly slid my hand between her
legs as I rubbed her, and I found she was really wet. At first
I thought it was from her urine, but my fingers slipped between
her engorged and slippery labia so easily I knew she was
highly aroused. Her moans got louder and she began to rub
my penis faster.
I was now so incredibly aroused that I could put my pain into
a compartment in my mind and shove it out of my consciousness.
Karen's constant moans were obviously now because
of pleasure, not pain, so it was working for her, too. We
synchronized our hand movements. She slid her hand up and
down my penis, and I ran my fingers up and down her wet slit.
I could feel her inner labia swelling and opening as I did
so. I gently pulled and tugged on her labia. My entire hand
was wet with her juices.
When Karen began to flex her hips as I rubbed her near her
clitoris, I slipped two fingers inside her and spread them
apart, opening her and pressing against the walls of her
vagina. Her sudden short cry, "Bill! Ooooh!"
and accompanying quivering orgasm both surprised and
excited me, and I immediately groaned loudly and yelled
her name as I ejaculated, squirting several times. I stopped
moving my hand but I kept my fingers inside her. I could feel
her vagina contracting and relaxing, over and over. My
penis began to soften.
Karen had produced a copious amount of fluid when she climaxed,
and I could feel it dripping from my fingers onto the debris
under me. Some of it ran down my arm, then dripped from my
elbow. My first burst of cum had shot out while her fingers
were over the end of my penis, and she had held her hand above
it, letting subsequent bursts strike her hand. I felt my
cum dripping down my penis and into my pubic hair. Karen
let out a sigh, then trembled. "I've never seen
anything like that before! Incredible!" She said
as she gently trembled.
I left my hand in Karen's crotch, with my fingers still
inside her. I felt her orgasm slowly come to an end. She spread
her fingers and cupped my sticky penis and balls loosely
in her hand. Our combined touching had a dreamlike quality
to it. Our breathing gradually slowed. "I don't
know what came over me!" Karen whispered. "But
ever since you started pulling my pants down I've been
getting more and more . . . excited! And the pain isn't
nearly so bad!"
I whispered back. "I'm cramping up, my broken
arm is aching, and sharp things are poking into me everywhere.
I'm beyond uncomfortable! But your touching me just
about drives me wild! And it makes me forget my awful pain!"
Our "private" conversation was interrupted
by another voice from Karen's speaker. "That's
not uncommon, folks! We won't tell your families!
And it helps you to relax, so don't worry about it!"
We'd forgotten about the microphones. We both started
to laugh, and I could hear our "listeners" laughing,
too. But I was getting erect again. Karen began to stroke
me, and I started moving my fingers inside her. My thumb
found her clitoris. It only took a few minutes to give her
another orgasm. Once again she gave her little cry and shuddered.
Her hand clamped almost painfully hard around my erection
until she came back down.
Karen had yet another orgasm a few minutes later, and then
as I began to grunt as another ejaculation began, she suddenly
climaxed again. My own climax intensified, and we grunted
and moaned loudly together. Once Karen's vagina stopped
squeezing my fingers, I rubbed my hand all over her vulva,
then slid my fingers inside her again. She was holding my
balls, gently rubbing cum over them and sliding them between
her fingers.
"Unnh! God, Karen! When they get us out of here, I don't
know how I'll be able to thank Chris for teaching you
how to do that! Oooh! I've never had my testicles held
and rubbed so long before! It feels . . . wonderful!"
Karen gently laughed. "Bill, I've never held
Chris's balls for more than a few seconds! When I do
this to him, he'll be the one who ought to thank you!
Except I'm not going to tell him!"
A few seconds passed. "Ooooo! Speaking of feels good!
I've never felt a man's hand against my . . . pussy
and inside me for so long. Shall I thank Lori?" Karen
"Hardly! She's going to be really surprised
when I do that to her! She's used to having me roll over
and all asleep! If she asks, I guess I'd better not mention
your name, huh?"
Karen chuckled in reply, and she moved my balls around in
her fingers even more wonderfully. I felt them begin to
pull against my shaft, and I realized I was erect again.
She began to rub up and down my sticky penis. I moved my own
fingers inside her and rubbed gently against her clitoris.
Once again we both began to moan as our climaxes approached.
All of my pain disappeared in a pulsing series of intense
explosions of pleasure.
The sense of relief from the incredible pain was stronger
than our inhibitions. We continued to rub and touch each
other's genitals with our free hands. I couldn't
determine which felt better, her touching my penis and
balls or my touching her pussy. Perhaps it was the combination,
but a strange, powerful pleasure flowed back and forth
between us, generated by this intimate, incredibly erotic
contact. As my pain increased, so did the intensity of the
pleasure Karen's touch gave me.
Our confinement continued, and I repeatedly finger-fucked
Karen and she gave me handjobs. My fingers eventually located
her hard little G-spot, and she was really responsive.
She had five or six orgasms to each of my ejaculations. We
each quickly learned what touches really excited the other,
and the smell of my cum and her juices soon dominated the
scent of our urine and sweat. Each time Karen climaxed I
could feel her muscles trembling in her abdomen as she lay
atop me. It was almost like being inside her as she climaxed,
sharing her excitement. Somehow it was the most intimate
and erotic feeling I had ever felt, even during intercourse
with Lori.
Pain made sleep impossible. We were probably partially
asleep as we continued to stimulate each other. Everything
seemed unreal, just like in a dream. I had no idea how long
we'd been masturbating each other, and I didn't
bother asking. I no longer cared. The only thing that mattered
was Karen's touching my genitals and my fingering
Nobody had ever fondled my penis and balls so long. Karen's
touches were so erotic that I no longer got completely soft
between ejaculations. She explored every part of my genitals,
and her touch felt almost electric.
I had certainly never become so familiar with a vulva, either.
Karen's labia remained engorged and were slippery
with her juices. After several hours, I knew every bump
and ridge on each one, and I rubbed them between my fingers,
causing her to make little moans. Her episiotomy scar was
swollen and bumpy with her excitement, and she made little
sounds of pleasure as my fingers moved over it. There was
a place on each side of her vagina, about an inch inside her,
where each of my touches caused her to gasp and tremble with
Had Karen asked, I would have told her that she had the largest
and softest pussy lips I'd ever touched. They were
magnificent! At first her vagina had felt loose, probably
because of having several kids. But because her vagina
was accommodating to my skinny fingers, her vaginal contractions
had become so strong that I couldn't hold two fingers
apart inside her as she climaxed. Her hard clitoris soon
came quickly out whenever I touched her. And her earlier
short cries of climax had gradually changed to intense
moans and screams lasting several seconds.
At the insistence of our rescuers, we took frequent drinks
of water. We received no food. Other than occasional breaks
to drink and to urinate, we fingered each other almost constantly.
Whenever my hand began to cramp, I pulled my fingers out
of Karen and rubbed every part of her body I could reach.
My wet fingers were slippery on her smooth skin as I spread
her juices from her waist to her knees. She explored me as
well, and I could feel my sticky cum all over my thighs and
Even though my ejaculations eventually came up dry, the
throbbing pain in my left arm seemed to exaggerate the sensations
in my penis, and each climax left me breathless and a little
dizzy. I lost all track of time. Whenever one of our rescuers
reminded us to take another drink, I wiped my wet fingers
on Karen's behind, then moved the tube to my mouth.
I smelled and tasted her pussy every time I drank. When she
drank, I knew she was smelling and tasting my cum, too. My
pain was almost covered up by the smells, tastes, and sensations
of our erotic activity. Everything felt more and more exotic.
It was almost like being in a trance. In the background was
the constant threat of the overwhelming pain which we were
holding in check with our orgasms.
We didn't talk very much. Instead we touched and aroused
each other. We called out each others name as we climaxed.
Our conversations became light moans and sighs, each signaling
to the other when we enjoyed a particular touch - or series
of caresses. We no longer prayed. Karen's juices had
soaked her crotch and thighs, and they had run down my left
hip onto the debris beneath me. As it dried it almost glued
us together.
Our hand movements had become totally synchronized, and
in my extreme, dreamlike discomfort I easily imagined
it was Karen's vagina gripping my penis, not her hand.
She wiggled and moved as if my fingers were my penis. When
her fingers also touched my balls, it felt as if my balls
were inside her as we climaxed. In the intensity of our mutual
sensations, this impossibility didn't prevent our
experiencing it - at least in our imaginations. Karen seemed
to share this erotic dream as I moved several fingers inside
her and tried to approximate how my balls would feel inside
her. Her answering movements with her fingers told me she
knew exactly what I was thinking.
Karen's orgasms became more frequent and lasted longer
as time passed. Her sexual screams were accompanied by
violent trembling throughout her body. We tried to stifle
our most intense cries of pleasure, but the rescuers must
have enjoyed a nearly continuous string of our moans, groans,
and yells! At least they were from pleasure, not from pain!

I was no longer aware of time passing. I was incredibly hungry,
but I'd fill up on water, take a piss while Karen aimed
me, then I would get lost in our orgasms. I was getting weaker,
but my dry ejaculations lasted longer and had become increasingly
intense. We couldn't move very much, but our bodies
shook and trembled with each climax. Karen's were
particularly intense when I also came at the same time,
and that's when we both made a lot of noise. I'm
sure the rescuers were entertained!
I could tell from the increasing, painful pressure in my
colon that I was constipated. I moved my fingers inside
Karen's vagina, and I could feel an unyielding mass
in her colon, too. "Unnh!" She grunted. "What
are you doing, Bill?"
"We're both constipated." I replied.
Karen giggled. "That's the first time anybody
has ever checked me THAT way?" She laughed.
The pain in my bowel, added to the other pain, might well
have caused me to pass out. But Karen's erotic touch
caused the pain to change again, somehow, into intense
pleasure. We could hear the rescuers making agonizingly
slow progress toward us. Occasionally they gave us words
of encouragement, but we were both almost completely lost
in what we were experiencing sexually. We stopped paying
much attention to them, although we still drank water and
urinated when they reminded us to do so. We remained painfully
constipated. Fortunately this meant we didn't have
to endure the indignity of taking a crap, although neither
of us really had any dignity to lose at that point.
Finally I heard an excited voice calling, "Bill!
Karen! We're almost there! We've got to move extremely
carefully now. And you've got to help us! Tell us what
you see and feel as we lift the last few things off you!"
With more reluctance than I would have imagined I would
feel, I pulled Karen's panties and pants up to cover
her. My fingers were too weak and stiff to fasten her jeans.
Her dignity probably wasn't going to be spared anyway
since she was completely soaked in her own juice. She pulled
up my undershorts, and they clung to my stickiness. She
could only get my pants partway up my legs. I held my hand
under her unfastened pants and touched the skin of her thigh.
She put her hand on my bare leg. We waited. With the direct
sexual stimulation removed, the overwhelming pain quickly
returned in a series of ever-stronger waves.
I began to groan with the pain, and a few seconds later so
did Karen. The pain was starting to become more than I could
handle. I suddenly began to tremble. I had chills. I knew
I wasn't going to make it, and I felt as if I were letting
go of life and beginning to die. A glowing spot of light grew
larger and I thought it was what near- death people had described.
What would I say to God? Suddenly the weight was off my leg.
Karen screamed as I moved my leg, bumping my leg against
hers. I heard her curse using words I didn't think she
knew. I was aware of someone touching me, and someone shouting
that we were both still alive. My head was still trapped
under something and I couldn't move it. And my broken
arm was still trapped. I tried to move, but the pain was too
intense. I felt someone pulling up and fastening my pants.
I was trembling violently with the chills caused by my pain.
I could hear myself making high- pitched squeals of pain.
They sounded as if they were coming from a great distance.

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