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The Seashell Necklace (Re-posted)


I am not by nature daring or a risk taker. It’s just that
I occasionally find myself in curious situations and consider
myself a victim of bizarre circumstances. It just so happens
that these events, despite my unassuming nature, do occur
and often end with me ejaculating into or onto the body of
a beautiful woman. Don’t get me wrong I’m by no means
complaining and there’s not a day go’s by that I don’t
thank god (and my parents) for putting me on this Earth.
I love my life and if all I have to endure is an occasional
ache in my testicles, a love bite or scratch, slight pain
in my muscles from time to time then I am more than happy to
proceed to live my life the way I do.

Any way enough with the hagiography. I’m now going to
recount another one of ‘these events’ and this one
did indeed leave me shaken (in a good way) for a number of
days afterwards. It also left me sandy for a good few weeks.
This will make more sense later.

I have a place in Spain along the south east coast. It’s
a modest villa only ten minutes’ walk from the beach and
is located in a beautiful old Spanish coastal village.
The beach itself is something wondrous. Golden sand, clear
blue waters but most spectacular are the cliffs which cup
themselves around the beach and seem to extend for miles
across and into the sea.

On one particular occasion I had gone out to stay at the villa
for a couple of days R & R. I found that after a couple
of days of drinking, eating, walking along the beach, shopping
and such I became restless. I therefore took it upon myself
to explore the cliffs. The village itself had such a rich
history dating back to the time of the Moors. I had learned
from some of the locals that the cliffs had played host to
some spectacular scenes of fighting, involving warring
moors and the Spaniards.

I decided to visit the cliffs in the hope I would be imbued
by a sense of the past and it was something to break the monotony

I drove towards the cliffs and leaving my car somewhere
nearby I began on foot to ascend. The cliffs although accessible
to the public are rarely visited by the locals and holidaymakers
tend to avoid them. I could not see why. To have such unfettered
access to a truly marvellous landmark and not to take advantage
was something I couldn’t quite fathom. I walked towards
the cliff and began my steady ascent. Halfway up I began
to realise why the cliffs were so infrequently visited.
The cliffs themselves or at least that part that can be traversed
was, to say the least, very steep. Also the fact that the
face never seemed to be away from the sun, made for an extremely
arduous trek.

After what could only have been half an hour I found that
I was sweating profusely and exhausted. I took a swig from
my water bottle and walked towards a small alcove to get
some desperately needed shade. I crouched down into the
alcove which was only marginally cooler and began to consider
going back down when I thought heard a voice…singing,
very softly. I strained my ears to listen. As I did so I was
met with silence. I exited the alcove and looked around.
All I could see around me was the cliff and outwards the breath
taking view of the ocean. I was alone.

I put the voice down to my imagination, a combination of
slight heatstroke and exhaustion. I began to prepare myself
for my descent when I heard it again. This time there was
no mistaking it. A soft beautiful, dulcet voice, a woman’s
voice, singing in Spanish. I turned round trying to pinpoint
the source and after a while found that it seemed to be coming
from below me. Not from the way I came but almost swelling
up from under the rock. Impossible I thought, still partly
thinking I was imagining it, that maybe it was the breeze
resonating against the rocks or the sound of the waves affecting
a woman’s voice. The singing continued and with each
note I became more confident that there was someone nearby
singing. It was only then that I realised that a bit further
up where the cliff seemed to drop off there was a sharp turn
to the right. I walked towards the turn and the voice got
louder. It was truly a magnificent voice, haunting with
a tinge of sorrow and longing. It was all the more beautiful
because it was accompanies only by the sounds of the sea
and the breeze. I turned the corner to look upon a small area
where the cliff did indeed drop but not all the way to the

Directly below there was a small rocky shelf. But it was
uninhabited. The voice continued to resonate but from
where. I lowered myself down onto the shelf and stood on
it and found the voice to be coming from behind me. I turned
around and saw a series of rocks which had formed a kind of
staggered series of steps towards an area that was surrounded
by large rocks. I ventured onto these and made my way to the
large rocks. The voice had become louder. I peered around
one of the rocks shaped like an obelisk and saw a sight that
made my heart jump into my mouth.

Sitting on the rocks partly in shade, partly exposed to
the sun was a woman. From this point on I can only describe
what I saw in the form of a checklist, because for me to try
and coherently explain what I saw in one fell swoop would
result in a passage of sheer incoherence.

What she wore: Nothing save a straw sunhat.

What did she look like: Miraculous, flawless olive brown
skin. Dark brown curly hair (distinctly Mediterranean)
flowing out from under the hat. I could only see her back
and her right side as she sat slightly askew. Long brown
smooth legs. Her bottom perched on the rock round and taut
like it had been moulded by an artist of considerable talent.
A glimpse of side breast showing them to be round and firm.
A slender supple body that seemed to have been the result
of good genes, healthy living, sea air and sun.

What was she doing ? Looking out to sea and singing. Who was she? A goddess. Guardian of the cliffs seducer of
the sea. I stood in awe partly concealed behind the rock. Then my
foot slipped and caused a few pebbles to roll towards her.
To this day I concede that even though this appeared to be
an accident some other force was compelling me to attract
her attention. Upon hearing the noise from the scattered
pebbles she stopped singing.

Quien va alla ? She said stridently. Who goes there? I noticed
a fire in her voice and also curiously the fact that although
turning her head towards the sound she made no attempt o
cover herself up. Indeed I could see no clothes around her.
I stood stock still my heart racing and took this opportunity
to look at her face. The same gorgeous colour as the rest
of her, her face belied strength, intelligence and that
beauty that only Mediterranean women possess. Full lips,
a slightly round face. Big searching eyes and a slightly
pointed nose. She repeated herself this time with more force but her voice
still had that melody in it ‘Quien va alla?’

I noticed this time that the force of her question made her
shoulder flex and this in turn seemed to make her breast
undulate slightly. The breeze was buffeting her hair.
I was enthralled it was if a small flame was building up inside
her ready to ignite. I thought it wise not to antagonise
her further and shakily stepped out from behind the rock.

Still not turning her whole body she viewed me with curiosity
still not making any attempt to cover herself.

‘Quién eres tú?’ she demanded her brow furrowed
and her lips pursed. ‘Who are you?’ I stammered back
‘I errr that is to say ‘lo siento’ I’m sorry’
I said in my poor Spanish accent. She looked intently a sly
smile crossed her lips ‘eres Ingles?’. ‘Si’ came
my reply. ‘Come out from there so I can see you’ she said
in accented but otherwise perfect English. I gingerly
stepped out from behind the rocks. ‘Acércate!’ she
exclaimed forcefully. ‘Closer’ I walked bathed in
a feeling of sheer disbelief at what was unfolding. ‘What
are you doing here?’ she asked. I stood unable to speak
my mind blown to smithereens. ‘I asked you a question,
what are you doing here?’. Somehow I mustered enough
of my brain to formulate an answer. ‘I errr am here on holiday.
I decided to explore the cliffs’ ‘No one explores these
cliffs’ she said, what did you hope to find, treasure?’
‘What?’ I replied, still dazed, ‘no, no I mean nothing’
and then I said something that I look back on and pat myself
repeatedly on the back for saying. ‘Well I suppose yes
I came to find treasure and…’ ‘And’ she replied
impatiently. ‘I found it’. A look of doubt spread across
her face but then after a brief pause she smiled and turned
back to look at the sea. I walked slowly upto her and stood
behind her.

‘What was that song you were singing?’ I asked cautiously.
Still looking out to see she remained silent and then after
a while spoke. ‘it’s an old flamenco ballad’ she
said. ‘What’s it about?’ I asked. ‘What all ballads
are about…love’. ‘Do you have to be naked to sing
it?’ I asked. She turned her head sharply and eyed me with
a hint of malice which again turned slowly into a half smile.
‘Huh, no but I sing better naked, besides the only way
to truly worship these beautiful surroundings is unclothed’.
‘I agree’ I said barely concealing the pleasure in
my voice. ‘Oh you agree do you?’ she said and without
a moment’s hesitation she stood up.

That one act shattered my being and tossed the remnants
over the cliff. She stood up, or more accurately, she rose
like a fountain of gold and stood with her back to me. Incredible
was the only way I can describe her. A baked, bronzed marvel
of womanhood. Her skin was smooth, slightly oily and uniform.
Her physique was slender but showed amazing tautness.
Rounded shoulders, long legs, child bearing hips all framing
her delicate yet toned buttocks. Her eternally beautiful
hair blew in the breeze and some of it landed on my face. She
then turned to face me and treated me to a sublimely generous
view of her front. Her face was, in the sunlight, something
approaching celestial, large brown moonlike eyes, full
slightly pouty lips framing an intelligent mouth. A proud,
slightly aquiline nose, a strong feminine chin. Her neck
was elegant and sensual as were her shoulders. Her breasts
were round, natural supple capped with areolas a shade
darker than the rest of her body with another shades lightly
darker brown nipples. Her stomach flat with a hint of abs.

My mouth felt dry as I took her in. I drank some water and offered
her my bottle. She took it and drank. As she tilted her head
back I scanned my eyes greedily over her round hips her strong
perfectly formed brown thighs and shins. And then I hastily
passed my eyes over her mound. I marvelled at it. Perfectly
formed in keeping with the rest of her with a slight wisp
of pubic hair that she had carefully trimmed into a thin
strip it reminded me of the narrow shelf on the cliff side
that I had been on moments before. She moved her head forward
as she finished drinking and I noticed she had let some water
fall from her mouth. I watched the small rivulet travel
down her chin, tracing it’s way down her neck and resting
between her magnificent cleavage. I looked at her breasts,
hypnotised then quickly looked up at her face.

‘Thanks’ she said handing me back the bottle. ‘Are
you real?’ I asked with a shaky voice. She laughed somewhat
dismissively ‘I’m as real as the waves down below and
in your soul, I’m as real as the light and heat from the
sun that’s making your t-shirt cling to your body. I’m
as real as the rock from which we were sculpted’ ‘I want
to touch you’ I said surprised at my own bravado. ‘Then
touch me’ she said. ‘Find out if I feel like what you
think I will feel like’ ‘I’m afraid’ I said. ‘Of
what’ she asked. ‘That you’ll disappear’. ‘That’s
a risk you have to take Hermano’. I set my bottle of water
down not taking my eyes of her unbelievable body for a second.
I stood face to face with her and put my hand up slowly to touch
her face. She took a step back.

Sensing the look of abject disappointment on my face she
laughed cruelly. I walked forward and she took another
step back. ‘Not yet, amigo’ she said. ‘First you
must take off your clothes’.

Another wave of excitement pummelled my senses. I noticed
that despite the fact that there was a near perfect specimen
of human in my presence without a stitch of clothing on her
I was not hard. Incredible as it may seem but the sheer wonder
of her was at this time only assaulting my brain and heart,
and not my penis. ‘What are you waiting for?’ she asked
with a slight insolence in her voice, that made my face flush
and my heart race even faster. She stepped towards me and
pulled at my shorts ‘take them off!’ she hissed through
clenched teeth. I caught a whiff of her scent which was partly
carried on the sea air and partly wafted past my nostrils.
A mind numbing aroma of some spice which I cannot put my finger
on combined with a light perfumed lotion smell and something
else that I am at a loss to describe but must have been I can
only guess unadulterated womanly virility.

I slowly acceded to her request by first taking off my t-shirt.
I did this with some difficulty owing to the sweat on my body.
Once removed I felt curiously freer. I looked at her and
a look approaching satisfaction played over her face.
She took her hand and placed it on my chest just over my heart.
Slowly and articulately she snaked her hand down over my
torso and then removed it. I took a deep breath trying with
herculean effort to re-focus. ‘Now the shorts’ she
said. I slowly undid the lace on my shorts and gradually
pulled them down to my ankles and stepped out of them and
there I was matched with her in nakedness, my walking shoes
the only adornment on me. She held onto her hat with one hand
showing me the magnificent curve under her arm and allowing
me a better look at her left breast. ‘Muy bien!’ she
said a playful smile on her face. I took stock of my nakedness
and the warm breeze immediately fanned my body as if showing
approval. I felt wonderful, uninhibited and not in the
least bit embarrassed. We stood there naked and alone as if we were the only inhabitants
of a strange planet. Indeed the view around could well have
been some other unearthly paradise so far removed were
my thoughts from anything I knew to be real or normal. ‘Now
you can touch me’ she said.

I moved closer to her and this time she remained where she
was. I reattempted to put my hand to the side of her face and
this time she allowed it. I softly stroked the side of her
face and felt warm, smooth skin. She took her hand and pressed
it to mine sandwiching my hand with her hand and face. She
helped me move my hand up and down her cheek and closed her
eyes. She liked the sensation I could tell as soft sighs
escaped her mouth. I moved my face closer to hers and while
she still had her eyes closed I placed a soft almost imperceptible
kiss on her invitingly plump full lips. A small breath escaped
her mouth and wafted across my upper lip and nose. A sweet
breath that was faintly reminiscent of honeysuckle. I
kissed her softly, our lips playing with each other. Then
the kiss became more forceful and sensual. She opened her
mouth slightly and I felt her tongue emerge and gently invade
my mouth. The kiss became more urgent as our tongues met
my hand which had not left the side of her face was now joined
by the other hand such that I had her head pressed against
my palms against both sides. I began to run my fingers through
her soft lustrous and slightly oily hair prying the sun
hat off her head as I did so. She took her hands and placed
them around my waist and drew me close to her. I now felt her
body pressed up against mine. Her breasts pushed against
my chest oh what a magnificent feeling that was like a pair
of heavenly cushions.

Her thighs pressed against mine a feeling even more exquisite
in the heat. My cock unbelievably still flaccid was pressed
up just between her stomach and groin. I can’t tell you
how good it all felt. We kissed as if exchanging thoughts
about each other, as if sharing not only flesh, spit and
sweat but ideas, hopes, fears everything. After a short
while when the kissing became so forceful and intense I
thought I might lose my tongue down her throat she pulled
away. We stood somewhat dazed and breathing hard. She walked
back to the edge of the cliff and stared out to sea. I walked
up to her taking every opportunity to marvel at her. I stood
beside her and we both looked out to the sea in silence.

‘I want to be baptised in your lust’ she said breaking
a few seconds of silence. ‘ What do you mean?’ I said
my heart beginning to gather pace once more. She turned
to me and held out her hand. I took it and she clasped it with
both her hands. ‘Your clothes’ she said. ‘Hide them
somewhere behind a rock. I’m taking you somewhere away
from you’ I kissed her softly and briefly on the mouth
and again proceeded to a more forceful kiss but this time
she had the will to break away sooner. ‘Not here’ she
said. She walked towards my clothes, replacing the hat
on her head as she did so, a movement so stunningly sexual
that I’m sure the sun itself felt hotter for witnessing
it. She bent down and I saw her from behind the rear aspect
of her goddess like buttocks and legs sandwiching an astoundingly
perfect pussy. I looked down at my penis and still nothing.
‘What’s wrong with you’ I admonished under my breath.
She scooped up my clothes and walked over to a rock and placed
them behind it.

She turned her glistening brown body towards me and held
out her hand. I walked over to her and took it and together
we walked back past the rocks onto the narrow shelf.

She led the way barefoot with her hand in mine onto the shelf.
I watched ever muscle in her back and bottom and legs flex
as she adeptly negotiated her way over rocks. At one point
she came to a higher shelf and hoisted her slender taut frame
effortlessly onto it. I did likewise and believe me that
some exertion was required. She moved with a grace and assuredness
that only people native to this land possess. I was panting
but she showed no signs of tiredness indeed she seemed to
be energised by the whole affair. We then came to what seemed
like the precipice of a rock and across a roughly 5 meter
chasm there was another rock shelf that trailed towards
a small beach head. She stood stock still surveying the
chasm. She looked across at the cliff side and studied it
with her hands stroking the rock.

‘ We have to get to the other side’ she said. ‘How?’
I asked ‘it’s too far to jump’ She looked at me and
kissed me softly on the mouth. ‘Do you trust me’ she
asked. ‘Yes’ I replied. She then with one hand gripped
the side of the cliff and hoisted her body sideways pinned
herself on the cliff face. I watched in awe not believing
what I saw. It looked like she was embracing the cliff or
the cliff was embracing her. Her magnificent body clung
to the cliff her breasts mashed up against the wall her shoulders
flexed her legs and buttocks tensed. She then slowly shimmied
her body sideways. I looked closer and saw that she was finding
small protruding bits of the cliff side for purchase. ‘I
can’t do it’ I exclaimed. ‘You can’ she said ‘just
concentrate and move very slowly. I gingerly moved my body
the way she had and sure enough was able to find purchase.
I clung to the cliff my head turned towards her and made my
way slowly following her.

I was eternally grateful for not being hard for to cling
to the rock with a protruding dick would have made the task
near impossible. I watched her shuffle across and finally
step onto the rock on the other side. She had made it. I continued
my journey, my arms and legs were on fire and I felt a great
pain ride through my back and shoulders. My whole body was
perspiring and I felt my fingers getting slippery. I thought
for a horrible second that I was going to come off the wall
and plunge to my death below. I looked at her for inspiration
as she stood. ‘I can’t do it’ I said. ‘Come to me’
she said. ‘I think I’m losing my strength’ I bewailed.
‘Look at me!’ she said I looked at her and what she did
next sent a surge of power through me. Grabbing one of her
breasts in her hand she pushed it up to her mouth and licked
her own nipple. She continued lapping at it and in a mad burst
of desire I summoned all my strength and made it across to
her. She seemed to be lost in the pleasure and I now completely
overwhelmed with adrenaline and the thrill to have made
it across stepped onto the rock …now fully erect. She
snapped out of her pleasure reverie and looked at me and

‘So it’s danger that wakens you’ she said looking
at my engorged member. I with a renewed vitality grabbed
her around the waste grinding my cock against her stomach
and kissed her forcefully on the mouth. She reciprocated
and dug her nails into my back. We kissed maniacally as if
celebrating our escape from death by doing that which signifies
life and doing it with such vehemence. We then pulled our
mouths way from each other and laughed together. She turned
and leading me by the hand again we made our way down the rocks
to the small area of beach down below.

The warm breeze of the ocean was more pronounced the closer
we got. I felt light headed partly from the feeling of elation
and partly from the fact that most of the oxygenated blood
in my body was pumping and priming my cock. She led me onto
the beach, well I say beach. Where we stood was a small enclosed
sandy inlet surrounded on three sides by towering cliffs
and the vast ocean in front. It was completed secluded and
to most passers by seemingly inaccessible. ‘Your place?’
I asked? She smiled ‘It’s where I will take your heart,
body and soul to meet the heavens’ I swallowed hard. She
turned away from me and walked towards a small rock towards
the rear of the inlet. Again I stood transfixed by her body
in motion. She was a work of art so vivid yet so dreamlike.
She reached behind the rock and removed something and walked
back carrying it. It was a necklace made of sea shells.

She put it on around her neck, the shells framed her beautifully
around her neck over her shoulders and resting on her breasts.
‘Why do you wear this? I asked, gently rubbing one of the
shells which had come to rest on her right breast. ‘Why
do you wear this?’ she asked stroking my chest and stomach.
‘We all like to feel good, I wear it because I want to look
beautiful for the sea, for the air, for they sky….for
you’ I trailed off listening to the magic in her voice,
listening but not hearing. She had a way with words that
were wise, philosophical and inexplicable. ‘I snapped
back into the moment. ‘Swim with me’ she said thrusting
off her hat. Holding hands we walked out into the water.
I felt the sand under my feet, this changed to the sensation
of pebbles. As we walked in I watched the water rise up and
gradually mask her body. First up to her ankles, then calves,
then thighs. I noticed her pussy disappear under the sea.
Then her hips and stomach her midriff. Next the sea eagerly
swallowed up her breasts.

MY cock was pulsing under water now. When the water came
up to her shoulders I lowered by body slightly so we were
face to face in the ocean. She looked at me her eyes reflecting
the light of the water. A great feeling of reverence passed
over me. She looked pensive and then raising her hands out
of the water she clasped the sides of my face and brought
it towards her for a soft tender kiss. We kissed again the
water lapping around us urging the kiss along. She then
stooped moved back and submerged herself under the water.
She emerged her curly hair now straightened by the water.
It clung to her beautiful wet face. I aped her motion and
emerged likewise. We kissed again. She then turned and
began to swim out. I followed.

She swam as if she was born from the water. Graceful, athletic,
comfortable. I confess that my swimming was a bit more laboured.
She swam out quite a distance but the sea was calm, maybe
out of deference for her. I’m sure if the sea itself had
a penis it would be as erect as mine was enveloping her gorgeous
body. She swam out and then stopped and treaded water. I
swam out to her and she playfully splashed me. I splashed
back and we spent time playing and frolicking in this manner
like two children to whom the whole planet was their toy
store. We laughed kissed and then gradually the playing
turned into something less child like and more adult.

She pressed her body up close to mine and I could feel her
thighs and shins banging against mine as we both treaded
water. With one hand on the side of my neck she traced her
hand down my neck and chest sending shivers through my body.
Lower and lower she went until it came to rest on my buttocks.
I with my arms spread out trying to stay above water was allowing
full access. With one hand cupping my left cheek and kind
of anchoring itself there she snaked the other hand across
my waist and with her slender fingers slid her hand between
my legs and stroked the inside of my thigh. I tileted my head
back and gasped. Very slowly and deliberately she moved
her hand up the inside of my thigh and cupped my testicles.
I gasped again and this time followed it with a low moan.
She kissed me just immediately after the moan escaped my

With our lips locked once more I now felt the abundant sexuality
in her full lips. Whilst kissing she gently hoisted my balls
and then let them fall as if assessing their buoyancy. The
pleasure she was giving me forced me to kiss her deeper and
our tongues came into play once more. Gently tickling my
balls in this manner she continued and then sensing that
they had had their fill her hand was on the move once more.
This time the fingers gently curved around my testicles
and under my cock. We broke the kiss and I stared at her with
a look of such eager anticipation on my face. Not taking
our eyes of each other I felt her fingers move expertly along
the underside of my penis hoisting it as they went travelling
along my shaft. With her eyes on mine she was able to gauge
every change in my expression from pleasure to greater
pleasure to ecstasy.

Manipulating my facial expressions by manipulating my
cock seemed like a game to her. Her fingers by now had traced
their way to the front of my penis and gently rode their way
over mysensitive tip and were now top side. It was hear that
they stoped and it was here where I felt her hand wrap itself
around the neck of my shaft. I let out a long juddering moan
and closed my eyes. She then gradually began to masturbate
me with a hand that was seemed predestined for such an endeavour.
I noticed something that must have been a fish swim close
by my penis and brush against my thigh she must have felt
it too for we briefly looked at each other and laughed. Back
to the business at hand or in hand. I relished every pleasurable
sensation as she stimulated me my heart beating rapidly.
She gradually increased the tempo of her ministrations
and I gradually began to unravel. She kissed me again as
if to divert some of the attentions.

With my arms still wide I was struggling to keep paddling
being exposed to the dual sensation of hand against cock
and lips against lips. I then taking one arm plunged it into
the water and took hold of her arm as if to say ‘please enough’.
She stopped her motion but still had her hand wrapped around
my burgeoning cock. I looked at her and with a shaky voice
said ‘tu turno’. She smiled and slowly and mercifully
released my penis. She brought her arms to the surface and
my arms made their way under water. Once there I cupped one
hand under her left butt cheek as she had done mine. That
feeling alone turned me on immensely even though I was now
meant to pleasure her.

Looking back I marvel at how we manged to stay afloat whilst
pleasuring each other, to do so must have required boundless
energy or perhaps our bodies were driven by such longing
for each other that they assumed a subconscious superhuman
level of effort. Now in reverse I with my other hand snaked
my wave down the centre of her neck between her monumentally
perfect breasts onto her stomach. Where she had placed
her hand on my thighs I placed it on her hip and gently began
to tickle her smooth skin. Like I had done before she gasped.
I felt enormously gratified that I could make her do this,
her a being approaching almost the status of a deity. I used
this as a sign to proceed. I slowly slid my hand over her hips
my other hand now kneading her sublime bum. I ran my hind
over and around her hip onto her stomach and between her
thighs as I did so I noticed that she had increased the distance
between her legs, something I was not gracious or aware
enough to do.

Then with all the strength focus and concentration I could
muster and still sporting a huge erection I gently slid
my fingers up her thighs and began to stroke her labia. She
sighed softly as I stroked her using my index finger to trace
her slit. She moaned and opened her legs wider. I now could
feel her inner labia and began to gently stroke and caress
her there. It was hard to tell underwater whether she was
wet but something in me told me she was close.

With two fingers I blindly moved up towards the top of her
labia. She then assisting me reached down I felt her fingers
perched over the apex of her pussy. I then felt as she lifted
the top of her labia and my fingers found it. Or should I say
my fingers found clit. I tested my hypothesis my watching
her face I gently tickled the area I thought to be her clitoris.
Bingo ! Her eyes opened wide and she left out a sharp gasp
and then closed them again. Now fully aware of where I was
I placed my thumb on her clit and with my index middle finger
plunged them into her. With my thumb oscillating over her
clit and my two fingers in her pussy I pummelled both areas
with soft measure strokes and movements. Watching her
face as she had mine I saw her gasp, bite her lip and moan.
I kissed her and continued to rub away and finger her moans
and gasps got increasingly louder and heavier .

After an intense few minutes of me wanking her she moved
one of her arms back under the water and grabbed hold of my
wrist. ‘Detener’ she shouted. ‘I’m sorry’
I said with a slightly malevolent grin on my face ‘ I don’t
understand’ and continued. ‘Stop..please’ she
pleaded. I assented and took my thumb off her swollen bud
and retracted my fingers from inside her. We both looked
at each other, I noticed slight chagrin on her face which
quickly turned into a wry smile. She then pushed me playfully
against my chest and used my body to float herself into a
swimming position. She swam back to the shore ensuring
I got a face full of water from her kicking legs. I laughed
and followed her back to the shore both of us leaving trace
amounts of sweat, semen and pussy juice as a souvenir that
would be swallowed up by the blessed ocean.

We swam and I watched the back of her emerge from the water.
Her wet, glistening brown body rose like an ancient Egyptian
queen coming to rule and reign with her devastating sensual
power. The water fell off her wet back and bottom and ran
down her thighs slowly as if not wanting to leave her. I gasped
almost taking in a lung full of water at the awesome sight.
I swam faster and knew I was approaching the shallows as
sea weeds began to tickle my cock. I emerged wet and hard.
I strode through the water boiling with insane lust as she
had made it to the beach.

As I waded through my mind was awash with what I would do to
her. I wanted to fuck her so hard she would go back in time
back to a time where she ruled and men fell at her feet. She
turned as she reached the sand to look at me approach her,
a taut rigid monster driven with a roiling lust that was
as huge and powerful as the ocean. All the fury of the sea
soon to bear down on her body.

Her eyes widened at the thought and a slight look of worry
seemed to cross her face. I must have looked something close
to demented such was my desire. Facing me she took a few steps
back and as I emerged onto the beach I made to lunge at her.
She sidestepped and began to playfully evade me. This maddened
me even more and I lunged at her again, she dodged me artfully
like a silken scarf blowing in the wind. She continued to
shimmy across. I regained my composure and feigned capitulation.
Then in one quick sudden movement I came at her from the side
and caught her by the wrist. She struggled against my grip
wrenching her body trying to pull away bit I held her fast.
I then with boundless energy and determination scooped
her up in my arms. She looked at me with an expression half
of shock and half admiration. She then wrapped her arms
around my neck and we kissed a deep penetrating hugely symbolic
kiss. I walked still kissing her our tongues circling each
others and set her down so she was standing with her back
to the cliff face.

Still kissing I put my hands under elbows and slowly hoisted
her arms above her head. She kept them there seemingly knowing
what I had planned. I moved my lips down away from her mouth
onto her chin, kissing all the way her neck, her shoulders
and then her breasts. With her arms held aloft her firm supple
breasts were displayed for me to sample. And sample them
I did. Kissing and licking the breast, tracing my tongue
around her ariola, flicking her nipples with my tongue.
I buried my face in her tits and went absolutely wild drinking
up her flesh, sucking, licking, tickling. I went so far
as to lick her armpits and triceps. All the while I heard
sounds of ecstasy from above.

I cannot describe the way her skin felt tightly wrapped
over her muscles. It seemed that the time spent in the sea
and the heat from the sun had stretched her skin tighter
over her body making it smooth like warm marble polished
for centuries. I kissed her for several minutes as the sun
shone down on my back and the waves gently ebbed and flowed
in time with her breasts. I kissed her leaving her copious
breasts a site of such wanton violation and moved my tongue
down her smooth stomach. I licked her navel tasting brine
and down, down, down to the top of her mound.

I looked up and saw between her pendulous breasts her head
tilted back looking up towards the top of the cliffs. Her
neck smooth and proud. Small rivulets of water or sweat
ran down her frame onto my forhead where they joined with
my water and sweat. I inhaled her scent through my nostrils
and there came that familiar smell of some exotic spice
that the sea was unable to wash off her. I also smelled her.
Her femininity slightly musky yet intoxicating. I licked
the small trim of hair which crowned her pussy. I saw her
neck as she swallowed as if in preparation. Then with my
hands on her hips I trailed my tongue down past the strip
and she again widened her legs and I again was imbued with
a sense of intense gratitude. I wasn’t going to let her
down I was going to send her up.

I began slowly teasing the lips of her pussy with my tongue
gently licking the sides and her cleft. First the outer
labia then the inner. My tongue seemed to know what it was
doing so I let it carry on licking and kissing her curtains
which I could tell were getting swollen. I continued licking
and kissing around the peripheries of her labia occasionally
moving to bite and nibble gently at her thighs. All the while
I heard her distant moans being announced skyward. They
inevitably got louder and more frequent as my tongue began
to work faster. At one point I stooped my head lower between
her parted thighs and licked her bum crack. She didn’t
protest in the slightest. I came back out into the light
and this time without her assistance I lifted back her hood
and went for her clit.

I circled it with my tongue slowly at first and then with
greater fervour. A torrent of pussy juice began to dampen
her inner thighs coating her entire pussy and also the side
of my face, tongue and lips. As if in response her moans became
even louder and began to reverberate off the cliff sides.
I licked away getting harder with every moan that escaped
her mouth. The taste, the smell, the sounds all combined
to give me a physiological boost the likes of which I’d
never known. My sodden escapade was about to culminate
I could tell when her moans became screams. The waves in
the sea became more animated as if to see what was going on.
It felt like they were responding to her pleasure. I felt
her tug hard at my hair and took this as a sign to stop.

This time there was no horseplay. I acceded and stopped
and rose towards her conveying with me her juice. I looked
at her her head still tilted back and kissed her neck incidentally
transferring her love liquid onto her body. She grabbed
my neck at the nape whilst I nuzzled hers and scratched it
almost vehemently. I let out a ferocious cry and she moved
her head forward and we were gain face to face our eyes blazing
our mouths panting. Every part of us either erect, swollen,
throbbing, pulsing or engorged. The heat and passion had
dried us completely. She looked past me at the sea lost for
a while as if readjusting her mind. Then her eyes returned
to mine on fire.

She pushed against my chest and moved forwards forcing
me out away from the cliffs towards the centre of the beached
area. We kissed here. I don’t think there was any place
in the world we hadn’t kissed. She then left my lips and
removed her sea shell necklace. What she did next was so
beautiful and filled with such creative sexuality that
I remember it on a daily basis. Taking the necklace she squatted
down so that her head was face to cock. I watched her the top
of her head her oily hair. The top of her bronzed back but
what she was doing beneath was obscured.

I could only feel what came next and it made it infinitely
more wonderful. I felt her drape the necklace over my turgid
cock. I felt it’s weight but no object on earth suspended
from it would cause it to droop. I felt the curious but not
unpleasurable sensation of the necklace hanging over
my shaft and the shells against my thighs. Then I felt her
mouth her lips first lightly kissing and licking my tip.
I let out a long moan as she gently licked and circled my bell
end with her tongue. Then without a moment’s hesitation
she had my cock in her mouth. I felt the warmth and wetness
of her mouth as it clasped to form a seal around my shaft.
I felt her tongue against my member struggling slightly
to negotiate it’s way around my shaft. Then when she was
in position I felt her move her mouth forwards and backwards
along me. I looked down and saw her head bobbing. She had
her hands pressed up against my lower stomach for purchase.

I felt everything all the veins pulsed all the nerves fired
as she sucked me off. I heard the clacking of the sea shells
which were taken along for the ride and the sound drove me
crazy. She ventured further along my shaft almost deep
throating me. I bellowed in wild ecstasy. She continued
I looked up at the sky and voiced a thousand prayers of thanks.
She was blowing me as if the possessor of some divine ancient
knowledge of fellatio. Sucking, licking, jostling. It
wasn’t just my cock that was being assailed but my testicles
and my thighs also had the pleasure of knowing her mouth.
I knew if she persisted I would ejaculate a volume of cum
that would make the sea seem like a puddle so I shouted or
moaned out ‘ahhh enough…please..enough’.

Her head stopped bobbing the seashells slowly stopped
clacking and she released me. She then rather than get up
fell back onto the sand as If exhausted. I looked down my
member was now worryingly erect and coated with her spit
and precum semen. I looked at her lying on the send panting
her face flushed her breasts rising and falling. A look
of utter bliss on her wet lips. I watched her filled with
such a longing that at that moment I would have done anything
to make her happy. II walked over on shaky legs and took her
by the hand and helped her to pull her up. She however surprised
me yet again and instead of getting up she pulled my arm down
so that I was now flat on my back next to her on the sand. There
we both lay panting and partly sated. The only parts of us
not prone were my penis and her tits pointing proudly up
to the sky. We lay in the sun partly shaded by the cliffs listening
to the sea and feeling the air against our bodies. She then
propped herself up onto her side reached a hand over to my
groin and removed the necklace which had hooped itself
around my cock.

She then stood up. I watched her still lying on my back the
sun over her shoulder silhouetting part of her incredible
body and saw her place the necklace on the sand. She then
squat down and I propped myself up on my elbows to observe
more carefully. She arranged the necklace in a circle on
the sand. Fully spread out I noticed it to be quite large
in circumference. She then stepped into the circle she
had made and held her arms up to the sky. I was riveted. Slowly
with her arms clasped above her head she slowly swayed her
wondrous body. I watched utterly rapt at a sight of such
magnificence everything around me seemed to darken and
fade as if my eyes wanted to see her and only her. Her brown
extended, curvy figure, tight, graceful and athletic
swayed and undulated with mind (and cock) blowing sensuality.

Just when I thought I could take no more of this spectacle
she slowly crouched down and placing her hands either side
of the necklace stood up and hooped it up around her long
legs. It was if she was putting on an invisible pair of trousers
with the necklace forming the waist. She stood up straight
and placed the necklace(now a waist chain) around her waist
and there it fell and remained on her hips.

This act was simply brilliant for it adorned and celebrated
that part of her which was now for the next few minutes going
to devastate my body in the way a tsunami can devastate an
entire coastline.

Still on my elbows with my entire body flexed. My cock was
so hard it seemed to want to levitate my body. She then looked
down at me her face partly shadowed in sunlight. Her damp
hair clung to her slightly dry and resuming their curls.
She then squat down again and I watched her upper thighs
meet her breasts. Her whole body now compact like an uncoiled
spring. All her muscles flexed. She reached out her arm
and instead of offering her hand to mine she had a different
way of getting me to rise. She slowly but deliberately clasped
my cock from over the top and after a few welcome strokes
which I answered with sustained gasps she gently began
to pull and raise her body. Using my cock as a kind of rein
she encouraged me to get up. I don’t think I’d ever been
prompted to rise in such an intense way.

I stood now facing her hand still on my pulsing pecker. With
one hand on my rein she led me by my penis towards the cliff
to the site where I had tongue fucked her. I savoured every
moment of this journey watching her lead me cock in hand.
The sea shells slowly slapping her hips and bottom. When
she got to the cliffs she turned her body round to face me
and took her hand of the reins. She was now sandwiched between
me and the cliff face. The tip of my penis was slightly touching
one of the shells on her waist. I watched her breathing both
of us staring at each other in anticipation and then everything
went sublimely quiet. Save for the sound of our breath.

Our eyes fixed on each other as I slowly lowered my hand between
her legs and gently placed it under her left thigh. I then
hoisted her left leg so that her foot came to rest of a protruding
section of the cliff. This splayed her legs apart slightly
and she was ready. Like an oyster gradually opening up to
reveal it’s pearl I was moments away from experiencing
something so life changing. We paused still staring at
each other our breathing now becoming more rapid. I noticed
her breasts rise and fall with each breath she took. Never
for one second taking our eyes of each other I wrapped my
hand around the base of my stupendously hard cock and slowly
moved it so my bell end was now pressing gently against the
mouth of her pussy. She placed her hand on my arm which had
a hold of my member and slowly stroked my bicep and said in
a slow breathy voice ‘ahora es el momento’ is
the time.

I then using my hand to guide me and my thighs and bum to propel
me slowly introduced my cock into her. I felt my member slowly
enveloped by a smooth, moist, unfathomably tight glove
of Mediterranean flesh. I watched her and it was if her face
was straining. Not at my size but a look of restraint as if
she was fighting over a loss of control. She stayed like
this her face stoically belying any indication that she
was being overcome. Her hair plastered to her forehead
her breath coming in short shallow pants.

I ventured further until I was halfway in. I too despite
losing my mind to pleasure didn’t allow my face to betray
me. A look of sweaty and intense concentration. My jaw clenched.
We watched each other as if to test who would submit to the
pleasure first. Was my shaft assaulting her pussy nerve
endings more than her pussy was playing havoc with the synapses
in my cock. I slowly introduced more and more of my length
into her. About three quarters of the way our resolve both
broke simultaneously and we kissed so hard we almost transfused
each other. The kiss had a dual desired effect. One we couldn’t
see each other’s faces giving in and two well we were kissing.
Our lips locked rubbing over each other tongues danced.
And my dick as if receiving instructions from the kiss went
in deeper.

The kiss then told me to start fucking her. I acceded. Gently
with fluid and measured strokes I began to thrust in and
deeper and shallower. My shaft now moving in her aided by
my legs and bum. I administered my cock rhythmically whilst
we kissed more slowly. Then the kiss broke and we went back
to staring at each other whilst I continued with my gentle
strokes. Pleasure was indelibly written across both our
faces. We couldn’t hide it. We watched each other as If
our minds were circling each other neither one of us hunter
or prey. My penetrations slowly and inevitably began to
quicken in pace and my cock went in and out deeper and faster.

We breathed heavier and more rapidly in stereo with each
other and the movements down below. I could feel the juices
of her nature marinating my cock making the penetrations
smoother and more intense. I then lifted her body slightly
so I could arch my cock almost vertically into her and this
signified the beginning of a bout of dynamic exploration
of her flesh lined cave. I pitched her with the power of my
legs and rod up she gripped onto some higher crevice in the
cliff to steady herself. I then began to thrust more ferociously
and here I’m not ashamed to admit let out the first gasp.
More out of violent lust than pleasure. She followed almost
immediately with a full unrestrained cry and suddenly
where there had only been the sound of breath cake a cacophony
of moans and the percussive sounds of the sea sells banging
against each other as we banged each other, and another
sound. That of a moist portal of pleasure being violated
by a thunderously hard cock.

Buoyed on my the sounds I pounded up and into her riding her
up against the cliffs as if trying to catapult her back to
heaven. A few of small pebbles from the rock face crumbled
against out exertions and cascaded down to the sand. I saw
this and it made me thrust even harder. I watched her again
her face contorted in ecstasy her hair wild her eyes wider
than I’d ever seen them. A look of pleading then spread
across her face and in between gasps she managed to cry out
somewhat feebly ‘dejame ir’. I didn’t understand
what she meant and continued a man possessed. Her face went
back to assume that expression of mad pleasure and again
she opened her eyes wide this time pleading. ‘dejame
ir’ ‘Please let me go’.

I watched her and a look of such innocent fright came over
her that my heart broke and I slowed down. I couldn’t stop
cold, no man on earth could have. I let her body down slowly
so that I wasn’t fucking up her pussy so much rather a softer
gentler angle of penetration. I slowed down gradually
and then came to a stop and begrudgingly took my dick out
of her. I backed way a few steps and took in her form. Still
pressed up against the cliff it looked like my exertions
had almost tattoed her magnificent body onto the rock.
She had her eyes closed panting. The breeze blew her hair
I noticed part of her body the sides of her hips covered in
sand. I wrapped my hand around my penis still fully erect
and gently massaged it in a congratulatory manner. She
stayed against the cliff the indescribably beautiful
brownness of her body more magnificent against the white
rock eyes closed as if in some metaphysical trance. I knew
I had done right by her taken her where she wanted to go. But
I also knew (or hoped) that there was more to cum.

As if sensing my self satisfaction at having pummelled
her pussy she opened her eyes and the look of calm changed
into an altogether different countenance. That of mad
vexation. She peeled herself off the rock and with forceful
determined strides she advanced towards me. I stood somewhat
intimidated my hard on which previously been my most trusty
weapon was now I feared (with joy) going to be used in a deeply
artful way to punish me.

Within a split second she was on me and leapt towards me her
body clasped firmly against my torso her legs wrapped around
my waist her arms like a vice around my neck. She squeezed
hard her breasts mashed up against my chest my cock thankfully
had escaped any brutal assault as she had jumped quite high
so that it was parked as such under her bum crack. With a kind
of backwards motion she then acrobatically leapt back
off my body and this through sheer reverse momentum pitched
me back and I feel backwards onto the soft sand. Flat on my
back I looked up seeing nothing but clear blue sky but again
only for split second. Working with fury and speed she stood
immediately over me her legs striding my body. Another
second and she was squatting down the weight of her body
now on my stomach pinning me in place. I felt her sticky swollen
pussy lips on my torso. She sat there squat as if I were a bench
or stool. A stool that she was now going to obliterate.

Reaching one arm behind her she took a firm grip of my pulsing
member and began to stimulate it. I couldn’t see her doing
it her body was in the way but oh could I feel it ! ‘Dios mio’!
I exclaimed fervently. Her face was now filled with such
demonic intent I feared for my soul. She continued to massage
and I realised through sweaty ecstasy that it wasn’t
to make me spurt but to prime me for what was about to come.
When she must have felt I was sufficiently engorged she
stopped and let go. Then with her hands pressed on my chest
for leverage she slowly she raised her body off my torso.
I felt the sensation of her puckered, swollen and moist
lips leaving my body. I watched her every move as she slowly
backed herself raising her body as she went. Her thighs
and calves were doing all the work as she seemed to levitate.

Backwards she went until she had positioned herself above
my unfathomably hard prick. That look never left her face,
that look of sheer malice. She then moved her hands down
onto my stomach and then pressing down hard so she could
ascend a bit more lowered herself and I felt what it was to
know her. The time when I was in her last paled in comparison
to how she felt now. She was wetter and tighter or I was bigger.
I gasped repeatedly as she slowly enveloped my cock with
her sex. Lowering herself more and more with that unchanged
look of determination on her beautiful face.

I felt her slide down onto me and it was as if a tight small
wet tunnel of heaven was descending onto my penis. Still
squatting she had now all but buried all my cock in her. She
then pitched her body forward and lowered her face to mine
so her nose was a few inches from mine. Her hair fell onto
my chest and neck the seashells pressed into my waist. Her
tits were pressed down onto my chest. I saw her arms outstretched
past my head resting on the sand. She looked at me, into me,
beyond me and her breath carried the words ‘estas terminado’
‘you’re finished’ And then as if the words were a
prelude she slowly began to bounce up and down.

‘Oh god’ I said almost straightaway completely unprepared
for the shockingly pleasurable sensation that was now
engulfing my entire cock. This was something new a feeling
so exquisite it was unearthly. She bounced her buttocks
up and down on my totem a salvo of pleasure. I wrapped my arms
around her waist in a vain attempt to mitigate the pleasure
but to no avail. She continued unrelenting up and down occasionally
gyrating and in the process gyrating my brain. She then
began to gasp and pant as loud as I did deriving it would seem
concomitant pleasure. Faster and faster she went I once
again heard the shells a sound I would forever equate with
my dick being assailed.

She gasped louder and I was shouting sexual epithets left
right and centre. She joined me in my profanity her accent
adding a curious significance to the words signifying
a global fucklust. She pitched her body now with an almost
possessed fervour and I grasped her hips hard to focus her
love muscles to a position I knew was the apex of satisfaction
for both of us. We carried on in this manner our shared intense
pleasure a blindfold to reality.

I knew I was very close to cumming and with a force borne out
of god knows where I grabbed her hips and pulled her off me
and pushed her back so she sat as if chastised, on the sand
She watched me a look of incredulity on her flushed face,
juices emanating from her pussy. Her chest heaving with
protracted breaths. She gritted her teeth in anger and
got up and made to grab me but I didn’t give her any time
to retaliate with her by now primordial lust. Quicker than
her, because I knew ejaculation was imminent I sat up actually
got up on my feet and lunged at her my solid dick clubbing
its way past her hit her stomach and tits as I grabbed at her
wild arms and wrestled her to the sand. Pinning her down
I looked down at her a fierceness in my face that seemed to
put her in abeyance.

I then softened and with a tenderness brushed her hair from
her face. I kissed her long and deep my cock rubbing against
her thigh my weight still holding her in place. She returned
the kiss with equal longing. I then moved my body and laid
on the sand on my side. With my arms I rolled her body onto
its side so that her back was to me and we lay our bodies out
on the sand facing the sea. This we both knew was the final
position worshipping the sea and each other. I placed my
hand under her thigh between her legs and slowly raised
it. She was sensibly pliant and receptive.

Kissing her neck from behind and while she left her leg raised
I grabbed my precum gun and slowly squeezed it into her pussy
from behind. In this scissor position we began our final
journey together. Slolwly languorously I slid my entire
length in and out of her every penetration a gift to each
other and the sea. I tried to time my movements with the waves
and succeeded partly . The sighing resumed as we sensually
made love with swollen and phenomenally engorged hearts
and gonads. I lifted her arm up and kissed and licked her
armpits all the while maintaining my primary focus on her
pert pussy. In this position we loved each other to orgasm.
It came slowly but with confidence from both of us almost

For her it was signified by a slight juddering in her body
and an undulating scream and a copious outpouring from
her pussy. The juddering and twitching in her pussy and
the added lubrication all served to give that last kiss
to my cock which sent it on its way to ejaculation but not
before I had the presence of mind to take it out of her. Meeting
the air as it was a quivering shaken appendage it hardened
one final time and throbbed, my testes pumped all the veins
engorged and with a monumental force expelled my cum volcanically
onto the mouth of her pussy splattering her mound inner
thighs. It pulsed a few more times expelling the remnants
of my seed with lessening volume and then stopped semi rigid.

I kissed her then on the neck as she looked out to see and noticed
her body trembling through a combination emotion, exhaustion
and post coital shock. We both lay in this position looking
out to see not saying a word and watched the sun disappear
over the horizon. As the light began to fade she got up and
I followed. Sandy and with smatterings of dried love on
our bodies we walked hand in hand on shaky legs back up to
where I had left my clothes. The climb up was mercifully
easier in the cooler evening light. When we got to the place
and I retrieved my clothes from behind the rock I spoke to

‘You know I’m never going to stop thinking about you’

She smiled and replied. ‘You thought about me before
you met me that’s why you came out here’

In a way what she said made sense. I guess what I was really
looking for on holiday was adventure and an unforgettable
experience and she obliged me on both counts. She still
completely undressed place the hat on her head and looked
out to sea

‘Where will you go know’ I asked. ‘I mean where do
you live?’

She smiled again and turned to face me. She plated one final
kiss this time on my cheek. ‘I live here’ she said and
pressed her hand at my heart. I smiled lovingly and turned
to walk back.

‘Wait’ she said as I was about to turn the corner and
leave her life forever. I turned and saw her agonisingly beautiful naked figure
walk slowly to me. She then unwrapped the sea shell necklace
from around her waist and placed it around my neck.

‘What’s this for?’ I asked

‘When we made love’ she said. ‘Your seed baptised
the shells, and now…’

‘Now what?’ I asked my heart beginning to gather pace
once more ‘wear it the next you come’

With those words I understood exactly what she meant and
felt as if I’d been blessed by every known deity.

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You're a great writer. Easily one of the best on here. Please keep submitting your stories.


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great story told well, the visual was woderful


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I was completely captivated throughout the entire story. Incredible writing.
Hope to see more!


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FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL ,MARVELOUS, EROTIC AND SENSUAL STORY!!! Your talent for writing is formidable. Thank you so much for sharing it.


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Thanks for the praise folks. More stories to come in due course I'm sure.