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The Room Service Guy


Something happened yesterday that neither myself, my daddy (for the day) or a random room service guy, will not likely ever forget.
It started out just like many other days I have spent in a hotel. I wake up at the butt-crack of dawn and the first thing I want is something sweet to eat. There were two things on my mind that morning though. Something irresistibly sweet and that my daddy (for the day) would be coming soon. The thoughts of either one made my pussy warm already.
I looked over the room service menu and decided what I wanted. I called and of course they said 30 minutes. During that time, I fucked around on the computer until the knock came. I opened it and there stood a young, hot, brazilian guy wearing a drab work uniform. When I invited him in I saw a spark in his eye that I had never seen from someone delivering my food. I quickly put that devious thought out of my head. “I could be his fucking mother for christs sake”. he asked where to put the tray and I motioned for him to just put it on the bed. He did as I asked and then stood up looking at me like he was very nervous. I smiled and asked if he had forgotten my glass of ice. He looked frantically over the tray and immediately apologized and offered to go and get one. I bent down and got my ice bucket and asked if he would just fill up the bucket instead. He smiled and I thought he would trip as he walked backwards toward the door. He said he would be right back and I left the door open for him. He set the bucket down and just looked at me for a moment. I looked at him and told him I would pay cash for the meal. he came back to reality and happily took my money. As he went for the $9 and some thing that would be my change, I said no, keep that for you. He looked at me and gave a wide grin and began thanking me all the way out the door. As I was about to close it, he asked me if I would like for him to come and pick up the tray when I was finished. I said sure. He asked if 30 minutes was enough time and I said, no better give me more than that.
After I shut the door I thought to myself. Was I seriously considering that he wanted to return for more than the tray? God damn. My pussy immediately got wet and then my thoughts returned to my daddy coming. It would not be long until he arrived. My thoughts were on him, eating the sweet breakfast I had ordered and the sweet boy who brought it. I decided that I would not mention it to daddy though. I was scared. As I ate I couldn’t shake thinking about it though. I heard the door opening and I put the thoughts out of my head. In walked my handsome daddy, there to see me. He came and I offered him food. He declined as always.
As I sat there eating he knew something was on my mind. I didn’t hide it very well. He asked what it was. I wanted to say something about the morning encounter so bad, but was afraid of how he might react to me telling him I wanted this boy so fucking bad. I didn’t know how to deter him from questioning me so I finally gave in. I told him about the encounter and asked if he thought it was a personal thing for me to want another. To my surprise, he asked if I really wanted the boy. He explained that for the boy, it would be a fantasy that boys only dream about happening. He said that if I really wanted to make it come true for the boy and I said yes.
Daddy made the plan. He was to go downstairs and return in a few moments. I changed after he left into tight jeans, a button-down tight shirt and forgot to button all of the buttons, and terribly high heeled cumfuckmeshoes.
The knock came and it was Vladimir, the room service boy. He looked so nervous. I was getting hotter by the minute. Daddy was sure to put the tray by the window so he had to walk all the way into the room to pick it up. I was eating the grapefruit segments slowly and the licking the juice that ran down. Vladimir stood so nervous and asked my name. I told him Ellen. We made small talk and I finished my juicy grapefruit. I asked how long he had worked there and he said some number. I wasn’t really paying attention. Lol I asked if he had ever had anything like this happen to him. He smiled and looked away and said no. I asked if he could stay for a few moments. He said he could only stay for a couple. He said that it was customary for him to give a small kiss on each of my cheeks. I of course, said yes. I stood up and towered over him. He looked scared, and hot as fuck. I pointed to one cheek and he kissed it. I pointed to the other and he didn’t shut his eyes that time as he kissed it. I took his head in my hands and held it there as I planted a hot and juicy kiss on his lips. I could feel his cock thru his uniform. As he kissed my neck he was undoing his belt. I asked if it was ok if I sucked his cock. He barely got the word yes out before I was down there. He said he had forgotten my name, that it was hard for him to remember. I told him once again it was Ellen. He repeated it over and over while I sucked on him.
I knew daddy would be there soon. My excitement was building at the thought of it. Vladimir was also getting excited. Lol he asked if he could cum on my face. “right on” I thought. He is that hot already? Lol I said it was ok and he immediately made his deposit. At that moment I heard the key opening the door. So did Vladimir. This kid moved so fucking fast I barely knew what had happened. I looked at his face and I have never seen a look like that. He was fucking so scared. He must’ve thought, “omfg, ive lost my job and her bf is gonna kill me”. he immediately began to apologize. I looked up as I wiped the hot jizz off my face and there was daddy. He walked in looking so fucking cool and so fucking hot. He motioned to Vladimir not to worry about it. He looked at me and asked if I was going to keep sucking. I pulled Vladimir back to me and began to suck him again. Vladimir was so freaked he didn’t really know what to do. He calmed down when he saw that in a split second my daddy was naked behind me, asking him if I had sucked his cock good. I think I just might have because it wasn’t 5 minutes later that he was cumming again. He was very nervous when daddy asked if he wanted to fuck me. He said he had to go back to work. He clammered for his pants and as I turned to suck daddys cock, I told Vladmir not to forget the tray of food. He laughed as he quickly picked it up. He must’ve forgotten to put the plates on it before he was headed out. He kept looking back wanting to stay and watch me suck cock.
Daddy invited him back on his break to finish. He said he would come back in an hour. Daddy later said he kept trying to open the door with the tray in hand but just couldn’t take his eyes off what was taking place. When he was gone, of course, daddy and I fucked like we had not fucked before. The thought of what we had just done for this boy made us hotter. After we finished, we laid and daddy told me that we had given this kid something he would never forget. Something he would tell his son during one of “those talks”. it made me smile to think that there was someone that would remember my name forever.

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