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The Repair Man


Roy caught my eye the moment my friends and I stepped into
the local country bar. He looked so damn hot in his cowboy
gear. We flirted and danced all night with each other. He
took me home that night and fucked me like I had never been
fucked before. Several weeks later, you guessed it, we
got hitched and I moved here to Texas.

Not long after our marriage, the sex between us began to
dwindle. We went from three or four times a day to maybe once
a month. Now it is completely dead and I am pretty sure Roy
is fucking some little tart treat somewhere. One night
he gets this phone call at the strangest time and then he
heads out. We stopped sleeping in the same room months before.
That was the last time I saw him before we were divorced.
So that sad little story is what brings me to now.

Over the last year I have been having the most delicious
affair. It all started when I decided to have my guest bathroom
completely redone. I was tired of the very small shower
and dated design. So I decided to call a contractor that
I had heard about. I scheduled the appointment on one of
my days off from work. I am not sure why, but for some reason
I had imagined that he would be a stereotypical home repair
guy. You know the kind; the ones that weigh almost three
hundred pounds, smell and you always see a three inch crack
of their ass when they bend over. I had just showered and
spent the morning playing with my trusty dildo and had a
few mild orgasms when the doorbell rang. I pulled on my robe
and answered the door and was pleasantly surprised to see
a tall attractive man standing before me in the doorway

His green eyes immediately seemed to have a piercing effect
on my soul! He looked right straight into my eyes when he
talked to me. It was almost an eerie feeling. And he seemed
completely oblivious and unaffected by the fact that I
was dressed in only a bath robe and the only thing between
him and my nakedness was the small little tie that kept me
concealed from his powerful gaze. It was almost like he
was looking right through me. I had never before felt that
kind of power from a man just looking at me. I felt almost
helpless from this stranger who I had never even seen before,
let a lone knew anything about.

He wasn't the beefcake bodybuilder stud I had fantasized
about earlier that morning, but he did seem to have a hard
lean type body that was covered with a long sleeve shirt.
He was obviously all about business and seemed to be totally
unimpressed with the obviously attractive feminine features
of my body that were so scantly clad. I always did take pride
in my body and how it made me feel to look in the mirror. Although
my choices in life had not always been the best, the one thing
about me that could never be debated was that by the time
I had reached the age of 35, I had finally come into my own
beauty. And I finally felt like the flower had bloomed to
become what I was supposed to be. Never had I had any trouble
attracting the eye of any man I wanted. But Rick seemed to
be of a different breed. He just seemed to be so uninterested.
I almost had this little challenge going on in the back of
my mind to see if I could somehow draw his attention. After
all he was man. And no man had ever denied me when I wanted

He stepped into my kitchen and introduced himself as we
began a little small talk to find out a little about what
I wanted to do and pulled out his measuring tape. He was totally
not even my type of guy but as we talked about what I wanted
to do and we got better acquainted, he began talking to me
about his love of building things with his hands. He had
a passion for building iron furniture and offered to show
me photographs of some of the things he had built for clients.
The only thing I wondered about was how well he could use
those beautiful rugged hands. As he talked and I listened,
I was so mesmerized by those eyes, that I was almost lost
in the idea that I felt like he had completely undressed
me at his wish and I was standing there completely exposed
and vulnerable to whatever he would have wanted to do to
me. After a few minutes of small talk and me trying to size
him up and get a read on what he was all about, we finally made
our way into the bathroom that I wanted to have redone.

Just before he had arrived, I had poured a glass of wine to
relax a bit from the week prior. I offered him one, but he
very politely declined. As we were standing in the small
confines of the bathroom, I had leaned back against the
small vanity that I was wanting to have removed and sipped
my glass of wine as he went to work measuring and talking
about options and ideas. As I listened to his soothing voice
and found myself being drawn to him. I am not sure if it was
the relaxing effect of the wine, his voice, or even the close
proximity of our two bodies to each other in this very small
room, but it felt like the closer he got to me, the more I wanted

He had this very masculine scent that was so faint, I had
to almost pay very close attention to know that it was there,
but once I discovered it, it would not go away. I found myself
almost subconsciously, breathing in deep breaths just
so I could experience its sensation in my lungs. I could
hardly believe the effect this stranger was having on me
and yet, while so completely unknown to him he did not act
the least bit intimidated by my presence or almost nakedness
in front of him. In fact it was almost the other way around.
Usually I am the one who has better control and composure
around men. But this guy was different, his confidence
and self assurance was at a level I had never before experienced
and I was very intrigued by it.

He quickly concluded his measurements and was getting
ready to leave. But I didn't want him to leave yet so
I asked him if he did home repairs as well and if he had time
to repair a leak in the shower of the master bathroom while
he was there. As I led him to my bathroom, through the master
bedroom and passed my huge king size bed, my dirty naughty
mind was racing with naughty thoughts. If only he would
just make one gesture of desire toward me, make one little
move in my direction, offer one little glance of want toward
me, he had no idea how I would have melted in his hands. I would
have instantly become his sex slave to do with me anything
his manly mind would have wanted to do. I don't know
why I was feeling so submissive toward him, but I think it
was a combination of his piercing eyes, his soothing voice,
his intoxicating self confidence and most of all, his total
disinterest in me that had a hold on my attention like a death

Rick looked at the faucet handle and quickly realized it
just needed to be tightened up a bit, which he did for no charge
while I continued sipping on my wine and watching him do
his work. I always had a thing for a man that could do those
sort of things without even a wink. There was always something
sexy about a man that could fix anything that needed attention.
Especially me, when I needed attention. I could barely
breath; the air was thick with sexual tension. Had he brushed
against me just once, I would have collapsed into a quivering
puddle! But neither one of us had the nerve to make a move
toward the other. At least I didn't. Rick then left
for his next appointment. I kicked myself for not showing
more interest in wanting see the photos that he offered.
But if I ever saw him again, I would so throw him up against
a wall and grab his cock!

I had to release this uncontrollable sexual tension that
was stifling me and was on my way to my bedroom when the phone
rang. It was Rick. He asked if he had left a wrench in the master
bathroom. I checked and sure enough, there it was. The moment
I saw it, my pussy literally creamed itself. A few moments
later he arrived back at my door. I let him in and immediately
without so much as 6 words, we attacked one another. He slammed
me against the wall, kissing me with such urgency and need
while his hands pulled open my robe went immediately to
my breasts. He cupped the left one and held it tight as if
to be sizing it up in his large strong hands. He squeezed
it and held it tight as his mouth lowered to my face and covered
mine. His left hand had found my right hand and had lifted
it up against the wall and was holding it above my head. I
felt pinned and helpless as his mouth covered my mouth and
he forced his tongue into me. I was so hungry for him, I began
to suck on his tongue with my lips, my own tongue swirling
around his as if to be savoring every drop of wetness I could
lick off it it.

He had me pinned and held tight against the wall so that I
could not move. I have never felt so pleasantly, powerfully
helpless. I felt enslaved to his wish. Bound by only his
masculine lustful desire. I wanted so much for him to take
me and claim me as his. I wanted to be his personal slut. To
become his personal whore to do with me whatever his wish
was. Soon his right hand made its way down to between my already
hot thighs. It didn't take much effort on his part to
convince me to part them and allow him the access and exploration
he wanted and was going to have, with my permission or not.
He allowed me to have my hands free and I threw my arms around
his neck as I held him closer and tighter to my body, which
by this time was completely open in the front and I was held
next to him by our passionate embrace.

I could feel the pressure of my very supple breasts held
against his chest. By this time, my nipples were standing
at full alert attention. And I could feel the tips buried
into his flannel shirt. His large strong hands were holding
me from behind as he cupped my ass cheeks and force fed my
pussy up against his obviously rock hard cock. I could literally
feel the bulge in his jeans. It was such a hot and beautiful
feeling. I had completely misread this guy. He was every
bit a man in every way, but just did an amazing job of hiding
his thoughts and desires. How could he do that without me
noticing it? I always regarded myself as an expert in reading
the thoughts and intentions of men. I had so much practice
at it that I there was not a man on the planet that I could not
read from a block away. But not this guy. He caught me by complete

My hand worked frantically to remove his work belt and undo
his jeans. Getting the buttons opened up on the front of
his shirt seemed like fighting a war. It made me think of
how men must feel trying to unsnap the catch on a woman's
bra at the height of passion and lust. But victory was mine
as I opened it up to reveal his bare chest. It was so electrifying
too feel my naked breasts and perked up nipples tantalized
by the touch of his skin against them. And that smell again.
His scent was something I could not get enough of. I began
to lick his chest until I reached his nipples and I licked
and sucked them until they were both rock hard.

His own hands were busy pulling and pinching my nipples
as well. I loved how that felt. He began to roll my nipples
between his finger and thumb. That almost sent me into outer
space as I felt the distinct wetness between my legs beginning
to drip out of me and down my leg. If he only knew, but soon
would. I shoved him back toward a chair that was behind us.
He fell back into it and I knelt down between his legs on the
floor in front of him and quickly pulled out his rock hard
cock in my hands. It was so beautiful. It was like a piece
of art waiting to be admired. As my mind began to imagine
how it was going to feel as I sucked on it and explore the length
of it with my mouth and tongue, I gestured for him to just
sit back and let me have my way with him. I told him he would
be allowed to have his way later, but this was my time.

He relaxed and sat back and just allowed me to do what I wanted
to do. I wanted to feel that magnificent tool of his in my
mouth. I wanted to feel the combination of hardness of his
shaft contrasted with the softness of that large mushroomed
shaped head between my lips. I wanted to feel the contractions
and convulsions of his throbbing member on my tongue as
he released his hot juice into my throat. I have always had
this thought of positioning the very tip of a mans cock onto
my mouth with just my lips surrounding the hole as he delivered
his hot load and just letting him inject it full force right
into my mouth like a little stream of hot, thick, liquid
cream. And while his cock was pumping that warm sweetness
into my mouth, I would be busy massaging his nuts to assist
in the delivery and encouraging it with a little suction
action to make sure I got every drop that was trying to make
its way up the shaft. I wanted ALL of it for myself. I am such
a selfish naughty little girl.

Soon he was really getting into it and moved his hands back
around my head and held my face onto his cock as he began a
slow, deliberate, powerful fucking of my hungry mouth.
I loved that so much. I was so hot and horny for him, I could
feel my pussy dripping with moisture out onto the floor
underneath me. As I massaged his aching nuts, I could feel
he was getting closer and closer to release. I wanted that
so much. I wanted the heat of that in my mouth. It was mine
and I was going to have it. He began to squirm and wiggle in
the chair and I knew that I was about to get what I wanted from
him. His cock was so big, I could feel it wanting to penetrate
down into my throat each time he lunged it into me. But I wanted
to taste it on my tongue, I wanted to feel the convulsions
of his cock as it unloaded and squirted out onto the top of
my tongue. I wanted to savor the warmth of his thick manly
cream flow down the back of my mouth and down my throat as
I swallowed it. I wanted to taste everything there was to
taste of this new found cock. But he had a different idea.
Just as the pre cum was working its way into my mouth pushed
me away and denied me of what I was so hungry for.

Rick then picked me up in his arms, his arms and hands reaching
around and over each of my legs while my legs were wrapped
around his body and my feet locked behind him. My arms seemed
to have a death grip around his neck. I was so moist I could
feel the wetness of me rubbing all over his stomach. Where
was he going with me? At first I thought he was taking me to
the bedroom so he could devour my body like a woman loves
a man to do. But instead he placed me on top of the dresser
that I had sitting there in the entry way near the front door.
He pulled open my legs and thighs, revealing my dripping,
smooth shaven, swollen pink pussy opening. He reached
inside and with both hands and spread open the delicate
labia lips that covered and protected my sweet pleasure
hole, revealing my tender sex flower that was so needing
to be picked. My cunt was so pink it was almost red with engorgement
and swollen desire. There was not doubt of the fact it was
red HOT. He licked his lips and dove into my cunt.

This man was so unreadable. How could I have been so off?
The moment his tongue made contact with my clit, I screamed.
His tongue was like magic as he slid it up and down my labia
folds, tenderly licking up every morsel of pleasure he
could find. His tongue and lips found and explored every
delicate fleshly fold that I had down there. It was so erotic
to watch his expert tongue maneuvering around my every
hidden crevice. My hips rocked back and forth as he devoured
me, soaking his face in my sweet cunt juices. My hands, by
this time, had made their way into his full head of thick
beautiful of hair. All I could do was wrap my arms around
his head and hold and hold it as close to my body as I could.
I was feeling sensations that I had never felt before. I
was so electrified, my body was tingling in places that
I was not even aware that I had.

I leaned into him to allow my naked breasts to massage his
scalp as I masturbated my nipples with the texture of his
hair. He raised up and pulled my mouth onto his, allowing
me to taste my own sweetness. Our tongues swirled like mad
as he slid two fingers into my secret treasure and finger
fucked me into a wild orgasm. I screamed like a mad woman
as I watched his fingers so wet from the pussy juice that
covered them, glistening in the sunlight coming through
the window, sliding in and out of me as I continued to rock
back and forth in an effort to get every inch of them inside
me. My body seemed to be so out of control. I had no restraint.
It was like it had a life of its own and a need that I could not
hold back. I was so over taken by the intensity of this experience,
I thought I was going to cry with delight. I was a woman feeling
like I was being fulfilled for the first time in my life.

He now reached up under my legs and picked them up over his
shoulders as he positioned his dick head just between the
delicate lips of my waiting, anxious pussy and pinned me
helplessly with my back against the wall. He took his dick
in his hand and began to stroke it up and down the entire length
of my labia. I was so soaking, delightfully dripping wet.
I felt so vulnerable and controlled yet so liberated at
the same time. My body and my mind instinctively knew what
was about to happen to me and was making sure it was ready
to receive the entire gift of what he was about to give to
me. I couldn't have stopped it even if I would have wanted
to. But I so wanted and needed this moment. I deserved this
moment. And it was going to be mine. Nothing was going to
stop it. He held the tip of his cock just barely inside my
waiting, hungry hole. He continued to swirl it around in
and around the inside of my labia. My vulva area was so engorged.
I could feel him stretching my opening as if he was getting
it loosened up, preparing it for his very welcomed invasion.
I was about to be violated in such a welcomed way.

He continued stroking and teasing me like this with his
cock head, making sure not to miss massaging and teasing
my clit, and allowing my juice to cover and coat his shaft.
I was teased into a frenzy. I realized he was the master of
tease. I kept trying to reach around and pull him into me.
I wanted him inside me so bad, I could taste it. I was in a state
of sensuous pain wanting him so much, my body and my mind
at this point ached for him. I thought I was going to cry begging
him to take the aching hurt away. Please, please let me have
it I begged. He seemed to get off on watching me suffer from
wanting to be fucked by him so bad. Never had I found myself
in a place where I thought I would actually beg to be fucked
by a man.

In the past, it had been very much the other way around. Most
men seemed to get desperate wanting to fuck me. That was
my power. I knew I had what they wanted. And I knew exactly
how to play them with it. I had been accused many times of
being a cock tease. But Rick seemed to be my male match. By
this time I was so hot with desire, I was covered in sweat.
I could only imagine how it must feel like to experience
the fullness of his beautiful manhood deeply embedded
inside my body.

He asked me one more time if I wanted it that bad, and without
hesitation I could only just shake my head in confirmation.
I was speechless with desire. He just looked straight into
my eyes, into my soul. And with one long, slow, deliberate,
powerful thrust, he slowly plunged it deep inside the cavity
of my body. I watched with erotic amazement as he impaled
me with his hard, beautiful massive wet cock as it disappeared
inside body in one motion. And at the same time felt the internal
stretching and invasion that was his as he forced into me.
The walls of my vagina making room and yielding to his masculine
presence. How can something so large be completely embedded
into such a small body as mine and feel so damn good.

In an instant I felt an overwhelming sensation of complete
fullness. I felt immediately paralyzed and overcome with
the presence of his mass. He had managed to touch me in places
no man had every touched me before. My body contracted with
the pleasant erotic pain that instantly filled me. I could
not even move. My eyes grew dim as I thought I would pass out
while he fucked me more with one stroke than many men before
him, and I have had my share, had every fucked me combined.
All I could do was confirm his presence within me by confirming
my pleasure with a low, deep rooted throaty groan. Ahhhhhhhh
Gaaaawwwwwd that feels sooo goood as he drove it in and just
left it for me to squeeze and tighten down around. He just
held tightly next to me to allow a moment of complete feminine
pleasure and fulfillment before taking it away in preparation
for the next stroke. I felt as though for a moment time had
stood still just for me. Never had a cock felt so good inside
me. My clit was on fire.

He continued to hold my legs apart as far as my legs would
allow. He clutch one of my ankles in each of his hands and
lifted my legs up and out so that there were no obstructions
to the place where he wanted to be. He just continued to pound
away at the delicate tenderness between my legs. I was so
wet, I could see my sweet wet drippings covering his shaft
as he withdrew from each stroke. His cock was so moist, and
my wetness was running out and down the length of his shaft
and below and beginning to coat his beautiful gorgeous
nuts. There was nothing I could have done to stop this erotic
show of passion even if I would have wanted to. The only movement
I was allowed to have was to slide back and forth on his hot,
rock hard tool that was impaling me. If I move forward, his
cock went further inside me. If I moved back against the
wall, he would stroke out. I felt as if I was in a unstoppable
fucking machine. And I was being used for the pleasure of
the audience.

I could tell he was beginning to fill with pressure as his
momentum began to increase and his drive became much more
intense. He was so much enjoying fucking my pleasure hole.
Each time he lunged into me, it seemed that he was going deeper
and deeper. He let my legs drop back down over his shoulders
and he grabbed me around my waist to pull me in tighter toward
him. His face seemed to reflect the intensity that his body
was indicating as he continued to sink his hard cock in and
out of my sex starved cunt. I knew he was getting close. My
pussy was so full of wetness, I could almost feel the displacement
of hot creamy liquid each time he sank his long thick tool
into me. And my juices would squeeze out around him and down
the outside and onto my thighs each time he probed me.

Rick groaned, "That's a good slut, now suck my
cock again!"

My legs shook as I got down from the dresser and we moved to
my dining room. I noticed my curtains were still wide open,
but I didn't care if anyone saw anything. I wanted this
man now and I'd do anything at this point to have him
for my own pleasure. But I was not going to stop at just having
his cock. I was also going to have his cum. I wanted his sperm
inside me. He pushed me to my knees and I took his incredible
thick shaft into my hands. I slowly licked the tip, savoring
the drops of precum leaking from his throbbing cock mixed
with the juices of my own wet wanting sex hole. I opened my
mouth wide and closed it around his mushroom shaped head,
my tongue slid up and down his thick shaft while I cupped
and massaged his large wet balls. I could feel the ridge
line at the base of his cock head each time he withdrew as
my lips molded around it so softly.

He leaned back on the table and moaned, "Oh yeah you
are a naughty cocksucker! Yeah baby, suck my cock. Ohhh
my god, that's soo good!" I sucked and licked
his cock for a good ten minutes when he suddenly yanked me
up and led me to the sofa which faced the window. "I
want to pussy fuck you from behind, " he said as he
pushed me forcefully over the back of the sofa and spread
my legs. I have never been with a man so verbal as he was, everything
that went through his mind as he enjoyed my womanly body,
also came out of his lips. I could tell he was a man who truly
enjoyed being a man. He gripped my ass cheeks and gave them
a firm slap. I felt my ass jiggle and felt the slow sweet warmth
spreading from the slap. My large tits hung over the sofa,
my nipples just slightly rubbed against the fabric of the
pillows beneath me. I begged him, "Please fuck me.
Fuck me hard. Take me....Oh please fuck me NOW!!"

He took hold of his hard cock and slide it up and down my hungry
slit. "Baby I am going to give you what you want?"
he said as he teased my cunt . A few times he slid it over my
anus hole, causing my knees to buckle as I moaned out, "Oh
god!". My ass was still a virgin and the thought of
his massive meat taking my virginity away was a painful
thought, but at this moment I did not even care, I just knew
I wanted him inside me and I did not care which hole it was.
He then took his cock and slapped my clit with it making me
scream and tremble all over. Suddenly he aimed his rod and
thrusted it deep and hard into my hungry, hot slut cunt .
My entire body rocked as if I had just been hit with a lightning
bolt. He held his cock deep inside me, not daring to move
as he began to nibble on my shoulders. That was enough to
send me over the edge. I was now frantic to be fucked as roughly
as possible.

I reached back and gripped my ass cheeks and spread them
apart to give him greater unobstructed access to me and
cried out, "Fuck me hard, so fucking hard right now
damn it! Make my pussy hurt so damn good!" He pulled
back and thrust in deep and hard again, causing my big tits
to bounce. "Uhhh, " I groaned, "do it
again! More please more!" He thrust harder and deeper
with each thrust, driving me wild as his cock bottomed out
deep inside me. His large full balls slammed hard against
my clit, thrust after thrust. I could feel a powerful orgasm
building as he fucked me deliciously hard. He had full control
over my body and it felt so good to surrender myself to him.

He reached around me and teased my clit as he continued to
slam into me. I screamed, "Oh fuck yes!" I came
hard as the internal walls of my vagina clamped down around
him. I was baring down on him, I thought I was going into convulsions.
I came so hard my body hurt from the contractions I was experiencing.
I was so pleasantly exhausted and collapsed, gasping over
the sofa. He helped me back up and pulled me into his arms
and kissed me tenderly. My knees buckled as I melted into
this incredible stranger. I led him back to my bedroom to
my king size bed. He instructed me to lie flat on my back and
close my eyes. I immediately obeyed my new lover. The only
sound in the room was my breathing when I felt his hand touch
my thighs, gently parting them. I felt vulnerable and exposed
yet very sexy. His fingers gently stroked and caressed
my inner thighs moving closer and closer to my wet cunt.
The anticipation of his touch drove me mad.

Next I felt his warm breath on my pussy and I moaned. "Keep
your eyes closed, " he instructed. I kept them shut
tight as I felt him open my cunt lips and his tongue began
to slide up and down my lips. He flicked his tongue over my
clit, sending massive jolts through my body. He then traveled
down towards my ass and began to lick and tongue my brown
hole. "Oh my god, " I gasped, knowing that no
man had ever gone there before. I felt my anal muscles clench
and release as he probed my ass with his tongue. He slid two
fingers into my cunt as he continued to play with my ass.
Once again I felt he was going to require me to give up the
virginity of my ass to him. At that moment I would have given
him anything that he asked of me. I felt completely surrendered
to him. Rick played my body like a fine violin.

I felt him press a finger into my anus, causing me to gasp
and tighten my hole around his finger. "Shhh, relax,
just relax, " he whispered. My body immediately
surrendered to his voice as he continued to sooth me with
his words and touch. Before long, he was finger fucking
my ass with two fingers also deep inside my fuck hole. My
body bucked as he worked his magic and I suddenly had my first
anal orgasm. I lay panting; beads of sweat covered my body.

He slid up next to my body and kissed me passionately, while
he massaged my tits. My nipples hardened instantly to his
touch. "Climb on top of me, " he said, "ride
me like the wild woman I know you are." I rolled on top
of his body and slid his rock hard member into me. I slowly
ground my clit against the base of his cock while he gripped
and pulled my ass cheeks. Faster and faster we moved in unison.
I leaned over him and he took each tit into his mouth, while
he fucked my pussy. I felt another orgasm building and said,
"Oh fuck, Rick I'm going to cum again!"
He pulled me tight to him and brutally pounded into me. Suddenly
I felt the hot liquid gushing forth from my pussy and soaking
him entirely. Ohhhhhhhh Gawdddd Im cumming, I groaned!.
My cunt juice was literally splashing all over us. He then
threw me onto my back and grabbed my legs and held them open
as he pummeled into my cunt.

Rick cried out and I knew he was about to deliver all the hot
secrets of his full nuts. He was about to surrender to me
what I felt was mine and what I wanted most from him. I wanted
to be looking straight into his eyes the moment his body
released to me. His face grew with intensity as his own eyes
seemed to glass over and fade out. I reached around and clutched
his ass cheeks and pulled him into me as deep as I could with
all the strength I could. I wanted him fully inside me when
his body was ready surrender what was mine and what I deserved.
He let out a cry of pleasure as I felt the hot spurts of his
cum shoot deep into my pussy as he pumped his hot sperm into
my body. I reached up and cupped his face in my hands to keep
his vision into my eyes. Rope after thick creamy rope, he
filled my womb as he injected me with his wonderful hot essence.
I felt as though he was pumping sperm all the way up into my

If I had not had my tubes tied three years before, I swear
he would have impregnated me by the shear strength of his
stream of cum being squirted into me. There was a time in
my earlier days, when the thought of being impregnated
by a mans cock was enough to send me to immediate orgasm.
This time, I could feel the power of his hot, silky thick
liquid squirting against my cervix. As he pulled out of
me, he told me he was not going to allow me to fuck his cock
unless I also cleaned it off for him. He kneeled down straddling
my head and lowered his throbbing wet member onto my lips
and I gently reach up with my tongue and licked his cock and
nuts clean. He collapsed completely relaxed on top of me
as I pulled his head down with one hand, holding his face
buried into my neck. And the other now holding him close
to me with one arm around his shoulders. He was completely
spent; sweat ran down his temple as he said, "Wow!"
There baby, just relax. You deserve it, I whispered to him.
We fucked three more times throughout my house before he

Since that day, Rick and I have continued to see each other
every Thursday afternoon when I get off of work. We usually
have a brief chat before getting caught up in the wonder
of each others bodies. Rick has shown me so many new things
that I never would have thought of before or I'd ever
imagine trying.

We are really not a committed couple or anything like that.
I would describe our relationship as really good fuck buddies
or very good friends with wonderful benefits. We both love
sex, but we both do not want to limit our sexual experiences
just to one to person. We have even gone to a couple of swinger
parties in Dallas and have had a really good time.

I have always fantasized about having my own repair/delivery
man who made regular stops at my house, but I never imagined
it would turn out to be as good as what Rick and I now enjoy
with each other. Anytime I need something done, I know I
can count on him to be there to fix whatever needs to be fixed.
Even if it is all during the night. I've never felt more
alive in my life! I am so glad I heard about the kind of work
he can do and the talent he has.

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Damn that was so hot and erotic as well as very well wrten
with lots of details. Thanks and keep your stories coming.


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Now thats a great piece of writing. Thats the kind of erotic
story I like to find here. Well done and greatly appriciated!!!!!
Now I have to go rub one out....