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The Pool Party


I had met Jacinta through work at a time when her long term
relationship was falling apart. She had caught her boyfriend
cheating a couple of times and he was a bit of a bastard. At
the time, we were working long hours and even though our
professional association was short lived, there was a
fair bit of sexual tension between us. However, we did not
enjoy any sexual pleasure together as she was technically
still with the guy, although during a few heart to heart
chats, she made no secret of the fact that she had not had
any sex, let alone good sex, for quite some time and was missing
it badly. About six months later, a couple of days after Christmas,
I went to a pub to meet a couple I knew. They were there with
a group of about ten people. Everyone was having a few post
Christmas drinks and enjoying the fact that they did not
have to go to work the next day. I was introduced to a couple
of the people and then heard a familiar voice; Jacinta’s.
She had the most beautiful smile and a very nice body. We
started talking to each other. Jacinta was in her early
thirties and she said was there with a friend of hers, who
she had plans with for the rest of the night. I was a little
disappointed, but it was great to see her anyway. Her friend
who was in her late forties was also very attractive and
had a stunning figure. We chatted about what we had done
for Christmas and our plans for New Years Eve plans and what
we were doing at work and so on and so on and although I think
she was trying not to say anything about it, Jacinta finally
whispered in my ear with some enthusiasm that she had broken
up with the bastard boyfriend and that we should definitely
catch up on another night. As it got close to closing time, Jacinta’s friend Josie
asked if any of us wanted to go back to her place for a few more
drinks as it was only a few hundred metres away. Jacinta,
Josie, myself and five of the others agreed it a good idea
and so we got a few take-aways and headed there. Josie’s house was very nice and had a great pool setup out
the back. Of the other five people, two were the couple I
went to the pub to meet in the first place, there was another
couple and a male, who was in his late twenties and who seemed
to be a nice guy. We sat around drinking for a while and then
the two couples decided to call a taxi to go home. My friends
asked if I wanted to join them, but I said I might have another
drink and then go. They knew only too well that I was hoping
to get to know Jacinta a whole lot better. When the two couples left, Josie suggested that we go out
to the pool to have a drink. We sat by the pool drinking and
the conversation quickly moved to sex. Tom, the other guy
suggested that we should be skinny dipping on such a beautiful
night, to which the girls agreed, but not until the two boys
had run naked around the pool twice and then swum two laps
in the water. I was unsure if they were serious, but Josie
was adamant that if us boys wanted the girls to get in the
water naked, then they were the rules. I stripped down to
my jocks and with that, Tom started to strip also. I dropped
my jocks and the girls clapped and giggled. Given the sexual
content of the prior conversation and Jacinta’s confession
that it had been quite a long time since she had last had sex,
I was pretty horny and well on the way to an erection. Josie
grabbed her phone and stood up and then came over to me for
an inspection. I proudly stood there as she ran her finger past my bald left
testicle and over the top of my shaved cock. She positioned
her phone and then snapped a pic of my dick. I couldn’t complain
as it would have spoilt the moment, so I just laughed as she
sat back down and seductively told me that she was impressed.
I sensed that Jacinta wanted to do the same with her phone
but was too shy. Tom was staring at my cock and butt as Josie
prompted him to get his gear off for a similar photo. Tom
got a little embarrassed as he dropped his pants, but allowed
Josie to have her way with the phone camera, snapping a picture
of his naked torso also. Tom and I jogged around the pool, our cocks bouncing, half
full of blood with more pumping to each of our groins rapidly.
By the time we completed our second lap, the girls were cheering
and I was hard as, and wanting to get in the pool quickly to
avoid complete embarrassment (and more mobile phone photos).
The girls said we had to return to them for further inspection,
but Tom and I jumped in the pool and said that they could inspect
us in there. The pool had several submersible lights in
it, so our excited cocks were not hidden from the girls view
as they both then seductively stripped at the edge of the
pool. Jacinta was perving completely at me and more specifically
at my cock and butt as she stripped, which made me very happy
as I now sensed that she was very keen to fuck me. I had watched
her as Josie had run her finger near my genitals earlier
on and she had smiled, but with noticeable envy, which was
an absolute turn on for me. Josie revealed her naked thighs first, courtesy of the
fact that she had no panties on under her dress. As she removed
her bra, she exposed her impressive breasts and her erect
nipples, which were looking very suckable. Like myself,
she only had a thin vertical line of hair above her genitalis.
She had a nice tight butt and her body had all the right curves
to turn any guy on. Jacinta had taken a little more time and was obviously a
little embarrassed. Josie moved behind her to help her
by unclipping her bra, which she had on beneath her blouse.
Josie removed the bra and then cupped Jacinta’s breasts,
hiding them from us, as Jacinta undid her jeans and slowly
removed them. I was harder than hard now as I sat on the step
of the pool, my erection penetrating the surface of the
water, wishing I was in Josie’s position rubbing my naked
body on Jacinta and fondling her small petite breasts.
I looked over at Tom, who was staring at my protruding erection.
I smiled as he looked up at me and then saw that his cock was
rock hard as well. As Jacinta stepped out of her jeans, Josie
allowed her hands to move down her body revealing two hard
bullet shaped nipples. I sensed that Jacinta was coy about
the shape of her nipples as she then put her own hands on her
breasts to cover them. I wanted to tell her how amazing they were and how much I loved
nipples of that shape, but it was not the time. I thought
to myself that I would hopefully be able to tell her later
when we might be making love. Josie was now pushing Jacinta’s panties down, exposing
her trimmed pubic hair. She allowed her hands to rest adjacent
to her labia. No one said a word as the sexual tension of these
two women naked above us was almost too much to bear. Josie suggested to Jacinta that they should give us a quick
flirty show, since we had completed the laps around the
pool as requested. Josie’s hand, still at Jacinta’s pussy
started to caress the smooth thighs beneath it. Jacinta
involuntarily opened her legs slightly to accommodate
Josie’s fingers as they each allowed their bodies to move
against the other. As I looked up, I could see Jacinta’s
tight butt and thighs slightly spread and I was certain
that one of Josie’s fingers was penetrating her. Jacinta
took a deep breath and then gently pushed her body from Josie,
the feminine fingers slowly extricating themselves from
Jacinta’s inviting hole. Jacinta took a couple of deep
breaths, almost as though she had briefly climaxed during
their encounter. The two girls entered the pool, however, Jacinta’s eyes
were now as much fixated on Josie as they were on my erect
penis. We swam around just perving on each other, the bright lights
within the pool a bonus for all of us. Josie grabbed a ball
that was floating and decided that we would play girls versus
boys volleyball. The winners would decide what the losers
had to do. Tom and I agreed knowing that we would likely win,
not knowing that Josie would cheat on every point. We all
dived around the pool landing on our respective partners
constantly, as we desperately tried to get to 11 first.
Tom and I loved watching when the girls would land on each
other, their tits bouncing, their nipples touching and
hardening more, if that was possible, and the girls loved
to watch each time Tom and I dived for the ball, cocks bouncing
around, butts in the air, as we tried to overcome Josie’s
cheating as the referee. The girls won 11 to 8 and Josie stated that we should have
a drink to celebrate whilst they decided what we boys had
to do. Jacinta sat next to me on the pool lounge and we started
to kiss. She grabbed my erection and started to slowly masturbate
me as I nuzzled her neck and fondled her gorgeous nipples,
whispering how much they turned me on in her ear. Josie put her drink down and told the two of us to slow down
a bit. We stopped kissing, laughed and listened to her.
She said that Tom should replace Jacinta on the lounge and
we boys should play with each others dicks for a while. But
first we had to skull two drinks. I was not keen about the
skulling bit, as I had already drunk a fair bit and wanted
to stay somewhat sober for the sexual activities I was hoping
to have with Jacinta. At the same time, I was happy to have
the excuse, for Jacinta’s sake, that I was drunk when I played
with Tom’s cock. We sat there and masturbated each other as the girls giggled.
Then Josie put her hand back to Jacinta’s thighs, which
opened immediately to accommodate her expert fingers
and as Josie brought Jacinta to a rapid orgasm, Jacinta
allowed Josie to be the first woman to put her tongue inside
her mouth as they kissed passionately. I stopped playing
with Tom as I saw Jacinta spiralling to a flood of orgasms,
however Tom was still playing with me, now with a second
hand on my balls. Jacinta finally stopped coming after about three minutes,
as Josie whispered in her ear that they should go to bed.
I had stopped Tom from wanking me as Josie got up and said
that the girls were going to bed together. Jacinta, awestruck
by her new bi-sexual experience was not sure what to say.
I suspect that she knew that she could have me anytime, but
she may not get the opportunity to go to bed with another
woman like Josie anytime. Jacinta asked me if I minded.
She then also said she still definitely wanted to get together
with me again, and then her voice trailed off. They walked off, Jacinta looking back to me disappointed,
but also incredibly excited at what she was about to enjoy.
By the time they entered the house, my dick was soft. Josie
turned and said that we were both welcome to stay the night
in one of the other bedrooms if we wanted, given how late
it was. I poured myself another drink and laid back on the lounge
shattered. Tom asked if I wanted to go for another swim.
I said no, finished my drink and went into the house to go
to sleep. I found the spare bedroom and as I went to the toilet
next to it, I could hear Jacinta coming over and over as Josie
was no doubt exploring every opening of her body. I went into the bedroom naked, remembering that my clothes
were still by the pool. I could not be bothered getting them
and so laid on top of the bed and decided that I would have
a wank instead to relieve my horniness. The alcohol I had
drunk had taken effect though, and I must have fallen asleep
half way through it. I woke from having this most amazing dream where I was licking
Jacinta and she was sucking me. As my eyes opened, I was not
sure if I was still asleep or not. I still felt fairly drunk,
but the aroma at my nose did not appear to be a dream. I could
not see at all, although the room appeared to be fairly light.
Then I heard Josie’s voice as she told me to keep licking
her like that. Her legs straddled my face and her pussy was
on my mouth. My tongue flicked gently at her clitoris without
any direction from my brain. I was still dazed and confused,
the result of the alcohol I had drank earlier and the weird
circumstances in which I awoke. I realised this was no dream
and as I breathed in her amazing aroma, I started to work
out what was happening. I figured that she had wanted to
be licked by me, and as I focussed on giving her some oral
pleasure, I realised that my cock was also being sucked
by her. My tongue darted up to caress her clitoris before
circling it and collecting the free flowing juices inside
her labia. It then struck me that I was probably tasting
some of Jacinta’s come as well, if they had pussy fucked
together, which excited me even more. As I slowly became
orientated, I could hear Josie telling me “…yes, that’s
good …. oh yes, that’s very good ….”. As my cock continued
to be sucked expertly, I too, continued to probe her depths
and caress her delicate folds with my tongue. Her thighs
spasmed over and over, before she pushed her shaven lips
hard into my mouth and came on my tongue. She held her pussy there for nearly a minute as my tongue
penetrated her hole leaving her clitoris to recover from
the orgasm. Even with her thighs covering my face, I could
sense the flashes of light, which I knew to be a camera. I
was not concerned, but rather happy that she had come to
my bed after having sex with Jacinta. I assumed that Jacinta
had probably gone home. I could feel myself nearing orgasm
and was certain that I had already released plenty of pre-come,
courtesy of my early horniness and failure to hand satisfy
myself, when she moved her thighs and ordered me to lick
her ass. I obeyed her request and licked her private hole,
which still had remnants of lube from her playtime with
Jacinta. As I was wondering whether she was a swallower
or not, the alcohol induced mis-orientation of our bodies
suddenly made sense. Her ass was closer to my cock, which
meant that she was facing forward and could not be sucking
my cock. I continued to lick her ass as she fingered her own
pussy, coming again and again. It then struck me that I was probably being sucked by Jacinta
and with that thought, I muffled words out from between
her thighs that I was going to come. She removed herself
from my face as I arched my back and as I looked down to enjoy
the view of Jacinta’s mouth about to receive my warm sticky
sperm rich semen, I saw Tom’s head bobbing up and down on
my cock. The flashes of light continued as Josie snapped
pic after pic of Tom sucking my cock and me trying to hold
back my orgasm. His technique was exquisite and I did not want such pleasure
to stop. I gave in to him and as I heard him start to say “mmmm”
in recognition of my releasing my seed to him, I held the
back of his head and thrust upwards from the bed, my cock
spurting again and again into the back of his throat. He
continued to suck me for a minute or so after I finished coming
ensuring that he had extracted every last drop of pleasure
from my shaft. I lay there smiling involuntarily as Josie
took a picture of Tom’s cum filled mouth adjacent to my still
erect cock. Josie then said “Did you enjoy that?” I replied “It seems
that the photos will suggest that I did”. She said “well,
time to repay the favour …. I would hate to have to show the
video and pics of your dalliance with Tom to Jacinta …. she
might not want to fuck that lovely cock of yours if she sees
these photos ….”. Even though she was smiling in a frivolous
manner, I sensed that she enjoyed such sexual games immensely
and would not hesitate to show Jacinta if I did not cooperate.
Tom climbed up on top of me, into a similar position that
Josie had been in moments earlier, and pushed the head of
his cock gently into my mouth. I obediently sucked it, licking
his balls and shaft each time he withdrew the head of his
cock from between my lips. He then placed his penis on my
tongue one final time and gently fucked my mouth, grabbing
the back of my head as he spurted his come down my throat.
I sucked obediently as he came swallowing all evidence
of his pleasure and continued to do so until he released
my head and slumped backwards satisfied. Josie congratulated me and then said it was time to go and
join Jacinta. I was once again confused as I thought Jacinta
must have gone home, but when I looked at my watch, it was
only 5:30am. The three of us entered Josie’s bedroom and there was Jacinta,
laying on her back, sound asleep, completely naked, legs
spread, her pussy lips saturated with feminine come, with
a small dildo still part way inside her vaginal cavity,
next to which was a butt plug that had been partially dislodged
from her ass, but was still making a soft vibrating sound.
My cock went immediately hard and all I wanted to do was to
replace the dildo in her pussy with my own cock so badly.
She did not wake as we entered and continued to sleep soundly
with a huge smile on her face. Josie motioned for all of us
to be quiet so as to not wake her Josie laid on the bed and spread her legs and motioned for
me to start licking her. As much as I wanted to enjoy Jacinta’s
body, Josie was still outstanding and I was warming to her
unusual sense of sexual mischievousness and adventure.
She guided my head so as to receive my tongue in different
ways in her pussy and then after a small climax, she passed
me a vibrator and told me to put it in her pussy and then lick
her ass. I did so and she quickly experienced several more
intense orgasms. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me
on top of her and guided my hard cock into her pussy. I fucked
her slowly and as she started to spiral once again to orgasm,
she motioned for Tom to stop filming close-ups of Josie
and me and to start licking Jacinta. As Tom placed the video on the stand, Josie wrapped her legs
around my ass, as I pumped her with more intensity and as
our tongues danced together, I became aware of Jacinta
staring at the two of us as she neared an oral orgasm of our
own. I turned my head to her with a look pleading innocence,
but it was wasted as she clenched her eyes shut and convulsed
in orgasm from Tom’s tongue. I am not sure whether she pulled
Tom onto her and guided his hard cock inside her pussy to
spite me or because she needed to be fucked, although I suspect
the latter, as we both locked eyes in passion as we each delivered
and received the seed of differing male pleasures. Josie
had enjoyed an incredibly intense orgasm as she watched
Jacinta perve on the two of us fucking and had made sure that
everyone in the room knew that her hole was full of my very
warm and very pressured come. She also made sure that Jacinta
knew that my cock grew just before I ejaculated, telling
Jacinta that a guy’s cock only did that when the pussy it
was fucking was a perfect fit. I had never heard such a theory,
but it served to annoy Jacinta somewhat that it was not her
pussy that had made my cock enlarge before it released its
pleasure. Tom’s guttural screams had confirmed that Jacinta’s pussy
had also received spurt after spurt of his male come inside
her body. Josie saw me staring somewhat mesmerised at Jacinta’s
body and with that, pushed my head back down to her own pussy
and told me to lick my come from her hole and she orgasmed
one last time. Then after a minute or so, she rolled me over and started
to suck my cock as she invited Jacinta to sit on my face. Jacinta
did not need a second invitation. As she positioned her
pussy above my tongue, Josie suggested that I tell Jacinta
what Tom’s fresh come tasted like. The double meaning and
her hidden reference to my swallowing Tom’s come earlier
in the other room was not lost on me and I knew that I would
need to continue to obey her manipulative wishes, at least
for now. Jacinta, slightly embarrassed at her inability to wait
for my cock to fuck her, pulled back slightly, but I grabbed
her tight butt cheeks and pulled her pussy to my mouth tasting
hers and Tom’s come and then I licked her as deep as I could
to relieve her uneasiness. She responded by grinding her
pussy on my face and coming with great intensity, producing
a strong flow of juices accompanied by more drops of male
come that had been pumped deeper into her pussy when Tom
came in her. Jacinta’s orgasm and Josie’s sucking had me very hard again
in quick time and although Jacinta’s pussy was begging
for another good fucking, I felt my cock entering Josie
as she now straddled me again. She felt very tight and different
and as I realised I was now fucking her ass, she started screaming
how much she loved anal orgasms. Jacinta looked on with
envy. Tom had almost hardened again and had positioned
himself in front of Jacinta’s mouth. She did not wish to
suck Tom’s cock, but the pleasure she was receiving from
my tongue beneath her made her want to grab anything she
could. She allowed Tom to push his now hard cock deep into
her mouth as Josie rode the cock that Jacinta really wanted.
Jacinta had not enjoyed the experience of anal sex in the
past, but Josie had opened new doors during their lesbian
experiences that night. She could not get enough of Josie’s
dildos and her strap on up her arse before she had finally
fallen asleep earlier on. Tom could feel himself starting to near another explosion,
so he grabbed Jacinta and turned her around 180 degrees
and told her to kiss me, her mouth now just above mine. Jacinta
and I kissed passionately, our tongues, intertwining.
Jacinta was happy to be finally kissing me, whispering
in my ear in between kisses how much she wanted to sleep with
me. She had forgotten about Tom for the moment, but would
not have been overly worried anyway by the fact that she
might be licked by him again from behind, or maybe even fucked.
She already had Tom’s come in her pussy and it had not dampened
my passion for her. She was confident that I would still
want her later when we were alone. As our tongues danced together, the pleasure of Josie’s
bum fucking my hard cock intensified. At the same time,
Jacinta took a deep breath as Tom penetrated her anus. She
did not care if Tom put his dick in her pussy again, but she
did not want to be fucked by Tom that way, even if it did feel
good, but she did not also want me to know that she now had
Tom’s cock up her arse. We continued to kiss with amazing
intensity and as we did, she moved her hand back to try and
pull Tom’s cock from her arse so she could put it in her pussy,
but it was too late. She felt the warmth of Tom’s come inside her most private
hole and as his cock delivered its last spurts, she orgasmed
intensely, burying her tongue deep inside my mouth. I could
only imagine that Tom had satisfied her in some way. Jacinta
could only hope that Tom would say nothing, but as I too released
my own liquid pleasure into Josie’s tight ass, she let out
a barrage of orgasmic screams before lifting her ass from
my cock and telling Tom to take a photo of his come dripping
from Jacinta’s anus as well as one of my come dripping from
Josie’s butt. We all slumped down together, Josie and Tom incredibly
satisfied with their ability to have Jacinta and I fuck
them both anally rather than each other. I continued to
kiss Jacinta, but Josie ordered me up to go and have a shower
with her. I did so, fully aware of her amazingly subtle and
devilish seduction habits as well as her ability to potentially
spoil my chances with Jacinta. As we showered, she had me
go down on her and kiss her passionately, all the while ensuring
that I was enjoying the pleasures of her body, but also ensuring
that I was aware that I was to a large extent her slave. She whispered in my ear that it was a pity that Jacinta had
enjoyed Tom so much in her two lovely holes and not me, and
wondered whether Jacinta would enjoy Tom in her third hole,
that being her mouth. She delighted in telling me how she
had fucked Jacinta with strap-ons and dildos every way
possible whilst I slept, and reiterated how Tom had now
deflowered both of her holes and left his come inside her
like he had earlier on in my own mouth. She pushed her tongue
deep into my mouth and then said that Jacinta’s holes were
now pretty much second hand and I should forget about Jacinta
and enjoy her body in the shower and then back in bed afterwards.
She had let me fill her body with my sperm, which I should
appreciate, and I should tell Tom to fuck Jacinta’s holes
a few more times if that was what Jacinta needed. She then
pushed me to my knees and had me lick her according to her
instructions. She came and raised me back to my feet. We kissed some more,
again with intense passion and in between kisses, she asked
how much I enjoyed sucking Tom under the circumstances
of blackmail earlier. I could not lie. I did enjoy the surprise
of it all, as well as the sexual blackmail side and she loved
my honest response. Josie, despite her ability to come
easily from my tongue and cock still knew that I wanted Jacinta
more than anything and that I was only agreeing to her needs
to get to Jacinta’s body. I assumed that because of that, she then told me that she
would not use any of the photos of Tom and I against me, if
I agreed to have at least two more sex sessions with her,
one alone, and one with her and some others. She said she
had loved how I had played along with her threats and that
it had heightened her sexual pleasure so so so much. I did
not let her know that I honestly believed that she would
still blackmail me if I didn’t pay attention to her as she
wished. As we got out of the shower, I whispered my agreeance
in her ear to her demand for the sex sessions. I dried her lovely figure with her bath towel and then knelt
in front of her as she requested and licked her pussy and
anus once again. I was unaware that Jacinta could see us
via the mirror from the bed, although Josie knew only too
well where to have me on my knees. She orgasmed as Jacinta
looked on frustratingly. As Josie orgasmed a second and
third time, Jacinta happily allowed her own fingers at
her pussy to be replaced by Tom’s tongue. As Josie snuck a glance to see that Jacinta was watching
us, she could see that she was again enjoying Tom’s tongue
and was having mild orgasms. Josie pulled me back up to my
feet and kissed me passionately, in full view of Jacinta.
Then she dropped to her knees and commenced giving me the
most professional blow job of my life. I was thinking how
lucky it was that Jacinta did not have to watch such expertise,
and see how much I was enjoying Josie’s mouth. Unbeknown
to me, Jacinta watched every moment of it. When I finally
came, I could barely muffle my screams of pleasure and the
smile on my face was from ear to ear as Josie rose from her
knees and kissed me passionately. I was to find out later
that Tom had received the pre-arranged signals after I
had come in Josie’s mouth. He started playing with himself
as he continued to lick Jacinta, and just before we came
out from the bathroom, he had mounted Jacinta and pushed
his cock into her mouth. She had reluctantly accepted it
as she was still steaming over how much I had obviously enjoyed
Josie’s mouth just moments before. As she came into view,
so did Tom come in her mouth, most of his come being swallowed
upon release, with several spurts escaping onto her lips.
As she looked up to see me, she could say nothing other than
to try to avoid gagging on Tom’s satisfied cock and accept
the last of his white sticky fluids. Josie smiled and commented how nice male come tastes. Jacinta
involuntarily licked the remaining drops from her lips
as she rolled over, wishing she could explain to me, but
it was pointless. It was now around 7:30am and Josie suggested that we should
enjoy a swim and then some breakfast. Jacinta and I went
to the pool naked and dived into the water, kissing passionately
after we surfaced. We both told each other how much we each
wanted to fuck the other and agreed that we should try to
miss breakfast and go straight to Jacinta’s place. I was a little worried as I was sure that I was still a little
pissed as I felt no effects of a hangover. I hardened as Jacinta
cupped my balls with her hand under the water and I felt a
desperate urge to penetrate her body for the first time
there and then. She closed her thighs reminding me that
we had been patient with other during the night and she wanted
to have me when we were alone. We both laughed at the irony
of her comments. We got out of the pool and put our clothes on that were still
by the pool side and then told Josie that we both had to go,
apologising for not being able to stay for breakfast. Josie
said she understood, knowing full well that we only wanted
to fuck each other the minute we left. Josie came up to me, still naked and hugged me giving me a
long kiss on the mouth and then whispered that she was looking
forward to our agreed night alone together the next Friday.
She squeezed my butt and then kissed Jacinta farewell,
also kissing her passionately on the lips. We yelled out our farewell to Tom who was now skinny dipping
in the pool and walked as fast as we could back to the pub where
I picked my car up and then drove us both as carefully as I
could with a hard on to Jacinta’s place, which was fortunately
fairly close by. When we entered the house, we ripped each others clothes
off and she pushed me to my knees and enjoyed my tongue to
orgasm. Then she pulled me on top and I slid into her velvet
lined come soaked pussy, which was so so heavenly and tight,
despite the activities she had endured in the previous
twelve hours, and we made love in the missionary position
twice, enjoying an endorphinated nap briefly in between.
We had lunch and then as Jacinta was giving me my first head
job from her lips, I told her about what had happened with
Josie and Tom before I had entered the bedroom that she was
in earlier that morning. She giggled and then returned
to her duty, sucking on my cock and accepting my pleasure
with her lips locked firmly on my shaft in satisfied gulps.
Then she climbed on top of me and with her horny smile, she
told me how she would have liked to have watched me and Tom
and been there to enjoy us both. She then positioned her
pussy on my face and as my tongue penetrated her cave again,
she told me how Josie had done the same thing with her and
how Tom had replaced the vibrator in her pussy with his cock
and then satisfied himself inside her, whilst she was licking
Josie’s holes from underneath. She had been enjoying the
intensity of the penetrative vibrational pleasure to
such an extent, that she only realised it had been replaced
by a real cock inside her when it spurted warm cum and then
softened in her pussy. She had then been requested via Josie’s
subtle blackmailing to get on her knees and suck Tom’s cock
and swallow his ejaculate, as I would be disappointed if
I was to see her orgasming with such intensity on video whilst
Tom fucked her. Jacinta came on my tongue as she finished her story to me,
and then we collapsed on each other and kissed. I then told
her the final part of my story. That I had agreed to meet with
Josie the next Friday night. That I had agreed to the meeting
just before Josie had given me the blow job in the bathroom
earlier that morning, the amazing one that Jacinta had
watched with envy. Jacinta said with a very devilish grin that she did not mind
if I fulfilled my promise to Josie, provided that she got
to enjoy a mmf threesome on another night. She then questioned
whether Tom would be a good partner since we had almost done
it all together anyway, short of her having us both inside
her at once and getting to watch us boys ‘play’ with each
other. We both smiled at each other and then kissed and caressed
the other until I was hard again. Jacinta then got on her
hands and knees and asked me to fuck her where she was a virgin
the day before. I licked the soft delicate folds of her anus
as she moaned softly. Then I positioned myself behind her
and as I spread her cheeks wide apart ready to probe her,
remnants of Tom’s white come dribbled from her passage.
She felt the fluid escape and quickly moved her hand to cover
her ass, somewhat embarrassed, but I moved it away telling
her not to worry. We both laughed and then I fingered her
gently, asking at the same time whether she would like Tom’s
come to dribble from both of her holes after our threesome
together. She said “yes of course and you know that …. now
fuck my ass and I will be your slutty princess all night long
….” She bit on her lip as I pushed my hard cock into her well lubricated
private hole and then as she moaned louder and louder, she
told me how much she now wanted to feel two cocks inside her
body at once. She reached across to her drawer and pulled
out her vibrator and passed it to me. I stopped pumping her
momentarily and carefully inserted the dick shaped shaft
inside her pussy. She reached under and flicked the switch
with ease. She had obviously used this vibrator in that
position often, given the ease of finding the switch and
speed control. I held my cock inside her, my balls resting
on her cheeks as I fucked her slowly with the humming vibrator.
She spiralled towards another set of orgasms, amazed that
she had never enjoyed anal sex before sleeping with Josie
the night before. As she muffled her screams, she took control
of the vibrator and rammed it deep inside herself, holding
it rigid, before telling me to fuck her ass hard. I did as
she requested and as she held what she imagined to be Tom’s
cock in her pussy with the palm of her hand, she reached between
her legs to my balls with her fingers, tickling them, telling
me to fill her with more come. My shaft quivered in her ass
as it released more fluid, whilst I continued to pump her
through the finale of her anal orgasm. She slumped as my
dick slowly softened and slid from her warm wet cum filled
hole. I looked at her most pretty ass as I leaned back admiring
both her beauty and the drops of male come that slowly trickled
from that lovely entrance of hers. As I asked her whose come
she enjoyed having in her ass the most, she just giggled
and said “yours of course”, but I wont say no to Tom when I
enjoy you both together.

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Ever hear of paragraphs? See newspapers, magazines, books,
etc. Run-on text is difficult to read.


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A great read even without paragraphs. An interesting technique
to not use paragraphs as it kind of makes the timing frentic
and intense.


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Wonderfull story. I wish I could meet some exciting folks
like you've written about here. A great experiance.


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You need to put in paragraphs, and your story is over long.