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The Pont Club



It was a nice summer afternoon and i was putting out the bales
of straw for the local pony club, a job that was done every
few months, i was busy stacking the bales, when i noticed
somebody watching me, i turned to see a lady who i knew to
be Mrs Dawson, a lady in her early thirties, she came from
a very wealthy family and was very posh, i turned to her and
said hello and explained what i was doing, she replied with
a cheerful Hello and walked towards me, she looked stunning
in her black jodhpurs and a very tight white top, she stood
about 5'8" with very long blonde hair and a gorgeous
figure, she must have noticed me eyeing her up and down,
i asked how she was already knowing she was going through
a very messy divorce, she looked straight at me and said
she was down but looking forward to the weekends events
and the party in the evenings, will you be at the two evening
parties she asked me, i replied that i doubt i would be invited,
it was for pony club members only, you can come as my guest
if you want she said, i replied with a very quick yes, these
parties had a good reputation, all the posh horsey types
looking for a good shag.

She sat down near me and said to carry on, so i started lifting
the bales into place, she was still sat there some 10 minutes
later watching me, making me feel slightly uneasy, then
to my suprise, she tapped me on the shoulder, i turned around
and without warning she kissed me on the lips and wrapped
her arms around me, our tongues playing together, her left
hand moved down to my thigh.....she found my cock and started
to rub harder, my cock became semi-hard, she moved away,
do you have the key to the door she asked, yes i replied, then
go and lock the door she said, so i did in double quick time,
with the barn door locked she moved to a pile of bales and
beckoned me over to her, she started to kiss me again, this
time my hand was quick to fondle her ass, she moved her legs
slightly apart, i rubbed her pussy through her jodhpurs,
we fell to the bales my hands quickly squeezing her lovely
large tits, she sat up and lifted her top off and unhooked
her bra, my mouth was quickly licking and sucking her large
nipples, her hand managed to find the button on my jeans,
down came my zip and in went her hand, she gasped at my size,
she whispered into my ear "i'm going to ride that"
i looked into her eyes and replied " not until i have
licked your pussy and clit" then i moved down her body
and pulled her jodhpurs and pants away in one movement,
her pussy was shaven, i lifted her onto a bale above me and
opened her legs, me kneeling on the bale below and began
licking her pussy, she tasted soo good, i found her clit
and flicked it with the tip of my tongue, within a few minutes
she was groaning loudly, her juices running from her wet
pussy and down her thighs, she shouted she was cumming,
she arched her back and told me not to stop, then she shouted
for me to fuck her, i pulled my jeans off quickly then my boxers
and presented her with my cock, let me suck it she demanded,
so i stood up with my thick 8 inches standing proud, she leaned
forward and took it between her lovely red lips, her long
blonde hair covering most her face, she sucked up and down
my length with her tongue tickling my cock, i made the suggestion
we move to a 69, no she said i want fucking first, so she let
my cock go, and positioned herself stood on the bottom bale,
with her lovely legs apart she almost bent over double,
i moved behind her and slowly slipped my hard cock into her,
inch by inch until she had my whole cock inside her, i slowly
started thrusting in and out of her, she was very tight and
her muscles almost sucked me back in on every stroke, i told
her that i was close to cummin, tell me just before she demanded,
so i carried on pumping my thick cock into her, then i could
feel my balls go tight, i said i was close, she pulled away
from me, turned around very quickly and grabbed my cock,
she moved towards it and started to wank me quickly, i shot
my cream, it splashed onto her face, my cum was running down
Mrs Dawson's cheeks i could not believe what i was doing.
She then told me to go to her car and fetch a camera from the
glove compartment, so i popped my jeans back on and brought
the camera, i went to hand it to her, no she said, take a picture
of me covered in cum, i looked puzzeled at her, just do it,
i will tell you later, so i took a picture of her lovely face
covered in my cream. Then much to my suprise, she motioned
forward and undid the button on my jeans again and off they
came, she started to play with my cock getting it rock hard
in no time, then much to my shock she grabbed the camera and
took a piccy of it avoiding my face, i looked at her suprised,
she said it was going to be a suprise for her cheating husband,
i stood with my mouth open, its ok she said i wont be nameing
you, i cheekly suggested that it must be worth another fuck,
of course she said i am going to ride that cock of yours, she
put the camera down, i laid on a bale, she moved towards me
and sat on my cock, slowly rideing it, her hips pushing forward
and grinding herself up and down my thick cock, i leaned
forward and my fingers found her clit, i started rubbing
it, her juices running into my groin area, suddenly she
started moving quicker and quicker, she muttered she was
cumming and let out a shrill, i was close to shooting up her,
i told her, she quickly got off me again and laid next to me,
squirt it on my tits she demanded, so i stood over her and
with i few tugs on my cock i shot a load all over her tits and
belly, great she said now get a piccie of it, so i knelt down
just behond her feet, she sat slightly up and we got a picture
of my cum on her stomach and tits and her face in the background, thanks
for that she said, thats ok i replied, i have loved every
minute of it but i hope your not just useing me to get at you
hubby, she looked me straight in the eyes and said it was
not planned, she just thought i was nice and because she
had not been fucked for nearly a year she just wanted some
physical contact, i asked her if i was still invited to the
evening party, of course you are she said, i will fuck your
brains out later if you want, i looked at her smiled and said
i was up for that, we both got dressed and i started stacking
the bales again, she unlocked the barn door and went.

The pony club girls started to arrive about 30 minutes later.
The first horse box to arrive was that of a girl i had got pals
with the previous year, a girl called Sandra, she was short
dark and a little dumpy, 19 years old and she fancied the
pants off me, she parked her horse box close to the barn and
came wandering inside, i looked at her and smiled, i still
had a few bales to stack so i carried on working, suddenly
she walk over and squeezed my bottom, i jumped forward turned
around and she kissed me on the cheek, hows it going Andy
she asked, Ok i replied except i'm knackered, thats
a shame she said, why, i asked, i fancy having you before
the rest arrive she responded much to my suprise, so i looked
at her and smiled, i'm serious she said, so i grabbed
her round the waist and lifted her onto the bales, pulled
her jodhpurs down and her pants too, she kicked off her shoes
and within seconds she was naked from the waist down, i opened
her legs wide and made for her pussy with my tongue, she was
soon very wet, i unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down
along with my boxers, my cock was rock hard now, i lifted
her off the bale and she wrapped her legs around my waist,
my cock slowly found it's spot slideing into her pussy,
i held her with my hands gripping boths cheeks and pulled
her onto my hard shaft, she was only about 4'9"
and probably about 7 stone with large tits for her size,
she was shouting and screaming with passion, i could feel
myself getting close to shooting my cum, she told me not
to stop so i carried on, my cock getting its full 8 inches
deep into her , she screamed she was cumming, she squeezed
me round the neck and held herself close to me, she was a shuddering
wreck, i put her down onto the bale, she leaned forward and
took my pussy juice covered cock in her hand and slowly fed
it to her mouth, within seconds i knew i was coming, i tensed
my buttocks and shot my thick cream into her mouth, she swallowed
it all with a huge grin on her face. I put my jeans back on and
Sandra put her clothes back on, she asked me what i was doing
tonight, not sure i replied, come down here for the party
she demanded, you can be my guest and afterwards we can fuck
in my tent, now i always remembered her shareing with her
best mate in the past, so i asked the question about her mate,
thats fine she said Lottie thinks your gorgeous so you might
be lucky and have us both.......what a nice though, well
i finished off my work and later that evening i went to the
party, but i will save that for another time.

Part two.

After returning home and having a long soak in the bath,
i made the short trip to the local beer store, bought my beer
for the evening and set off on foot to the barn where the dance
and party would be held, it was about 8.30 in the evening,
there was a large amount of tents, horse boxes and landrovers
all around the barn in the ajoining fields, i made my way
into the barn to be greeted with a huge smile and Hello from
Mrs Dawson, she kissed me on the cheek and whispered into
my ear "hope youv'e got some cream left for me"
i smiled at here and said of course, she then told me to go
and put my beer in the small kitchen area that had been made
and to fetch her a drink back with me, so this i did, we stood
chatting for a couple of minutes and we both went to mingle.
There was about 150 people there, most of whom seemed to
be young girls between 15 and 21, i thought to myself this
could be fun. Sandra then arrived with her mate Lottie and
a couple of other young ladies, "this is andy she told
them", A tall slim ginger girl called Angela and the
small blonde girl who only looked 15 and was called Shelly,
they both said hello and then giggled and made there way
towards the bar and kitchen area, Sandra whispered into
my ear "Fancy staying later" of course i replied,
she smiled and went to the bar leaving me with Lottie, she
was a cute little girl with short blonde hair, about 5 foot
tall and very slim, she was 18 and had very small breasts,
she was very petite, i asked her about the pony club and just
passed small talk, she then asked me if i thought she was
pretty, of course you are i replied, your gorgeous, she
smiled back at me and asked if i said that to all the girls,
no only the ones i want to sleep with i replied, she went crimson.
Sandra returned with drinks and we made our way to some bales
and sat down, i had sandra on one side of me and Shelly on the
other, the music was playing, Sandra suggested i took Lottie
for a dance, Ok i said, and held my hand out to Lottie, she
took my hand and we walked to the dance area, we danced to
some 80's music and then a slower record came on, i took
hold of her and pulled her towards me holding her close,
we moved around the dance area our bodies close together,
i slowly let my hand move from her waist and slip to her bum,
she was wearing a very short white skirt and i quickly found
my hand was too low and i was touching flesh, she did'nt
seem to care so i carried on massageing her buttocks as we
danced, the slow record finished and we left the dance floor
and sat down again, the other three girls giggling, i looked
at Sandra, she smiled and said they was all watching you
with your hands all over, Lottie was again crimson so i suggested
we went and got some more drinks in but instead of going to
the bar i grabbed her hand and we went outside the barn, there
was a few people still hanging around outside so, we walked
away to another area of the farm, Lottie then asked where
we was going, i just smiled and said "would you not
prefer something a little more private", yes she
quickly replied, we came to a door, i got out my keys and unlocked
it, once inside i locked it again and switched on the light,
it was the farmers rest room, with a couple of old sofas,
i pulled Lottie towards me and kissed her on the lips, our
tongues entering each others mouths, i moved my hand down
to her bum, and started strokeing her thighs, my hand slowly
made its way to her pants and rubbed her pussy through her
white pants, i rubbed hard with my middle finger for a couple
of minutes all the time kissing her passionatly, i could
feel her getting moist between her legs, i slowly moved
a finger inside her pants and touched her lovely pussy,
she was soaking wet, i took my finger away and licked her
juices from it. I now had a huge bulge in my trousers which
was becoming uncomfortable, i undid my belt and the button
at the top of my trousers, Lottie was busy peeling her little
white pants from around her wet pussy but still keeping
her little short white skirt on, i walked to her and lifted
her up and put her on a table in the corner and burried my head
between her legs, i slowly licked her clit swallowing all
her juices, then i slowly probed into her pussy with my tongue
and started rubbing her clit with my fingers, she was so
wet, i rubbed harder and quicker her breathing becoming
heavy, her back arching forward to see what i was doing,
she whispered "fuck me..fuck me now", i lifted
her off the table and stood her next to the arm of the sofa,
i told her to lean over the arm, her bum pointing back at me,
i released my cock from my pants and trousers and slowly
put the tip of my cock into her, she pushed back at me and slowly
my cock was getting deeper into her, "fuck me hard"
she demanded, ok i replied and started thrusting my cock
deeper and deeper into her, she was gasping for air and moaning
loudly, my full thick eight inches was now deep into her
i was thrusting deeper, my hands had found her little breasts
underneath her tight top, she didn't need a bra, but
her nipples became very hard and big, i tugged and pulled
on these as i rammed my cock into her, i could feel myself
getting close to cummin, i told her "shoot it deep
into me" she replied, so been a good boy i did just that,
my cock twitched and shot its load in Lotties tight pussy,
i slowly withdrew my cock from her, turned her round and
kissed her, holding her shakeing body close to mine, i looked
into her eyes and smiled at her, she smiled back and then
muttered something about Sandra must not know, i wont tell
her i replied. We both got dressed and made our way back to
the party.

Once back it was all questions... Where you two been? asked
Angela, i told then we had been to see some lambs in the farm
yard, Lottie just smiled, Shelly then asked if she could
see them, i smiled and said later, i needed a drink so made
my way to the bar. After chatting with a couple of ladies
near the bar i returned to the 4 ladies again and sat down
next to Angela, she was very tall and slim with lovely long
curly ginger hair , she had a nice pair of tits which you could
almost see through her cream see through top and white bra,
her legs looked to go on for ever, made to look better with
the short denim skirt she was wearing, she stood up to move
past me and i also stood up, she brushed past me, her buttocks
rubbing past my groin area, once past she turned around
and winked at me, i smiled back at her and she nodded with
her head towards the door and off she walked, i made an excuse
i needed some air and went outside. Angela was walking towards
the horse boxes and kept looking back to see if i was following
her, she came to a large blue horse transporter lorry and
stood looking at me, i walked quicker and caught her up,
she smiled at me, and opened the door, then she climbed on
the first step and the second, the view i had was splendid,
she was not wearing any pants, i could see this small cute
rounded ass that looked lilly white except for a darker
patch down the middle, she climbed the next step and i was
right behind her, once inside she climbed to the sleeping
area behind the drivers side and shut the curtains, i climbed
into the same area, she looked at me and laughed, did you
like the view she asked....just a little i replied with
a huge grin on my face, surprised i'm not wearing panties
was you, yes a little i replied but it was a nice surprise,
suddenly she had her hand rubbing my cock through my trousers,
it was quickly rock hard, she undid my belt and trousers
quickly, i kicked off my shoe and within seconds i was down
to my boxers, her hand soon moved in for the kill, she had
my cock free and in her hand, she lowered her head as i lay
there with my cock pointing skywards, she held it firm and
slowly lowered her cherry red lips onto my cock, she took
about 6 inches into her mouth and then slowly moved her lips
up and down my shaft her long ginger locks tickleing my groin
area, her head bobbing up and down, she lifted her head and
whispered to me she wanted some attention, i sat upright
and moved towards her, first i unbuttoned her blouse and
then i unfastened her bra, my mouth went straight for her
nipples, they had already become hard and i sucked and flicked
my tongue against them, first the left and then the right,
she sat very upright on her knees, i just managed to get my
hand between her legs and started to finger her pussy whilst
still sucking on her nipples, i found her clit with my middle
finger and slowly rubbed in a circular motion around it
just flicking it on ocassions, she started to groan and
arch her back, i managed to slide my middle finger into her
pussy, whislt still rubbing her clit with my thumb, she
was so wet, her juices running down my arm and onto my shirt
cuffs, she muttered in a breathy voice she was cummin, i
carried on rubbing with my thumb and pushing my middle finger
deeper into her, she started to pant heavily, she orgasmed,
i carried on and within a minute she was going again, her
whole body shakeing still i carried on, now with three fingers
pushing into her pussy, my thumb still rubbing her clit,
my cuff now soaked with all her juices, she scremed out load
"fuck me fuck me fuck me now" my mouth left her
rock hard nipples and my pussy juice covered hand left her
pussy, she pushed me back so i was flat on the seat/bed she
held my rock hard cock in one hand and slowly lowered herself
onto it, she was so wet and juicy she just about took my full
eight inches straight into her, i managed to lean slightly
forward so i could reach her clit with the tip of my finger
while she rode my cock , her whole body swaying backwards
and forwards my cock deep inside her, suddenley she screamed
she was cummin again, i carried on with my finger but moved
faster and faster, she lent back away from me so i could no
longer reach her clit, she then colapsed forwards, my cock
slideing out, she kissed me on the lips and then moved herself
above me into a 69, her soaking wet pussy was right in my face,
she grabbed my cock and started licking along my shaft,
i managed to get my tongue right on her clit and flicked her
clit with the tip of my tongue, she started takeing my cock
in her mouth inch by inch, her hand at the base of my cock makeing
slow movement up and down at the bottom of my shaft, i knew
i could not resist for long, my tongue was now licking her
pussy lips and forceing its way into her pussy lapping up
her juices, whilst i had managed to get a finger rubbing
her clit, her whole body started to shudder and shake, this
was great except she had sharp teeth next to my cock, she
nibbled a few times and that pushed me over the edge, my cock
twitched, my balls tightened and suddenly to her suprise
my thick cream flooded her mouth, she sat up quickly which
only pushed her pussy deeper onto my tongue, i licked hard,
still rubbing her clit with my finger, she screamed she
was cumming again, suddenly i was covered in pussy juice
again it tasted soo sweet. She lifted her pussy away from
me and laid next to me, i put my arms around her and we kissed
before falling asleep in each others arms.

Suddenly i was awoken, i could hear voices from outside,
giggling and laughing, Angela woke up and looked out of
the curtain, its Shelly and Sandra with my older sister
Carol she informed me, i looked at her and asked what she
would rather do, stay in the lorry or face the rest of them,
she looked at me with her mouth open, i can't be found
in here with you she said, why i asked, i get married in three
months time she replied, i suggested she changed into different
clothes and tell them she had spilt drink on herself so came
to the lorry to get changed, great idea, i will leave the
door unlocked give us five minutes and when nobodys about
leave the lorry, so i laid on the floor, she moved to the front
and opened the door, suddenly there was a lot of laughing
and giggling which drifted into the distance, i got my clothes
back on and got quickly out the lorry, i then decided that
it would be best if i made my way the few hundred yards to my
house, just as i turned the final corner towards my house
i could hear a very distinct cry of Andy, i turned but could
see nothing, then i noticed a large range rover parked about
50 yards away, i walked towards it then i realised it was
Mrs Dawson, the passenger door opened, get in she instructed
me, so i jumped in, lets go for a little drive she said, so
lights on and away we drove.

She asked me the nearest secluded spot, so i told her to turn
into the next gate on the right, i jumped out and opened the
gate, she drove through and waited for me to get back in,
then i pointed her across the field and behind a small clump
of trees, once there she stopped, put her hand on my thigh
and said this was perfect, she leaned across and gave me
a kiss on the cheek, i turned to face her and we started kissing
passionatley, lets get in the back she muttered, so i got
out and opened the back door, the seats had been released
and it was like a large leather bed in the back, there was
a couple of very thick sleeping bags and a box, inside the
box was lots of booze, food and some hand-cuffs amongst
other things, Mrs Dawson was quickly in the back and told
me to lay down and enjoy, so i decided she was going to be in
charge so i laid down, she moved to my trousers and slowly
unbuttoned them and pulled them down to my ankles, then
she took my shirt off, then she instructed me to move further
into the RR, i noticed to my left and right was some anti-roll
bars, quickly she had the handcuffs out and cuffed me with
my arms stretched out either side, now she was in total control
, i lay there in just my boxers at the mercy of a older lady
who could do what she wanted with me. She slowly undressed
herself i front of me, then offered me her nipples, my tongue
licked first the right and then the left nipple until they
became hard, then she took my cock in her right hand whilst
kneeling to the side of me, she slowly licked and sucked
on my knob, running her tongue along my thick shaft, she
then cupped my balls in her hand and slowly started to lick
and suck on them, i was helpless to do anything, she sucked
and licked my cock for a good ten minutes whilst i lay there
motionless, then she went into her box of tricks again and
out came a large red vibrator, she switched it on and held
the tip of it against the end of my cock whilst sucking on
my balls, the sensation was amazing, i felt i could shoot
my cum at any time, she obviously realised this and stopped
with me just short of cummin, then she laid with her pussy
just inches from my cock and her head resting near my feet
and slowly pushed the vibrator into her wet pussy, i watched
as she slowly pushed the red devil in and out of her pussy,
then she leaned forward and offered my mouth the pussy juice
covered vibrator to lick, i licked all the juices from it
and she would ram it back into her wet pussy, this was repeated
numerous times, then she held the tip against her clit and
very quickly she orgasmed, she moved just over my face with
her pussy and slowly lowered her pussy to within inches
of my tongue, she held the position for a few seconds, a drop
of pussy juice dripped onto my face, then she lowered herself
onto my face, my tongue licking the juices from her lips,
i probed at her pussy with my tongue tasteing her lovely
sweet juices, then she moved again, this time she lowered
herself onto my cock, just the tip inside her, she then lowered
a little more until i was half inside her, she held the vibrator
hard against her clit and slowly started to ride my thick
shaft, i knew i wouldn't last long i could feel my balls
tightening and then it was too late to stop, i squirted my
cum deep into her pussy, my cock twitching deep inside her,
she then held the vibrator against the base of my shaft with
still most my cock inside her, she squeezed hard with her
muscles, i was in extasy, the feeling was imense, my body
was twitching and i was thrusting from my groin without
any control, my cock was rock hard again, infact it never
went limp, she lifted herself off my cock and looked into
my eyes "was that good she asked" bliss i replied
i have never shot my load and been hard within a couple of
minutes before, my cock was bright red and covered in a mixture
of my cum and her pussy juice, she lowered her mouth towards
my glistening shaft and sucked the juices off it, she then
found the key and un-cuffed me, i was free at last, but had
just had the most amazing half hour of my life i have never
felt anything like that before or since.

We started to pack everything up inside the range rover
and got dressed, then we climbed back into the front seats,
my hand moved onto her thigh and i told her what a great lover
she was and just how horny she made me feel, we chatted about
how shocked i was at her because she always came across in
the past as a posh lady, she giggled, stopped the range rover
and looked at me, "fancy fucking me outside now",
i was quickly out my door, she slowly got out her side, i walked
around, she turned away from me and gripped the car seat
and bent over, her cute ass pointing towards me, she held
her skirt up, she had no panties to stop me, i released my
trousers pulled down my boxers and slowly pushed my cock
into her, i was rock hard already, she shouted at me to fuck
her hard and fast, this i did thrusting deep into her with
every push, the range rover was rocking to the side, she
was screaming harder and harder at me, then with one last
push i shot my cream deep into her pussy, she held me deep
inside her with her muscles for a minute or two, then she
released my cock, i slowly pulled out of her, my cock was
covered in her juices, she turned around and bent down,
took my cock in her hand a licked her juices off my cock, she
pulled my boxers and trouser up and kissed me passionatley,
we got back in the range rover and drove back to the farm,
the party was still going on, we parked just around the corner
from the barn so nobody would see us and walked back a couple
of minutes apart to the party, i felt knackered, i made my
way to the bar and drank a couple of bottles of beer within
minutes to replace all the liquid i had shot out of me. Then
to my suprise by buttocks got squeezed, i turned around
to see Shelly looking very drunk and with a very silly grin
on her face, i looked at her and asked if she was drunk, a little
she replied, i smiled back at her, "Sandra told me
youv'e got a big cock" she muttered to me in a drunken
slur, i smiled at her "thats for me to know" i
replied, i want to find out she slurred once more, i looked
at her and asked if she was old enough to be talking like that,
she quickly replied she was nearly 17, then her hand made
a grab for my cock, her mouth opened she looked at me and said
"can i see it", i looked at her, she was very pretty
and petite, short blonde hair and wicked large red lips,
i told her to meet me outside in five minutes, she turned
and walked away.

I drank another bottle of beer and made my way outside, Shelly
was stood waiting for me, i took her hand and we walked to
the rest room, i unlocked the door and locked it afterwards,
she was very giggly and was sluring her words, i want to see
your cock she announnced , i stood there in front of her and
told her to help herself, she played around trying to undo
my trousers after a couple of minutes she managed to unfasten
them and her hand slipped into my boxers, she gasped, wow
thats too big for my tight pussy she told me i can't take
that, i told her she didn'y have too if she didn't
want to, she smiled at me and giggled, she was showing signs
of been very drunk, she sat on one of the sofas and beckoned
me to her, i stood in front of her just in my boxers with my
semi-hard cock preesed against them, she leaned forward
and stroked my cock through the material, then she slowly
pulled them down, my cock sprang out, she wrapped her fingers
around my cock and kissed the end, i will never take all that
she told me, i looked at her and said it probably aint a good
idea, your very drunk and i dont want you doing something
you will regret tomorrow, she then let go of my cock, a sulk
came across her face, dont you want to fuck me she asked,
i would love to but i dont want you to regret it, she stood
up and grabbed my hand, she then moved my hand between her
legs, i didn't need a second invitation, my fingers
made there way towards her pussy, she had no pants on and
i could feel her juices all around her shaven pussy, she
was dripping wet, i lifted her up and told her to hold me tight
around my neck, i slowly pushed my cock into her wet pussy,
she was very tight, but inch after inch she took my hard cock,
she screamed a couple of times, but kept telling me not to
stop, i was now almost fully into her, but she kept loseing
her grip, so i lifted her off my shaft and stood her down on
the floor, i told her to lean over the sofa arm with her ass
faceing me, she positioned herself against the sofa, i
moved her legs a little more apart and slowly pushed my cock
into her pussy, my hand wrapped around her waist and with
a little movement my fingers found her clit, i stood there
with my cock half into her, and my fingers rubbing her clit
in very fast movements, she was getting wetter and wetter,
dont stop, thats brilliant she told me, then she started
to shudder and rock, i'm cummin she shouted, i pushed
my cock a little further into her, she screamed out harder,
harder, i pushed the last two inches into her, she screamed
again, my fingers rubbing her clit even harder and faster
her pussy soaking with her juices, she colapsed forward
her head on to the sofa, i looked down at her wet pussy covered
in juice, i slipped my cock right out of her and bent down
and licked the juice from her pussy, she moaned loudly,
i managed to pick her up and place her on the sofa with her
head over hanging the arm, i moved forward and offered her
my cock to suck, she held my cock in her left hand and started
to take me into her mouth, i held my cock with my right hand
and started to wank myself into her mouth, i very quickly
found myself close to cummin, Shelly i'm about to cum,
she pulled my cock deep into her mouth and i shot my load down
her throat, she just swallowed it all, i quickly got dressed,
Shelly on the other hand was already asleep on the sofa,
the sex and booze takeing affect, i lifted her off the sofa
and straightened her clothing, i carried her to the door,
unlocked the door and got her to the fresh air, she slowly
woke up and started giggling again, i told her i would walk
her back to the barn and then i would be going home, can i come
with you she asked, i told her that her friends would not
know where she was, she quickly got a phone from her handbag,
i can tell them i've gone home, i smiled at her and gave
in, so we walked back to my house.

Once inside the house, i made her a coffee, and went to the
bathroom for a shower and to freshen up, Shelly on the other
hand slumped onto a sofa and looked like she would be asleep
in no time, i was having my shower when there was a little
knock on the bathroom door, i shouted to her that it was open,
she walked in and looked at me with a smile on her face, i asked
her how she was feeling, fine was the reply but i need a shower,
so i moved to the side and told her there was room for a little
one, she quickly got undressed and joined me in the shower,
her body looked gorgeous, she was only very small but had
very nice tits and large nipples her pussy was shaven, she
looked very young, i passed her the shower gel, she put some
into her hand and rubbed it into her breast and around her
pussy, i stood with my mouth open watching her, my cock started
to stiffen slightly, she noticed this and asked if she had
done that, i looked into her eyes and told her she had a gorgeous
body and that i wanted to explore every part of it, thats
good she replied i want to feel your hard cock deep in my pussy,
i'm sober now and will know whats happening, i just
smiled at her and finished washing myself paying attention
to my cock and balls, they needed a good wash after all the
pussy juice that had been on them that evening, once i had
finished i climbed out of the shower cubicle and Shelly
finished washing herself whilst i watched, i held my hand
out and she climbed from the cubicle, i bent down and picked
her up in my arms and took her to my bedrrom and lay her on my
king size double bed, she looked so small laid in front of
me, i put some soft background music on, she lay there with
her legs slightly parted and one knee slightly raised,
i climbed onto the bed and knelt beside her, i leaned forward
and kissed her tummy and planted little kisses and stroked
her skin with the tip of my tongue, i moved toward her breast,
still kissing and licking, first her left and then her right
breast, her nipples became hard very quickly i slowly sucked
on each nipple, she slowly opened her legs, little moans
coming from her every time i sucked on a nipple, i kissed
her neck and then on her lips, we kisssed passionatley for
a few minutes, before i moved back down her body again kissing
and licking with the tip of my tongue over her breast and
tummy, i slowly made my way to her shaven pussy, her legs
now where very wide apart, i moved one leg to the other side
of her and stradled her body, my cock was now rock hard and
pressing against her upper chest, i lifted my lower body
up, her hand moved towards my cock and she held it firm pulling
it towards her mouth, my mouth in the meantime was pressed
against her pussy lips, my tongue slideing between her
lips and licking her juices, i managed to slowly inset my
middle finger into her tight pussy, my tongue now licking
at her clit, my cock was now been slowly suckled by Shelly,
just the tip was in her mouth but she was tickling my helmet
with the tip of her tongue, then she suddenly started to
take a few inches of me into her mouth her head bobing up and
down, my cock going deeper into her mouth, i now had two fingers
in her pussy which was dripping pussy juice onto my bed,
her clit had become very enlarged and i was flicking it with
the tip of my tongue, then without warning she pulled my
cock from her mouth and screamed out at me to lick harder,
she was getting very close to orgasm she muttered and could
not control herself, her whole body started to shake her
breathing becoming eratic she started to twitch and groan
she gripped my buttocks hard with her nails digging into
my skin "I've cum" she screamed at me, i
lifted away for a second and told her to relax before entering
another finger into her very wet pussy, my tongue once again
licking at her clit, within a couple of minutes she was shakeing
again "fucking hell" she shouted i'm cummin
again her body moveing from side to side and twitching she
let out another scream, this time i just carried on licking
her clit hard and faster my fingers probeing inside her
pussy, she started to shake again " i dont fucking
believe this , i'm cummin again" she muttered
at me, i slowed my licking down, she screamed out and i withdrew
my fingers, they had a very thick coating of pussy juice
on them, she laid there motionless panting for her breath,
i rolled her over onto her tummy and lifted her from the waist
and put her on all fours, i moved in behind her and slowly
pulled her legs apart a few inches, i slowly pushed my rock
hard cock between her pussy lips and into her, i held her
round the waist and controlled the rytham pulling her pussy
onto my cock building up a faster and faster rytham, my balls
full of cum slapping against her ass, i leaned forward and
held her round the shoulders pulling her harder and harder
onto my thick cock, she was moaning loudly, i knew i could
only last another minute at the most, although very wet
she was tight and my cock could take no more, i told her i was
about to shoot my cream, she told me to pull out quick so i
pulled my cock out of her, she quickly rolled over and took
my cock in her mouth, pulling cock deep into her mouth she
started to tickle me with her tongue, with a shudder and
a cry i shot my thick cum into her mouth, she pulled my cock
from her mouth my cum running down her chin, she wiped her
face with a finger and licked the cum from her finger, i looked
at her and smiled, " did you enjoy" i asked, she
flopped onto her back and muttered back to me she was knackered
and that she had never had sex like that before, i asked her
what she ment and she told me she had only fucked once before
and it was a shambles because he shot his load within a minute.
She quickly went to sleep, i covered her with a blanket and
kissed her goodnight...that was the best party i have ever
been to and there was a second night still to cum!


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wait for part two. Thanks and keep your EXCELLENT stories


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awful rubbish


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damm boy can ur imagination run wild