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The Plaything


The room is dark, though faintly lit by a couple of candles, as I draw you through the doorway quickly, pushing the door shut behind you. I step in close, forcing you back until you are against the wall, and with nowhere else to go you feel my body press against yours. My lips find yours and fiercely savage them with kisses, barely allowing you to breathe.

"Master?" you gasp questioningly as I pull myself away from you.

I say nothing but wave my hand towards the two candles on the dresser. Your look follows my directive and your eyes fall upon a treasure trove of sinful delights, barely visible in the flickering light. A length of soft but sturdy rope. A black satin blindfold. A black satin gag. Pink plastic tape. A small wooden paddle. A short black riding crop. A studded black leather collar. A pair of delicate nipple clamps joined by a fine silver chain. A glass dildo. A solid black butt plug. All of these items you spy and by the grin splitting your lips, I can tell that you are eager to begin playing.

Dutifully you stand as my hands reach for your clothing and begin to strip it from you in sure movements. Your shoes are pulled from your feet and your dress falls to the floor moments later, followed by your brown lace bra and black panties. Now naked, you stand before me and you can feel as my gaze slips over your body, devouring the sight of your silken white skin. I watch as your nipples harden, slightly chilled by the lack of covering, and my hand reaches out to capture one of those nubs between my fingers. A gentle squeeze and I feel it harden even more, though not with cold this time.

I move behind you to obtain a different point of view, and you begin to turn, following my movements. A sharp slap on your ass stops you in mid turn and you feel the heat and sting of my handiwork. Your cheeks flush in embarrassment as you know that you should not have moved. Yet though we have played this game often, that initial mistake is always made. One would think that you made this mistake on purpose, but I know that couldn't be true. To solidify my position as master, my hand rises and falls again on the pure whiteness of your behind. The smack is certainly arresting, and as the pink imprint of my hand materializes on your naked rear, I catch the slight glimmer of mischief in your eyes. It makes me smile.

Placing my hands on your shoulders, I slowly caress down the length of your back, stopping at your tailbone, and then gently raking my trimmed nails back up again. You shiver slightly. Stepping around you, I retrieve the blindfold from the dresser top and with a finger to my lips to shush you, I place the soft material over your eyes and tie it behind your head. My fingers touch your hair, and on impulse I grab a handful and pull your head to the side, allowing my lips and teeth to tease your neck. Then just as suddenly I release your hair, again allowing my nails to trail across the skin of your back. You open your mouth to speak and my hand covers it swiftly, muffling any words that may have come forth. My other hand grabs the gag from the dresser, and without further ado, force the fabric into and over your mouth stopping all speech. Your hand reach to remove the gag or blindfold, but with the roll of plastic tape at the ready, I snag your wrists and bind them tightly behind you. I step back to admire my work. Though you cannot see through the fabric of the blindfold, you know what I'm doing and so strike a pose. A haughty and sassy pose with legs slightly spread, and head cocked. I chuckle as I reach to the dresser once more for the rope.

Instead of the rope coming between my fingers, I feel the silvery fineness of a chain and pluck that instead, pulling the nipple clamps into my hand. With your eyes covered you have no idea what will come next, and I can imagine your pleasure when you feel the cool of the metal as it touches your breasts. The chain tickling the cleft of your bosom as I attach the first of the two clamps to your left nipple. Opening the miniature jaws wide to accommodate your erect nipple, I adjust the tension enough to hold it in place while I then attach the second. Your soft moan tells me that I need to tighten the clamps a little more. One turn of the thumbscrew, then a second turn and your groan identifies the correct amount. I pull on the linking chain and hear the tremor in your breath. Nipples pinched securely, it's time for the next accoutrement. Your head tilts back, letting your hair fall over your shoulders. Your breasts are pushing forward, almost asking for more.

My face dips lower and my protruding tongue tastes of the freely flowing juices from between you legs. Your hips give a little jump and my hands grasp your ass, pulling you forwards towards my needful lips. Your head jerks forward throwing your hair into complete disarray, as my tongue finds your sensitive clit and plasters itself to it. A rumbling "Mmmmmm. .." erupts from deep within you.

The tempo of our play increases as I fumble for the rope just beyond my grasp on the dresser. It's silken softness falls under my fingers and I clutch at it with desperate desire. It's silvery twines slip along my fingers as I move it to both hands. My tongue still buried deep within the folds of your pussy, I give up that taste with a last longing look and stand upright. I can feel my cock stiff and hard within my pants and want nothing more than to thrust it hilt deep within your lovely jewel, feeling the pressure build until my seed fills you. But that is not what this night is for. This night is for feeding you the darkness that you so crave, and so I continue with the task at hand.

You shiver as the rope falls around your neck, and as I create three loops before feeding it back up between your legs, your breathing quickens. The sensuous rope slides by either side if your engorged vaginal lips and you can feel as it lubricates itself on you. The slippery syrup extracts and cools as it touches the split of your behind, and you feel compelled to open your legs wider. Slipping the rope ends trough the loop at your neck, I then feed the rope along both of your sides and tuck it though the loop that is at tit level. Pulling on those cords stretches the loop to enclose your ample tits and as I pull it taut, you can feel the flesh of your breasts push outwards.

You've been such a good girl up til now and I feel that I need to reward your behavior. I let the rope ends fall and select a new toy from the stash. I press it gently to the skin of your stomach, and then slowly slide it downwards until it touches your ripe pussy. The toy's coolness is an instant giveaway and you spread your stance further to allow the transparent glass cock to slide easily between your well lubricated lower lips. Satisfyingly deep it enters you, and a fresh groan finds its way to your gagged mouth. Your thighs quiver as I then almost withdraw it before slipping it back in as deeply as before. Holding it there, I give a small tug on the chain of the nipple clamps and watch as your body responds, relishing the slight tortuous feel. Your heels lift from the floor as you breathe heavily through your nose. Nipples extended and stretched; slick pussy open and filled with a perpetually solid chunk of discrete glassware; what else does your body desire?

Slowly removing the glass cock from within your pussy, I decide it's time to remove your blindfold and let you see just what's in store for you. Untying the cloth, I let it slip from my fingers to the floor as I turn you to face the full length mirror mounted on the wall. As your eyes adjust, they twinkle with delight as you see your hands bound, mouth gagged, nipples clamped, and the beginning of a rope-tying event. You stand admiring yourself for a moment, and you watch as I descend to my knees in front of you and begin to lap at the taste between your thighs. My hands hold your ass tight to keep your wet pussy within tongues reach, and as I thrash you blissfully, you tilt your head back and growl lustily.

Your legs part further and my tongue dives deep within you. Your passion flows out like a rivulet and I feel its wetness on my face and chest. Your legs tremble and I know it's time for me to stop. Pulling my mouth away from your crotch, I lay a hard slap across your backside and give a sharp tug on the nipple clamps. Smiling, I see your white thighs clench in response. I stand and take up the ends of the rope that are hanging down your back. You watch as I resume artfully binding you. Around to the front on either side, I pass the ropes through the loops, making sure all stays snug. To the back and then front, and then back again you observe the pattern of rope as it crisscrosses your body, framing some parts boldly, while others more subtly. Your breasts boastfully protruding, and a small circle of your tummy framed perfectly in contrast.

The feel of the ropes around you heighten your erotic sensitivity, and as I reach between your legs to tighten and adjust the cord that splits your pussy lips, you feel a familiar tingle, as orgasm approaches. With a hand on each of your hips I slowly turn you, and with each movement of your legs, the velvety smoothness of the rope slides around your lower lips bringing you closer and closer to the edge. I step away for a moment and take the leather collar from the dresser. Reaching around your neck, I fasten it at the back and admire the total look of you.

Of a sudden I spin you to face the bed and push you down upon it. The look of surprise in your eyes is priceless. With you lying half on the bed and facing the mirror, you can see as I snatch up the paddle, you can hear a loud crack as it meets your lovely ass pointed up in the air, you can feel the heated sting as it reddens that spot. Your eyes squeeze shut as it lands again, and a muffled moan slips from you. A brief pause, and through your now wide open eyes you spy my hand with the glass dildo once again. Spreading your legs roughly, you feel it pierce you and enter deeply. A few quick and deep thrusts and I feel your weak attempt at escape as you squirm beneath my hand.

Again reaching to the dresser, your head shakes "No" as I collect up the butt plug. Your head still shaking, I feel your desire as the soft tip of it touches the your lower back, and starts a slow dragging movement lower, down between the rosy red cheeks of your ass. Squeezing a bit of lube onto your anus, I start to massage it in with my thumb, before pressing the plug there, and slowly and gently insert it into you. Your legs spread wider and I can feel you trying to relax as this new toy invades you. Inch by inch, it enters you until finally it's hilt is against your skin. I turn it slowly and your groans get louder in approval.

Now fully speared front and back, I move my attention back you your completely soaked pussy, and again begin sliding the dildo in and out. Your ass rises higher and my other hand moves from your back to find your tender clit. Playing with it as the glass pumps you, your legs start shaking wildly as wave after wave of orgasm hits you. I remove my hands and watch in awe as your hips buck and legs buckle beneath you. Your head lashes from side to side and as I pull the dildo from you, your eyes beg me not to stop.

My cock is ragingly hard and as I drop my pants your head nods, pleadingly for me to fuck you. Roughly, tenderly, whichever way will keep the pleasure fountain flowing.

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Damn guy to bad your so far away, Would really enjoy spending play time with you.


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great story keep them coming