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The Play Palace


The Play Palace…..

It was a crisp morning at the ranch as everyone started
staring about. Nate was the first of the boys to hit the kitchen
before heading out for the normal days work. Just as he started
to sit he was soon joined by his other two brothers Billy
and Quinton. As the brothers sat and got their fill on breakfast
they noticed the voices of two females coming from the hallway.
The closer the voices got they could make out one distinctively
as their sister Barb. The other one was a new and unrecognizable
one. Barb entered the kitchen and introduced her friend
to her brothers. Morning guys this is my friend Samantha
but just call her Sam. “Hello Sam”, was all that her brothers
said except for Nate. Nate was not what you would call a lady’s
man so to speak but all the girls in town drooled over him.
As Nate stood to exit Sam caught his attention when inquired
about his quick exit. Nate just looked and smiled as he went
out the door. Meanwhile, Billy and Quinton was making fools
of themselves trying to gain the attention of their sister’s
friend. Of course like any family with older brothers and
a younger sister the questions started. Who are you? How
long have you guys been friends? When did you arrive? Barb
stopped her brothers assault with a look of death. Sam don’t
mind them they are just not use to me having friends over.
With some more small chit chat Billy and Quinton headed
out to start their chores as usual. Barb and Sam sat alone in the house after cleaning the kitchen.
Sam asked Barb of her brothers and wondered why none of them
were married. Barb, I mean your brothers are gorgeous men
any girl would be thrilled to have a man of their making.
Barb being the quick witted person she is said calmly “They
don’t look at women in that way you know.” This puzzled Sam
slightly. Now Barb you’ve got to explain that a little better
for me. My brothers have this weird thing for control and
dominance. I once caught Billy and this girl in the Play
Palace as they call it. The Play Palace? What in the hell
is that? Well, how do I put this. It’s this two story house
that my brothers built several years ago out in the east
corner of the ranch that is secluded. It’s were they go to
play with their dates or what have you. Oh, I see was Sam’s
response with a wink. Do you think I could get a tour of the
Play Palace? I really don’t recommend that Sam. You see
Nate is like the alpha male or the Dominant one. It would
be his decision. Besides, he would never agree to it cause
you’re my friend and they have strict rules about that.
I’m pretty sure that I can persuade Nate to this one time
exception. Sam you are one wicked chick. The girls sat and
chatted more as the day lingered on. Hey Nate what you think about Sam? Yeah we noticed how you
made a quick exit out of the kitchen. If we didn’t know any
better one would think you know her. Nah not at all. I just
wanted to get finished early today that’s all. Oh, and why
is that Nate? Have you found one that’s worthy of the Play
Palace? As a matter of fact yes. But it’s not just one it’s
a duo that likes the whole idea of our lifestyle of play.
Oh man it’s been a while sense we’ve had a duo at the Play Palace.
“So Nate when are they arriving?” asked Quinton. Well guys
that’s the thing about this duo. Quinton you will be picking
them up at seven sharp at the coffee shop. Don’t worry they
will be expecting you. Hey back to Barbara’s friend Samantha.
Did you know how lovely she is and those dark green eyes?
Billy, you know the rules on playing with Barb’s friends.
Ok, Nate but I would definitely make an exception for her.
Enough of that guys. We still have a lot to do before evening.
As Barb yelled out to her brothers for lunch Sam was sitting
on the porch enjoying the fresh air. Billy was the first
to make it to the house. Quinton followed shortly after.
Sam asked about Nate? Just at that moment Nate walked through
the back door. There was a hush of sort that he noticed. Barb
tried to hush her friend from making a fatal mistake with
Nate. Sam was quicker on the draw this time. Hey Nate what’s
this Play Palace? The room got so quiet you would’ve thought
someone died. Barb’s mouth fell open with disbelief. Quinton
and Billy eyes bulged out of their heads with shock. Nate
casually answered Sam with a very seductive voice. Well
Sam the Play Palace is just as it sounds. It’s a very private
party place that me and my brothers built to accommodate
our dark desires with select women. There are some places
here that are off limits to our sister’s friends. “Why is
that Nate?”, Sam questioned. Without answering the question
Nate excused himself. Quinton and Billy knew what was to
come from this episode. Barb was flushed with disbelief
and Sam more eager to get to the bottom of things. As the day progressed on Sam started plotting her next
move on Nate and finding out about the Play Palace. Now it
was a days work in for the guys and the night was looking promising.
As planned Quinton was all cowboy’d up and headed into town
to pick up the lucky lady duo for some fun. Quinton return
shortly later with the ladies. He entered through the secret
passage way heading to the Play Palace so as not to give anyone
away. As he approached, he stopped suddenly and blindfolded
both ladies. Upon arriving at their destination the ladies
were quite intrigued and very eager to what was to come.
Billy was waiting at the front door as Quinton escorted
the ladies to the door. Once inside the blindfolds came
off and the ladies were staring at what seemed to be a dream
come true. A grand entry way with an exquisite crystal chandelier
and marvelous spiral stairway. The mahogany wood and craftsman
ship was something out of a wish book for the rich and famous.
As the ladies were taking in the site of the Play Palace.
They were suddenly startled by a voice coming from upstairs.
Nate was walking down in his best leather outfit just for
these occasions. The oh my that came from the ladies showed
their approval of all that was before them. Nate formally
introduced his brothers to the ladies. After the formal
introduction Quinton and Billy excused themselves to
change into their play outfits. Nate inquired as to what
activities that were off limits and what was a good safe
word for them. The brunette only had three limits and they
were no scat, no blood, and no animals. The busty red head
was willing to push her limits but only with Nate. As Quinton
and Billy returned in their outfits the response was that
of shock and amazement. Nate informed his brothers of all the limits and safe words.
The brunette was thrilled to have the two brothers all to
herself for some kinky and fun play. Nate escorted the red
head to his room of choice. Once inside she saw why he loved
this room for his personal play scenes. It was equipped
with everything one could ever fantasize about. Billy
and Quinton chose an upstairs room that had a view overlooking
the lake. The brunette was thrilled to be used a dirty slut
by the two men. Once inside she was ordered to stand very
still for inspection. Quinton put on rubber gloves so he
could remove her clothes and prepare her for Billy’s inspection.
Once completely nude and waiting for her inspection she
suddenly realized that this was really happening. Billy
instructed Quinton to strap her down onto the table in the
middle of the room. Quinton did as instructed and he noticed
that she had started to run fluid down the insides of her
thighs. The brunette was extremely aroused from just being
objected the way the brothers were treating her. Quinton
gave Billy a nod of his discovery. Billy began his inspection
and found that she was very moist and eager as her pussy was
all swollen and twitching. Billy informed her that she
was a dirty slut for allowing herself to become so aroused
from her inspection. Quinton returned at that moment with
a leather strap and placed it on the table for Billy. The
Brunette began to breathe more deeply and wanting. Quinton
placed a harness over her head that allowed her to see and
breathe only. Billy slowly rubbed the strap across her
body letting her anticipate his next move. A quick slap
across the upper thigh and she squalled. Then another for
sounding out. Quinton was caressing her breast while Billy
was correcting her. The pleasure of having her breast kneaded
and the sharp intense pain was enough to send her over the
edge. The brunette began to leak more fluids from her aching
snatch. Billy retrieved a high powered vibrator and placed
it on her quivering pussy. As the vibrator sent shivers
through her body and Quinton started his unique breast
and nipple torture on her just then. The silk rope caressing
her breasts sent glorious tingles up and down her body.
Quinton was one to take a great deal of time and detail to
his breast play. He always played with the nipples last.
He loved to restrain the breasts to see them swell and protrude.
Just as the brunette was about to achieve her mind blowing
orgasm Billy removed the vibrator and slapped her across
her dripping pussy with the leather strap. The orgasm that
he was trying for her not to have erupted throughout her
body violently. If she wasn’t strapped to the table it would
have seemed as if she was going into a seizure. Meanwhile, Nate and the busty red head had entered into
his favorite play room. He walked her over to a wall that
was covered with a fine silk cloth. She was instructed to
stand against it and allow herself to enjoy the feeling
of the material on her skin. The red head did as instructed.
The feel of the silk material on her arms and face was nothing
she had ever felt before. She began to undress very slowly
enjoying the material on her skin. When she was totally
free of her clothing and all her inhibitions she was looking
for more. Nate seeing the urgency in her eyes and the lustful
way her body reacted to the feel of the material. Without
ever so much as a whisper he crossed the room and gently raised
her arms above her head to place the wrist restraints on
her one by one. He then began to fondle her body and explore
it thoroughly. She began to sigh to his every touch. A sharp
slap on her ass with his bare hand made her gasp from shock.
Continuing to caress her body but with more of a firm hand
than expected caused a sear of electric shock to run through
her body. A craving so animalistic that she began to purr
for more. Nate achieving his desired effect place a hand
around her throat and engulfed her left breast violently.
The room suddenly began to spin around the red head or so
she thought. Nate is a gentleman at all times with his playmates.
He released her and gently kissed her lips. He walked over
to the table in the corner to retrieve something. He returned
and placed a finely crafted collar around her neck that
had some clamps hanging from it. Without any hesitation
or second guess she accepted the gift of dominance. As the
nipple clamps were applied to her nipples she once again
felt her body give itself to him without question. The new
sensation came with a new tone in his voice. One of dominance
but still very gentle and warm. “You’ve been a bad little
girl haven’t you?”, was what she heard escape his lips.
“You are allowing yourself to feel pleasure without limits
or inhibitions. Aren’t you?”, Nate said. “Yes, Sir!” was
her reply through clenched teeth. “Do you give yourself
to Sir totally and freely?”, Nate asked his now red headed
toy. “YES, Sir, Totally…do as you will” was her response
as he fondled her body. At that moment Nate placed ankle
restraints on his new toy. A nice oil rub down to relax her
body even further before he pulled back on the pleasure
reigns. As Nate finished rubbing her down with oil he place one
gentle kiss on her lips. Retrieving a mouth gag from the
table he placed it on her. One final check of the restraints
and he was ready to proceed. He then walked over to the opposite
wall and methodically chose a unique and very rare flogger.
He returned to his toy and ran the flogger all over her body.
Without any warning a quick smack on the ass. She wiggled
and sighed from the sting and pleasure it brought. Again
he ran it across her body and SMACK across her ass again.
The red heads nipples reacted to the second smack by jutting
out from her chest like candles on a cake. Seeing this Nate
gave the nipple clamps a slight but stern tug. Creating
a wave of energy to surge through her violently. As she started
to orgasms, Nate spanked her bare ass with his hand while
violently stroking her clit. The red head’s body snapped
rigid and then fell limp. If not for the restraint she would
have collapsed onto the floor. Breathing very fast and
hard she tried to compose herself. Being a dominant man,
Nate took full control of her and the scene. Removing the
ankle straps one by one he could tell that she was not able
to stand freely. He then grabbed her firmly and removed
the wrist restraints. Taking her into his arms Nate carried
his new toy over to a doctor’s exam table with stirrups.
Placing her in this position brought a smile across his
toy’s face. Maybe she knew or rather guessed what was to
come. Gently and caringly Nate allowed her to regain her
breathing and strength. He mused her with talk of how she
wasn’t a very good patient. Hearing this she figured that
they were going to play Doctor/Patient. Nate pulled on
some latex gloves to give her an examination. Starting
with her mouth and continuing down her body he explore every
crevice. Once he reached her feet and finished the exam.
He told her that he was going to have to do some internal checks
to make sure all was working as designed. Nate opened her
mouth and placed his cock in and told her to swallow. Doing
as instructed she felt his cock twitch and stir to life.
“Now slide your mouth up and down my cock , you slut!” Nate
demanded. The sternness in his voice aroused her deep within.
As his cock began to stiffen in her mouth she began to crave
it more and more. Sensing her urgency Nate placed his strong
masculine hand around her throat and gave it a gentle squeeze.
Seeing this only intensified her oral he gave the nipple
clamps a nice tug. She sighed and began licking the head
of his cock like an ice cream cone. Nate knew that he wanted
to make this a night that she would never forget so he pulled
his cock out of her mouth. Instructing her to raise and change
her position until she was on all fours so he could have access
to her ass. Nate positioned himself on the stool between
the stirrups and began licking her from top to bottom very
slowly. He would start from her lower back at her butt bone
down to her clit. The redhead not ever having an experience
like this was enjoying every moment of it. As she began to
move and squirm he gave her a sharp slap across her ass one
that caused her to clench up and sigh. Now came the fun part
that Nate loved so much. Breaking in a new ass and making
it crave his cock. Inserting his finger and slowly working
it in and out of her ass. Nate was stroking her pussy and clit
way faster than he was pleasuring her asshole. As her heat
and lust rose inside her she screamed and begged for him
to fuck her Virgin ass hard. Just as she began to rock back
on his finger harder he felt her pussy starting to convulse
and spasm. He removed his finger and placed his cock at her
virgin entrance and with a slap on her ass she engulf him
to the base. A loud shriek escaped her body and she was shaking
violently as her orgasm over took her. Nate himself could
not believe how hard and long her body shuddered and convulsed.
She never moved off him now impaled cock deep in her ass.
The orgasm started to subside when she moved slowly on his
cock which caused her pussy and ass to go into another wave
of wild shaking. Her loud shrieks of pleasure was followed
by an animalistic growl of Fuck My Ass Sir!! Sliding in and
out of her virgin ass Nate began to fuck her ass as if he was
making love to her sloppy wet pussy. Every stroke seem to
have brought a new sensation to life for her. She was soon
screaming for Nate to let her ride his cock. Releasing her
body from his cock assault he obliged her. Seated on the
stool Nate allowed the redhead to impale herself once again
on his cock. To his surprise she rode his cock with her glorious
asshole. This gave Nate great access to her wet quivering
pussy. Nate fingered her aching pussy causing her to explode
again. Not just another explosion but this time she actually
squirted all over his hand. Her realizing what happened
was a first for her created another surge of liquid to gush
from her love channel. This extremely excited Nate to know
end. He just had to feel that swollen pussy on his rigid cock.
As if she read his mind, in one quick motion his cock was balls
deep in her squirting pussy. The abrupt feeling of his cock
hitting bottom momentarily stiffened her body. She began
to ride his dick for all she was worth. A few slaps on her clit
and she was gasping and squirting again. Nate felt his seed
boiling to the surface and he told her that he was about to
come soon. She wanted to feel him deep inside her pussy.
Nate had other plans for his seed. In one quick motion he
had her bent over and his dick deep in her ass again. This
time he was fucking her for all he was worth to plant his seed
deep in her ass. The first eruption from his cock in her ass
made her shriek and quiver. She ground her ass back hard
on his pulsing cock to receive all of his seed deep in her
ass. Just as Nate’s scene was coming to an end Quinton and Billy
was very much still in the game. While the brunette’s seizure
of an orgasm subsided the brothers new what this would call
for to totally satisfy this fiery woman desire. Taking
off her head piece and removing the restraints they allowed
her to regain herself before proceeding. Her not knowing
that the brothers have a wicked pleasure for tag teaming
went to her advantage. The brunette was lead over to a stockade
in the far corner of the room. Quinton helped her into position
while Billy prepared to lock her in place. The sight of her
slim petite body all glistening with sweat and bent at the
waist inside the stockade brought about a wicked smile
to Quinton’s face. It was Quinton’s turn to have his way
with the brunette. He had a special kink for spanking and
toys. Billy noticed the smirk of a smile on his brother’s
face and knew he was in kink mode for sure now. Quinton gathered
all of his toys and placed them on the table for easy access.
“Billy give her a nice long kiss before I begin her pleasure
ride”, Quinton said as he prepared. She was so turned on
that Billy’s kiss sent shivers through her. A sensual rub
on her ass with his leather covered hands made her sigh.
Running his fingers up and down her back as if he was massaging
her eased her excitement slightly. SMACK! “ you dirty bitch
you are such a fucking tease!” was his words. SMACK!! With
more force this time. “Speak when addressed Slut!”, Billy
said. Through clenched teeth she shrieked out, “Yes, I
am a dirty slut.” Quinton was becoming very aroused from
watching his brother control the lovely woman in such a
barbaric way. Billy again slapped her bare ass with his
leather covered hand. The site of her ass starting to redden
was a huge turn on for him. He then went to the second phase
of his kink scene. He place a harness on her that fit just
like underwear would. This was a very special harness though
with a three inch vibrating cock vibe built into it that
slid right into her soaked pussy. It had an opening at the
asshole entrance that he filled with a small butt plug.
Now with both of her sluttish holes filled she anticipated
his next move. Billy tossed the wireless remote to Quinton
and said, “Have fun with her Quinn!”. Billy walked back
over to the table and fetched a cat of nine tales whip for
his next spanking episode. Just as he thought Quinton couldn’t
wait to try the brunettes threshold for pleasure. She was
writhing and shaking from having the vibe in her aching
cunt and the butt plug in her ass. Quinton was enjoying making
her squeal and thrash from his assault with the remote.
As she began to clench her hands into fists as her orgasm
was about to take over her SMACK! With the cat of nine tails
whip. Quinton’s face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.
The brother’s knew they had found a new sensation within
her that she never knew existed. She craved the lash of the
cat of nine whip along with the vibrating assault on her
quivering pussy. She began to beg for it. “Harder, Please
Sir!”, she screamed. Billy rubbed the whip across her back
and her ass. SMACK!! The sound was music to his ears. “Quinton,
you think she’s had enough yet?”, Billy asked. With a slow
nod of his head Quinton’s reply was noted by her and his brother
of NO! She hasn’t used her safe word yet! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!
Three quick lashes from the whip and she was blabbering
like a wild woman. Her juices were running down her inner
thighs. Billy seeing that her ass was really red and starting
to swell grabbed an ice soak towel from pan on the table.
Quinton shut the vibe off as Billy placed the cold towel
on her ass. The cold towel sent shivers up her spine but in
a good way. She climaxed from the sudden temperature change.
It came as a surprise to her as she tried to bite her lip to
keep from yelling. As the orgasm subsided Billy and Quinton
caressed her from head to toe. The brothers released her
from the stockade and lead her through a door into another
room filled with mirrors and an oversized bed in the middle
of the room. “Are you ready for your massage now Slut?”,
the brothers asked her. With a simple nod of her head. They
laid her on the bed and began to gently rub oil all over her
body. The feel of their hands all over her body aroused her
once again but now in a very raw fuck me way. She began to grope
and rub on their cocks through their leather pants. Secretly
she has always wanted to be with two men at the same time but
never had the opportunity too. She now had it within reach
there was no need in letting it escape her. Sir Quinton,
I want to taste your cock and feel it slide deep down my throat.
Quinton pulled his swollen cock out of its cage and fed it
to her like the slut she is. Billy not wanting to be left out
released his cock and positioned himself next to his brother.
The brunette slut was lost in total lust now. Removing her
mouth from Quinton’s cock she quickly swallowed Billy’s.
Now with both of their cocks rigid and ready she began stroking
them simultaneously. The fire inside her now erupting
pussy was building to a fever pitch. She closed her eyes
and continued to stroke the cocks in her hands as she enjoyed
the bliss flowing through her body. Quinton grabbed her
head and forced his cock deep down her throat causing her
to gag slightly. Billy positioned himself behind her and
thrust his hard cock deep in her inviting fuck tunnel. As
he hit her spot of pleasure she could only sigh and continue
to suck the cock in her mouth. Billy began to assault her
dripping pussy with a vengeance. The assault was so good
on her pussy she had to stop sucking the cock in her mouth
to release the shrieks of joy she felt. Billy felt her pussy
muscles tighten around his cock and she release a flood
of juices that soaked his cock and balls. As the orgasm slowed
Billy pulled his cock from her quivering pussy. She laid
flat on the bed trying to catch her breath. Quinton quickly
placed his cock deep in her convulsing pussy as soon as Billy
was clear. Quinton had her legs spread eagle up in the air.
Billy snaked his cock in her open mouth and she enjoyed the
taste of her juices on his cock. Quinton couldn’t believe
how tight her pussy was after coming so much. All of a sudden
her legs started to quiver and her body tightened. Another
orgasm shot through her body. Quinton couldn’t help but
to smile as he looked at his brother. “Oh my fucking goodness!
You guys really know how to show a girl a good time, Fuck!”
was her shouted words through clenched teeth. Quinton
slowed his rhythm to allow her to have the full effect of
his cock. Billy was now fondling her breast with his cock
in her mouth still. “I bet she’s never been double penetrated
before Quinton?” “I doubt that she has too!” the brothers
went back and forth. Hearing this conversation heightened
her lust and need for it. She removed Billy’s cock from her
mouth to say that she wanted to feel alive and free. “Fuck
me as you will. Use me for your satisfaction!” Hearing the
words that they love so much. They changed positions now
Quinton was laying on his back and she straddled him. “Holy
shit, Billy this Bitch can ride a dick! You sure you want
the top?” “ You bet her sweet ass I want top!” “Suit yourself
but I’m going to enjoy this ride!” Billy settled in behind
her to penetrate her ass. As soon as his hands touched her
ass cheeks she went off again grinding her pussy on Quinton
cock. Billy watched her asshole twitch and wink at him as
if saying come on in. Placing his twitching cock at her entrance
she started to squirm for it. The more she squirmed the better
Quinton cock felt in her dripping pussy. Billy slid the
head of his cock in her ass first. “Oh Fuck Me!”, escaped
her lips. Billy slowly inched his cock deeper into her hungry
ass. She had felt his glorious cock deep in her pussy but
in her ass WOW! When his balls touched her ass cheeks all
she could do was shake from the new sensation of being totally
filled. Allowing her to adjust to the new sensation the
brothers begin to move in and out of her like fine tune engine.
The feel of the two cocks moving in and out of her was enough
to give her goose bumps. Her whole body felt as if it was on
fire. This was a sensation she has never before felt and
she loved it. In that moment of thought she was ripped back
to reality by a violent orgasm crashing over her body. She
fell limp onto Quinton’s chest. Seeing this Billy pulled
his cock from her ass and rolled her over off of Quinton.
She laid there quivering and shaking for several minutes
while the brothers caressed her. After completely coming
to she was ready for more. The brothers were game seeing
how they have not yet achieve their climax. She wanted Billy
on the bottom this time to fill his glorious cock deep in
her pussy. Quinton was eager to get a piece of her ass anyway.
Just then Billy remembered the new addition that was added
to the room that was hidden. He went to the wall by one of the
mirrors and pressed a button. Out of the ceiling came a swing
suspended by a cable. The brunette began to blush from this
new scenario. The brothers helped her into the swing and
the thought of flying thrilled her. Adjusting the swing
height they were all set to finish her experience. Billy
was facing her. He started to kiss her lips and fondle her
breast. She stroked his cock and slid it in her wet pussy.
Billy started to slide his cock in and out of her nice and
slow. Quinton walked up behind her and rubbed the head of
his cock on her asshole before thrusting it deep in her.
Being supported by the swing and having both men moving
in and out of her soon had her panting. Her body started to
quake and quiver just as before but this time she didn’t
hold back. She allowed her body to react at will. Quinton
fucked her ass with short deep strokes as his brother stroked
his cock to her slowly and long. Quinton could feel his balls
began to tighten and he erupted violently in her spasming
asshole. Billy hearing Quinton grunt and feeling her pussy
convulse around his cock pick up his pace and unloaded a
torrent of man seed deep in her hungry pussy. When Quinton
pulled his cock out of her ass his cum drooled out in thick
globs. After Billy’s cock had finished splashing semen
all over her pussy walls he pulled his limp cock out only
to be showered by her juices as she started to squirt. She
reveled in her blissful state until her orgasm subsided.
The brothers released her from the swing and they headed
for the shower. “Well, well what a sight you three are!” as they entered
the shower room. Nate and the redhead was enjoying another
round when they walked in. “So did my brothers treat you
to a wonderful evening?”, Nate asked of the brunette. “
Oh my, I can see why you guys are so highly sought after.”
the brunette replied. “So what’s next on the agenda fellas?”,
the redhead asked. What you have in mind? How about you guys
let us shower seeing how we just got in here. Nate and the
redhead headed out of the shower room. Shortly after the
other three was out of the shower and seeking them out. “Nate
where are you at?” “We’re in the lounge room!” Arriving
at the lounge room the trio could hear moans coming out.
Upon entering the brothers just started laughing at the
sight before them. “Nate do you ever know when to wipe your
face?”, Billy asked. The brunette called out to her friend.
“Hey Stace, have you ever tried two guys at the same time?”
“Yeah, I have Tish. Why?” Cause I just did and loved every
moment. So your name is Tish huh? The brunette responded
with a sexy Yes! And you’re Stace? Actually it’s Stacy the
redhead replied. Have either of you ever experienced a
night like this before? No! Exactly how did you guys meet
Nate anyway? He came very highly recommended from a close
business associate of ours. I see! Hey guys if ya’ll are
through with the question game can we get back to the activities.
To the surprise of the brothers they had an unseen audience
for the last performance of the evening. Some how Sam had
found her way to the Play Palace. She scouted and found the
secret entrance. Once inside she very quietly and methodically
explored the play house. The last room she stumbled upon
was the lounge room were she saw the brothers with two women
having wild sex. She couldn’t force herself to leave due
to she craved to be apart of the action. She watched and fondled
herself. Placing her hand inside her jeans and began rubbing
her aching pussy. Squeezing her clit between her fingers.
She was forced to bite down on her bottom lip to keep from
shrieking out with pleasure as she watched. After achieving
several good orgasms she knew to exist before the action
died down. After navigating her way back to the house she quickly
headed for the bathroom. In her haste she forgot to lock
the door behind her. She stripped and got into the shower
were she proceeded to stroke her pussy more. Lost in total
heat and lust she never heard Barb enter the restroom. Barb
hearing the moaning coming from the shower investigated
and found Sam in total bliss. Barb being who she is took advantage
of this opportunity. She quickly stripped and entered
the shower. Before Sam could protest, Barb had her hand
fully on her pussy and her tongue in her mouth. As quick as
she tried to stop she gave in even quicker. Allowing herself
to kiss her friend back with passion and heat. Barb continued
to finger and stroke Sam’s slimed pussy. Sam returned the
favor by fingering her friend with an aggression that she
didn’t know she was capable of. Sam’s assault was so aggressive
that she had Barb gasping for air. She then knelt and tasted
her friend’s bald pussy with her mouth. Her instincts took
over as she forced Barb’s legs apart. Sucking and licking
her friend’s pussy until Barb was begging her to stop. Sam
told her friend, “Shut the fuck up and take this Bitch!”
Barb melted right at that moment and let her orgasm wash
over her. Once Sam was finished with her task Barb regained
her composure. Sam was a different Sam now more controlling
and take charge. “On your knees bitch and make me cum!” was
her instructions for Barb. Barb did as she was told. Sam
grabbed a handful of hair and guided her lover until she
could no longer hold back her back jerking orgasm. She flooded
Barb’s face as she squirted juices all over her. The two
women showered and dried off. “Sam, I didn’t know that you were into women?”, Barb said
to her friend. “I’m not but I have found you very attractive
for years! I never thought you were into women either!”,
Sam replied. They both giggled and laughed about it. Besides
I have a confession to make about tonight. And that would
be what Sam? I went exploring and found your brothers play
house. I snuck inside to look around and I got an up close
in your face show! I had know idea that your brothers were
so sexy. Anyway I watched them play with these two women
and I got very aroused. Thus, is why you found me in the shower
in the mood I was in. Now Sam didn’t I tell you that my brothers
had a wicked way of playing?! Good thing Nate didn’t catch
you there. Quinton and Billy would have loved to have caught
you there. But Nate’s the Alpha male around here. His bite
is worst than his bark trust me. Why you say it like that?
I’m going to tell you how I discovered my brother Nate’s
wicked Alpha Dominant side. I was dating this guy and my brothers were out of town one
weekend so I decided to play at the palace just for kicks.
Well anyway, there I was all strapped into these restraint
and getting fuck gloriously by the guy and guess who walks
in? You guess it, Nate! I thought he was going to bust a blood
vessel or something. He started shouting and cursing.
The poor guy could only try to cover himself while Nate stormed
on and on! He made the guy leave butt ass naked and mind you
now I am still bare ass naked still restrained. He follows
my guy friend out the door and returns shortly after still
fuming mad. I thought he would release me so I could dress
and deal with him better but No! My brother saw his chance
to show his dominance and to let me know who was really the
boss around here. He grabbed my throat and kissed me gently.
I’m really confused at that point so still thinking he’ll
free me, Ok! That bastard grabbed my titts and fondled my
nipples! I must admit I was beginning to become aroused.
As my nipples hardened and protruded he paused and walked
over to a wall to retrieve something. When he returned he
placed a set of nipple clamps on me. The pain was sharp but
very stimulating. I began to moan and yearn for more. He
then walked behind me and slapped my ass and caressed it.
At this point I knew he wasn’t going to release me but treat
me like the slut I was trying to be. Taking a handful of my
hair in his hand he pulled on it very sternly and called me
a slut. That sent electric shivers through my entire body.
I mean to objectified that way made my inner most being come
alive. Nate saw that I was enjoying this treatment so he
took it to a new level. He retrieved one of his many whips
and ran it across my body. The feel of the cold leather on
my hot skin was so erotic. When he made the whip make contact
with my pussy I started to leak juices. Him seeing my legs
starting to quiver he trace the outline of my ass with it.
Just as I closed my eyes, SMACK!! The whip made contact with
my bare ass. I quickly tried to protest but couldn’t. SMACK!!!
Again the leather crashed across my ass but that time it
sent tingle up my spine. SMACK!!!! The third strike from
the whip some how awakened a craving deep within me that
had never been touched before. I needed the pain to bring
out the pleasure. I pleaded for more. SMACK!!!! My body
started responding involuntarily to the whip. A soft whisper
in my ear from his husky voice sent chills through me. The
whip once again rubbed my body like a lover would have. SMACK!!!!!
Across the ass again but only this time I could no longer
hold my orgasm back. It erupted deep inside of me and forced
its way out. As I began to shout and yell my brother worked
the handle of his whip deep into my erupting pussy and waited
until I stopped thrashing to pull it out causing me to squirt
all over the place. From that day forth I started asking
for permission to enter the Play Palace. And to answer your
question…Yes, I still enjoy sessions with Nate whenever
I get the craving for the whip which stays in my room as a reminder!!
You are one sexy Bitch Barb! I want to fuck you all over again
now. Be careful of what you say around here. The two women
just laughed and chatted some more before heading to bed.
The following morning as Barb and Sam woke and started
staring about. Once again they found themselves in the
bathroom alone and in a mood for lust. Picking up were they
left off the previous night the girls made their own start
the day off right alone in the shower. After successfully
achieving orgasms they showered and dressed. Unbeknown
to them Nate had made it in earlier that morning and was up
and over heard their passion. When they entered the kitchen
they were taken to see Nate sitting at the table. Morning
ladies! Morning Nate, they replied. So anything interesting
happen around here last night? Just the same old girl stuff.
Where’s Billy and Quinton? They are still out should be
in soon though. So Sam, how are you liking the ranch? It’s
very peaceful and beautiful. Did Barb take you on a tour
of the place yet? No, she thought you would be better than
her to do that. Oh really, I wonder why! Nate, don’t give
me that look. I tried but she insisted on you. Ok , I will take
Sam on a tour this afternoon. You can ride a horse right?
I’m pretty sure I could learn! Barb you better give her riding
lessons 101 this morning. With that being settled tell
the guys that I will be at the big barn when they get in. Ok,
Nate! An hour later or so Billy and Quinton arrived back
at the ranch. As usual they headed straight for the kitchen.
Hey, before you guys get all comfortable Nate said that
he would be at the big barn. Oh, ok replied the brothers.
We need nourishment now, what a night! Hey Barb, what kind
of a mood was Nate in this morning? He was in high spirit I
guess, why? We were just wondering. So, Sam has Barb taken
you out around the ranch yet? No, I haven’t besides she talked
Nate into giving her a personal tour! With that being said
the brothers scoffed down some food and headed out. After breakfast Barb took Sam out to the horse stable to
give her riding lessons. Sam are you sure you haven’t ever
ridden before? Yes, I have ridden horses before but I couldn’t
very well tell that to your handsome brother could I! You
wicked bitch! You got the hots for Nate! You must admit it
yourself that it’s kind of hard not too. Anyway, lets take
that riding lesson now just for kicks. And with that the
ladies saddle up the two paint mares and headed out for a
ride. As they headed out of the main gate Nate caught a glimpse
of them briefly. Hey, You! What are you doing in the big barn
today? Nate turned to see his brothers walking towards
him. “She’s a piece of work isn’t she?”, Billy said. “Who’s
that Billy?”, Nate questioned. “Sam!”, Quinton blurted
out. Well she is a looker that’s for sure. “So what’s this
about you giving her a personal tour of the ranch today?”,
the brothers teased Nate. “I just wanted to make sure her
visit pleasant that’s all.”, he replied. Besides, I don’t
remember either one of you offering. We’ve got a lot to do
today especially at the Palace. The brothers set out to
accomplish their tasks around the ranch and the palace.
The day wore on and the girls returned from their riding
adventure just before noon. “Now I remember why I stopped
riding so much.”, Sam said. “Why is that?”, Barb asked shyly.
“All that bouncing, sliding and muscle between your legs
makes me Horny as hell! I think I soaked through my jeans!”,
Sam responded with a devilish grin. Come on you big baby
so we can put the horses up and head inside for some lunch.
As they approached the house they heard laughter coming
from inside. The brothers were ragging each other about
the previous events that night. Barb was the first in the
door and Sam followed. They could make out small portions
of the conversation through the laughter. The closer they
got to the kitchen the louder the laughter and commotion.
Then all of a sudden one of the brothers popped off something
about Sam and being in next. At that moment , Barb and Sam
came into the room and it fell deathly quiet. What are you
guys up now? Hope, ya’ll saved some for us. Hey, Sam how was
your ride today? Yeah, you looked like a real pro in the saddle!
“Beginner’s luck” , Nate said with a smirk! So when you
think you will be up for that tour Sam. Sam without a moment
hesitation blurted out this evening about five. Is that
good for you Nate? With a nod of his head it was settled. Now
that you guys got that taken care of. You two girls need to
shower, ya’ll Stink!!! Laughing, the girls washed up and
had lunch before hitting the shower. Sam was so worked up from the horse ride and talking to Nate
that as soon as the water trickled down her body she started
to shiver. The water felt like a million tiny fingers all
over her body exploring her every nerve ending. The vision
of watching Nate pleasing the redhead was still clear in
her memory. She began to fondle herself and fantasize about
Nate. Caressing her body she allowed her inhibitions take
over. Stroking her clit slowly and deliberately bringing
her passion to life. As the heat built up between her legs
she needed to feel penetration and now. Improvising she
grabbed the handle of the back scrubber and slowly began
sliding it in her aching, craving , soothing pussy channel.
The handle was ok for a tease but didn’t give her a full sensation.
Still rubbing and stroking her clit she found the shampoo
bottle. OH YES, she had found something that hit the spot.
Slowly inching the bottle in her dripping pussy created
a sudden tingle that ran down her back into the crack of her
ass. The sensation became more of a craving that needed
to be explored. Feeling her asshole muscle contracting
wildly she inserted a finger and massaged her muscle very
thoroughly. This was enough to cause her head to snap back
as her orgasm swept over her. A finger up her ass and her other
hand sliding the shampoo bottle in and out of her violent
seizing pussy began a ripple effect deep within her. Trying
very hard not to yell out in her animalistic state she bit
down hard on her lip. As the ripple effect crashed to the
forefront she could no longer hold back her screams of pleasure.
“Oh My God! FUCK ME!” escaped her lips as her body bucked
and shook violently. The orgasms ripped through her with
such force that when she came to her senses she was kneeling
against the shower wall shaking still. Gaining her composer
enough to raise herself she rinsed off and get out. Not realizing
that she screamed out she was startled to her a man’s voice
at the door. “Sam, you ok in there?”, the voice called out!
With a squeaky voice she replied, “Yes!”. Upon opening
the door she noticed Nate standing there to investigate.
What happened in there? I heard you scream out and then nothing.
Are you sure you are ok! Yeah, I just hit the hot water knob
and got a slight rush. But all is well, Nate! I think I better
go put some clothes on now though. Oh yeah of course go ahead
I was just checking on you. Sam reached her room and the lustful
heat was building in her once again. The thought of Nate
outside the bathroom door and her only wrapped in a towel
standing in front of him. She couldn’t help but to slide
her fingers in her moist pussy again. Wanting to explode
quickly she was fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit
at the same time. She snapped rigid and shivered as her lust
oozed out of her once again. Lying there panting and blinking
she knew that she had to have Nate. Later that evening Nate returned back at the house ready
for his tour with Sam. He had the horses ready and waiting
at five o’clock sharp. He called for her. She came to the
door surprised that he was ready to go. They saddled up to
begin the tour of the whole ranch. Nate took the lead as they
trotted away. Sam saw the ranch in a different light with
Nate as her guide. As they rode Sam started asking Nate questions
trying not to pry to much. The more she thought and talked
to him the heat started building. So what’s this rule you
have for not dating your sister’s friends. Nate being taken
with the question searched for the proper tone. Well, there’s
things that my brothers and myself like to explore with
sexually and not having your sister’s friend involved
is a good rule. Why is that Nate? What if the right friend
came around and liked the same sort of sexual adventure.
Would you consider that person? Well, I’ve never really
gave it to much thought. Sam being a bold and outgoing woman
cut right to the chase. Nate what’s the Play Palace? And
what goes on there? Nate nearly fell off the big stud he was
riding. Sam, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh
really Nate! So Sam why don’t you tell me what you think you
know about this so called Play Palace. I know that it’s on
the east corner of the ranch and you and your brothers take
your dates there. It’s a two story house. It’s very secluded
from prying eyes. Should I continue? No, that’s ok. I see
that you’ve been talking with Barb. She knows better than
to tell our business to her friends. Well, she didn’t exactly
tell me your business Nate. I kind of went snooping around
last night and stumbled on the house. I found a way in and
looked around. Until I heard you in this room talking with
a redhead lady. I hid and watched until your brothers came
in to join you two. Nate was taken by surprise hearing Sam recall the end part
of his night at the Play Palace. A sudden wicked grin crossed
his face as he suddenly changed their direction. Sam now
feeling she had the upper hand straighten up in her saddle
with new confidence. As they rode on in the new direction
Nate broke the silence between them. So Sam if you were spying
on our fun why didn’t you come in and join us? Hearing his
words suddenly took her breath away. Gasping for air she
tried to answer but nothing came out. Let me guess, you got
all worked up and went back to the house. You jumped in the
shower and tried to relax yourself only to become more inflamed.
The thought of being used for someone else’s pleasure flamed
in you so deeply that I bet your body was on fire. So sensitive
that the slightest touch would’ve sent you into a spiraling,
convulsion orgasm. Sam listening to Nate’s words soon
became more aroused and she felt the lust building in her.
Her being lost in thoughts of lust never noticed that they
were approaching a clearing. Just then reality snapped
her back to the present. She didn’t recognize the clearing
seeing that Nate took an alternate route to this destination.
“Hey Sam do you know where you are now?”, Nate asked her in
a seductive voice. “No, not exactly! Are we coming up on
the house now?”, Sam responded. As they rode on she could
see the two story house that she soon realized was the Play
Palace. “And why are we here Nate?”, Sam asked sternly.
“I thought you wanted a tour of the ranch? And seeing how
you’ve already entered the Palace I figured a proper tour
was needed!”, Nate responded with a wicked grin. As they approached the Play Palace, Sam could feel the
heat within her start to flare up even more with anticipation.
Nate dismounted and took the reigns of both horses and tied
them up. He opened the door and officially invited Sam inside
for a royal tour of this exquisite place. The sight of everything
was breath taking and marvelous. Nate started her tour
with the formal room and a glass of wine. He continued the
tour into the large play area that he loves so much. Sam’s
eyes and senses were taking in everything. She was very
intrigued with all the toys, whips, and play furniture.
She learned that Nate and his brothers built a lot of the
play furniture themselves. After her tour of the first
floor, Sam was feeling really hot like never before. She
was starting to feel the euphoria around her like a thick
fog. Upstairs was a like a whole other house. The cedar walls
with the hardwood floors. The lighting scheme was one to
be envied by royalty. There were three rooms and a bathroom
on the second floor. As they stepped into the largest room
she noticed the door leading into the adjacent room. She
asked where the door lead to and Nate gave her that same wicked
smile as before. She noticed that the room that they were
in only had an X-cross and restraints hanging from the ceiling.
Nate entertained her curiosity about the door and lead
her through it to the other room. Once inside Nate began
to talk to her in a seductive stern voice that made her mind
and body react without will. Noticing the effect he was
having on her, Nate moved closer to her. Sam’s nerves were
on fire as if she was plugged into an electric source. Nate’s
touched felt like a thousand volts entering her body. She
was craving to be used and explored. Nate’s kink sense kicked in as if he could read her mind.
He grabbed a handful of her hair and kissed her nice and hot.
She began to melt under his touch. Nate maneuvered himself
behind her so he could pin her arms behind her. Sam let out
a soft moan of agreement. Nate lead her over to a table equipped
with restraints and placed her on the table. He slowly started
to undress her causing the heat within her to rise. The anticipation
was causing her to squirm and gasp. Nate continue to take
his time enjoying working her up slowly. When he had her
completely naked and gasping, he kissed gently from head
to toe. Sam was on fire. She felt as if she was going to explode
at any second from Nate’s touch. Nate slowly placed the
restraints on her wrists while sucking and caressing her
breast. Sam was lost in her on world at this point. As Nate
moved down her body to her ankles she was starting to leak
her juices onto the table. Nate kissed each of her beautiful
legs as he placed the restraints on her ankles. Nate took
a long feather out and begin to run it up and down her body
sending chills over her. The more the feather came into
contact with her body the more she craved it. Nate then placed
a blindfold over her eyes to heighten her sense of touch
and hearing. She could hear him removing something but
she couldn’t see it which gave her a new sensation. Nate
returned with a set of nipple clamps and a clit clamp that
was built as one unit. Nate placed the nipple clamps on Sam
and the shock of the cold clamp sent a slight shiver through
her body followed by a gasp of pleasure. Nate stroked her
body as he prepared to place the clit clamp on her. Her pussy
was so wet that Nate had a little trouble getting the clamp
into place. Once in place Sam let out a seductive low growl
that stimulated something within Nate. Taken by his response
Nate became aroused by this woman. He wanted to own her very
being as his own. He had finally found that one that stirred
the beast within him without trying. Nate feeling this
new charge of energy and desire like never before turns
up the heat. As he runs his hands over her body and feeling
her energy. He leans in and kisses her very passionately.
The anticipation and feel of his hand on her body caused
Sam to climax without warning. Nate continued to kiss her
and grope her body as her climax ran its course. Sam was gasping
for air trying to catch her breath. Nate took hold of her
hair and gave it a light tug creating a hunger deep within
her. She begged for more. Releasing his grip he ran his hand
across her face before walking away. Nate return with some
goodies that he knew would have her screaming and begging
for more. Upon returning he placed a mouth gag on her to muffle
her screams of joy. Nate then poured oil onto her breast
and began to massage them nice and gently. The lust for Nate’s
touch began to build inside Sam again but this time with
an animalistic hunger to it. As Nate continued to massage
her he slowly started moving down to her belly causing her
to breath more rapidly and unevenly. He continued until
he had his hands on her pussy massaging it slowly. The slower
he massage the more her juices flowed. Sensing her need
to climax Nate placed a vibrator on her clit and slowly worked
a thick dildo into her hungry pussy. Sam began to shiver
and convulse from the feeling of being filled and the vibration.
Nate started working the dildo in and out of her well oiled
snatch with slow long strokes. As she began to fuck the dildo
Nate picked up his pace with it. Now moving the oiled up dildo
in and out of her aching snatch faster Sam was babbling like
a wild woman. The restraints holding her down only added
to her pleasure causing her to explode as if a thousand little
firecrackers had went off inside of her. Nate continued
until she could no longer take it and was begging him to fuck
her. He wanted to take her to new heights of pleasure and
bliss. Removing the dildo from her dripping pussy caused
Sam to squirt violently without warning. Nate then took
a small leather paddle and ran it across her face letting
her smell the leather. He slowly traced her breast with
the paddle then ran it down across her belly. Sam was now
writhing and gasping once again with anticipation. Nate
then ran the paddle up and down her pussy lips ever so gently
and softly. Without any warning “SMACK!”, Nate slapped
her bare pussy with the paddle. Sam yelled out from the shock
of the slap but arched for more. Again, he ran the paddle
up and down her soak cunt lips. “SMACK!”, this time Sam half
screamed and half growled from the slap on her pussy. Nate
was enjoying this lovely woman more that any before her.
“Do you like that my Pet?”, Nate asked Sam is a husky voice.
“Yes Sir! I do Sir!”, Sam replied. “You have to be punished
for spying on others my Pet.”, Nate told her. She replied
by just letting out a sexy moan. A quick tug on the chain connecting
the nipple clamps to the clit clamp brought out a low moan
from her lips. Once again, “SMACK” across her quivering
pussy lips. By now her pussy was on fire with desire and lust.
Just the feel of the leather paddle making contact with
her swelling cunt lips made Sam shiver and ooze more fluids
from her sex box. Nate was determined to make her climax
from having her pussy spanked so he used his hand. A few quick
slaps of his hand on her awaiting pussy lips started a low
growl to escape her lips through the gag ball. Nate felt
her body starting to shake so he shoved two fingers in her
lust box and massage her interior walls. Still slapping
on her clit Nate created a wild sensation within her that
had never before been brought out of her. She was growling
and yelling dirty obscene gestures to him through the ball
gag. “You son of a bitch, don’t fucking stop. Make me cum
you fucking bastard. Oh my fucking GOD!!! You’re going
to make me CUMMMMMMMMM!!!” was all that escaped Sam’s lips.
And with that Nate was more than willing to continue his
assault on her pussy. She started Cumming shooting streams
of girl goo all over his hand. When she was calmed Nate released
her from the restraints so she could gather herself. The
pleasure was just getting started Nate had a lot more in
store her. Nate allowed her enough time to catch her breath
before escorting her downstairs to his favorite play room.
Once inside his favorite play room Nate was firing on all
cylinders. He quickly strapped her into the wrist restraint
coming out of the ceiling. Sam still blindfolded obeyed
his every touch. He instructed her to spread her legs wide
and he attached the ankle restraints. As Nate eyed Sam’s
body before him all glistening and glowing. He took in the
beauty of her spirit. Kissing her on her neck and whispering
in her ear of all the naughty things he had planned for her.
A soft rub of his hand across her bare ass sent a shiver over
her. Nate oil her up again before continuing with his sadistic
pleasure torture. Now she was alive again and craving his
touch. Nate retrieved a small whip from the wall. He slowly
ran the short whip along her shoulders and down her back.
Then across her ass and quivering pubic area. Nate instructed
her to say what she wanted as a safe word. She replied with
“Pop”. “So your safe word is “Pop”, right?”, Nate asked
for clarity. “Yes it is!”, Sam oozed out. With one last passionate
kiss Nate prepared himself mentally. He lashed her first
with a soft blow to awaken her nerves. He gave her the second
lash with a little more force. It caused her to yell out.
He continued his lashing with the whip until she could no
longer take it. Sam screamed her safe word very loudly and
clear. Just like that Nate was at her side caressing her
and saying how lovely she looked. Sam had never been treated
to such care from a man before which created a new sensation
within her. Nate gracefully released her and carried her
to a blush bed in the corner of the room. He laid her on the
bed and began pampering her with soft kisses and caresses.
The lust she had was slowly turning into a different desire
for this man now. She could see the kindness in his eyes and
feel the strength of his touch. Could this really be happening
she thought to herself. She had never desired a man with
her whole being before. Little to her surprise Nate what
having his own self discovery about her. He, himself had
never connected with another woman on the level that he
did with her. It was as if they were one in the same. At that
moment Sam kissed him passionately and flip him over on
his back. She straddled him and continued to kiss him. Now
it was her turn to be in control. She tied his wrists together
with the sheet on the bed. She then proceeded to kiss him
from his head down his muscular chest. Nate wasn’t used
to someone taking charge with him which seemed to be turning
him on. Sam continued to kiss down his belly until she reached
his jeans. Now feeling very alive she instructed him to
raise his ass so she could remove his pants. Doing as instructed
his pants were just a heap on the floor. Sam eyed the prize
of her work and slowly ran her fingers along his inner thighs
causing him to squirm slightly. Grazing across his swelling
cock she fondled his balls. Nate began to moan with approval.
Sam slowly lowered her head and wrap her moist lips around
his swelling cock head. Feeling the heat of her mouth around
his cock he growled low and deeply. She continued her assault
on his cock until he was calling out for relief. Hearing
Nate call her a Wicked Cock Sucking Bitch made her pussy
throb. Her throbbing pussy took over and she needed to feel
this man deep inside her and now. Without so much as a second
thought she climbed onto his throbbing cock and slid her
slimy, slick pussy down on him. Nate couldn’t believe how
incredible tight she was. It took everything in him not
to shoot off like a rocket having her sweet tight pussy caressing
his dick. Sam began rocking back and forth on his glorious
cock sending shivers all through her. Her wanting to make
him scream like a bitch she started a slow up and down motion
on him. She would raise all the way up until his cock head
was still in her and slowly slide back down his shaft. This
was driving Nate crazy cause she would squeeze his shaft
on the way back down. She reached out and grabbed him by the
throat and slapped him with the other hand. “Fuck Me! You
fucking bastard. Make me cum all over that wonderful cock
of yours!”, Sam shouted. “I said fuck me you fucker. Plow
that dick deep in me, Bitch!”, she growled through clenched
teeth. Nate some how got loose and flip her over and plowed
his dick deep in her with such force he yelled with her. He
had finally met his match and was loving every minute of
this union. They were sounding like animals mating instead
of humans fucking. Between the growls and snarling Sam
some how was able to scream out that she was about to explode
all over him. Nate picking up his pace was very close himself.
They came at the same time creating a harmony of highs and
lows of grunts. They laid there in each others arms spasming
together. Nate asked her how did she like her tour of the Play Palace
and would she be willing to visit again for another tour.
Sam being the wicked bitch she is replied I don’t plan on
leaving no time soon babe. Nate’s face lit up like a kid on
Christmas day. That was the start of a beautiful family

Author: Sir Ebony

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