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The Plan


The Plan

My next door neighbor is my best friend in the whole world.
We actually grew up together and he lived just down the street
then. He still calls my mother ‘Mom’, and was even my ‘first.’
I was more than ready, believe me. And at the time I was in
love, so it was really sweet. We dated for a while but soon
realized we do much better as friends. It’s just a coincidence
that he moved into the apartment beside mine but a happy
one. And if he gets the occasional blow job now and then,
it’s only because I really like giving head. He’s just my
best friend in the whole world and I’m just a lucky girl in
that my best friend happens to be a guy. And he has a really
pretty cock!

We were sitting in his apartment drinking a little and getting
high, and sweating like hell I might add; the air conditioning
was out in the whole complex, when we started talking about
fantasies. “You mean besides having plenty of money?, ”
I asked him, passing the joint. I’m notorious for always
being broke. I pay for college myself and never once had
grades for any real scholarship money. Grants only go so
far and loans are just trouble waiting to happen for me.
I’m much better at spending money than making it. He likes
to say my boobs are bigger than my budget; such the comedian.
He laughed and hit the joint. We were really high and having
fun so I just told him: “A BUNCH of guys.” He choked while
passing the joint back to me.

Now, let me tell you, I’d fantasized about this in great
detail. I’d played with my pretty little pussy over and
over about it. And my pussy knew just who it wanted and everything.
So I told him the whole thing. We passed the joint back and
forth and I told him every little detail I’d ever dreamed
about. It took a little while and I could see he was getting
a nice hard on. I gave the front of his jeans a friendly little
pat and got up to get us a couple of beers.

Opening the fridge, I smiled when I saw the bottle of wine.
He’s so thoughtful sometimes. I poured myself a glass and
got Kirk a beer. He was opening it when I told him it was his
turn, tucked my legs underneath me, and sat on the sofa to
listen. It would be very interesting hearing this.

“You mean besides seeing you and Sandy in bed together?”
I laughed at him and sipped my wine. That was pretty typical.
I actually introduced him to Sandy about two years ago.
She and I are friends and she’s taken more than her share
of ribbing about how close he and I are. But she’s always
been a good sport about it. She knows we’re just really good
friends and handles it like a champ. Though, I doubt she
knows about the blow jobs.

And make no mistake. Sandy’s a babe! She’s a little taller
than I with a classy, elegant kind of beauty; long, fabulous
legs and a perfect behind. If I was ever going to be with a
girl it would be someone like her. You can’t help but think
those gorgeous eyes and that shiny, obsidian hair attractive.
I just never thought much about it. I’d had girls hit on me
before and thought it was sexy. I might have even taken one
or two up on it if the right one had done it at the right time.
It just never happened. I think it almost did once, on a beach
trip with my friend Tracey, but that’s another story altogether.
“I bet Sandy just loves that!, ” I laughed. Sarcasm is usually
wasted on him.

“She does, actually. She wants to.” I spilled a little wine
as I sipped. Huh? He must have seen the stunned disbelief
on my face. She’d never once mentioned anything like this
to me and I’ve known her for years. He laughed and handed
me a napkin. “Really. We talk about it all the time. She really,
really wants to do it with another girl.”

I laughed, wiping my chin. “I can just imagine what she said
when you brought my name up.” She’s good natured about our
friendship and all, but nobody likes that kind of thing
rubbed in her face.

“I didn’t. She did.” I dropped the napkin on the floor. Huh?
He just raised his eyebrows and picked up the napkin.

That excited the hell out of me for some reason. The idea
of doing it with another girl is sexy enough in it’s own way.
But the idea that Sandy actually fantasizes about doing
it with me was especially exciting. The image of her playing
with her pussy while she thought about me...Sandy and Kirk
whispering sexy little things about me while they were
fucking ... That was just sexy as hell to me!

He went on and on in every bit as much detail as I did before,
and that bulge in his jeans was beginning to look very tempting.
But our conversation eventually moved on to other things
and I eventually stumbled back to my place next door. It
wasn’t any cooler there. Damn air conditioning! I couldn’t
get our conversation out of my head, though. I was a little
wasted and felt really daring. I banged on my bedroom wall,
which is his living room wall, and he was over in less than
a minute. He usually hates it when I do that. He’d rather
I use the phone. He got over it. “I’ll do it, ” I told him.
“But you have to do something for me first.”

That’s how ‘The Plan’ got started.

I thought it would be best to let him handle the invites.
Otherwise I would come off as the biggest slut in town. This
way, I would just be slutty. I didn’t really care that much.
Most of us would be graduating in a little over a week and
I was one of the lucky ones who already had a job lined up;
far away, as it happens. And no one ever exactly pinned a
reluctant virgin reputation on me anyway.

Kirk’s an absolute marvel with organizational skills
and we hammered out the details. I made positively sure
that he would make it absolutely clear to every single one
of the guys that the first one to pull my hair or slap my ass
or call me ‘whore’ or any of that nonsense got his cock bitten
off. I think most of these guys knew me well enough, so I wasn’t
really too worried about that, but I wanted to make sure.
I told him exactly who I wanted for my ‘party’ and we actually
had to negotiate some of them. That was a hoot! His eyes got
big as saucers when he realized just how many I had in mind.


Some things take time I guess, and I spent the next couple
of days in a wet frenzy. With work, finals, and graduation
coming up it was difficult enough to concentrate on any
one thing. The air conditioning was still out in our building!,
my car would only start when it wanted to, throw in the fantasy
of a lifetime, oh, and don’t forget; I’d be eating my first
pussy soon. I was an absolute nut!

Before I knew it though, I was getting ready. I took a long
cool shower, it was sooooooo hot, and padded naked into
my bedroom. Pulling one of my favorite thongs out of the
drawer, I heard footsteps outside. Peeking between the
blinds I saw John go by and heard his knock on Kirk’s door.
It kind of figures he would be first. I’d been teasing him
mercilessly for almost a month now, but we just hadn’t hooked
up. He’s the entrepreneurial type; a slick operator, really,
and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see an armful of ‘Slutfest’
t-shirts for sale. I tingled a little just thinking that
very soon I would have his cock in my mouth.

I slipped my thong on and padded back to the bathroom and
heard Russ, Shawn and Andy go by the window; talking about
football of all things! I smiled, wrestling my hair into
a pony tail, imagining what it was going to be like having
all three of those cocks in me at once.

Opening the closet and picking a denim skirt; very short
because it was soooooo damn hot, I heard Will’s car pull
up. He must have the loudest stereo on the planet. He came
up the steps with Mark and Alex. Slipping on the skirt, I
was very pleased to hear they, at least, were talking about
me! By the time I had my skirt zipped, I’d decided those three
were going to get to fuck me first.

Whew! I was really working myself up. Here I was, deciding
which of nine guys was going to fuck me first! Or ten. Did
Kirk count? We hadn’t discussed that part of ‘The Plan’.
That was a thought. That’s when I slipped my thong back off.
Panties would only get in the way, I was sure.

I laughed at myself noticing how damp it was and picked out
a cute, white button-up vest. It looked really good with
my tan and left plenty of midriff bare. I didn’t bother with
a bra and was slipping the vest on when James and Douglas
went by the window. Not Doug; Douglas. He’s really nuts
about that. But he’s one of the best looking guys I know so
I’m willing to forgive that little idiosyncrasy. It’s
kind of cute anyway. I left the top two buttons undone thinking
about him cumming all over my tits. Soon.

I had a wine cooler and waited, listening to all the guys
through my bedroom wall. The stereo was on, but not so loud
that I couldn’t hear some rowdy laughter and a raised voice
now and then. Sounded like quite the party! I was nervous
as hell and excited at the same time, listening to them partying
and waiting for me. Every guy in there was going to fuck me
tonight. That’s what they came for. I wondered what they
were thinking. Geez! What was I thinking?! I’m going to
let nine guys fuck me tonight! Probably ten. And then it
got very quiet. And then Kirk was at my door. “Here goes.”

The guys all clapped and whistled when I came in. It made
me feel kind of like a rock star; or more like a stripper,
I guess. I laughed, and hopefully blushed a little as I stepped
into the living room. I even curtsied as much as my short
skirt would allow. It was really, really hot in the apartment
and most of the guys just had shorts on. Not a single shirt
in the bunch, for which I was very grateful. There was some
serious eye candy in this room! I smiled at all the guys,
gave Kirk a little peck on the cheek and walked over to Mark
and Alex. They were standing beside a pony keg that bobbed
up and down in an ice bath. They had a keg! I couldn’t help
laughing about that and took a fresh beer from Mark. “Thanks
for coming, guys.” I gave both of them quick pecks on the
lips. I had to go up on tiptoes to reach Alex.

I think everyone must have been as nervous as I, not knowing
how things were going to go, but there seemed to be a general
sigh of relief when I did that. I sat on a chair brought from
the kitchen and crossed my legs sipping at my beer. Any one
of them who cared to look could see I wasn’t wearing panties.
They’d be seeing plenty more soon enough. Setting the beer
down on the floor I slipped my sandals off and looked at all
the guys around me. “Well?” I smiled as I said that and lifted
my eyebrows as if to say ‘who’s first?, ’ and let my gaze
drift over to Will.

Everyone seemed to take a deep breath when Will came over
to stand in front of me. “Hi Cindy, ” he said, smiling down
at me and taking my hand. I stood, saying “Hi yourself, ”
and stepped into his arms. He bent down to kiss me and I slid
my hands behind his neck as his lips covered mine. Mark and
Alex set their beers down on the keg. ‘This is it, ’ I thought
when I felt both of them step behind me.

Hardly the most subtle of creatures, Will had my vest open
and his hands on my tits in no time. I moaned into his mouth
a little, feeling his hot palms squeezing each breast,
my hard nipples covered by those hands. I dropped my arms
and let Alex pull the vest off me. There were cheers and whistles
from the peanut gallery then, let me tell you! I couldn’t
help laughing at that and at Mark lying down on the floor,
his cute face smiling up at me from between my bare feet.
He had the perfect view of a very wet pussy. I felt Alex gently
pushing down on my shoulder and knew just what to do.

Lowering myself to my knees, I popped the button on Will’s
jeans. I could see the outline of a long, very hard cock under
that tight denim. As I eased myself onto Mark’s face, and
slowly pulled his zipper down, Will’s cock actually spilled
out of his pants just inches from my lips. I just love it when
guys don’t wear underwear! His jeans were really tight
and I had to tug pretty hard to get them past his hips. I pushed
them off his strong legs and took his cock into my hand, stroking
slowly as I felt Mark’s tongue slip into my pussy.

He must have looked ridiculous with my skirt covering his
head like that but it felt soooo good! Out of the corner of
my eye I saw Alex pushing his shorts down and his cock brushed
against my cheek as I started kissing Will’s. Wrapping
Alex’ shaft in my left hand, I pulled Will’s into my mouth.
I sucked him in slowly and stroked Alex while Mark pushed
his tongue around inside my pussy.

All the guys were cheering and generally encouraging things
all around and I saw more than a few of them get naked while
I sucked Will and stroked Alex faster. Marks tongue was
doing amazing things between my wet pussy lips, driving
me absolutely wild and I sucked on Will with abandon. I could
feel the veins of his cock sliding past my lips as I waltzed
them up and down his shaft and swallowed him deeper into
my throat, a little at a time. I wrapped my hand tightly around
Alex as my tongue worked the underside of Will’s shaft.
I could feel a little pre-come leaking from Alex as he rubbed
his cock on my cheek and I just loved that!

I turned to take him between my lips but Will’s hands moved
to my head and he began to fuck in and out of my mouth. His head
was tilted back and his eyes were closed and I felt like such
a hot little slut as he just used my mouth like that. I felt
his cock swell and knew he was about to cum. I pulled up until
just the head was inside my lips and stroked him furiously
as the first jet of hot cum splashed into my mouth.

Mark had chosen just then to actually find my clit with his
tongue and pulled it into his mouth. Will’s fingers tightened
in my hair and I stroked both hard cocks faster, sucking
Will eagerly, swallowing all his hot cum as he pumped it
into my mouth. I started cumming with him, grinding my pussy
onto Mark’s face. I worried a little about smothering him
but looked up at Will as he finished cumming and drained
his cock, swallowing my delicious prize. He was smiling
down at me by then.

I gave Will’s cock a final kiss and got off poor Mark. I needed
a cock in my pussy just then really bad! And Mark was more
than happy to oblige. He unzipped my skirt and pulled it
off my hips. I straightened one leg at a time so he could get
it off me. Who knows where it ended up? All the guys whistled
and cheered, finally seeing me naked and Mark pushed his
fat cock into me from behind, fingering my clit like a mad
man while I sucked Alex into my hot mouth. His cock kept leaking
pre-come and I pushed it around with my tongue, sucking
him in deeper while Mark pushed deeper into my pussy.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I’d been delighted by this
treatment from these two roommates. About a year ago I was
kind of hoping for a double penetration; I’d heard girls
talking about it and was just dying of curiosity. So when
Mark was hitting on me one night, I made it perfectly clear
that it would be great if Alex joined us too. As it turned
out, I wasn’t DP’d that night but that was okay. I’ve since
taken care of that little detail, also on my beach trip with
Tracey as a matter of fact. And I learned a very sexy little
secret about these two studs that night that I’m sure their
pals don’t know about. It’s safe with me. For now at least.


I knew Alex wouldn’t last long. Mark was fucking into me
so deep and fast that my mouth was fucking up and down on Alex’
cock just as furiously. I could see his stomach muscles
tensing and feel his thighs shaking as he tried to hold it,
but he couldn’t. His cum just poured into my mouth. And there
was so much of it! I swallowed everything I could but couldn’t
keep up and started cumming again myself from the fucking
I was getting. Alex’ cum dripped over my lips and down my
chin and down his cock as he kept pumping it into my mouth.


Mark said he was going to cum too and I gripped his cock with
my spasming pussy, getting ready for a hot load inside me.
He pulled out though, and rushed to my face. I was really
looking forward to him cumming inside me but John was behind
me, pushing his cock in and fucking me fast and hard so quickly,
I just moaned and pushed back. And Mark was cumming in hot
spurts before he reached my mouth, the poor baby! His cum
splashed on my face and over my lips before I could pull him
in and suck the rest. But his cock kept pulsing in my mouth,
pumping that sweet, hot stuff over my tongue. I swallowed
all there was while John fucked me faster and faster, his
cock tensing and swelling inside my soaked pussy.

I used Mark’s cock to wipe his and Alex’ cum off my face and
licked it off him when John pushed way deep inside me. He
yelled when his cock erupted, and feeling that hot cum jet
into my pussy set me off again. I fucked back at him, pushing
my ass against his pulsing cock. Oh my God! I came with him
again and kept cumming. His cock was actually trapped inside
me I was clenched so tight. He finally pulled his wet cock
out and offered it to me as I rolled over on my back, gasping
for breath. I gladly licked both our cum off his cock and
reveled in being such a wanton slut. And we were just getting

I saw a few of the guys striding toward me, each one naked
and hard; their stiff cocks bouncing with each long step.
I thanked my lucky stars and thought how wonderful ‘The
Plan’ had been. When I made a comment about this floor being
rough on a girl’s knees Andy reached down and picked me right
up. Andy is quite the big guy, and very good looking. He’s
actually on the football team. He sits the bench but he’s
very proud of being on the team anyway. And he should be,
I suppose. He just cradled me in those big, strong arms of
his and carried me into Kirk’s bedroom. I could hear Kirk
half-heartedly fussing about, “No! Not my bed!”, but he
was thoroughly ignored. And I noticed he had a new bed spread.
He’s so thoughtful sometimes.

Andy laid me down on the bed very gently and kissed and sucked
my hard nipples. I held my breasts together for him and arched
my back a little, pushing my tits into his face and spreading
my legs. He placed his hands on either side of my shoulders
and gently slid his cock inside my pussy. I was so wet it just
glided in. But it seemed to take forever, sometimes I forget
just how big he is, until I finally felt him all the way inside
me. I started moaning like a horny slut when he started really
fucking me. The only part of his body touching me was his
hot mouth sucking on my tits and that huge cock cruising
in and out of me. He was so strong, hardly showing any effort
at all, except for the hot sweat that dripped off him while
his hips danced between my thighs. I laid back and got the
fucking of my life!

Russ and Shawn kneeled on either side of my face and I took
both their cocks in hand. I turned my head and pulled Shawn’s
into my mouth. There is something so sexy about having a
cock in my mouth while my pussy is getting fucked! And Andy
was fucking me like I’d never been. He’d pull his cock almost
all the way out and tease my clit with his head, then drive
it in deep; faster, then slower, then faster again.

I sucked Shawn and stroked both guys then switched over
to Russ. He was really getting into it and was fucking my
mouth really fast, so I had to grip him tightly to keep him
from going all the way down my throat. Andy twisted and turned
between my thighs and I switched back and forth between
the two guys, just loving my face and my pussy full of hard

When I switched back over to Russ for the third or fourth
time I heard a moan from Andy and felt his thrusts get faster
and more violent. That sent me over the edge and I started
cumming again, squeezing his cock tightly with my pussy
and pushing my hips against him. I wrapped my legs around
him and locked my ankles behind his back, pulling him in
even deeper. I wasn’t letting this cock get away! He gave
a primal yell like some sexy animal and shot his hot cum deep
inside me, all the while sliding his cock in and out. He must
have spurted a dozen times, and each time I felt that beautiful
cock swell and splash hot cum inside me. My pussy tightened
and spasmed around his cock as I sucked Russ faster and faster
and I came with Andy sooooo hard as he emptied his cum inside
my wet pussy.

I finally released Andy from my leg trap but I was still cumming
when he traded places with Russ. I licked Andy’s cock very
clean and smiled up at him. I was seriously looking forward
to seeing this cock again! I was kind of developing a ‘thing’
for him. He looked down at me and blew me a kiss, then finally
laid back on the bed and I switched over to Shawn’s cock while
Russ pushed inside me.

Russ’ cock is really long and kind of thin. I was thinking
how perfect it would be for ass fucking while I pulled Shawn
deeper into my mouth. He must have been having similar thoughts
because I felt a finger toying with my tight little asshole
while he put my legs over his shoulders and fucked in and
out of my hot, wet pussy. I wiggled my ass a little to let him
know that was perfectly alright with me and moaned around
Shawn’s cock when I felt that finger slip inside my ass.


Russ tapped me on the hip and I knew what he wanted. He pulled
out of me and I rolled over on all fours, devouring Shawn’s
cock again in a heartbeat. Russ slid his cock up and down
my crack, teasing me like crazy and spreading girl and guy
cum over my little hole. I took a deep breath and groaned
when he finally slid his long cock into my hot ass. There
were cheers and catcalls from all the rest of the guys, about
whom I had completely forgotten.

Russ’ cock slid into my ass just as easily as it had my pussy
and he started fucking me like he really meant it. It didn’t
hurt one little bit. I was pushing back and forth on him faster
and faster and could feel myself working up to another quick
orgasm. I was yelling for him to fuck my ass; to cum inside
my ass; just yelling like a slut really, and pumping Shawn’s
cock furiously with my hand and licking him between screams
when he took me by surprise and started cumming all over
my face. I quickly pulled his cock into my mouth and swirled
that delicious cum around with my tongue. He was jerking
in my mouth because I was sucking so hard and he must have
been really sensitive just then, when Russ gave one final
shove and started cumming in my ass.

That was it for me. Feeling that scalding hot cum squirting
inside my ass set skyrockets off inside my pussy. I pushed
back on Russ and rubbed Shawn’s cock all over my face until
Russ finished cumming. I collapsed flat on the bed and giggled
a little when Russ pulled his cock out of me. It tickled when
his cum dripped slowly out of my well fucked ass.

James lay down on the bed beside me and I reached my hand over
to his sweaty chest, then crawled over his body. I straddled
him and slowly stroked his big, fat cock between my legs,
smiling down at him. My eyes rolled back into my head as I
slid my pussy down onto his cock and I squealed when my fingers
brushed my clit. He started to move his hips up into me but
I put my hand on his chest and held him down.

“Hold on there, Tiger.” I knew Douglas was behind me. I leaned
into James and lifted off his cock a little. My breasts were
sliding over his sweaty chest while Douglas was sliding
his cock up and down my crack, driving me absolutely crazy
again!. I groaned in ecstasy when I finally felt him push
slowly into my ass. James’ eyes practically popped out
of his head when he felt it too.

“Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwd!” I yelled out loud for as long as it took
Douglas to get fully inside me. The three of us held very
still for a few moments; my heart thumping, my breath coming
in gasps. Then both guys began to fuck me at the same time.


The room erupted into cheers and applause. They were chanting,
“Cin dee! Cin dee! Cin dee!”; I think they even had a wave
going! I just kept my eyes shut and whooped it up, getting
fucked in my pussy and my ass at the same time. Both guys held
my hips still and took turns sliding in and out faster and
faster. I was so filled with cock I was just continuously
cumming! I rolled my head from side to side while the two
guys glided in and out of me and saw Kirk holding his hard
cock, slowly stroking. The lustful look on his face was
priceless; I guess he didn’t quite know where he fit in ‘The
Plan’ either. Well, I had figured it out!

I waved him over and pulled that hard cock into my mouth.
I sucked him in and bobbed my head up and down on him, moaning
and groaning with each thrust of the two cocks already inside
me. I was literally crying; it felt so good to have these
three cocks fucking me; so hard, so well.

There were still cheers going on when Douglas finally groaned
and began pumping hot cum into my ass. James was right behind
him and started spurting into my pussy. Both guys cumming
in me at once pushed me past any limit I might have had left
and I sucked so hard on Kirk he started emptying what he’d
been holding all this time into my willing mouth.

His sweet cum filled my mouth and I swallowed fast. I know
just how he likes to cum and I swirled my tongue around his
head as fast as his pulsing cock would allow and sucked more
gently. There was so much cum flowing into me at once! All
three guys pulsed and tensed and shot hot streams of wet
cum inside me! And I just came and came and came!

It was eerily quiet when I finally collapsed on top of James
and rolled off him. I giggled again when both guys’ cocks
slid out of me, then actually started laughing out loud
as I rolled over on my back and felt all that cum dripping
out of me. I went to the bathroom on some very shaky legs and
soaked a wash cloth with cold water. The cool cloth was sooooo
nice on my hot, slick body. I washed the sweat and cum of ten
guys off me and redid my pony tail. My heart was almost beating
normally when I walked out of the bathroom, naked.

The guys were all in the living room; all naked; all with
nice new hard ons. I smiled at everyone and fished a bottle
of water out of the keg tub and finished about half the bottle
off in one drink. I looked around the room while I tilted
the bottle again and finished the iced cold water. The guys
were all watching me; being very quiet. They all looked
so hot, sweaty; so virile. My pussy was still tingling!
I set the empty bottle down and took Andy’s hand, leading
him to the bedroom. Everyone cheered again and he high-fived
a few guys on the way.

By the time I left the room with Andy, he had a sheepish, satisfied
grin on his face that was so cute. I then took Russ’ hand and
pulled him in with me. When I walked out with him and saw him
collapse contentedly on the couch, I saw that the guys had
formed a line! I took James in with me next and then it was
Will’s turn.

I must have been a little too slow to get up after Will because
after that the guys just came in one at a time and I didn’t
even have to get off the bed. I never figured out how they
decided who got to be with me next, though I later learned
they did have some kind of contest going on to see who could
make me scream best. It was Andy for sure, but in all fairness,
I was losing my voice by the time Douglas got to me. But the
guys came in one at a time; and I fucked each one any way he
liked. Some wanted to fuck my ass or my tits, others wanted
to cum in my mouth or all over me. Some just wanted to fuck.
I did too, believe me! And I loved it all!

I was shaking, exhausted and totally satiated when Kirk
finally came in. He had his clothes on and kissed me softly
on the forehead, toweling me off with the cool wash cloth
he brought. He’s so thoughtful sometimes. He picked me
up gently and carried me out of his room. I must have looked
like one of those silly bobble-head dolls as I smiled weakly
at all the guys over his shoulder. I waved limply, barely
able to lift my hand when I heard, “Nite, Cindy, ” “Thanks,
Cindy, ” “Sleep tight, Cindy, ” in as many variations
as there were guys. That seemed so sweet!

Kirk carried me, still naked, next door to my place and put
me to bed. I wanted to thank him and tell him I couldn’t wait
for ‘Phase Two’ of ‘The Plan’ but he put a finger across my
lips, smiling at me, whispering as he softly kissed my forehead
again, “Shhhhhhh. Sleep, baby.”

And I did just that. I slept just like a baby.

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