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The Peninsula


Chapter One
It all starts on the rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel in NYC.
It’s a warm summer evening and the city lights look spectacular.
There are other people enjoying the night, the view, the
ambience, but we’re in a world all our own. The waiter is
attentive, the food good and you’re enjoying a bottle of
Maya. As the warmth of the wine, and the evening, envelopes
you your hand reaches under the tablecloth and gently begins
to trace outlines on my thigh. I can’t stand being even a
table width away from you anymore, so I lean over and ever
so lightly nibble on your earlobe. This makes you giggle
and retract a little…it also makes you increase the pace
with which you’re rubbing my thigh…and even better, it
makes your hand move further up my leg.
It’s clear we’ve moved past the roof now so we pay our tab
and head to the elevator. Our room is only a couple of floors
below us, but that seems way to far away. The minute the elevator
doors close we embrace. I pull you close and as you lean your
head back slightly I start to kiss…first your ear, then
down to your neck and then back up. I have your face in my hands
and continue to kiss your face gently, back to your ear,
then your neck then on to your mouth. We kiss lightly at first,
then more deeply. As we do our bodies push together. I can
feel my excitement pressing up against you, my breathing
getting heavier in anticipation.
Suddenly the elevator doors open and we step off and head
to our room, arms entwined. I can’t get the room key out fast
enough…you’re not making it any easier with your hands
now grabbing areas that make every man lose concentration.
As much as I want to turn around and grab you, I also want the
door open so I can really grab you!
I finally get the door open and we fall into the room. Before
the door is even closed we are kissing and removing clothes
about as quickly as two people can. I manage to help you undress
down to your panties before throwing (you actually leap!)
on to the bed. In a shot I’m next to you and we begin to kiss.
Long, deep, passionate kisses. Tongues dancing, lips
gently brushing, hands roaming… God it’s fabulous, you’re
As much as I could continue kissing you for days I find myself
nibbling first your ear then your neck then your other ear
and neck. You’re on your back now and seem to be fully enjoying
the attention. Your head is back slightly and your eyes
are closed. I can’t help but move down further. As I get to
your breasts your nipples are so hard, almost straining
for attention. I take one ever so gently in my mouth and trace
circles with my tongue. I can hear a quiet moan; I can sense
your breathing is getting faster. Your fingers are running
through my hair. What great breasts! I take the other and
gently, very gently tug with my teeth. I’m lightly tracing
the other one with my finger. Back and forth, from one breast
to the other, from one nipple to the other, sucking, tugging,
nibbling, tracing, kissing, brushing, holding…..
While I’m doing this I can sense an ever increasing gyration
coming from your hips. Your back is arching slightly, almost
as if to say, “Hey, down here, don’t forget about ME!”
I move my lips from your breasts and down across your tummy.
Your skin is so smooth. You must be a little ticklish because
when I hit certain areas I can feel the involuntary contractions!!
As I move past your tummy your hips rise to meet me. I now have
my mouth on your panties and I can feel the warmth underneath.
I continue down; kissing your inner thighs, grabbing your
hips and bringing your whole lower body up to meet my kisses.
As your hips are up I reach around and in one quick move pull
your panties down to your knees. You let out a rather sudden
and loud moan; there may have even been a little giggle too!
Now you’re lying there totally naked and God, are you beautiful.
You have this sexy, smoldering look in your eyes and your
legs are spread open a little and very, very inviting.
I drop back down and start kissing one, then the other ankle.
I move up and massage and kiss each calf, each knee. As I get
to your thighs you reach down and pull my hair a little, you
want me to move further up. I get up on my knees and push your
arms up behind your head. While I’m there we kiss, hard,
deep, passionately.
With your arms behind your head I move back down to your thighs
and start kissing again. I have your hips and ass in my hands
as I move closer and closer, kissing and nibbling and kissing
all the while.
I finally get to your pussy. You’ve arched your back to meet
my tongue and I take one long, slow pass. You smell wonderful
and taste even better. I continue to kiss that area that’s
still the inner most thigh but where it intersects with
your hot, wet pussy lips. Finally I can’t wait any longer.
I have to taste you, I have to make love to you with my tongue
and lips and fingers.
I gently push your legs apart and reach under you to lift
you to me. You’re being a big helper too!! I think you’re
enjoying this!
My tongue slides along the outside of your pussy. You’re
getting wetter and wetter and it tastes fabulous. I lick
deeper, moving my tongue and lips around, up and down looking
for what really turns you on. I plunge my tongue deeper.
I move down and lick that area between your pussy and ass.
I move back up and find your clit. I lick and kiss it as it grows.
I take a finger and gently explore. I put it in your and lick
it off as it comes out. I put my tongue in deeper, licking
and kissing and gently sucking.
Your arms have moved back down and you’re pulling my face
in to you harder. Your back arches and releases, you moaning
is louder, your words are things like, “Yeah right there”
or “Ooo, deeper” , “Faster” , “Lick right there, don’t stop”.
I take one of your hands and put one of your fingers in your
pussy. You begin to play with yourself as I continue to fuck
you with my tongue. Your fingers move up to your clit and
my mouth follows. I use my tongue to keep licking while you
play with your clit. Now your fingers and my tongue are both
on your clit. You’re getting hornier and hornier. I get
the sense you’re going to cum soon.
When I think you’re close I quickly turn you over and reposition
you so you’re sitting squarely on my face. I want my tongue
as deep inside you as possible. I want to fuck your pussy
with my tongue until you explode. I want to feel and taste
you cum.
You’re really into it now. You’re holding on to the headboard,
pressing down hard and moving back and forth. My tongue
is rigid and darting deep inside. You’re moaning louder
and louder, the “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God…I’m cumming…Oh God,
Oh God, Ohhhhhhh!” And you do…you cum and cum and cum. It’s
wonderful. I keep licking and keep darting in and out as
you cum until you’re done.
As you undo the buttons my shirt falls away from my chest.
You are running your fingers through my chest hair and lightly
tweaking my nipples. At the same time you begin kissing
my neck and then lightly running your tongue in and around
my ears. It literally makes me shiver!
All the while you’ve been undoing my belt and opening my
trousers. You have them now so that you can slide one hand
under my boxers. My cock is soooo hard and the minute you
touch its tip I know I let out a little “Ohhh!”
Your hand is so soft and cool to the touch and it’s already
driving me nuts……Mickey Mantle, baseball, Walter Cronkite,
an Iraqi soldier, any image to keep me from cumming already!
It works, for now. I know I want to feel your touch, to feel
your lips and tongue on me, to be inside you.
You’ve now got my pants down past my butt. You’re laying
half on top of me and we’re kissing quite passionately.
Your free hand is alternating between playing with my balls,
massaging my cock and rubbing my inner thighs.
After a period of doing that I can’t take it any longer. I
need to kiss and lick you everywhere all over again. When
I go to start you sense what I’m about to do and say, with a
sexy little grin, “Not now, later. Right now it’s my turn!”
“Lay back”.
You begin to move down. You stop and lick one nipple, then
the other. Back and forth between the two. It kind of tickles
but is also very arousing.
You keep moving down, kissing as you go. You have one hand
up by my face and I’m sucking slowly on first one finger,
than another.
As you get to my hard cock you look up at me and take one long
lick, from its base to its tip. Without ever leaving my gaze
you suddenly engulf the whole length, right to its base,
and then just pause. Slowly you come back up…..then slowly
engulf it again.
You repeat this for several long, glorious strokes. You
then start to fondle by balls as you lick the underside of
my cock. Long delicious licks ending at that area right
under the tip, flicking your tongue when you get there.
Back down to the base…..back up…..intermittently taking
my cock back into your mouth….back down…then you move further
down and begin to lick my balls….taking one, then the other
gently into you mouth, kissing each one, licking each one.

Suddenly you take my entire cock back into your mouth and
begin going up and down faster and faster, massaging my
nuts the whole time. You pause, look at me, and say, “Grab
my head, I want you to fuck me, fuck my mouth” and then you
start going faster. I grab your head and pull you lightly
towards my cock. My hips are rising to meet your mouth, faster
and faster, deeper…our eyes never leaving each other’s.
I’m moaning louder now, telling how good it feels, telling
you not to stop…I can sense an orgasm building, getting
closer…I think you can to because all of a sudden you stop.
You sit up a little and say, “Not yet, soon, but not now”
With one smooth motion you move all the way up and position
your pussy right over my cock and slowly slide down, guiding
me into you. Deep into you. You settle right down, hard so
that I go as deep as possible.
The look on your face, your eyes closed, me deep inside,
neither of us move for a few moments. The slowly you rise
up, rise up high enough so the tip of my cock is almost out…then
slowly, ever so slowly lower yourself back down, all the
way down….then again and again and again…each time just
a little faster than the time before. Faster and faster,
your arms on either side of my head, your back arched. I reach
around and grab your butt. I spread your ass cheeks so I can
play with you as I follow your rhythm with my hips and hands.

We’re really in synch now, both rising and falling to meet
the other. We’re also both getting closer and closer. I
alternate between sucking, licking your nipples and reaching
around to your ass…..we keep moving, you going up and down
and from side to side.
Soon I sense you’re getting very close to cumming. Thank
God, I can’t hold out any longer. I whisper into your ear,
“That’s right, that’s right, that feels soooo good, yeah,
come on baby, let it go. Let me hear you cum. That’s right,
come on, come on, let me hear it, let me hear you cum…..”
And you start to cum, “Oh God. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.
Cum with me please, cum with, fill me, cum now, Oh God, cum
And I do. I cum and cum and cum. I can feel your pussy contracting
around my cock as you cum. We’re almost bucking. I’m deep
inside you now and I can’t stop cumming. Your back is arching
and relaxing and arching again. We’re both almost in spasms
as we have huge, intense, wonderful orgasms.
As we subside you fall to my chest, me still inside, still
hard. Slowly you look up at me, God, you’re beautiful. We
kiss. At first tenderly, then with more meaning. We kiss
for a few more moments and then you slowly slide off me and
lay your head on my chest.
We’re both spent. We lay quietly enjoying the intimacy
and the silence. My arms around you, our legs intertwined.
We lie like that for a long, wonderful, close, warm, intimate
time. You can’t see me, but I’m grinning like the proverbial
cat that just ate the canary, or more appropriately, grinning
like the luckiest guy in the world.
Chapter 2
(Room Service, a shower and the whirlpool)
Morning comes too quickly. I wake while you’re still sleeping,
so I watch. You are so sexy laying there, hair all tousled
and breathing peacefully. I know we have plans for the day
so I get up and quietly leave the bedroom. I go to the living
room and call room service, I want breakfast and juice and
coffee waiting for you when you stir. Room service comes
(it takes 3 carts because I don’t know what you want so I order
one of everything). The noise, and the smell of fresh coffee
and hot food, wakes you. Just as the room service attendants
are leaving you come out of the bedroom rubbing your eyes,
smiling and wearing one of the big, fluffy hotel robes.
You are very cute and hot, all at the same time!
We take our time grazing through the food, having coffee,
chatting. Soon however it’s time to get our asses in gear.
I ask and you say you’d like me to take the first shower so
you can relax and drink some more coffee.
I pad off to the bathroom and get in the shower. For a hotel
suite it’s a great shower…large, multiple shower heads,
a built in bench and glass-block walls. I’ve got the water
running hot and spend a few minutes simply standing there,
letting the hot water pound the back of my neck. It’s time
to move though so I start to lather up. As my eyes are closed
and my head is full of shampoo I suddenly hear a noise, sounds
like the shower door opening. Before I can get the soap out
of my eyes I feel your touch, your hands running up my sides
and back down again. The soap clears and there you are, smiling
and pulling me to you for a long passionate kiss. The hot
water is streaming down us as we keep kissing. Each is a little
more intense than the last. Finally we are holding each
other tightly and our lips and tongues are exploring each
other’s without abandon. Our hands are on each other’s
butts (yours is perfect!) massaging, spreading a little,
each minute getting hotter and hotter.
You push me away a little and remark that it looks like maybe
I haven’t lathered up yet. You take the soap and begin to
work up and down on first my chest, then my arms. Soon your
hands and soap make their way to my cock. You take me into
both your hands and gently build the lather up…making sure
my balls are attended to, working your hands further back
to make sure my ass is attended to and then back to make sure
my now VERY hard cock is attended to. It’s like I’m frozen,
I can’t move except to spread my legs a little. You continue
“scrubbing” me until I can’t stand any longer.
I grab your hands and stop you. “Somebody needs to wash you,
ya know” . I take the soap and turn you around so I can wash
your back. I move the soap up and down and around, lathering
up your back, your butt and your legs. The lather, the shine
to your smooth, wet skin, your ass…God, you’re beautiful.
After I’ve lathered you up I grab the shampoo and begin to
massage your hair and scalp. After the shampoo has lasted
for a good amount of time I turn you around so you’re facing
me. We kiss again.
Next thing is to make sure your front side is as clean and
attended to as your back. I gently position you under the
shower head and begin soaping up your front. First your
shoulders and neck, then your arms, then your chest. Your
nipples are quite hard as I run the soap over and around them,
lightly then a little harder. I can’t help but take one,
then the other into my mouth. I twirl my tongue around each,
gently pull at each with my lips…I can tell you’re enjoying
yourself as your head is tilted back and your breasts are
pushed forward to meet me.
After a few moments of doing that it’s time to wash your tummy,
your legs, your pussy. I take the soap and move down, lathering
up everything I meet. Your tummy and legs are so smooth,
water running down them as I make sure every square inch
is clean.
You actually shudder as I begin to lather up your pussy…I
run my whole hand between your legs all the way to your ass
and back again. I continue on gently massaging your inner
thighs and ass and pussy while you take one of your hands
and join me.
I can’t stand it any longer and drop to my knees.
I look up and the water running down past your neck, through
your cleavage, over your tummy and off your pussy, like
the most glorious waterfall I’ve ever seen. I take my hands
and fingers and gently part your lips. I need to run my tongue
and lips inside you…..I need to taste you. You lean back
at first, back against the shower wall and enjoy what I’m
doing. I need more access though; I need to get my tongue
deeper, further back. I need to get my lips and tongue right
on your clit. I reposition you. Now you have one leg over
my shoulder and you’re balancing yourself by holding on
to my head.
This is perfect; it gives me the access I want. Now I can get
my tongue all the way from your ass to your clit….and I do!
With each lick, each nibble, each kiss you keep pulling
my head closer in to you.
The hot water running down into your pussy and my mouth,
the salty taste as you get wetter and wetter, your clit growing
harder and harder….god, you’re hot! I’ve now got your ass
in my hands and we are each pulling the other closer and closer.

My tongue is now deep inside you, fucking you. You have a
hand on your clit, massaging it harder and harder, I have
a finger playing with your ass, my tongue keeps going deeper…deeper….
harder… licking…darting….sucking….deeper…deeper…fucking
your pussy…I want you to cum, cum on my tongue…cum NOW…..and
you do. You start to move faster and faster, your hips pushing
forward, your hand pulling me in closer. Soon you start
to buck, your pussy pulsating around my lips and tongues.
In spite of the hot water from the shower I can feel your hot
cum, taste your hot cum. I keep licking and sucking and kissing,
I keep pulling your ass closer. I can tell it’s a very intense
orgasm for you as you continue to pull my head into you for
quite awhile and you keep bucking. Slowly you subside,
the bucking less frequent until you’ve stopped altogether.
I actually see your knees quiver a little as I raise myself
and take you tightly into my arms. You lean limply against
me as I gently kiss your neck. Your breathing was heavy but
now it’s returning to normal.
Without a word you push me back a little and then turn to face
the shower wall. You reach around and grab my hard cock and
pull me closer to you. “I want you inside me. I want you to
fuck me from behind.”
You’re slightly bent over now, your back to me. I take my
cock in one hand and guide into your hot, wet pussy. I use
the head to tease your outer lips, running in up and down,
letting it in just a little. “Stop it! I want you inside”
as you push your ass back towards me. I want to be inside you…I
want to feel your hot, tight pussy wrapped around my hard
cock so I slowly, evenly move forward until I’m all the way
in. God you feel wonderful! Slowly I withdraw until the
tip is almost out and then just as slowly I go back in. We repeat
this for a number of long, deep strokes. Then we start moving
faster and faster. Each time my cock almost comes out then
plunges all the way back in. My balls are tightening as they
slap up against your ass. I can feel my orgasm building and
I let out a few moans.
Suddenly you reach up between your legs and grab my balls.
“That’s it baby, oh yeah, that’s it. Grab my balls…oh God….”

I can’t stop now, we’re moving in unison, each thrust deeper
then the last, my balls in your hand…..just as I begin to
cum you really fondle my balls and the orgasm is soooo intense…”God,
I’m cumming, I’m cumming…god, oh god, yeah…....yeah…..
oh yeah…fuck me….I’m cumming…oh god, yeah, my balls….”

And I cum and cum and cum…just when I think I’m done there’s
another convulsion and I cum more…”Oh Baby, that feels
wonderful…your cum is so hot in my pussy….oh yeah, that’s
right, that’s right….fill me….fill me with your hot cum…..yeah
Holy crap! That was intense, I can barely stand. I withdraw
and turn you around. We kiss, the hot water still running
over us.
It’s time to finish the actual shower and we do. We have things
to do today, fun things. Shopping, late lunch, a night on
the town. Who knows what awaits us!!!
We finish our showers and go leisurely about getting ready
for the day. I have some ideas about how I want the day to go.
One thing I want to accomplish is buying you something.
I’m not sure what and obviously it will be your decision.
What I have in mind though is some clothes, something nice.
Maybe some La Perla lingerie or maybe some Manolo Blahnik
shoes, maybe a Prada bag or a Ralph Lauren Purple Label outfit
or a Chanel piece or some Valentino couture…..or maybe
all of it.
Whatever you decide, I know it will be a case of the woman
making the clothes, not the clothes making the woman.
I also need to make a stop at a NYC office, but that can be later
and won’t last very long. So, off we go. We stroll up 5th Avenue
stopping in any shops that interest us. The city, as always,
is alive with that buzz only found in New York. Pedestrians
everywhere, a sea of yellow taxis and street vendors selling
everything from sidewalk art to hot roasted nuts. We stop
in Saks and check out their “Collector” floors. Nice stuff,
but I still have a plan in mind. We stop at a little sidewalk
restaurant just a half block off of 5th. Fresh, simple Italian
fare. We share a light mid-day snack, gotta keep our energy
Finally we make our way to Bergdorf Goodman’s. When it comes
to a woman’s department store there is no place better than
Bergdorf’s in NYC. Every major and many minor designer
is represented under this one roof. We go from floor to floor,
department to department looking at anything that suits
your fancy. By the time we’re done you’ve selected some
very sexy lingerie from La Perla, a very nice outfit from
Armani, a very sexy sundress by Chanel, some Blahniks and
several individual pieces from Lauren, Donna Karan Couture
and a couple of lesser known, but very fun, designers. I
love the fact that you insist on paying for some of this shopping
spree, but I can’t let you, I have as much fun buying it as
you’ll hopefully have wearing it!
It’s getting late and now I need to make our way to my offices.
There’s a contract I need to sign so it should only take a
few minutes. We grab a cab and head for the Upper East Side.
The offices are on the 52nd floor of a rather mundane office
building. We make our way up and are greeted by the receptionist.
She’s new so she has no idea who I am. It’s kind of humorous
because she is fairly protective of the people that work
for me. Once that’s resolved the guy that runs the NY office
comes out and we split off to talk. I come back and ask you
to join me in his office. He’s leaving for the day and I need
a place to quickly review the final draft, so he’s graciously
offered his office. The receptionist brings us something
to drink and then leaves us alone. I tell you to make yourself
comfortable while I go through the contract. It’s a nice
office with mahogany wood paneling, a separate little
sitting area of leather chairs and a couch, two walls lined
with floor to ceiling bookshelves and one long wall of floor
to ceiling glass overlooking Central Park and beyond to
the Hudson River and New Jersey. It’s late afternoon and
the sun is getting low in the sky, leaving a warm, golden
glow over the city below.
I’m in the middle of reviewing the contract when I hear,
“Uuhum, Uuhum”. I look up and you’re standing on the other
side of the desk smiling. As beautiful as your smile is I
can’t help but notice you’re now wearing nothing but one
of the La Perla bra and panty sets we bought earlier! “All
work and no play……I just thought you might like to see how
this looks on me!” You couldn’t be any more right !!
I tell you look beautiful (because you do!) and to come over
to my side of the desk. You hesitate and smile sheepishly
and tell me you’d rather not, you want me to come to you. We
banter back and forth and you finally confess that you have
a fear of heights. I think that’s cute but also obviously
don’t want you to be uncomfortable, especially while standing
there in your underwear!
I come around the desk and you take my hand and lead me over
to the sitting area. Just as we’re about to sit down I turn
around and head back to the desk, pick up the phone and tell
the receptionist I will be another hour and should not,
under any circumstance, be disturbed. Then I head over
and lock the door ‒ neither of us really wants someone else
walking in!
As I approach you reach out and pull me close. We begin kissing
those kisses we do so well! Lightly at first then almost
immediately developing into more passionate kisses.
Your face is in my hands as our tongues explore each other,
our lips brush up against each other’s, a few light nibbles
here and there. Slowly we sink to the couch and continue
As we do you are simultaneously undoing the buttons on my
shirt and alternating with massaging my thighs and the
now rock-hard cock under my pants. This whole thing is heating
up very quickly, almost bordering on desperate.
I lean you back and start trying to figure where the hook
on your new bra is. You’re laughing at my clumsiness and
with one flick you pop your own bra open. God I love your breasts!
Don’t get me wrong, the bra is beautiful, but….nothing
compared to what it conceals!
I want you. I can’t wait to have you. I immediately start
licking and nibbling on your breasts. Your nipples are
sooo hard. Your head is back and you are clearly, audibly
moaning each time I take one into my mouth.
You share my sense of desperation and say, “Keep going,
go further down, keep going, don’t stop, down, down” and
I obey. I run my lips across your tummy and right to your pussy.
I can sense your warmth through the fabric and start to pull
it aside, but you stop me. “Wait.” Then you quickly raise
your hips and with one move you’ve hooked the sides and pulled
them down to your knees, then kicked them off completely.
It’s obvious you mean business and I LOVE that!
You’ve lifted one leg up over the back of the couch and the
other is on the floor. I start kissing your thighs and quickly
move up. Gently I take a finger and put it ever so slowly in
you. At the same time I take a long slow lick, from your ass
all the way up to your clit and back again. You are REALLY
into this and are wriggling with each pass. I use my fingers
to gently part your pussy lips; I want better access to your
clit. My tongue twirls and flicks at your clit as you continue
to moan louder. You are so wet, I love the way you taste, and
I want more. While I’m flicking and licking your clit I also
have one finger squarely on your ass, playing with that
a little too.
“Your tongue, your tongue. Put it in me, put it in deeper,
fuck me, fuck my pussy with your tongue…………” Of course I
do. I want to. I want to taste all of you. I want you to cum.
I want to hear you cum. I want to taste you cum. I want to feel
your pussy contract on my tongue and lips and mouth. I want
to feel and taste your juices as they flow out and on to my
You have a good hold on the back of head now and are meeting
my face with thrusts, pulling me as tight as you can. My tongue
inside you, exploring, licking, fucking you. “Oh god,
oh God, oh God………here I go……here I go…….oh yeah…..oh God…..oh
yeah, oh Goooood …I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh God…don’t
stop, don’t stop. oh yeah….oooooo……ummmmmm…..oh.” And
you cum buckets! You cum and cum and cum. God I love it! Soon
you’re done and almost shivering. Remember, you’re naked
and there is air conditioning! I wrap you in my arms to keep
you warm and we just lay there for a few minutes while we both
In a little while our hands begin anew. You have been leisurely
rubbing my cock but are now stepping it up a little. Pretty
soon you’ve turned to face me and we begin to kiss again.
You start to undo my belt but now it’s my turn to push you away.

I stand in front of you and within a second I have my pants
and underwear around my ankles and am kicking them off.
Standing naked in front of you, with nothing on but my socks,
and sporting a giant hard-on, makes you laugh. As quickly
as you laugh though you also grab my cock in both hands and
take it all at once into your mouth!
Holy mackerel that feels good !! You slowly withdraw it
and start one long lick from my balls to the tip and back again.
Because I’m standing and you’re still sitting on the couch
I am looking straight down at you, watching you take me in
and licking and playing. You are looking straight up at
me and you have this very mischievous look, a twinkle, in
your eyes.
You continue licking and stroking up and down. One time
taking my whole shaft deep into your mouth, the next time
flicking the tip with your tongue, the next time taking
one ball, then the other into your mouth. The whole time
you are using both hands to massage, stroke, and play with
everything. As before this heating up very quickly.
Pretty soon I find myself with a hand on the back of your head,
pulling you to me, thrusting towards you, my cock now in
your mouth, then out the in…the whole time your gaze never
leaving mine. I can feel the orgasm building, getting closer…so
can you.
“Don’t stop baby, don’t stop, cum in my mouth, cum now, I
want to taste your hot cum” There is nothing more I want to
do than cum in your mouth, watch my cock convulse as you take
in every drop, taste your hot, salty breath when we kiss
afterwards, but………I have something else in mind!
I quickly disengage before there is no turning back. I take
your hand and lift you up to me. We kiss; you ask what’s going
I lead you over to the desk and then around to the chair side.
I know you’re afraid of heights but I’m hoping the fear can
be overcome by the moment and that it might actually intensify
your experience. A little fear to get the heart racing even
I hold you tightly as we stand before the floor to ceiling
windows and kiss and kiss and kiss. Our naked bodies pressing
into each other. Our hands running up and down each other’s
bodies. My hands on your beautiful, sexy ass.
Slowly I turn you so you’re facing out and I have you from
behind. I keep reassuring that it’s OK and that if you want
to stop just say the word. The view is absolutely phenomenal.
The sun is mostly set and the city lights are just coming
on. You can see people far below us in Central Park. It’s
almost like having sex in public, but no one can see us.
I’m holding you from behind, my arms gently massaging your
tummy, your breasts and my hard cock pressing up against
your ass. I again ask if you’re OK and you indicate you are.
Slowly I lean you forward until your hands are on the cool
glass and you’re slightly bent over. I can tell you’re nervous,
but excited at the same time.
I drop to my knees and get low enough to start licking your
pussy from behind. I go slowly and gently. I know you’re
skeptical and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. Slowly
you start getting into it; slowly you start to focus more
on what I’m doing than the height we’re at. Slowly you bend
more and more until I have perfect access to your ass and
Once again I find myself in need of tasting you. I massage
your butt while I run my fingers from your ass to your swollen
pussy lips. You start to grind and move from side to side
with each lick, with each insertion. You’re bent over now
and I can reach up and play with your breasts and nipple while
my tongue darts inside.
Now that I know you’re hot and wet and not as nervous I stand
and push my rock hard cock up against your moist, juicy pussy
lips. Then with one hip in each hand I slowly push my cock
all the way into you, your outer pussy lips right up against
the base of my cock.
The desperation that overtook us on the couch is now back.
I start to fuck you, fuck your pussy faster and faster and
faster…each thrust as deep as the last one…each one quicker
than the last one.
Your hands are still on the glass and your breasts are swaying
with each thrust. Your head is down, I have one hand on your
hip and the other on your shoulder pulling you into me. It’s
building again. This time I have no intention of slowing
down. I want to cum. I want to fill you with my hot cum. I want
to feel your tight pussy around my cock as I cum.
“Oh shit, here it cums….oh God…..I’m going to cum…I’m going
to cum…oh God, oh God……oh your pussy is soooo tight….oh
it’s so hot…..oh god, I’m going to cum….I’m going to fill
you, fill you with my hot cum…oh God….heeeeree it cums baby…..ooooooo…”

“That ‘s it baby, that’s right baby….fill me…..fill my
pussy….fill me with your hot love……cum baby, cum now baby…….fill
me baby……..oh yeah, keep cumming, keep cumming, keep cumming…..oh
yeah baby, that’s soooo hot…oh yeah I love your hot cum inside
me….oh yeah………”
And I cum and cum and cum. My arms wrapped around your waist,
I can’t stop cumming! I do though and I turn your around to
face me. God you’re beautiful. We kiss for a moment and then
walk hand-in-hand back to where our clothes lay.
By now we’re both chuckling and getting dressed. We’ve
been here longer than anticipated yet I don’t want to leave.
I want to get a blanket, snuggle up and then do it all over
again. But hey, it ain’t my office! Plus we have dinner reservations
and need to get back to the hotel to get dressed, etc. I will
never look at this office again without smiling from ear
to ear!!!

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