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The Party


When I was 14 and staying at my friends house for two weeks,
I had found that I liked to get fucked and suck my friend's
dad's cock. He was my first time ever with anyone. The
last 5 days we told my friend that I was going home. He stayed
at his mother's and I stayed and had sex with him and
his friends. We were free to do what ever we wanted around
the house and I told him about all my fantisies I hadn't
told anyone else. That summer I turned into a gay slut, allowing
guys to shoot their load in my mouth and swallowing as much
cum as I could. I loved the feeling of a guys cock in my ass
and feeling sperm shoot inside me. This was before the fear
of aids and I haven't had it since the first time I heard
about it.
I told him all of my secret fantansies, things like how I
wanted to be tied down and get by lots of guys. He asked
if I would really go through with it if I he set it up. I said
yes without hesitation, so we had a party. I drank before,
but this was the only time in my life I did it in front of an
adult. A couple of hours before the party started, he had
his best friend over and told me both of them were going to
do me. He said to feel free to do anything I wanted tonight.
I didn't have my own shorts so the he gave me a pair of
his daughter's string bikini bottoms. They were tight,
black and revealing, but not too bad. It was obvious they
were girls with the tie strings on the side, but I didn't
care. I had already been drinking and felt they covered
me enough to be around his friend. I was in the bathroom when
his friend came over. I think he was a little shooked to see
me in a string bikini bottom but I explained that I didn't
have any swim shorts. He asked me why I didn't wear my
friend's and I had to tell him some excuse I couldn't
find any. Really these made my ass look really good and it
turned me on to wear them.
My friend's dad teased me by pulling the strings and
making them almost fall off of me in front of his friend while
he sat on the sofa. I stood in front of his friend while pretending
I couldn't tie them back up. He kept his eye on my ass
the entire time.
I asked if he could do it for me as I stood in front of him sticking
my ass in front of his face. They were so small, they only
covered half my butt and road up my ass, totally showing
the lower half of my cheeks. He was very eager to help and
took his time as he tied them for me.
My friend's dad told me in the kitchen, his friend thought
I had a really nice ass and that he told him that I gave the
best head he had ever received. He said, "It looks
like you're gonna' get majorly fucked tonight!"
This would give me my first time with two guys so I smiled
at him. I went into the bathroom and put some vasoline on
my finger and slipped it into my ass a little. I found that
it didn't hurt as much as I got fucked. Also it was kind
of water proof and didn't wash away in the jacuzzi.
We fooled around by putting bubble bath in the spa and making
a huge mountain of suds while we got drunk. The dad and I started
playing and he stripped off my bikini bottom and wouldn't
give it back, making me the only one who was completely naked
in the spa at first. He threw them to his friend and told me
that he'll give it to me. I knew what he meant so I went
over to his friend and put my hand on his leg while asking
him for my cloths. He said, "Sorry, I can't find
them", while I knew he was sitting on them. I flirted
with him by saying, "please, I'm totally naked"
turning around and showing him my ass "see"
I told him. I kept grabbing for the girls bikini bottoms
knowing my hand was rubbing up against his penis. Not doing
anything he replied, "Nope!" I put my hand lower
and felt his balls. I went higher and barely put my hand against
his cock over his shorts while begging "please?"
I didn't get a reply. I felt my shorts just under his
rock hard cock. I wrapped my hand around his penis and quietly
told him, "Your cock is hard, am I turning you on?"
and then grabbed my bikini as hard as I could, but he pulled
them away from me and threw them back to my friend's
They played keep away with my bikini bottoms for a while.
I could tell I was drunk because it was hard to talk and I was
all over both of them flirting, something I would have never
done. There were so many suds you could tell I was naked unless
I stood up. I made sure to stand up most of the time as they
threw them back and forth. I fantisized about turning them
on so much they would grab me and hold me down forcing me to
have sex with them. My friend's dad knew my fantisy
about being tied up and gang , but this wasn't
going the way I fantisized it would.
I was teasing both of them while they teased me. The alcohol
made me do things I normally wouldn't do. I bent over,
with my legs totally spread and my ass out of the water bowing
my back, in front of one while putting my hands on the knees
of the other. Sticking my ass out trying to get both of them
turned on. I wanted his friend to get up behind me, but he
never did. He kind of just let me do anything I wanted but
wouldn't play back sexually very much. I told to him,
"What if I took your shorts then". As I grabbed
to pull them off, he said, "Go ahead" moving
his body up and helping me. I pulled his shorts off and threw
them out of the spa as far as I could. They landed next to the
slider door. As we played I couldn't help to feel of
his thick cock, occasionally wrapping my hand around it
and beating him off. Again, something I wouldn't do
if I wasn't drunk.
He threw my bikini bottoms back to my friend's dad and
I went over to him for advice more than my bikini bottoms.
I noticed the dad had already taken off his shorts and as
we whispered to each other, I beat him off as we talked. He
told me to just start fucking him, there's no way he
could refuse. He threw the girls bikini bottoms back to
his friend and I went over to him. I asked him, "What
do I have to do to get them back" as I got up on his lap
and sat on his cock. He put his hands on my ass and said "I
don't have them". "yes you do" I said
while rubbing my ass on his manhood. He kept his hands mostly
on my hips, but occasionally felt out my ass, but it didn't
go any further. I know that he was turned on and wanted it,
but I think he didn't want to get in trouble for fucking
a 14 year old boy. I moved around on his lap as he situated
his cock head against my asshole. The vasoline made the
tip of his cock head easily spread my tight ass open. I could
feel it want to go inside as I bounced up and down on him pretending
we were playing. I was so tight it wouldn't be easy to
just start fucking him. I teased him by pushing only about
an inch in and out, but he needed to help to stick it in. All
he had to do is push his cock up or pull my hips down and I would
have fucked him right there. He seemed interested, but
didn't do either. It turned me on that he was rock hard
as I sat down a little, sliding the tip of the head between
my cheeks and feeling how wide it was against my ass. He had
lots of chances as his cock head was against my hole, but
didn't seem to want to stick it further inside me.
It was starting to become night time, a half hour or so away
from when people were going to come over. He wouldn't
do anything more than feel out my ass as I sat on his cock.
They continued to play keep away as an excuse for me to rub
my body against them. I went back and forth to them and kept
drinking more. As we played I stroked both of their cocks
a few times. Going back to my friend's dad for more advice,
"Go over and suck his cock" He said it loud enough
for his friend to hear. I really wanted to but wasn't
sure if he wanted me to or not. Instead I went over and kneeled
in front of him with my knees on the bottom of the spa. I put
my hands on each of his knees without saying a word. I was
going to give him a blow job, but it was a little auqward when
he asked, "What are you up to?" If he would have
not said anything I was going to start beating him off, so
I started tickeling his knees instead. I knew he heard him
tell me to come over and give him head, so maybe he really
didn't want me to do it.
When I stood up the dad got behind me and I could feel his cock
rub up against my ass as I was bent over facing his friend.
I had two guys naked with huge hard cocks and wanted to do
both of them, but the friend didn't seem eager enough.
I couldn't bring myself to start sucking his friend's
cock. The dad grabbed me and pulled me down on his lap backwards
facing his friend while saying, "Get over here and
sit down on my dick" really loud. I whispered "shh!"
I sat on his lap instead, making his wide shaft go between
my cheeks. He slowly rubbed his cock against my girlish
butt, trying to stick it in. He stopped tickeling me and
just wanted to fuck me in front of his buddy.
At first I didn't want to, but he kept whispering to
me that his friend wouldn't know and if he did, he wouldn't
care and didn't I want to get fucked by both of them?
and that he would eventually join in. He also said that I
better get used to it because he had a big night setup for
me. He handed me my beer and I knew he was trying to get me drunk
as I slurd my words. I wanted to do both of them, but his friend
didn't join in. His huge horse sized cock was turning
me on as it slid back and forth making his monster cock head
rub against my hole while I looked at his friend and as we
talked and I got drunker. "Tell him you want to suck
his cock" he whispered as he started to push the tip
of his huge head inside my tight hole. "Tell him"
he kept saying while pushing my butt up and rimming my tight
ass. I stayed standing but more in a bent over position toward
his friend, I wanted to tell him, but couldn't. He just
sat and watched us playing with eachother. He couldn't
see that his friend's cock was starting to go inside
me. But I know he knew what we were doing as everyone stopped
talking and I looked at him while breathing heavier.
He whispered, "You've got such a tight ass! Don't
you want to fuck both of us?" I said, "ya".
Then he said quietly, "This is how it's done,
start fucking me and he'll stick his cock in your mouth".
I told him, "I can't!" He had this small
vile that he snifted and put it in front of my face and told
me to breath in really hard through my nose. I did what he
said and felt my body go numb. I closed my eyes and couldn't
feel anything, I was totally relaxed. The dad pulled me
down and rammed his cock all the way in my ass. But I couldn't
feel it as my body sat on top of him and I was focusing on his
friend. When it wore off in a few seconds, I gritted my teeth
from the pain of his horse cock that was deep in my ass and
stood back up. I don't know what it was, even to this
The friend watched carefully as I lifted my body up and reached
behind me while facing him. Grabbing hold to the monster
cock behind me with my hand guiding it up against my ass and
making sure he didn't ram it in again. My body come out
of the water a little as I slowly put it inside me. He sat with
his arms out holding the side of the spa as he watched my face
while I slipped his friend's penis in my ass. I looked
right at him while lowering my body down on his friend's
huge cock that was too big to go inside my tight ass. He could
see how much his dick hurt at first as the thick cock head
spread my hole and entered inside.
Totally drunk now, I just barely bounced up and down while
holding back the mamouth cock in my hand making sure he didn't
ram it in hard. As the wide shaft entered my hole I closed
my eyes and opened my mouth, letting him see me enjoying
the cock in my ass and taking longer strokes as it went deeper
and hoping when I opened my eyes he would be standing in front
of me. When I opened my eyes and saw him studying me as I started
fucking it up and down. I looked at him and pushed his buddy's
monster cock all the way in my ass, while almost yelling
"UHHH and with almost no breath whispering "oh
ya... !".
I was totally turned on and wanted to suck and get fucked
at the same time, trying to coax him to stand up. I bounced
up and down getting real serious and loud. Each time I lowered
my body slowly I couldn't help but say, "Uhh...
Uhh... Oh Ya..." I was getting really loud making
it totally obvious what I was doing. I thought for sure he
would join in as I bounced up and down. I did it enough by now
that I knew the dad was going to cum. He started thrusting
his hips into me trying to go deeper and then he stopped.
I stopped for a second too, feeling his cock pulse a few times
and then shoot his sperm in my ass. Before he was done, I wanted
to cum too. As I was climaxing I tried to coax the friend into
joining us by saying softly, "fuck me... fuck me...
cum in my ass. Looking right at him I whispered, "i
want to suck your cock" a few times as I held back from
cumming. He didn't join in, but he seemed to enjoy watching
it. It was so errotic and I couldn't take any more. I
said really loud, "I'm gonna' cum"
and started ramming his friend's long dick in my ass
as hard as I could. Taking it all the way out and ramming it
all the way in as my ass tightened around his penis and I started
cumming. He let me rid his cock while his friend watched.
After I was done I got imbaressed and got out of the jacuzzi
and went in the guest room downstairs were I was staying.
I put on a large T-shirt like I always did there without any
underware. It came in handy a few times and easy access for
my friend's dad. I would just jump off him if we heard
anyone coming downstairs. We were safe if we did it in the
bedrooms because of the door locks, but he seemed to like
to take chances. Almost every morning he would come in to
shave while I was taking a shower and lock the door behind
him. I would quietly get out of the shower, leaving the water
running like I was still in it. I sucked his cock until he
came in my mouth. He would then bend me over the sink and keep
fucking me until he came again and then he would leave to
go to work. He liked it when I sucked his cock in the living
room late at night while we watched TV, me laying my head
on his lap. We always ended up fucking in one of the bedrooms,
usally falling to sleep together and one of us sneaking
out in the morning. He never came more than twice, but the
second time took longer and he seemed to get more aggressive.

I stayed in my room as I heard people talking in the livingroom
outside my door. I got up to see who was there. It definately
was a party. There was about six or seven guys I didn't
know and one really good looking blonde girl. I put on a pair
of my friend's sister's white lace panties under
my T shirt. That way, if I got a hard on, it would press against
my body and no one would know. I walked in the kitchen only
wearing the T-shirt and panties but the T-shirt was so long
you couldn't tell what I was wearing underneith. My
friend's dad introduced me to a few people there and
handed me another beer. The friend of the dad who didn't
fuck me in the spa came up to me in the kitchen and started
talking to me as he sat on the bar stool and I stood next to
him. He seemed much more interested in me now and put his
hand under my T-shirt touching my hip and ass as we talked.
I was so drunk I didn't care if anyone saw. A few guys
got behind me, checking out what he was doing. I had a few
more beers and now was more drunk than I had ever been.
I stood behind the island inside the kitchen as this guy
was totally feeling my ass out. A couple of guys were talking
right behind me in the kitchen. I felt his hand left up caressing
the top of my ass and then go up my back. I knew he lifted up
the back of my t-shirt on purpose to show everyone in the
kitchen my ass in the white lace panties. But I was so drunk
I didn't care. A couple of guys copped a feel, but mostly
let us talk alone. One guy got behind me, pushing his body
against mine and grabbed my ass. He slipped his hand under
the panties and leaned over and whispered in my ear "How
would you like my dick in your ass". While talking
to the dad's friend, I turned my head and whispered
back, "I'd like that! Cum in my room later."
He continued to lean over me while feeling my ass out with
his hand and said, "How about here and now".
I would have done it if it was only the two guys, but I didn't
want to start fucking while everyone else watched. I didn't
answer him and just let him feel me out until he eventually
went into the livingroom.
The only person at the party I didn't want to show was
the blonde. I would have probably moved out of the way if
she came in the kitchen. I kept my eye on her and she stayed
in the living room. Some guy had his hand up her skirt as they
talked. from where I was I could see she wasn't wearing
any panties. After awhile there were about four guys standing
behind me while he showed them my ass. I was completely turned
on getting so much attention.
He asked if I wanted to sit down as he patted his leg. When
I went to lean against him, he lifted up my long t-shirt and
tried to take it off me. I grabbed it and pulled it down and
told him to be good. He eventually asked if I wanted to go
into the guest room with him and lay down for a while. I said,
"sure" as I got up feeling completely drunk.
He put his arm around my waist and guided me to the bedroom.
We had to pass by the beautiful blonde and she smiled as we
walked by. Almost giving me the look that she knew what we
were going to do.
When we entered the bedroom he took a box from under the bed.
It was full of VCR tapes. He grabbed one and put it in the VCR.
It was a gay porno. I was at the foot of the bed next to the door
and asked "What is that?" totally drunk, trying
to get on the bed. He said, "Check it out!" So
I got on all fours at the foot of the bed and bent over doggie
style while crawling up onto the bed slowly so he could see.
"I didn't know they were there" I said,
as the guy on the TV shot cum up the other guy's back.
I stayed doggie style while bowing my back and laying my
head on the bed for him, ready to lay down. My t-shirt was
up to my stomach as I laid my head on the bed with my ass up in
the air, I told him, "I am so drunk!" He said,
"Good!" as he turned off the light making the
room almost a pitch black except the TV light that shined
in the room.
I watched as he took off all his cloths and got excited as
I stared at his thick cock half hard hanging down. "Are
you going to fuck me this time?" I asked while slurring
my words. "Oh Ya!" he said as he walked around
behind me and then around to the other side of the bed. I stayed
in the doggie style position thinking he was going to get
behind me and stick his cock in my ass. He got under the sheets
and I fumbled around and got under the sheets with him, laying
on my side in front of his body between him and the TV. Not
knowing what to say, we started watching the TV. He said
my ass looked more like a girl's ass than a guys. He kept
talking while pulling off my girls panties, "Most
women don't like getting fucked in the ass as much as
you seemed to like it You came didn't you?". I
gently pushed my ass against him and said, "Big Time!".
I felt like I was fumbling around under the sheet with him,
laying in front of his body. Not knowing what to say, I pushed
my ass against him again. Feeling around I felt his cock.
"How old are you?" he said. I answered "14,
How old are you?". "42" he said. < I
guess that's why I am into older guys. This was almost
25 years ago and these guys would be anywhere from 55 and
up. If you read this and it sounds familiar, contact me.
I would love to hook up! > <br>
I pulled the covers lower on my hip so he could see my naked
ass laying right next to him. I put my hand behind my back
where my arm rested against his cock. Someone opened the
door and peaked in, then said sorry while closing the door.

I asked, "What's your favorite part?"
I asked because I wanted to know what he wanted me to do to
him. "I don't know" he said, "Fast
forward a little." "Do you want to do it?"
innocently asking him while I handed him the remote. "Sure
I'll do it" almost laughing as he pushed his hips
up against my ass jokingly and then grabbed the remote.
I wrapped my palm around his cock and said, "that's
not what I meant" and squeezed his rock hard penis
gently. Leaving my hand around his wide shaft, feeling
how thick he was. While laying on my side facing the TV I bowed
my back and gently touched his penis with my naked ass.
"Do you normally walk around here naked like this?"
putting his hand on my bare hip, slowly moving it down on
my ass and then back up on my hip. He was totally flirting
with his hand and copping a feel again. I replied, "I'm
not naked." I grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it off.
I said, "Now I'm naked!" while laughing.
"You like it in the ass, don't you?", he
asked while grabbing my ass and making his finger touch
my hole, then letting go, putting his hand back on my hip.
"I guess" I said, not knowing what else to say.
"Do you like sucking dick?", he questioned
me while keeping his hand firmly on my hip. "I don't
know, I guess" I said quietly because I was a little
imbarased. "You really have a nice ass, you take it
like a girl, don't you?" he said as his hand slowly
slid from my hip to my thigh and he pulled me into his cock.

I left my hand on his shaft behind me pretending I was watching
the porn as he continued to question me "You like to
get fucked in the ass, Don't you?" he whispered
in my ear behind me. "Ya, I wanted you to fuck me in the
jacuzzi" I admitted as I pushed my ass against his
penis and stroked his meat from the base to the tip of the
head once. Pulling it toward me as I slowly pumped my ass
toward him just once at the same rhythm so he would know I
wanted it inside me. "Every guy here wants to fuck
you", he said. "How do you know that?"
I asked. "I know", he said. "Are they all
gay?" I asked. "No, usually we gang bang Steph."
Knowing he was talking about the cute blonde I asked, "If
they usually fuck a girl, how do you know they want to fuck
me?" He replied, "I just know!". I asked,
"Are any of them gay?" "A couple of them
give head" he replied.
He rewound the porno to where the guy was sucking the other
guys dick. We continued to watch it until the guy pulled
his penis out of the other guys mouth and started jerking
off, shooting his load into the other guys mouth. He asked,
"Have you ever done that?" almost ignoring
me beating him off. Not wanting to tell him about his friend
I said, "No, but I always wanted to". With my
hand still on top of the sheets I stopped stroking his cock
waiting for him to do something. "You've always
wanted to suck cock or you always wanted to have someone
cum in your mouth" he asked. "You're full
of questions aren't you?", I said as he pulled
down the sheets and exposed his manhood. I looked over my
shoulder at my hand that was wrapped around his thick tool.
"Well?" he asked. "I've always wanted
to do both, i guess". I turned around toward him changing
hands not letting go of his shaft and asked, "What
do you like?" Pumping his hips into my hand he said,
"I like to cum!". Scooting my body down lower
so my head was closer to his crotch, I asked, "Do you
want me to beat you off?" while pulling his cock down
in front of my face.. "Do you want to?" he asked
. "Yes" I replied while getting up and leaning
over his penis.
Laying on my side on my elbow with my mouth really close I
took his cock in my hand and started slowly stroking it from
the base to the tip and then back down again. He started pumping
his hips into my hand as if he was fucking it and trying to
push his dick closer to my mouth. I could see the tip as it
started to get wet. I milked his shaft for more, leaning
closer with my mouth open just an inch away, as if any second
I was going to put his wide penis in my mouth and start sucking
it. He pushed forward a lot making his cock press against
my mouth, leaving his warm precum on my lips. Not backing
away, I looked up and watched him paying close attention
to my reaction as he pumped into my hand and again touching
my lips with his cock. While looking at him and without hesitation,
I licked his slippery jism from my lips and swallowed it
while continuing to beat him off. "You do like it don't
you?" he ask me. Not saying a word, I licked the tip
of his cock and pulled away, stroking it hard for more.
After a while his cock started to pulse as it pumped clear
slippery juice out of the head, down his shaft and flowed
on my wrist with every beat. It felt warm as it slid down my
hand and started druling down my wrist. It wasn't white
like sprem, but there was so much of it! Not knowing I asked,
"Did you just cum?". "No, you'll
know when I cum" pausing for a second and then he said,
"but if you keep doing this...". Almost warning
me before he shot his load all over my face. But I was now begging
him to ram it down my thought by teasing him. I wanted him
to my mouth without asking and saying a word.
I thought to myself, when I cum it doesn't shoot out
like I saw on the TV or like my friend's dad. Hoping as
I asked, "Does it come out like this or will it hit my
face?" Thinking maybe he wanted me to beat him off
and cum all over my face. "It's definitely going
to shoot out a lot!" He replied. Looking down at his
wet shaft and the top of my wrist that was covered with his
slippery juice, while sliding my hand up and down his shaft
I asked "How much comes out?" not knowing because
I barely have any precum when I beat off. "As long as
you keep doing what you're doing", he said. I
licked my lips and looked up at him, then back down to his
cock. "How much do you cum?" I asked. "I
could fill your mouth a few times".
I opened my mouth and looked down at his precum covered cock.
I licked my lips and then looked up at him. "Fill my
mouth a few times... would I have to swallow it?" I
asked quietly teasing him. "Ohh Ya!!!" he said
with total anticipation. I waited for a second watching
him want me to suck his cock. While looking up at him, I lowered
my head and put my lips against the top of my hand that was
wrapped around his shaft, with my cheek against his cock.
I teasingly licked the top of my wrist clean of precum, slowly
stroking his shaft with the edge of my tongue and rubbing
his wet slippery rock hard rod all over my face.
Taking a break, I continued pumping up and down his shaft
squeezing out more of his milk. As it started to ooze out
and slide down his thick shaft I lowered my head and licked
his cock from the base to the tip multiple times. Stroking
his entire cock clean with my tongue like it was a long ice
cream cone. Leaning back I felt his warm precum all over
my cheeks and in my mouth, making my lips and face slippery
and wet. Looking at him I swallowed his warm slippery sperm.

"Does that taste good?", he asked. "ya,
it's warm." I replied as I started stroking his
penis harder and opened my mouth over his manhood, breathing
on it. "I bet you couldn't fill my mouth twice",
I said teasingly while stroking his penis. "Put it
in your mouth and find out!" he begged. While beating
him off I lowered my head touching his cock against my lips
and answered, "Do you want me to give you a blow job",
keeping his thick cock head against my mouth while I felt
it ejaculating on my lips as I spoke. "Yeh! Suck it!"
he replied. I lifted my head up and asked, "Do you want
to cum in my mouth?" while I squeezed the base of his
think penis and slid my hand up. A huge amount of his juice
started to roll out, I put his cock head on top of my tongue
and looked up at him for an answer. He watched as I squeezed
his shaft, beating him off and making his sperm cover my
tongue. Closing my mouth and opening it on his cock, I felt
thick threads of his precum drool from my upper lip to my
lower almost comletely covering my mouth. I licked my lips
and swallowed it as he watched me carefully. "Oh yah...
you're good at this!" he said slowly.
Giving him a hand job, I opened my mouth as far as it would
go and lowered my head. His thick cock head was so wide it
gently rubbed against the inside of my lips as I slipped
it in. Teasing him while breathing on his dick in my mouth
and drooling on it, but trying not to touch the head against
my lips while I stroked it with my hand. I pulled it down and
placed my tongue under the head as I slid my hand up and down
his shaft squeezing out more jism, catching it with my tongue
before it oozed down his shaft. When I felt a large amount
hit my tongue I closed my mouth and wrapped my lips around
his cock head, sucking it, almost drinking his precum.
I could have stayed there all night making him ejaculate,
rubbing it all over my face and swallowing
it. I could feel his stomach tighten when I moved my tongue
back and forth against the tip of his cock. Pulling my head
back I said, "Do you want to fuck my mouth?" "Ya!!"
he replied quietly while breathing hard.
Being careful not to move my hand too much so he wouldn't
cum I said, "I would love to deep throught your cock!".
Bringing him to the edge but not over, I kept feeling his
precum pump out of his cock and into my mouth. It was like
swallowing multiple guys, I was drinking as much sprem
as I wanted. When he started to push it into my mouth, pumping
his hips, I pulled away and looked back at him. I could taste
his warm cum in my mouth as it coated my throat. "Do
you want to cum in my mouth?" teasing him again while
letting him cool off, smearing his milk on my closed lips
and just barely sliding my hand up and down his cock shaft.
"Suck it!" he said again as his hand grabbed
the back of my head and pushed my mouth into his penis.
He forced my head down and pushed his cock against my slippery
closed lips. I got up on all fours with my ass doggie style,
allowing him to fuck my mouth. I moved my hand out of the way,
putting it between my legs so I could deep throat his thick
penis. I pushed my finger with his cum into my ass as I felt
his cock slide past my wet slippery lips at the same time.
I kept them closed tight as his cock head penetrated through
like a tight wet pussy, opening my mouth as it entered. His
thick cock head filled my mouth completely as he pushed
it deeper forcing me to give him head. With his hand grabbing
my hair, I opened my throught and let him push my head all
the way down and his penis slid down into my throat. My lips
pressed against his body while I deep throated his entire
shaft. "OHhh!!!" he almost exhausted all his
air as I kept his entire dick in my throat and letting him
see my young girlish ass naked bent over next to him doggie
style while I finger banged myself and pumped his cock in
and out of my throat fantisizing about getting fucked by
two guys. Knowing he didn't want me to stop, I pulled
his cock out of my mouth and said, "I bet you want to
fuck me in the ass!" Then continued giving him head.

I just did what my friend's dad taught me to do and everything
that turned him on. He said he liked watching my ass move
as I gave him head because it looked like I was being fucked
and that made him hot. I told him I liked finger banging myself
because it was like I had two guys doing me at the same time.
I bowed my back as much as I could while spreading my legs,
pushing my ass out into my finger every time I went down on
"Oh You've got a nice ass! Have you ever been fucked
by lots of guys at the same time?" he asked me. I took
a break for a second and told him quietly "no never.."
My mouth was full of his thick jism as I rubbed it off with
my hand. Placing my hand back under myself, I used his precum
to lube my hole because I knew he wanted to fuck me. "Do
you want to stick your penis inside of me?" I said.

I went down on him again, not being able to breath as I pumped
my head up and down slowly, letting him fuck my throat and
fantasize about my ass. My lips stretched to the limit around
the thickest part of his shaft. I then pulled it all the way
out, took a breath and did it again. I felt like an expert
by now considering I had been giving head to my friend's
dad every morning and night. Taking more from my mouth I
rubbed it all over the inside of my legs and ass to lube it.
Thinking if he wants to fuck me in the ass, the second I got
his thick cock head against my tight butt, I was going to
pull his body toward me and let him ram it in all the way. I
wanted to feel his manhood deep inside me on the first stroke.
I wanted to know how it felt to be in the ass by a stranger.
As I beat him off I slowly lowered my head and put his shaft
against my cheek smearing it all over while licking the
sperm that drooled on the top of my hand again. Being sure
I swallowed every drop that slowly pumped out of his thick
cock. I bent my head to the side and started licking up and
down the bottom side of his wide shaft. With my lips and tongue
rubbing the bottom side of his rod, I lapped up his warm thick
juice. I could feel his cock starting to pulse in my hand
as I watched the warm milk pump out of his cock head. Thinking
he came, I wrapped my lips around the head and slowly sucked
on it for more while. I pulled it out while swallowing what
was in my mouth and rubbing his shaft all over my mouth and
cheek. Again I wrapped my lips around the top of his pulsing
head. I slowly and very carefully licked off all the sperm
pulsing out of his cock head and kept swallowing it like
it was candy.
Looking up I asked, "did you like that?" "ya,
keep going" he replied. "do you want to cum again?"
I asked. To my suprise he said, "I haven't cum
yet". Wow, I thought. I started licking the top of
his cock while holding his balls. I slowly moved my hand
up to his shaft and took his cock in my mouth. I agressively
started thrusting my head up and down giving him head while
beating him off. I did this for about 5 minutes until he said,
"Uhh... Now your gonna' make me cum..."
as he started ramming his penis into my mouth making me deep
throught him
"I want to cum in your mouth!" he said without
giving me any option because he was holding my head with
both of his hands and forcing his cock down my throught.
I pulled away and said, "You can do anything you want
to me!" as he tried to keep me from stopping. He almost
came, so I stopped milking his penis for more precum, swallowing
every drop that was in my mouth and bowing my back as my legs
were spread. "Anything?" he asked. By now my
face was covered with warm slippery jism as I started stroking
his cock with my hand and thrusting my mouth up and down his
dick shouving his entire shaft in and out, giving him head,
deep throut style. Knowing he wanted to stick it in my ass,
I pulled it out and said, "Yes anything! I want you
to fuck me in the ass as hard as you can. But if you want to cum
in my mouth, I'll swallow it!" I desperately
wanted to know if he could really fill my mouth twice and
wanted to at least try to swallow as much as I could. But I
was also thinking if he had this much precum, what would
it feel like if he shot his load in my ass. Specially if I teased
him and made him hold back this long. I drank so much precum,
I really wanted to feel his cock shoot his load in my ass and
make me cum at the same time by fucking me. But I was going
to do anything he wanted.
"Will you do that?" referring to the gay porn
still playing on the TV. I looked over at the TV and it was
at the point where the guy was getting fucked from behind
as he laid on his side. "Do you want to fuck my ass?"
I said while squeezing his shaft and licking up as much precum
and getting his cock all wet to prepare it to go inside me.
"Yeh!" he replied.
I laid on my side next to him, facing the TV and started watching
the gay porno. He moved up behind me placing his cock between
my cheeks and put his hand on my hip. I wrapped my hand around
his cock behind my back and guided his cock head against
my slippery hole. I pulled my legs up and pushed my ass out
toward him as he started pumping in and out of my hand. Guiding
his huge cock head against my hole as I stroked his thick
penis against my ass. I messaged his massive head against
my hole in circles making it more slippery with his precum.
I felt like my ass was a pussy because I could feel his cock
so well. Probably because I was getting fucked a lot by his
friend and just had a few hours earlier. I could do this all
night, milking his warm slippery juice and rubbing it all
over my body!
"Where am I going to cum?" he asked eagerly.
I pushed my ass hard against his penis and felt his cock head
spread my hole like I was a tight virgin girl as it plunged
inside me. I pushed as far as I could feeling his shaft stretching
my hole as he drove it in the rest of the way. I rolled my ass
around and said, "Uhh! Where do you want to cum?"
Putting my hand behind me and on his hip, I pulled him closer
toward me while pumping his shaft deep in my ass with a rolling
motion. "Oh ya! This will do just fine!" he replied
while slowly pumping his dick in and out, pushing it harder
inside me with every thrust. I pulled it out and started
giving him a hand job again.
He was the second guy I'd ever fucked. His cock wasn't
11 inches like my friend's dad, but it was as thick.
This is where I learned size really doesn't matter
because he touched my hips and ass a lot and that totally
turned me on. His cock could have been small, I didn't
care as long as he keep touching me and pulling my hips toward
him as he rammed it in. What mattered is that it turned me
on knowing he wanted to fuck me.
I could feel him wanting to ram his huge cock in my hole as
I stroked his cock with my hand. "You've got a
tight ass!" he said as he kept pushing just his cock
head in and out of my ass. I could feel his cock shaft wanting
to go in as it spread my tight pussy asshole. "It feels
so good! Keep fucking me!" I replied as I let go of his
cock with my hand and pushed hard making the head pop in and
ramming his shaft deeper into my ass. He rammed it in hard
"Uuhh... Oh ya!" I begged quietly. He knew I
wanted it rough and answered with another quick hard thrust.
"OOHH!" I replied, getting louder as he started
fucking me harder. Feeling out my ass with his hand and spreading
my cheeks so he could fuck my young slippery tight asshole.

Then he put his hand on my hip and slowly pumped on my ass making
the head go deeper and then pulled it out all the way, teasing
me. Bowing my back and pushing my ass toward him, I pushed
it back in and said, "ohh ya! your cock feels so good
in my ass", feeling his precum lubing my tight hole
as I laid on my side and him behind me. "I've never
fucked anyone so young before" he said. "Do
you like it?" I asked. "Oh ya! your so tight!"
We kept fucking like that on our sides for a while, slowly
putting the head in and out to his shaft. He would pound it
in a few times and would start going faster. I could tell
when he was ready to cum, wanting to shoot his load in my ass
so I would slow him down and start teasing him. Once in a while
he would try to go deeper and faster but I pulled away, making
him want to me. I asked him, "do you want me to get
on top of you?" He said, "Yah" as he rolled
on his back. I straddled his cock backward so he could see
my ass. Bowing my back while putting my hand behind me I grabbed
his thick penis. I put the head against my ass. "do
you want to fuck me?" I whispered in a soft voice as
I pulled my hips away every time he thrusted forward while
I rubbed up and down his shaft with my hand.. "Yeh,
I do!" he replied almost to busy trying to stick it
inside me. "Do you want to fuck my tight pussy ass?"
I said while teasing him more.
Once in a while I let him push his penis in until I felt his
shaft start to enter an inch or so. But I kept pulling away
every time he did. I was teasing him but also slowly pushing
more of his precum deeper inside my ass, wanting as much
as I could get. "You've got such a nice ass!"
he said again as pulled me back to lay on him backwards. He
started feeling me out with his hands on my chest like I was
a girl. I kept my hands on the bed and my legs bent under me
with the top of my feet flat against the bed. Covered over
him backwards not putting any weight on him I slowly bounced
on his cock while he felt my chest and started squeezing
my nipples.
I was so horny, feeling like a girl and my hole was so slippery
I wanted to feel the pain of his cock me and ramming
all the way inside me hard. So I pushed and slowly slid his
entire cock inside me, rolling my hips around the thickest
part of his shaft. "UHH YAAA!!!" I said almost
ready to cum. Then I pulled completely out draped on him
backwards, my ass facing him and he on his back. He kept trying
to pull my hips down to ram it inside again but I didn't
let him. Now only allowing the tip of his cock head to bounce
in and out penetrating inside me, I kept teasing him because
I didn't want to cum yet.
"I want to stick it inside you" he said as he tried
to force my body to lay completely on him and pulling my hips
to sit down on his cock. "Do you want to cum in my ass!"
I said while teasing him by just pushing the head in and out.
"Come on" he replied trying to pull my hips down
harder. Giving him another taste of my pussy ass, I asked
him, "like this?" and got up and put my feet on
the bed. Squating on him backwards while I was on my toes
and holding myself up with my hands on the bed. I lowered
my ass slowly down on him, making his shaft slide all the
way inside me again and then pulled out half way. Sticking
my ass out toward him, I pumped up and down while rolling
my hips slowly while holding myself up. Grabbing my hips
he pulled me down on him harder while pushing his cock up
as far as he could. I then pushed it deep inside me, sitting
down on his cock completely, feeling it invading my ass.
Grabbing my hips he started ramming it in and out fast. I
pulled it all the way out and then rammed his manhood all
the way inside again, slowing him down. I told him not to
move as I pulled out half way and started pumping in and out
going a little deeper each time. Then I started ramming
his penis in as deep as it would go, pulling out almost to
the head and ramming it back in, going up and down hard, fucking
him completely. Making sure he didn't cum yet, I asked
"do you like this?". I could tell he was too excited
when he said, "Ohh.. Ohh Ya!" Feeling his shaft
ramming inside my ass I was getting closer to cumming. I
could feel my dick starting to pulse, tightening my ass
around his shaft but I waited until he started ramming it
in harder wanting to cum until I pulled out.
While he tried to stop me from teasing him, I rolled over
on my back next to him and said, "I want you to me!"
knowing he was ready to cum. He quickly got on top of me and
held my arms down above my head. "oh ya!" he asked.
I said in a quiet seductive voice, "Fuck Me Hard!".
"I'm gonna' fuck you hard, You would like
that wouldn't you?" he said. Playing the role
with him, I said "please no! your cock is too big!"
as I broke away from his hold and pretending to push him off
while gently pushing him away. He got between my legs and
spread them with his. "no... please no...!"
I begged, pretending I didn't want it.
He put his cock up against my warm slippery hole and started
pushing inside me. I wrapped my legs around his back putting
my hand under my body grabbing around his thick shaft. "I'm
too young, your penis is too big to go inside my tight pussy
ass!" I said as I slid my hand up and down his cock while
messaging the head against my hole. "I'll beat
you off and you can cum all over me!" He pumped harder
making his cock drive in half way in my ass. "UHHH!"
I said as I pulled my ass to one side pretending it hurt to
much. "Please No... You can shoot your load in my mouth!
I'll swallow your cum" I said egging him on more
because I knew he wanted to cum in my ass. But between getting
fucked by the dad a few hours ago and his precum all inside
me, it was tight but I easily took his thick shaft all the
way inside me and it felt really good. I just liked the feeling
of teasing myself and him with his cock head spreading my
almost pussy lips and how it felt as it slid in and out. I liked
knowing my ass was tighter than a young virgin girl. And
I liked the way I was exciting him when I did it. I wanted him
to be aggressive with me, I wanted to know how it felt to be
held down and in the ass by a man.
His penis slid between the bed and my butt. I pinned it down
with my ass as he grabbed on to my arms again pulling them
over my head and holding them down. Knowing I could move
my ass away and he couldn't stick it inside me if he was
holding my arms down I continued to tease him, "Are
you going to me? Fuck my ass like I'm a little girl".
He got so excited as he pushed his cock up against my hole.
Pretending like I was trying to get away from him as he held
my arms down over my head, I said, "Are you going to
fuck me hard! Ram it inside my ass!" while rolling
my hips around and pushing it in deeper, but pretending
like I was trying to get away. He pulled out and then rammed
his cock into me so hard it slipped over my balls. While he
held my arms down I said, "Please... no... don't
fuck my ass! Please Don't Me!" I was so horny
I wanted to feel him taking advantage of me and the pain of
his thick cock my tight ass.
He moved around and placed his cock against my warm wet hole
and slowly pushed the head in to his shaft. He then rammed
it in all the way. "UHH!" I said almost yelling.
He pulled half his shaft out and then rammed it in hard again.
"UHH!" I said almost in a girls voice as he kept
his cock all the way in to the thickest part in my ass. I moved
my butt in circles feeling his thick penis inside me. "Please
don't Me!" I said. He pulled out and and rammed
it in again. Just barely pushing him away "No... No...
Your cock is too big!" really begging for more. Going
faster he started my ass with his thick cock like
I was a girl.
"Oh!... Oh! I pleaded with my legs bent up in the air,
as he drove his dick inside my tight ass. He started pumping
on me fast and then stopped, leaving it deep inside me. I
could feel his cum filled cock wanting to explode as it pulsed
inside my girlish butt. "I'm wanna' cum"
he said holding it off. I was ready to cum too and wanted him
to go longer so I pulled my ass off to the side and started
pushing him away. As he tried to hold me down, I begged "Please
don't me, Please! Your cock is too big for my tight
ass! Shoot your load in my mouth! I'll beat you off and
you can cum in my mouth!" <br>
He forced me to flip over on my stomach. I then felt someone
else holding my head down, making my head stay on the bed.
He got between my legs as he got forceful pretending he was
going to my ass. "No... no..." I pleaded
while fullfilling my fantisy, "please don't
me!" As he straddled me from behind and the other
guy held my head down hard with one hand while I watched him
unzip his pants right in front of me with his other hand.

I probably didn't hear him because I was so drunk. Maybe
I was being too loud. He unzipped his pants and put his cock
up against my mouth. Totally shocked I looked up at him.
It was the guy in the kitchen earlier. I used all my energy
to get up on my knees while the friend was behind me still
making me spread my legs on the outside of his and his cock
was against my ass. I said, "Please No!" really
trying to get away. The friend pushed the middle of my back
down hard, forcing me to put my hands down on the bed, making
me land with my face in front of the other guy's cock.
I spread my legs more on the outside of the friend's
knees, bowing my back. Doggie style in front of them with
my ass pointed up in the air like a girl. He had already pushed
the tip of his cock against my mouth.. I didn't have
enough time to even open my mouth to accept his cock. He grabbed
my head and pulled it forward "Take it Bitch!"
he said. Not letting me answer he pushed his cock deep in
my mouth, forcing me to deep throut him. This guy didn't
even know me at all. I think he thought he was helping the
other guy me. I was a little scared but also totally
turned on because now it felt like I really was being .

He pulled my head into his cock, making me lose my ballance.
I put my elbows on the bed to wrap my hand around his penis
and beat him off while I sucked his cock, this made my ass
point up even further. But I couldn't regain my ballance
enough because he was shoving his penis down my throught
forcefully. The friend pushed his dick all the way in my
ass as I mumbled "Uhh, oh ya!" with the cock in
my mouth, but you couldn't hear what i was saying. They
started pumping their dicks in me hard. First one then the
other, making my body go forward and deep throat one and
then the other ramming it in hard.
A couple of people walked in on us, it was no secret what we
were doing now. One of the guys left the door open. I really
didn't care considering I was being fucked by two guys.
I was lying on my stomach and pushing my body up leaning forward
doggie style for so long my body was exhausted. Eventually
I just laid on my stomach trying to rest as they continued
holding me down and fucking me. The dad's friend pulled
out. I didn't feel him cum in my ass, but he went into
the living room, leaving me alone with the stranger. I could
tell he was too close to stop now. He was ramming his cock
down my throught while pulling my head forward. He started
taking really long slow strokes as he got louder. "Uhh!
UHH YA! UHH YA!" he said as he was almost ready to cum
in my mouth. He quickly pulled out and got behind me as I laid
on the bed with my ass wanting his cock. He pushed the middle
of my back down so I wouldn't get up. He then shoved his
dick as deep as he could in my pussy ass asking me, "How
do you like that?". Taking long fast strokes
my slippery tight hole.
I stopped fighting back because I was too tired. I just let
him fuck me as hard as he wanted. He kept telling me, "Take
it! Take it in the ass little boy!" with every thrust
he gave me. I could tell he thought he was really me
so I played along turning him on even more. Without any energy
I just laid on my stomach, every time he thrusted his penis
in my ass I quietly said, "No... Please... No...!".
He started getting louder, "Uhh! UHH! UHH!".
Then just barely bouncing it in and out deep in my cum filled
ass almost ready to cum. He pulled out and jumped to my side
and grabbed my head pulling it forward to suck his cock.
I fought as hard as I could because it was in my ass and I didn't
want it in my mouth. He grabbed his cock and started beeting
off fast with one hand and trying to pull me forward with
the other. I felt his sperm hit my shoulder as he started
to cum. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tounge a few inches
away as he aimed and continued to shoot the reast of his load
in my mouth. Most of it hitting my face but some in my mouth
and lips. I licked my lips and swallowed what was in my mouth.
He let me go and I watched as he got dressed and left the party.

Still completely naked, I looked inside the living room
to see it was a total orgy. Everyone was naked too so I walked
in. I could taste the cum in my mouth and my lips felt numb
from giving head so hard. I wiped the cum off my face with
my hand as I walked by the blonde who was taking it doggie
style by one guy and giving head to two other guys. Others
were watching and touching eachother.
There was an older guy who was about 50 sitting on the couch
watching Stephani getting gang banged while he beat off.
Two guys in front of the TV, one on his knees sucking the other
guy off. I walked over to the dad in the kitchen not knowing
what to do. I wanted to join in but didn't know where
or how. He said, "Go over with Stephani". I walked
over and saw her getting fucked in her pussy and sucking
cock. I hadn't ever had a women and definately wanted
to fuck her, but she was busy. I definately wanted to suck
the older guys cock so I went over to him and got on my knees
in front of him right next to Stephani. Without even asking
him, I leaned over his lap and put my hand around his penis.
I lowered my head in submittion and started sucking his
cock right there in front of Stephani. There was the other
guy near the TV giving head so I thought she was probably
used to seeing it.
It happened so quick, the dad's friend got behind me
while I was giving head and pulled my hips back, making me
go on the ground. All three of us got on the floor. I could
feel Stephani touching me as we both got fucked doggie style,
both of us lined up for the guys. I heard her tell one guy not
to stick it in her ass. I wanted to do all of the guys so I started
telling the guy doing me, "Fuck me... Fuck my ass hard!"
I wanted to do things she wouldn't, so I would get ganged
banged by more guys.
Eventually I was on top of Stephani and she told me not to
cum inside her when I started fucking her. I came really
quick and couldn't help to do it inside her because
there was this one guy who kept sticking his cock in and out
of my ass slowly as I fucked her cunt. I couldn't hold
off because her pussy was my first and I could feel the guys
cock penetrating me completely. I didn't know any
better at the time, but she was actually too loose. She was
giving head to the another guy right in front of my face as
she laid on her back and I was over her. She seemed like she
couldn't deep throught him and gagged when the guy
tried. At first I just watched her give him head, but the
guy kept pulling it out of her mouth and sticking it in front
of my face so I would suck it. I didn't want to do it right
in front of her, but about the third time he did it, he put
it against my lips. I opened my mouth and took the entire
shaft down my throat, all the way to his balls with no problem.
I heard her say, "Wow!" as I bounced my head back
and forth deep throating his cock. She kept grabbing it
and putting it in her mouth, just barely going half way down
his shaft. The guy kept putting it back in my mouth and eventually
grabbed my head and came in my mouth, making me swallow his
sperm. I swallowed almost all of the guys and I don't
think she even swallowed one. One guy started to cum and
she pulled it out of her mouth. So I grabbed it and let him
cum in mine.
The guy started pounding on me hard, keeping his penis in
my ass. He finally shot his load inside of me. She was really
good looking, but I think most of the guys wanted to do me
more because I was a 14 year old boy. This was probably the
only time they ever had a chance to do it to a young boy. Stephani
and I almost fought over giving guys head. She would grab
the guys cock out of my mouth and start sucking it, but most
of them came in my mouth.
Stephani was the second person to leave. I watched her get
dressed while I was on top of one guy. Strattling him and
ramming his cock into my ass with long deep strokes. They
gang banged me for quite a while after she left. I loved being
the center of attention as guys surrounded me, beating
off and waiting their turn. After a while things settled
down. Most people left, but a few stayed and watched TV.
My friend's dad said, "Let take this upstairs"
and one of the guys went up with us. As we started upstairs
and the friend was in front of us, he said, "Go get your
school cloths". I looked at him and quietly said,
"no... I don't want any one else to know."
He said "don't worry, he'll like it a lot."
So I went into the guest room and grabbed the white thong,
skirt, nylons and top. I went upstairs and put them on the
bed hoping he would forget. But both of them were waiting
for me at the door and the dad picked up the see-through thong
and said, "Check this out!" "Put 'em
on" the friend told me.
Doing what they wanted, I first put on the thong and bent
over to pull up the skirt. The friend said, "WOW!"
as I started pulling up the white nylons. He got in front
of me and stood up on the bed wanting to put his cock in my mouth.
I said, "no, you can only fuck me. I don't want
to taste myself." They tried to persuade me to do it
but I wouldn't. The friend went into the bathroom and
quickly showered off while I got into the bed under the sheets
because I was a little embarrassed about what I was wearing.
I was not used to doing this at all.
The dad pulled the covers off the bed, making them hit the
floor. So much for that I thought. "When he comes in,
get on all fours and ask him if you can give him head",
he said. As we waited I asked him, "Are you going to
fuck me?". Hoping I could show him I can take his mammoth
cock easily. "I'm going to watch for a few minutes"
he said.
I heard the shower turn off so I did what he said and got on
my hands and knees. As he walked out of the bath room drying
off with the towel I asked, "Can I suck your cock!"
He said, "No problem" as he leaned forward hanging
his half hard penis in front of my face. I wrapped my hand
around it and put the head in my mouth. Sliding my hand up
and down his shaft as he pushed it deeper in my mouth. It quickly
got rock hard.
"Show him what you can do!" the dad said (like
he didn't already know). So I easily slid his entire
cock down my throat without choking leaving it deep inside
as I messaged his balls. "Ohh Ya! Take it!" he
said. The dad stood next to him and eventually grabbed on
to my hair forcing me to suck his cock too. I kept my hand around
the friend's penis beating him off as I gave head to
my friend's dad. Back and forth they each took multiple
turns in my mouth. The friend grabbed my hair and kept his
cock in my mouth as the dad got behind me on the bed. He lifted
my skirt up and pulled my thong down and started finger banging
my cum filled ass. Trying to coax him into sticking his huge
tool in my ass, I bowed my back as much as possible and started
pushing my ass toward him. He got the hint and straddled
me from behind as I was doggie style.
I kept sucking the friends cock and stroking it until I knew
he was starting to cum while being butt fucked by the dad's
huge horse cock. "I want to swallow it!" I only
had a second to say as he started cumming. I opened my mouth
and he shot the biggest load I've ever seen. I closed
my mouth because it was full and swallowed his thick warm
cum. It felt so good as he kept shooting more on my face. I
put his cock back in my mouth and started sucking the rest
and swallowing it too as the dad started pounding on me hard.
I could hear him as he rammed it in. The friend kept his cock
in my mouth as I was on all fours feeling the dad rubbing the
inside of my body. I was so turned on by the taste in my mouth
with his cock, and the huge shaft in my ass fucking me hard.
I new I was peeking and just let it all out! Mumbling, "UHH!
UHH!!! UHH!!" I started cumming. My ass tightened
around his mammoth rod and he started saying, "Take
it baby! There you go!" My ass pulsed around his dick
as I came and I could feel his penis start to vibrate as it
shot cum inside my ass. I felt his warm sperm as it shot inside
me. I felt like I kept cumming until he stopped ramming it
inside me. I was so tired after we fucked and so were they.
We all fell asleep in the bed.
In the middle of the night as I was on my side, the friend woke
me up by getting behind me and pumping on my ass with his dick
without penetrating me. I was facing the dad and looked
up at him, he was asleep. I quietly pushed my ass into the
friends cock as he laid behind me rubbing his shaft between
my cheeks. Wow, he wanted to cum in my ass too, but he started
kissing the back of my neck and I was shocked! It felt so different.
I could feel his whiskers, but also could feel his tongue
as he licked my ear. I've kissed girls before but this
was a first! He grabbed the side of my head and bent my head
back while pushing his body closer. He kissed my lips. I
kissed back trying something new.
He pulled me on my back and put his legs in between mine while
he got on top of me. We both quietly looked over at the dad
to be sure he was asleep. He put his mouth closer to mine,
keeping his cock head against my hole. Then leaning forward
I felt his tongue as it gently licked my upper lip and he started
pushing his cock into me slowly. I was still tight but had
so much cum inside me, it easily slid in. Trying not to move
the bed and wake up his friend, I wrapped my legs around his
back as he towered over me and started licking my lips and
kissing me. Both of our mouths open, him on top of me. He pushed
his cock inside my ass slowly making our lips touch harder.

He slipped his tongue in my mouth as he easily pushed his
entire cock deep inside my slippery pussy ass. I took the
girls role, keeping my tongue in my mouth, circling it around
his tongue softly as he stuck it in my mouth. Closing his
mouth on my bottom lip he then started kissing my lips again.
He pulled his cock out and grabbed around my cock between
us. He beat me off while pushing his cock back inside my ass.
He pushed in harder and faster. I opened my mouth completely
because his cock felt so good and he was beating me off while
he fucked me! He started frenching me again, invading my
mouth with his tongue and me gently swirling my tongue around
It was erotic because it was like I was doing it secretly,
not wanting to wake up his friend. We were being really quiet
and he kept his tongue deep in my mouth and I barely stuck
mine out as he rubbed my dick faster. I was so wet from cum
as I was taking the girl's role as we frenched. I thought
back earlier when he came in my

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Loved your story. Especially the last part.


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Would have loved to have been a part of that party.


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Anytime you want another night like that, let me know &
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I would love to be the central character and experience
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I'd love to hook up!


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WOW!What a great story, anytime you want to have me suck there cock off or eat some pussy