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The Office Crush


This story contains lots of male bisexuality. If that's
not your cup of tea or mug of coffee then do not read and move
onto something else. Some elements of the story are true, but it is mostly a fantasy.

I was eighteen, had just moved out of my parents' house
after breaking up with my girlfriend of two years. I was
not ready to go to college.

So against my father's advice I moved to a city far away
from my small home town and found a job as a mail boy at a large
real estate company, which made it possible for me to rent
a small flat and pay for my own car.

Although I was going through many changes at once I was happy.
Life was good and full of new possibilities. My job was easy
and consisted of delivering inter-office mail, distributing
memos and running errands for the company's executives.
I did not miss my girlfriend although some days I really
missed the sex, but I tried not to torture myself by thinking
too much about it.

Everyday after work I would hit my local gym and work out
for about three hours. The result was astonishing. I was
looking better than some of the best Calvin Klein underwear
models without the use of any steroids whatsoever. I was
lonely and horny most of the time, but life was good.

Then one day I saw her and everything changed in an instant.

She was sitting at her computer in her cubicle, busily typing
words and numbers on her keyboard with her elegantly manicured
fingers. She furrowed her sexy brows as she concentrated
on her computer monitor and her beautiful lips moved soundlessly
as she mumbled words to herself.

I had never seen a sexier woman in my entire life. A white
plastic hair band held her dark brown hair up and out of her
face. Her lipstick was a sexy shade of dark red that made
her full lips look even sexier than they naturally were.
Her eyes were a seductive shade of deep brown with dark and
long lashes. She was probably in her early thirties, probably
too old for me to lust for or even dream of having a small chance
with. But I did fall in lust with her at first sight.

My heart started pumping faster as I imagined how it would
feel to kiss those full lips or that exquisitely delicate
neck of hers. My legs felt shaky as I approached her cubicle
with the manila envelope in my hand. I looked at the envelope
and read her name: Celeste. It was a beautiful name for such
a heavenly beauty.

"Celeste, " I read out loud and she must have
heard me because she stopped typing and looked up at me.

"Yes that's me, " she said in a soft and
very erotic voice. "Thanks I was waiting for that.
Just put it right here on my desk."

I looked at her face for a long moment, trying to guess her
origins. I guessed Latina or Middle Eastern. Whatever
her ancestors' nationalities were, the result was
this breathtakingly exotic beauty in front of me.

She turned her chair and started working on her computer
again. I put the envelope on her desk as slowly as I possibly
could, never taking my eyes off of her. I stood there silent
for a few seconds and watched her concentrate on her task.
She looked at me again, this time quizzically.

"Oh ... hmm, " I managed to mumble. "I
was wondering if you had any outgoing mail."

She smiled at me.

I could feel a hint of sarcasm in her pretty smile, as if she
were telling me that she knew that I was staring at her and
she knew that she was giving me a hard on by just sitting there
and looking pretty.

"No ... hmm what's your name?" she asked.

"Oh, I'm ... hmm, " I genuinely struggled
to remember my own name for a few seconds. "Michael
... I mean Mike. My friends call me Mike. I mean ... well please
call me Mike!"

"Well Mike, " she replied, smiling again,
"I'm glad that you consider me to be your friend.
I have nothing for you right now, but come back in a couple
of hours and I won't let you leave empty handed."

I realized that she was sizing me up and down, looking at
me with some interest. Was it possible that she was single?
Even if she was ... could she possibly be interested in me?

"Ok Celeste, " I said more confidently. "Good
deal. I'll be back in a couple of hours."

I left her cubicle and went about delivering the rest of
the mail. My heart was still pounding hard and my cock was
throbbing in my pants. Damn those hormones, I thought to

I felt as if I were floating in the air. She had smiled at me.
She had looked at me with undeniable interest. But that
was all there was and no reason to be so happy. Yet I felt hopeful.

What was I expecting to happen? A date? A kiss? Hot sex? Why
not? After all I was a very good looking guy in a very good
physical shape and any woman would be more than happy to
have sex with me.

An hour and a half later I was at her cubicle again. She was
talking to a handsome man who was openly flirting with her.
She was laughing at his stupid jokes. I was disappointed,
almost heartbroken. How silly of me to think that I stood
a chance with these professional type idiots buzzing around
her even if she was not married or already taken.

"Oh Mike, " she said joyfully as if she were
genuinely happy to see me. "Make sure you deliver
this to the right person."

She extended a small envelope to me. I took the envelope,
turned around and left her alone with the office joker slash
gigolo. It took me a few minutes before I bothered to look
at the envelope.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw what was written on
the envelope: MIKE, CONFIDENTIAL. My hands shook as I opened
the white envelope.


Below this sentence she had written an address. I could
not breathe for a moment. I was pretty sure that it was her
address on the piece of paper, or some place where she wanted
to meet me later. I felt my cheeks flush with lust ... and

At one o'clock sharp I was standing next to the company's
Espresso stand in the lobby. Celeste approached me two
minutes later with a beautiful smile on her face.

"Get me an iced Vanilla Latte and meet me outside, "
she said and walked away briskly.

Five minutes later I was outside the building with two drinks
in my hands looking for her. After searching for her for
about three minutes I found her sitting on a bench facing
the artificial lake that was made by the same company that
we worked for.

She had taken her jacket off and now waiting for me gloriously
in her sleeveless white shirt. Her hair was down and her
beautiful large breasts were slightly heaving up and down
as she took deep breaths of fresh air. I sat beside her on
the bench, never taking my eyes off of her as I handed her
the drink.

"Thanks Mike, " she said in her musical voice.
"So tell me ... how bad do you want to fuck me?"

I was shocked by her straightforwardness and choice of
words. These were the last words I ever expected her to say
to me. I did not know how to answer her question. I was afraid
that this was actually a trick question and if I answered
truthfully she would throw her drink at me and tell me to
fuck off.

"Mike ... how bad do you want to fuck me?" she
asked me again when I failed to answer her the first time.

"Hmm ... I want to, " I mumbled, blood rushing
to my head. I could barely hear my own voice, "I don't

"Well Mike, " she said calmly. "That's
not the impression you gave earlier when you were fucking
me with your eyes. I really like your eyes by the way. You're
a fucking good looking boy Mike!"

"I want to kiss you, fuck you, suck you and eat you, "
words suddenly were pouring out of me. "Badly!"

"Yes ... that's it, " she replied. "That's
what I like in a man. Honesty and passion ... and you're
so innocent. When I'm done with you there will be nothing
left of your innocence. But I need you to stay passionate
and honest with me. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do, " I almost whispered. "But
I don't understand..."

"Do you think because I have a boring office job I must
be a boring soccer mom?" she interrupted me. "No
Mike. I am a very perverted girl. I'm not sure if you
can handle me, but I'm going to give you a chance to find
out. Be at the address I gave you at eight o'clock sharp
tonight. You will get to fuck me senseless as much as you
can handle ... with only one condition."

"What's that?" I managed to ask her.

"You have to do exactly as I say, " she said very
seriously. "No questions asked. No whining. No reluctance.
If you fail to follow my directions and rules ... I'll
kick you out in a blink of an eye and I'll make sure that
you will never work at this place again. I am warning you
Mike: You will probably not like the things I will ask you
to do for me. But if you don't do what I want you to do then
it's adios amigo! Do you think that you can handle a
wild one like me Mike?"

I was quiet for a minute. Then I said "yes!"

"Good. Then I'll see you at eight sharp, "
she said and got up, "Make sure that you shave your
balls, " she giggled. Then she turned around started
walking towards the building.

I was caught off guard and totally blown away. I watched
as she walked seductively into the office building. This
new development was totally different than what I had in

What did I have in mind? Love? Hot sex with a gorgeous thirty
some year old woman? Now she had promised me that I could
fuck her senseless if I did as I were told which was indefinitely
better than me stalking her forever hoping for a glance
or a smile once or twice a day.

But did I have whatever it took to be with her? I was worried
and excited about what sort of perversions she had in store
for me. Could I really handle whatever she needed from me?

After work I went to the gym. I concentrated on making my
already muscular and ripped body look even better for when
I took my clothes off that night. Then I drove home and shaved
my balls in the shower.

I took a nap and woke up at seven. I ate a banana and washed
it down with a Red Bull. I put on a tight black T-shirt and
a pair of Levi's that showed off the muscular lines
of my body and hit the road. At five minutes to eight I was
at the address that I was given. It was a nice modest house
in a decent neighborhood. I felt my mouth going dry as I rang
the doorbell.

Celeste opened the door within a few seconds. She was wearing
a black lace shelf bra that framed her glorious D cup breasts,
garter belt, black lace stockings and no panties. Her amazing
light brown nipples were long and stiff as if someone had
just been playing with them.

My stare went from her boobs down to the beads of wet crystal
liquid that lingered in her dark brown pussy hair. Finally
when I dared to look up at her face I realized that her hair
was a couple of shades lighter than what it was earlier that
day. She smiled with her dark red painted lips.

"Do you like my hair?" she asked. "I did
this for you. You know that you're a lucky boy when a
woman gets her hair done just for you."

"It looks beautiful, " I said after clearing
my throat. "You're the most beautiful woman
I've ever seen."

"Thank you Mike, " she replied smiling. "That's
so nice of you to say ... but I have my best friend waiting
for us in my bedroom and you might find her even more beautiful.
I can tell that you're wondering why my pussy's
all wet. I hope you don't mid that we started without

I was not sure if she was serious. But then again I could tell
that she was. She grabbed my hand and pulled me after her
upstairs and into her bedroom. Lying on the huge bed was
a gorgeous blonde woman. She was probably in her early forties.
She was wearing pink and white striped stockings and a white
shelf bra with pink ribbons. Her long hair was braided into
two golden pigtails that complemented her schoolgirl

Her long legs were spread wide open and a muscular young
man was pumping away at her pussy hard and fast. His tanned
body was glistening with some sort of oil and he was grabbing
his own ass cheeks as he pounded the beautiful blonde's
pussy with his big strong cock. The woman was pinching her
own stiff pink nipples with her elegant fingers. Her full
lips were painted with a glossy hot pink lipstick.

"Fuck me harder Brad, " the blonde ordered
the young man. "Oh Celeste ... he's fucking me
so good. Come over here and suck my nipple you pretty slut."

Celeste looked at me and smiled again. She reached for the
bottom of my T-shirt and pulled it up over my head. When my
shirt was on the floor she unbuckled my belt and unzipped
my jeans with amazing expertise. My hard cock jumped into
view since I was not wearing any underwear.

"Wow Mike!" she exclaimed. "That's
a fucking nice cock. I'm so glad I picked you to play
with us. You're so fucking handsome ... look at his
body Jackie!"

"Ooh! That's fuckin' nice Celeste, "
Jackie said raising her head to look at me. "Now stop
fucking around and come suck my tits!"

"Oh by the way Mike, " Celeste explained. "That's
my best friend Jackie and this is her new boyfriend ... Brad."

Brad looked at me and nodded, then returned his attention
to Jackie's blond pussy, fucking her even harder.

Celeste grabbed me by my cock and pulled me after her towards
the bed and her hot friend. She put her hand on Jackie's
beautiful breast and took her stiff pink nipple in between
her thumb and forefinger. Jackie moaned as her hot friend
started tugging at her nipple. My cock was still in Celeste's
hand. She started stroking it very gently.

"Come closer Mike, " Celeste said to me. "I
want you to kiss this hot bitch."

Celeste let go of my cock and watched me lean over Jackie's
face. I kissed her lips gently but she grabbed my face in
her soft hands and kissed me back very hard. Her wet tongue
went inside my mouth and I licked it.

Celeste leaned over Jackie as well and kissed her forehead
working her way down to her nose and finally our lips. The
two hot women took turns kissing and tonguing my mouth.

I could feel their hot breath on my face and started breathing
heavily. Celeste's kiss was much hotter and sweeter
than I had ever imagined. I was completely intoxicated
by the beauty and perversion of these two hot women.

"I'm gonna come, " Brad announced grunting.

"Don't come inside her Brad, " Celeste
said. "Get your ass over here and come all over our

Brad obeyed her order and climbed the bed towards our faces
with his cock in his hand. I started to pull my face back but
Celeste grabbed the back of my head by my hair and did not
let me move.

Brad's cock was right in front of our faces and as Jackie
was still licking our lips he shot a hot and sticky load of
cum right on our faces. I could not believe what had just
happened. His first load of cum landed on my nose and lips
and dripped down onto Jackie's face.

Celeste licked the sticky liquid off my lips while a second
and third shot landed directly on my face. My forehead,
lips and nose were soon covered in hot manly cum. The two
hot women licked my face passionately. Celeste made me
open my mouth and spat some of Brad's cum into my gaping

"Swallow!" she ordered me. "Remember
Mike. Do exactly as you're told or you're out of
here. Now swallow like a good boy!"

And I swallowed Brad's hot cum. I was surprised that
I was not repulsed by the taste. I was actually turned on
and felt my cock get even harder than it was. Maybe it was
the presence of those two hot women that made this scenario
acceptable to me. I swallowed yet another load that was
spat into my mouth by Jackie this time.

"Good boy Mike, " Celeste purred. "Now
wrap your lips around his cock and suck the rest out of him.
Do it NOW!"

She held Brad's cock right in front of my lips and stroked
my hair as I carefully wrapped my lips around his thick cock

To my surprise Brad shot two more loads that hit the back
of my throat. I swallowed again and again. Celeste and Jackie
kissed my cheeks and played with my hair as I sucked on Brad's
cock. The smell of Brad's man meat filled my nostrils.
I could feel his cock pulsate inside my mouth.

"Oh you look so beautiful with that big cock inside
your mouth Mike!" Celeste purred. "Jackie
and I love watching guys suck cock. It's such a fucking
huge turn on. I hope that you don't hate me for making
you do this baby."

She then grabbed Brad's cock and removed it from my

"Do you still think hat I am worth your trouble Mike?"
she asked sincerely.

"Yes!" I heard myself utter shyly.

"Hmm ... I'm glad to see that you're getting
a hang of this Mike, " Celeste said playfully. "Now
as a reward you can fuck Jackie's hot pussy. Do you want
to fuck my hot friend baby?"


"Good ... because I really want to watch you fuck her, "
Celeste said. "I love watching others fuck. Look
how beautiful she is. She is forty-two! Doesn't she
look amazing?"

"My mother is forty-two, " I said. "But
she is so out of shape. She looks nothing like Jackie."

"Did you hear that Jackie?" Celeste asked her
friend with a wicked smile. She then leaned over her friend's
breast and took one stiff nipple into her mouth. She sucked
on Jackie's nipple for a few seconds before releasing
it noisily. "Mike's mom is your age. You're
going to fuck a boy young enough to be your son!"

Celeste helped me position myself in between Jackie's
legs. She took my cock and guided it into her friend's
pussy slit. She pushed my cock inside her friend's
pussy a bit farther and then put her face above Jackie's
blond bush. I watched her lick her hot friend's erect
clit as I started moving my hips. Jackie's pussy was
wet and very hot. She moaned as I started pounding her harder.
Celeste took her friend's sensitive knob in between
her lips and started sucking wildly. Jackie started moaning
as she writhed her hips underneath me.

"Fuck me honey!" Jackie mewled. "Ooh,
so nice. You're a good fucker Mike!"

"Thanks!" I grunted.

"Ooh, fuck me baby! Fuck me faster!"

"Faster Mike!" Celeste purred. "Fuck
that hot pussy like you mean it!"

"Is this fast enough for you?" I panted, picking
up the pace of my thrusts.

"Don't get cheeky with me young man!" Celeste
hissed. "Fuck my friend harder or you won't get
to fuck me! Show me that you're worthy Mike. Fuck that
hot bitch harder!"

Brad moved down toward me and started kissing my muscular
butt cheeks. From time to time he bit gently on the side of
my leg and buttocks, which sent jolts of pleasure through
my body. These were new feelings and sensations that I had
never experienced before. He grabbed my other butt cheek
in his strong hand and started squeezing hard.

"Fuck her harder Mike, " Brad urged me. "Your
big cock looks so good inside her fucking hot pussy. Fuck
her faster!"

I fucked Jackie's pussy harder and faster at the urge
of my new fuck buddy. I felt Brad's hand move down to
my ass crack, his finger pushing into my tight asshole.
I looked at Celeste's pretty face. She was sucking
on her friend's pink clit noisily.

"Fuck me harder baby, " Jackie pleaded as she
looked into my eyes. "My fuckin' pussy's
on fire. Fuck me with your big young cock darling!"

"Oh God, " I announced. "I'm gonna
come soon!"

"Oh fuck yes Mike, " Celeste said enthusiastically.
"Shoot your cum inside her pussy. I'm gonna lick
it up when you're done coming."

After hearing those words I exploded inside Jackie's
pussy. I had never shot so much cum in my entire life before.

As soon as I pulled out of her pussy Celeste dove into her
friend's cunt and started lapping like a hungry kitten.
Jackie raised her ass and shoved her pussy against her friend's
licking and sucking mouth.

Brad lifted Jackie's butt off the bed and held her steady
in front of Celeste's face.

"That's it. Grind your pussy against her face!"
Brad urged.

"Oh fuck yes!" Jackie screamed. "I'm
gonna come so hard all over your pretty face honey!"

Jackie's screams became louder and her body went completely
stiff for about a minute as she came all over Celeste's
pussy-hungry mouth. When Jackie finally relaxed Brad
let go of her and joined Celeste above Jackie's pussy.
They kissed deeply and swapped my sticky cum and Jackie's
pussy juice in between their mouths for a while.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far Mike?" Celeste
asked me smiling.

"Shit yeah, " I replied.

"Ok then. We'll take a short break now and then
I want you and Brad to get to know each other a little bit better, "
she said and kissed Brad once more.

Downstairs in the living room Celeste offered us drinks.
When I asked for a Diet Coke everyone laughed at me. As the
girls and Brad sipped on their hard drinks I enjoyed my Diet

"That's what I love the most about you Mike ...
you're so fucking innocent, " Celeste said.
"Brad go get the toys, " she ordered our handsome

Brad went upstairs and then reappeared in two minutes.
He was carrying a couple of huge strap on dildos in his hands
and handed them to Celeste.

"Come put this on baby, " Celeste said to Jackie
handing her a big black strap on dildo. "On your knees

I watched Brad get on all fours on the carpeted floor, sticking
his ass up obediently. Celeste put her pretty hands on his
muscular ass cheeks and spread them wide apart, exposing
his pink puckered asshole.

Jackie knelt behind Brad and put her lips right above his
exposed hole. I watched her wide eyed as she started licking
his ass crack enthusiastically. Then she darted her cute
pink tongue into the stud's puckered asshole.

"Are you watching Mike?" Celeste asked me.
"She is rimming his shithole! Doesn't it look
fucking cool?"

"Yeah it looks so fucking hot, " I murmured
and started stroking my hard cock.

"Spit up his asshole baby, " Celeste urged
her beautiful older friend. "Mike get your ass over
here and help Jackie eat that asshole!"

What now? Eat another man's asshole?

I was reluctant to obey Celeste's order at first, but
when she gave me that do-it-or-else look I joined Jackie
behind Brad's asshole quickly.

Jackie stopped licking and kissed me deeply on my mouth.
Her kiss and tongue tasted like strawberry lip-gloss and
fresh ass. Again I was surprised that I did not find this
repulsive. I kissed Brad's butt cheeks reluctantly.

"Enthusiasm Mike!" Celeste hissed. "Show
me some enthusiasm!"

"Come on handsome, " Jackie said to me. "Stick
your tongue in there. It won't bite. I promise that
you'll like it!"

Pushing my face farther into Brad's ass I stuck out
my tongue and licked the opening of his asshole. Then I closed
my eyes and pushed my tongue past his sucking anus.

"Oh God!" Celeste exclaimed. "This looks
so fucking hot. Fuck his asshole with your tongue Mike.
Fuck it hard baby!"

I felt Jackie and Celeste's eyes on me, watching me
intently as I fucked Brad's anus with my tongue. Celeste
leaned forward and spat on his ass crack. Her hot saliva
trickled down his crack and rested on top of my tongue.

Both women spat on Brad's asshole and crack from time
to time as I ate and licked him for about ten minutes. Then
Celeste pushed my face back gently with her hand and stuck
two fingers up Brad's asshole. Jackie added two of
her own fingers to Celeste's anal intrusion and both
beauties started finger fucking the stud's asshole

"Get your cock over here Mike, " Celeste announced.
"It's time for you to fuck your buddy's ass

I could not believe what she was asking me to do this time.

As if in a daze I positioned myself behind Brad's ass.
Jackie grabbed my cock and held it in front of Celeste's
pretty face. She stroked my cock gently as Celeste wrapped
her lips around the tip of it.

I looked down at the pretty woman's face as she sucked
my cock very lightly. Then she removed her mouth from my
cock and started spitting on it. Jackie put my cock against
Brad's asshole and gently pushed it beyond his tight
opening. I kept pushing in when Jackie let go of my cock.
In a couple of minutes my entire cock was buried deep inside
Brad's welcoming asshole. Both women cheered me on
and urged me to start fucking Brad's ass.

"Oh fuck!" Celeste said cheerfully. "Look
Jackie. He's really fucking him. This is so fucking

"So beautiful!" Jackie mewled.

"Fuck that asshole Mike!" Celeste barked at
me. "Fuck him like your life depends on it!"

"Is ... this hard ... enough?" I panted.

"No!" Celeste giggled.

"Harder!" Jackie hissed.

Then Celeste moved down to my side and grabbed my butt cheek
in her hands. She massaged and squeezed and pushed my ass
cheeks, making me fuck Brad faster and harder.

Jackie went behind Celeste and started fucking her pussy
doggy style with her huge strap on dildo. Soon the living
room was filled with the smell and sounds of hot perverted
sex. I grabbed Brad's hips and started fucking him
with passion as if I were born to fuck other men's assholes.

"Oh yeah Mike ... fuck me harder, " Brad urged.
"Fuck me man ... FUCK ME! HARDER PLEASE!"

"I'm fucking you hard man!" I gasped.

"Harder buddy! They want to see me get fucked really

"No shit!"

"Give'm a good show buddy. Fuck me faster!"

"Take my fucking cock Brad. All the way up your asshole!"

"Oh yeah! All the way!"

"That's right!"

"Harder buddy! Harder!"

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

I looked over at Celeste and Jackie. The hot Blonde was holding
onto her friend's hips and pounding her pussy from
behind the same way I was fucking Brad.

"Fuck me Jackie, " Celeste cried. "Fuck
me baby! Fuck meeee!"

"Your pussy is swallowing my big cock!" Jackie
panted. "I love your pretty pussy honey!"

"Fuck it harder then!"

"There you go baby. Does it feel good?"

"Oh yes Jackie. Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"There you go, " Jackie cried. "Take
it! Take that big cock baby!"

"Ooh shiiiiiit!" celeste sobbed. "feels
so fucking good!"

I exploded inside Brad's asshole just as I felt Celeste
put one finger all the way up my own asshole. After I pulled
my still throbbing prick out of Brad's shitter, Celeste
went right in there and started licking and sucking my hot
cum out of him.

Jackie pulled out of Celeste's pussy and got behind
Brad. Celeste took her friend's dildo in her hand and
guided it up Brad's now very stretched asshole. I could
not believe how easily the entire big dildo disappeared
inside Brad. Celeste started playing with her friend's
boobs and sucking her nipple as Jackie pounded Brad's

"Let me sit on your face Mike, " Celeste ordered.
"I need to cum really bad."

Celeste started grinding her delicious pussy all over
my chin and lips a few seconds later. I licked and sucked
on her pussy as I held her butt cheeks in my hands. All I could
see was her dark bush.

"I'm gonna fucking cum all over your face!"
Celeste squealed. "I'll flood your hot mouth
with my cunt juice!"

"Mmmmf, " I cried into her hot cunt.

"Ooh yeah, that's it!" she screamed. "Comiiing
so good!"

One second later I felt her pussy flood my mouth with hot
juices and she stopped moving on my face. When she got off
my face I saw that Jackie had stopped fucking Brad's
asshole. Both of them were apparently watching Celeste
fuck my face with her pussy.

"So Mike, " Celeste said with a smile. "Would
you rather have Jackie fuck you with that dildo or Brad with
his real cock?"

"Hmm ... gee Celeste, " I replied with a slight
stutter. "I don't know."

"Ok ... since you don't know then I guess that
huge dildo will do!"

"Oh no God. NO! Ok ... ok ... I'll let Brad fuck

"Good choice Mike. Let's go back to my bedroom
now. I can't wait to see Brad fuck your cherry ass!"

Upstairs in the bedroom my three new playmates started
massaging my body with scented oil. The feeling of three
pairs of hands touching me lovingly all over my body was
out of this world. Jackie sat on the bed with her back against
the headboard. Then Celeste told me to get on the bed and
lean against Jackie's hot body.

I could feel her boobs and pointy nipples touch my naked
back. She reached out for my cock from behind me and kept
it straight up. Then Celeste made Brad sit right in front
of me, his legs wide open and crossing mine. She grabbed
his hard cock and put it on top of mine. His warm and smooth
balls were resting on top of my cum-filled balls.

The two hot women started rubbing our cocks against each
other, making a game out of it and giggling girlishly.

"This game is called sword crossing boys, "
Celeste announced as she smacked my cock with Brad's
hard shaft.

Then she leaned over our cocks and started spitting on them.
After she spat a few times she took both our cocks in one hand
and lowered her lips on them. We watched as Celeste opened
her mouth and started sucking at both cock heads at once.

"Jackie, hold his cock straight up, " Celeste
ordered her friend. "I want to ride him now!"

I moaned and groaned as Celeste lowered her wet hot pussy
on my hard shaft. My cock was inside her for the first time
and it felt wonderful.

"Oh, ride me Celeste!" I grunted.

"Like this?"

"I can feel your cunt squeezing my cock!"

"Yeah, that's what I do with my cunt!"

"Feels so fucking good!"

"I bet it does."

"Suck my cock with your hot cunt ... tighter!"

"Is this tight enough for you, greedy boy?"

"Oh, wow!"

"Yeah that's right!"

She pushed her boobs against my chest and started kissing
me deeply on my mouth. Just as I was getting used to her riding
my cock she grabbed Brad's shaft from behind, pulled
off of my cock and impaled her pussy on his. She rode him for
a couple of minutes and then came back to me and started riding
me again.

"Ok that's enough Cowgirl for you two, "
Celeste announced breathlessly. "Brad come help
me prep Mike's asshole for your big cock baby!"

Celeste and Brad pulled me down a bit. My head was now resting
on Jackie's wet pussy. They spread my legs wide open
and Brad lifted my butt with his strong hands. I watched
Celeste hold my shaft in her hand in front of Brad's
face. Brad wrapped his warm lips around the tip of my cock
and started sucking me as Celeste started playing with
my cum-filled balls.

"Brad honey why don't you start rimming his asshole, "
Celeste said lovingly. "That's it baby. Come
on ... that's it fuck him as hard as you can with your

She started sucking my balls while the handsome stud tongue-fucked
my tight hole with his warm and wet tongue. Jackie played
with my hair and rubbed her wet pussy gently against the
back of my head as her two friends played with my cock, balls
and asshole.

Celeste told Brad to stop rimming my asshole and start spitting
into it, then she took over for him and spat as much as she
could into my asshole. She kissed Brad on his lips and then
offered him my cock once more.

He started sucking me forcefully, taking my entire shaft
into his eager mouth as Celeste inserted her middle finger
up my wet asshole. After fingering me for about two minutes
she inserted a second and then a third finger into me and
started finger-fucking me passionately.

"Yes that's it Mike. Relax that asshole for me
honey. Nice baby ... do you like the way I'm fingering

"Mm ... yes Celeste. Fuck my asshole with your fingers.
I love the way it feels!"

"Take it boy!" Celeste cried, fucking my asshole
harder. "Take it! Take it! Take it!"

"Oh fuck! Shit!"

"That's right, I'm fucking the shit out
of your shithole with my fingers!"

My cock had never been harder in my entire life. I was about
to shoot my cum into Brad's sucking mouth when Celeste
ordered him to stop sucking and to slide two fingers along
side hers up my stretched asshole.

Celeste removed one of her fingers from my asshole and watched
patiently as Brad inserted two fingers into my shitter.

They both started fingering me in unison as they kissed
each other and spat into one another's mouths lustfully.
Jackie started grinding her pussy very hard against the
back of my neck.

"Ok Brad, " Celeste announced. "He's
ready. It's time for you to fuck some virgin ass baby!"

Brad positioned himself in between my open legs. Celeste
grabbed his big shaft and guided it towards my asshole.

"Are you nervous Mike?" Celeste asked me, smiling


"Don't be. You'll be fine honey. It might
hurt to begin with, but you'll love it after a few minutes!"
Celeste promised.

She rubbed the tip of Brad's cock against my ass crack
a few times before she put it against my anus opening. Her
eyes were shining with lust as she pushed the tip of Brad's
cock past my sphincter.

"Aaaah, fuck!" I cried. "Hurts!"

"Oh fuck!" she exclaimed. "It's
in. His cock is inside your asshole Mike. It always looks
so beautiful, no matter how often I see it. Jackie get your
sexy ass over here and watch this baby!"

"Hold on a second you fucking slut, " Jackie
shouted. "I'm gonna come. I'M FUCKING COMING
... OOH!"

She pushed down my head and rubbed her pussy against it as
hard as she could, then her body went stiff as she came hard
against the back of my head. Brad shoved his cock farther
up my asshole.

Half of his big cock was inside me now and I started to feel
some pain. But the perverse pleasure that I was experiencing
from his cock's cruel intrusion was outweighing the
pain. Jackie got off the bed and joined her friends between
my legs.

"Push it in deeper Brad, " Jackie urged the
handsome ass-fucker. "Go all the way up his asshole
... NOW!"

Brad did as he was told. When the tip of his cock hit my prostate
gland I moaned with pain and pleasure. I could not breathe
for a few seconds. The sensation of his big cock stuffing
my entire asshole was like nothing that I had experienced
ever before and certainly nothing that I would ever experience
if it were not for Celeste and her ass-fucking fixation.

"Are you ok buddy?" Brad asked me with genuine
concern in his voice. "Can I start fucking you now?"

"Yeah man, " I replied trying to breathe regularly.
"Go ahead and fuck me ... but take it easy on me!"

"Ooh that's so sweet, " Celeste said mockingly.
"Brad I want you to start pounding his asshole as hard
as you can. Don't you forget who is in charge here. FUCK

Jackie and Celeste held on to my ankles and spread my legs
so wide apart that I was almost doing a full split. This gave
Brad full access to my asshole and I pushed my ass up a bit
for him so that he could fuck me more easily. I looked directly
into Brad's eyes and he realized that I was ready for
him to pound me hard with his strong cock. For the first time
I noticed how flawless his muscular body looked. His body
looked perfect and even more beautiful to me than ever.

He leaned a bit more over my body and held on to my shoulders
as I raised my upper body and leaned on my elbows to get a better
look of his cock as it fucked my virgin asshole. He started
pumping me hard and fast. Each time his cock went all the
way up my asshole his balls hit my butt and made a loud slap-slap

"I'm fucking you buddy!" Brad grunted,

"Fuck me Brad. Fuck meeeee!"

"Does it feel good?"

"Mm ... yeah!"


"Yeah Brad. Fuck me harder!"

"Oh fuck yeah. Fuck him harder Brad!" Jackie
urged him as she reached out for my cock and started stroking
it firmly.

"Oh, what a sweet asshole!" Brad groaned.

"Kiss him Brad!" Celeste shouted. "Show
him some sweet love. French his fucking mouth!"

Brad started kissing my mouth. His warm tongue entered
my mouth and I sucked on it as hard as I could. Each time his
cock hit my prostate gland he would stop for a second and
twist it a bit and I tried to hold his cock in that position
by clenching my ass.

I could tell that he enjoyed what I did to his cock because
he kissed me harder and moaned into my mouth. Finally when
his cock was buried all the way up my asshole he grunted and
I felt his hot cum gushing inside me.

"Pull it out Brad, " Celeste shouted. "Shoot
the rest of it all over his fucking face!"

"Oh shittttt!" Brad grunted.

Brad did as he was told and a few seconds later my face was
covered in hot gooey cum.

Celeste straddled my hard shaft quickly and started riding
me hard. She leaned down and started licking and kissing
my face. Her pussy felt burning hot on my hard cock. She spat
Brad's hot cum into my mouth after she licked it off
my face.

Jackie held onto her friend's hips and sucked her stiff
nipple as she rode me harder and faster. Brad put his face
near Celeste's pussy and started licking her clit
and the length of my cock. Celeste locked her mouth on mine
in a long cum-filled kiss.

"Oh God ... I'm gonna come all over your big cock, "
she mumbled into my mouth. "Fuck ... I'M COMIIIING!"

Her pussy juice drenched my hard shaft and her entire body
shook for a moment before she lay on top of me motionless.
My cock came out of her pussy with a loud pop. I felt Brad's
mouth around the tip of my shaft and he started sucking me

When Celeste finally rolled over and lay beside me I saw
that Jackie was stroking my cock as Brad sucked the tip of
it hungrily.

"Come inside his fucking mouth baby, " Celeste
said softly as she started playing with my stiff nipples.
"Let him eat your hot cum. Give it to him ... don't
hold back!"

I looked at Celeste's pretty face. I could not believe
what this horny beauty had made me do in the past couple of
hours. I did not regret a single moment of it either. I came
inside Brad's hot mouth with a grunt.

Celeste locked her mouth around one of my hard nipples and
sucked hard as I shot load after load of hot cum into Brad's
sexy mouth.

"Don't swallow it Brad. Come on over here and
kiss me with your fucking filthy mouth baby!" Celeste
ordered Brad. "Jackie honey. Get the big dildo. I
want you to first fuck me with it and then we'll see how
bad Mike wants to keep fucking us!"

A few minutes later Celeste was fucking me hard with the
huge strap on dildo.

"I love your ass baby!" Celeste enthused.

"Yeah ... fuck me Celeste. Fuck me!"

"Your butt cheeks are so hard ... so beautiful!"


"No ... thank you honey!"

"For what?"

"For being such a good sport!"

"Ah ... you're welcome!"

"So what do you think Mike?" Celeste asked wickedly.
"Do you want to be my boyfriend?"

"Fuck yeah!" I replied.

"That's awesome baby, " Celeste enthused.
"Tomorrow I'll introduce you to Bob. He's
my ex, but I still fuck him from time to time. I'm dying
to watch him fuck you with his ten-inch cock! Are you excited?"


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