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The Night We Nearly Dried Up



Kate nervously knocked on the door to Linda's place,
wondering if she should go through with her fantasy after
all. There were numerous cars parked all around Linda's
house, which meant Linda had been very successful in recruiting
people to fulfil Kate's fantasy.

The door opened and Linda greeted Kate, ushering her inside.
Kate saw that Linda was wearing a one-piece dress that clung
to her nicely, and not only revealed a lot of cleavage, but
was slit all the way up to the point of the tall brunette's
hip. Kate heard voices in the back yard, and the den.

There was no one in the living room, but Linda had started
a fire there anyhow.

"Nice of her."

Kate thought.

Linda ushered Kate into a back room, where Torre was waiting.
Linda suggested that Kate have a glass of wine and relax
for before getting undressed. Torre was there to help her
and to be her "go-fer".

"You can back out any time." Linda said.

"Few people know that this is all for you. If you do,
we'll just have a good swinging party like we planned."

Kate nodded and thanked Linda, and watched her close the
door behind her. She and Torre looked at each other. Kate's
short blonde hair made her look cute and sexy, while Torre's
long, dark tresses and the contours of her face, made her
look like a sexy bombshell.

"Do you know?"

Kate asked, pouring some red wine.


Torre replied.

"It's a hot fantasy if you ask me."

Kate sat down and thought about it, and the more she did,
the more she wanted to do it. Her clit began to tingle at the
idea, and her pussy became damp, wetting her panties slightly.
She asked Torre how many men and women were at the party,
and was satisfied that there were enough men to complete
her scenario properly. Twenty six men were enough to insure

Kate stood and began to undress, removing her sweater and
bra. Torre watched, and she commented on Kate's slim
beauty. Especially her breasts.

Kate's breasts weren't large, but they were firm,
round white mounds of soft flesh that shook pleasantly
when she moved. Torre especially liked Kate's full,
dark-pink nipples which contrasted to her fair skin.

Kate's jeans went next, along with her panties. Torre
smiled when she saw Kate's light bush, just a shade
or two darker than her golden blonde hair.

Kate picked up her wine glass and sat back down in the chair,
dangling one leg over the thickly padded arm.

"Should I tell Linda you're ready?"

Torre asked.

"Not yet."

Kate said, "I need to psyche up a little more."

Torre looked at Kate's naked body, feeling her own
response to her closeness.

"Maybe I can help." She said.

Kate looked at Torre, and watched as the sexy brunette,
still in her street clothes knelt before her. Kate had seldom
had anyone so willing to lick her. At twenty-six, Kate had
experienced many lovers, but none who ignited her most
passionate fires. Kate just watched as Torre leaned forward,
pausing to look up at her, searching for either approval
or rejection. Seeing neither, Torre pressed her lips against
Kate's labia, her tongue drawing a line up the blonde


Kate sighed.

"That's so good!"

Torre felt Kate's wetness, her anticipation of her
wildest fantasy about to come true. The short-haired blonde
was already aroused, and her body sensitive. Torre licked
and sucked, lovingly running her tongue around Kate's
small clit. Torre felt her own body getting highly aroused,
and she knew why.

Kate's sexuality was derived from the oppo-site end
of the spectrum from Torre. While Torre looked like a woman
who would be a wanton, lusty animal in bed, Kate's wholesome,
all-American looks made her look sweet and innocent.

To see her naked, legs spread with a woman tonguing her clit
was highly erotic.

Kate's hips began moving in a slow, rhythmic rocking
motion. Torre kept up her tongue lashing, even reaching
up to pull on the blonde's sexy nipples.

Kate's tits looked firm, but they were soft and warm,
and Torre wished she could take her home for hours of mutual

Kate's hips moved faster, and her face was flushed.
Torre stopped, knowing that Kate wanted to be hot, not limp
and tired, for her fantasy.

"I'll tell Linda you're ready."

Torre said quietly. Kate nodded her agreement.

After Torre found her and whispered to her that Kate was
ready, Linda gathered everyone inside. She stepped into
the middle of the room and asked for everyone's attention.
She thanked everyone for coming, and a voice in the back
said "Not yet!" , getting laughter around the

Linda waited for it to die down and continued, explaining
that one of the reasons for the party was their monthly swinging
group, and another reason was that a very special friend
wanted her fantasy fulfilled. A low murmur went through
the crowd and people looked around, trying to spot the guest
of honour.

"Her name is Kate, " Linda said, "and
her fantasy requires that we all continue our party like
this was just a friendly cocktail party, with a few minor

People were interested now, and Linda outlined some of
the plan to them, telling them how Kate expected them to
react to her and how they shouldn't notice her state
of undress. Everyone agreed to join in the fun, and Linda
called for several individual men to join her in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Torre had returned to Kate, who was now toying
with her blonde pussy, keeping herself very aroused. Torre
explained that Linda would come back for her in a few minutes,
and that they'd best get Kate ready.

Torre opened a drawer and began dressing Kate in her costume.
The leather straps crossed her breasts, and fastened in
the back. Torre made sure to tighten them so that they held
Kate's smallish breasts up high, and pointing straight
out. Kate fastened the wide leather wristlets and put on
the choker too. Torre fastened a leather strap around Kate's
waist, and another that went between her legs and over her
hips. These two were buckled together, then cinched. Kate
felt the straps over her ass spread her cheeks, and the leather
pressing tightly against her pussy. The straps spread
apart from between her legs, and being tight, they caused
Kate's clit to be exposed, pressed out between the
straps along with some of her soft flesh.

It felt absolutely wicked and won- derful to Kate. Lastly,
Torre placed a pair of small clips on the ends of Kate's
breasts, pinching her nipples. A small chain tied them
toget-her with the chain curving downward nicely. Torre
looked her over, her own pussy releasing its juices. Torre
decided that Kate needed something else. She reached into
her purse and removed a pair of earrings with long, dangling
silver pieces. She removed Kate's small studs and
replaced them with the dangling ones. Torre then re-brushed
Kate's hair, giving her hair the look of a woman who'd
been less than innocent recently.

Kate looked in the mirror, and her hands ran over the straps
as well as her body. She'd never looked this hot in all
her life, nor imagined how good the restraints would feel.
Her face was flushed, and with Torre's help, she looked
as if she'd already had sex. Kate turned and kissed
Torre, squarely on the lips, and then thanked her for her
help. Torre was thinking of a longer kiss when Linda knocked
and inter-rupted. Kate followed Linda out, and Torre followed

The party looked like any normal party, with people milling
in all the main rooms of the house. Linda took Kate right
into the living room, Kate's breasts shimmying in
her leather harness. All eyes looked at her as she entered
the room, and then, just as quickly, returned to their prior
subjects. Kate felt her nervous excitement again. Linda
brought Kate up to a trio who were standing by the fireplace
talking. She intro-duced Kate, and each person to Kate.
Kate was so nervous she couldn't remember anyone's
name, and she smiled as she would at any other party.

One of the two men asked Kate what she thought of a recent
movie, and she began to get involved in their conversation.
Kate could feel her pussy's cream warming her, knowing
that she was getting quick, furtive glances from the others
in the room. Several women joined their circle and listened
to the conversation. Someone was saying that Tom Cruise
was going to be over the hill in a few years. That's when
Torre came by, carrying a tray of wine glasses. She served
Kate first, and Kate took her special glass. Without looking
at it further, Kate pretended to listen as she brought it
to her lips. The eyes on the women widened while they watched,
and one of the men across from her noticed too. Kate touched
the glass to her lips and tasted.

It was salty, and just slight-ly bitter. She sipped a large
sip of the sperm from the glass and held it about waist level,
licking her lips absentmindedly.

One of the women, an attractive brunette about Kate's
age, stepped over to her and began asking her about wearing
her hair short. The woman's hair was long but braided
and pulled back up to the crown of her head. She looked good
with her hair tight against her head, and Kate told her so.
While the woman talked about how men liked her long hair
and how difficult it was to manage, Kate sipped from her
glass, letting it wash up over her upper lip slightly so
she could lick it off.

The woman kept getting distracted by that, but continued
talking after a pause, as if nothing had happened. A few
minutes later, Kate excused herself and moved over to another
group of people. The conver-sation here was livelier,
with people talking about their favourite sex-ual positions.
A short, cheerful looking redhead said that her favourite
position was on her knees, and everyone laughed. They said
hello to Kate, casually, as if her nakedness wasn't
uncommon. While the redhead was talking again, Kate raised
her glass and drank down the last of the creamy white mixture
in a smooth gulp. The redhead lost her train of thought and
stared. Kate licked her lips and someone else picked up
the conversation. The redhead kept glancing back up at
Kate, making her feel hot. Torre arrived again, offering
a tray of wine to everyone. Several people took glasses,
and Kate didn't see one for her. Just as Torre moved
to her, a single glass appeared on the tray, and Kate took
it, laughing at someone's joke. Without looking she
sipped and then drained about half the glass. The blonde
standing next to a well built man, cleared her throat, staring
at Kate's hand.

Kate pretended to misinterpret the stare, and showed the
blonde the rings that covered the first three fingers.
She held her hand out, still holding the glass of thick cum.
The blonde stared down, and then said that the rings were

Linda came up and told Kate there was someone she should
meet and led her into the den. People were sitting and standing
around the room. Linda led Kate to a couple sitting on a sofa.
Linda introduced them and Ken and Wanda.

Wanda was a small, thin, young girl of eighteen, and Ken
was a handsome man of about thirty. From Kate's position,
each time Wanda leaned over, Kate could see down the girl's
front, clear to her navel. Wanda had small breasts with
large pink nipples that were already hard. Ken told Kate
that they and another couple, Mike and Barbara had been
discussing favourite sexual acts when she arrived. Kate
asked him what his was, and Ken replied that it was anal sex.
Kate felt her body give a twinge, and she asked Wanda, who
also liked anal sex. Barbara said hers was eating pussy
or sucking cock, then asked Kate what hers was. Kate smiled,
and toasted Barbara with her glass.

"Drinking cum."

Kate said evenly.

"Lots of cum."

Then Kate drained the glass. Barbara's hips rocked
upwards slightly.

"That's sexy."

Wanda said, and Kate looked back down at her.

Wanda was leaning forward, reaching for a cigarette on
the table. She was leaning right past Kate's leg, looking
up at her. Kate turned the glass upside down, a pearlescent
drop forming and running down the inside of the glass. Wanda
watched, frozen in place. The drop grew on the edge of the
glass, hanging right over Wanda's open cleavage.
Just as the drop formed and sagged, Kate moved the glass,
holding it over her own nipple and letting the creamy stuff
drip against her areaola and run down over the clamp.

Wanda sat back and breathed again, then lit her cigarette.
Torre came by and asked if Kate would like another, taking
the empty glass from her. Kate noticed now for the first
time that Torre was wearing a maid's outfit, and that
it was indecently short, showing her ass well, and pushing
the brunette's tits together in the low cut front.

A loud, staccato laugh filled the air, and Kate looked around,
seeing that it was a busty young woman wearing a slinky dress
that exposed a lot of her.

"That's Ellie."

Wanda spat the name out.

"The biggest titted slut you'll ever meet."


Kate replied.

"Why's that?"

Wanda made a face.

"She'll fuck anything with a dick."

Wanda commented, blowing out bluish smoke.

"And she's happiest when she has three or four
at once."

"Sounds like she has fun to me." Kate said.

Torre came back a moment later, and on her tray were two glasses,
filled with Kate's drink. Kate reached for one, just
getting her hand on it, when Torre let the tray slip. The
second glass spilled and its contents splashed against
Kate's chest, the glass landing on the tray.

Kate stepped back involuntarily, holding her arms away
from her body, and looking down at her chest. Thick white
sperm, still warm, ran down her small breasts, pooled and
trickled down over her leather straps and down towards
her thighs.

"OH! I'm so sorry!"

Torre exclaimed.

"Let me help you."

Like the clumsy waitress, Torre began brushing Kate's
chest, rubbing the warm creamy sperm over her tits and down
her front. Kate stepped back.

"Stop it!"

Kate yelled.

"Stand still."

Torre protested, then pulled on one the nipple clamps.

Kate felt a twinge deep in her very wet pussy, and her clit
was screaming at her.


Kate said, even though it had been more pleasure than pain.

"You stupid slut!"

Torre looked shocked, then slapped Kate, but not too hard.

Kate looked at her, then splashed the contents of her glass
into Torre's face and tits, the thick white cream dripping
from the brunette's face onto her cleavage.

"You fucking bitch!"

Torre said and grabbed Kate's arm. Kate tossed the
glass down to the sofa, spilling the last dribbles against
Wanda's lap. The two women began to struggle, and the
sound of tearing fabric filled the air.

Kate and Torre grabbed each other, and Torre's clothes
were ripping and falling away. The two fell to the floor,
struggling on the carpet. It was Kate on top first, then
Torre, both women's breasts bouncing and shaking.

Kate and Torre struggled as a crowd gathered, and then Torre
got the upper hand, getting a hold of a short thong attached
to Kate's choker. She put her hand on it, pinning Kate's
head and shoulders to the floor. Kate's legs were locked
around Torre's waist, and the brunette's naked
pussy brushed against Kate's clit.

"Now lick it off you cum-drinking slut!"

Torre commanded, then lowered her wet tits to Kate's
face. Sperm covered Torre's lower face, and it was
dripping from her nipples onto Kate's lips. Kate reached
out with her tongue and licked one nipple.

"C'mon! I said lick it all off!"

Torre commanded her again, then she pulled Kate's
face between her breasts. The short-haired blonde began
licking, her face getting wet with the creamy stuff. She
finished each breast, licking it thoroughly.

"Now my face too!"

Torre commanded, and again Kate began licking. This time,
Torre got her long kiss, tasting the sperm on Kate's
tongue, and feeling Kate's desperately hot tongue
licking back lustily.

Linda appeared, holding a pair of glasses, one of which
Torre took from her. Torre sat up, using her knee to keep
Kate's "leash" against the ground.

Leaning back, Torre poured the wine-glass full of still
warm sperm over her clit, and down her slit.

"Lick it off bitch." Torre panted.

"Lick my cunt!"

Kate licked, tasting Torre's wetness first. It was
sweeter, and less salty than the male counterpart. Then
she tasted the thick sperm and began lapping it off Torre's
labia and clit.

"That's it." Torre said.

"Get it all, even inside."

Kate stuck her tongue into Torre's entrance, tasting
the sweet cream that Torre was making. Kate licked and sucked,
until Torre's pussy was cleaned off, but Kate's
face was soaked with the girl's wetness.

"Now, this'll teach you." Torre said.

She took the other glass from Linda and poured it over Kate's
exposed clit, leaving half of it in the glass. Kate moaned
loudly. Torre drank the other half, then leaned over Kate,
kissing her wetly and using her lips to spread it over the
short-haired blonde's face.

Torre got up and walked off, out of the room. Kate lay there,
sperm on her face and clit, looking at people standing around
her. She could see women holding their breasts, or touching
themselves, and several men had large bulges. One man,
standing near Kate's head, unzipped his pants, pulled
out his hard cock and began stroking it. Kate watched, fascinated.
He knelt down on one knee and pressed it against her lips.

Kate opened her mouth just in time to receive his gusher
of thick cum, some of running down her cheek.

People moved off, talking in subdued tones. Several couples
were more openly touching each other now. The man moved
away too, and Kate hadn't even seen his face!
Kate got up and the redhead came over to her.

"Quite a show."

She said to Kate.

Kate blushed. Here she was, almost naked, with cum on her
face, tits and clit, talking to a woman who was fully dressed.
Kate noticed the young woman's nipples pressed against
her blouse.

"I need to clean up."

Kate said quietly.


The redhead said, and then she stepped forward, licking
the side of Kate's chin.

"You look fine."

The redhead moved close, then she touched Kate's clit.
Electric shocks went through her as the redhead quietly
massaged Kate. She felt a hand pull gently on her right nipple

"I'd love to lick it all off of you, you know."

Kate sighed softly, her knees getting weak. The redhead
kneeled, and she licked around Kate's engorged clit,
making Kate shudder and moan. Several people looked on,
and when Kate opened her eyes again, Barbara was sucking
Mike's thick cock, watching Kate and the redhead while
she fingered her pussy.

Kate looked over and saw Wanda, sitting alone, with her
dress up over her lap, and her fingers busily teasing her
clit. She wondered where Ken was, when she felt hands on
her hips from behind. Ken spoke, telling her that she was
too hot to resist.

The redhead moved back, stripping off her clothes to reveal
a firm, tight body, with full round breasts that formed
cones on her chest. Her triangle was a deep reddish orange.
Kate felt herself being bent over and Ken's cock sliding
against her opening. His cock became wet quickly since
Kate's juices now coated her inner thighs.

"You're SO wet! So hot!"

Ken breathed.

The redhead, whose name Kate didn't know, removed
the clamps from Kate's nipples and began sucking them.
Kate felt her body twist inside out, her hips swaying. Ken's
cock probed her anus, sliding against it and pressing lightly.
Kate moaned again.

Kate felt her knees giving, and Ken helped her to the floor.
Kneeling on all fours, Kate felt him resume probing her
anal entrance. Kate had done this only once before, but
she was too horny to worry about it now. The redhead moved
around and began licking Wanda's pussy, showing her
ass to Kate, who thought she looked beautifully sexy.

Barbara came over to Kate and kissed her, filling her mouth
with Mike's fresh, hot sperm. Barbara's tongue
swirled it around in Kate's mouth, and then Barbara
licked Kate's face with her cum covered tongue.

Kate was tasting it, feeling it when Ken's cock began
to press harder at her asshole. Kate arched her back, then
leaned back, stretching her anus until Ken's cock
slipped in. Ken held it for a moment, then pushed his entire
eight and a half inches deep into her asshole.

"OOhhhhhh Godddd!"

Kate moaned.

Out of nowhere, Torre appeared, and she crawled under Kate.
Torre began licking Kate's blonde cunt, fingering
her while Ken pumped her asshole. Kate began to shudder,
her orgasm, pent up for so long, threat-ened to arrive quickly.
Torre proved to be expert, keeping Kate on the edge, denying
her release. Kate bucked harder and harder at the cock invading
her asshole, squeezing it and trying to milk it into her

Wanda knelt next to Kate, pulling on Kate's left tit.

"You want his hot cum in your asshole, don't you?"


Kate hissed.

"I want to see him fill your creamy white butt full
of cum."

Wanda hissed back.

"Just like he does when he butt-fucks me."

Kate moaned again. The shaft pumping in and out of her asshole
along with Torre's fingers, made Kate incredibly
horny, and she wanted to come, to scream with pleasure.
But Torre had been well briefed by Linda, and Kate had a long
way to go yet.

Ken's cock kept pumping, and a pair of thirtyish men
knelt in front of Kate. They were jerking their cocks in
their fists, and Kate watched them.

She knew what they wanted to do, and she wanted them to do


Wanda said, "They're going to shoot their jism
all over your face! Would you like that?"


Kate moaned, feeling Ken's cock now making deliberate,
deep strokes in her asshole.

The first man leaned forward, and Kate took his cock into
her mouth. His thick cum spurted and
she let it fill her mouth before she swallowed it. The second
man slid closer and Wanda lifted Kate up, then squeezed
her left tit hard, pulling on the nipple. Kate felt the man's
hot sperm wash over her tit and Wanda's hand. Another
gush and he came on her mouth, coating her lips with his white
jism. Wanda leaned down and kissed Kate, licking his jism
off her lips.

During their kiss, Ken groaned and shoved his cock deep
into Kate's tight asshole. His sperm gushed out, filling
Kate's butt with a creamy warmth.

Kate shuddered, and Torre tried to milk Ken's cock
from inside Kate's cunt, pressing her fingers against
the cock through the wall. Kate began rocking and jutting
her hips, wanting to cum now.

Ken slowly pulled out of Kate's asshole, leaving her
with a very fucked feeling. Wanda got up and walked of with
Ken, and Torre got up and told Kate not to go away. No sooner
had Torre stood, than Kate felt her pussy being invaded.
Kate didn't even look, but she let the thick tool slide
into her pussy. A few strokes told her that it wasn't
a real cock, and just as she began to look, a man knelt next
to her, pushing his cock into her mouth. Kate felt the dildo
slide into her asshole and groaned. The cock in her mouth
tasted of pussy, and Kate knew that the man would come quickly.
Indeed he did. This guy gushed into her mouth, sending long
hot streams splashing against her cheeks. He pulled out
and let the rest spurt onto her
now sperm drenched face. Kate held his cock and smeared
his cum over her lips.

Another man slid his legs under her, and Kate felt his cock
push up against her cunt. With a dildo in her ass, a cuntfull
of cock would certainly bring her off. His cock turned out
to be thick, with a huge head that stretched her pussy. Kate
felt him pushing against her anal wall, right through her
cunt. It felt like she had a horse's cock in her cunt.
She hoped he came like one.

When the cock and dildo began moving in alternating strokes,
Kate lost track of everything, except the feelings cramming
into her brain. As Kate floated, every so often she'd
blink her eyes open, her brain taking a snapshot of the room
around her.

Blink. There was the redhead, riding a cock and sperm soaking
her face.

Blink. There was Linda, sucking a tit while someone fucked
her from behind.

Blink. Two girls, a pair of tan brunettes, one with her fingers
in the other's wide open cunt. Blink. A big titted woman
sucking two guys while a gal sucks her tits.

Kate's mind filled with the images of others fucking,
and she knew she'd started it, and that they were watching

Torre returned, with a glass of cum, and she poured it over
Kate's breasts, then began to lick it off. Kate grabbed
Torre's head and pressed the brunette's face
against her, feeling the slippery wetness.

Kate felt the man's cock shoot powerful streams of
his sperm inside her cunt, and she shuddered at the sensation.
He pulled out shortly and left Kate with someone still pumping
a dildo, slowly, up her asshole.

Kate looked around, and saw who it was. A young, well built
brunette was fucking her ass, with a dildo strapped on her
pussy. Moaning filled the air, as did the musky fragrances
of people. Kate was so horny, and she'd thought she
was going to come with the last man, but she didn't.

The redhead came back over, smiling and wiping the sperm
off her chin.

She kissed Kate, and Kate tasted the rich flavor of cum on
the girl's tongue.

They kissed for a long time, breaking just as the dildo girl
slid out of Kate's asshole.

"Are you ready?"

The redhead asked.

Kate nodded, ready for anything now. Torre and the redhead
had Kate stand up, and Kate felt her asshole twinge from
the fucking she'd taken. Both Torre and the redhead
led her to a barren coffee table and made her lay down.

The redhead stood alongside her and lifted her legs wide
and high. Torre squatted almost over Kate's face,
holding Kate's hands to her thighs.

"It's time!"

Linda announced, and people began gathering around. Mostly,
the men were standing close to Kate, and women standing
behind them.

"Let's do it!"

Linda said from behind a man with a long cock.

The women reached around and began jacking each man's
cock. Kate looked around her and watched, her pussy cream
flowing down her ass freely. Kate felt lightheaded, and
her heart pounded.

Several minutes went by and Linda's voice came from
behind the man with the long cock.

"C'mon studs! Soak her with your sperm!"
Linda panted.

"She wants a hot sperm-bath."

The redhead chipped in.

"Drown her in your jism. Soak this hot slut in cum!"

Torre moaned, her pussy dripping onto Kate's face.

A man down my Kate's leg came first, his cum landing
on her thigh and stomach. He leaned forward, holding his
cock and the girl's hand that pumped it, and shot twice
more onto Kate's spread cunt. The warm cream landed
just next to her clit, and Kate rocked her hips, trying to
make it touch her button.

Another creamy splat landed on her left tit, and her side.
Then another landed on her neck, from a man near her shoulder.
It started raining cum, the thick, warm drops landing all
over her. The big cock that Linda pumped spurted
a thick stream against Torre's cunt,
the hot, thick cum dripping against Kate's face. They
all started drifting away, slowly, leaving Kate unsatisfied,
but wet with their cum. Torre held Kate's hands telling
her not to move yet.

Two men approached, with huge cocks. One stood behind Torre,
rubbing his thick cock against her cuntlips. The other
stood below Kate's ass, jerking himself off. Kate
watched this massive cock sliding against Torre's
cuntlips, getting shiny from the girl's flowing juices.
Torre moaned, and her hips shook, making the last drops
of cum in her bush drip onto Kate's upper lip.

Kate could see Torre's clit peeking out, hard, pink,
glistening. She arched her head and licked it, and Torre
shuddered hard, lowering her cunt to Kate's lips.

Kate was sucking the cunt when her own cunt spasm'd
at the huge, invading cock. It was stretching her wide,
wider that she thought she could stand. The, with a light
snap, it went inside her, and filled her sopping cunt completely.
He moved in long, slow strokes, making Kate writhe under
him. Torre got off of Kate, and Kate tried to suck the other
huge cock. The head was massive, and she barely got it in
her mouth. The man was stroking his cock up to her lips, and
Kate ran her tongue around the head. Torre leaned over to
the man, and said, just loud enough for Kate to hear.

"Fill this cuntlicking slut's mouth full of
your jism."

Kate felt her pussy contract hard, but only slightly because
of the huge cock inside her. Then the cock in her mouth throbbed,
and she felt the first rush of his jism. The thick, hot stuff
poured into her mouth, and it felt like he was shooting a
gallon. It leaked out of her mouth, and down her cheeks.
Her tongue was covered with it, swimming in a pool of sperm,
and it was all in her mouth. Kate swallowed the warm cream,
and then again. The man pulled back and stroked his cock,
a last spurt splashing on her
chin. Kate was licking that huge cock-head, when she felt
the surging throb inside her cunt. The second man pulled
out and pressed his cock to her clit.


Kate shouted.

"Shoot your sperm on my CLIT!"

The man came, just as his brother had, shooting what seemed
to be a gallon of thick, hot sperm, this time all of it covering
Kate's hard, swollen clit.

The warm flood against her clit, the sensation of it running
down her cuntlips, and the splatting of sperm on her tits
from a third man who was watching brought Kate to the edge.
The man squirted again, making Kate feel like she was being
washed with a cum-squirting hose.

"Yes! Cummmmmmm!"

Kate moaned. Another gush on her clit.

"I'm cummmmmmmmmminnng!"

Kate cried, her body spasming completely.

Kate's body jerked and shuddered, especially since
Torre was lapping every drop of sperm from her cunt and clit.
Kate came again, her cunt bearing down on Torre's fingers,
her back arching.

When Torre had finished, she crawled up and kissed Kate,
laying on top of her sperm covered body.

Kate floated, feeling only Torre's skin against hers,
the slippery wetness on her body, and the warm, glowing
sensation of complete release. She drifted...

The dimming of lights woke her, and Kate looked around.
Linda was at the door, turning off the lights. Linda's
naked form glistened in the remaining light. Torre stirred
too, and looked up at Linda.

"I was going to let you two sleep there, you looked
so comfort-able." Linda said.

Kate and Torre got off the hard coffee table and stretched.
Kate's body was sticky from the dried sperm, as was
Torre's. Torre put her arms around Kate and kissed
her again.

Linda showed them to a spare bedroom, and the two girls crawled
in. Once under the covers, Kate now turned to Torre and she
kissed her. In their warm bed, they felt their sticky, sperm
covered bodies, and licked each other's nipples.

As Torre ate Kate, she looked up at the sweet face of her lover,
and paused, three fingers deep in Kate's cunt. Kate
looked down at Torre, and saw the girl's slick face
glistening wetly.

Torre smiled and whispered.

"Soak my face with your cunt."

Kate gasped, and arched her hips, and Torre sucked her clit.
Kate moaned and bucked her twat against Torre's slick
face, shaking the bed roughly. Her cunt spasm'd over
and over, and Torre noisily sucked her juices up, rubbing
her face all over Kate's sopping wet cunt.

Afterwards, Kate embraced Torre, kissing her over and
over. Finally, she looked at the brunette in the dim light.

"How did you know?"

Kate asked.

"How did you know just what to say?"

"Because, " Torre said softly, kissing Kate's

"Because I'm just like you, and you're the
hottest cum soaked slut I've ever met."

Kate and Torre kissed again.

"Now, " Torre said, "I want to soak your
face with my cunt."

And she did. For the next six years.

This word was chosen for it’s unusually high frequency
in erotic texts. It is marked to draw attention to when,
why and where it is used. To some, it may stimulate, to others
it’s a bore. What does your brain say?

This text contains one or more repetitions of specific
BLUE WORD(S) . Each is marked
thus to draw your attention to it’s placement and useage
in an erotic environment. Enjoy........

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