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The Next Day–A New Reality


The Next Day–A New Reality

The day after my wife Jenna and I got together with her friend,
Debbie we couldn’t help but smile and giggle each time our
eyes met. We kept telling each other how thankful we were
for what the other had done and how much we loved each other
for being able to do something as naughty and fun and feel
an even deeper appreciation and attraction for each other.
I couldn’t believe my shy, inhibited wife had been so open
with her feelings–and body–but I also know that the alcohol
had a lot to do with it, but then alcohol doesn’t make you
say or do anything that wasn’t already there, it just allows
those feelings and actions to flow more freely without

I knew from previous experiences that unless I made sure,
Jenna was able to stay open about the situation, she could
possibly go into denial that she not only enjoyed watching
me with another woman, but also enjoyed the contact she
experienced. I don’t believe for a moment Jenna would ever
give up men and would never pursue a woman for her own pleasure,
but it was sure good to know that she might not ever turn down
the attention of another woman if the situation ever rose
again. I wasn’t sure if this was a one-time deal or if I’d
ever get to “take care” of Debbie’s needs again in the future,
at least until the phone rang.

“Hi! Its me (giggle) I can’t believe what happened last
night, but I want to thank you for being such a gentleman,
treating me with respect but also…(giggle) screwing my
brains out!” Debbie said laughing now.
“No worries, it was more than my pleasure and I hope you will
call on me again for your in-home service needs.” I tried
to sound like a businessman, but broke into laughter myself
on the word needs.
“Is that Debbie, let me talk to her!” Jenna demanded and
I thanked Debbie again and handed Jenna the phone.
“Hi Hon, how are you?”
“I’m fine with everything, did you have a good time?”
“Ok, hold on.” Jenna responded to Debbie and then said to
me, “I’m going onto the porch, girl talk.”

I could hear the occasional laugh, but for the most part
I didn’t try to eavesdrop nor was I really all that concerned
about what they were talking about. I worried more than
anything they would decide they had fun, but for the sake
of their friendship, they wouldn’t have that kind of fun
again. I would just have to wait and see if Jenna was going
to let me in on their conversation.

“Could you hang this up?” Jenna said, handing me the phone.
“So what did you girls have to talk about?”
“Oh nothing much, just comparing notes on what happened
last night.”
“We decided that you are some sort of freak!”
“That’s nice, how?”
“Debbie asked if you had taken Viagra, Cialis or something
and when I told her that’s how you always are, she said they
need to figure out what makes you tick and sell that.”
“I’m flattered, but why the freak reference”
“Because you are not normal! Neither of us has ever been
with a guy that has so much control and can last so long and
has such a dirty kinky mind like yours, but…” Jenna’s voiced
“But what?”
“Well, be such a nice guy otherwise. You’re not a “bad boy”
so how did you get so good anyway?” Jenna inquired with a
look of suspicion in her eye.
“Lots of practice…alone.” We both broke into laughter
and Jenna sat on my lap, arms around me and gave me a very warm
and loving hug.

Why is that whenever you’re alone, you fantasize about
others doing to you what you’re doing, but then when you
are with somebody and can be touched, too many times you
end up whacking off for the other person so as to be that much
kinkier. Its funny, Jenna and I have found ourselves having
good old belly laughs as a result of our sexcapades over
the years. Whacking off is one of those things. I truly believe
the key to good sex is a sense of humor. You have to be able
to laugh at yourself or suffer the effects of self-consciousness
and inhibition. I always said that god meant for sex to be
fun and a good time, if not then how do you explain pussy farts?

“I love you so much, do you think I’m a bad wife for sharing
you with another woman?”
”No, it only makes me love you that much more and show’s just
how much you love me for giving me something every married
guy dreams about. You know its just sex and that I love and
want to be with only you. You can have sex with anybody, but
you only have one best friend and your mine.”

Jenna and I just hugged and kissed and realized that we had
passed a huge test. I’m not saying every marriage should
be tested this way, but unless you have open communication
in a relationship, you have no chance. After awhile, Jenna
asked me if I ever wanted to be with Debbie again and I said
that I did. Jenna told me that she has felt guilty for years
for not giving me oral sex and she also knew that I needed
other women in my life if I was to be happy with our sex life.
I couldn’t argue with her, but told her that I loved her and
those were just some sacrifices I was happy to make to be
with her and Jenna told me she knew and that’s why she wanted
for me to have a playmate to make up for what was lacking.
Jenna couldn’t ask for more from me, but she also worried
if I found another woman who would give me head, I might leave
her. Of course that’s just silly and we both know it now,
but it was a concern of Jenna’s.

Jenna knew Debbie was not the woman for me outside of the
bedroom and also she really had no interest in me outside
of the physical. As a result, Jenna and Debbie decided they
would share my “over abundance” of love, keeping all three
of us happy. However, Jenna said she enjoyed being with
Debbie, but she didn’t feel comfortable “being” with her
that way again. Jenna did admit to enjoying watching her
friend and I, but decided that being one on one is far more
intimate and wanted Debbie to experience me that way. So
the two women, without even consulting me or asking if I
was interested–like any guy would turn down such an opportunity–came
up with a schedule to share me.

Jenna and I are both day people, waking early around five
in the morning and going to bed by ten at night. Jenna is most
aroused during the day and our work schedules don’t always
allow us to have the time we want for fun but we always have
Sundays off together. Our Sunday ritual usually involves
going fishing in the morning until around noon. Eating
lunch and then after the food digests some, we head off to
the bedroom for a romp and a nap, followed by another romp,
supper, TV and bed. When we can, we will usually have some
fun in the morning if I’m not fishing and she doesn’t have
to be into work until later in the morning. Jenna claimed
Sunday for her day and since I usually didn’t have charters
on Saturdays, Debbie could have me Friday night and Saturday
morning. Since I was always wearing Jenna out on our Sunday
romps, she liked the idea of having some of the wind taken
out of my sails by Debbie. Finally, if I was available during
the week, I could visit with Debbie during the day for an
afternoon delight, but other than Friday night, Jenna
wanted me to sleep with her the rest of time. I had no problems
with this schedule and licked my lips knowing that I was
finally going to get a lot more sex, but with two women who
not only appreciated what I could bring to the game, but
were also beautiful and very skilled themselves. Life
couldn’t get much better!

And so it went for nearly two years. Most encounters with
Debbie were just variations of what happened our first
night, but without Jenna’s presence we were able to really
let our passions flow and had some incredible times. Debbie
and I really enjoyed violating each other’s body’s in every
way conceivable that brings pleasure and something else
arose from the liaison that I admit I didn’t really expect.
Debbie really grew to love anal as much as Jenna but took
the process one step further and wanted me to experience
the same pleasures. Debbie loved to rim me. Doing something
that seems so personal and actually revolting or offensive
to others had become the most intimate acts to share with
another. I have always been attracted to women’s behinds
and as long as everything is clean, lust after a hot ass.
Debbie apparently shared my lust and licked me as much if
not more than I would lick her cute little asshole.

Debbie also decided that I really needed to experience
more than tongues and fingers and bought a strap-on dildo
and used it on me more than once. I must admit that I thoroughly
enjoyed everything we did and if I didn’t have the firm belief
that I was straight, might consider doing it with a guy.
However, I just don’t find men attractive in a sexual way
and have no desire to pursue that avenue. A real dick would
probably feel a lot better than a dildo, but at the same time
I’d much rather have a hot woman violate my ass much more
than a hot sweaty guy fucking me. I don’t have any phobias
or hang-ups that way and actually have had many gay friends
over the years, but I’ve just never felt anything for men.
Pleasure is pleasure but you have to be turned on to really
enjoy something. Some things turn me on, while others don’t.

Debbie loved to give oral (loved receiving even more) and
over time really learned what I enjoyed and she became one
of the best I’ve ever experienced. Debbie loved the challenge
in making me cum and was never in rush and sometimes we would
spend the entire afternoon just having oral sex. Mostly
those oral encounters where her giving me pleasure with
the occasional 69 but they would always end the same way
with Debbie taking every drop I could muster eagerly in
her mouth and swallowing. Debbie liked the way I tasted
and said there was something about my cum that seemed to
give her energy and a type of high that she enjoyed experiencing.

Good things always end, as did our relationship with Debbie.
Being regularly serviced, Debbie was able to see other
guys without being burdened with being horny and as a result
met a really great guy that she grew to love and he her for
all the right reasons and not just for the sex. Two years
after our first encounter, Debbie remarried and moved
away with her man. Our liaison continued up until the very
end with Debbie stopping by our house on her way out of town
for one last romp. I was left with a huge smile on my face and
then sadness set in, knowing that something very good had
just occurred for the last time. Jenna was equally sad because
she and Debbie had become quite close and also for the fact
that she knew my sex drive had been elevated to a point that
she just couldn’t satisfy and also the old oral issue started
banging around in her head again.

Jenna and I talked for hours about the whole subject and
realized that while there wasn’t a single problem with
sharing me with another woman for the past two years, she
was now worried about what would happen if I couldn’t keep
getting what I wanted. I reassured Jenna that I was happy
with her and that since I was able to go for over a decade with
receiving any oral and I was happy and also since I received
more in the past two years than I’d received in my life, also
left me content. Jenna wasn’t convinced and knew I was just
telling her what she might want to hear–though I was honest–and
she wished now that Debbie hadn’t left because she had no
idea how to ever find another woman so perfect for us. I didn’t
worry about it much after that day and just went back to self-abuse
and fantasy for those times I wanted more.

About a year after Debbie moved away, I got a message from
a woman who wanted to hire me to teach her how to fly fish.
I called her back and found she was a complete novice but
wanted to try something new and different since she was
new to the area and didn’t have much to do. Cindy was in her
early 30’s and married to an airline pilot who left her alone
most of the time and she was bored in a new town without any
friends. Cindy moved here after they were married two years
ago, but her husband was gone more than he was home and life
in a very small southern town on the Gulf became almost maddening
after living the past twenty years in a city. Cindy told
me a fly fishing friend recommended me as a great teacher
and guide. When I asked her the friend’s name, it was somebody
that I knew and set-up a date for our first session, though
I was curious as to why this “friend” would recommend me
considering I had never fished with that person. Since
the “friend” was also a friend of my wife, I figured that’s
all it was, just a friendly referral.

I met with Cindy for two casting lessons and she made enough
improvement each time for me to decide she was ready to try
casting at fish instead of a Hoola-hoop I use as a target
when practicing in the park next door to my house. Cindy
was a good student who really seemed interested in learning
about the sport and I was really looking forward to getting
her hooked up to a fish on fly equipment. Part of my instruction
is to teach folks not only how to cast and fish, but what to
wear and other items along those lines. Too often customers
will show up for a day of fishing wearing shorts, t-shirts,
ball caps and sandals. Very comfortable clothing, but
the Florida sun has a way of making those pay dearly for lack
of clothing, especially if you’re from up north! If the
sun doesn’t get you, the bugs will. No-seeums, gnats, mosquitoes,
deer flies, yellow flies, dog flies, bees, you name it,
we’ve got them all. Not that there are huge hoards of bugs
or they are bad daily, but if you’ve got some exposed skin,
they will find it and make you pay. As a result, the standard
garb is to wear long sleeved shirts and pants made of lightweight
breathable fabric, sunglasses and a brimmed hat. Not the
sexiest of clothing, but considerably more comfortable
and of course, we are out to fish, not look good.

Cindy was waiting at her house, ready and on time when I saw
immediately that she took my advice and invested in proper
fishing wear. Approaching in the gray light of dawn, she
could have been any guy standing next to the road in her baggy
clothing. Of course when she got into my truck, I couldn’t
help but notice her warm smile and just how pretty this girl
was. I had noticed some hints of a hot body while teaching
her to cast, her legs for one because she wore shorts those
days, but like my wife, wears her clothes loose fitted.
But like I said, this was fishing and was trying to concentrate
on her casting form and not her legs. I could help but thing
as we drove the last few blocks down to the harbor that I had
the best job in the world. I get paid to take people fishing
and today I was taking out an enthusiastic student who also
happened to be quite attractive.

The day was beautiful, awesome sunrise, birds and fish
everywhere! I decided ahead of time that I would concentrate
on having her cast to schools of Ladyfish. Ladyfish are
scrappy fighters, easy to catch and tend to jump a lot evoking
a lot of excitement from the angler. However most would
consider Lady’s to be trash fish because they are not good
to eat, but on a fly rod, a total gas to catch. Cindy caught
fish after fish and was giggling like a schoolgirl with
each fish hooked. Time flew by and the sun climbed higher,
the fish took to siesta and it was time to head in for the day.
When we got back, Cindy was ecstatic, saying she had no idea
fishing would be so fun and wanted to know when we could go
again. I was booked for the remaining week, so we agreed
to meet the following week and go again. From her enthusiasm
for fishing, I never in a million years would have ever thought
Cindy wanted more from the experience than just catching
a fish.

The day arrived with very little fanfare and we headed out
full of promise, but didn’t find fish right away. We tried
a bunch of spots until finally while having her practice
casting while drifting over the flats, Cindy caught a Speckled
Trout and whooped with delight. We kept fishing and on almost
every cast caught another trout until we drifted off the
fish and went back for another pass and caught more fish.
On the previous drift, the sun was up and Cindy said she wanted
to get some sun so she stripped her baggy clothing off and
revealed an incredible body covered by a very skimpy bikini.
WOW, was all I could think and thought how this day just got
a lot better. I was headed back up for another drift when
Cindy dropped a bombshell. Her hand moved to my thigh and
she said she was having the time of her life and wanted to
do something special for me. That’s when her hand moved
up my thigh and found something warm and firm (almost instantly
from seeing her bikini and of course her hand on my thigh)
between my legs.

I nearly jumped off the boat, but instead did what I couldn’t
believe I did. I stopped the engine, pulled away from her
and reached out for her hand, holding it and looking into
her eyes and said, “I’m totally flattered you want to thank
me…that way…but I have already been rewarded by seeing
how much fun you’re having.” I couldn’t believe I was being
so damn honorable, especially since a very attractive
woman, ten years my junior had just slid her hand onto my

“But I don’t want to do it just for you, but for me too. My husband
is always out of town and when he’s home, he doesn’t…” Cindy’s
voice trailed off.
“At least not as often as you’d like?” I added.
“No, not for the past year, at least not on his own, I practically
have to him!”
“Well that’s not right, but I don’t think I’m your answer,
you know I’m married and I’m happy.”
“I know, but…” Cindy looked like she was going to cry, so
I hugged her and whispered in her ear that I understood and
that it had nothing to do with her, I found her incredibly
attractive and if I didn’t love my wife so much, we wouldn’t
be having this conversation.
“If it where ok with your wife, would you have sex with me?”
“Of course, like I said, I think you’re hot!” I replied with
the conviction that I was boosting Cindy’s moral by rejecting
her advances with my mind instead of my dick.
“Why don’t you ask her?”
“You don’t know my wife!” Despite knowing full well that
Jenna was ok with me having sex with another woman, we agreed
that it would be with women that she provided for me. Of course
knowing how lucky Jenna got with Debbie’s situation nearly
falling in her lap and of course Jenna’s shyness, I didn’t
ever think she would try to find somebody else. “If you’re
totally serious about this, I’ll mention it to her, but
don’t hold your breath and you also have to promise me that
if she says no, any kind of a relationship we can ever have
is fishing only. Deal?”
“Deal! I can’t believe you’re going to ask your wife if you
can have sex with another woman!”
“I can’t either, but more so, I can’t believe you want to
have sex with me!”
“Why not, your hot!”
“You’re kind, but we both know I’m not.”
”I think you are.”
I blushed and said, “Are we out here to compliment each other
or fish? Get back on the casting platform and get back to
work!” I ordered and gave her cute little butt a swat making
her yelp and then shake her little behind at me as she stood
on the front deck. I couldn’t believe I just turned down
sex and ordered a woman to keep fishing. What was I thinking?!?!
Ten years earlier in my life and we would have already been
hot and sweaty by now and not from fishing!

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but wonder what Cindy
was thinking and she was kind enough not to bring the subject
back up, until after we got in and she reminded me to have
that special conversation with my wife so the next time
we went fishing we could do more than fish. I told her not
to get her hopes up (and even wondered if I would ask Jenna
or not) and said we’ll always have fishing. Yes an incredibly
corny Casa Blanca reference, but it made us both laugh.
I did my usual chores after fishing of fueling up and cleaning
the boat, then stopped by to chat with some other guides
to share fish stories and finally headed home reluctantly.
I didn’t want to have this conversation with Jenna, but
then I also had a hard time getting the image of Cindy standing
on my boat’s front deck in that bikini out of my mind.

Cindy stands about 5ft 5in, has long brown hair she wears
in a ponytail, blue eyes and a very sexy mouth. Nothing really
stood out about her body except that she was perfectly proportioned
for her height and weight. Nice curves with some muscle
definition, but softer than either Jenna or Debbie. I was
very curious as to what was under the bikini, but tried to
snuff that thought out of my head as I pulled up to the house,
un-hooked the boat and parked. I collected my rods and gear
from the boat and headed into the house and when I opened
the door I saw Jenna sitting on the couch, nothing unusual,
but across the room in a chair was Cindy.

“Hi honey! Look who dropped by to say hello, ” Jenna said
“Hey Cindy, long time no see!”
“Hi!” was all Cindy could get out almost giggling.
“Cindy said that you have something that you want to ask
“I do?” I teasingly replied.
“Yes you do and I think you better ask me soon or this poor
girl is going to explode!” Jenna said gesturing towards

To make a long story shorter, Jenna and Cindy explained
the whole thing to me. Shortly after moving here, Cindy
met Debbie and became friends. When Debbie married and
moved away, she and Cindy stayed in touch via email when
Cindy confided to Debbie about her husband’s lack of interest.
Debbie knew that Cindy lived just down the street from Jenna
and me and also knew Jenna would probably be into sharing
me with Cindy. Then Debbie told Cindy to contact Jenna and
then Jenna contacted Debbie for reassurance and then they
set up the whole thing. Once again I was the accepting victim
of another diabolical plot hatched by my wife to not only
test my faithfulness, but also tempt me with another playmate.
It all worked out well because I was a gentleman and resisted
Cindy’s open proposition and as a result was going to soon
collect my reward.

Jenna told me to get into the shower and get cleaned up because
I had some work to do. I wasn’t in the shower for more than
a couple of minutes, when the door opened and closed and
Jenna’s head popped into the shower, telling me she loved
me, gave me a kiss and said have fun. I asked her where she
was going and she said to leave the two of us alone to get better
acquainted. As it turns out, Cindy told Jenna that she didn’t
think she would feel comfortable enough if Jenna was watching
us and also although she had a “bi” experience in college
really wasn’t into that, much to Jenna’s delight, because
despite giving into a few temptations with Debbie, she
wasn’t ready to explore that side of her sexuality any further,
at least for now. I kissed Jenna again and told her I loved
her and the door closed as she left.

A few minutes later, the door opened again and Cindy asked
if there was room another person in the shower and I invited
her in. We just stared at each other’s bodies, not really
exactly sure of what we were doing or supposed to do next.
Seeing Cindy naked for the first time had an effect on me
prompting Cindy to say that she’s glad to see she can still
make a guy hard, with that we started kissing and lots of
soaping, stroking and more kissing. Time flew by and the
water soon turned cold and we quickly dried and ran for the
bedroom. It seemed odd crawling into my bed with another
woman, but so much more erotic knowing that I had my wife’s
approval and possibly her audience if Cindy didn’t get
enough before Jenna returned home.

My first time with Cindy was like that with so many first
times with another woman. You don’t exactly know what buttons
to push and when, so it’s a matter of exploration and getting
acquainted, so the next time will be that much better and
so on. With that said, Cindy reacted to every touch, kiss,
lick and whisper like she was experiencing it for the first
time with enthusiasm. I could tell it had been awhile for
her, because Cindy was almost instantly wet (I noticed
in the shower–no pun intended) but I could barely get a finger
into her. I knew no matter how much she wanted to feel me in
her; it would take awhile for her to accept me fully. I took
my time licking her and used my fingers more than I might
normally, but eventually her begging and my throbbing
dick made me go for it.

Cindy was incredible in every way. Cindy’s tightness was
incredible and her moans of pleasure and writhing in the
bed as I worked more and more of myself into her made me wonder
why the hell her husband wasn’t taking care of her! Cindy
was incredibly hot not only to look at, but just her sounds
and gyrations were enough to drive me wild with lust and
soon I found myself not giving her a day of making love, but
proceeded to give her a very long, slow but hard fucking
in just about every position possible. I have no idea how
many orgasms Cindy had, but she didn’t seem to tire and wanted
more and more. I looked at the clock and over two hours had
passed since we left the shower and I was starting to wonder
when Jenna would be home when I heard her behind me say, “Are
you two still going at it? My god!”

“I’ll be through with him in just a little bit Jenna, it just
feels sooooooooooooo gooooooooood!”
“No time limits, I’m going to go work in the yard, have fun
you two!” Jenna said on her way back out the door.

I couldn’t believe my wife, but then again I really think
she appreciates somebody else helping her share the workload
of trying to keep me satiated. I wasn’t complaining and
Cindy felt really good and I was enjoying every second.
Cindy, probably felt awkward with Jenna outside and started
begging for me to cum in her. Jenna must have told her that
I was sterile and baby safe and even though I don’t really
get off or need to cum in a woman, I also know that some women
love the feeling of a guy cumming in them. It turned out Cindy
was one of those women because as I started to swell up and
pump her harder, she nearly lost control and just screamed
her way into an incredible final orgasm. I felt her contracting
rhythmically as my cock spasms slowly subsided deep inside
of her. Reaching orgasm simultaneously is definitely
hot and something that I learned Cindy loved to do to end
a love making session. Jenna never wanted me to cum in her,
but preferred to have me shoot it on her–usually on her breasts.
One of the few things Jenna likes about porn are the cum shots
and having one occur live and on her is very exciting. Of
course Debbie loved my cum ending up in her mouth, so it just
goes to show, that every woman is different!

We showered again and dressed and met up with Jenna out in
the yard. Cindy hugged Jenna very hard, thanking her and
that she’d be in touch and that she owed her big time. I walked
over and hugged Jenna as we watched Cindy walk down the street
to her house, until Jenna said, “Hey big boy, do have any
left for me?”
“What do you think?”
“You gotta catch me first!” Jenna laughed as she ran into
the house and I was hot on her cute little tail.

Once again, my wife blew me away and I realized just how lucky
I am to have her in my life. I would have been happy once again
to end all this there, but believe it or not, my sex life just
kept getting better. Jenna encouraged me to visit with
Cindy as often as she or I wanted and we still play to this
day, however not as frequently as we used to. I’ve had many
more passionate encounters with Cindy and others, but
those I’ll save for later. Time changes everything, but
so far I’ve enjoyed every minute of it and can only wonder
what experiences perhaps lie down the road.

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