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The Neighbors


My wife and I had just moved into a new home in a nice, fairly
upscale area of town with a lot of new development.

We moved in during the early summer, and on move-in day,
I noticed a striking neighbor woman across the street,
outside on her deck, in her bikini, catching sun and exhibiting
a lean but very sexy body. I managed to not get caught staring
at her and we continued unloading and un-boxing our stuff
until late in the afternoon, when to my delight, our new
neighbor, now dressed conservatively in shorts and a golf
shirt , stopped by with her husband in tow to introduce themselves.

We took a break from our unpacking, and I cracked open some
cold beers from the fridge and we sat amongst the boxes and
got acquainted. The neighbor woman, Jane, was a elementary
teacher, and her husband Marty was a sales rep for some kind
of hardware manufacturing firm. Jane was about 5’6”,
athletic looking (former basketball standout), with
honey-blonde hair, summer tan, and smallish breasts,
great legs - very attractive, but respectable looking.
Marty was a former football jock, kind of a funny, happy-go-lucky
sort, around 6’2”, muscular, big pipes, about 220,
getting a little bit of a gut that Jane kidded him about,
but not too bad. I guessed both of them to be in their late

My wife, Sheri, and I were about the same age, with 2 small
kids, pretty average and respectable all-in-all. Sheri
was 5’4”, blonde and blue-eyed, about 120, with perfect
34Cs – very pretty and sexy. I was about 6’, 175 in good
shape, hittin’ the gym regularly, running and biking,
and as Sheri said, taking good care of my “lifeguard”

They too had recently moved into a new home, and we immediately
hit it off with them. As the summer progressed, we helped
one another with landscaping, installing garage door
openers and all the other tasks that accompany getting
settled in a new home. We grilled out often, and Marty and
I played golf, while the girls shopped, taught bible school
(yes – bible school), did aerobics together, boated,
and became generally inseparable.

Marty and I became great friends as well, and we often respectively
complimented one another about the others’ wife. During
our cookouts, I did catch Sheri checking out Marty and getting
a little flirty under the influence of cocktails, and I
also noticed Marty secretively checking out Sheri’s
ass and chest on more than one occasion, but I took this in
stride as just normal stuff.

Jane was very friendly but not at all flirty with me, and
was pretty conservative, although she tended to loosen
up with a few glasses of wine, and on one such occasion, with
my peripheral vision, I felt her eyes traveling up and down
my body. Nothing beyond that, but something about her made
me wonder if there was something different about her - like
maybe a hidden wild streak.

Our sex life had always been pretty great, but by this time,
things were getting a little stale between Sheri and I,
as they often do. Earlier in our marriage, during foreplay,
Sheri would sometimes tell me about her sexual encounters
before we were married, which I found to be a tremendous
turn-on. She would tell me how some guys seduced her, down
to all the details of their manhood, what she did to them,
all the positions and places they did it – I was a little
shocked to find she was a little wild; she also told me that
in college, sometimes she and a female friend would bring
their dates back to their dorm room, get the guys worked
up by making out, and then they would slip out of their tops
and order the guys to drop their jeans. She said the guys
would be so excited that they could barely stand it – the
girls would then proceed to jack them off in front of one
another, and normally it didn’t take much until they
were spurting cum all over (she laughed about this).

And on one occasion, they even switched dates and jacked
each other’s guy off in front of the other. She said it
was pretty hot to wrap her hands around a strange dick, have
the guy totally under her control, feel the cock throb,
and then to watch cum spurting out.

However, she was quick to point out that those days were
far behind her, and that those sorts of episodes were WAY
over the line for respectable married family women such
as herself. Although I did notice that she would also become
pretty aroused and very wet when recalling her past erotic

At one point during a night of foreplay, I asked her if she
had ever thought about being with someone other than me.
She gave me an angry- hurt-confused look, and she said she
was confused on why I would ask. “Just trying to revive
our sex life, a little, hon” was my response. Coldly,
she turned away, and I decided to let it go. But after a couple
of minutes of silence, she said she HAD thought about it,
but that was it – and it was just normal, and that it would
never go any further; it was a private thing . I asked her
who, but she refused to tell me, and I didn’t push, although
I was dying to know.

Time passed, and our sex life resumed, though it was pretty

Then in the early Fall, Jane and Marty called us up and invited
us over for a nice surprise – a hot-tub party! Turns out
they had installed a new hot tub behind the house in a nice
private spot, and they wanted to break it in properly on
a Saturday night. I could barely contain my anticipation.
The girls cooked up some great appetizers, and Marty and
I were put in charge of the alcohol, so we decided to go all-out
on the Margaritas.

We started early, and the girls were hitting the “Margs”
pretty hard. After an extended happy hour, we decided to
hit the hot tub, and by now the girls were very well lubricated.
We all donned our swimsuits and jumped in the tub. Jane and
Sheri switched over to champagne, and they were now pretty
bombed. I noticed they were a little “touchy” with
one another, but thought nothing of it. Marty and I were
amused as we sat and chatted – and it was good to see Sheri
having such a good time – work had been pretty demanding.

Sheri and Jane were together on one side, facing one another,
standing about waist deep talking, with Marty and I on the
other side, sitting on the edge of the tub. Sheri came up
with a great off-color blonde joke, which solicited a good
laugh, and Jane laughingly said “Oh Sheri, I just love
you”. And with that she gave were a big kiss on the cheek.
Sheri looked slightly shocked, and Marty jokingly said,
“Aw, you should have kissed her on the lips!”. Jane
glanced our way, and without hesitating, as if on a dare,
turned back to my blushing wife, and proceeded to kiss her
warmly right on the lips. Sheri didn’t really resist,
and when they broke it off, they giggled like school-girls.

They were drunk, and Marty bravely said, “Do it again!
Let’s see some tongue!” Surprisingly, they kissed
again, and we could tell there was some serious tongue action
happening. They came up for air, and Sheri said “Gee,
it’s pretty nice to kiss another woman”. Jane smiled,
looked into her eyes, and with a more serious look, reached
behind her own back, and to my utter shock , unhooked the
bikini top, and let it fall into the water. Their lips met
again. They kissed deeply, and Jane reached around and
unhooked Sheri’s top. No resistance. Sheri pulled her
top over her head and let it fall. I could not believe this
was happening! The bible-school teachers standing toe-to-toe,
tits exposed, and touching. Marty and I had hit the mother

My eyes were fixated on Jane’s very perky tits, and as
I looked at Marty, his eyes were glued to my wife’s breasts
as well. They kissed again, hungrily. Their hands explored
one another’s bodies, and Sheri put her hands on Jane’s
ass, pulling her close, grinding crotches. Jane massaged
Sheri’s breasts as they kissed. Meanwhile, my own cock
was hard as a rock, and I noticed Marty rubbing his own seemingly
huge hard-on through his swim suit. I saw Sheri look over
and her eyes went straight to Marty’s crotch, where the
outline of his dick was clearly visible. Jane noticed Sheri
looking, as did Marty. An awkward silence ensued. Laurie
quickly looked away, grabbed her top, clamored out of the
tub with a towel and said to me, “We’d better call it
a night”. We quickly said our goodbyes.

“7:30 tee time, right Marty?”

“Yup, see you then”

I followed her across the street and straight to the bedroom.
Sheri’s towel and swimsuit bottoms went flying. We practically
dove into bed. Sheri spread her legs wide, pulled me on top
and said “Just fuck me”. She never used the F word, so
I knew she was really hot. Without hesitation, I positioned
the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy to find it
soaking wet. I buried my meat effortlessly. Sheri whispered
“give it to me hard” and I was happy to oblige. She wanted
to do it in every position.

As I was pumping in and out doggie style, I told her that I
saw her looking at Marty’s cock through his swim suit.

She said “Yes, he looks huge”.

“Does that turn you on?” I asked.

“Yesss”, she purred.

I decided to be bold as I continued to pound her. “Would
you like to fuck him?”

“Oh, I just couldn’t…” she gasped, “That would
be over the line. But god, it WOULD be so hot to jack him off…I
think I could do that”.

The visual of her hand wrapped around Marty’s big cock,
jacking him off to orgasm was more that I could take, and
I came hard into her sopping wet cunt. She rolled onto her
back and I reentered her, still hard.

“Remember when I told you the fantasy about being with
someone else?”


“Well, just so you know, it was Marty… Wow, you are hard
again already….”

We went at it again and again, she could not get enough, and
as we were into round 3, she whispered in my ear, “I’m
thinking about what it would be like to have Marty’s big
cock in me right now…” She had discovered what button
to push and I exploded again. We fell asleep in one another’s
arms, sweaty and exhausted.

Marty and I met for our tee time early the next morning, and
he was beside himself.

“Can you even believe Jane and Sheri?”

“No, I had to pinch myself, but did you get as much action
as I got afterwards?”

"Jane was wilder than ever – she couldn’t seem
to get enough.”

“Same here. There must be something in the water in that
hot tub”

We laughed and teed it up and started our round. After a few
holes, there was a delay which led to some idle golf cart
chat about the girls behavior in the tub and what a turn-on
it was. With some hesitation, I quietly told Marty that
Sheri had actually fantasized about him while she and I
were making love.

Marty looked uncomfortable and said, “Are you pissed
at me?”

“No” I said, “and to the contrary it’s kind of a
turn-on for some reason. Let me ask you this: Hypothetically,
if I told you it was OK to fuck her, and you had the chance,
could you do that?”

Marty hesitated for quite a while, then he said ”Well,
as much as I would like that – she’s hellaciously hot
– I couldn’t do it behind Jane’s back. That would
be cheating.”

“What if it wasn’t behind her back?”

“What do you mean? Like in the same room? Like swinging?”

“Yeah… well, I’m not sure about the swinging. I don’t
think that Jane would ever do something like that with me.
I’m not that well endowed, and I don’t think she finds
me all that attractive, plus she’s used to that monster
unit of yours. But maybe she would find it hot to just watch
you and Sheri??”

“This is pretty kinky stuff we talking about, dude –
these are chicks that teach bible school for crissakes!
Soccer moms!!! Jane is totally straight, but make no mistake,
I do know that she finds you attractive as well. I’ve seen
her checking you out. But I can’t imagine, even in my wildest
dreams, that she would fuck you, under any circumstances

“Even if she were watching you nailing Sheri?”

“Tell you what – if I was ever lucky enough to nail Sheri,
and if Jane and you wanted to do it, that would be fair. It
might even be a turn-on for me to see you do my wife. But this
is never gonna happen, is it?”

“No…. this is just us horny guys talking crazy”.
We cracked up. “They may have shown us their tits in the
hot tub, but they’d never go beyond that”. We laughed
some more about how crazy we were getting and continued
with the golf.

Meanwhile, the girls met for breakfast. Later on, Sheri
told me about their conversation, which was something
like this: They confessed to one another how much they had enjoyed
the kissing and touching, and although they were both a
little embarrassed, they agreed that it was harmless,
but very erotic , and an awakening of sorts, and they agreed
to explore it further. Then Jane, to Sheri’s surprise,
told her how hot she thought I looked, complimented me for
staying in such good shape, and wanted to know if I was well

“No, he’s just average – maybe if that” was Sheri’s
reply. Jane went on to say that Marty is so big – he’s
almost too big.”

Sheri laughed and replied, “So I noticed – pretty hard
to hide that thing in a pair of swim trunks… that was hot”.

“I have a confession to make, Sheri, and don’t take
this wrong, but since we are best friends I think I can tell
you this”.

“Go on”, said Sheri.

“I was fantasizing about Greg while Marty was making
love to me last night, and it made me so hot. I hope you don’t
mind – it was just a fantasy, but I had to admit it made our
night even hotter than it already was”.

Sheri was understanding, “I don’t mind, and get this
– don’t feel bad because I was fantasizing about Marty
as we were making love at our house, and it was some of our
best sex in a long time!” They giggled and drank a toast
to their new found fantasy lovers.

After a few moments, Jane got a little thoughtful. ” You
know, everyone had such a great night of sex afterwards,
maybe we should plan another date night and take it up a notch.”

What do you mean by taking it up a notch?

“We’ll build a build a fire in that awesome family room
fireplace at your place, we’ll have some drinks going
and we’ll do movie night, just like normal. We’ll tell
the guys it’s a new release, but instead we’ll put in
a porn movie – that’ll get them going – we’ve never
done that in our entire married life… Then how about if
you and I escalate it with some necking on the couch some
touching – no bras allowed, and we will get them good and
worked up.”

“Then what?” asked Sheri.

“Then we get them to show us their hard ons!! – we’re
showing them our tits – it’s only fair – I saw you checking
out Marty’s crotch in the hot tub and I know you want you
to see it in all its glory!!” Jane laughed and Sheri blushed,
admitting that it did really turn her on.

Sheri proceeded to tell Jane about her college adventures,
and about jacking our guys off in front of one another.

“Interesting” said Jane, as the wheels started turning.
“ I’ve never done anything remotely that erotic. I’ve
lived a sheltered life….and I’m way overdue for some
naughty fun. Do you think Greg would actually expose himself
like that in front of me and you?”.

He might” Sheri said, “He’s a little bashful about
it - he thinks he is a little small. Would Marty do that?”
Sheri asked. “

“Oh yeah, in a nanosecond, especially if we’re showing
off our tits”

“If Marty did it, I’m betting that Greg would be right
behind him”

Sheri said that back in college, the hottest part of the
“date-jack-off-sessions” was switching dates,
and experiencing feel of a strange cock in her hand, but
“that’s too far over the line for us, don’t you think?”

Jane admitted “Yeah, we’re definitely playing with
fire… but we’re all best friends, right? I saw the look
in Marty’s eyes when we took our tops off, and I haven’t
seen that in a long time. Let’s do our own guys in front
of one another, and when they start to get close, maybe we’ll
switch if we think it’s OK. I’ll give you some kind of
sign, and you can finish Marty, and I’ll be his hero forever.
And I’ll finish your hottie husband Greg. Besides, we’re
just talking hand jobs, right?”

“Right, but do you think we all might get carried away?”

“I don’t think the guys would let it go that far, do you?”

“Maybe not, but Jane, let me be honest with you. I’ve
fantasized about making love to Marty and having him in
me. I’m a little afraid of what I might do. So far it’s
just been a fantasy to spice up my lovemaking will Greg,
but it gets me really hot. What if we lose control?”.

“I love Marty, and I would never want him to be another
woman, except maybe, maybe if it were you, and I could be
there to see the pleasure on his face. It would be pretty
hot, too, I think, but this could never happen could it?
Besides if you got to make love to Marty, of course I get to
screw Greg!” she laughed, “Would you be OK with that?

“Well, I know it would make him really happy, and it would
turbocharge our sex life afterwards for a long time. Before
last night, he was complaining about how dull our sex life
had become. And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but
I would find it exciting in a way to see the two of you together.
But this would basically be swinging, and I’ve told him
how disgusting I think that is….. Although this is different.
We’re not strangers, we’re not at some swarmy orgy
club, it would just be us friends….. But the idea is pretty
far out there, and potentially dangerous . Let’s stick
to the hand jobs, OK?”

“OK, deal. That’s a good compromise. ”

“This is going to be way fun!” said Sheri.

They giggled some more and drank an OJ toast.

So Sheri told me on Sunday afternoon after golf that the
girls planned for pizza and “double-feature” movie
night at our place on next Saturday night. “No hot tub
action?”, I joked. She gave me the “look” and I ceased
with the joking, not wanting to push my luck. I figured our
erotic encounters were history.

The week passed quickly with Marty and Sheri both traveling
for their job, taking care of kids, soccer practices and
work. We both made arrangements for sitters.

On Saturday evening, Jane and Marty showed up and we ordered
some pizzas. Both women looked super hot as usual, but were
wearing even sexier than usual short jean skirts, and somewhat
revealing low-cut sweaters. Classy, but a little out of
character, I thought, but maybe the previous weekend had
encouraged them to spice it up a little. Marty also noticed
and raised his eyebrows at me - I gave him wink back, and we
smiled. I broke out the beer and wine and we talked about
the kids and the previous work week – the hot tub incident
never came up. Back to normal, with the girls off downing
the Chardonnay and laughing at stuff in the kitchen.

The pizzas finally arrived and we moved down to the family
room sectional for movies. I turned the lights down, got
the fire going and broke out some more wine for the girls.
Once again, they were not feeling any pain. Sheri popped
in a movie which was a thriller-suspense type. The drinks
continued to flow and after the first movie ended, we took
a quick intermission.

When Marty and I came back, Jane said “Ready for the late
feature?” as she hit “Play”. Marty and I were getting tired, and frankly wanted to get
to bed and see if the sex would be as good as on the previous
weekend. The girls sat together in the center of the sectional,
with Marty and I on the ends, next to our wives.

To our great surprise, the movie turned out to be a porn show
starting out with 2 very hot girls going at it. Marty and
I stared in disbelief – neither of us had ever watched
porn with our wives. It was also a little uncomfortable.

Finally Marty blurted out “Well, this is WAY better than
some mystery movie”.

The action on the screen start o heat up, and the porn stars
were very hot. Marty and I were focused on the movie, when
I looked over to see Jane put her hand on Sheri’s thigh
and slowly caress her beautiful bare thigh. Sheri returned
the favor, while I tried to give them some privacy. I thought
that dumbass Marty was going to miss the REAL show, when
Jane leaned over and gave Sheri a warm and lingering kiss
on the mouth. Marty finally noticed as they began to neck

The porn movie was suddenly forgotten as we watched the
girls in awe. It was like they took up where they’d left
off the previous week, with even more passionate kissing.
Jane stared to caress Sheri’s breasts thru her sweater
while Sheri moved her hand under Jane’s mini-skirt and
reached to Jane’s mound. Sheri then shifted and slipped
a finger under Jane’s panties. In a flash, she inserted
a finger into Jane’s waiting pussy. Jane squirmed, then
moaned and pulled up Sheri’s sweater to massage her breasts.
Sheri quickly pulled her sweater off over her head to give
Jane full access. Jane looked directly into my eyes and
followed suit - and before we knew it the mini-skirts were
gone and they were down to just their panties. Jane kissed
Sheri’s breasts and licked her nipples next to me as Sheri
melted back into the couch.

I looked over to see Marty with his belt and pants unbuckled
and big dick already straining at his underwear. He slowed
rubbed his cock thru the fabric as he looked lustfully at

Jane pulled up and said “OK guys, fair is fair, you’re
seeing us, get those pants down so we can get a show too –
guys in the middle”.

Marty and I looked at each other a little perplexed but scooted
over and quickly slid our jeans and underwear off. Sheri
was riveted to Marty’s cock as it sprang out of his underwear
at full attention. It was very large, probably about an
8 incher, and quite thick, and I was a little embarrassed
to pull out my modest 6 inches, which by the way would have
cut glass it was so hard. Jane reached over and began to stroke
Marty’s cock and Sheri turned to me and kissed me passionately.
Sheri then got on her knees with her head at crotch level,
and began to slowly stroke my dick and caress my balls, with
those awesome tits in front of me. But her eyes were on Jane’s
hands as she worked Marty’s magnificent tool. I watched
too, as Jane expertly, stroked him, and then started to
pick up the pace. “OK, so this is Sheri’s college date
game” I thought. “Same room hand jobs, just like her
earlier days”. I had to admit it was pretty hot.

Jane continued to give Marty the royal hand job treatment
– he was moaning and saying “oh god that feels good,
babe”. Then, as if on cue, Jane looked over at Sheri and
said in a low voice, “Want to try this?”

Marty glanced at me worriedly and I just gave him kind of
a silent nod to let him know it was OK. The girls quickly switched
and before I knew it, Jane was between my legs, reaching
up with one hand and caressing my stomach and nipples , while
stroking my cock with the other hand. It was heaven. I looked
over to see Sheri slowly jacking Marty him up and down, caressing
the big mushroom head and wiping off the precum that was
oozing out. Her hand would not fit around his shaft. She
was talking quietly to him and I heard her say something
like “you are so big” as she continued to pick up the
pace. “Oh, what a cock” she said, and she started stroking
him harder and harder, glancing back and forth from his
cock to my eyes as she worked his dick. By now, Marty was moaning
and groaning and arching his back, and I whispered to Jane
“Let’s just watch for a minute”.

Sheri changed positions, wrapped her tits around Marty’s
cock and allowed him to tit-fuck her before going back to
jacking him off with her hands. He lasted a pretty long time
given the circumstances, but finally his breathing got
rapid, he grunted “ I’m gonna cum” and his cock convulsed
4 or 5 times, spewing huge streams of cum into the air and
landing on his belly. Sheri kept milking him and his cum
oozed down onto Sheri’s hand. She licked off her hand,
and proceeded to clean up all the cum on his belly with her
mouth, and gave him a long, hot French kiss.

They continued to make out, while Jane started to stroke
me again. She was very aroused as she stroked my cock and
caressed by balls in a way sent me thru the roof, She began
to stroke me harder and harder and after a couple of minutes,
I couldn’t take it. “Oh Jane, that feels so good, I am
going to cum”, and as I did, Jane took me into her mouth,
sucking me like a whore, and with a few firm strokes of her
hand she finished me off – I came in gobs, and as I looked
down, my cum oozed out onto her lips. She turned and gave
Sheri a deep kiss and they shared my semen.

After they kissed, Sheri licked her lips and said, “Hey,
I thought we said hand jobs only!”

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist” said Jane. And with that, Sheri turned back to Marty, whose cock was
now only semi-erect. She looked at Jane and said, “Oh,
we just can’t have this, now can we?” And she took Marty’s
dick back into her hand started to lick the head again, She
began massaging this cock again, slowly masturbating
him with her hand, and in no time, he was again fully erect
and ready for action. She got her hand around the base of
his cock and pumped him , while she sucked that mushroom
head like a whore. She deep throated as much of him as she
could take – that blow job would have put the porn stars
to shame. Jane and I watched with fascination – and I could
tell Sheri was immensely turned on - rapidly getting wild
and hot to the point of no return. I had never seen her so turned

Marty was in total ecstasy. She looked up at Marty’s face
and said directly to him “ I want you in me…”, and with
that she turned to me with a look I’d never seen – a slutty
look – and she said “You are going to get your wish big
guy. If Jane is OK with this, I am gonna fuck this guys’
wheels off!”.

Wide-eyed, Jane gulped and nodded. I’m not sure that
Sheri could have stopped. She quickly slipped out of her
panties and revealed a swollen pussy, and within a moment
my lovely, conservative, soccer mom- wife climbed onto
Marty and lowered herself onto the end of his hardened cock
where she stopped. He was defenseless.

Jane and I got closer to watch as Sheri grabbed Marty’s
big biceps, looked him in the eyes and slowly lowered herself
onto that massive hard-on. I watched as he stretched her
out…. Moaning with pleasure, eyes closed, she slowly
lowered herself down and took it all in, sinking all the
way down to his ball. That monster cock was buried in her
all the way.

“Oh my god, I’ve never felt anything like this in my
life….You’re touching me in places I’ve never been
touched”. She slowly started to ride him, continually
moaning and whispering to him, and as she would rise up,
we saw that her juices coated Marty’s cock, running down
the veins, all the way to his balls. Each time she rose up,
there seemed to more of her juices coating his cock. She
leaned back and began rubbing her breasts and pinching
her nipples as she rode him, gasping and writhing, impaled
on this cock for what seemed like forever. I was about to
blow another load just from watching – Jane was not even
touching me. I wanted her so badly, but I also did not want
to miss a moment of this.

Finally, Sheri pulled him to the rug in front of the fire,
rolled onto her back and said, “Just fuck me with that
big cock Marty”. She gripped his biceps again as she wrapped
her legs around his powerful body, and he gave her every
inch of it – and hard. She was loving it, and moaning and
whispering to him and she seemed to forget anyone else was
there. I’m sure she had multiple orgasms. She wrapped
her hands around his head pulled her mouth close to his ear,
and I thought I heard her say “God I love your fucking cock”
as he fucked her like a pile driver. She got even louder,
screaming “Oh yes, oh yes oh yes, fuck me baby!! Fuck me
hard!” I saw Marty straining and he grunted “I’m
gonna cum again”.

“Give it to me!! Give me all of it - I want every fuckin'
drop in my cunt!!! And Marty proceeded to grunt and jerk
and spasm as she bucked and ground her hips into him, and
hand I knew that he was filling her up. He pulled out slightly
and the juices streamed out from her pussy. It was the hottest
thing I had ever seen.

Now it was my turn with Jane, I thought, but she seemed to
be a little in shock and a little distant. I said “Jane,
it’s OK, we don’t have to do anything”. But a smile
came to her face and she pulled me down onto the rug. She looked
beautiful in the firelight and she kissed me romantically.
Marty and Sheri seemed lost in their kissing and hugging
and did not seem to notice us at first. Jane said, “Let’s
take it slow and hot, baby, I’ve been thinking about what
we would be like together for a long time.” So we made it
last. We kissed some more as I caressed her wonderful body,
breasts, nipples. Her smooth and tanned thighs were irresistible
as I kissed my way up to her waiting crack. She had a neatly
trimmed pussy, honey blonde, with a nice landing strip.
She was dripping wet. I dove into her with my tongue and she
tasted so good. I quickly found her clit, and in no time she
was moaning to me “Yess”. Soon, she pulled my head into
her mound and I felt the orgasm come in waves. She pushed
me back, mounted my, and began to ride me much like Sheri
had rode Marty, sliding slowly and seductively up and down
on my cock as they now watched us.

She rode me forever, until she rolled off onto all fours
- then I fucked her doggy style as she lowered her head to
the rug and rocked back into me. “Harder” she said,
and she got it. At one point I heard Sheri say “oh yeah,
give it to her”. At last, I rolled her onto her back; she
lifted her long gorgeous legs high, and as I penetrated
her deeply, she whispered “Your dick is just so nice for
me, just fuck me baby, I want your cum”.

She was sexy and responsive and loving and we alternated
between slow, grinding sex and pounding when she asked
for it. When I couldn’t take it anymore, she said , “I
want you to cum on my tits” . I waited until the last moment
of ecstasy and then pulled out, spewing more gobs of cum
all over her chest. She looked at me and the others, and rubbed
my semen all over her lovely breasts with both hands, and
massaged it into her nipples. We held one another for awhile
and chatted. She was so very loving, and we both agreed that
it was wonderful. Who would have ever imagined?

Sheri and Marty had a similar tender moment. Afterwards,
we dressed and talked and agreed that it had gotten out of
control, but it was OK. Actually, it was great!! We laughed
about it and concurred that it was absolutely super hot.
We figured it was very personal, and not like we were at a
club doing it with strangers. The girls swore to us that
it was just supposed to be a hand job session. There were
never any hard feelings, no jealousy and our normal sex
lives resumed, much hotter than before. It was our secret,
and more of a love affair just between the 4 of us. And every
now and then, when things started to get a little dull, the
girls would schedule some surprise “date” nights,
and we continued to enjoy some of the best, most loving sex

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That is a great story, I fantasize about my neighbor all
the time.



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Thank you finally we got a english novel great story and so real