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The Neighborhood-13-My Vacation day 2


Neighborhood-13- vacation day 2

I awoke early as I am used to do. Toni was still asleep, naked
on top of the covers. I got up and put on one of the robes the
villa provided. They were nice soft cotton robes that one
would expect at a nicer spa or resort. I called down to room
service and ordered some coffee and a light breakfast for
Toni and I and I sat by the window to watch the sun come up over
the blue sea.

A short time later there was a soft knock on the door. In came
the room service girl with my order. She brought it over
to the table and set it down. She looked over at Toni’s naked
form on the bed and smiled. She walked up to me and reached
out to take my cock in her hand. I had not realized my robe
had fallen open and she took hold of me and gently felt my
growing member. She told me her name was Maria and she got
off after noon if I wanted to see her. Maria was a very cute
local girl. She was small, no more than 5 ft tall and did have
nice curves for such a small women. She looked to be very
young. She wrote down a phone number and room number and
said this is to the servant quarters. Call her and she would
come by. I told her thank you and if I had the free time I might
take her up on her offer. She gave me a big smile and stretched
up to give me a kiss on the cheek.

She skipped to the door. I watched her the whole way. On her
way out she looked back and saw me watching her so she bent
over and pulled up her skirt showing me her cute little ass.
She spanked herself on the ass cheek and then left the room.
I put the number in the desk drawer for possible later use.

I pulled my robe shut and poured myself some coffee. I headed
out on the balcony and sat to watch the morning at the villa.
There were some guests and their companions getting up
and heading to breakfast, obviously off to some day excursion.
I saw Ed, with Natalie, and Mary head down to somewhere for
the day. A few of the daily staff were roaming around as well.
One of the cleaning girls, a cute local girl a little older
that most of the one who are around here went by. She wore
a black and white uniform dress. It was typical of most worn
by staff in many resorts. She gave me a nice smile as she went
by on her way to the end of the balcony.

The cool sea breezes made it very nice out on the balcony
in the morning. I enjoyed the smell of the salt air and the
sounds of the local birds in the morning. The cleaning girl
came by again, this time pushing her cart. She looked at
me again and asked if I needed help with anything. I said
no but then realized she was not looking at my face but at
my cock. My robe had fallen open again and I unconsciously
had been fondling myself. She came over and asked if I was
sure. I told her ok, she could help me. She went to her card
and pulled off a towel which she placed on the ground in front
of me and she knelt between my legs. She took my cock in her
hands and began to softly stroke it.

She took my cock into her mouth and began to slowly use her
lips to explore my shaft. She took me deep into her mouth
and then released my cock. She looked up with a big smile.
“Very nice” She said before she took my cock back into her
mouth. She sucked me for several minutes before she stood
up and turned around. She pulled up her dress and pulled
her panties off over her nice round add. She had a wonderful
full latin ass, nice and round. I reached out and took it
in my hand and began to feel and massage her nice ass. She
bent forward and spread her legs so I could reach her pussy.
I began to rub and finger her pussy. She felt nice and tight
as I felt her wet excited pussy.

The girl moved over to the table and leaned over with her
legs spread. She told me “You fuck me now”. I got up and moved
in behind this beautiful ass. I guided my cock toward her
pussy. I slowly worked my hard swollen cock into her tight
wet pussy. She let out a moan as I drove my cock into her tightness.
She felt wonderful as I grabbed her full ass and began to
thrust my cock in and out of her. I pumped her hard. She let
out a moan with each full thrust deep into her. She looked
back at me and gave me a big smile to let me know she liked what
I was doing. She felt so tight, like a hand grabbing my cock.
She had great control of her muscles and before long I was
ready to climax. I pulled out and shot my load on her pretty
ass. I rubbed my cock against the crack of her ass until every
drop spilled out onto his nice girl. I picked up the towel
off the ground and wiped her clean.

She stood up and took the towel from me, picked up her panties
and tossed both in the dirty clothes bins and told me thank
you and bye and headed back down the balcony. I pulled my
robe closed again and sat down to enjoy my now warm coffee.

I decided to take my morning shower and went inside. I was
lathering up when Toni came into the shower with me. She
wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my chest.
I ran my arms around her small waist and rested my hands on
her ass. She said she missed me in bed this morning when she
woke up. I smiled and told her I was an early riser and was
relaxing on the balcony waiting for her to wake up. She kissed
me and we cleaned each other’s bodies. We dried each other
and went into the living room. Toni went to see what I ordered
for breakfast and picked up a bagel and coffee and sat on
the sofa, still naked. To got my coffee and sat next to her.
She told me she liked it here with me. She doesn’t get a chance
to be naked as much as she would like. I told her that was a
shame as she looked wonderful naked. She smiled at me and
then told me she heard me on the balcony with the girl. I apologized
for waking her. She said it was not a problem, it just got
her hot thinking of me pounding her so early in the morning.

I asked her if she needed anything to take care of her issue
and she just smiled. I was getting excited again thinking
of her lying in bed listening to me fuck the cleaning girl.
My cock was getting hard again. Toni reached over and began
to fondle it and help it grow more. She said maybe She needed
some this morning too. Toni crawled over onto my lap and
guided my cock into her pussy. She squatted on the sofa and
began to ride my hard cock. I took hold of her hips to help
her keep balance while she bounced up and down on my cock.
She leaned forward and I felt her back as she rode me. Her
breathing got harder as she worked my cock with her hips
and pussy. She knew how to work her body to make a cock feel

I told her when I was about to climax and she rode me harder.
I shot my load deep in her pussy. She squeezed my cock with
her pussy draining every drop of cum out of me. She rested
with my cock still deep within her pussy. She rocked her
hips against me slowly as my cock gradually softened. She
finally sat up and pulled my cock out of her pussy. Toni headed
to the bathroom to clean up and I followed her. She took a
warm wet town and washed my cock and then her pussy. We rinsed
off in the shower again and then got ready to meet Anne for
our trip to the beach.

I put on my a pair of swim shorts and a T-shirt. I do not need
to show off too much of this beached whale too soon. Toni
put on her tiniest g-string bikini. The fabric used barely
covered any of her and it was bright lime green to help attract
attention to the fact. She put on a pair of short white shorts
over her bottom and we headed to the poolside bar to meet
Anne. The resort supplied towels and lotions for the beach
and they were available to pick up by the pool so we didn’t
need anything else.

We arrived at the tiki bar and Anne was waiting. She looked
stunning in her short chino shorts and t-shirt. Simple
wear but on her looked like a page from a fashion magazine.
She kissed me and then Toni when we walked up. She had already
had our beach bags pulled and had put several bottles of
water in each. She seemed excited about hitting the beach
so we headed out. We went down the path to the more private
area but about half way down Anne led up down a small cut further
up the beach. She said this is an area only a few people get
to and is a favorite for the staff.

We came out on a pristine area of beach. It was covered in
glistening white sand and very clean. There were a few people
but it was otherwise quiet. Anne led us to a nice spot that
was between a couple of dunes that blocked a lot of the wind.
We spread out our blankets on the soft sand. I looked around
at the others on the beach. Most looked to be simply sunning
and relaxing in the sand. I looked over and noticed that
Anne was removing her t-shirt and shorts. She was not wearing
anything underneath and told us to disrobe so she could
put on the sunscreen. Her body was tan all over. No signs
of having worn a suit to tan in quite a while. Her body was
nicely toned and she had a wonderful shape. Nice full breasts,
not too big or too small. A wonderful ass and nice long legs.
She had a little patch of hair above her pussy but otherwise
was shaved smooth.

Anne helped Toni out of her shorts and then began to remove
her suit. She told her she would not need that here. Besides
she was too pretty to cover herself up when she didn’t need
to. I told her I agreed with that sentiment. She then looked
at me. She told me to undress too. I told her I burned easily.
Not to worry, Anne assured me, she had some very high SPF
lotion just for me. I was reluctant to show off my beer belly
and pasty white skin until she said that I only got to put
lotion on her if I was naked too. I quickly removed my shirt
and swim shorts.

My cock was hard from looking at Anne’s tight body. She came
over and grabbed my cock firmly an told me that we would take
care of this later and gave it a soft slap. I let our a little
yelp as Anne suggested that she and I put lotion on Toni first
and then she would help me and I could help her. I told her
that sounded like a good plan so Toni laid on her towel and
Anne and I took a position on each side of her. I took the legs
and she started on her back. I took some lotion and began
at her feet. I worked the lotion into her calves slowly insuring
an even covering and enjoying the smoothness of each leg.
Anne started at her shoulders and arms, spreading he lotion
over every inch of smooth skin.

As I reached her thighs I spread her legs apart so I could
rub each one easily. I teased her with soft touched of her
pussy as I rubbed the top of each leg. Anne worked the back
down to her ass. She used long strokes with her strong hands.
As we reached her ass we both seemed to want to apply the lotions
so we both worked her here. I rubbed the outside and Anne
ran her hands over the crack and reached between her legs
and began to rub her pussy. Toni let out a moan of pleasure
as Anne began to rub her harder. I continues to rub her ass,
legs and back. Toni raise her hips as Anne rubbed her until
she was up on her knees and her face was still on the blanket.
I reached in and began to finger her pussy as Anne rubbed
her clit. The combination of two sets of hands was too much
and Toni quickly climaxed and fell back to the towel. She
told Anne that was a wow moment. It started innocently but
built thorough out until she couldn’t take any more. Wow
she repeated. Anne smiled and told me to lie down.

I laid face down on the towel and Anne began to rub the lotion
into my skin. Her hands were strong and her movement firm.
I asked her if she had any massage training. She said she
did some back in Germany to make extra money. She specialized
in massages for women who liked women. She did serve some
men though too, especially when she gave couple massages.
She worked her hands down my back covering me thoroughly
with the high SPF lotion. She was very through to make sure
nothing would get burned in the hot Caribbean sun. She asked
me to roll over so she could get me front as well.

I turned over and she began to spread the lotion over my legs.
I watched her beautiful naked form as she covered my legs
with the sunscreen. She looked down at my hardening cock,
gave a little “humm” sound and a big smile. She worked her
way around my cock and spread the lotion on my chest and abdomen.
She worked each arm and my shoulders leaning into me and
giving me a good view of her firm breasts. She worked her
way back down my body with her hands rubbing me firmly. She
looked at my cock and said we needed to do something about
this. She could not expect me to get a good tan when I had a
hard cock sticking out all the time.

Anne took hold of the base of my cock with her hand and ran
her tongue over my swollen head. The feeling was fantastic
after the total body rub by this blond beauty. She took my
cock into her mouth and began to slide it in and out of her
warm mouth. The feeling of the sea breeze against my body
and the warmth of her mouth was wonderful. She worked my
cock like an expert, bringing me close and then letting
me down as she licked my shaft with her lips. After a while
of teasing my cock Anne told me that she wanted to feel me
in her pussy. She climbed up on me and guided my cock into
her wet pussy.

She slowly rocked her hips as she sat on me rubbing the inside
of her pussy with my cock. She told me it felt so good to be
filled up by a nice cock. She took her time rocking on my cock,
shifting her hips back and forth to move my cock inside her.
She leaned back and began to rock her hips faster. The feeling
of her tight pussy as she rocked was fantastic. I noticed
several others on the beach had turned and were watching
us from their places on the beach. I saw one girl sucking
the guy she was with as he watched Anne fuck me.

Anne rode me hard and was starting to breath heavy. I had
just had fun with Toni less that an hour before so it was taking
more time to get me to cum. I suggested that we change positions.
Anne agreed and we separated. I got up and had Anne kneel
on the towel and I got behind her. She reached back and guided
my cock into her as we started to fuck doggy style. I like
doggy when I want to cum because I have a lot of control over
pace and stroke length. I began to drive into Anne with long
steady strokes. She began to rock her hips as I pumped, adding
and additional wonderful feeling. The rocking hips leas
to my cock being rubbed differently with each long stroke.
I pounded her harder and finally was getting close to climax.
She told me to pull it out and let her finish me. I backed out
and she turned around and took my cock in her mouth, still
on all fours. She had me face fuck her driving my cock deep
into her mouth as she sucked me hard. I shot my load deep in
her mouth as she sucked every last drop out of me.

She wiped her face on my towel and stood up to move to her towel.
She pulled out her lotion and gave it to Toni to put on her.
I moved to her side to help Toni oil up Anne. I was not going
to miss letting my hands on that nice body. We each took some
of the lotion on our hands and began to spread it on her body.
Her lotion was more of an oil and it made her tanned body glisten.
I worked her legs as Toni worked her back and shoulders.
I worked up the legs, spreading them so I could get a nice
look at her sweet pussy as well as getting the oil on her inner

Toni had finished her shoulders and back and was starting
to rub oil on her ass. I watched as Toni let her hand glide
over Anne’s body and ass. She ran her hand down the crack
of her ass and paused to spend some time rubbing her asshole.
Anne rocked her hips up and began to rock her hips against
Toni’s hand as she rubbed the tight hole. Toni slide her
finger into her ass and began to pump it some as she smiled
and looked at me. I just smiled back as I watched the fun.
Toni pulled out her finger and cleaned it on an extra towel
and then gave Anne a sharp spank on her ass as she told her
to roll over.

Anne let out a little yelp as she was spanked but complied
with a smile. I grabbed the bottle of lotion but Toni bent
right over and began to lick her pussy. She ran her tongue
over her pussy and sucked on her swollen clit. She was very
wet from our round and Toni slide a couple fingers into her
pussy as well. I moved near Anne’s head and gave her a kiss.
I began to fondle and kiss her breasts as Toni gave all her
attention to the pussy. Anne seemed to really like the dual
attention and began to breath deeper as we worked together
to make her feel wonderful.

I felt her full breasts as I sucked on her hard nipples. The
taste of her sweaty body was intoxicating. She had her head
back, eye’s closed and just enjoyed the feelings she was
getting from Toni and I. She began to rock her hips against
Toni’s lips. I tried to keep my movements in time with Toni
and Anne seemed to respond Toni increased the pressure
of her licking and I sucked a little harder on her tits as
Anne moved closer to climax. Anne began to rock her hips
harder and Toni really had to hold on to keep from being bucked
off. She wrapped her arms around her legs and pulled her
tighter against her as she worked to finish. Anne’s moans
got louder as she came closer and finally let go. I looked
up to see people watching us again and sort of enjoyed the

As she let herself calm down Toni and I finished applying
lotion to her body, running our hand all over her tone, tanned
form. I decided to take a stroll to the water to rinse off
the sand from my legs. I walked to the surf, nude and received
several thumb’s up from other guys on the beach. I noticed
most were from the resort and had local girls playing with
them or sucking them as they enjoyed the sun. Once I rinsed
off I returned to our towels and enjoyed a couple hours of
relaxing in the sun.

When we finished with the beach we headed back the same way
we came. About halfway back Anne took off down another path
to the employee villa as Toni and I returned to our resort.
We decided to stop by the offices to look at excursions for
tomorrow. When we got there we were greeted by Gwen who lead
us into her office to show us our options. She pulled out
a large binder with brochures from several places and placed
it on her desk. She bent over the book as she described each
option. I looked over at her pretty ass peaking out of her
short skirt and couldn’t help from reaching out to give
it a nice feel. Gwen looked back at me with a nice smile and
with one hand pulled her skirt up so I could see more.

I tried to pay attention as I ran my hand over her gorgeous
ass. I let my hand slide between her legs and started to rub
her pussy as she talked. She adjusted her legs further apart
and continued to show us the various things to do off site.
I could tell she was enjoying the feeling of being rubbed
as her ability to clearly present her materials was being

We selected a nice personal sailing/snorkeling trip for
tomorrow afternoon and she seemed relieved that she didn’t
need to talk any more. She rested her head on her arms and
let me continue to rub her pussy. Toni began to feel her breasts
through her shirt and I rubbed harder. Her panties were
getting very wet as I rubbed and she finally let go and allowed
her climax to flow through her. She told me that I was very
naughty and now she had to find something else to wear. I
told her sorry but it was too nice to ignore. She thanked
me with a nice kiss as we left her office to return to our room
to clean up from the beach.

We returned to our room by way of the pool. I picked up a couple
drinks to help cool off on the way back and Toni noticed Antonio
working the pool area. As we headed up the stairs Toni told
me she wanted to go back to the pool after we showered, alone.
I knew what she wanted and told her that would be fine. We
got back to the room and showered together, cleaning every
nook and cranny of each other to get the sand out. I put on
a robe and Toni but on one of her smallest swim suits. I gave
her a big hug and squeezed her firm ass cheeks wishing her
good hunting on her trip to the pool. As she left I pulled
out Marias phone number and gave it a call. I heard Marias
sweet soft voice pick up and she was very excited about coming
over. She told me she would be there in about a half an hour.

I called down to the bar to have a pitcher of drinks delivered
to the room and I went out and rested on the balcony railing
to watch the pool area. Toni was down on a lounge chair and
had gotten Antonio’s attention to have him apply lotion
to her back. She was enjoying the soft rubdown he provided
and was engaged in chit chat with him for all I could see.
The bar service came up and I set the drinks on my patio table
and poured myself a drink. I returned to the railing to see
Toni leading Antonio toward one of the spa areas. As they
entered the spa area Toni wrapped her arms around Antonio’s
neck and pulled him close. He wrapped his large arms around
her small waist and they began to kiss very passionately.

I saw Maria bound up the stairs and come town me on the balcony.
I had to look twice to make sure it was her. She looked even
smaller and younger than earlier. She was wearing a very
short pair of cut-off shorts and a tight t-shirt. Her hair
was pulled back into two pigtails. She came up to me and looked
over the railing to see what I was looking at. She saw Toni
kneeling in front of Antonio starting to take his large,
dark cock into her mouth. Maria asked me it that was my girl.
I told her yes that was, she is out exploring on her own. Maria
said she should enjoy Antonio, the other girls say he is
very nice. I smiles and asked her if she knew him first hand.
She told me not yet but she hoped to sometime. He didn’t do
much with the other local staff members, only the visitors.

I looked down at Maria and asked her if she was really 18.
She looked to be several years younger. She told me that
she was 20 and in college. She told me about what she was studying
and I felt more at ease. I suggested we get out to the heat
and head inside. She said that would be nice and helped me
bring in our drinks.

We settled on the sofa and Maria sat very close to me as we
chatted about her. She had only started to work at the resort
in the last couple weeks. She didn’t have any real idea of
what went on here when she started but as time went by she
got the idea. I was the first guest she had ever approached
to meet but she know other girls did it so she felt it was ok.
She really got turned on by what she saw here and was getting
frustrated by not being able to participate. I told her
that maybe she took on the wrong job but she said she’s not
ready to be one of the regular girls yet. She needed more
experience and practice. With that she reached into my
robe and began to feel my hardening cock.

I pulled open my robe and she began to fondle me with both
of her small hands. I asked her to strip for me and she agreed.
She took a step back and began a slow dance as she remove her
clothes. She pulled off her t-shirt to reveal nice small
tits and a nice thin body. She turned around and began to
remove her shorts. She slowly pulled them off over her small
round ass. She wore no panties and pushed her shorts all
the way to the floor, giving me a nice view of her ass. She
turned around and showed me her nicely trimmed pussy, not
shaved but nicely trimmed.

I had Maria come and sit on my lap. I began to run my hands around
her sweet little body as we kissed. She was a very passionate
kisser and enjoyed touching and feeling me. She bent down
and began to lick my nipples and kiss my chest. Her hand found
my cock and began to handle me. She slide to the floor and
took my cock in both hands and began to pull on it softly.
She buried her face in my sack, licking my balls. She lifted
my balls and licked me under my sack to my ass. She returned
to my cock and began to slowly lick my shaft and work her way
to my crown.

Maria ran her tongue around the head of my cock. Her mouth
looked so small I was not sure she would be able to get my head
into her mouth. But this little girl is full of surprises.
Maria stood up and bent over my cock. She took hold of my cock
and guided it into her mouth and began to work with her lips
and tongue. She began to work my cock deeper into her throat
as she bent over more and more. She finally took my whole
cock into her tight throat. The feeling was wonderful and
I was getting close to climaxing. I told her I wanted her
to suck me until I came and I took a soft grip on her pigtails
as she sucked my cock. She worked my cock in and out until
I was ready to shoot my load. I told her is was coming and I
held her head so I could watch the cum shoot down her throat.
She licked up any drips and swallowed the entire load with
a big smile.

I pulled her back up on my lap and gave her a big kiss. I told
her that she was every bit as good as anyone here if she chose
to pursue those options. She just smiled and said she was
learning from the girls when ever she got a chance and she
tried to pay attention when she was around the girls when
they were “working”. I told her that she was a very observant
girl and quick learner. Maria smiles and just hugged me

I wrapped my arms tightly around Maria and stood up. She
was light as a feather so I had not trouble carrying her to
the bed. I laid her out on the bed and crawled up into the bed
myself. I grabbed her ankles and pushed them up toward her
shoulders and looked down and her little pussy and exposed
ass. I bent over and began to lick her from her ass to her clit.
I took some time sucking on her little clit and I could hear
her moaning with pleasure. She put her hands on my head and
ran her fingers through my hair as I licked her.

I let go of her ankle with one hand and wrapped it around her
leg so I could rub her clit while I licked her ass. Maria moaned
louder as I licked her ass and pussy. Maria rolled her hips
against my tongue as I licked her. It was so sexy to see her
little body react so nicely to my efforts. I slide my fingers
to her pussy and guided one into her tight wetness. I began
to pump it in and out as I licked her ass. She moaned more and
pushed my head harder into her behind.

I moved my fingers out of the way and returned to her pussy
and clit. I licked and sucked her small tight sweet pussy
, enjoying every inch. She moaned and rocked her hips more
as I worked to bring her off. She got louder the closer she
came to her climax. When she finally let go she let out a very
load moan that surprised me that it came from such a small
creature. I licked her more until she pushed my head away
and pulled me to her lips. I laid beside her in the bed an pulled
her close to me as she tasted her pussy juice off my lips.

I got up and brought us some drinks and we sat up in the bed
and toasted each other for the fun we were having. Maria
drank some of the drink and pulled out an orange from her
drink. She squeezed the orange slice over my cock and bent
over to lick it off. The feeling of the cool juice and her
warm lips began to reinvigorate my cock and it began to harden
again. Maria reached into my drink and pulled out my orange
and squeezed it over my cock and began to lick that juice
off my now hard cock. She continued to lick my cock from top
to bottom and back again.

Maria climbed up on top of me and squatted over me. She took
my cock and guided it into her tight pussy. We took our time
working it into her very tight hole but once in she began
to ride me hard. She had strong legs for a little girl and
was able to rock her hips in a way that provided a nice long
stroke deep inside and then almost all the way out again.
Her pussy was so tight and it felt like a strong hand gripping
me as she slide it in and out of her. She finally tired of squatting
and rolled forward so her knees were on each side. She rocked
forward and I began to rock my hips to drive my cock into her.
I held her hips and pumped my cock deep into her pussy over
and over. She let out soft squeals with each time I drove

Maria smiled big smiles as my cock went in and out of her.
She rested her head against my chest as I worked my cock from
underneath her tiny form. I pound her pussy hard as I get
close to climax. She tells me she wants to watch me cum so
I pull out and she takes my cock in her hand and begins to milk
me. She takes my cock in her small hands and pumps it vigorously
licking the crown on occasion to help it along. When I finally
shoot my load it goes right onto her cheek and hair. She laughs
and uses her fingers to move the cum to her mouth. She tells
me that that was so much fun. She never has anyone lick her
ass before and it felt really good. I told her that she was
welcome and it is my pleasure to make her feel good.

I got up and got her a towel to clean up with and we returned
to the sofa to relax. I had her sit on my lap and we talked about
her schooling and working at the villa. She told me that
she likes working here and everyone is so nice, even the
guests. She makes good money and can pay for her own schooling
with takes a lot of pressure off her family. It is so sweet
to see this young thing enjoying what she is doing so much.

She asked me how long Toni was going to be away. I told her
I was not sure but it’s ok as we both are here to have some fun
and not to stop the other from doing anything. I got up to
use the restroom and when I returned Maria was looking in
a small shaving bag I had next to the sofa. I had used that
bag to store the items I brought from Molly’s company. She
was reading some of the lotions and bottles I had. She smiled
at me and said she didn’t mean to snoop but saw the bag was
open and one of the bottles caught her eye. I asked her which
one and she told me it was the anal lube lotion that I brought.
I asked her if she liked anal sex and she said she had never
tried it and was unsure she wanted to. I said it’s not for
everyone but many people like the feeling.

She read the bottle more and seemed to be getting more curious.
She opened the lotion and felt it on her fingers. I suggested
she let me rub some on her and let her feel it on her ass. I had
her get on the bed and kneel doggy style with her ass facing
me. I took the lotion and gently rubbed it on her ass and began
to softly finger her ass. She put her head down and moaned
with pleasure as I did. She reached back and began to fondle
my cock as I played with her ass. She told me that she wanted
to try it and I needed to get hard before she changed her mind.
I knelt on the bed and put my cock by her head and kept my hand
playing with her ass. I put my cock in Marias mouth and had
her suck me hard again.

I returned to behind Maria’s ass once my cock was hard again.
I applied some additional lube and rubbed my cock against
her ass. I slowly started to apply pressure and work my cock
into her tight ass. Her pussy was tight, her ass was even
tighter. I began to slowly work my cock deeper into her little
body. I was just starting to pump my cock deep into Maria
when Toni came in. I drove my cock deep in and held it as I introduced
Toni to Maria. Toni noticed what I was doing and crawled
into bed next to Maria.

I started to pump again and Toni began to run her hands over
Maria’s little body. I fucked her ass a little harder and
Toni found her pussy and began to rub her clit. Maria moaned
and her ass rocked as Toni rubbed her clit and my cock pumped
in and out of her ass. Maria buried her head into the bed as
we worked on her. I could feel her climax as I pumped her from
behind. Toni rubbed her pussy hard as she let out screams
of pleasure. I pulled out just before I climaxed and Toni
took my cock and pumped it until I shot my load on Marias ass
and back. Maria collapsed on the bed as I finished.

I asked Toni how was her time by the pool. She said it was wonderful.
Antonio was very attentive and willing to satisfy all her
needs. Maria smiled and said she had heard that he was good
at that. I suggested we all go to the showers to clean up and
cool off. All three of us climbed into the shower and we took
turns cleaning each other.. Toni was enjoying her opportunity
to explore Maria’s tiny body and after we exited the shower
their explorations continued. Maria has never been with
another women so Toni was very willing to help her explore.

I put on my robe and retired to the sofa to watch the girls.
Toni was very understanding and open with the novice Maria.
She seemed to really enjoy the teaching of another women
on how to pleasure a women. The two of them spent another
hour getting each other to climax and enjoying each others
bodies. As they wrapped up their fun encounter Toni returned
to take another shower and I helped Maria put on the little
bit of clothing she wore. I sat back down and she sat on my
lap. I thanked her for coming by and she told me that she is
the one who should be thanking us. She learned so much and
tried so many new things that her head will be spinning for
days. I told her just to try to find more friends to practice
and play with and she would be fine. She smiled a wicked smile
and said she definitely would be trying to do that. We stood
up and I lead her to the door for her to leave. I watch she bounced
down the balcony like a little school girl and told myself
that only here would I be able to enjoy something like that

Toni and I dressed for dinner and the cocktail party that
followed. We already had our late evening plans, I was to
meet up with Mary and Ed , Toni was to get together with Diane.
I wanted to decide on a girl or two to take sailing with us
tomorrow. I know both Toni and I liked Carmen but I was not
sure she was still available. We enjoyed another dinner
in the villa’s dining room and then settled into the lounge
for the upcoming reception. We found Carmen already there
and that she was still available for tomorrow. She was really
excited about being able to spend the whole day with us and
going out on the boat was a wonderful bonus.

I settled into a comfortable chair in a corner and met the
girls as they came by. One new girl caught my attention.
Her name is Sophia. She was a taller, slender yet full figured
local girl who presented herself very well. She spoke very
good English and carried herself a little differently
than most of the girls who worked the villa. She sat with
me for a while as we talked. I found out she was a local student
who needed to work for the summer for tuition. She was almost
done with her medial assistant degree and only had one semester
left to get for her degree. I applauded her for her hard work.
She just started at the villa today and this was a new thing
for her. She had been through the orientation so she know
what was expected but still she had never actually done
this kind of work before. Her innocence intrigued me and
I asked her to join us for our outing the following day. She
was very excited to get a client the first day and I told her
that it was my pleasure to help her out.

Sophia spend most of the evening with me as Toni enjoyed
Carmen company until Diane showed up later during the reception.
I set up our time with Carmen and Sophia with Gwen and then
went to track down Mary. Toni had left with Diane for the
evening and I did not plan on seeing her until the morning.
Mary and Ed were out by the pool. Ed with a new local girl and
Mary was enjoying a drink from the bar. She was dressed in
her swimming suit and a wrap around her waist. I joined them
and ordered a drink from the waitress for myself. We talked
about how we spent out days. I talked more about relaxing
on the beach over enjoying a cute young villa employee for
a few hours this afternoon.

After a few drinks we decided to head to their suite for a
little fun. As we enter the suite Mary took my hand and pulled
me to her. I kissed her and pulled her tight against me. Ed
walked to the sofa, his girl undressing him then herself
and they took up a position on the sofa. It had been moved
so it was facing the bed. Mary began to remove my shirt so
I returned my attention to her. I helped her get my shirt
off and she began to rub my chest and kiss me softly. I ran
my hand through her hair as she explored my chest. I reached
down and untied the wrap from her waist and let it fall to
the floor. Mary reached down to my belt and began to unfasten
the buckle. Once unfastened she un-buttoned the top and
guided them to the floor. She continued to kiss my chest
as she felt my manhood through my briefs.

Mary guided me to the end of the bed and pulled down my briefs.
My cock popped out eager for the attention she was about
to give it. She rolled up on the bed and laid on her back with
her head hanging off the end. She grabbed my cock and pulled
me to her mouth. I slide my cock into her mouth and followed
her lead and began to pump my cock slowly in and out of her
mouth. I looked over and saw that Ed was watching us closely
while his girl was sucking his cock.

Mary’s mouth felt very good and she pulled me deeper into
her with each stroke. She even had me stop and hold on some
deep thrusts into her throat. I tried to make sure the show
was good for Ed as Mary and I played on the bed. Mary had me
stop and she got up and removed her swim suit revealing her
nice toned figure. If I had not know better I would have take
her for closer to 30 that close to 50. Mary had me lie on the
bed and she climbed up on top of me. She straddled my face
with her shaved pussy and took my cock in her hand as she guided
it back into her mouth. I began to lick and finger the pussy
that was in my face. Her clit was nice and full and fun to suck.
She moaned every time I pulled it into my mouth between my
lips and sucked hard. I found a nice spot she liked in her
pussy to rub as I licked her from the outside . She rocked
her hips against my lips as I sucked on her pussy. She moaned
as she sucked my cock, taking me deep into her throat and
trying to make me feel good.

Mary climbs off me and we adjust our position so Ed can watch
my cock enter Mary’s pussy. She climbs up on me and takes
my cock in her hand to guide it into her pussy. Mary forces
me deep into her and begins to rock her hips as I pump my cock
in and out of her tight pussy. I look over at Ed and his is watching
us with his friend in he lap sucking his little cock. I can
see why Mary likes the arrangement they have here. I continued
to drive my cock into Mary over and over as she sat on my cock
and rocked her hips back and forth and moaned with pleasure.

Mary climbed off after a while and knelt on the bed. I moved
up behind her and guided my cock back into her pussy. I grabbed
her hips and began to fuck her doggie style. She buried her
head into the mattress as I pounded her from behind. I had
climax so often today that my session with Mary lasted a
long time. It was close to an hour before I finally was close
to climax. Mary had me pull out of her pussy and took me in
her mouth to finish me off. She milked me hard while sucking
my crown. I shot my load into her mouth and she licked up every
drop. She took her mouth full of cum and went over to Ed and
gave him a big kiss, sharing my cum with him.

Both Mary and I were exhausted after our session so I excused
myself and went to the bar for a drink. Mary invited me back
for her going away party she had on their last night at the
resort. I told her I would make every effort to be there.
At the bar Anne was working and I spent some time chatting
with her and relaxing a bit. After a while I decided to try
to get a better night’s sleep before our trip to the reef
tomorrow. I headed back to my room alone but satisfied after
this day of fun. I had settled in bed watching a little TV
when I heard a soft knock on the door. It was Anne coming off
work. She told me they let her off early as it was slow by the
pool and the night staff could take care of things. She asked
if I would like company tonight. I invited her in and took
her in my arms. We kissed passionately as I removed her cloths.
I crawled into bed with her and began to explore her wonderful

I end today’s entry just saying that I did not get the good
nights sleep I expected but I still had a good night. The
end of day 2.…………………..

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