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The Neighbor's Mom!


My wife and I had just moved to this neighborhood not too
long ago. It didn't take us long though, to become close
friends with the couple next door, Bill and Linda. Even
though my wife and I were already "swingers"
by then, our relationship was purely social with Linda
and Bill, as we'd always kept that other side, the swinging
side of our lives, far away from home. Early on in the "life
style" we'd quickly learned there can be just
way to many future complications, if you let swing get too
close to home, friends and neighbors, and it just wasn't
worth the hassles. And so we had our swinging friends, and
our social friends and we never mixed the two!

It was maybe a couple of months after we'd moved there,
that Linda's mom, Lucy came to visit for a few days,
and it was the first time we met her. She was a very nice lady,
and not bad looking for a woman in her fifties either. We,
my wife and I and Bill and Linda, were all in our late twenties
back then. If there was one thing, well two really that I
did like about her, it was her tits! For her medium frame
they did look huge on her, and I would later find out she was
a 38DD, just slightly larger than my own wife's 38D's.
Hey, I can't help it, I'm a tit man! Anyway, we saw
her a few more times, after that, and she would hang out with
the four of us as we swam in their pool, and had evening cocktails
and such. She always seemed fun to be around, and my wife
and I really enjoyed her company.

I knew Lucy was a young widow, and so maybe that explained
how often she would drop by to visit Linda and Bill, but as
I said before, she was fun to be around, and so it was really
no big deal to either my wife or I. Then, we didn't see
her for maybe a month, but it didn't occurred to us to
even ask why. It was just at the beginning of the summer,
and Linda and Bill had a small lake house, a cabin really,
and they'd invited my wife and I to spend the weekend
with them at their lake house. Wouldn't you know it,
Friday, I came home from work early, with a terrible cold!
There was no way I could go feeling like this, and at first
my wife was going to back out too, until I convinced her to
go, to have some fun. Like I told her, all "I"
would be doing, was laying in bed and sniffling, and so she
decided to go anyway.

Before they left, Linda and Bill gave me a key to their house,
so I could check on things, as well as, as Bill put it, if I
was feeling any better, to feel free to use their pool. By
six that evening, they were all gone, and I ended up going
to bed around nine, and sleeping straight through the night.
I got up around eight that next morning, and wouldn't
you know it again, I felt fine! I guessed it must have been
one of those 24 hour bugs, and now, I was really regretting
not going on our trip! I was bummed, but managed to busy myself
around the house for a while, and then around noon, dressed
in only my bathing suit, I went over to Linda and Bills. I
figured I swim a little and the catch some rays out by the
pool. After that, maybe go rent a movie or something, maybe
even an X-Rated one to entertain myself with later that

I'd finished swimming, and I was kicked back in a lounge
chair, getting some sun, when I started thinking. One of
MY all time fantasies, had always been to get my wife alone
in the woods, us both get naked, and then fuck in the great
outdoors. We'd fuck in a hot tub, and a pool before,
and we'd even fucked in the ocean once, and THAT was
quite an experience, but never, at least not yet, in the
woods! As I started living my fantasy in my head, of course
my cock grew quite hard, and then next thing I knew, I had
my hand down my trunks, and I was slowly stroking myself
as I thought about my naked wife in the woods! And hey, honestly,
it would have been nice to at least see Linda naked there

The hot sun was beating down on me as I kicked back, day dreamed,
and slowly stroked my hard cock. I'd also already had
a couple of beers by then, and so I blame the combination
of all of that, on me not hearing Lucy come into the house.
I also didn't her come out back either, and then suddenly
I did hear, the sound of a woman, clearing her voice! OH GOD!
my hand shot back out of my trunks, and I bolted upright in
my chair, my head dizzy from the beer, the sun, the sudden
movements, AND the surprise!

"I uh, I uh" was all I could manage to get out!

Had she seen me? Had Linda's own MOTHER, seen me masturbating,
right there, on her daughter's patio? My chair back
was to the door, and Lucy was still just standing in the entrance
to the patio door, and so maybe not. Oh God, I hoped not! She
didn't act like it, as she told me she was sorry, and
didn't mean to scare me like that. She acted casual,
and she walked over to me, a once piece bating suit in on hand,
and a bottle of lotion in the other. She acted like every
thing was OK, everything was normal, and so I relaxed a bit,
again thanking God I hadn't gotten caught! Lucy told
me the reason she'd come over unannounced, was that
SHE though everyone would be gone, that me, my wife, and
Linda and Bill, would all be up at their lake house, and like
me, she'd just wanted to use their pool.

I told her about the night before, and she actually patted
me on the head, telling me that she hoped I felt better. I
assured her I felt great today, and that now I was bummed
that I hadn't gone, and that's when she smiled,
and told me that we'd just have to make our own fun then,
now wouldn't we? I agreed, and she went to change into
her swimsuit. It really was a conservative, one-piece
swimsuit, but still, my God, those tits, her tits, I had
to purposely NOT stare at them, even though I did, every
time I thought SHE wasn't looking. We waited until
after four in the afternoon to break out the margaritas,
but once we did, neither of us held back. We were both a little
tipsy, as I got up to take yet another dip in the pool, and
Lucy really surprised me as I stood, and the pulled down
my suit a little and slapped my bare ass, as I ran off!

After I'd plunged into the water and resurfaced, I
told her I would get her for that, and then we both, broke
out in laughter! A little while later, I cooked us steaks
on the outdoor grill, while she went in and made us a huge
salad. That was our dinner, steaks, salad, and of course,
more drinks. The sun was setting, and it was getting dark,
but we had a big candle going on the table in front of us, as
we sat, relaxed and talked. Lucy asked me if I had enjoyed
our day together, and I told her I really had, and then I asked
her the same question. She too admitted she had, but she
added something that I didn't, as she told me it had
been a long time, since she'd enjoyed a day like this,
alone, with a man. I let that one go!

My head was spinning a little. I wasn't drunk, far from
it, just relaxed, and feeling good, feeling very good,
and I think, she was too. All of a sudden, Lucy got quiet.
Now, in the entire time that I had know her, and I know that
hadn't been all that long, but still, in all that time,
I had yet to know her to be quiet! Her hand slid onto my thigh,
and I tried not to be startled, but I didn't move away

"Steven, I want to ask you a question, maybe more than
one, and I want, I need you to be honest with me."

All I could do was nod!

"Are my daughter and her husband, swingers?"


"why would you ask me that?"

I ask her!

"Because" she replied, "Because I know
that YOU and YOUR wife, are!"

"And, I know that Linda and Bill have become closer
to you two, faster than any other couple I've ever seen
them with before!"

"My dead husband and I were into the life style, and
I know, I see the signs, and like I said before, I already
KNOW, you and your wife are!"

FUCK, SHIT, DAMN, HOLY SHIT, was all I could think to myself,
although I did manage to blurt out a single word, "HOW?"
and of course she got the meaning.

"I know, because I just told you that my husband and
I used to be!"

I felt like she wanted to add the words "you fool"
but she was kind enough to hold back!

"I know, because I have seen your ads on the internet,
I've seen your ads in more than a few "swingers"
magazines, and so I know!"

Asshole, was that the word missing from the last of her speech?

I stood up. I gathered the dinner dishes, which really consisted
of just paper plate, plastic forks, and the only real utensils,
knives. I got up, gathered them up and then turned and FLED,
into the kitchen. SHE FOLLOWED ME! I threw the paper plates
into the trash, as well as the plastic forks, and then I TRIED
to busy myself with rinsing off the knives. OK, all of 30
seconds maybe. I was at their kitchen sink, drying off my
hands, SHE, little her, spun me around, and we kissed. Not
a "social" kiss but a real kiss! She lead me,
I lead her, into their living room, and then I LET HER, push
me back and down, and onto their couch. All either of us still
had on was our swimsuits, and so as she pulled mine down and
off, my hard cock sprang up, out, open, fully exposed!

Her mouth was on me in an instant. Sucking me in, sucking
me hard. My GOD, it felt so fucking good! She had absolutely
no problem sucking my entire six hard inches right down
to the base and then back up again. As she sucked me, I reached
down a lowered the top of her suit, exposing those big, beautiful
tits of hers. Almost immediately, she pulled her tits up,
and wrapped them around my hard cock. Still slick with her
saliva, my cock easily slid up and down her ample cleavage,
and as it did, she would lick the head every time it popped
out. Either I was really horny, or she was THAT GOOD, as less
than five minutes later, I was groaning out to her that I
was going to cum. Right away she released my cock from her
tits, and then swallowed me down again, right to the base,
and held me there as I shot my hot load down her throat!

She held my cock in her mouth like that for several seconds
after I'd finished cumming, and then slowly slid her
mouth back up my still hard shaft. When she released me from
her mouth, she licked her lips, and the told me how good I
tasted! She then commented on the fact I was still hard,
and then added that it would be a shame to waste an erection
like that! I think she intended to finish stripping and
mount me right there on the couch, but now that we'd
started, "I" intended to get everything I could
out of this situation. Standing up as she stood, I took her
hand and lead her down the hall, and into their guest room.
I didn't feel quite right fucking Linda's mother
on her own bed (Linda and Bill's) and so that was why
I'd decided to use their guest room.

As soon as we were in the room, and standing next to the big
bed, I turned her toward me and kissed her, as I slid her suit
the rest of the way off of her lovely body. For an older lady,
naked, she did have a fairly nice body. A few wrinkles here
and there, and a little flab here and there, but certainly
NOT a woman I would kick out of my bed! I ran my hands over her
body as she held me close and we kissed. I then held those
beautiful tits again, and then bent over, and sucked one
hard nipple into my mouth. She moaned, squeezing me tighter,
and then I pushed her away, and told her outright, I just
had to taste her pussy! She smiled and told me that she hoped
I liked them hairy, because she hadn't shave in years,
at least since her husband had died.

I laid her back on the bed, and slid down between her legs.
Yeah, she was hairy alright, and that really turned me on.
Lowering my face into her crotch, I breathed in her womanly
odor, and then took my first lick. She smelled good, and
she tasted even better, and soon I was licking away like
crazy. I used every trick I knew, using my whole mouth, my
lips, and my tongue, as well as my fingers, to give her, to
give her pussy, as much pleasure as I could. It must as been
working, because suddenly she blurted out about how long
it had been for her, and then nothing but moans and groans
for the next several minutes, and now SHE was telling me
that she was going to cum!

I could feel her thighs tighten around my ears, and she had
both hands on my head, trying to pull my face even tighter
into her crotch. Suddenly she grunted loudly, and then
groaned as the first spasms of her orgasm wracked her body!
I was really glad I'd taken a deep breath right before
her orgasm had begun, because right then, I couldn't
even breath, as her pussy literally smothered my face!
I'd managed to slide my hands under both of her ass cheeks
as well, in an attempt to at least hold her a little steady,
but man that woman's hips bucked all over that bed as
she climaxed! Eventually though, she did begin to relax,
and just in time, for me to take another breath. I kept slowly,
gently licking her though, and every once in a while, her
body would jerk, as the last waves of her orgasm, shot through

This time, there was no hesitation on my part, as I quickly
slid back up her body, and lined my cock up with her now very
wet pussy. She reached down between us, grabbing my hard
cock, and guiding the head between her wet pussy lips and
right up to her wet fuck-hole. I thrust forward, and easily
slipped inside of her. She was tight though, I guess years
of NOT having a cock inside of her? We fucked, and I do mean
WE fucked. Not just me fucking her, but for every thrust
into her I made, she had a move of her own. Her hands were also
all over my body, sliding up and down and over my humping
ass, and MAN, was she "vocal"! It wasn't
just the usual moans and groans we all make, but she apparently
loved to talk nasty too, while she had sex!

She was not only telling me over and over again to fuck her,
but she'd also tell me how hard my cock was and how big
it felt inside of her, as well as of course how good it felt.
Over and over she was telling me all these things and more,
and I fell right into her game, talking back to her just as
nasty as she was to me. I called her a slut, and told her what
a hot fuck she was. Some women don't like the word "cunt"
even during the course of sex, not Lucy, she used that word
as often as I did, and it REALLY seemed to turn her on! We'd
been going at it for well over fifteen minutes now, and I
knew that I was no where near cumming again myself, and so
I just came right out and asked her if SHE could cum in this
position herself. I was still fucking her, when she answered
that sometimes she could, but the best position for her,
was her on top!

As soon as she said it, I immediately sank my cock as deep
inside her as I could, and then I rolled us both over, placing
her now on top of me! It took her a minute or two to reposition
herself, but soon she was riding my cock, her kneeling over
me, and she was fucking me, with just as much intensity as
I'd been fucking her, only moments before. She was
grinding her crotch hard into mine, as we fucked, and true
to her own words, it took her only about another five minutes,
and she was screaming out that she was cumming! As she began
to blast off into her orgasm, her pussy suddenly clamped
down around my cock so hard, I thought she was going to suck
it and me, right into her body! With each spasm of HER orgasm
her pussy would clamp down and squeeze me, then release,
the clamp down again!

OK, that was it for me too, as my own orgasm, surprised even
ME! Before I could even say anything, my cock was jerking
hard inside of her, and I was just blasting out another hot
load, this time of course, deep inside of her pussy! Even
though I hadn't been able to speak, she knew though,
as almost as soon as my first grunt, the first shot of my sperm
shot up into her, she started her nasty talk once again!

"Oh yeah, that's it baby!"

"Grab my ass hard and slam my pussy down over that big,
throbbing pole!"

"Ram that hard cock into me and shoot your hot sticky
cum, deep inside my hot, wet, fucking cunt!"

I WAS! Oh fuck yeah, believe me, I was! Eventually we both
settled down, but rather then roll off of me, suddenly she
was moving up my body, and moving her still dripping pussy,
right up, and then over my face. Before lowering her pussy
down to my mouth, she looked down and me and spoke one more

"Lick my Cream Pie"

"I want to feel you licking your cum out of me, licking
up my juices and your cum, so lick it for me!"

DAMN, She really was, MY KIND OF WOMAN!

As her pussy came down, my mouth opened and I stuck my tongue
out! Hum, we tasted good together, and for the next several
minutes, I DID, eat her Cream Pie! Ah, and then her hand slid
down, and she began to rub her slit as I ate her out. Her fingers
then moved directly to her CLIT, and then they became a blur,
as she quickly masturbated herself to yet another orgasm,
as I continued licking her! Soon, she was shaking again
on top of me, as she announced loudly she was cumming. This
time, as she slid off of me, she slid beside me, and I held
her, neither of us speaking. I didn't know about her,
but by then, I personally needed a little resting and recovery
time! We lay like that, holding each other, and an occasional
kiss, for almost a half hour, before either of us spoke.
Again, it was her, as she spoke to me.

She asked me if I like 69ing? Did "I" like to 69?
HELL YES, I told her. Almost as soon as I'd said it, she
was crawling back on top of me, only this time, in a reverse
position. Again her pussy was sliding back toward my face.
As soon as it touched my lips, I licked, and at the same time,
I felt her lips surrounding the head of my semi-erect cock.
It didn't take her long to get me fully erect again,
and I guess I was doing my job with my lips and tongue as I could
both hear and FEEL her moans, as she sucked me. It was then
that I decided to test out yet another "area"
of her body. With my lips and tongue still going to town on
her pussy and clit, I reached up, parted her ass cheeks,
and then ran my finger up and down her ass crack, pausing
to tickle her puckered little asshole, with my finger tip!

Her, "HUM" around my cock told me everything
I needed to know, and so I slid my mouth up, and lifted my head.
Again pulling her ass cheeks apart, this time, I went straight
for her asshole, as I began licking it directly!

Another "HUM" this time much louder, and much
more intense, and then a moment later, her mouth slid off
my now hard cock, and she groaned loudly and told me directly
to lick her asshole, and to please not stop! Knowing where
this "could be" heading, I slid her off of me,
and right away, she knew what to do. Getting up on her knees
and sticking her ass up in the air, while still leaving her
face and tits smashed into the bed sheet, she looked back
at me and again, begged me to keep licking her asshole! I
got up and got behind her, pulled those beautiful cheeks
apart again and started licking her. I licked her from the
top of her ass crack, right down and up to her pussy. Of course
I was also pausing directly at her asshole as well, kissing
it, licking it, sucking it and even forcing my tongue inside
her ass as well!

SHE, was going wild, her but wiggling and her moaning and
telling me over and over to lick it for her and how good it
felt. Her next announcement though, was the one "I"
was looking for, as she came right out and told me, she also
loved the feeling of a hard cock up her ass as well! NOW, I
was truly in complete and total lust with this woman! I got
up, kneeling behind her and slapped my hard cock down into
her ass crack. At that point, I hesitated though, as it suddenly
occurred to me that I didn't have any sort of lubricant!
I guess Lucy quickly figured out what my hesitation was
all about, because she was then speaking to me again.

"Stick it in my pussy first baby, and get it all slick
and wet, then just spit down onto my asshole, and stick it
in me!"

"That's how "I" like it baby, just
spit and stick!"

I did had she'd instructed, and soon my semi slick shaft,
coated with her pussy juices, as well as then head of my hard
cock, and her asshole, wet with my spit, I pushed!

Her asshole gave way, parted and opened, and then head of
my cock slipped right inside her. She groaned loudly and
I paused.


"Stick that hard fucking cock up my ass and fuck me
God damn it!"

WOW, if that's what she wanted, and from her language,
and the intensity of her demand, it appeared she did, and
so ... I shoved forward, the entire length of my hard cock
disappearing inside her ass! God, it was so fucking hot
and so fucking tight, and felt so fucking good! I guess the
pleasure had caused me to pause a little too long once again,
because now she was again shouting out for me to fuck her
ass, and fuck her ass now! Both of my hands slapped down hard
on her ass cheeks, and then slid around to her hips. She cooed
and I dug my fingers into her flesh, and then just started
ramming my cock in and out of her tight ass. She immediately
launched off into as whole series of nasty talking, and
at the same time, I felt her sliding her arm up under herself,
and then I could even feel her fingers grazing my balls as
she masturbated!

With the intensity we were both going at it, I KNEW this fuck
was not going to last anywhere near as long as our first one
had, and I was right! We hadn't been going at it for more
than five minutes or so, and suddenly she was screaming
out that she was going to cum again, and for me to SLAM my cock
into her fucking ass! (her words!) I DID, and as soon as SHE
started cumming, "I" did too! My orgasm was
so fucking intense, that I pushed her down flat onto the
bed. My own orgasmic spasms wracked my body so hard, that
I literally lifted my body up using only my toes and I drove
my crotch into her ass cheeks HARD, smashing down into them,
grinding down into them, and sinking my hard, jerking and
squirting cock as deep up her ass, as I could manage! Apparently,




Oh My God, it was such an intense orgasm! this time, I KNEW
I was "spent", as already, I could feel my cock
shrinking inside her ass. A little quicker than I know "I"
wanted, I slipped out of her, my cock now completely flaccid!
I then slid off of her, but instead of just laying there beside
her, I did something I'd never done before, even, with
my own wife! I slid down her body, again spread her ass open,
and then bent over and started licking my own cum, out of
her ass! Her hand was still underneath her, and right away,
I could FEEL the buzz of her fingers, as she rubbed her clit
like a mad woman! I was sucking at her asshole, and licking
it even harder, and yes, I was swallowing my own cum out of
her ass as well.

Suddenly, she shook violently and her entire body began
to jerk violently as well. This time what screamed out of
her mouth was a whole lot simpler and than the times before,
as she almost yelled out;


And then a long series of moans and groans, and a lot more
shivering and shaking. It seemed to me like it took her a
long time to finally stop shaking, and then, for her body
to again relax. Taking one last long lick, up her ass crack,
over the small of her back, and then right up to her shoulders,
she moaned, and shivered again, and THEN I settled in, laying
quietly there beside her! The only sounds in the room was
our labored breathing, and then she rolled over to face
me, and grabbed my face and kissed me with a kiss that lasted
forever! When we broke, she reached down and held my soft
cock. It felt good, but then when she told me I was quite a
"Stud", that felt even better. Just before
we both drifted off to sleep, her still hold my soft cock
in her soft hand, I looked up at the beside clock. It was after
eleven, and we'd been going at it over three hours!

It was sometime around three that next morning, when I woke.
At some point, Lucy had rolled over onto her side, facing
away from me, and I had spooned up against her. My cock was
hard again by then, and resting very nicely inside her ass
crack. I moved around a little, feeling the warm softness
of my cocks resting place, and I guess I woke her too then.
She began to slowly rotate her ass, sending waves of pleasure
though my cock, and then in a voice, just above a whisper,
she told me to stick it in. She told me not to worry about her,
that she wanted me to use her for MY pleasure, so go ahead,
and stick in her, and cum when "I" wanted too.
I honestly wasn't "sure" which hole she
wanted me to sick it in, so I sort of got my shaft a little wet,
rubbing it through her pussy lips, and then I lined the head
up with her asshole.

SHE, pushed back, and the head of my hard cock slipped right
inside her ass. OK, I guess I picked the right "hole"!
This time, she'd said it was for my pleasure, and so
I took my time sliding my cock into her ass. I inched myself
inside of her, prolonging the pleasure I was feeling. And
then, as my crotched pressed into her soft ass cheeks, I
pushed a little deeper, and then held myself there, feeling
the hot, tightness of her ass, wrapped around my now throbbing
cock! I reached over her and held one big tit, toying with
her hard nipple, as I very slowly, began fucking her. I felt
her arm going down, and then her fingers grazing across
my cock. I though she was going to masturbate, but instead
her fingers began playing with my balls.

"Feels good doesn't it baby?"

"Your hard cock up my ass feels so good, doesn't

I managed a weak "Yes!"

"Don't talk baby, don't answer, just slid
that hard cock in and out of my hot, tight, ass, and listen"

Hey, sounded good to me! SO I just continued slow-fucking

"Hum, I love your hard cock in my ass baby, and from
now on, my ass, my mouth, and my pussy are yours and yours

"From now on, I'm your slut baby, your very own,
private, CUM SLUT!"

"I will never turn you down, never so no, and I promise
that. Every sex hole I have is yours baby, Yours!"

Her words, her ass, even her fingers on my balls, it was ALL
too much, and suddenly I was gripping her tit harder, and
my cock was jerking, and I was again shooting my cum, deep
inside her ass! Once again her voice, barely above a whisper,
her fingers now squeezing my balls, and her ass gripping
my cock.

"Oooh Yes baby, that's it, cum for me, cum in me!"

"Oh God, it feel good, so very good baby!"

I shook and shivered against her, holding her tight. My
cock jerked and then throbbed, as I emptied my balls, deep
inside her wonderful ass! And then, with my cock still inside
her, I drifted off back to sleep!

I guess my sleep was so deep after that, I never even felt
myself slip back out of her. She must have slept deeply too,
because the next thing we both knew, it was eleven that next
morning! SHE however was awake first, and I knew that, as
it was she who woke me up this time, and in the most wonderful
way, as she sucked my morning erection! I guess my groan
alerted her to the fact I was now awake, because as soon as
she heard it, her mouth came off my cock, and she asked me;

"Pussy, Mouth, or ass?"

It was all she said, and I guess I was still a bit groggy, but
finally I got it, WHERE, did I want to cum? "Mouth"
I told her, and she immediately went back to sucking me,
again those soft lips sliding all the way up my hard cock,
and then all the way back down to the base of my hard shaft!
Just like the night before, it didn't take either her
or me long. Unlike the night before though, this time I didn't
even bother to warn her, as I just let go, grunted loudly
and shot off into her mouth! She never missed a beat, sucking
and swallowing, until I stopped shooting. Also unlike
the night before though, even before my cock was done throbbing,
she pulled her mouth off of it, quickly slid up my body, and
then slipped my still throbbing cock, into her VERY WET,

WOW, it was almost like starting my orgasm out in her mouth,
and then continuing it on, inside her pussy! Again, she
was rocking hard against me and again, with her on top, it
actually only took her about five or six minutes, before
SHE was cumming too. I was still hard, and still hadn't
cum again since my orgasm of just a few minutes ago, but her
orgasm was so intense, and she kept fucking all the way through
it, that I honestly thought, I might cum again, even quicker
than I normally did for a second orgasm. I was really getting
into it, hold her hips as she now bounced up and down on top
of me, her wet pussy sliding rapidly up and down my hard cock,
when all of a sudden ...

BOTH OF US, heard car doors slamming ands then voices!

I almost threw HER off the bed, as I lifted her off of me, and
pushed her to the side. Jumping up, I went to the window and
now I could even hear them, as Linda was questioning why
her mother's car was there? FUCK, Lucy's swimsuit
was in the room with us, but mine, it was still in the fucking
living room! Just then the garage door was opening, and
it at least sounded like they were unloading, before coming
into the house. As I made a mad dash to the living room to retrieve
my suit, Lucy quickly slipped hers back on, and tried to
straighten out the bed coverings. I had my suite on, and
I'd made it to the kitchen, sitting at the table, as
Lucy had made it there by then also, and she busied herself,
making coffee. Before either of us could talk and make a
plan, all there, Shannon, Linda and Bill, were walking
through the door, and into the kitchen!

Before anyone could say anything, Lucy went up and gave
them each a hug, my wife included, and then announced that
she'd dropped by and found me out by the pool sunning,
and then invited me in for coffee. GOD, I hoped they all bought
it! A few minutes later, coffee was ready, and we all sat
there drinking some. I hadn't even been able to stand
and hug my wife when they'd first come in, because my
cock was still so fucking hard! I'd motioned her over
and she gave me a quick peck on the lips, right then, I really
PRAYED, she could smell pussy, sex, on either my face or

We managed to make it through coffee, and then even out by
the pool, and as everyone else went in to change, I jumped
in the water, in an attempt to "wash off the smell"
with no soap of course, just the chlorine in the pool water.
GOD, I hoped it worked!

Well, to make a long story short, Bill told us they'd
gotten home early, because it had started just pouring
down rain where they were, and they knew from the weatherman,
it was sunny here, and so they'd all agreed to just come
on back home. We talked about other things too, and I was
really glad nothing was brought up about Lucy and I, and
us being together in the kitchen that morning. To me at least,
the entire day just seemed to drag on and on, and I thought,
it would never in. Later, that evening, before my wife and
I got in bed, I managed to take a shower at least. As I slid
into bed naked, I noticed right away, she was naked too,
and usually she sleeps in at least a T-shirt, unless of course
she is horny, and wants sex!

Right away she rolled over to me, and against me, and reached
down and gripped my hard cock. We kissed and I slid the covers
off of us, as right away, her hand started sliding up and
down my cock. She asked me to tell her about my weekend, and
I just sort of grunted, and so her hand sped up, and she asked
me again. I groaned, and told her in a broken voice it was
nothing. Her hand got going even faster, and I swear it felt
more like she was just trying to jack me off, masturbate
me, rather than get me primed, for sex!

Her voice was husky, sexy, even horny sounding, as her hand
sped up even FASTER!

"Tell me baby, you can tell me, did you FUCK HER?"

"What" was all I could manage in a really weak

"You heard me, did you fuck her, did you fuck Linda's
mom, did you fuck LUCY?"

"Tell me baby, you can tell me I swear!"

"Shannon please, your going to make me cum!"

"Yes baby, I KNOW I am, I AM going to make you cum, and
YOU are going to tell me you fucked her, you stuck your hard
cock in her wet pussy and you fucked her, now didn't

AGAIN, all I did was groan, and so she went right on talking,
was jacking my cock off as fast and hard as she could now!

"You are going to tell me baby, but that's OK,
because I'll tell YOU something!"

"Bill FUCKED ME baby!"

"That's right, Bill fucked me, fucked me and
fucked me again! And not only that, but he also has a BIG,

"He fucked me with that big hard cock and made me cum
so many times that I lost count! He fucked me, and he even
made me SQUIRT I came so hard!"

Right then, I lost it, and my hips shot up off the bed, and
my cum shot up into the air in several large squirts. It landed
back down on Shannon's big tits, all over her stomach,
and even a little his her face!

"Oh yes, that's it!"

"Cum for me Steven, cum all over me, while you think
about Bill's HUGE, THICK, HARD COCK, fucking my hot
wet pussy, and making ME cum so hard, I SQUIRTED!"

"Yes baby yes, that's it, cum for me, and TELL

I just blurted it out!

"Yes damn it yes, I fucked her!"

"I fucked her mouth, I fucked her pussy, and I even
fucked her up her ass, and I came in all three holes damn it!"

Her hand had slowed down, but it was still squeezing my still
hard cock, "milking" the last drops of my cum
from the head.

"Hum baby, I knew you had, I could SMELL it on your face
when we kissed this morning!"

"Now get up off your ass and lick you cum off of me, and
then get down there between my legs and lick me!"

"Now your gonna make ME cum, while I tell you ALL ABOUT,

I was already licking my cum off of her as she finished talking,
and then I was down between her legs, just as she demanded.
I was just starting to lick her pussy, when she suddenly

"Oh and by the way, Linda's pussy tastes absolutely
wonderful too, but, well get to that later!"

I was really licking my wife's pussy then, as she went


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Wow!!! that was a great story. When i started to read it, i got very hot, halfway thru got horny:), then started hubby about story he fingered me while i read, by the end we had to fuck, had a great orgasm. Thanks for that story.
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