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The Meeting


Angie paused for a moment before she turned the key in the
lock. She was more than a bit nervous, and realized that once she
had entered the room, there would be no further chance to change
her mind.

Finally, her decision made, she unlocked the door and stepped
in to the hotel room.

"Hello, " she called, and was relieved that
there was no answer. She didn't know why, but she was glad that she had been
the first to arrive.

She closed the door and tossed her small bag on the nearest
of the beds. Kicking her heels off, she crossed the room and
drew back the drapes from the big window. The afternoon sun streamed
in and fell on her face, she savored the warmth. It helped
to ease the tension she felt.

She had come to this place to meet a man she had known only
through communication in a computer group. And now they
were going to meet in person and spend the night together, enjoying
(she hoped) each other sexually.

They had discussed sexual preferences and techniques,
always separated by miles of phone lines. They had made love to
each other with words, typed into keyboards a thousand miles
apart. She had masturbated while he had described the ways he was
pleasuring her body, and she was sure he had done the same.

And now, tonight, these two people who were strangers and
yet knew each other intimately were going to explore each other
in the flesh. A quiver of anticipation ran through her as she
though about what was going to happen.

It had been far too long since she had savored the feel of
her body being filled by a rigid, throbbing cock. Since her
husband had decided that sex was no longer a "necessary"
thing in their lives together. Her need had grown until she had decided
that she had to do something about it.

And then the opportunity had come for her to meet this stranger
in a place far away from her home and his. A place where neither
of them had to worry about being seen and recognized. And
she had seized the opportunity to enjoy the release she so wanted.

She had started her sexual life early, and had enjoyed it
right from the start. Some of her friends had said how bad it had
hurt on their first time, but her own memories of losing her virginity
were only pleasant. Her first lover had been older and experienced, and had taught her well. She had lived for
her next orgasm, and now, after being deprived of that for so long,
she could feel her body tingling with anticipation.

She ran her hands over her body, caressing herself through
the material of her dress. Her nipples were already standing
erect from her firm breasts. She rubbed them briefly, and felt
the tingles of pleasure from the stimulation. Her hands continued
down, smoothing the fabric across her trim belly. The dress
fit her well, showing off her figure. Under the garment, her
skin was sensitive, waiting for the touch of strange hands to
unlock her passion.

She was alone with her insecurities. "Is he going
to find me attractive? Am I going to respond to him, or am I too nervous?
Will I say something stupid, or act like some airheaded
teenager?" Her thoughts tortured her.

She debated undressing now, and greeting him naked when
he arrived, but then she thought better of it. "I'll
let him undress me, I think we'll both enjoy that more."

There was the sound of another key in the lock. Even though
she was expecting it, the noise startled her. There was no turning
back now. Angie drew a deep breath and turned towards the
door, to meet the stranger she already felt she knew so well.

Alan parked his car in the hotel garage and got his suitcase
from the trunk. He was nervous about what was to happen here,
but also very excited. In a few minutes he was going to meet someone
he knew only from messages exchanged over a computer service.
Now he was going to meet her in person, and with the intent
of spending the night in her arms.

He had been happily married for 22 years, and this was going
to be the first time he had ever cheated on his wife. But lately
they had not been anywhere near as active as they had in the
early years of marriage. He was sure that it was mostly from
being so familiar with each other. He had started having
trouble achieving an erection, and wanted to find out if a new partner
would excite him or if he should start looking for a physical

His wife didn't know about the tryst that was about
to take place, and hopefully, she never would. He didn't expect
to do this ever again. In fact he had not really imagined this
happening in the first place. But then it had happened that
he and Angie were going to be in the same city at the same time.
They had jokingly suggested getting together, then they
had realized that neither of them was joking.

He got a key from the desk clerk and caught the elevator to
the right floor. A quick search found him in front of the door
to the room.

He felt a quick urge to run, to call this off while he still
could. "What will she think of me? Will she find me
fat and ugly? Will I be able to perform or am I too nervous? Christ,
what if I can't get it up for her?" But his hand
moved the key to the lock, a gentle turn and the door swung away and he stepped
through the opening.

Angie turned from the window as he came into the room. She
had wondered what this man who was soon to be her lover would
look like. One quick glance satisfied her. He was of medium height,
graying hair and beard, broad shouldered and a bit on the
heavy side. But she knew his mind already, and if he lived up to
the way he had written to her, this was going to be a night to remember.

As Alan stepped into the room, he saw her standing in front
of the window, silhouetted by the bright sunlight. Her body
was curved seductively and wrapped in a well fitting dress.
Her hair shone red-brown in the light. She turned as he entered,
and he caught her profile, adequate breasts that flowed into
a trim stomach. Physically, a very attractive woman, and from
their "conversations", one gifted with an erotic
mind. The evening held untold promise.

"Alan?" she queried, a tremble in her smooth

"Yes, and you're Angie?", and he smiled
at her. She noticed the warmth in that smile.

They met in the middle of the room. Arms went to the right
places, lips met, and they kissed long and passionately.

After the first kiss, the broke apart, and made small talk.
"How was you trip?, did you find the place OK?." Finally
he asked the direct question that they both knew had to be asked, "Are
you sure you want to do this?"

Angie paused just for a second before she answered, "Yes,
I'm sure. We may never have this chance again, and if you want
me, I am yours to take, anyway you choose."

While they had been talking, they had moved to the window.
He was standing behind her now, and his arms went around her.
His hands moved to cup her breasts as he leaned down to kiss the
side of her neck.

She leaned back against him, a soft moan coming from her
throat as he massage the hard tips of her nipples through the layers
of fabric.

Her ass moved back against him and she could feel the bulge
in his trousers. She felt good that she could serve to arouse
him so easily. He was having the same effect on her, as she could
feel the wetness at her crotch as her body responded. His hands released her breasts then and moved to the fasteners
on her dress. He undid the clasp and slid the zipper down, and
helped her lift the fabric off her body. His lips traced
gently across her shoulders as he fumbled briefly with the clasps
on her bra and then it was loose and he slid it down her arms.

Turning her around, he bent to kiss her nipples. He increased
the pressure, trying to learn what she found unpleasant.
When he felt her flinch just a bit, he eased off, and nursed gently
at the beautiful flesh.

He kneeled slowly in front of her, finally moving from her
breasts and kissed his way down her body. His thumbs hooked
in the elastic at the top of her remaining undergarments and
tugged them down. With t he typical feminine wiggle of her hips,
she helped him slide the sheer garments off her and as they hit
he floor she stepped out of them.

His face continued down her flesh until it came to the rich
curls on her mound. He inhaled deeply of the scent of aroused woman
and parted the hair with his nose. He moved until he had located
the upper end of her opening and sought out he little bud
of pleasure hidden there. Lips pinched and pulled gently
at it, and he felt her legs tremble at his touch.

"Alan, please stand up." The words came softly
from her, and her hands tugged at him as he rose.

Now it was her turn, as her fingers found the buttons on his
shirt. She helped him slide it off and then turned to his
belt and zipper. He kicked his shoes off as she finally got the
fasteners on his pants to cooperate and pulled them and
his underwear down. Now it was his turn to step out a pile of fabric
n the floor.

As he did that, Angie ran her hands through the hair on his
chest, stopping with her fingers on his nipples. "You
said you enjoyed having them fondled, " she purred at him.
"Like this?" and she turned them softly between her thumb and finger.
"Or like this?" as she pinched them tightly in her grip.

"Yes, " he exclaimed as his body jerked in response,
"Be rough with them."

She moved her mouth to one, and taking it between her lips,
pulled gently at it. Then she bit down, not really hard,
but enough to send waves of pain/pleasure through him. His
cock was standing erect, touching her belly, and she felt it jerk
as she nipped him.

Smiling as she stepped back, she said, "Well, now
I know one thing you like. Let's see if you like this!" And
she dropped to her knees in front of him.

Her hands went to his groin, one cupping his balls, and the
other wrapping around the pulsing shaft of his cock. She bent
to it and softly kissed the tip. She though it was a delightful
cock, not too big, but adequate, VERY firm, and all hers to enjoy.
Her lips parted and she moved her lovely face down on the
length of him, drawing all of his member into her warm mouth.

His hands rested on her head, not holding her there, but
encouraging her. His fingers twisted in her curls as she
pulled expertly at his member. He knew he was not going to take much
before he would shoot his first load, and he cautioned her,
"Angie, I'm about ready to cum in your mouth,
do you want that or would you rather have me inside you for this first time?"

She didn't answer in words, but released him and rose
to her feet. Taking his hand in hers, she led him to the bed, and
slid across it.

Alan wanted so much to drive himself into her waiting body,
to release the pressure in his loins. But he remembered from
their computer chats what she preferred for a position, and he
guided her over on her belly and urged her to get on her hands and

When she was comfortable, he moved close to her so that he
could get one hand on her quivering snatch, and the other could
massage her smooth tits. His fingers found her opening, and he worked
them around the fleshy lips, not penetrating her, but just
rubbing the outside of her most precious place.

Angie was grinding her hips against his hand, making little
circles with her opening, and moaning softly as he brought
her higher and higher. She felt a finger slide inside her tunnel
and bucked back against it. It had been so long since a man had
done this to her.

Her nipples were on fire from his constant touch, and she
could feel the wetness dripping from her crotch. His finger withdrew
from her, and was replaced by two fingers. She gyrated madly
on the new tightness in her.

She felt him move behind her then. His hands were on her hips,
and the head of his cock was exploring her. It settled between
the lips of her hole, parted fully by the arousal she was
feeling. And then with his hands holding her in place, he
slid the entire length of his member into her. Slowly and smoothly,
it entered the buttery tunnel.

Angie gasped at the penetration, "Oh God, YES, all
of it, please, I want you all the way in me." And then she bucked back
against him, driving her body onto the staff that was filling her
with ecstasy.

He knew now why she had said she liked this position for it's
freedom of movement. She bucked and writhed in front of
him. Her hands clawed at the sheets as her pleasure built towards
it's climax. He could feel the walls of her vagina contracting
on him as he tried to maintain a steady rhythm into her.

Angie felt the bubble of her orgasm growing inside her.
It had been a long time since she had cum with a man inside her and
this was so much better than the feelings she got from masturbation.

As her orgasm hit, she pushed back against Alan, wishing
there was more of him to take inside her. A long moan built in her
throat as the first wave washed over her. Her body went rigid
with the intense sensations flooding through her.

Alan felt her tense as her orgasm built to it's peak.
Her body lost some of the movement it had been demonstrating. He
heard her moan build into a full blown wail as Angie released all
the tension built up in her.

"Oh YESSSS, it's so good! Please don't stop,
I want this to keep going!"

As she passed her peak and started to relax, Alan felt the
rush of his own climax. Even as Angie went limp in his hands, he
pulled her back against him and the first spurt of his semen
filled her.

Angie was drained from her orgasm, but as she felt the hot
fluid spurting form the stiff cock inside her, she had another
rush of sensation wash over her and she came once again. And then,
breathless, she collapsed onto the bed.

Alan held her hips against him as the semen drained form
his cock. Her body was totally limp now, supported only by his
strong hands at her hips, and he held her firmly against
him until his orgasm was past.

Then he lowered her gently to the sheets and folded limply
down beside her. They had just strength enough left to embrace
each other as they rested.

The sun was almost gone when Alan awoke. For a minute he was
unable to remember where he was, but as consciousness returned,
so did his memory. He remembered Angie and the sweet session
they had had earlier. He reached for her, but she was not
in the bed. Finally he heard the shower running and made the connection
where she was.

The shower stopped, and in a moment she appeared in the door,
beads of water glistening on her skin as she toweled herself
dry. He thought again how lovely she was, and felt the stirring
in his groin. He smiled to himself as he thought that a new partner
did indeed serve to arouse him quickly, and repeatedly.

Angie smiled at him from the bathroom doorway, "Well,
what do you think, am I an acceptable partner? I think we did rather
well for being in a hurry, don't you?"

"Yes, Ma'am, I think we did fairly well, I hope
I was able to hold up my end of the deal." and he smiled broadly at
her. "The evening is still young, any suggestions of what we should
do next?"

Angie made a gesture of being in deep thought and then replied,
"Why don't we consider dinner, and then we can
come back here and explore a bit more."

He allowed as to how that seemed like a great idea, and he
rolled out of the bed to head for the shower. She stepped back into
the bathroom to let him pass. As he walked by her, he paused to
give her a quick kiss. The kiss deepened to a long passionate
one, until he finally broke free.

"If we're going to keep this up, why don't
you come back in the shower with me? Otherwise, we're apt to starve to death!"

She giggled at his suggestion, "Do you realize that
I have never been taken in the shower? I think I'd like to try that."

After a minute to get the water adjusted right, they stepped
into the stall. She reached for the soap, and turned him around
once to get him well wet. Her hands ran the soap over his body,
working up a lather wherever they went. Finally she reached
his cock, still covered with the juices from their earlier

His member rose to her touch, and she soaped it well and vigorously. Then she turned him again to rinse everything

He turned back to face her and grabbed the soap from her hand.
Now it was his turn.

The small, slippery bar ran across her breasts, leaving
a slick film on the smooth skin. He ran it down to the forest of curls
at her crotch, and worked it there until her mound was covered
with a thick lather.

The shower was one of those massage heads on a long hose.
Alan pulled it from its holder and set it for a heavy, pulsating
stream. He moved Angie so that he could apply the force of
the water directly to her aroused portal.

Angie quivered at the feel of the water jetting against
her sensitive button. This man was a fountain of new things
to delight the senses. She was glad she had come to this place
to meet him. Her body was being consumed by the feelings he
was arousing in her.

When the soap was all gone from her pussy, he quickly passed
the water jets over her breasts, rinsing the film from them.
He bent to them and tasted each one briefly. Angie moaned at his
attention and thrust her chest at his teasing mouth, urging
him to take her nipples.

Alan turned her so that he could rub the fragrant soap over
her shapely butt. The smooth flesh there was soon covered with
the slippery film. He caressed the fleshy globes, and his hand
explored the cleft between them.

The tip of his finger found her tight rear opening and massaged
the tiny ring. The warm water and the soap combined to relax
the sphincter, and his fingertip wormed it's way inside.
Angie trembled at this new penetration and moved to allow him
better access, bending and holding to the towel bar at the end of
the stall.

With continued pressure and gentle movement, he soon had
his digit fully inside her. "Is this bothering you? If
it is I'll stop." His voice was soft and it was obvious he was
truly concerned with her comfort.

"No dear, " she responded, "it's
nice, and it doesn't hurt. But I have never had anyone do this before, so please go easy."

He was pleased with her response, and continued his massage
of her anus. He pulled his finger almost out of her, and then
started working back in with two fingers this time. She
flinched slightly at the new pressure, but pushed back at his hand
and worked her hips to help him.

With both fingers fully inside her, he worked them around,
stretching and relaxing the muscles at the opening. She
was breathing heavily, and beginning to move more forcefully
on the impaling fingers.

"Angie if you are enjoying this, I'd like to try
to put my cock inside you. But I have to be sure that you want to do it. Do
you think you'd enjoy being fucked in the ass?"

She was a bit scared at he thought of being taken that way,
but she had never had it there. The curiosity made her want to
try it. And Alan had discussed it with her and had said that some
women enjoy it, as long as they were in the mood. She felt
that SHE was in the mood for it now, and she told her lover.

"Yes, please, take me there now. But please go easy.
Will you take it out if it hurts too much?"

He assured her, "Of course, I don't want to hurt
you. I'll start it in and then you can push yourself onto me as fast or slow
as you are comfortable with. If it hurts, you can just pull

With that he moved behind her, placing one hand on her hip
and steering the head of his organ to her hole with the other.
He set the head in the soapy opening, and pressed in until he
had it lodged firmly inside her. Then he moved his hand to her hip,
and steadying her in his firm grip, urged her to take him inside.

He felt a small tremble run through her, and then she was
pressing back against the rigid flesh of his cock, sliding
it smoothly up her virgin ass.

Angie felt weak as she felt him start his erect member into
her ass. She had thought about having it this way, and she had
played a bit with herself there, but this was the real thing.
This man was going to drive his whole rod into her tight ass
and probably shoot his cum inside her. The prospect was scary,
but more exciting, and she pressed back and felt him slide into
her slippery canal.

As his shaft slipped into her, she felt a bit of pain, but
he had worked skillfully to relax her, and it was not really uncomfortable. Beyond the pain, there was the feeling
of being stuffed, totally filled with cock. It was so different
from having a man inside her cunt. And she decided she rather
enjoyed it.

As Angie became accustomed to the invasion of her tender
butt, she began to move more eagerly on his organ. Alan noticed
her increased activity, and responded with smooth thrusts
into her. Releasing her hips, he stretched his arms forward and around
her until he could grasp her breasts, and massage the firm brown
points of them.

Angie responded to the increased stimulation with savage
bucking against his body. He was now buried fully inside her, and
she was sure she was gong to cum this way, and soon. Her moaning
had increased to an obscene chant as she came closer and closer
to climax.

"Yes, oh yes, drive me. Fuck my ass. Oh GOD, YESSSS,
Alan. Oh dear sweet, hard-cocked lover, I'm going to explode.
HOLD MEEEEEE!" And she bucked back one last time and held
herself there, impaled on his rigid shaft.

The quivers of orgasm ran through her as she made sounds
that could not be understood, cries of ecstacy that shook her
body with their intensity.

Alan had moved his hands back to her hips, and held her firmly
on his pulsing cock. He screams had brought him to the edge
himself, and with one last thrust, he felt the boiling semen
begin to fill her bowel with hot juice.

As their breathing returned to normal, and they could once
again stand without worrying about falling down, Alan slipped
his shrunken cock from her tight passage.

A bit of his fluid dripped from her dilated sphincter, and
he reached for the showerhead and tenderly washed the thick
drops from her flesh. She released her grip on the bar and stood
unsteadily erect while he rinsed himself and turned the
shower off.

He was still a bit breathless, but he smiled at her and gently
chided her, "Lady, if we don't get out of this
shower and go get something to eat, I'm going to be hard pressed to keep
this up all night!" And he smiled and smacked her gently on
the ass as he slid the shower door back and reached for a towel.

The hotel dining room was pleasantly quiet and cool. They
shared a corner table where the lighting was subdued and there
were no other diners close by. The conversation ran to things they
had done as teenagers during the 60s and their early adult lives.
They were comfortable with each other, and the talk was
lively and very candid. The laughter came easily as they related
their sometimes embarrassing moments from their early experiences.

They were alone in the elevator when the returned to their
room, and it seemed natural that they embrace warmly. Angie felt
safe and secure with this man whom she barely knew. That feeling
relaxed her, and at the same time served to make her want
him again. Alan was amazed at how he responded to her as he held
her close. He had not stopped loving his wife, and there was
a bit of guilt at what he was doing here. But it pleased him to see
that he could respond physically to the new woman he was
with. It had been a long time since he had had this level of sexual
activity, and it gave him renewed faith in himself.

Back in their room, he ordered champagne from room service,
and retrieved a small bag from his suitcase.

Angie, curious, came to stand beside him. "What's
in that?" she asked.

Smiling, he explained, "I thought you might enjoy
a some of the things that I have at home, so I brought a few toys along."

Opening the bag, he showed her it's contents. There
were soft leather cuffs, a length of cord, and a blindfold. A vibrator,
about as big around as his cock, but longer, and a small bottle
labeled "massage oil".

Angie examined the items with interest. The cuffs and cord
indicated that she was going to get to try another new experience. She had told him that she had never been tied
before. Now it seemed that she would get her chance.

A knock at the door told them that room service had arrived.
Alan welcomed the bellboy, signed the check and tipped
well for the service.

Alone again, they offered a toast to "physical pleasure",
and returned to the intriguing items he had brought.

"Can I take it that these cuffs are for my wrists, and
that you have every intention of tying me while you take liberties
with my body?" Angie asked.

"Only if you want to try it that way, I'm not into
forcing anything. Do you think you'd enjoy the idea of not being
free to move around. I've noticed that you seem to like to wiggle
that shapely ass quite a bit!" He grinned at her as he chided
her gently.

"Yes, dear, " her response came quickly, "I
think I would enjoy that, I've wondered what it would feel like to be held
down, and you're right, I do love to move. That's why I so
enjoy the positions where I can do that."

"Maybe the restraint would make me concentrate on
what I'm feeling, or maybe the frustration of not being able to respond
as I like to. Anyhow, there's only one way to find out what
it's like."

"Please do whatever you want with me, I am yours to
take, and I trust you to not hurt me."

He kissed her then, and felt his cock rise against the fabric
of his clothes. God, but she aroused him! She was so willing
to explore, and so curious about things she had not tried.
Someone had to be pretty numb to not want to pursue sensuous delights
with this woman!

"Let me get things ready, and then you can find out
just how it feels to you."

He turned back to the where the toys lay on the bed, and picked
up the flexible cord that he had brought. He looked for a
place to attach it on the bed. Finding none, he finally gave up
and after some hassle, managed to pass the strand under the
entire bed, so that the ends were within reach on top of the mattress.

Turning back to Angie, he saw that while he had been groping
with the cord, she had been busy stripping. She now stood before
him naked.

He took in the view with delight. She was an attractive woman,
without a doubt. Her body was smooth and well developed,
firm breasts, trim waist, and hips that flowed smoothly into
shapely legs. She had once told him that she could still make heads
turn when she entered a room, and it was obvious that she had not
been exaggerating.

Now it was her turn to pick on him. "C'mon, get
those clothes off, fella. I don't want to wait all night!"

He was happy to oblige her, and shucked his garments quickly.
His erection pointed proudly at the ceiling as he stood
facing her.

Two quick steps brought her to him, and her hand dropped
to his cock, grasping it firmly. Her face tilted up to his and they
joined their lips, tongues probing wildly.

She drew away enough to speak. "I like the way you respond
to me, it's nice to see that you find me attractive enough
that you want me again."

"I haven't had much of a chance to taste your sweet
cock. And I do want you to come in my mouth, I love the feeling it gibes
me. Would you like me to do that now?"

"Not yet Angie, let's save that for later."
And he guided her gently into position on the bed.

He placed her in the center of the big bed, flat on her back,
with her arms outstretched to either side. Moving to the
other bed that was in the room, he came back with the leather cuffs.

He gently slid one cuff over her hand, placing it around
her wrist. There were laces to adjust the fit, and he pulled
them snug. Not tight enough to hurt, but enough so that she could
not withdraw her hand until he released her.

As he worked at the laces, he moved close, so that she could
get her mouth on his swollen organ. She took it hungrily, stretching
to pull all of it that she could into her warm mouth.

"Give me your other hand, " he demanded as he
pushed his hips at her flushed face.

She raised her hand to him and he slipped the other leather
band on and snugged it in place.

She whimpered in complaint as he withdrew from her oral
attentions and reached for one end of the cord. He tied the
cord through a loop on the cuff, and moving around the bed, pulled
the cord until her hand was pinned against the sheet.

He passed the other end of the cord through the loop on the
other cuff, and pulled it taut. Now she was pinned to the mattress,
unable to lift her hands or move down on the bed. Her head
was almost touching the headboard, and he put a pillow there
to keep her from bumping her head.

Moving again to the other bed, he retrieved the blindfold.
Gently lifting her head in his hands, he covered her eyes
and slipped the elastic strap behind her head.

Angie was almost scared as he bound her hands. She would
have no control over what he would do to her. But it was also exciting!
And now a blindfold! She almost objected to that but decided
that she would wait and see what he did to her. A tremble passed
through her, she was unsure if it was fear or excitement.

His voice penetrated her thoughts, "Are you comfortable?
Do you want to keep going?"

Voice unsteady, she assured him that she was, and that she
did indeed see where this would lead.

He knelt beside her on the bed then, and leaned over her to
kiss her lips. Not hard, just a soft fleeting touch.

Moving from her lips, he placed little kisses on her neck,
moving each time. Now at one side, now at the other. Soft touches
of his lips on her skin, moving down her throat. Moving to the
tender brown nipple that stood so erect on her breasts.

Lips pulling gently at her nipples, taking them in and making
her twist to press her flesh against his lips. Making her breath
come faster.

And then the lips were gone and she felt him rise from the
bed. She wondered what he was going to do next.

Alan retrieved the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket
and worked the cork out, trying to make no sound. Open bottle
in his hand, he moved back to where Angie waited for him helplessly.

He knelt beside her again, reaching with one hand to knead
her firm mound. He pinched gently at the nipple, increasing
it's erection. She inhaled sharply at the almost painful touch.

The bottle of chilled wine was now over her breast, tipping
slowly. The icy fluid dripped onto her heated flesh, the
cold causing her to buck wildly against her restraints. His
lips closed on her and his tongue wiped away the bubbling liquid.

"How did that feel?" he asked.

"Oh Alan, it was so different, and I didn't expect
it. It startled me so. I love the things you do." She had to
gasp out the words between ragged breaths. Her arousal was growing
in her, what would he do next.

Several times he anointed her tits with the cold champagne.
Her reaction grew less violent each time as she became accustomed
to the sensation.

Now he continued kissing his way down her body. Her flat
belly heaved at his touch as he moved slowly across it.

One hand slid under her leg, fingers finding the wetness
of her steaming pussy.

Now his nose was tracing a path through her lush pubic hair.
He continued his search, working with maddening slowness
towards her waiting opening.

And then his fingers skillfully parted the puffy flesh
of her cunt lips, and his lips settled on the tiny bud of her clitoris.

She cried out in pleasant shock as he sucked the fleshy bulb
between his lips.

Angie pulled against the cords that held her hands. She
wanted to twist her fingers in his hair, to force his face more firmly
into her burning crotch.

But the cords held firm. The frustration built in her, and
did indeed serve to arouse her even more. She had been without
sexual release for so long! And now she was being serviced
so expertly!

He lay partly on her, one hand exploring her, and his lips
and tongue working with maddening slowness at her. And then
he moved away again, rising once more from the bed.

This time he returned with the vibrator in his hand, and
resumed his former position. Now his weight was more on her as he
went back at her with his mouth.

His tongue pressed into her opening, and he pulled the wetness
from her, savoring the taste of her intimate juices. She
was moaning as he caressed her, urging him to continue. He had
no intent of stopping now.

She felt him pull his face away from her snatch, and tender
fingers parted the fleshy folds, exposing the pink inner
lips of her most secret spot. Then something cool and very hard
was pressed against her slippery opening.

She realized that it was the tip of the vibrator he had brought
with him. She had used vibrators on herself, but this was
the first time she had even had anyone else working one in her.
And then the hard staff slid fully inside her willing cunt.

Angie's hips bucked against the intrusion, welcoming
it and urging it inside her. A deep moan came from her throat and
her arms fought their bonds. Her knees were drawn up and her
feet flat on the bed as she heaved and pitched against the unyielding
device in her.

The sensations were so intense as to be almost painful,
but there was no hurt, just the overpowering stimulation. Stimulation
that made her want to scream and kick and claw at this man who was
tormenting her so wonderfully.

Alan slid the hard shaft of the vibrator into the woman with
one steady thrust, not stopping until he felt the resistance
as it reached the end of her slippery tunnel. He drew it back then,
having no desire to hurt her with it.

Several thrusts, and he slid it out of her, and rested the
tip against her swollen clit. Then he turned the knob at the
base and the thing started its low buzz against her tortured

Angie felt the plastic shaft slip from her tunnel almost
with regret, it had felt so good. But then the tip rested against
the upper end of her gash, against her tender bud. She realized
that it wasn't vibrating at all, and she wondered why he
hadn't turned it on.

And then a sudden bright bubble of sensation exploded in
her mind as the device came to life. A scream burst from her lips as
the intense stimulation hit her.

Then it moved from her clit, and slid back inside her tortured
hole, and Alan was once again working his lips on her tender

She was so hot, so fully aroused that she could feel nothing
else, only the maddening tingles from her genitals. She
wanted him inside her now, to feel him pump his flesh into her.

"Alan, please stop playing and fuck me now. I want
you inside me so bad. PLEASE! Get in me and pump me, shoot me full of your

He moved around on the bed then, getting into position between
her raised knees. The tip of his cock settled at her opening
and she waited for him to slip into her.

But he stayed where he was, teasing her with his cock, taking
his time, when all she wanted was to be filled with him.

He pulled back then, and raised her legs over his shoulders.
Moving back to her, he doubled her into a tight ball, with
her cunt tipped up, ready to accept his invasion.

His hands moved to cup her heaving tits, thumbs resting
on her nipples, drawing small circles on the tortured flesh.
Then he leaned forward, his stiff cock finding her opening and
sliding smoothly far up inside her.

Angie felt the smooth penetration as he entered her. It
felt so good to have him stuffed into her. And then she remember
that he had said he liked this position because he could ram hard,
and cause pain with his cock. For a moment she was afraid, she
had had men slam hard against her cervix, and the experience
had always been painful.

He buried himself to the hilt in her. His member reached
the hard at the tip of her uterus and he felt her flinch and try
to draw back to relieve the pressure. She had told him that
she didn't enjoy that feeling, and remembering that,
he backed off just a bit. And then he started a steady thrusting rhythm
into her willing body.

Angie felt him bottom out in her and flinched at the pain.
She wished that she could enjoy the hurt, and if she could she
would have urged him to ram her even harder. But then he eased up
and the hurt went away, to be replaced by pleasant sensations
as he settled into fucking her.

She was gasping out words that could not be understood as
she urged him to work his rod inside her. Her orgasm was getting
closer, and the frustration of not being able to reach him
was almost unbearable. But her hips could still move, and she
bucked wildly, matching his rhythm with her own thrusting.

When he thought she was very close to climax, Alan let her
legs slip off his shoulders. Releasing his grip on her breasts,
he stretched out to get at the knots that held her arms bound.

A quick tug at the ends of the cord pulled the knots free and
released her hands.

Angie felt the cords fall free of her hands. Her arms encircled
this man who was driving so well inside her. Her legs were
wrapped behind his back as she lunged at his thrusting cock.
She was so close to a tremendous orgasm.

And then the bright bubble burst inside her. Her legs locked
solidly around him, she pulled herself tightly against
the man, her voice rising in a long wail.

Alan felt Angie stiffen against him, and heard her orgasmic
shriek. Her nails dug viciously into his back as she hit
her peak.

He had been trying to hold his own climax back, to join with
hers, and he now let himself go. The pressure that had been
building in his balls burst loose and he thrust deeply into
her and held himself there as the first rush of fluid spilled
into her frenzied body.

Spurt after spurt of boiling semen emptied into her. He
drew back after each one and thrust in again, buried to the hilt
as he filled her with his cum.

At last the were spent, and he lay there inside her, trying
to catch his breath as his cock deflated. He could tense his
muscles and make his member throb in her gushing snatch,
and each time he did, she responded with a small shudder.

Finally he slipped from her. Her legs unlocked from behind
his back, and he rolled down on the bed beside her. She was barely
conscious as he slid one arm under her head and wrapped the
other around her.

The lovers were oblivious to everything as they fell into
a deep, dreamless sleep.

He awoke before she did and he slipped from beside her. Daylight
was showing through the drapes and he was saddened that
their tryst was soon to be over. Angie showed no sign of waking,
so he quietly headed for the bathroom and a shower.

When he returned, she was starting to wake up. Her hair was
terribly out of place, and her eyes were still puffy from
the passion of the night before. He thought she looked gorgeous!

He slid back in the bed beside her, and they talked in low
voices, tender words of endearment that each knew they
would never get to say again.

Finally, Angie decided that she too needed a shower badly,
and Alan was left alone in the rumpled bed that smelled so strongly
of sex. As he listened top the water running in the shower,
he drifted back to sleep, thinking of the sensuous woman he
had come to know.

He was roused from his sleep by the feeling of something
warm and wet engulfing his cock. As his eyes cleared he realized
that it was Angie, kneeling across the bed and sucking enthusiastically
at him.

When she realized that he was awake, she released him, and
started talking.

"Remember last night, when I said I really wanted
to take you in my mouth? Well, I meant it! So now you just lay back and enjoy.
But for some reason you don't seem to be getting very
hard." Then she laughed and continued, "Have you been laid
recently? Is that why you can't get it up for me to suck? I'll
just bet I can get you off even if you don't get a hard-on. By the way,
what's that "massage oil" you brought?

And she went to fetch the small bottle. She took a few drops
on her fingers and rubbed them together, then she sniffed
the oil. Recognizing the scent, she smiled at him.

"Cinnamon? Now that's different. But it's
so nice and slippery, too, I'll bet it works great for hand jobs!"

She got back on the bed and poured the oil liberally in her
hand and then applied it to his organ. The oil lubricated him
nicely and the pressure of her hand stimulated him. Soon his organ
was growing erect, although not quite as eagerly as the night

She had moved close enough to him so that he could get his
hand at her pussy. Soon she was moaning around his cock as he worked
his fingers into her. He had bunched his fingers together
and she was stuffed with them, wiggling her ass to help him work
them inside her now lubricated opening.

But she was concentrating on his cock, alternating between
sucking it deeply into her mouth and stroking it with her
hands. The cinnamon oil added a new sensation to cock-sucking,
the taste was pleasant, and somehow it added a sensation of heat to
his cock. She wondered if he felt the warmth as well.

Alan had told her that when a woman sucked him off, he usually
had a truly powerful orgasm and felt totally drained afterwards.
She had that for a goal. She wanted to see him go rigid in the
throes of his cum and beg her to stop.

"Angie, I'm getting close!" His words
rewarded her. She pulled her face back and grabbed his throbbing organ in her grasp.
Several quick strokes from her grasping hand and she felt
Alan stiffen slightly.

She drew a deep breath and leaned quickly down to engulf
him in her suctioning mouth. She felt her nose brush the curly
hair at the base just as the first rush of semen hit her throat.

She swallowed hungrily as he arched his back and drove his
rod into her willing mouth. As his spurting fluid diminished,
she sucked at his shrinking tool.

Alan was paralyzed from the sensations running through
him. His moan rose to a scream of pleasure as he enjoyed his release.

As Angie continued her attentions at his cock he shuddered,
almost in pain. His fingers, which had been pistoning into
her furry snatch fell away. He floated in a cloud of ecstasy
which bordered torture, the feelings were so intense.

His cries diminished as his cock deflated. Angie pulled
one last time at him, bringing one last moan, and then released his
shrunken member. She turned to kiss him and he could taste
the traces of his juice on her lips. The kiss was sweet and brief,
their passion spent.

The intensity of his orgasm had left him totally drained,
and he drifted into sleep.

Angie looked at this man who had pleasured her so for these
few hours. She had enjoyed the time together immensely, and
it was with some sadness that she faced the inevitable. They were
going to go their separate ways and would probably never see each
other again.

Quietly, so as not to wake him, Angie dressed and slipped
from the room.

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