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The Masseuse


He was very specific with his instructions.

The scenario he gave me was tantalizing, erotic. It wasn't like anything I had heard before, and that's what turned me on in the first place, so I figured I'd give it a try.

After parking the car, I turned the engine off, pulled the keys from the ignition and put them in my purse. I was nervous, my hand trembling as I tilted the rear-view mirror to check my makeup.

Here goes nothing I thought to myself.

It was warm out, and the breeze swirling up my skirt was refreshing as I stepped out of the car. With the door locked, I walked down the twisting sidewalk, checking the map he provided me. #16, last house on the left.

Stepping up to the door, I hesitated, took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.

A few moments passed when I heard the creaking of the floor, and right after that the sound of the deadbolt unlatching.

"Come in," he said. He was of average height and build. Not Brad Pitt, but not Gilbert Gottfried, either.

I smiled, stepping inside quietly as he requested.

He closed the door and locked it behind me. I stood there looking about his living room as he did so. When he turned back to me, he raised one hand and slid it up along the inside of my purse strap, the back of his hand brushing the side of my breast.

He made no apology; it was no accident.

Setting the purse down to the side, he turned, placing his hand on my thigh/butt. Again, no accident. This was planned. He was still bent down, and slid his other hand down my calf and removed one shoe, then the other.

Once he was back upright, he gestured towards the stairs. As I climbed the stairs his hand once again came up and gently rested on my thigh area.

The apple-cinnamon scented candles in the air grew stronger as we ascended the stairs. I could see ahead what must be the massage room. The room had a red hue to it, which I discovered came from photographer-style lamps in each corner of the room, and massage-parlour-style music played from a tablet. The massage table, centred at the back of the room, had different towels placed on them in a purposeful manner. There was also a small candle votive holding two dark red tealights resting on a rectangular mirror.

The man went to the massage table, lifted the mirror and all, then slowly turned and walked it over to a small table set to the side.

As he was focusing on not tipping the tubular votive over, I stole a glance at his jeans.

I could see he was hard already.

Once the mirror, votive and candles were parked safely, he turned and walked slowly towards me, around and behind me. He raised my arms partially. I let him, as I was instructed that he would do everything. Both hands came around slowly along my waist, meeting in the middle and up the centre of my blouse.
As he carefully worked on unbuttoning my blouse, I could feel his cock press against my ass, and feel his breath on my neck.

My heart was racing by now, and I could feel the shakes in my hands, yet I fought to suppress them.

Pulling my blouse off, he set it across another table, then unhooked my bra, sliding that off by slowly sliding his hands from my shoulder blades, across my ribs and brushing along the sides of my breasts. The cool air hitting my nipples made them hard.

He then unzipped my skirt. Slowly.

Like he did with my bra, he slid his hands down my sides to slowly slip the skirt down. Once it was down to the ground, I stepped forward one step out of it. As I was pre-instructed.

Once the skirt was placed carefully on the table, he came back for my panties. Again, he slowly slid his hands down between fabric and flesh, not letting them simply fall to the ground, but... descending. His mouth brushed my ass as he got down to the ground, sending a shiver up my spine. Again, I took one step out and he placed them on the side table.

Stepping back up beside me, he placed one hand on my side, the other on my forearm and walked me the last two paces to the massage table. He raised my left leg up and carefully rolled me onto the table face-down, but with my head turned toward him.
He stepped back over to the table where my clothes lay, and started undressing himself as well. First his shirt, which exposed his bare chest and tanlines from wearing t-shirts and working outside. Not as much as a tradesman, but enough to colour his thickly-veined arms nurse porn, as I've heard bronze but leaving his torso lighter. He stood there, looking at me as he unbuttoned his jeans. I didn't know whether I should look him in the eye or down at his crotch.

I decided to watch him unzip. Again, he did it slowly. I couldn't decide if it was for dramatic effect or because he had to carefully curve it around the bulge that was threatening to bust out.

With the zipper undone, the top of his jeans spread wide, making way for the package that was pushing its way out. He slid his jeans off and placed them with the other articles. His underwear, tight against his body, was unable to hold back the force his flesh exerted, so much so that the elastic banding at the front wasn't tight against his lower abdomen. His penis had to be pulled out and freed before he could pull his underwear down, and for good reason; It was longer than the average cock--not record-setting or anything, and with a bit of a bend to the left, but enough to make finding underwear that fit a nuisance... but the girth!. That is a thick cock!

I didn't realize it, but I discovered my mouth was dry as I involuntarily swallowed. I don't know if he heard it or if he was psychic, but he pulled a bottle of water from an ice bucket, opened it, placed a bendy straw inside and handed it to me. I arched up a bit to get into a position where I could drink without spilling it all over. I reached for the bottle, it was lined up at the same height as his thick member. A great network of veins ran along the shaft, and the head was a violet-purple... with a thick drop of pre-cum ready to fall.

I had my doubts that I could fit that fat cock in my mouth, but I certainly wanted to try.

I drank my fill and handed the bottle back.

He took a covered bowl from the table, removed the lid and walked to be foot of the massage table. He dripped warm gel on my feet. It was slick and luxurious, felt amazing. It felt like it had better viscosity than any lube or oil I had ever used. He ran his fingers between my toes, rubbed my arches, massaged my ankles and the balls of my feet. This alone was as good as a pedicure treatment.
Applying more Nuru gel to my calves, he worked on them thoroughly, loosening the muscles stressed from wearing my heels. Heavenly!

As he reached up to work on my knees, I could feel his stiff, hot cock pressing against my feet. I couldn't help but to move my feet about a little to get a feel for it. I sooo wanted that in my hands.

He moved around to the side of the table, working on my upper thighs, around and in between my legs. I was getting really wet from the pent-up lust.

As his hands worked my ass-cheeks, I let out a small moan. His hands, strong and methodical, didn't miss a spot, including my ass crack and rubbing my butthole. I wanted him to slide a finger in, just to see how good that lube was.

It wasn't until he pulled his finger out that I realized he, in fact, did.

I could also feel the nuru gel sliding along my pussy lips, which were already wet from this erotic experience.

My back was being worked over, and it was driving me insane! As much as I wanted him to climb up on that table with me, his hands were doing an amazing job on my sore muscles!

As he worked on my right shoulder, leaning over me, his cock pressed against my forearm, as he moved back I could feel a hot string or more pre-cum on my arm, tickling me.

My arms, neck and shoulders were worked over well, and felt like rubber by the time he was done with them.

"Roll over," he said hoarsely, handing me my water again as I rotated, and then cracked open a bottle of water for himself,

He was really getting off on this as well. To be fair though, it was his fantasy in the first place... I was just starting to adopt it from him.

He moved to the head of the bed, applying a generous, long drop of nuru gel from the bowl right in the centre of my chest. It was stringy, and reminded me of the big pre-cum drip from his knob. I wonder if that's where he gets it...

Rubbing it into my collarbone, across my shoulders, down my sides, his hands gliding over my skin, rounding the sides of my tits, over the nipples, indulging himself in giving them a little squeeze. His hands felt so amazing on me.

Leaning forward again, working on my stomach, his fat, hot, dripping cock pressed against the side of my face! The heat radiating from it was incredible!

Pre-cum (more!) dripped down my cheek. I couldn't resist no more, turned my tilted head back and licked his head.

It spasmed, like when a man is shooting cum in spurts, jumping in the air and hitting me on the side of the nose. "Jeez, sorry!" He apologized. I laughed and said "my fault... and my pleasure."

I had to take some control now; I couldn't wait any longer.

I reached up with my right hand, taking hold of his cock. Oh, my fucking god! It's as thick as my wrist!. I squeezed it firmly, from the base of the shaft and brought it forward. Pre-cum dribbled out of his knob like a leaky tap, covering my lips and dripping down my face. I slid my open mouth up and down his shaft as best I could, even managing to get my lips around part of his head a couple of times.

That's when he lost his willpower.

Moving around to the side a little, he looked down at me. I was breathing heavy now, my mouth opened and me looking up at him.

Then he thrust his cock in my mouth.

The head was massive, and filled my mouth like I was a competitor in a hotdog-eating competition.

And I was hungry.

I took in as much as I could, and as I did so, the masseuse slid his ultra-slick fingers over my swollen clit and in my pussy. I moaned as loud as I could with this monster in my mouth, more pre-cum making the inside of me as slick as the outside was.

I grabbed him by the ass cheek and pulled him in, burying his cock in my face until my nose touched his pelvis.

He gasped and shuddered as I suppressed my gag reflex and let him fuck my throat. I could feel it pulsing and getting even bigger, if that was even possible!

I held on as long as I could and pushed him back.

"Fuck me!" I gasped, as I turned my body towards him and spread my legs, knees up in the air.

He didn't hesitate, and slit into my pussy even easier than my mouth. I was tight before this, but I knew I wouldn't be for long.
He was hammering into me hard, and I could feel every vein sliding across my lips.

"I'm gonna cum!" he cried.

Pushing him back with my legs, I slid off the table onto my knees, gripping his balls in one hand and jacking him off with the other.
"Two... weeks!" he gasped. "Since I've cum. It's gonna be a lot!"

And it was. Sweet Jesus, it was like a can of whip cream going off in my face.

Spurt after spurt, he gushed hot cum all over my face, down my chest.

Little did I know, this was not the end.

He leaned over me, hand against the massage table, catching his breath, while I sucked his cock to get every last drop out.

After a minute, he lifted me up off the floor, turned me around and bent me over the table.

It was his time to worship me again.

With his face buried in my ass and pussy, and fingering me at the same time, it wasn't long until I came.

I half-lay there on the bed, gasping, catching my breath.

He got up off the floor, pulled me upright. I had trouble standing with the tremors going through my legs.

I felt like I needed a massage.

He got our water bottles, handed me mine. "Cheers," he said.
We laughed, panted, and drank together.

The shower afterwards was amazing as well. I was soaped up, scrubbed gently and rinsed down. And just when I thought things were wrapping up, he slipped behind me, his cock hard again, and slid inside me. As the momentum was building up, he pulled the shower head down, set it to a pulse mode and held it up between my legs. I stole the shower head from him and positioned it perfectly. I came so hard. I know I squirted because things got extra slick and the masseuse went into jackhammer mode again. He pulled out and slid his cock between my ass cheeks until he came, gripping my boobs.

Once the shower was turned off, he pulled back the shower curtain and reached for a towel. I looked down to see a string of cum STILL dripping out of him.

He gently dried my body, careful to lift my breasts and dry underneath, under my arms, the back of my neck.

He had to pat dry my pussy twice though. Or maybe that was just an excuse.

Once we got out of the shower, we stood naked in the massage room and talked about our adventure; him thanking me for making his fantasy come true, and me thanking him for the massage, the orgasms, and the fantasy as we drank more of the ice cold and much-needed water.

He then proceeded to dress me, following that same ritualistic fashion, where I wasn't allowed to help. He walked me back down the stairs, slipped my shoes back on my feet. Placing my purse back on my shoulder, he gave my boob a light squeeze and thanked me again.

"See you next week?"

I grabbed his package and said. "No. In two weeks. I want your tank full so you can empty it on me again."

*** edited for some minor corrections and paragraph spacing ***

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omg was so hot I am want that kind massage soon


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LOL tanks!
I was hard the entire time I wrote that, and was dripping pre-cum like mad
Glad you enjoyed it!
Check out my video to see what 14 days looks like


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Great story! I was hard from beginning to end. What a relief


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WOW that's a hot massage!


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That is a pretty hot story. I love to give a nice massage.