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The Magic Bed


Grace is an over stressed top executive who is on the verge
of a nervous breakdown. Like so many executives, particularly
women, they are super control freaks and can't let
go. Grace is quite beautiful and has used this to her advantage
on more than one occasion for advancement. Not that she
has screwed her way to the top; to the contrary, as she is
actually quite prudish. It is just the perception or hope
of getting between those beautiful thighs that is enough
to get her what she wants. With soft pale skin, thick shoulder
length, perfect Page Boy dark auburn hair, exquisite delicately
featured face, dark brown eyes and a tall medium to slender,
well curved body she has no problem commanding attention.
Just enough breast to grab your eye and her name describes
the motions of her body.

She just can't let go of things long enough to let go
of the stress. She does the gym, the Psychiatrist, Yoga;
even a failed attempt at sex therapy. She won't quit
her job or take an extended leave as the Psychiatrist told
her she must do. She has even shopped till she dropped, getting
some wonderful furs and other fine clothes in the fling;
but all has failed to pull her back from the brink of a breakdown.
It's actually somewhat more traumatic than that even.
Things are getting out of control and more like her life
is beginning to fall apart.

After another night of fitful attempts at sleep she awakes
late on Friday morning and called in with another excuse
for another late show at the office. She decides to walk
instead of a Taxi. Maybe it will help clear her head. On the
way she stops at a Diner not far from her office. Never having
eaten there before she sits at the counter. This is all totally
out of character for Grace. While she is eating a man a bit
older than Grace comes in and sits beside her in the one vacant
stool. He is obviously a regular since all behind the counter
know him by name ...

"What would ya like Grant?" He chats with them
a little and turns to Grace.

"You're new here. You like the food?" Grace
is totally unfamiliar with this kind of situation and one
that she cannot control.

"Yyyes" she stutters to his forward question.

"You're an executive in one of the office towers,

"Is it that obvious?"

"Like a red tag on your beautiful dark mink."

"Thanks for the tag and the compliment."

"You're a real stress case."

"Is it that obvious?" Grace is getting exasperated.

"Your hands are shaking and you can't be that
afraid of me or you'd be running down the street."

"I'm not afraid of you at all but is it all that

"Like Pinocchio's nose." Grant is a medium
built six foot guy with a friendly face, clear blue eyes,
light brown short cropped beard and hair with rugged looks.
He has a deep, gravely and comforting voice.

"Are you a Psychiatrist?"

"No. I'm a cabinet and furniture maker but I did
learn Hypnotism, not a professional mind you but I have
helped a few friends with some problems. Would you like
some help?" This forward suggestion has Grace spinning
out of control and groping for a reply.

"I just met you and none of the pros have been able to
help me. What makes you think you can?"

"Well, I have executives all the time ordering cabinets
from me thinking that a new something or other will take
away their anxieties. I have been thinking about it a lot
lately. It seems to be worse with the women as they have a
lot more to cope with and I can understand that." Grace
is numb with the information and observations of this obviously
very smart guy. Not a bumpkin blue collar worker.

"Why would I take your advice? You're a total
stranger and I have no reason to think you can do any better.
Why am I listening to you anyway?"

"You have run out of options and run out of time."
This hits Grace like a needle in the arm.

"My shop is on the way to your office. Why don't
you stop by my shop and at least you can see that I am a legit
Cabinet Maker?"


This guy is nothing like anyone Grace has had anything to
do with in her life. She has only dated business executive
types and a few intellectuals in college. Never a blue collar
type but then Grant is not like any blue collar guy she has
ever heard of, let alone met. The UPS guy is a real hunk and
has all the women in her office drooling but nothing like
Grant. He has a swift and sharp mind and appears very knowledgeable.
She was instantly and uncontrollably attracted to him
like his mind was taking hold of hers directly, reading
her very thoughts. It's disturbing and comforting
at the same time.

Grant pays for them both as they leave. They walk two blocks
and down an Alley. Grant opens a large, green, plain industrial
metal door with METROPOLITAN WOODWORKERS in one inch high
plain white block letters on the door. What Grace experiences
will change her life forever.

The shop is very busy but well organized and calm at the same
time. Everyone she meets or speaks to is very friendly and
obviously very happy doing what they are doing. Not at all
like Grace's office. The cabinetry and furniture
she sees is of the finest quality and design and more ornate
and fluid than most new stuff she has seen. There is a sensuality
to it all, almost like they are alive.

When they go into Grant's office the room is alive with
the most beautiful and sensual furniture Grace has ever

"Sit in the rocker there." As Grace sits it is
as if the rocker immediately molds itself to her body, like
it was made just for her. She rocks effortlessly and is lulled
into an extremely peaceful state of mind. "What can
you do for me to help me out of this state of mind I am trapped

"I can put you in a series of hypnotic trances, plant
suggestions and have you do some exercises that will more
permanently alter your feelings and behavior."

"I'll need to think about it."

"Don't take too long. You don't have much
time left. I'll have the rocker delivered to your place
this afternoon." They exchange cards and phone numbers.
"You can call me on my cell any time. I will be glad to
help anytime you wish."

Grant walks her back to the door through the shop and she
is out in the Alley. It is like being transported from heaven
to hell when the door shuts behind her.

Grace goes on to her office and arrives just before lunch.
She is in her office for only a few minutes. Her office is
much like many other Executive Chic offices with hard surfaces,
angular chrome & glass and the ubiquitous Tombstone
black leather Executive's Chair. It is somehow far
less comfortable and friendly than the all wood rocker
she just sat in?

She is overwhelmed with feelings of dread at the shear starkness
and hostility of her office. She has a lunch appointment
and nearly sprints from her office to go to it. After lunch
she has another meeting in the equally hostile conference
room and since the rest of the afternoon is made up of internal
staff meetings she cancels them all and splits at 2PM for

When Grace enters her lobby the rocker is sitting there
like a warm welcome. It has a tag tied to the head rail. Her
address and a note all in black marker: "Relax and
enjoy rocking" signed "Grant". It is
like the finest Christmas gift ever and since it isn't
heavy or bulky she takes it up with her in the elevator.

She puts it in the Living room in front of the view window
and promptly sits and rocks. She didn't remove her
mink. It felt so warm, safe and comfortable and the view
never looked so wonderful. She kicks off her painful heels
and dozes off. It is sunset when she awakes extremely relaxed
and realizes her hunger.

Putting on more comfortable shoes she heads for the Diner
as if programed. Grant is sitting in a booth waiting for

"Are you enjoying the rocker?"

"I think that is the solution to my problems. It is
totally relaxing."

"That is true but it is only temporary and is only good
for maintenance once the main problems have been dealt

"Since the rocker has done such a fine job so far what
else must I do to start into this process?"

"Just tell me you want to do it and I will do the rest."

"Yes, I want to do it."

"I'll have a special bed delivered Monday afternoon."

"A bed?"

"Like the rocker it is a tool or device to aid in relaxation
and to contain the problem for the main task of mind altering.
So enjoy the rocker. It will help you to keep things under
control over the weekend. You really are beautiful in fur."
Grace blushes at this remark. She has always taken comments
about her beauty in an "objective" and detached
way but this was so specific and very personally admiring
going straight to her heart and soul. It made her feel ever
so warm, comfortable and was welcomed.


Grace returns home and is in the rocker like an addiction.
Feeling relaxed and having comfort of mind is only possible
for her now in the rocker. She does need to heed natures call.
In the process she undresses, cleans up and is thinking
about what to wear, remembering Grant's compliment
on her beauty. As she undresses she blushes like a school
girl with its memory.

She is holding and slightly hugging her mink in her arms
to hang it up but reverses it without thinking and slips
it back on. She is shaking with the sensations of the fur
against her bare skin and hugs herself in the mink smiling
and thinking to herself about Grant's compliment
of her beauty in fur as she views herself in the mirror. "I
wonder what he would think if he could see me now?"
she thinks to herself as she flashes herself in the mirror.
It is cut to be full even with a suite jacket under and with
no clothes on it is like a large blanket around her body.
This is wonderful she thinks to herself. With this she goes
in and sits back in the rocker again and looks out at the view.

Wrapped in her soft and warm Mink her mind and anxieties
are projected out of her and across the landscape as she
sits and slowly rocks. She dozes off, drifting into dreams.
It is as if the chair is alive with its arms wrapped around
her fondling her body like hands on her breasts caressing
her, rubbing her nipples with the Mink. She is in paradise
of sensuous lustful feelings imagining the strong but
gentle hands of Grant. It seems they are all over her body
running down her thighs and back up between them, softly
stroking her labia. Grace is drifting into sexual sensations
she has not experienced for a long time, highly excited
and stimulated. Grace awakes with a soft and sustained
orgasm with her hands between her wet thighs still in the
rocker. The early morning light is just breaking on the
horizon and Grace is relaxed and satisfied in a way she has
not been for a very long time. She rocks for another hour
or more.

Hunger overtakes her so she gets up out of the chair to get
dressed. She is reluctant to take off the Mink since it feels
so go. She had never thought of this before and it is such
a marvelous feeling. As she makes breakfast for herself
she leaves it on. After she eats and takes a shower she goes
to her closet and begins taking out her furs one after the
other and holding them to her naked body. She experiences
rush after rush of wonderful soft sensations that her body
cries out for. After awhile of this she hangs up the Mink
and reverses her Silver Fox putting it on. This is even bigger
than the mink and with the dolman sleeves is a wonderful
roomy comforter feeling. Grace nearly faints with the
soft long finger like hairs of the thick, lush enveloping
sensations all over her body sending her almost immediately
into another soft and pulsing orgasm.

Grace has not been this turned on or relaxed in a long time.
Her joy at this realization has her very excited and she
has the felling of wanting to share the feelings with a sex
partner. It doesn't take long to have an excellent
image of Grant's hands with the fur all over her again.
Grace is very excited by all these thoughts. Her anxieties
have all but vanished. She sits in the rocker dozing off
and having more fondling dreams of the chair arms ... Grant's
hands fur fondling her body with the Silver Fox. Grace is
now in a constant low level orgasmic state, softly writhing
in the rocker as it caresses and fondles her.

Grace finally wakes up and feels the need to get out and experience
the city for a while and get lunch. She hopes Grant will be
at the Diner but is reluctant to call him. She dons her Silver
Fox after dressing in a very thick and soft gray cable knit
long sleeved cashmere turtleneck sweater-dress with
nothing under it and goes out for a walk. Not wearing panties
or a bra for Grace is pornographic. The cold fresh morning
air is very refreshing and new to her. She is also feeling
free and very sexy.

Grace ends up at the Diner but Grant is not there. She asks
the waitress if she had seen him. She said he had been in earlier
saying he had a weekend project he had to finish for Monday.
Grace smiles with a sense of comfort thinking about his
diligence at making her new bed. What will it be like? The
chair has been marvelous and the other furniture she saw
was magnificent. She has these tingling sensations thinking
of the dreams being held and fondled by the rocker. Imagine
sleeping in a bed that caressed and fondles you as you slept!!

After eating she walks for a while and finds herself standing
in front of the furrier she has gotten her most recent furs
from including her Silver Fox. She enters and the sales
woman that has tended to her before comes up ...

"Hi, can I help you find something today?"

"No ... I'm not sure? I was out for a walk and just
happened by with nothing particular in mind. I thought
I would come in and just look around." Being surrounded
by all the furs is getting Grace very excited, with soft
sexual rushing feelings flowing through her. Not like
her previous shopping visits.

"Let me direct you to an area you may not have thought
of before, furs that you may not have previously considered."
They are shortly standing in a rear area of the store with
the walls literally hanging and draped with furs, spreads,
rugs, pillows and all sorts of furs for the house. Grace
also notices a side chair that looks a lot like her rocker.

The saleswoman has a very large Silver Fox spread matching
Grace's coat laid out in front of her and Grace's
heart is racing over the opulence and shear sensuality
of an ocean of thick, soft, full fur pelts.

"You can enjoy the Fox of your marvelous coat as never

The comment was as if the Saleswoman had inserted her fingers
in her vagina. Grace shook with excitement dropping into
the chair. With the immediate sensations running through
her Grace realizes it's one of Grant's chairs
without being told, like a signature. The Saleswoman threw
out several large matching pillows. Before Grace can regain
her composure, we must not forget the control thing, there
is an even more opulent Lynx spread in front of her draped
over her legs and the saleswoman tosses a large Lynx pillow
at Grace.

This saleswoman "knows" about the chair. She
almost dropped it but quickly had her arms around it like
she was hugging a lover with her face buried in it. The fur
sensations are like those in her rocker. The saleswoman
grabs the Lynx spread and drapes it more fully over Grace
sending her nearly into an orgasm as Grace rubs it up her
thighs pushing up her dress. She gasps and quietly moans
wanting to fur masturbate right then and there. She knew
the Saleswoman knew it, hearing the gasp and moan.

"I'll take both and three each of the largest

"Very nice choices and I am sure you will enjoy and
luxuriate in their lushness a great deal. We can have them
delivered Monday afternoon."

Grace leaves the store floating on a cloud of sensuous bliss.
What a marvelous feeling it will be with those wonderful
furs in the new bed Grant is making for her!!

After getting home in the late afternoon she undresses
and puts on the reversed Silver Fox and snuggles into the
rocker. She drifts off and after an hour or so of erotic thoughts
and a bit of self fur fondling Grace is wandering through
her past in ways never experienced in all the psychiatric
sessions she has ever had. Her level of sexual excitement
for one thing is extremely high. She is floating at a level
constantly just below orgasm. She is thinking of the times
as a teen, which was the last time she had experienced this
level of erotic and sexual excitement where a single well
placed touch would send her over the edge, a time when she
was looking at the male athletes as they were working out
in the gym.

She was a backup cheerleader watching the other girls with
their sexy voluptuous bodies flaunt themselves at these
gorgeous sweaty guys. She can feel the same sensations
welling up in her groin now that she felt then and the incredible
tension in her body. She was so humiliated by the other girls
for ridiculing her over the boys and star athletes for her
thinking that they would be interested in her skinny tit
less body. The unbelievable pain of the open public humiliation
was unbearable. It was then she vowed she would always be
in control of her situation whatever it would be. This is
what put her on her current controlling course. Grace couldn't
believe this deep memory had surfaced so quickly and easily
by just rocking in her fur, nude and sexed up.

All that time and money wasted on psychotherapy vs an afternoon
in the rocker in her wonderful fur. She then realized she
had to get to the feelings first and back her way into it.
A little later that evening after moving this revelation
to deeper and safe memory she allows herself to drift into
a smooth and extended orgasm like none she had ever had before.
This was guided by Grant's hands and visions of her
new Athlete as he massaged her mind while running his hands
all over her naked skin and fondling her labia with the fur.
The rest of the weekend she spends wrapped in furs, caressed
by the chair and her thoughts with extended fantasies and
orgasm after orgasm rocking away her cares.


Monday morning Grace gets to the office early to get everything
dealt with so she can be home after lunch. This she does and
is home barely before the furrier delivers the furs. She
is already fur charged with the two huge fur spreads and
the six pillows, almost too distracted to answer the door
for the bed that is coming in the door.

The bed is assembled in the bedroom after they disassemble
and take away her old bed. After all are gone Grace is standing
by the new bed. It is a magnificent piece in a very sensuous
style as she had seen in the shop. It is in a sort of Art Nouveau-Medieval
style but in a light natural eastern curly hard maple instead
of a darker wood usual for these styles. It has ornate carvings
of carefully carved and defined genitalia on the five foot
high women with flowing hair their arms raised above their
heads, pushing out their bare breasts, as the four corner
posts. Each is quite different. One has her hand in her vagina
with expressions of ecstasy and another squeezing her
breasts with her hands while grinning and her butt thrust
back. Everything is curved and smooth with no sharp corners.

It is unmistakably a cage with large brass hinges and an
enormous ornate lock. The outside gate handle is a life
sized erect 9" cock and scrotum projecting out in
the same smooth polished Maple and a large Chinchilla cuff
around it. It is a Super King sized bed nearly filling the
Bed Room.

There are large, thickly padded Chinchilla cuffs and fat
braided white Mink ropes thick as your wrist anchored to
the side rails of the cage implying bondage. Very intimidating
to Grace's mind which is racing over the whole thing
of her being in control at all times. Thoughts of being in
the rocker begin to conflict with these thoughts of being
caged when the door bell rings. It is Grant.

"What is with the Bondage/S&M thing. The bed is a cage."

"How observant. There will be no S&M or anything else
you do not specifically agree to participate in. Remember,
obsession over control is your main problem. We need to
work on your letting go and not always being in control.
Do you want to get started?"

"Yes" she says hesitantly.

"You sound reluctant?"

"OK, yes!!" almost stomping her foot.

"When I hypnotize you at, anytime, even when under,
if I make a suggestion that you truly do not want to do you
will not be compelled to do it. Is that understood?"


"I should have your Apartment key in case of emergency."

"OK." She hands him one.

"Here is an Alarm device and a pager I have for you."
Shall we get started?"

"Yes, please."

Grant speaks softly to her for a few moments and has Grace
sitting in a trance like state quickly. "I will awake
you with Bubba and I will put you under with N53X and you will
follow my commands. Is that understood?"


"Undress." Grace slowly removes her clothes
folding and laying them out as she usually does and stands
in front of Grant in the buff with a sweet smile. Grant can't
resist running his hands over her gorgeous body and soft
skin. Grace shivers as he does throwing back her head with
her mouth open, quietly moaning. She had thought of this
sitting in the rocker. Moisture begins to form in her crotch
as this happens. He runs his hands through her beautiful
hair and Grace closes her eyes sighing softly. Grant gets
control of himself and tells her to get into the bed and cuff
herself. She obediently complies. Grant reaches into
the cage and completes the restraints and locks the gate
with a loud click.

Grace is still smiling and is totally relaxed. She is nude,
immersed and wrapped in the furs. She soon begins to writhe
in the furs. Grant shoves a Lynx pillow between her thighs
and under her head. He also drapes the Lynx, fur side to her
body. She increases her motions and humping the Lynx pillow
between her thighs. Grant reaches through the bars and
runs his hands over her body. Grace shivers at his touch
and as he moves his hand over her body. He uses the Lynx in
fondling and stroking her. Grace is rapidly approaching
an orgasm. Grant moves his hand down just above her mound
and she pushes hard up to it. She is breathing quite heavy
and humping his hand trying to lift and rotate her hips to
put her mound under his hand. Grant deliberately keeps
his hand off her mound but increases the pressure. Grace
is moaning quite loudly by now on the verge of her orgasm.
She suddenly shudders and moans in a state of ecstatic bliss,
exploding in her finest orgasm ever. The smile of satisfaction
has Grant craving her. He moves his hand down and grabs an
entire handful of her mound. Grace gasps and climaxes immediately
in his hand. He has a totally wet handful of her wonderful
soft muff and Grace is way beyond a hypnotic trance, breathing
heavily and sighing, moaning and going into yet another
orgasm. Grant still has a firm but gentle grip on her mound
and has one finger fondling her labia, slowly sliding into
her. He begins to stroke the sweet spot of her clitoris.
Grace is shaking all over with the stimulation. Powerful
waves of orgasm sweeps over her as she gasps and sighs sweetly.

She finally collapses into the furs from exhaustion. Grant
smoothly runs his hand over the rest of her body then pauses
over her tits. Grace is slowly writhing in the furs now and
sighing at his touch. Her breasts and nipples are receiving
his fondling now as she moans and sighs with pleasure. All
through this Grant has been talking softly and quietly
to Grace about being calm, the softness of her body, how
he loved to touch her and the sweetness of her smile.

"Bubba". Grace awakes from the trance with
a start and goes into an immediate state of anxiety at the
confinement and restraints. Grant had stopped fondling
her but does stroke her face and hair to calm her. This is
only partially successful.

"When you were under you had no signs of anxiety. In
fact you were enjoying your situation with extreme pleasure.
Go to those feelings in your mind even if you cannot remember
exactly what happened." Grace gets a look of concentration
on her face and she soon becomes calmer.

"What happened?" I am not going to tell you specifics
yet but you will gradually begin to recall the feelings
you were having later. I am going to leave you like this for
the night and at sometime in the night your restraints will
release and the gate will unlock.

"Please don't leave me. I want you to touch me
and talk to me."

"You need to absorb what has happened and contemplate
being calm alone and by your self." Grant leaves her
locked in the bed-cage still in her restraints. There is
a video monitor hooked to his computer at home and an alarm
if anything happens. Grant can control the bed-cage from
his computer.

At first Grace nearly panics but realizes nothing is going
to happen to her and she is perfectly safe. In fact there
is now something strangely erotic being in these lush,
soft and sensual restraints engulfed in the furs. A wave
of sensual desire and submission sweeps over her and she
is nearly in an orgasm before she realizes. She relaxes
and lets the feeling lay in her body, savoring the heightened
sexual arousal in a way she has never experienced like taking
it inside herself as a normal state of being. She slowly
wallows in the furs stimulating her body. Grace is feeling
as though the bed and the restraints are moving with her
body, massaging her and increasing the stimulation of
the furs leading to heightened sexual excitement. Suddenly
wave after wave of orgasms sweep over and through her until
she is exhausted. She was having those same sensations
as in the rocker of the bed coming alive and fondling her
in her orgasmic state. The same images of Grant's wonderful
hands fondling her became palpable during her orgasms.

She knows full well now that she cannot live without him
making love to her. Her mind is now full of Grant taking her
and molding her body to his and consuming her. She drifts
into sleep still restrained and has vivid dreams of Grant
ravaging her and the bed caressing and fur fondling her
all over all night. They were soothing and comforting feelings,
like an ultimate womb.


Grace awoke with the restraints released. She had rolled
over in her sleep on her face in the fur highly stimulated
upon waking. She did test the gate and it had not been released.
Grace was surprisingly not anxious over this but rather
rolled back over in the furs and writhed herself into another
orgasm. She lay there savoring the soft luxuriant sensuousness
of the furs when she heard a click. She took her time getting
up from the furs. She wanted to stay there all day.

Grace finally gets dressed and is at her office in record
time. She wanted to make another short day of it. Despite
the dread of her office decor she manages to accomplish
the bulk of her tasks before lunch and has only a few meetings
to take care of before she leaves. Grace is home by three
and in her bed fully nude wallowing in the furs when she hears
the door bell ring shortly after five. She drapes herself
in her Silver Fox coat smiling to herself and answers the
door. It is Grant of course for the hypnotism session.

"Is there anything under the fur other than you?"

"No." she shamelessly replies.

"Are you trying to seduce me?"


"I have not hypnotized you yet."

"I don't care if you do or not. I just want you to
make love to me!!"

Stroking her face in his hands and running his fingers through
her hair ... "I want to do that more than you could imagine
but we need to take care of your anxiety and stress problems
before considering that."

Grace is pushing Grant's resolve by fondling herself
in front of him with her fur, pressing against him as they
talk in full blown seduction mode. She is already highly
aroused from previous fondling in the bed. Grant is out
to the limits of his restraint. What an incredible woman
and melting to his wants as she wants him with all her being

"N53X" Grace is in her trance still fondling
herself with her fur, stroking up her crotch and over her

"Grace, undress me." She finally stops fondling
herself and slowly removes his clothes much as she does
her own and this just makes the seduction of Grant all the
more exciting. Slipping them off carefully, then folding
and laying them out nicely. Grace is standing there with
Grant totally in the buff looking down at him and shaking
slightly. She must be subliminally aware of the situation
and being still turned on even in her trance. Grant puts
his arms around her and pulls her to him, his body slipping
between the fur lapels of her Fox coat and pressing against
her flesh with his very stiff cock between her thighs and
his shaft rubbing up against her labia. Grace is faint and
collapses in his arms.

He picks her up as if she is a fur coat in his arms and carries
her to the bed. Bending over he lays her in the furs, sliding
her back fully in the bed. He does not restrain her, just
puts the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and lets the ropes
drag around her. She has the sense of restraint without
them impeding her movements. She smiles as he puts on the
cuffs. The fur ropes are heavy so when they drag over her
body she shivers with the sensations throwing her arms
around him. Grant kisses her with a deeply passionate kiss
with their bodies pressed tight to each other but Grant
lets go.

As Grant backs out of the cage he is frozen over her beautiful
thick and soft dark muff framed between the Silver Fox lapels
of her coat. Desire overcomes the agenda. His face is deep
in her soft muff lickity split as they say with his tongue
penetrating to her clitoris seeking her sweet spot like
a heat seeking missile. Grace lets a loud moan as first contact
is made of her desires. Her hands are stroking the sides
of his head as she coaxes him deeper into her and pleasures
at touching him between her thighs.

She may be in a trance but she is fully involved with her body.
Grace experiences waves of orgasms as Grant pleasures
her deep desires. He was not going to do this for at least
a few more days. Grant is becoming overwhelmed with desire
for Grace. He finally pulls away and Grace responds with
a whimpering and sighing of clear disappointment.

He sits up on his knees in front of her and has her head in his
hands caressing her face and hair. His cock is like the Washington
Monument and just as erect. He leans over and kisses her
deeply with full mouth and tongues racing in passionate
and eager kisses. He pulls away a few inches and whispers
close in her ear ...

"I want you to suck my cock. Do you want to do that for

"Oh yes, please let me." She is down on his post
in an instant taking it up to the hilt. She is very artful
in drawing up its length and fondling the tip with her tongue
then back down to the hilt again. Grace has never sucked
cock in her life. She keeps doing this and fur fondling his
scrotum with great eagerness sending Grant through the
roof. Grant has pulled the Fox hood of her coat up around
her head and around his hips increasing both their sensations.
What of his cock that is not in her mouth is wrapped in Lynx
as she moves up and down on him. Grant is going out of his mind
with desire for her and the sensations she is generating
in his scrotum and the furs stimulating them both.

"Take all of me in you, please Grace."

Soon gobs of hot juices are shooting into Graces lovely
mouth as she sucks and swallows all from Grant. She doesn't
stop however as he did not command her to. Grant is half way
to a second cumming before he remembers. His passions are
at a boiling point by this time and a second load is building
in his fur fondled scrotum. His head is tingling as much
as his cock and he is out of control. Grant is in another world
with lust for Grace. He explodes with an even bigger load.
Grace consumes him with her vigor.

"Stop. Please stop."

"Have I not done well?"

"You were magnificent." as he kisses her deeply
with his cum still all over her and her mouth. He doesn't
care and it somehow increases his desires for her.

He does clean her up and then takes her in his arms again,
holding her tight to him for a while like a stolen moment.
He doesn't attempt to go any further tonight but his
desires for her is clearly over the top and Grant wants this
woman as his own now more than anything in his life ever.
She clearly wants him. He does have to get her through this
problem of hers and bring her back from the brink regardless
of his desires. Her submission to him is no problem. Eliminating
the anxieties and stress is a totally other issue. He gets
dressed and locks her gate rubbing the smoothly polished
handle several times with his hand.

"Bubba" Grace first realizes she is nude before
Grant and impulsively wraps her Fox around herself out
of habit. But then a coy grin comes over her face and she "flashes"
Grant with a full nude, and conscious, exposure letting
the fur fall from over her shoulders, spreading her thighs
exposing her lovely muff, dropping her hand on it and smiling
sweetly up at him as she strokes and fondles herself. Grant
went stiff and she noticed.

"Sleep well and I'll see you tomorrow."

"You sleep real hard dear" Grace jests and Grant
was out the door. Grace has a generalized feeling of conquest
that is both puzzling and gratifying. Her mind is awash
with erotic images of Grant and her body being ravaged even
more energetically than last night. The fur fondling is
reaching levels of ecstasy she has never been to in her life
and with Grant revolving around her in her dream state,
orgasm is becoming a constant state of being. The bed is
moving her to higher and higher levels of excitement and
she is totally out of control of her situation and she could
care less. She just wants more. Grace is in complete submission
to her situation now.

Waking in the morning Grace was surprised at how fresh she
was. She was thinking that with all that "activity"
last night she should be exhausted.

As she crawls out of bed she grabs the cock handle for support
and doesn't let go. She is standing there mesmerized,
stroking the life sized cock suddenly realizing how much
she wanted it in her. Before she realizes what she is doing
Grace is well on her way to orgasm moving up and down on the
handle as she slid it into her vagina. It has been so long
since anything has been in her that she was overcome with
passion to have Grant in her. She (correctly) assumed this
was "his" cock. It was fully animated as she
moved it in and out of her as if it were alive. Last nights
dreams flooded through her mind and her orgasm was so intense
she passed out and it was several minutes before she recovered.
As she was getting up and on her knees looking at the cock
at eye level wet and slick with her juices an overwhelming
wave of passion swept through her body.

"I have to have him in me soon" she thought to
herself. She orgasms several more times with even greater
energy and passion on the hard maple cock.

Grant is now realizing this is not just another good deed
and fling as he has done before. She has burrowed deep into
his heart. This is probably the last time at this, not that
the rewards won't be worth the loss of not doing it anymore
with any more women. This is certainly turning out to be
the most passionate and involved of all his previous gestures.
There couldn't have been a better way to choose a mate,
he thought to himself. He is hoping that their mutual passions
will not confuse resolving her problems. The rockers and
beds can continue to work their magic without his direct
intervention with the women and still help them. Almost
all his business is referral after all. This just happens
to be the last recruit.


Grace is back to the office in the morning hard at work. She
is totally fed up with her office decor and decides to take
action. While contemplating this she has a taste memory
from last night but not knowing she had a mouth full of cum
last night it does not connect, particularly since it was
a new experience. She is still highly aroused by the taste
memory in any case. She calls Grant and asks if he could come
over and take a look at her office and see what he would suggest
doing to it.

They settle on just before lunch and lunch together after.
Grace wore her sexy short Chinchilla vest today. She just
had a salt & pepper gray lightweight cashmere turtleneck
sweater under with a straight gray wool skirt just above
the knee instead of her usual conservative dark power suit.
She had also worn a big white, thick and super soft Arctic
Fox long hooded coat over it all. Everyone in the office
was looking her over with rather curious looks at her stepping
so far out of character. Some of the guys with a far more prurient
stare than usual.

When Grant shows up the other women are all over him like
the UPS guy until they discover he is headed for Grace's
office. Grant comes into her office.

"No wonder you suffer anxieties and stress. This
is a ghastly space. It is designed to promote anxiety."
He takes measurements of the space, locating windows,
doors and the like. She is watching him as he moves around
the room with confidence at what he does. Grace cannot be
around him any more without fantasizing sex with him. He
finishes and they leave for lunch.

They are well ahead of the lunch rush and are the only ones
on the elevator going down. Grant puts his arm around Grace
and nearly crushes her in an embrace, his hands pressing
the Fox to her face and to his lips. They kiss passionately
to the lobby.

"This is not a session and I just had to kiss you."

"You can kiss me or anything else you want to do anytime
you wish."

They get to the Diner and take a booth. They sit beside each

"Grace, would you fondle me with your fur?"
She had already dropped the Fox from her shoulders and partially
draped it over him but slips out of the Chinchilla vest and
gently strokes Grant on his arm, neck and the side of his
face as well as herself.

"You love the fur!" as she smiles at him. Grant
smiles at her and kisses her with the chinchilla caressing
both their faces. Grace is out of her mind with desire for
Grant at this point. Grace realizes their mutual total
fondness for fur without a doubt. Grant breaks the spell,
nearly in a whisper.

"We need to make sure we have dealt with the underlying
causes of your anxieties causing your stress before we
go any further with each other."

"How much longer will it take do you think?"
"You're making excellent progress so I don't
think long now." "

We can have another session tonight after work maybe?"

"I would love to." Grant and Grace leave for
their respective jobs.

The afternoon for Grace is suffering the office and trying
to focus on her work. Given a more comfortable space would
make work so much easier and far less stressful she thinks.
Where we spend our time has an impact on our psyche she is
realizing. Her mind begins to wander as to how she would
like to have her office. Obviously not the bed but the rocker
would work very well. I'll bring it in tomorrow, she
thinks. Even a few minutes every hour or so would help a lot.
Maybe a more ergonomic desk.

She doesn't get much work done after this and leaves
a bit early getting home a little after four. She strips
and puts on her large hooded Lynx coat that nearly touches
the floor. It has a soft Lambskin tan suede lining and is
actually reversible. She has never worn it and was not sure
why she bought it until now as it didn't fit her style
or a place to wear it. It was simply the most sensuous and
voluptuous fur coat she had ever seen and bought it, she
thought then, in a moment of weakness. With it reversed
it sends her out of her mind as the Lynx spread does that she
just got. Now she is going to use it on Grant. Grant is at the
door and when Grace opens it she is standing there with the
big hood up over her head and the coat open showing her fully
nude body framed in the Lynx to him. Grant groans, reaches
out and touches her face, running his fingers through her
hair. Grace melts on the spot already cranked up with the
Lynx and realizing as she had intended that her nude in fur
must be going to his ultimate fantasies and doing a major
number on Grant's hormones.

"You're not going to make this easy on me are you."

"I'm going to make you as hard as I can."


"Please take that coat off." She lets it fall
to the floor in a thick pile around her legs exposing her
totally nude body. Not much of an improvement since she
looks pretty much like a goddess with the fur heaped up around
her legs. At least Grant can get things somewhat under control
for himself.

"Go to your bed and cuff yourself." Grace slides
into the bed and does as told. Grant had picked up the Lynx
coat and as he crawls into the bed-cage he ties her up and
puts a gag on her as well this time. He is advancing the agenda
to see if she is ready for the conclusion. He then totally
engulfs her in her furs with the Lynx coat on top of her. He
has also bound her around the waist with a thickly padded
Chinchilla cummerbund and tied it to the frame as well with
more thick Mink ropes. She is as immobile as can be.

"Bubba" Grace awakes and is already moaning
as best she can in protest at being so totally bound.

"Remember that you are perfectly safe. Go to the feelings
you have felt before when restrained." He sits and
waits. She is still struggling and moaning through the
gag but is starting to subside. Grant checks on her to make
sure she is OK. He reaches through the bars and starts to
slide his hand over her body under the furs. She responds
by pushing up against his hand. Her protest moans turns
to sighs of pleasure and she is rhythmically moving her
body in the furs clearly getting highly aroused. She slides
into an orgasmic state with flowing waves of orgasms as
before only more intense this time. After she subsides
from this Grant announces he is leaving and the restraints
will release later and the gate will unlock.

Grace is starting to have a panic attack as she lays engulfed
in the furs. She tries to focus on other sensations when
she recalls her taste memory from this morning and begins
to be aroused. Then the thought of Grant's hands moving
over her body a bit earlier and this has her shivering in
the afterthought of the feelings. Grant had programed
the bed to begin its undulations and subtle rocking motions
after half an hour of his leaving and this had started. She
is then fantasizing Grant sucking her vagina and licking
her labia as if she knew exactly how it would feel. Grace
is overwhelmed with these desires for Grant overriding
any anxieties she might have. This becomes a flow of fantasy
sensations over her body as they consume her thoughts.
She is luxuriating in these feelings and desires as she
writhes as best she can with the restraints, ah, the restraints,
like his hands holding her down as he ravages her totally
submissive body. Grace flows into an orgasmic wave as she
fantasizes his big cock, it has to be big?, is ramming her
into total submission. She wishes she could get to the gate
handle. Grace has a change of character.

She falls asleep after awhile and is still bound and gagged
when she awakes. Grace doesn't panic but continues
to fantasize her sexual submission with Grant. Suddenly
the ropes release and the gate clicks open. She removes
the gag and undoes the waist restraint. She is in no hurry
to get out but lays face down in the furs and returns to her
fantasies over Grant. She wants him with her forever. Grace
loves Grant and will do whatever he wishes of her. She satisfies
herself on the maple cock several times before leaving
for work.

Grace is late for work having brought her rocker and she
could care less. The rest of the folks are coming in and out
of her office wanting this and that and she takes care of
all the tasks with her usual efficiency and thoroughness
but she was totally disinterested in what she was doing.
The few moments in the rocker every hour or so is working
wonders. She met Grant for lunch and was describing her
day to him and he volunteered as she only needed a couple
of more sessions to be "cured". She should and
could begin to take interest in her work now without it consuming
her as it has in the past.

Others in the office began to comment on her attire as she
wore a dark green cashmere turtleneck and pleated dark
green wool skirt with green stockings and loafers today
and her hooded ¾ Red Fox looking like a rich college girl.
Much too casual for the old Grace. Her comment to their comments
... "Get use to it." She also began to smile more
at work.


She went home that evening actually a little later having
stayed to finish up a few things she let slide over the past
two weeks. Grant was sitting in the lobby waiting for her.
She was unapologetic and he didn't make anything of

They went up to her place and Grace began to undress before
Grant in a kind of striptease display. She used her furs
to good effect dragging them over him as she rubbed her body
against his along with the fur. Now that she knows he is very
much into her in fur she is using that to maximum effect.
She then started to take off his clothes. Grant is mesmerized
by her display and it takes him some time to get a grip. He
is half nude and Grace is running her furs over her totally
nude body and running them over him as well getting Grant
quite excited.

"N53X" This slows Grace's activities
very little. Grant picks her up in his arms and heads for
the bed. Grace is talking like a drunk "what? don't
you want me baby? Kiss my wet cunt my big stud."

He slips her into the bed and fully restrains her. This time
she is left exposed fully nude. Grant is sitting beside
her in the cage. She continues with the slutty drunken bar
maid talk. Grant begins to rub his hands all over her bare
skin. Grace's moans and quivering body betrays her
changing mood.

"Oh your hands are so fine on my skin ... oh yes between
my thighs please ... oh please ... yes yes ... kiss me"
... Grant leans over and kisses her with a lingering and
passionate kiss. Grace is writhing in the furs as they kiss.
Grant backs out of the cage.

"Please don't leave me ... please." Grant
finishes removing the rest of his clothes and Grace has
a mile wide smile.

"Oh god yes come here." Grant crawls back in
the cage with his cock like the Washington Monument again.
"Oh my god what a wonderfully large thingy you have
there. It's just like the gate handle. Oh let me have
it wherever you wish to put it ... oh come to mama."
Grant crawls up so his cock is leaning against her cheek.

"Please let me have it please." Grant lets her
take just the tip in her mouth like a baby bottle nipple.

"Take your time sweet. You are so good Grace."
Grace is in heaven. She is getting quite wet and Grant begins
squeezing her mound in his full hand then progresses with
fingers in her and fondling her sweet spot.

"I love your soft muff and you're truly graceful
body." Grace is in full motion now.

"Oh please fuck me hard please ram me with your wonderful
cock oh god please." Grant pulls up the furs around
her and fondles her whole body with the furs. Grace is going
out of her mind with desire for Grant. Grant is biting his
tongue to restrain himself for as long as he can.

"Oh Grant ... I love you ... please take me now."
Grant now knows the guise of hypnotism is no longer and he
swings over Grace ramming into her, cock hair to muff in
one swift motion. He has gone full depth into Grace to her
cervix. She lets out a mighty moan of joy and triumph. Grant
is in and out of her with full strokes and she is groaning
and grunting to his powerful ramming of her soaked vagina.
All of the previous days activities are flashing through
Grace's mind as she gets pummeled. A big smile spreads
over her face. It seems her entire body is smiling. She has
wrapped her arms and legs around Grant to pull him into her
as deep as she can.

She suddenly realizes she is no longer restrained. Both
are hit with a thunderbolt orgasm. They nearly tear each
other apart with their passions with the realization that
this is an experience neither has ever had before. Totally
giving love to each other. In their collapsed exhaustion
Grace thanks him for releasing the restraints. Grant shows
her the Velcro end of one of the ropes.

"You had the ability to easily break loose at any time
and the "lock" would release with a swift jerk
or push."

"You deceived me!!!"

"You wanted and was eager to be deceived. I said I would
do nothing you didn't want to truly do. Is there anything
I forced you to do? And, of course, you remember it all because
you were never hypnotized." Grace rolled over on
top of Grant and "took him". She rode him like
a merry-go-round pony, fur fondling him with fervor to
his orgasmic bliss. They slept "locked" in
the cage together. Grace was cuffed but not tied then used
them on Grant "subduing" him. Everything he
had done to her she now did to him to his delight. They made
love practically all night then slept in each others arms.

They were up and at work bright and early the next morning
despite little sleep. Grace dealt with work in a dispassionate
manner from then on. Involved in its success but not obsessed.
Those around her picked up on it right away. No more Grace
buttons to push and others became more diligent as well.
They met for lunch at the Diner.

Grace asked "Come to my place tonight please."

"OK, but the sessions are over."

"What sessions?" They never talked of that
again. It became an integral part of their sex life and memories
together. How Grace and Grant met.

Grant comes over to Grace's and knocks. No answer so
he lets himself in and calls for Grace.

"I'm in here." Grant goes into the Bed Room
and Grace is fully restrained and nude in her Lynx coat and
spread partially draped over her like a Playboy model.
Grant is undressed in a heart beat. He is on her like a bear
to honey. He ravages her with his mouth and then with his
cock. Grace drives him crazy sucking his boner and constantly
fur fondling him.

"Tomorrow night at my place and then we can decide
where we will live together, right?"

"OK but only if you redo my office soon. I can't
stand it much longer."

"You have been truly long suffering."

Grant had been working feverishly on a desk the day after
meeting Grace. He had it delivered the following morning
to her office. They removed her desk and moved it in. It is
a desk version of her bed. The carvings are not quite as blatantly
sexual but still erotic and very feminine. The breasts
and crotch of the two female corner posts are thinly draped
but otherwise fully nude. Their hair hanging over their
tits and crotches Art Nouveau style. Everything was at
her fingertips and it wrapped around her like a graceful
J shape in a comforting way. "How ergonomic"
are the comments of those who first see it. Grace was no sooner
sitting at it when she realized she was experiencing milder
feelings like with the bed and rocker. Since the rocker
was already there the place was shaping up.

She suddenly had a lot of "visitors". Women
and men in the office who just wanted to sit and talk and seemed
compelled to tell her everything about their lives. They
sat in the rocker of course and were soon telling her their
inner most secrets and asking her advice.

A client dropped by for a scheduled meeting on some detail
information she had been working on for him and he suddenly
increased the contract amount by 25%. He thanked her profusely
for her help. Normally rude and verbally abusive he never
thanked anyone for anything.

Grace goes over to Grant's place for the first time
that evening. It is even more incredible than his office.
Well, there is the Bachelor untidiness but clean none-the-less.
Grant not only likes her furs but his own as well. Grace is
overwhelmed with Grant's place and his furs. He has
a Sable and Chinchilla spread that he drove her crazy with
and has her planning tomorrow evenings events. It is no
contest, they move her things into Grant's place.

They brought her bed to his place since she can no longer
be without it. Even Grant admitted he out did himself on
her bed.

"Besides I have your cock here to satisfy me if you
are away too long." Grace snipes.

She had already taken her rocker to her office as the first

"What is it with your furniture. It is somehow alive?"

"You must swear to keep the secret ... It is. I can't
hypnotize a bed post but I can cast a spell on it."

"A what???"

"A spell. I can animate it to do things. Well, I do enhance
them mechanically like with the bed. Otherwise it can't
walk or chew gum but it can reflect my spell since it acts
as an amplifier or transmitter. A person can be deceived
into thinking the furniture is animated or to do things
at my bidding ... to a point. More like what they really want
but are reluctant to act on. I cast a spell of my caressing
you in the rocker, bed and the desk and I made suggestions
for you to follow. It is still in them. The more receptive
one is to the spell the better it works and the longer it lasts.
It is a special gift I possess. You were so receptive in your
anticipation you actually increased its effect with yourself
beyond what I expected. Do you want me to remove the spells?"

"Heavens no. It is like having you with me when you
are not. I love it and I have gotten use to you fondling me
constantly as normal. I knew when I met you that there was
something special about you and to think you fell in love
with me."

Grant fixed up the rest of Grace's office and it wasn't
long before all the others needed a redecorated office.
No wonder Grant has more work than he knows what to do with
and can charge whatever he pleases. How could you put a price
on a good spell?

To say they enjoy a full and happy life would be an understatement.

Grace kind of pushes Grant around but he loves it and besides,
her controlling thing is just between them now and he still
has his finger on her button so to speak.

She has him wearing furs now.

Their place is a bit tidier than when Grant lived alone and
furs everywhere.

There is no controlling their sex life in the furs which
is off the chart needing no further enhancement.

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