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The Lineman


Anna was on her way home from work one bright summer morning
when the sound of a siren caught her attention. “Shit!”
she thought, looking quickly at her speed. She often drove
too fast, she knew, but that wasn’t it. Next she looked in
the mirror, and saw a fire engine rapidly overtaking her.
She breathed a sigh of relief, and slowed and moved safely
to the side of the road to let it pass. There were two of them,
she noticed idly, and they looked to be taking the same turn
up ahead that she was about to take. She thought nothing
more about it, though, until she turned and saw the fire
engines still in the distance, moving faster than she was,
of course, but still there. She was a bit more concerned,
though, as she drove into the residential district, and
found she was still behind them. Her concern grew into panic,
however, as she neared her own street and turned down it.
There in front of her house were both engine companies,
an ambulance, and the electric utility’s line truck. As
she was left with nowhere closer, she parked at a neighbor’s
and half-walked, half-ran toward her own house. What the
bloody hell was wrong, anyway? A thousand thoughts went
through her mind as she came closer. One of her neighbors,
she noticed, was standing outside in a bathrobe and slippers.
Tears stained her face, but she also looked… what? As Anna
got closer, she heard one of the firecrew trying to calm
“It happens, miss, it really does, ” he was saying. “They’ll
have you folks put right in no time.”
She wasn’t having any of it, and she sounded near hysterics.
“I don’t care if it does!” she sobbed. “It was just so loud!
And everything went black, too!”
Anna was close enough now. Everything was still standing,
and no smoke was apparent anywhere. She spoke up. “I’m Anna
—” she said, “I live here.” She indicated her house, feeling
a little silly or something. The fireman turned to look
at her. A good looking guy, thought Anna in the back of her
mind. He also seemed to be relieved to be away from the neighbor.
“Yes, ma’am, ” he said. “Everything’s fine, you see, but
you’ll find that your power’s gone out.” Anna stared at
him blankly. He pointed to the top of the utility pole, where
a large grey cylinder hung. Anna had never really noticed
the thing before. “The transformer burned up, ma’am, ”
he went on. Anna looked a little closer, and saw that yes,
it did look a little charred. Her eyes followed the wires
down through the air to her house, and suddenly understood.
“They do that sometimes, ” the fireman said helpfully.
“But that’s why they’re up there.” He leaned in toward Anna
a little. “But they don’t really make that much noise, and
it’s broad daylight besides, ” he said confidentially,
so the neighbor couldn’t hear. Anna understood now completely.
“Hey Mick!” the man called out. “Mick’s the utility electrician, ”
he explained as they waited. Shortly another man joined
Mick was about medium in height, slight in build, and moved
with the grace of a cat. His eyes, Anna noticed, were about
the most remarkable thing she’d ever seen. They were perfectly
clear, greenish-grey, but they seemed to plumb the very
depths of her soul. They seemed to sparkle with energy as
he spoke, a deep baritone.
“Hi, Anna, I’m Mick, ” he said, extending his hand.
Anna was shocked. “But… how…” she began, automatically
extending her hand, “How do you know my name?” She took it,
and found his grasp warm and friendly, reassuring.
“Huh? Oh! Hell, I just heard you introduce yourself to Rudy,
here, just now! That’s all!” he smiled. A beautiful smile,
Anna noticed. She smiled in return.
“Oh…” she released his hand, still smiling. Those eyes,
she thought…
Mick seemed oblivious to his effect on her. “Jack and I will
be changing that pot directly, ” he said. “Maybe two, three
hours or so, we’ll have you back on.” His eyes held her for
perhaps a moment longer than they needed to. “Right, then, ”
he said, sounding… what? a little distracted, Anna thought.
He turned and walked back to his truck.
Nice bum, thought Anna. She watched him, staring at him
almost, as he went back to his work. She resolved to watch
this bloke at work.
* * *
“Any luck yet with the bucket truck?” I asked.
“None, ” answered Jack. “Still up north. It’ll be the heave-ho,
heave the bitch up for us, I’m afraid.”
“Fuck me.” I looked at the pot in sitting upright in the bed
of the truck. It seemed to be mocking me. 600 fucking pounds.
A small one, too, for all that. Well, at least it was a decent
day. Hauling this thing up in the heat and humidity of the
southeast in August would absolutely suck. I was reflecting
on this some more as I opened the toolbox to get my gloves
and climbing gear.
“Who’s the woman you were talking to?” Jack’s words interrupted
my thoughts.
Nice, whoever she is, I thought. I found myself obscurely
wishing that Jack would leave me alone. “The owner, I gather.
It’s her and one of her neighbors over there we dropped.”
The neighbor seemed a little weird, but maybe she was just
upset, but Anna… wow. At the very least, I found myself wanting
to get to know her a whole lot better. She was confident,
“Nice, ” was all Jack said. I merely nodded. Jack already
had the hotstick out, and was walking toward the pole. The
first thing to do was open the cutouts. I followed him, unable
to get my mind off of Anna.
The next few minutes went quickly as we pulled open the cutouts
on the high-voltage primary. Jack put the stick back on
the truck, and we got ready to climb and disconnect the ruined
“This always scares the shit out of me, ” I said as I bent
down to fasten my climbing gaffs. There were no spikes on
the poles in this district, so it was the old way for us.
“It does me, too, ” said Jack, “But it keeps us safe that
“It does that, ” I acknowledged as I reached for the wide
leather belt that was to hold me so I could lean back and work.
I glanced back toward the house. Anna was still there, talking
with the fire crew. There was something about her that just
made me want to… shit. If I don’t get my mind back on this,
I thought, I’m headed for the big one. I picked up my glove
bag and the line hose, and headed for the pole. Once there,
I made sure I was facing toward the house so I could keep watching
Anna. I took a deep breath and tossed the belt around the
pole and fastened it.
* * *
Anna had been watching Mick as she talked to the fireman.
They had mostly been making small talk as the rest of the
crew packed up. There hadn’t been much for them to do, he
said, since these things were designed to fail safe like
that. All the same, though, he said it was better to overreact
and have the crews on the scene than have to wait for them
if something went wrong.
Anna agreed with that, and found herself feeling secretly
pleased that she had come home when she had. Rudy was pretty
cute. Polite, too. And then, of course, there was this Mick
character. She’d been discreetly watching him as he worked,
and now she watched in fascination as he shot up the pole.
“How the hell do they do that?” she asked, not really expecting
an answer.
“They wear these spike-like things on the bottom of their
boots, ” Rudy explained. “A lot of practice, too.”
Anna nodded absently. Yes, it was apparent Mick had done
this a few times. He was at the top of the pole in no time, slightly
above the transformer. He attached something to the pole,
then dropped a coil of rope down. In the next ten minutes
a large canvas bucket made the trip up and down several times.
Then Jack shouted up at Mick.
“You ready for me up there, mate?”
“Yeah, I am, ” came the response.
“Right, then.”
Without further ado, Jack was on his way up the pole just
as nimbly as Mick. Anna wondered if you had to be part feline
for that job. Now both men were nearly at the top of the pole,
leaning back against their belts. Anna thought it made
a most remarkable picture, the two men way up there on the
pole in the morning sunlight. Mick had taken off his jacket,
and was wearing just a light-grey t-shirt. She watched
his muscles flex as he worked, turning a wrench of some sort
against a recalcitrant bolt. A bit of cursing floated down
from the pole, and she felt herself getting wet. She cleared
her throat a little.
“Say, Rudy, you’ll have to excuse me. I need to go in for a
“Okay, ma’am. Just remember, there’s no power yet!”
A lack of power was the last thing on Anna’s mind as she turned
toward her house. She smiled at Rudy.
“We’ll be gone very soon, ma’am, and it’ll just be Mick and
Jack, ” Rudy called after her as she stepped through the
“Okay, then, ” Anna waved good-bye and closed the door.
Just Mick and Jack, she thought. How about just Mick? She
stepped to a window in the dining room and parted the curtain
slightly to look up at him. Still there, of course, and totally
absorbed in his work. I guess you’d have to be though, with
something like that, thought Anna as she stepped back from
the window. She stood there like that for a moment, thinking.
But there had to be a way, she thought… slowly an idea began
forming in the back of her mind, and she headed up the stairs
to her bedroom.
* * *
“Ready to go hot now?” I asked Jack. The primary, running
at over 13, 000 volts, buzzed quietly less than three feet
from our heads.
“As ready as I ever am, mate, ” he answered. He reached into
the bag for the line hose.
I leaned back against the belt and felt behind me for my glove
bag. “Always wear your gloves, ” read the ever-present
warning on the canvas bag. As if I would forget, I thought
as I pulled them on. They fit a little snugly over the backs
of my hands, and they had a comfortable, familiar feel to
them as I flexed my fingers. The leather outer gloves were
next. These were just as important as the rubber: the rubber
gloves protected from electric shock, but the leather
gloves kept the rubber from snagging on the frequently
sharp hardware on the line. A hole in the rubber could be
fatal. I took a deep breath, and climbed up another three
feet. My head was level with the primary, which was making
still making its deadly presence known with its ever present
hiss. Like a snake, I thought oddly. Well, leave it alone,
and it’ll leave you alone, I thought in the back of my mind.
I looked down at Jack to get the line hose, but was distracted
by movement in the 2nd floor window of Anna’s house. It looked
like the blinds had been lifted a crack for someone to peek
out. I stopped cold for a moment, wondering what she might
be doing in there.
* * *
Anna walked into her bedroom, her mind still filled with
the image of that man climbing up the pole. “I wonder if you’re
as good with a certain other pole, ” she said quietly to
herself as she went to the window. She lifted a slat of the
Venetian blind to look out. Yeah, he was still there. “Oh
fuck…” thought Anna as she watched him. He was pulling on
a pair of black rubber gloves that reached nearly to his
elbows. She was unable to tear her eyes away. Unconsciously
she reached a hand down between her legs as she continued
to watch. He reached into the bag that hung on his belt behind
him and pulled out another pair of gloves. Leather, from
the look of it. “Fuck…” breathed Anna: her two favourite
materials: rubber and leather. “Where the fuck are those
binoculars?” she wondered as she turned from the window,
surveying the clutter in her bedroom. Several toys were
still in evidence from her play the previous night, including
her favourite vibrator. Nothing else mattered now, though;
she had to have the binoculars so she could get a better look
at that man up on the pole outside. She felt herself getting
wet as she searched. “Ha!” she exclaimed triumphantly
as she found them in the bottom drawer of the dresser. She
went quickly to the window and raised the binoculars to
her eyes. “Fuck!” she spat, and reached for the cord to raise
the blinds. “I can’t see a fucking thing!” The blinds went
up, and she moved back a little, focusing the instrument.
“Ah…!” she said, still backing up. She sat on the bed.
* * *
“Hey!” Jack called out, “Are you paying attention up there?”
“Yeah, I am then, ” I answered, somewhat testily. To something
else too, I thought. Anna’s blinds had just gone up, and
now that the sun had moved up a little, I had a perfect view
straight into her bedroom. She was sitting on the bed, a
pair of binoculars to her eyes. One hand seemed to be inside
the waistband of her trousers, and I could just imagine
what she was up to. I took a deep breath and turned back to
the crossarm of the pole. I took the first hose from Jack
and placed it carefully over the bare conductor and the
insulator. No glove in the world could stop the tingly feeling
I got as my hands came into contact with the conductor. I’d
done this often, but I had never grown used to it.
Soon the rubber insulators were in place over all three
phases, and we had the lifting tackle affixed to the pole.
I had managed to keep my mind off further developments in
the house until Jack nudged me. “Hey, Mick, ” he whispered.
Odd, I thought. Why should he be whispering up here? Who
cares who hears us? He caught my arm to get my attention,
then discreetly pointed to the bedroom window. “Looks
like your friend’s giving us a bit of show down there!” He
was grinning lecherously, and as I looked, I could see why.
There lay Anna on her bed, the binoculars apparently abandoned
beside her, and most of her clothing as well. Both hands
were vigourously working against her pussy, and it looked
like she had something else there as well. She was clearly
not aware of us, or if she had been, she certainly wasn’t
any more. She had thrown her head back, and was gyrating
her hips madly against her fingers and whatever else it
was she had there. She looked like she was right on the edge,
and sure enough, as we watched, she arched her back way up
and remained nearly rigid for a moment or so.
“Oy, mate, ” Jack said, still whispering, “What I wouldn’t
give to be in there now.”
I found myself quite speechless. “Yeah…” I finally managed
to say. “Yeah… so would I.” Anna seemed to have calmed down
now, and was lazily stroking inner thighs and tummy. I wondered
if she could see us, the way the sun was now.
* * *
“Oh yeah, boys, ” Anna whispered to herself. “I hope you
enjoyed that little show.” It was quite obvious that both
men were able to see her, and she reached lazily for the binoculars
again. She chuckled softly as she brought them into focus
on Mick. Yes, he had definitely seen that little exhibition.
She gazed at him for a moment, enjoying the look of distraction
on his face. She had no idea, actually, when they had first
noticed her, but the last she had seen of Mick before she
had lost herself in the throes of passion was his gloved
hands putting some sort of bright orange cover over the
wires. She lay there a moment longer, thinking of what she
might do next. One thing she was sure of, she knew, was that
she had to see more of this Mick guy. Much more, in fact. As
she watched him get back to work, an idea began to form.
Slowly she stood up and went to the window, keeping to the
shadows for the most part. She felt incredibly sexy, and
horny as well, as she walked, and wondered whether she should
just leave the blind up for this. No, she thought. That won’t
do. They have to finish their work up there, and I’d really
like my power back on. She reached for the cord, and as the
blind came down, a smile came to her face. This is going to
be good, she thought as she went to her dresser.
* * *
Out of the corner of my eye I saw the blind coming down. An
odd feeling of disappointment came over me. But I had this
other odd feeling that we had not seen the last of Anna.
We were about ready to lower the old transformer now, and
I got ready to climb down. Jack would stay on top, to help
with the hoist, leaving me to make two more trips up and down
the pole. I was already looking forward to a hot soak in the
tub as I began the climb down. If you didn’t do this all the
time, which I didn’t I reflected as I went, you could get
a little sore at the end of the day. All the same, though,
it was kind of fun. Especially, I thought suddenly, when
there’s such a nice treat as that for us. I looked up at her
window as I stepped onto solid ground. The blind was still
down, and the house seemed completely silent now. No one
was around, in fact, except Jack and me. The hysterical
neighbor had gone in, and the emergency crews had gone as
well. Well, nice to have some peace and quiet and enjoy a
nice day I thought as I looked back up the pole.
“Let’r down now, ” I called up to Jack. Very soon it was on
its way down, landing with a soft thump in the grass at the
bottom. It took a while to get the truck moved in against
the pole so the new pot could go straight up, and then I had
a bunch of trouble fastening the hoist to it.
“Got company, looks like, ” Jack’s voice floated down.
“What now?” Stupid piece of shit, I swore at the hardware
as I looked up. Yeah, we had. Anna had come out again, and
as I looked at her, that other odd feeling I’d had was confirmed.
We had indeed not seen the last of her, and I had a strong feeling
that more was to come as well. She stood there on the steps
looking at me, dressed in a snug black sweater, short leather
skirt, and a pair of black leather boots that came up to her
knees. My cock immediately began stirring to life.
“Um…” Damn, I thought. I again found myself strangely at
a loss for words. “Hi again, ” I managed to say lamely.
Anna seemed to think that was a little funny. “Hi yourself,
Mick!” She walked towards me, her hips swaying suggestively.
“You guys about done, then?”
I looked at the transformer in the back of the truck and the
two shackles that were refusing to cooperate. A smart remark
suggested itself, but I held my tongue. “Well, maybe better
than half, I’d think, ” I said as I hopped back into the truck
bed. Now the shackles decided to play ball, and very soon
it was ready to go up.
Anna watched all this without saying a word, and then started
back to the house. Halfway there, though, she stopped and
turned around. “Mind if I watch you finish?” she asked.
Hell no, I didn’t! I managed to catch the words before they
were out, though, and instead said simply, “No, not at all.”
I thought for a moment and added, “We might charge extra,
though.” I grinned at her.
“Hmm…” she looked back at me thoughtfully. “I think that’ll
be okay. Could I pay you straightaway, then?” She smiled,
quite a pretty one, I thought.
“Uh… well, sure!” I said, wondering a little what she meant.
She said nothing more, though, and went back to the house
and sat down primly on the front steps. I looked at her for
a moment more, still watching me, then turned back to the
pole. Trying to put this out of my mind, I took hold of the
hoist rope and called up to Jack. “Ready when you are, then!”
Even with two men and the mechanical advantage of the hoist,
it was still a chore to get that pig up. As we heaved and pulled
I thought about the sailor songs of old, that they’d sing
for jobs very similar to this one. Too bad I don’t know any
of those, I thought.
* * *
Anna’s thoughts, however, were not running in the way of
old sea songs. Only one thing filled her mind, and that was
the man just a few yards away, stretching and pulling to
get that transformer up. She watched every move he made:
Stretching up to grab the rope, then his powerful chest
and shoulders flexing as he heaved against it, raising
the pot another foot. She found herself getting incredibly
wet as she watched him work, and hardly able to wait for him
to finish. If this keeps up, she thought to herself as she
uncrossed her legs and shifted slightly, I’ll have to go
upstairs. Again. She watched Mick a bit longer, then stood
up. She was so wet, she noticed, that she was beginning to
feel it at the tops of her thighs. Fuck, she thought, as she
watched Mick give the rope one last mighty heave.
“That’ it!” Jack called down from the top of the pole. He
said some other things as Anna looked up in extreme irritation,
but she was too annoyed to pay much attention. She had been
so involved watching Mick she’d forgotten about Jack.
She’d thought earlier of maybe having the both of them come
inside, but the last ten minutes had decided her. It was
going to have to be Mick, she knew. The guy moved with the
grace and calm power of a big cat.
“Ha!” she suddenly squeaked, quite to herself, and felt
her pussy twitch involuntarily. The image of a big leopard
indolently grooming himself with his long tongue came
to her mind. All of a sudden she could nearly feel Mick’s
tongue assaulting her dripping wet labia. She had to stand
still for a minute and grab hold of the porch railing, so
strong and vivid was the impression. She realized she was
going to have to go inside before she did something she might
later regret. As horny and as naughty as she could be, and
as she certainly was now, she did have her limits, she realized,
laughing quietly as she stepped through the front door.
“And masturbating at high noon in the middle of the week
on my front door step is quite beyond it!” she said aloud
as she softly shut the door behind her. “Didn’t stop you
doing it for those two guys up on the pole, did it?” she asked
herself as she went to the kitchen. She reflected on this
as she turned on the light, looking around for something
she might use to induce Mick to come inside. “What the fuck…?”
she thought aloud as she flipped the switch one or two more
time. Nothing happened. Oh yeah, she thought, smiling,
remembering the reason. That meant tea was right out, then,
with no way to heat the kettle. Well, something will turn
up, I’m sure, she thought as she went to the window.
She stepped to the window again and gently pulled the curtain
aside. Mick was half way up the pole now, moving with the
easy rhythmic grace of a man well used to his task. “Oh fuck, ”
she breathed softly as she stepped away from the window.
Her whole body was on fire now, as she imagined that man between
her legs, moving in and out of her with the same gentle rhythm.
As if in a dream she moved back against a chair, her hands
moving of their own accord to the hem of her skirt. “Fuck
me...” came the soft words again as she slowly sat down.
Some minutes later Anna was toying with the idea of pushing
the very damp crotch of her knickers aside for a quick one
off the wrist when the refrigerator came to life and the
stereo started playing in the other room. Anna sat there,
confused, for a moment, until she realized what had happened.
Of course! The power was back on, and they were done out there.
She felt her heart beating stronger. And that meant… Quickly
she stood up and looked out the window. Mick was putting
some tools back in their truck, and Jack was half-way down
the pole. Anna knew she’d have to work quickly then. First
was the heat under the kettle, then she looked out the window
once more. Fuck! She breathed. There was Mick, coming confidently
up the walk toward the house. Anna suddenly felt flustered,
and not quite sure of what she was about to do. One more look
at Mick, though, convinced her otherwise, and with any
luck at all… She smoothed her skirt and her hair and walked
confidently to the door and opened it.
“Oh, hi!” he said as the door swung wide. His hand, still
poised to knock on the door, hung oddly in the air. He had
clearly been surprised by this little turn of events. Anna
thought it was quite cute, actually.
“Come to tell me the power’s back on, then?” she asked, a
small mysterious smile on her lips.
“Um… yeah, ” he said. “It is…” he seemed on the verge of saying
something else, too. “But you’ve probably noticed by now.”
“I had, yes, ” she answered. “I just put kettle on.” She
looked at him for a moment, willing him to go on.
“Oh, ” he said simply. “Say, um, I know it’s out of the ordinary
and all, but could I use your loo?”
Aha! thought Anna. “Oh! Well, sure!” she said, trying very
hard to stay calm, to not sound too eager to have this guy
into her house. Still, she couldn’t help herself smiling
at the thought of what was surely to come. She looked at him,
still standing on the porch. “Come on in, then!”
“Thanks, you know, ” he said as he came in.
“Oh, you’re very welcome, ” said Anna, leading the way
into the house. Her mind was racing, trying to decide the
best course of action. The first thing to do, though, was
to get him to feel a little more welcome. “Say, you’ll have
to use the one upstairs, ” she began. “I’ve a plumber coming
later in the week for the taps down here.”
Mick looked at her oddly. Well, okay, then, he seemed to
be thinking. He said nothing, though.
“Up the stairs, here, at the end of the corridor, ” she said.
“You’ll pass my bedroom, too, ” she called to him as he went.
“Don’t look in there, though! It’s a bit of a mess!” That
will ensure he looks, and maybe get some ideas, too, she
thought, remembering what she’d left on the bed. With that
thought in mind, she went back to the kitchen to check the
* * *
I really did have to go, and asking a customer for such a thing
was quite unheard of, but … there were always exceptions
to the rule, weren’t there? To the loo I went, and indeed,
passed her bedroom on the way. Sure enough, she had a fairly
good view of the pole from her bed. It was quite obvious what
she’d been at, too. There on the bed lay a pair of binoculars
and something that looked very like a vibrator. It looked
rather like an overgrown thumb and forefinger, I thought,
grinning to myself. I had a pretty good idea what was about
to happen as I went into the bathroom and shut the door.
But what to do about Jack? I wondered as I came back out and
headed downstairs. I had a feeling he’d understand and
discreetly leave me to my own devices, but I had to be sure.
And how the hell to explain this to Anna, and then try to get
back in here? Fortunately, she met me at the bottom of the
stairs with just such a solution in mind.
“All better, now?” she asked, smirking slightly. She handed
me a large mug of tea, still steaming. “Can I interest you
in staying for a moment, then?”
Pretty forward, she was, but hell… I wasn’t going to complain.
The tea smelled wonderful, anyway, and I was grateful for
a chance to rest my aching legs. “Sure, ” I said. “But I need
to see how Jack’s getting on.”
“Oh. All right, then, ” she said, sounding a little disappointed.
“I’ll be right back, though!” With that I was out the door
and down the walk. Jack looked up as I got there.
“What’s up, then?” he asked. I had a strong feeling he knew
very well what was up, but he was content to leave me alone.
“Um…” I started, not sure where to begin, “She offered me
some tea, and wanted to know something about another problem
she’s had, ” I explained. Well, half of it was true, anyway.
Hell, the other part could be as well. To be hot and bothered
and frustrated could certainly be a problem. “I think I’ll
grab my tools, though, just in case.” I got what I wanted,
and turned back to Jack. He stood watching me with some amusement.
“She does look like a pretty nice girl, mate, ” he said.
“Well, good luck!” Everything else was done, and he was
climbing into the truck. “Shall I come back for you then,
or what?”
“What, I think. Don’t worry about it. I’m pretty close to
here, anyway, you know.”
“Okay, then. Gonna take that day the company owed you? And
see you in the morning?”
“Yes, I think so. See you!” With that he roared off, the burnt
transformer jostling noisily in the back. I watched him
turn the corner, and picked up my tools and headed back to
the house. Once again Anna seemed to be waiting just inside
the door, and opened it for me.
“I thought you said you were done, ” she said as I sat the
bag down.
“I am, then. But I couldn’t just go off like that without
some pretense, at least, of making a service call.” I looked
at her, wondering if she’d take it like I thought she would.
“A service call?” she echoed. “Who— ” she blushed deeply
as she realized what she’d said. “I mean, what are you going
to service?” She stared at me for a moment, trying to recover
her composure. Yes, she certainly had taken it as I thought
she might! All the same, I tried very hard to ignore it, and
looked around for the tea. I found it and picked up the mug,
which was still hot. I gazed at Anna for a moment, considering.
Yes, she certainly was pretty nice, I thought, getting
my first really good look at her.
“Well, that depends, ” I began. “You know, sometimes equipment
on the customer’s side can overheat, too, when the transformer
Anna just smiled widely and licked her lips. The red colour
returned, but it didn’t look like embarrassment this time.
“I’ll bet it can, ” she said. She glanced down at my tools,
and the glove bag on top. “Hmm… ‘Always wear your gloves, ’”
she said, sounding thoughtful. “For things that are overheated,
I’d imagine.”
“Heh— um, yeah. Something like that, anyway!” I had a sip
of tea then set the mug down and moved a step closer to her.
“So, have you something in mind, then?” I asked in a much
lower voice, hoping very much I wasn’t reading her wrong.
“Oh yes I do, ” she said quickly, taking the last step and
closing up the space between us. She placed her arms on my
shoulders and looked me straight in the eye. “Shall I show
you, then?” I nodded, mesmerized. She backed up and reached
down for the glove bag. “Better get these on first, I think, ”
she said. Quickly she had the rubber gloves out and was holding
them to her face.
“Fuck…” she breathed. “I absolutely love rubber.” She
made quick work of getting them on my hands. For my part,
I was quickly getting into this idea, and my cock was rising
rapidly to uncomfortable proportions in my jeans.
“So, ” I said, standing before her with the rubber gloves
on my hands, “Where’s this hotwork to be done, then?”
“Right here, ” she whispered, raising her short leather
skirt. Her knickers, a black satin thong, were absolutely
soaked. She turned around and bent over the back of a leather-bound
chair, spreading her legs as she did so. “Better see what
that’s about, I think, ” she said, her voice nearly cracking
with lust.
“Oh yes, ” I whispered back, barely able to contain my own
excitement. I unfastened my jeans and adjusted my aching
member, then knelt on the floor right behind her. I decided
to keep the gloves on, since they seemed to be having such
a tremendous effect on her. I quickly lowered her knickers
and eased them over her boots, then slid a gloved finger
through her dripping slit. Yes, hot she certainly was.
I twisted my finger all around, thoroughly coating it,
then eased it into her snatch. She was as tight as she was
hot, and I could feel the tremendous heat through the glove.
Quite a bit different from the hotwork I’d been doing earlier,
I reflected. I took my finger out and began working at her
with my tongue, lashing against her smooth labia and back
down, sometimes pecking at her little puckered arsehole.
By now Anna was going crazy, and was working one hand furiously
against her clit and holding herself up with the other.
“Fuck me, please, ” she gasped between breaths. She seemed
awfully close to the edge, but I wanted this to last just
a little longer. I placed one gloved hand on her abdomen,
and began working my middle finger of the other in and out
of her tight cunt. I got up to my feet and released her, long
enough to lower my jeans. She knew what was coming as she
moaned again. “Oh yeah… fuck me… Oh please, fuck me.”
“That’s just what I have in mind, ” I said as I brought my
own hotstick up against her pussy. She nearly jumped at
the touch, as though she’d been shocked. “Easy now, ” I
said as I pressed forward. Her hot wetness enveloped my
raging cock like another glove as I continued to ease it
in. A sudden shudder of pleasure shook my body as I settled
into her, balls-deep in her cunt. “Oh fuck, you’re tight, ”
I managed to say.
“Oh yeah, ” she breathed. “Filled right up… oh that’s nice…”
She began moving back and forth a little, beginning to fuck
herself on me. Very soon we had increased the pace and the
length, one deep stroke coming on the heels of the last.
It wasn’t going to take much of this before I blew an enormous
wad deep in her cunt, especially since she was already very
close to the edge herself. I wrapped one arm around her hips,
pulling myself deeper into her, and the other I snaked up
under her sweater, to play with her breasts. I took one stiff
nipple between my gloved fingers and squeezed tightly,
and that was all she needed. Her pussy contracted even stronger
against my cock, and her whole body went rigid. That was
all the encouragement I needed as well, and suddenly my
balls erupted, ejecting an immense load right into the
core of her being. “Oh fuck, ” I grunted heavily as I felt
it go. It felt like my balls were turning inside out as they
emptied into her pussy, still contracting madly against
We stayed motionless like that for a moment or two, until
my dwindling cock slipped from its warm sheath, adding
to the wetness oozing down her legs. Slowly we stood up straight,
Anna turning around to face me. “So how’s that for payment
then?” she asked.
“More than adequate, I should say, ” I said smiling. “But
I think you over-paid a bit. I probably owe you some change.”
I suddenly realized just how tired my legs were as stood
there. Too many trips up and down that pole.
“Something wrong?” asked Anna, noticing my sudden discomfort.
“Just tired and sore is all, ” I said. “I guess I don’t do
that often enough.”
“What? Fuck a customer?” Anna asked, grinning widely.
“No! I mean… well, now that you mention it…” More of that
would certainly be in order, I thought. “Actually, I meant
climbing. My legs and back are killing me.”
“Hmm… how about a little relaxing, then? Maybe a nice rub?”
She reached for my hands and slipped the gloves off. “Better
keep track of these, though. Can’t tell when you might have
more of that … what did you call it?”
“Yeah… hotwork… to be done. For that matter, I might have
some, too.” She handed me the gloves and smoothed down her
skirt. “Shall we go somewhere more comfortable, then?”
I could sure get to like this woman, I thought. “Sure! Lead
the way, then.” I picked up the glove bag, with the leathers
still in it, on the way. Who knows? I thought. Leather skirt
and boots, she’ll probably enjoy the leather gloves, too.
One thing was certain, I was sure loving the look of her in
front of me going up the stairs, her leather-clad hips swinging
sexily, and those glorious boots, wrapped snugly about
her legs.
We stopped at her bedroom door, and she turned around to
face me, blocking the doorway. “I want to um… change, if
that’s all right, ” she said. My face must have registered
the disappointment I felt, because she went on: “You just
wait, okay?” She smiled mysteriously again as she backed
into the room and gently shut the door.
Well, now what? I wondered, leaning against the wall. I
am definitely going to be paying for this tomorrow, I realized
suddenly. My legs were aching already, which was a very
bad sign. Fuck, I thought. I must be getting old or something.
I have definitely got to do this more. I bent down to try to
work some more blood into my calves when Anna called out
from the bedroom.
“Mick, ” came her soft voice through the door. “You can
come in now.”
I had no idea what to expect as I opened the door and walked
into the room. It certainly wasn’t this, though, and I found
myself a little unwilling to go any farther. There stood
Anna in the middle of the room, still dressed pretty much
as she had been, but without her sweater now, standing with
her booted feet about a shoulder’s width apart. The biggest
change was the hood she now wore. It was sort of like a ski
mask, but was made entirely of leather, and fit her head
very closely. There were cutouts for her eyes and mouth,
and a triangle over her nose. She looked quite sinister,
I thought, and the gloves she now wore did nothing to change
that impression. They were black latex, fitting snugly
over her hands, and coming to the middle of her upper arms.
This was going to be anything but an ordinary lay, I thought.
“On the bed, please, ” Anna directed, pointing.
I dimly realized the sheets and blankets had been pulled
off, leaving it bare. I moved slowly to the bed, never taking
my eyes from her. I tossed the glove bag onto the bed, not
giving it a second thought.
“Jeans and boots off, too, if you would, ” she added.
I quickly complied, then sat on the bed, still watching
her quite carefully. This new twist had me a little worried,
but also highly aroused. She seemed to sense some of my trepidation,
though, as she came closer.
“Just relax, if you can, ” she began. “I’m not going to do
anything you don’t want.” I gazed at her, willing myself
to find belief in those words coming from beneath that sinister
leather hood. “Come on, then, ” she urged. “Lie down on
your front. Stretch out for me.”
Figuring I hadn’t anything to lose, I scooted up to the middle
of the bed and rolled over, stretching out as requested.
Before I knew it she had my boxers off, too, and there I was,
naked from the waist down. I felt the bed give a little under
her as she sat down beside me. The touch of her rubber-clad
hand startled me a little, but I suddenly realized what
she was doing. She started at my calves, firmly squeezing
and rubbing. A small groan escaped my lips.
“Like that, do you?” she asked. If a voice could smile, then
hers was, I thought happily as I nodded and closed my eyes.
She kept it up, determined to work the tension right out
of me. Her fingers and hands, clad in the smooth, warm latex,
squeezed and massaged my legs, working slowly upward as
the soreness melted away. Very soon I began to notice a familiar
stirring, and as her hands reached the top of my thighs,
“Nice bum, ” she said quietly. “That’s probably pretty
sore, too, isn’t it?” I murmured an agreement, totally
submerged in the soft hands urging me to relax. Soon her
hands were all over my rear, but now they were caressing
and exploring as much as they were massaging. Gently she
urged my legs apart, and began working down between them.
I was definitely aroused now, and was nearly at full attention,
when she placed a hand under my hip. “Time to roll over, now, ”
she said. As I did, with a little bit of help from her, my swollen
member sprang free. She was struck silent for a moment,
as she sat motionless and watched it throb with each beat
of my pulse. Finally, she found her voice.
“I think the massage might get foreshortened, you know, ”
she said, reaching for it with both gloved hands. “I seem
to have found something else in need of a massage, too, you
I moaned softly. The feeling of her latex-clad hands on
my turgid cock was incredible. A great deal of the tension
had already been released in our earlier session downstairs,
but I found myself feeling hornier with each passing moment.
Soon, I knew, I was going to need, very badly indeed, to fuck
her, very hard. She seemed to sense some of this as well,
and went back to massaging my hips and legs, but never once
taking her eyes from my pulsing cock. After a bit she gave
up and began moving back up my legs.
“Feel any better now?” she asked in a sultry voice.
“Oh yes, ” I answered. My legs did actually feel better,
too; they didn’t ache quite so badly. “My legs do, too!”
I added as an afterthought.
She giggled softly as she began kissing her way up my legs.
“Then let me see about something else now, ” she said and
covered my aching cock with her warm, wet mouth. The sight
of her hooded head, moving up and down on my cock, was about
enough to bring me off, but she had other ideas. Releasing
my cock, she continued up my abdomen, until her tits, still
held in her black satin bra, were pressing against my hips.
My cock seemed to nestle right in between them, and I unconsciously
began moving my hips, working my stiff member back and forth
through her cleavage. “Oh fuck, ” she breathed, leaning
in closer to me. “That’s fucking tremendous… Oh, I love
a good tit fuck.”
I was quite happy to oblige her, of course, but there was
more I wanted to explore, too. I gave her soft breasts another
few strokes, then took hold of her shoulders. “Want to turn
around now?” I asked as she looked up at me. Her eyes behind
the hood went wide as she realized what was coming. She quickly
nodded, and just as quickly, turned around so she was on
top of me, her thighs at my shoulders, and her head at my cock.
%%% Carefully I pushed her leather skirt up over her hips
and urged her legs apart until she was straddling my face.
She helped out a little bit by drawing her legs up so her boots
were next to my head. My tongue immediately found its mark,
and very soon I was again running it around her dripping
snatch. Damn, but she was wet, I thought as I plunged my tongue
into her cunt. I could taste my own offering from earlier
in her as well. Another idea was forming in my mind as I felt
my cock disappear into the depths of her warm, wet mouth.
I moved my arms about, searching for the glove bag, and trying
at the same time to not let on what I was doing. I quickly found
it, though, and Anna seemed none the wiser; she continued
to suck on my cock as if nothing else in the world mattered.
I managed to get them on, both the rubber and the leather,
and then began caressing her bum like that. She knew instantly
what had just happened, and it seemed to spur her on to new
levels of excitement. Just you wait, I thought as I slipped
one of the leathers off and slid my rubber-clad middle finger
deep into her tight cunt. I twisted it around a good deal,
making sure it was thoroughly coated with her juices. I
kept up my tongue action on her cunt as I began circling her
arsehole with my wetted finger. Now’s the time, I thought,
and plunged it into her.
Anna went absolutely fucking nuts as my finger slid into
her bum. Her whole body went rigid, and I could feel her moaning
obscenely around my cock as she went over the edge. I was
determined to give her the best orgasm I could, so I kept
up my relentless assault on her cunt with my tongue, on her
clit with the leather-covered hand, and on her bum with
the other. She seemed to stay like that for many moments,
until finally she collapsed on top of me, seemingly quite
exhausted. She wasn’t going to get off that easily, though.
I was fantastically horny, and I desperately needed to
fuck her hard. Gently, though, I rolled us over, and moved
around until we were lying side by side, face to face. I kissed
her lips, then her cheeks through the leather of her hood.
“I hope you’re ready for more, ” I said as my lips met hers
“Oh yes, ” she answered between kisses. “Just have to get
my breath.” Another kiss. “Fuck… that was the strongest
orgasm I’ve had in a long time, ” she said.
“Up for another, then?” I asked. I got up and moved off the
bed. Anna watched silently as I took off the gloves, then
my shirt.
“Oh yes, ” she breathed as my shirt landed on the floor.
Standing naked at the end of the bed, I eyed her lustily as
I contemplated my next move. As much as I liked the clothes
she was in now, the leather and rubber and satin, I wanted
her totally naked, and to hold her close while we fucked,
bare skin to bare skin. “How ‘bout turning around, then,
so I can undress you properly, ” I suggested. She seemed
quite content to help, and scooted around accommodate
me. Her legs, still clad in those gorgeous boots, hung over
the edge of the bed.
I started by caressing her leg through the boot, running
my hand up to her knee, sometimes up a little farther. Next
I grabbed the zipper tab and slowly pulled it down. As the
leather parted I worked my free hand inside, around her
shapely calf, and bent forward and gently kissed her leg.
I reached her ankle, still caressing and kissing, stroking
her leg through her stocking. Finally the boot came off,
but I kept working on her foot, kissing, massaging it. I
worked up her leg similarly, kissing, touching, caressing
as I went, until I got to her garter belt. Her arousal was
obvious, both in the wetness that was evident and the heady
aroma, but I tried to ignore that as I carefully unclipped
them and rolled the stocking down her leg, still kissing
as I went. I reached her foot and the stocking came off, tossed
onto the floor.
The other boot and stocking followed similarly, as well
as her skirt. Now I lay down beside her, and took her hands,
still clad in the black latex gloves. I traced paths up each
arms and then rolled them down, peeling them from her hands.
All that remained were her hood and bra. I wrapped my arms
around her, and in one deft movement, unfastened her bra
and eased it from her heaving chest. Her breathing was ragged
be now, and I knew that our impending intercourse was going
to be short, but extremely intense. My cock ached almost
painfully at the thought.
“Leave the hood on, won’t you?” she asked her bra joined
the rest of our clothes on the floor. That was all she still
“Sure, ” I answered. We both knew what was coming next,
though, as I took hold of her shoulders and rolled over on
top of her. Instinctively she parted her legs to accommodate
me, and raised her knees, wrapping her legs around my bum.
My cock was poised for immediate and direct entrance to
her love tunnel now, but first, I bent down and kissed her
deeply. As our tongues sparred I pressed forward, my cock
entering the hot confinement of her womanhood. This was
not going to last very long, at all. She was already very
close to another powerful orgasm, and her strong cunt muscles
were vigourously milking my cock for all it was worth. I
had to have more, though. I was determined to make this last,
I though, as I slowly and deliberately withdrew and slid
back into her. The feeling was incredible, and after four
or five of these I could take no more. I sank myself balls-deep
into her, and buried my face in her neck.
“I’ve gotta cum, Anna, ” I whispered urgently.
“Uh…” she gasped, “I’m about there…” Suddenly she thrust
her hips up against me and her cunt clamped down hard against
its invader. “Uuunnnhh…” she half-grunted, half-gasped.
I seemed to repeat the same noise she’d just made, and instantly
my balls exploded, expelling spurt after spurt of semen
deep into her. I held her as close as I could, working my cock
with short, hard thrusts against her. My own orgasm seemed
to last long after my balls had been wrung dry, fueled by
the grunting, gasping, writhing woman beneath me.
Very slowly we relaxed, still holding each other tightly.
I did not want to let her go, or to let my dwindling cock slip
from its comfortable, restful sheath. Instead I rolled
over, taking her with me, until we were on our sides. I had
a sudden desire to run my fingers through her hair, to hold
her close with nothing in between us. I felt about at the
nape of her neck for the zipper to her hood, and eased it away
from her head. It was like that that we went to sleep for a
little while.

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